There is no right in this country to political self determination

Man shown exercising his constitutional rights.

Man shown exercising his constitutional rights before the federal government.

We are told that the ONLY legitimate means we have to affect our government is to peacefully work within the system.  But does the government work peacefully when it does things the people don’t want?  No.  They control the system and the system is nothing but FORCE. If you don’t like what they do they come put you in a cage or kill you.  Where is the peacefulness there?  Peacefulness is a one way street.  You must comply with whatever they say.  Game theory as always.  Use their rules, and you can’t win.

So what happens when there is no solution within the system because the very STRUCTURE of the system prevents any solution to your problem?  Let’s let’s look at an example.  Say that 10 states decide that they no longer want to participate in the high taxes, or the constant war all over the world, or the surveillance of its own citizens, or the never ending debt accumulation or use of fiat currency or maybe the people in the state don’t like the immigration surge into their state or the fact that the supreme court gets to set the the law or on and on. 10 states simply can’t carry the day on any issue. No amount of peacefully working within the system can EVER change that for them. There is no solution for these people within the system because of the very STRUCTURE of the SYSTEM. So what is left? Well at that point there are two choices, stay in the system that doesn’t work or leave.  That’s it.

If it were only that simple.

If it were only that simple.

Look if you can’t peacefully protest without being confronted with storm troopers. And if you don’t have the number of states to change the law or the system at the federal level, then what is left? The only option is to peacefully agree to disagree and go your separate ways. THAT IS WHAT SELF DETERMINATION under government means. That is what real freedom looks like.  You can’t force someone to stay married to you.  You can’t force someone to remain your business partner.  That is slavery, not freedom. 

This country is supposedly founded on the principle that the people choose the government and it is their consent to that very government that makes it actions valid. If you don’t have that, then you don’t have freedom.  So do the people actually have the right to self determination that is so heralded in our holy declaration of independence? Are you allowed to “declare your independence” from the structure today?

Really? Not so much.

Really? Not so much.  Just Hollywood propaganda.

NO you’re not. The federal jailors don’t allow it. The Supreme court said NO a long long time ago. Do you see the hypocrisy of this whole thing? The people are told a fundamental LIE ABOUT WHAT THIS COUNTRY REPRESENTS.

The people are urged to go fight and die all over the world for the concept of freedom and the right to self determination, but they can’t use it themselves.  Protecting our supposed freedoms is how the use of force is justified against all sorts of phantom threats. How differently would the people treat the government’s conduct and the information it “told the people” if the people understood that they aren’t already free?   What sacrifices would they make?  What compliance could be obtained from the people?  right, not much.  And that’s why this issue has to be kept such a secret. Why it has to be constantly obscured in songs and movies about freedom and talking about how wonderfully free we are.  Get it?

So I am free to choose which ever I WANT?? Wow, this is GREAT.

So I am free to choose which ever I WANT?? Wow, this is GREAT.

I have written on this before because it is the most fundamental issue in ANY GOVERNMENT.  It is either a government the people have chosen and therefore the people are free under it, or it is a government the people have not chosen, and in that case THE PEOPLE ARE NOT FREE.  There is nothing else to discuss.  If you don’t get a genuine legitimate choice YOU ARE NOT FREE.  That’s why I focus on it.  People need to see this.  

When did the federal government make it official that you are not permitted this fundamental and essential element of freedom to just go your separate way as a state? 1868. Right smack in the middle of “reconstruction”. I for one am shocked that right after the Federal government waged war on nearly half the states to be sure they couldn’t leave that the court representing that same warring entity would find that states have no right to leave. Here’s a little of the language from the opinion where the court held that Texas wasn’t allowed to determine its own form of government.

Chief "justice" Chase. This p.o.s. was the secretary of Treasury for Lincoln. He had a direct conflict of interest in this case. This is what passes for "jurisprudence" and is classic "reconstruction era" crappola.

Chief “justice” Chase. This p.o.s. had been the secretary of Treasury for Lincoln. He had a direct conflict of interest in this case. This is what passes for “jurisprudence” and is classic “reconstruction era” crappola.

“The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.” –Texas v. White

Exactly where in the constitution is this discussion of “indissolubility”?  I think I missed that part.  Oh, that’s right, it’s not in there. The feds just made it up.  The court latched onto the idea that the articles of confederation were “perpetual” and that the constitution was entered into in order to form a more perfect “union” in order to “justify” its reasoning.  The fact that a contract or compact is perpetual, is not the same thing as being indissoluble.  Not even CLOSE. A perpetual union is one that does not have to be constantly renewed after a set term of years. Not something that will run forever and be binding on people forever who aren’t even born.  That is ridiculous.  The framers may have been a lot of things but they weren’t stupid.  And anyone knows that I don’t have the power to bind OTHER PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE by my acts.  And I certainly don’t have the power to bind everyone for all times.  That is laughable.  That is the opposite of legal “reasoning”. And that is not what forming a more perfect union meant.

But I thought Justice Chase said it was indissoluble?

Why would he be concerned with keeping something that is indissoluble?

Think of the absurdity of the outcome of this decision in light of the idea that people in this country are “in charge and are free to choose their own government”. It means that because someone else, before you were born, made a “choice” that you are now bound by THEIR choice.  They made your choice.  How is THAT self determination?

So let’s see how this works in a practical sense. Say 100% of the people in those 10 states I mentioned earlier determined that since they can’t get what they want in the system, that therefore they would just prefer to take their chances on their own.  Not some of the people, not a majority, not a super majority, 100% wanted out of the Good ole usa. What is the peaceful process they have to exercise this most basic freedom of self determination? They have to get 75% of ALL of the states to agree.  So your “right to self determination” means that you have to convince OTHER PEOPLE who are using you and your resources to ALLOW YOU a right to your own SELF DETERMINATION. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. It is so ridiculous that nobody would believe that anybody would believe it. Yet the whole country believes it.

Honey what are you doing? I told you there's plenty of freedom in here.

Honey what are you doing? You know  you  can’t leave.   I told you there’s plenty of freedom in here.

Freedom and self determination is a fraud like everything else they tell the people about “their country”. How can the people in a country believe that the country’s greatness is founded on the concept of the freedom of self determination by the people when the people in that same country do not have that very right? How? Because the people are totally brainwashed through government education and controlled media, that’s how.  And that is why the people running it all Laugh at you and the rest of the people. They think anyone group of people stupid enough buy this load of crap DESERVES to be imprisoned. DO YOU SEE THAT?

So I just showed you that you can’t get redress within the system through peaceful means. But then they turn and make it a crime to even discuss threatening them IF THEY DON’T LEAVE when you ask them to.  You are stuck.

The bill of rights was NEEDED in order to get enough states to agree to join the “union”. So the amendments were the legal INDUCEMENT to join. The states had the 2nd amendment specifically put into to be sure the people remained armed to prevent overreach by the feds, and the first amendment inserted to be sure that the feds didn’t limit speech. The idea was, if the feds got out of line, then the people in a state or states could organize themselves and defend themselves against the FEDERAL government.

founding father quote 2And what is the situation now? Not only can you not have weapons to actually defend yourself against the federal governments array of weapons, but if you even discuss MAKING THEM LEAVE YOUR STATE, it is a crime.  You can’t even DISCUSS IT.  So much for the first and second amendments and the whole reason they were even created.  So much for the fraudulent inducement to “join the union”.  That’s all washed away.  All the people are told in school is how free they are. 

Remember, the people in the states in the example are not trying to TAKE OVER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  THEY ARE NOT SEEKING TO OVERTHROW IT OR “DESTROY” IT.  NOR ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL ANYONE ELSE WHAT TO DO, THEY ARE SIMPLY SEEKING TO MAKE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LEAVE THEIR TERRITORY AND LEAVE THEM ALONE.  That is a hugely important distinction.  They want their right to self determination. Nothing more.

Of course you are free to go...... to the mess hall when I say you can. Remember, no violence, it isn't tolerated.

Of course you are free to go…… to the mess hall.

The feds turn everything on its head and act as though people asking them to leave is “a violent revolution” which is “illegal” because the choice made before you were born was “indissoluble”, and therefore they have a “right” to crush you with their own violence.  The entity seeking to impose itself on a people that don’t want it is the one doing the violence when it insists on staying OR ELSE.  The federal government is violently preventing self determination.  That is the OPPOSITE of freedom.  The feds are enslaving the people.   Discussing how to get the feds out if they won’t leave WHEN ASKED BY THE PEOPLE and anticipating how to accomplish that is not a violent revolution. How can that be a criminal act?  It is SELF DEFENSE against violence, because there will be NO VIOLENCE unless the feds refuse to go.   Do you see?  The feds cause the violence, yet they outlaw you RESISTING their violence. Any discussion of MAKING the feds leave if they won’t GO peacefully has been outlawed by the feds themselves.

How is forcing the feds to comply with the wishes of the people of a state an attempt to “overthrow or destroy” the federal government?  It isn’t.  But I guarantee that if anyone starts even discussing such plans that they will get a knock on the door and be arrested.  If not renditioned in the middle of the night. So I strongly suggest you NOT do any of that. Get it?  Do you see the prison you’ve been put in yet?  This is the reality. Yet the people are convinced they are free.



What you are taught about this country is a laughable lie. Nothing more. The people are so totally brainwashed that when they think about this country they see this sexy country full of freedom.  That is the power of the brainwashing.  They see the freedom they have been TOLD is there not what is actually there.

Now I don’t support violence of any sort for many reasons among which is that I don’t want to go to jail. I am not a fool. But first and foremost I don’t support violence because the problem of tyranny, like what we live under, can never be solved by violence. If it could be, then our revolution would have fixed the problem before. But it didn’t. Do you see? Our revolution “threw off” the tyranny of the king and put in the tyranny of our current government. Nothing more. The problem lies with the PEOPLE.

There is a class of people who want to cheat and steal and control you and me. They are the people who want to run government. Many of the founding fathers WERE JUST THAT TYPE OF PERSON. Those people are never going away. You need to be aware of that and accept it. The bigger problem group are the sheeple who let it happen to them. This is the vast majority of the population. They go through life in a semi-dream state believing whatever idiocy they are told by the group who seeks to control them, the government people.

The control systems were known long before Lenin.

The control systems were known long before Lenin.

The Sheeple are the real problem. If the sheeple woke up, the wolves in government could be held in check. The people themselves allow this to happen. That’s why I don’t advocate violence. It would never work.  As long as the people remain the way they are there is no stopping the criminals from running governments. Whenever and whatever “revolt” that started,  would be instantly co-opted by the same type of criminals who run government now.  And those same people would fool the masses again and set up a “whole new” system that would generate the exact same results we have now.

Nothing will work until people change. And that, my brainwashed friend is NOT going to happen in my lifetime or yours.

What you can do is learn to protect yourself from the system as much as possible. That is your only choice, besides simply joining them.  Which you are welcome to do.  Of course we should always always always look to limit the government and always try and help to wake the people who can be awoken, that is a given, but the reality is that most people will always be fooled. So accept that and make your plans accordingly.

I hope that I play a small part in your journey or your awakening and possibly in your protection from the system’s effects.  That’s all for now.

Be well my brainwashed Brethren, don’t be down, live in the light.

And the truth shall set you free.

And the truth shall set you free.

9 thoughts on “There is no right in this country to political self determination

  1. marc

    What we need (also), and I cannot believe it’s not plastered everywhere, is a small booklet explaining what rights we do have – in the face of the over zealous cop. I want one and where can I get it?

    But wanted to say that with the passing of TPP (trans pacific partnership), all vets and especially combat vets both dead and alive have been sold out in an utter sense. All that suffering for nothing. I unfortunately believe in needless suffering and that is the norm on prison planet. Imagine, spiritual growth conjunct needless suffering. Perhaps we need quote marks for the former phrase…….

  2. usurykills

    Revolutions revolve. A violent overthrow of the government will lead us right back here.

    I urge people to evolve. Learn the truth and so change your beliefs and actions accordingly.

    Le’ts lose the R.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I definitely agree Usury that violence is not the answer. It just doesn’t seem to work. To easy to manipulate. Too easy for the other side to commit it and blame it on you. It just isn’t an effective system. But then most people have a hard time seeing beyond that. And thus, we live in a violent system. Everyone needs to take care of their own minds first. That is no small thing. Re-education comes first, and then people can learn to control their thoughts and their emotions and start living rationally instead of reflexively. — L

    1. Crocodile

      Your reasoning is so easy to follow, LegalMan, and seems to be so impossible for the sheep.
      Will you create some “plans of action” for those who are a bit smarter ?

      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        Thank you Crocodile, I couldn’t agree more. My reasoning is quite easy to follow and the conclusions are inescapable. I am working on some ways people can protect themselves. The BEST thing people can do is share the information. Post and repost. Because the more that know, the less “kook like” people appear. And there is power in numbers. Even just a very small percent. Say 5 to 10% would be enough. So I put the stuff out there and I hope people share it. I need to improve my Facebook skills. Currently they suck. I just don’t have time to do much and that is a great source to open peoples’ minds. But if you stick around I will make some new additions in the area you ask about. Take care. — L

        1. susangrace

          Facebook is owned and operated by the Cabal. Created by CIA money. Now FB censors users. So FB can be a path to nowhere.
          I used to think the Constitution was this wondrous miraculous document created by founders who were divinely inspired. Your work has changed my mind. I had my eyes opened by another good faith writer, Miles W. Mathis. My life has changed; I am exiting the matrix and that’s about all I can do right now. Just keep taking the next right step.
          Keep up the good work.

          1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Well Susangrace, I’m sorry and I am glad at the same time. Glad you’re eyes have been opened. And sorry, because I know it is depressing. The whole founders myth is a VERY HARD ONE to give up for people. Kudos to you for being able to face the hard facts. They were just men. Mostly self seeking. Their rhetoric just doesn’t match the facts. No different than Obama saying he wants to improve healthcare and thats why we need O’care. If you just READ what they say it sounds great. But the simple truth is that it doesn’t hold water with their actions or the results. The Anti-federalists were right. That is reality. The constitution, whatever it was imagined to be by some, has not been, at ANY POINT, as advertised.

            I wish you good luck with your exit strategy. I hope you still stop by now and then. Take care. — L

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