They use Game Theory to Control the people.

I think

Look I know what I see.  I’m not stupid.  It’s RIGHT THERE.

The vast majority of our world view is not formed by our own personal experiences with “facts”. It is formed by what we have been told. Told about history, science, politics, current events, and on and on. The world is presented to us through education and the media.

The world is presented as a place where “things just happen”. People are told that the legal system is “the best in the world”. People are led to believe that the system “may have a bad apple”, or there may be some “mistakes made now and then”, but “the system still works the vast majority of the time.”  But when you actually look at what happens, it never adds up.  The rules we are given don’t seem to work very well in the game of life.

An old picture of me in Law School with some friends.

An old picture of me in Law School class.

Everybody sees problems going on. They see people arguing about “solutions”.  People see crooks getting ahead.  People see politicians lying and being re-elected.  They see proposals that don’t seem to make much sense being adopted, or they see what they think are good proposals getting implemented in a way that isn’t working. And they think the answer is to “get someone else into office”, or to “get a better plan” or to pass a new law etc. etc.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the system isn’t broken. The system is working just as it is intended to work. You misunderstand what the system is designed to do.

The system is fundamentally different from how it is presented. Once you grasp the full import of that concept, all of the questions and confusion, all of the frustrations, all of the questioning about why the democrats don’t do this, or why the republicans don’t do that, or why the Supreme court did this, or why doesn’t the EPA or FDA do this or that or not do this or that can be resolved. Until then, you will live in a confused state.

Such a pristine concept.  And really, if it wasn't true, "everyone would know".

Such a pristine concept. And really, if it wasn’t true, “everyone would know”.

Let me give you an analogy. You remember learning in school about the Ptolemaic theory that put the earth at the center of the universe? Everyone operated on this premise for thousands of years. Everyone KNEW it was true. We’re at the center of the universe, everything revolves around us. The circle is a perfect form, so God chose the circle for orbits. Case closed. Nice work today. Let’s go have a beer.


The reality of the theory didn't quite live up to the hype.

End stage of Ptolemaic working model.

The problem was, after the invention of the telescope, people started making better and better observations, and the theory stopped fitting the observed facts. So the “experts” and “top guys” kept making more and more “refinements” to the theory by drawing more and more little circles on circles to make it fit. Eventually it had devolved into a ridiculous system of circles upon circles all over the place to try and make the OBSERVED facts fit into the theory.

And then someone had an idea. Everything would be a hell of a lot simpler and make a lot more sense and be a lot more predictable if we just made a FUNDAMENTAL change TO THE THEORY. Move the earth from the center, have it orbit the sun with the other planets, and make all the orbits ellipses. Poooof, it all made sense.

His insight CHANGED THE GAME.  Get it?  But the powers that be do not like game change. They did not welcome Galilei’s new theory. On the contrary, they imprisoned him. That is a good lesson.

Napoleon quoteThe establishment, the status “QUO” , has an extreme vested interest in keeping things the way they are because that is how they maintain control.  You are free to PLAY THE GAME THEY HAVE SET UP, but you are not allowed to question the game and try and change THE GAME.

They are the mighty Quo. All hail the Quo. And lo to you who does not yield to the QUO. They will tell any set of lies, and engage in any acts necessary to maintain the GAME. And that, my friend is what they have done. They have lied to us. And honestly, can you blame them? I mean, maybe you don’t understand the amounts of money we are talking about here.

The world, as it is presented to us, is a fairy tale.

The real law certainly isn’t the glamorous nonsense presented in movies and on T.V. or even the silliness in the newspapers and magazines. The REAL LAW is there to imprison the people but to appear to be there to help the people.  We are told that lady justice is blindfolded because she treats everyone equally. This conjures nice images of justice. Like this.

I thought I made this clear we would deal with reality here?

But that is just a distraction. The image of lady justice is always kept in your mind through movies and t.v. But the real justice that is dispensed from this system has no relationship to anything equal or just. Oh, lady justice is blindfolded alright. Hogtied as well. And more than ready to do and say whatever the people in charge want her to say. So think more like this.

Picture this when thinking about "lady" justice when it comes to what you can expect to get.   +

There is nothing fair about the legal system. It is “just a system”. What people don’t get is that this is not an accident. It is not the result of bungling or coincidence. It is not a one off or a “bad decision”. It is built in to the system. The system is doing exactly what it is designed to do. Don’t waste your time trying to imagine you can fix it by working within the systems’ rules they give you. As far as the real money power is concerned, as long as you are looking to fix the problems by working WITHIN the system, everything is fine.


Under game theory, when you set the rules, you can predict the outcome. That is what the power structure has done. They have set the rules under which you and I, are allowed to try and “affect” the outcome to “win” In our “country” it is the charade of a constitutional republic, where we have “protected rights and limited government.  It is a farce.  So they will always win and we will ALWAYS lose as long as we “play their game”, i.e. work within the rules they give us.

For example, if the supreme court comes down with a decision, you may or may not agree with it.  You may argue with people about whether it is “right” or not.  The whole news media right left red/blue system may do this.  But does anyone ever ask whether the supreme court has any AUTHORITY to issue such a decision?  NO.  Because that concept is OUTSIDE the rules of the game that you have been taught to believe is REAL.  What about the question, why do we “have to follow” anything the court even claims to have authhority to “decide”?  in other words WHERE does the supreme court even allegedly GET IT’S SUPPOSED AUTHORITY over YOU and ME? Did you agree to that? Did I? No.  People just accept this idea that “it is the best system around” and so they voluntarily SUBMIT which the people running it laugh about.  Fundamental questions about the actual GAME are not allowed into the discussion.  They are OUTSIDE the rules of the game you are “allowed” to play in.  Do you SEE that NOW?

This is called "the big Toe".  I have used it many times.  Works like a charm.

Here’s an old pic of  found of some of my dad’s friends playing a friendly game.  This is called “the big Toe”. I have used it many times. Works like a charm.

There are countless other examples I could give about “your rights”.  The people simply ACCEPT without question the RIGHT of the COURT to TELL you “the law” at a TRIAL.  Why?  When did you agree that a jury member can be EXCLUDED from sitting on a case where the person DISAGREES with whether there should even BE such a law?  You haven’t.  What about the concepts that you MUST go to “law school” and “MUST” pass a state issued “exam” before you can “represent” someone in court?  Did you agree to that?  Of course not. You have NEVER THOUGHT to question it. It is just part of the game you take for granted.  People never question the FUNDAMENTAL rules of the GAME.  Get it?  All questioning is done from WITHIN the parameters of the GAME they have created.   It is all game theory my friend.  The people are made to operate inside a set of rules and to NEVER think outside the “rules” they have been GIVEN.

That is how GAME theory controls virtually everything.  Those in charge know all about it.  They don’t play by those rules.  But they KNOW that as long as the people are only asking questions and seeking SOLUTIONS WITHIN the paradigm those in charge want, that THE people CAN NEVER WIN, BECAUSE IT IS A RIGGED GAME.

This system is amazingly effective, BUT it only works as long as the people don’t see that it is just a game, it isn’t THE ONLY GAME that could be played.  Get it?  And that is why those in charge have spent so much time and effort to convince you that the rules are fair and that EVERYONE plays by the same rules, and most importantly of all, that YOU are free and in charge of the GAME, because that way you never see that it even is JUST a game.

Why use force when you can get the people to go along voluntarily?

Why use force when you can get the people to go along voluntarily?

Are the members of the Quo greedy? Of course they are. But there will always be greed and oppression. The trick is to be able to see it, laugh at it, accept it, and build your life around these facts. You must work with reality. Running around trying to implement “reforms” that have no chance is just wasting time. You have to do things that would work. and the only way to even know how to do that is to first learn what the system actually is now.  Understand the game being played.

The Legal Game certainly is rigged.  And THAT game runs IT ALL.  That is undeniable.  But you can work within it.  You can work around it. And if you have the energy, you can try and change. it.  But First you have to truly understand it.  Be able to spot it. Accept the reality. That is why LEARNING is the first step.  Telling others is the next step.

But don’t make your mental well being dependent on “fixing this problem”. Work on your part, but don’t obsess yourself into misery. It will have to be done in stages. This game has been played on people for centuries.

behind every fortuneI hope you now have a basic understanding of how the LAW IS GAME theory.  The Law is NOTHING but rules. Those rules have been fundamentally rigged.   “Solutions” and “changes” that are discussed, always stay within the larger parameters of the “GAME” they set up.

They want us to believe that the one’s who “succeed” at this game are just more brilliant than you or me or work harder or smarter etc. etc.  “Survival of the fittest” and all that crap.  Beyond the fact that they always ignore basic survivorship bias, when discussing winners and losers, what they are telling us isn’t true.  The one’s in control are cheating.  They are using a different set of rules.

As you become more familiar with the way the REAL law works by reading my posts and listening to my audio, you will start to see the way the game is actually played, and how they play us all.  You have to open your mind to much more fundamental questions.  Questions that touch on foundational principles that you TAKE FOR GRANTED, and don’t even realize it.

When you start to do this you will start to see that 95% of all the stuff out there is just a distraction.  An intentional one.  And that 95% of the people engaged in these activities don’t even know the REAL purpose that they serve.

Learn the truth and learn to see the reality for yourself.  Once you see you will never be able to UNsee.  And they will no longer be able to fool you.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law.



26 thoughts on “They use Game Theory to Control the people.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Kram, I cannot. I doubt anyone can. I think my article about there not being any justice in the justice system does touch on it. But the reality is that the law making power is granted to Congress and Congress alone. But then, right on cue, the Court steps in and changes that to mean something completely different. Now we have “a long tradition” to look back on to “justify” this absurd practice. The right of an unelected bureaucracy to make endless regulations that are then enforced as law by the same bureaucracy is of course, absurd on its face. But then again, what is not my friend, what is not in this system? lol — L

      1. Kram

        Yes, I lol with you! there is a scripture I must ponder more. I am looking at a list of claimants including DOJ for IRS. Mathew 5:25 “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.” at this point i care very little about “possessions” my pondering is whether I can leverage myself out of being the subject of their “affections” lol. Be well. That is my plan…
        thanks buddy.

  1. Kram

    I have a question. Is it true that all attorneys are taught two things b4 they get their Jurisprudence doctorate? ; one that they are trained that everything litigated in the last 60+ years is under the Commerce Clause, and two; are they taught the theory of incorporation? do not hesitate to elaborate. Hope you are doing well.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Kram, I don’t know if lawyers are taught anything except that whatever the court says is “law”. There is no discussion of any incorporation of course. There is a laughable indoctrination into what the state will demand of you in order to continue to “hold your license”. lol In other words, there is nothing of use to being an actual lawyer who helps people. The training is how to read the system set up, not to examine the system. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Perhaps bastickdroptb you can elaborate a bit before I respond. I get a lot of algo spam and I don’t post it or respond to it, so I like to be sure first. thanks. — L

  2. Tony butler

    Hi legalman,
    I have only recently found your website, what a relief, people laughed when while writing as the I insisted we were living in the real Matrix.
    People care more about the fictional characters in TV soaps than their own neighbours and family.

    The Government, no matter which political party is elected here in the UK all sing from the same song sheet, “We will rob you, rob you, rob, you, fine you, jail you. Hush you people do not cry our media will spin you a lullaby. ”

    Recently I received a form my local town Council by post, addressed to: THE OCCUPIER, not to me or my wife. It was a form from its Electoral Officer, stating that the voting system was changing and now people wishing to vote must apply to do so each year.
    Even if you do not intend voting you must complete and return the form, failure to do so could result in a fine of £1000. (So much for so called freedom under the law, and here is a supposedly employee of mine, a public servant, making unlawful threats of fines before conviction in a court of law.)
    What the form does not say is: The Council sells copies of its electoral register to corporate credit rating companies and any other commercial outfit willing to buy it.

    Having received a reminder and being 73 and a state pensioner, the fine is a fith of my annual income, I have no real option but to touch my forelock and obey.
    However, I shall ignore the directive to use only black ink and Block Capital Letters, and see what happens when I add a copyright notice.

    I’m working my way through your website, and oh yeah, The UN Senate Report, Climate Change the Chain of Command, concludes that it is controlled from top to the bottom by the Billionaire’s Club who have become even wealthier because of it. (Now there’s a surprise!!!)


    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Tony, I am glad you find it helpful or at least entertaining. I have spent many years unraveling the con. I sympathize with your plight with the “authorities” who only want the best for you and to give you more freedom. lol. The con is global. Anyone who thinks that the leaders of countries are actually what they appear is simply not willing to look into the reality. So many layers to peel back. I have only been writing on it for a year and there are a lot of topics in the law I have never covered of course. But eventually I will, if allowed of course. lol The reality is that the PTB’s don’t care about a site like mine. WAAAY too small even a Possible audience. I will never get any real traction. My thoughts and ideas are simply too far beyond what most people can accept. I laugh about that a lot when I am writing because it is a self defeating task in many ways. Like the Dentist who actually prevents tooth problems. They work themselves out of business. I know that by not writing standard “back to the constitution” or whatever your equivalent is in the UK etc. or “the system is about to crash” or “ten steps to fix the system” style nonsense. Or even true full on “conspiracy” type of stuff, that my audience is and always will be small. At this point I am resolved that I don’t care. I have to deal with the lies and the hypocrisy every day 24/7 and I don’t want to add to it in my free time. So I write FOR MY OWN SANITY and for whatever small band of brothers and sisters who care to know the actual truth. Regardless of how many sacred ideas it may crush.

      So I’m glad you’re here. Glad you enjoy it. I have a lot of stuff in my News section and fascinating other stuff that can really set people off on their own search for truth in other areas. I don’t write on them at this point because of what I say in my front page article. People tend to accept what I say in the legal realm more easily because I am an “expert” in it being a lawyer. Other areas, they just turn away if you don’t show them credentials. lol What cracks me up is how do people even actually KNOW I am a lawyer? lol they don’t. They take my word for it, so the whole expert thing is just another meme and scam they are running on us all. But, in fact I am a lawyer just in case you were wondering. Well this went longer than I expected, but what the hell, it’s my damned site. lol. Take care my friend. — L

  3. Andy

    Thanks again for a great article.

    My research has led me to conclude that the problem with elites vs. masses and the control systems put in place, has to do with an original trauma or multiple series of trauma. Within recorded history, but purposely forgotten, we have suppressed and sublimated the memory of earth catastrophes that ended civilizations multiple times. The Hopis talk about the four suns or four ages. Lots of cultures have myths that recall different world ages. This memory repression was called Collective or Cultural Amnesia by Immanuel Velikovsky. Part of the story is that the destruction came from the sky through warring gods, warring with each other and with the earth and its children (us). That is another topic.

    In the Bronze Age, human sacrifice in a theatrical event replayed this theomachy to traumatized humans in order that society might come back together after people became zombified by the catastrophes and their aftermath. The king-priests, those that were psychologically stronger came up with this cathartic ritual to rebuild society. Many, many cultures around the world found this method to work for dealing with people needing to be brought together and stimulated back into cultural normalcy.

    I write about this in my blog and about the trauma that culture labors under. These king-priests who once were helping a deformed society were elevated by the masses because they took on the karma of the ritual killing. In time, this social contract broke down into a priestly elite running all kinds of slavery control systems, mental and physical. We are currently living in a culture that is an evolution of this macabre condition, the elite having developed more and more sophisticated and diabolical slavery systems. Anyways, this is what I have uncovered.

    My recent blog posts deals with this is greater detail :

  4. F. Mulder

    Here’s a good one. The Electoral College. The what! We seen to forget about, then talk about it for all of 10 minutes, every 4 years!
    “Yeah, you vote directly for President. But actually its the electors in the Electoral College whose vote counts.”

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    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I’m glad you enjoy it “nep”. However long it took for you to find it add about 3 decades to that and that’s how long it took for me to figure it out. lol. Glad you’re here. — L

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  8. Nick

    Legalman, you are seriously legit. I’ve only read about 10 posts so far and I suspect I will read them all. I appreciate your humor pervasive throughout the site; for those few of us who recognize this absurdity, this sham of grand proportions, the ability to laugh it all off is necessary so as to not go crazy. I will recommend this site to others, and will be optmistic in hoping that 1 in 10 will care. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your insights.
    Love and peace,

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      You’re a wise man Nick. Even if I do say so myself. I actually get people who try and tell me “nobody will take you seriously if you put that in there”. I just laugh at them. So they will take a paid liar seriously because he wears a suit and bores them, but not someone who just tells them the truth and laughs about it. Gotcha. I’m glad you like the humor. We must keep a sense of humor when you begin to see the scale. Otherwise, it is off to the liquor store. Or worse. lol. Glad you’re here my fellow inmate. — L

  9. marc

    My confirmation for your observations came along time ago during my Constitutional Law classes. At the time I could not understand why the f..k the Supreme Court could not follow their own rules. Lost respect for the law way back then. Luckily I found a way to use my degree without having to be a “liar” in court – its called writing patents. Normally I pass on through sites like yours because they take themselves way to seriously (I.e. they can’t acknowledge that they might be wrong), but other than your views on the global warming stuff here, so far I’m reading.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well glad you didn’t just “pass through”, b/c you’re right I definitely don’t take myself too seriously. The funny thing is that I also get grief when people post my stuff on other boards and sites about how “nobody will take me seriously” since I put humor in there and I make fun of myself. What’s that old adage about not being able to please all the people ….. lol. And since I lived most of my life being wrong about most everything I am quite comfortable with that whole concept. As far as global warming, yeah, it is a seriously divisive issues, that fact ALONE made me suspicious about it. Just trying to get any type of data that can be trusted is basically IMPOSSIBLE. The beauty is that we don’t have to agree about everything. In fact we don’t have to actually agree about ANYthing, lol. We just have to enjoy the discussion and search for the truth. Hope you stick around. Thanks for the note. I am going to consider what you said high praise b/c that makes me feel better, even IF you didn’t meant it that way. lol Hope to hear from you again. Tell your friends who might be open and most importantly, enjoy yourself my fellow inmate. — L

      1. JPG

        Hi, just found your site a few days ago and i like very much what i have read so far. I think i will be a regular, however i rarely comment and am just happy to learn.
        I caught you mentioning about global warming or climate change here. I was pretty undecided about the subject until i came across Guy McPherson’s work and some videos of him on Youtube.
        I just wanted to leave you this link with more than enough info about this subject that i found recently. This has totally changed my point of view of this subject. Unfortunately he claims we are past redemption at this point, barring a total collapse of industrial civilization.

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Glad you’re here. Hope you tell your friends of course. Yeah, global warming is such a divisive issue. That isn’t an accident. I am familiar with McPherson’s stuff. I hate to say, but I tend to suspect he may be right. lol. But who knows. I am always open to hearing whatever info people can bring. For my posts I tend to stay in the legal realm because that is my “specialty”. But I do post in Distractions and Fascinating other stuff. Again, glad you’re here. enjoy. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Indeed it is my friend. Top to bottom. The only way we are going to have a chance to fix it is to first wake enough to the true extent. I hope you return and tell your friends. I always love feedback. — L


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