Ebola Update 10-31-14: So nobody he lived with even GOT SICK?? oh, and the doctor who got it isn’t “the doctor”?? More lies.

Ebola update. Ear


Quick Ebola update based on these and other articles.

Listen now.

Listen now.

Christie predicts nat’l policy for quarantine.  I am shocked.

The nurse Kaci Hickox is an Epidemic Intelligence Service Fellow at the CDC.

Oh and here’s an interesting piece of film with the CNN mic clearly visible.  The neighbor girl says, when shown the picture of the “doctor who just got back”, no, that’s not him.  lol.



Other updates:

RED/Blue Election.  Here is a CNN poll, CNN mind you. 70% don’t like the direction of the country.  And what will happen? lol, nothing, “hope and change”  red/blue nothingness.  It really can’t be made any clearer.  Has B. Obama done what he said he would? no.  Did bush? no.  Did Clinton? no. and on and on. They never do and never will.  They are following a different set of rules.

The purpose of these articles and polls appearing in the mainstream press is to give the impression that the people “need to speak up at the polls and vote” in order to get change. And then the grand wurlitzer in the media is cranked up on RedTalk radio and on Fox and the people fall for it. Talking about the “races” and how close one might be and whether the “republicans” an get control and on and on.  All distraction.  I will say here and now that Nothing of substance will have changed in 1 year or 2 years or 5 years.  We will have more government not less.

Does anyone doubt this?  And if so, then what is the actual point of the sham called elections, except to deceive the people into believing that they can actually affect the direction?

Brief update

Listen now.

Listen now.

Be well my brainwashed brethren,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

2 thoughts on “Ebola Update 10-31-14: So nobody he lived with even GOT SICK?? oh, and the doctor who got it isn’t “the doctor”?? More lies.

  1. ima

    Spot on. Department of Defense requested funding for viruses not susceptible to vaccines. In 2012 Tulane University received funding for Hemorrhagic fever in Africa. The Tulane University Primate center was investigated by Inspector General office… apparently Tulane “accidentally” injected known bio terror agents into monkeys. Prior to 1975, Ebola was transmitted by injection or bite. We are told that a monkey bit a pig. Canada reports that Ebola is now able to be transmitted by the aerosol (breath) of a pig. 2014 Liberia reports ( I have friend there who buried the people) thousands of deaths and they know that it is not a natural occurrence. In 2014, US Dept of Defense closed its bioweapons lab where it was conducting Ebola tests. CDC dispatched harvesters to get human samples which had been successfully incubated in these “victims”. The victims were human lab rats. Africans have historically been used for such experiments. All information available if you google it.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes ima the entire thing was/is quite the scam. I posted something in my Distractions section about it several months ago when there was an unfortunate private plane accident. Such a shame. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times the same parties are caught doing the exact same kinds of things, every time it “happens” again, it is an accident or unrelated. The hapless masses are simply not reachable. glad you have such a keen eye for the truth. lol — L


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