The “holy” Thomas Jefferson cheated his way to the presidency. It’s that simple.

I like to be somewhat inconspicuous when I travel. I know the fanny pack looks kind gay, but it really is so practical.

I like to be somewhat inconspicuous when I travel overseas. I hate to make people feel bad for not having all of our freedoms.  I know the fanny pack looks kind of gay, but it really is so practical.

Okay, I have two quick questions for you about the holy presidential election process.

1. Exactly how are the members of the electoral college chosen in your state?
2. Are those members bound by law to vote in any certain way and if so how?

I seriously doubt you got the answers right. Don’t feel bad, I doubt one person in a couple hundred could answer them correctly. You should get almost full credit just for continuing to read on after seeing the term “electoral college”. At that point, most people just go back to updating their Facebook. But look at how unbelievably BASIC those questions are.

My point is simple, people don’t know the most basic things about how their rulers even CLAIM to come to power, so it shouldn’t be any big surprise to find out that they don’t understand what their government ACTUALLY IS OR DOES. Much less anything about its history or the documents that CONTROL THEM. It is all by design my fellow inmate.

The 2016 show for President has begun. Most people have been reflexively conditioned to imagine that the presidential election in our freedom machine is a popularity contest that the people control. It has become a gigantic and expensive show. A huge distraction orchestrated for many different purposes. None of which have anything to do with what you think.  Here’s the reality.

My dog was sitting with me while I wrote this.  Even he was surprised.  I guess animals really do understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

Even my dog was was surprised about the whole voting thing. I guess animals really do understand a lot more than we give them credit for.


Might your State allow you to vote? Sure. Might it not? sure.  Might it bind the “electors” to the outcome of the vote? sure, Might it not? sure.  If you want to understand this issue a bit more go read what I already wrote on it. There are links there as well.

I am not going to go into detail here but I will give you the basics.  The most important thing to understand is that if your state decided not to allow its citizens to VOTE for the president, you would have ZERO constitutional basis to complain. NONE.  Here is precisely what the adhesion contract says about the process.

Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:

“Each state shall appoint in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct”, that is IT.  There is nothing to prevent your state from “directing” that the “appointing” of their electors shall be by lottery, or by whoever gave the largest donation to the governors re-election campaign. Nothing.

Well what about HOW the electoral college members have to vote once appointed? Surely that is where all the democracyness comes in for “your vote”. No my friend. Here is what the holy constitution’s holy 12th amendment says about that.

The electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves….

In a nod to a changing world, and an attempt to be inclusive, the Furry community is now well represented in the California Electoral college.

In a nod to a changing world, and an attempt to be inclusive, the Furry community is now well represented in the California Electoral college.

There is no there there for YOU. They can choose to vote for whoever they want and for any reason they want! It was ALL left to the States to control EACH STATE’S OWN PROCESS of appointment and voting.

This is not a bad thing in a republic. The STATES would have the power to control the Senate and the President. The house of reps was designed to represent the people from each state.

Does all of this surprise you? Of course it does, because you have lived in a matrix of government lies your whole life just like everyone else.

Now that you have some essentials we can talk about what I really want to today. The preposterous Keystone Cops show that was the “election of 1800”.  Wake up… did you just doze off when I said “election of 1800”? Lol.

Trust me, this topic is quite entertaining and quite enlightening on both the process of the election of the president AND the disconnect between the myth we are taught about the founders and the reality.

The election of 1800 was between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Two of the big founding fathers. Demi-gods we all learn about in government internment camps as kids.
What went on in this election made the Al Gore hanging chads of 2000 look like a well oiled machine. And this election in 1800 exposed the real nature of one of our holiest of holies, Thomas Jefferson. And that is why I want to tell you about it. I am trying to get you out of the mental fog people experience when they “think” about our founders.

Here's an old law school shot of mine. I use to really be into the whole founding fathers fetish scene.

Here’s an old law school shot of mine. I use to really be into the whole founding fathers fetish scene. You’d be surprised how many hot chicks get into that.

Background. The election was extremely hotly contested. So much so that 4 different states, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, actually changed their laws and eliminated the popular vote for president leading up to the election in order to try and be sure they got the man they wanted. FOUR different states got rid of the popular election. Think about that. Imagine what would happen today if only ONE STATE did that?

Surely you now see that you don’t have a right to vote for the president.

But there was so much more to this show. It would take 70 electoral votes to win. Each elector who was casting a vote, was empowered to vote for 2 people. So that would be the equivalent of voting Obama and Biden. Got it so far?

Several states got together and agreed to vote so that Jefferson would win. Now THINK about that! Imagine something like that occurring today. California and New York representatives getting together, changing their entire “appointment” process, taking away the popular election and then working a deal to vote for Romney! This is the equivalent of what was going on then. Okay lets keep going.

With this plan in place Jefferson should have won outright with 73 votes. His VP Burr, should have gotten 72 votes and that would have done it. How? Because the plan called for one of the electors to abstain on one vote, so that would leave Jefferson with 73 and Burr with 72. But believe it or not, one of the electors screwed up and voted the wrong way!

Think about what a joke this is. They have one thing to do and they can’t even get that right? As a result of this screw up the whole election goes to the House of Reps to make the decision.

That’s right. There is no run off in this situation. And you don’t win with a plurality. You have to get a majority. But the way the holy constitution is written IF Jefferson and Burr had not gotten at least 70 votes, THEN the House of Reps vote would have been between all 5 people who had gotten votes.

Are you following? Because they got 73 votes, instead of 69, the House had to choose between Jefferson and Burr (Jefferson’s VP choice) for president. This is important — remember it. Because if Jefferson had only gotten 69 votes, THEN the House would have gotten to choose between Jefferson and his OPPONENT ADAMS.  Do you understand so far?

And here is why all of this matters.

The House of Reps, the body that was going to vote, was HEAVILY controlled by Jefferson’s opponent, Adam’s party, the Federalists. So if Jefferson had to go up against Adams in the House he would have lost. Just the same as if Obama had to face a heavily Republican house. He would lose to Romney. Got it?

The whole 2000 hanging chad loss really hit Al Gore hard.  I'm just glad he was able to bounce back and line his pockets with another scam.

The whole 2000 hanging chad loss really hit Al Gore hard. I’m just glad he was able to bounce back and line his pockets with another scam.

And this is where any semblance of adoration for our holy founding fathers will go out the window.

It turns out that Jefferson, who was the current VP and therefore in charge of the Senate was also therefore in charge of counting the certified votes from the states. But it turns out that the 4 Georgia votes had not been properly prepared by Georgia. So they did not constitutionally “qualify”. Those 4 votes for Jefferson and Burr SHOULD NEVER have been counted.  They were constitutionally defective!

But that didn’t stop him.  Jefferson improperly counted those four votes FOR HIMSELF and his running mate. That miscount enabled him and them to get to 73 instead of 69 votes. And THAT allowed him to avoid having to go against Adams in the House of Representatives, where he would have definitely LOST to Adams.

Do you see what just happened? He cheated his ass off to become president.

What kind of a man counts votes for himself FOR PRESIDENT that shouldn’t count, when holding THE official constitutionally set out office in charge of counting? Is this a high minded man of principle who only cares about the law and freedom and blah blah blah like we are told he was? Or is this a political creature using whatever tricks he can to become el Presidente?

And of course the Adams’ supporters in the Senate were laughably incompetent for not bothering to CHECK the count.  Just more evidence of Keystone coppery all around, but how does this mitigate Jefferson’s immoral conduct? it doesn’t.

Whatever the reason he did it, it certainly is NOT consistent with a man of great character who is some holy founding father to be fawned over.  It just isn’t. And believe me, I don’t LIKE his opponent ADAMS! He sucks too!  But my god, when you cheat the very nature of the constitutional system itself, what is left of any reputation for being a “man of principle” and “of the law”?  Nothing.

And just to tie this all up, did I mention it took 36 different votes in the House before he was “elected”? Yeah, that too.

So there you have a bit of our real history.  An insight into both the holy founders and the holy process of our great republic.  How different a view would you have of Jefferson, our founding AND THE COUNTRY ITSELF if you knew stuff like this?

… And that my friend, is why you don’t know any of this after leaving your government school.

What a sham the whole idea of a “presidential election” by the people is. What a hollow sham all those high minded words are from our “founders”. So many of them no more cared about those ideals when they got in the way of their own personal advancement than any common criminal cares about “the law”. Just like B.O. does not care one whit whether poor people get healthcare. He simply wants to grow government power and control with the ACA.

Those in charge today DON’T care about you. Those running for office today do not care about you. And they never have.

It's hard to tell sometimes whether what they are saying is real or bs.  The whole thing is one giant scam.

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether all the celebrity fawning over politicians is real or just manufactured P.R. bulls**t.  

There is no magical “time” of glory to “get back to”. Our holy founding is just a fairy tale fit for children. Not for grown men and women who want to be free.

The people need to understand that the founders were no different than Trent Lott or Michael Dukakis or George Bush or Barack Obama or even the nearly canonized “Ronald Reagan”. So long as people continue to romanticize our founding, the demagogues in politics and in the media will use that ignorance against us.

The presidential election show is not now nor has it ever been what you imagine. It is just a bunch of bs to control you so you voluntarily give those who run the show your money and power.

I actually laugh out loud sometimes when I see people on TV holding signs at a rally for some liar running for office. Drones — they’re not just unmanned aerial vehicles anymore — they live among us by the millions, they’re called neighbors.

Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I am done for today. Accept it for what it is or crawl back into your mommy’s arms and keep dreaming about “getting back to the constitution”. The facts speak for themselves. You have no right to vote for the President and the holy Thomas Jefferson cheated his way into the presidency. End of story. Such is life.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.


26 thoughts on “The “holy” Thomas Jefferson cheated his way to the presidency. It’s that simple.

  1. Kram

    Thank you Legalman for the refreshing hystorectomy lesson I feel lighter already. Love the view. Peace my fellow brainwashed brethren.

  2. Dug

    It’s funny how it is said the US Constitution has failed to work, or something along those lines.
    I say it has worked perfectly.
    Exactly as it was designed to do. A document for, a road map of administrative “law”. Or to put it in blunt terms, administrative tyranny, where agents and actors of the state swarm hither and yon, eating out our existence.
    I think the USC is the product of a great conspiracy, a con, dressed up as a document of liberty, to fool enough people at the time of its creation to con the confederation of free states, which just won their war of independence from tyranny, and gained their sovereign nature, into the same tyranny they just fought against.

    Sound perposterous?
    Think I’m a tin foil hat idiot?
    I have the gall to besmirch that piece of parchment so lovingly idolised?

    Allow me to ask you a question then please?
    In all its 234 years, when has the US Constitution created any liberty?

    Another question please?
    There are enumerated freedoms and liberty contained and codified within this venerated document of parchment. Has any of these enumerated primal liberties and freedoms remained free from reduction or elimination?
    But even more germane to my contention of the USC being a document of administrative tyranny, has it restricted those in power, those running things, from imposing their will, their power, their greed, their corruption, their system of slavery of the people, removing us of our wealth and property, to the state?

    And how is voting through the system of the ballot box as it is constructed by this same system to change that system from administrative tyranny, to a system of consent of the governed which choose liberty over administrative law?
    Very serious question I think. One we must face with honesty, fortitude, and courage, if we are to have liberty which determines a system of governance, and not what corrupt and tyrannical actors decide we are to submit to.
    Have to consider abolition of the state as it exists and a system which benefits our freedom and secures our liberty.
    Or we are like hamsters on a wheel, going round and round, doing the same thing over and over, hoping for different results.
    Kinda crazy maybe?

  3. Dug

    I hear people say “we are going to vote those bums out”… ah, hello!
    Does a lightbulb appear over your head after that comment?
    It should.
    How did those bums get in?

    That has to do with consent. An incredibly powerful weapon. Probably the most powerful weapon ever devised against tyrants. It is also can be the most destructive thing about human beings.
    Because consent is something that can only be given, can never be taken from you.
    Those in power crave consent like a heroine junky craves his next fix.
    Those running things have no legitimacy but what people consent to. The function of the state now is to survive its own illegitimacy and make off with as much gold as they can carry away.

    More important, I think those of us as Freemen, we don’t always measure up to the ideals of our sovereign and primal liberty,
    indeed, yet the existence of these ideals is paramount in our actions to live as free men.
    That is the difference between our liberty and their tyranny.

    The question is, who will obey political and judicial criminals betraying their oaths to the “supreme Law of the Land,” and will resolve “I will not comply”?”
    “I Won’t!”

    For me, I think there is probably no way to vote our way out of this, I think that inflection point passed awhile ago, by design. If so, it is obvious this is what it will come down to, it is where it is heading, barring some miracle or divine intervention by God, we are a nation where nobody is going to escape the consequences of the destruction underway of our liberty.
    Maybe it is time.
    Maybe it is right we are going to be tested by our own attributes of our civilization and culture.
    We created it, it is a bed we are lying in of our own making.

    Those running our governments are enemies of humanity. They are a human extinction movement. For it seems they are hell bent on destruction of liberty and freedom. After all, without liberty, what is there?

    Ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast.

  4. Bull Flitzer

    I tend to agree with you about the Constitution and about the law being an arbitrary tool for the powerful, BUT — it is also a potent symbol for those who oppose encroachment to rally under. If there were no myth of the Holy Founders and the Holy Constitution, then how would resisters organize themselves? What flag would they fly? There are only so many symbols capable of drawing widespread support. It is the best that we have, since it unites so many Americans, and since it gives those who fight for their freedoms a sheen of legitimacy in the eyes of the indifferent.

    We still have the right to bear arms, not only because we are formidably organized on this issue, but also because the 2nd Amendment has a great deal of symbolic power. It is “holy” — it came down from on high, so those who would otherwise be “on the fence” regarding gun control tend to side against it, while defenders of gun rights are even more entrenched and motivated in their defenses.

    The same can be said of the other amendments. They may not prevent the government from mass surveillance or from seizing assets or from controlling the weather BUT they facilitate the notion that certain actions are illegitimate and worth resisting. “Why is censorship bad? Why is civil forfeiture bad? Why is government wrong to do these things?” “Oh, because it says so right here in the holy Bill of Rights. My intuition is validated, and now I’m less likely to give ground should push come to shove.”

    Some popular blowback is preferable to none at all.

    In short, the Constitution serves in important ways to throw sand in the gears of the central planners. The Bundy Ranch event would not have gone so well for Bundy were he flying the Confederate flag, or the Hammer and Sickle, or the Cross, or the anarchist A, or the state flag of Nevada, or the rainbow. But instead he flew the banner of the Rule of Law, he trumpeted the tune of States’ Rights, he appealed to Constitutional “fictions” everyone has learned in civics class, and he attracted a lot of crucial support because of it.

    The people need myths to help organize and understand the world. It is better that they cling to the myth of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, than the myth of earth goddess Gaia vs. human parasites, or the myth of an oppressive patriarchy, or the myth of Islamic terrorism. If the people do not have the Constitution as myth and symbol — as a cognitive aid for synthesizing nonlinear information, and as an identifying marker — then they will scatter far more easily.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks for the comment Bull. I think it is a fair point. I did laugh at the Gaia reference. Lol. Nice. Yes the masses need symbols and silliness because it is clear they just can’t grasp significant substance. And the masses would be nice to move around for our own benefit for once. My points about the constitution are really only something that few grasp. You are in that camp. Nice to know that there are more people who understand the subtlety. Glad you commented and glad you’re here. Take care. — L

  5. Eileen K.

    Well, I’ll know now to leave the President slot in next year’s ballot blank, since We the People have no constitutional right to vote for President. In other words, it’s simply a waste of time to vote for President; just fill in the other slots in the voting process (for example, members of both Houses of Congress, Governor of a state and its legislators, etc.). This way, the Electoral College will have to elect a President all by themselves, without any input from the average electorate.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Eileen it is possible you live in a state where the legislature has provided that the electors must follow the outcome of the election. So you could have some say. It just isn’t a constitutional right. But of course there are many other great reasons not to vote! Lol. I won’t vote until there is a lever that says I don’t want to participate I want to be left alone. And that is not going to happen anytime soon. Lol. Good to hear from you. — L

    2. consent-to-be-governed

      The question that most Americans should be asking is as follows…
      Am I qualified and eligible to be a registered voter or prospective juror in the United States?

      Perhaps you noticed that most Federal forms are sworn and subscribed under pains and penalties of perjury clauses. This is no accident. The Federal government knows that there are countless qualifications to be eligible to participate in their system. All forms are designed to make them appear as if you are qualified while cleverly hiding the truth in plain sight.
      Per the code section below most people are unwittingly committing crimes when completing and submitting federal forms.
      18 USC 1001
      …makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry.

      How does 5 years in prison sound?

      To be a prospective juror a person must complete a questionnaire. Most have 8-10 questions. The first three are the important questions.
      1. Do you reside in XXXX county?
      2. Are you a US citizen?
      3. Can you read write and understand the English language?

      Most people answer affirmatively to the questions and then sign the form under pains and penalties of perjury.
      To answer question three the prospective juror needs to read and understand the 6th Amendment to the Constitution of 9/17/1787 and Chapter 5 of Title 28 [Territorial Composition].
      Question 3 is a trick question… If you can read and understand the English language you are not qualified to be a prospective juror. If you cannot understand the Statute above then you are functionally illiterate and disqualified.

  6. Carey Nottingham

    … and here I thought I had already taken the red pill. But the lies are so absolutely endless, it’s frightening.

    The girls tried to comment last night about the president and the Constitution and there it was… Professing our great nation and its leaders and our amazing freedoms in Amuurrica.

    Now after having learned about so many of the lies, I seriously had to laugh. I was more than slightly entertained. *giggle*

    So thanks! Always greatly appreciate your ability to gently wake me the hell up! *wink*

  7. consent-to-be-governed

    The front page of the newspaper today proclaimed… “Gay Marriage is the Law of the Land.” The phrase “Law of the Land” is both alliterative and poetic, but what does it mean?

    Why would the State Legislatures and Congress establish Laws for the Land?

    The well kept secret… Both the State Legislatures and Congress are creating Laws for the same Land that is administered by the United States for the United States of America. The President is the CEO of an administration that is administering the Land and other property owned by the United States of America. Do you live on the Land that is owned by the USA? Check your land records.

    If Congress were legislating and passing bills for the “People”, wouldn’t the headlines read “Gay Marriage is the Law of the People”?

    GW Bush was telling the truth when he said the Constitution of 9/17/1787 is just a “damned piece of paper”. It applies only to the Land over which the US has proprietary power. Both the State legislatures and Congress are creating Laws for the same tracts of Land in each of the 50 Union States.

    Now we know the subject and object of the laws created by Congress. Where do the People locate the Laws that apply to People? In 1983 Ronald Regan proclaimed the Holy Bible the word of God. Congress agreed with him. The Law of the People is located in the Holy Bible.

    A license is permission to do what is otherwise prohibited. A marriage license is permission from the State to get married. The State is a third party in the relationship. The State is giving their permission to violate the Word of God, because they know that is it not permitted, but on their Land they will permit this if you agree to pay them.

    1. Carey Nottingham


      But do not all potential married people have to obtain the same said license?

      I am pretty sure I had to have one.

      1. consent-to-be-governed

        Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see… Don’t be pretty sure, be 100% positive of the facts.

        Most States recognize common law marriages. A marriage is a contract between a man a woman and does not require the State to recognize the relationship. Do you need permission from the State to be free and associate with whomever you chose?
        A free people cannot be governed.

        Definition for License…
        The permission granted by competent authority to exercise a certain privilege that, without such authorization, would constitute an illegal act, a Trespass or a tort. The certificate or the document itself that confers permission to engage in otherwise proscribed conduct.

        1. Carey Nottingham

          most states do not necessarily recognize common law marriage – I count only 16 of them. …and my understanding is that there are state guidelines which dictate how the couple must prove their “status”. I however, am not an attorney, so I am venturing in to waters that may be over my head.

          my point was simply to state that, although I agree with you that a Biblical marriage is considered to be between a man and a woman, I do not agree that a marriage license is unnecessary or not a requirement to become legally married (in “most” states). My marriage would not have been recognized without the license.

          But ultimately, these laws are about money. I had to pay for that little piece of paper. …and just think about how much more money “they” will make now. *smiling*

          Be well, my friend.

          1. wonder-ann

            What most people that get a marriage license do not comprehend (I did not also) is that what was said by consent above – the states are a third party transgressor in your marriage. Thus, any issue you have the state “owns” that issue as you gave the state permission to be in your “family”.

            Family courts are now full of the “theft” of children because of the marriage license and the birth of children in the hospital with a signed birth certificate. These issues are chattel of the state (federal first, state of your abode second). All of this is per the Federal Regerter of March 1933, by the then president, FDR.

            You are chattel because of your parents. Check out the birth certificate information and why it was created to register the chattel as they were berthed in the hospital. All the vessels must be accounted for at all time. Contracting.

            The Holy Bible of the 18th Century was the record of your family’s descendants. All of this was wiped out with the birth certificates of the 1930s.

  8. consent-to-be-governed

    Legalman, perhaps the overview below will offer some insight to the grand scheme that you are revealing.

    A close examination of the four Organic Laws will reveal that there are three offices. President of the United States of America [POTUSA], President of the United States [POTUS] and Office of President. POTUSA is elected by the electors and will wield the executive power under the Articles of Confederation. This office has no oath or qualifications. This office is Head of State.
    Article 2, Section 1: The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.
    The newly elected POTUSA will appoint himself/herself POTUS with the advice and consent of the Senate, which operates under the Articles of Confederation.
    POTUS only has one duty under the Constitution of 9/17/1787. POTUS passes or vetoes bills passed by Congress. POTUS is Head of Government. When the Head of State and Head of Government merge in one office that individual is a Dictator.
    The third office, Office of President remains vacant. This is the office that has qualifications enumerated in the Constitution of 9/17/1787.

    Why does the Office of President remain vacant? No President has ever sworn[oath] and subscribed the Constitution of 9/17/1787. It is an orphan.

    Washington was the first to pull of the deception when he was elected and whispered the Article 2 Oath instead of the Article 6 Oath. Washington cleverly was the first to sign the Constitution of 9/17/1787 to give the appearance that he subscribed the Constitution as the President, which would make the oral oath appear to be valid. Unfortunately the signature and oath would have to be performed after being elected President, not before.

    Below is the Article 2 Oath. Notice which Constitution that he is going to protect and defend. He is going to protect and defend the Articles of Confederation, which is the first Constitution. Notice he is not taking an oath to “this” Constitution.
    Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend “the Constitution” [AOC] of the United States.”

    The proper oath is the Article 6 oath, which was established by the First Congress on the first session as the first order of business. See the Judiciary Act of 1789.

  9. molecule

    Well, actually, first I commend you for your research and presentation. I find this to be a hugely important topic. But I’d like to disagree with you about the utility of the electoral college. (Not for you, legalman, but for your readers, it’s not electro-eee-al college. It’s the elector-al college.) A college is a kind of informal gathering, where members of the college can discuss things. In the case of the electoral college for each state, the structure or rules for their discussions is based on state legislature. The citizens should know that the legislature in their state is the sovereign entity, and its members should be held in close and accountable contact with their constituents. In Virtinia, we have local delegates. We should all know them personally.

    The problem is, because of our communist education, we don’t have the first clue as to what an Elector is? What are his duties? How is he elected? Why does he want to be elected, if his ONLY power is the ability to phone up a presidential candidate and say, “I’m one of 20 or so people in my state electoral college that is going to elect you. I’d like to meet with you eyeball-to-eyeball and please bring your birth certificate with you.”

    Being 1 of 20 electors who elect a president, 20 more or less for each state, and being 1 in 300,000,000 citizens in a popular vote is VERY different geometry. As 1 in 20, oour LOCALLY elected Elector has power to shake up a candidate real good. When you try to call, as an individual citizen, you don’t even know the number to call. The Electors really do have the power to force an interview with a candidate.

    The “media” hates the concept that a publically elected Elector, whose reputation is locally known, who is locally responsible and accouintable for his vote. The unelected, privately selected media sends out sock puppets instead, like Anderson Cooper, and the PRETEND to be a “good journalist” and ask real hard questions of the candidates, as though they are doing so on behalf of “the general population.”

    So, let’s say I have a friend named “Legalman.” And, he cares alot about truth and the little guy, the farmer, the constitution, and so forth. And, he keeps up on what’s going on, here and there. So, we get together in our communities (in our electoral districts) and we ask Legalman if he would please represent us, as our Elector. We know his personal reputation. We know where his wife goes shopping for her food. We know which church or whatever he attends, where his children go to school. If he betrays us, for payola or whatever, we know where he lives. And, he knows we know where he lives. But it’s considered to be an honor to be an Elector, even though he has not actualy political power, except for electing a president. We offer to give him an office, and a phone, and a travel budget, and a few secretaries to take care of his calendar and paperwork. In the contest between Electors in any district, their campaigns will depend more on their PERSONAL REPUTATIONS than on their party affiliations. In fact, Electors who try to get elected based on promises of mindless obedience to unknown party bosses will probably not get elected. So, Legalman becomes our Elector. He is now 1 of 20 who will elect the president. He calls each candidate and one thing, “Hi, I’m Legalman, Elector for District X of State Y. I think we should meet.” The candidate will be jumping through hoops. If you are 1 in 300 million, you don’t get to make that phone call. He might even meet with other Electors in his state college, and the group of them might agree on who should interview who and etc. The Electors then meet informally, in their college and discuss their findings. Legalman says, I interviewed Barry Sotoro, and I am concerned about the quality of his birth certificate, or his education, or his honesty, or whatever. So the other electors take that into consideration.

    Being representatives of their local communities, the locally elected and locally known Electors have something called representative power.

    The Electoral College is a vastly superior institution to the media. The media does not do investigations. It’s not their job. That is the job of the Electors.

    We are lied to when we say that our Constitution creates 3 “Branches,” or whatever. 1-Legislative, 2-Executive, 3-Judicial. That’s a damned lie! Our Constitution creates 4 branches. The 4th Branch is the Electoral College.

    Without it, there NO possibility of organizing and sustaining a Republic, be it a Constitutional Republic, or a spiritual republic, where each soul has equal dignity. When citizens are not allowed to vote for, and empower, their local Electors, the citizens have no power or rights, whatsoever, of any kind whatsoever. Without empowering a local representative, valued in his community for his persontal integrity and reputation. as an Elector, the citizen becomes 1 in 300 million and he becomes a political ZERO.

    I’m sure I haven’t done a good job trying to explain this but, at least I tried.

    Thanks, Legalman, for bringing this up.

    Highest regards,


      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        Pappy my friend legal man sayeth many things. Some of them even make sense if you are taking enough of the right drugs. Lol. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks molecule, I appreciate the comment and generally agree with it. I addressed this point in another article that I linked. It was also about the presidential show. We are in agreement for the most part. The electors is a fine system for a republic and I made the same point that it should be simple and inexpensive to have the candidates make their case to them. Anyone interested might read my “voting for the president is just a show” article. About the only place we might technically differ at all is that I emphasize control of the prez by the states as opposed to the people but the concept and thoughts are the same. We are definitely brethren in the same line of thought and prisoners of the same tyranny. Lol. Glad you are here. We few have to stick together. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Public Servant makes a compelling point. Very difficult to argue with. He is clearly an astute observer and a brilliant man. — L

  10. SharonH

    Legalman, you made me realize that the Constitution has something in common with the Bible. It is often quoted, using “selected passages, the most popular but least read book in the world, and I have yet to come across anyone who has read the entire thing (except the deceased Ruth Green, who found much to criticize about the contents).

    Since as far back as I can remember, I would watch the utter silliness of each party as they held their conventions to choose (and I use that word loosely) who they will vote for to run against whomever the other party will throw against them. What struck me the most was watching grown people acting like drunk kids and making the whole affair look absolutely ludicrous. Considering the seriousness of the matter, is/was this anyway to act? Balloons, stupid signs, people hooting and hollering–not the least to mention the amount of money spent on this big party. Is this any way to show respect towards our Nation? This is why, long ago, I gave up on the idea that what went on in the voting process, and the actions of those who are supposed to represent us, was just one fake show–and we know people love shows.

    Thank you for putting into words what have been my thoughts for a long, long time. When asked if I am going to vote, I ask “Why?”. There is no one who represents me, and the outcome is predetermined anyway. Why should I make a fool of myself and pretend that these people actually represent us and have our best interests at heart?

    Because of you I have now become extremely interest in Benjamin Franklin Bache. Because of his unique ability to point out the fallacies of our “sacred documents”, he has almost effectively been erased from the story of our sacred Founding Fathers. I am still searching for a biography about him. If you or anyone else knows of one, please let me know. Looks like he was getting too close to the truth and so has become a Persona Non Grata.

    I will continue to spread your excellent dissertations on the biggest bamboozle in history. If I can find enough people who are even interested, that is.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well SharonH you are most welcome. I am glad I could add a few pieces to the puzzle. I haven’t voted in years. I laugh at people when they ask if I vote. Why would I give a stamp of approval in anyway to such a scam? I always tell them, when they put a lever in there that says, “I choose not to participate and to be left alone”, then I will vote. And in fact watch the LANDSLIDE that THAT choice receives. lol Everything we are told is just a load of crap. Cradle to grave. We few have to stick together. Spread the word as we can. But know that the only real satisfaction available is living in the light of the truth. They can NEVER take that from us. Glad you’re here. take care. –L

  11. ol'Pappy

    Still laughing over that photo of Oprah perching in a four point stance. Or is that a six pointer? lol
    Nothing surprises me anymore, Legalman. If T.H.E.Y. can spray us like bugs every damn day for 20 years without pushback or even an investigation in the media, well, they can do any damn thing they want to us and get away with it; like suppress silver and gold, send our boys to die for no good reason, pull false flags and hoaxes out the wazoo and get everyone to go along (Sandy Hook, Boston, Batman, Storm Roof, neinwonwon…). Bloody hell, Legalman, we are living in an X-rated shyteshow. It’s freaking nearly impossible to believe. Hell, the world might even be flat, like the UN flag, for all we know. They lie to us so much they could have been laughing their asses off for 450 years that we fell for that Copernican stuff. Phuq!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Glad you enjoyed Ol’Pappy. Always good to hear from you. That oprah pic was damned funny even if I do say so myself. And you know I agree with you on the endless lies as well. There really is no bottom to what they might attempt to pull past us. As to the UN flag reference, you know that even if I thought that one was true I wouldn’t tell the world. At least not yet. Lol. But we could have a nice laugh in private over a drink. Take care. — L


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