The media continues to COVERUP the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON from the Brian Williams’ LIE.

I found this sketch of Brian Williams made by a soldier who was on the chopper with him.  Apparently the only danger that anyone faced was trying to keep the fire on Williams' pants from spreading when he was talking.

I found this sketch of Brian Williams that was made by a soldier who was on the chopper with him. Apparently the only ACTUAL danger that anyone faced was trying to keep the fire on Williams’ pants from spreading when he was talking.

2-5-15 The latest WHOPPER out of the Media/government/education grand Wurlitzer of propaganda is brought to us courtesy of Brian Williams’ admission that he is a LIAR. Lol I want to make a couple of points here that nobody seems to be interested in making. Things that are a lot more problematic than the narrative being spun about this “admission”.

To make sure we know what this is really about let’s deal with what he has actually SAID about the incident. I tracked down a video from just 2 years ago where he is re-telling his whopper for the umpteenth time. And I want you to listen to some of the incredible detail he has created for what he is now terming a “mistake”. Oh and btw, the original video I posted got pulled by a fake “copyright” claim from NBC.  The idea that NBC can claim protection for something that aired on CBS shows you the length that the entire system goes to in order to cover things up.  Here’s another version.

Now you’ve heard him tell the story.

What actually happened?  Well of course we can never know, but we do know that they are pulling out all of the same non-linear disinformation techniques and there are a LOT of different versions floating.  They run the gamut from he arrived at an airstrip an hour after another chopper got hit and shot down, to he was in a group where one got hit and brought down.  But giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was AT MOST near some chopper that got shot down.  NOT in it etc.

Using that as the baseline, let’s look at the explanation he is now offering to explain how he came to make the claims he has made about the event.

I got this motivational poster from one of Brian Williams' staffer.

I got this motivational poster from one of Brian Williams’ staffer.

“I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago, I want to apologize…
Because I have no desire to fictionalize my experience (we all saw it happened the first time) and no need to dramatize events as they actually happened, I think the constant viewing of the video showing us inspecting the impact area — and the fog of memory over 12 years — made me conflate the two, and I apologize.

So he is attempting to characterize what he has done for 12 years as a “mistake”. This is absurd. It was not a mistake. It was an intentional lie. And by calling it a mistake he is just once again LYING to everyone. He KNOWS it is not a mistake.

Now you KNOW that this was not a “mistake”. It is quite simply impossible to make a “mistake” about the kind of facts he added and created out of whole cloth.

Here are the things that JUMPED out at me for the ridiculous lie he told again and again.

A four star GENERAL went along with the LIE. He was apparently perfectly content to keep his mouth shut about what he KNEW was a lie being told by the MSM that he was personally involved with. Get it? Why isn’t this being brought up? Why doesn’t this raise a LOT of questions? Poof gone like the wind. He says the guy is dead. I wonder what the circumstances of his death were?

He claimed he was trapped in a sandstorm for 3 days and protected by some forward units.  Lol This is beyond absurd. It is impossible to make a mistake about “facts” like this. He names the group that stood to protect him. That would have been easily checkable. Was it?

He claims he was concerned that his WIFE and children would be worried because of his predicament. So he has dragged THEM into his lie as well. The man has no shame.

Few people remember but Brian Williams made his name covering this famous weekend.

Few people remember but Brian Williams actually made his name covering the details of this famous weekend of partying.  Of course we later learned that Bernie had actually been dead the whole time. Brian was as “shocked” as everyone else.

He claims someone ON HIS CHOPPER got the purple heart and had an ear drum problem! Again easily checkable. Was it?

Did you notice what a GREAT LIAR HE IS! Looks totally credible doing it. Doesn’t this worry people?

All of this should be cause for grave concern. A man capable of telling a lie this smoothly is a very dangerous man indeed. And a man capable of doing this AND being presented as a news man is doubly dangerous. But those are all OBVIOUS.

Here is what almost NOBODY is talking about it.

Think about HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE WENT ALONG WITH THIS LIE for 12 years. His entire NBC crew. They would have been with him. A camera man, an audio guy a producer an associate producer probably a lot more people.

And think of how many other people had to be KEPT QUIET.  All of the military personnel on the chopper that was actually hit. All of the crew on HIS actual chopper. All the men at the base where the REAL chopper was repaired. All of THEIR friends on the base that they TOLD, etc. etc.  Are any of these people being tracked down by the other media outlets to find out what went on?


If I had told you LAST WEEK that Brian Williams is a liar and that he made up the entire thing 12 years ago about “being in a chopper that was shot down” etc. You would have called me a “conspiracy nut”.  why?


Do YOU SEE THAT? But will anyone bring up THIS FACT?  hmmm….. uhh NO? correct.

Few people are aware of the complex systems used to "motivate".  You have to be an "expert" to understand of course.

Few people are aware of the complex systems used to “motivate” in corporate news rooms. You have to be an “expert” to understand of course.

But it WAS kept a “secret” from everyone. Not because it didn’t happen.  Do you see that? This isn’t about Brian Williams lying. It is about how he was ALLOWED to tell this lie by all those around who knew it was a lie and SAID NOTHING.  GET IT?

This is always the way it is. It is not hard to keep a supposedly “big secret”. It is easy when you can offer people a carrot and stick to motivate them. I would be quite interested to see an investigation of the “CAREER TRAJECTORIES” of those who kept the secret for him at NBC and maybe the commanders on the ground that also knew. I won’t be holding my breath for that “investigative report”, lol.

Remember he “took over” as the HEAD anchor just one year later when Brokaw retired. Coincidence? Riiiight. They had to have KNOWN he was a huge liar. For all we know this LIE was the cost he had to pay in order for him to get the promotion.

Do you not understand that?

Well it is no different than any other gang that makes you kill someone to get into it. Gangs have to have DIRT ON YOU. Get it? The entire news complex is just a giant lying propaganda machine. You cannot rise to the top of such an institution unless they have a way to control you. Unless you have something to risk. A secret to be kept? Do you see that?

These NBC executives only agreed to speak if we agreed to not release their names.

These NBC executives only agreed to speak if we agreed to not release their names.

He now KNOWS once he tells that lie that at anytime he doesn’t play ball that he can be outted as a liar and “disgraced”. Do you understand the system now?

Why now though? Something happened to either force him out now or to “allow him” out now. We can never know which, but we will have a very good idea moving forward when we find out what NBC does and where his career goes from here. They may circle the wagons and try and save him, or he may be cut loose.

But honestly, how in the world can he be allowed to continue to “report” the news. Even if you believed his truly absurd “explanation” about being confused and then “conflating” the incidents, THAT ALONE would be sufficient to never allow him to report again. Anyone who is capable of actually genuinely confusing facts like this is literally INSANE and has no business reporting anything, lol. But of course my suspicion is that he is just another self seeking narcissist who doesn’t hesitate to lie cheat or steal to get what he wants, namely his high paying job as a professional liar.

God knows how many other STORIES he has “covered” that were just as much of a crock as this one. I’m sure they will be surfacing on the Internet over the next week or so. In fact, here’s one I just ran across.  It’s hilarious.

He's just a man. He doesn't want you to think of him as a hero.  And of course we don't, because we know he's just lying.

Brian William’s just a man. He doesn’t want you to think of him as a hero. And of course we don’t, because we know he’s just lying.

Writing in USA Today in 2011, the anchor of “Nightly News,” talked about his days as a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey. And shares one episode of modest heroism:

My firehouse was a modest engine company — three engines, three garage doors and about 30 of the best men I’ve ever known. We fought all the usual fires that break out in the suburbs: brush fires, car fires, dumpsters, dryers, light fixtures — and worst of all, the occasional house, already in flames when we arrived. I remember one such house fire — the structure was fully involved with flames and smoke. I was wearing a breathing apparatus, conducting a search on my hands and knees, when I felt something warm, squishy and furry on the floor of a closet. I instinctively tucked it in my coat. When I got outside, I saw two small eyes staring up at me, and I returned the 3-week-old (and very scared) puppy to its grateful owners.
Rest of story here:

From what I can tell the guy is pathological.  lol.  Saved puppies now? lol  But really, should anyone be surprised?  Of course not.  The “news” is nothing but a propaganda vehicle.  It is not REAL.

But there is one more very important point that Everyone in the news is ignoring in this whole story and it is probably the most important thing of all that should come out of this story, but won’t.


Get it? It is impossible that the other “news” reporters didn’t know this whole thing was a LIE. Wouldn’t you think that if you had the chance to destroy the reputation of your supposed “COMPETITOR” that you would take it?

Here's a rare back stage look at how the news is made.

Here’s a rare back stage look at what doesn’t make the news. 

Of course you would, if that was what they actually were. BUT THEY ARE NOT COMPETITORS. They are all in it together. The “alternative” stations and “views” are all fine and dandy SO LONG AS THEY STAY WITHIN THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

Do you see this? Why is NOBODY talking about this elephant in the ROOM? How could they have not KNOWN? It is absurd to imagine they didn’t know. The story was so easily CHECKED. So either they didn’t bother to check, in which case they are incompetent, or they didn’t need to check or were told not to check because they knew it was a lie. Get it?

Why would FOX stay quiet about this for 12 years? Why didn’t CBS break THIS story 12 years ago when he told the lie? Because they all work together. You have to have the “right” and “left” illusion in order to work the whole scam.

And so they didn’t say anything because they are all in on it. Do you see this? They are all lying to you night and day.

Look at this hilarious old piece of video where CNN was faking crap in the first gulf war. They pretend to be live in Saudi Arabia and they are just on a set.  They know the whole thing is a joke. They are laughing at the viewers.  Do you understand yet what the “NEWS” is?  They know it is a joke.  And the joke is on you.  lol,  They make money and laugh. 

Why didn’t FOX jump on this? Why wasn’t his career OVER?  Why isn’t everyone reminded of this by their “competitors” in the news? Because they all do it and they are all in it together. It isn’t complicated.  Do you see now? Do you get it? The news and the information people are “given” is a show, nothing more.

The real story here is not that we caught a liar. We already knew he was a liar. How? Because his JOB is to lie, lol.  The real story that nobody is talking about is that here is proof positive that it is quite easy to keep a story hidden. That believing that “if it were true that “everyone would know” is a naïve thing indeed to believe. And the kicker is that all of the news agencies work together to weave a NARRATIVE, not to give you facts. They are not competitors.

Hold it, I'm confused. Is that the saying?

Hold it, I’m confused. Is that the saying?

Why didn’t the vaunted NY TIMES break this story 12 years ago? Because they are not what they claim. There are only 2 possibilities for why this Brian Williams lie was not brought to everyone’s attention 12 years ago by one of the “competitors” , either they are all in it together and covered the whole thing up. Or, they are patently INCOMPETENT to do what they claim to do in reporting news stories.  Because this Whopper of a lie was an OPEN secret in the business and would have been easy to fact check. Period.

So take your pick. Liars or incompetent, lol.

Here is a rare photograph of the last known honest reporter. He became famous for his first hand account of the ending of the  last ice age.

Ahh the good ole days when reporters actually reported the news.  

I know what I think. They are perfect blend of each. Umm Umm GOOD! Lol They hire people who DON’T care about the truth. They care about their careers. So they are easy to control.

Regardless, the Brian Williams’ story provides an excellent lesson. I hope you have learned it and never forget it.

Now here I want to give you a nice little laugh from one of my favorite movies of all time.  Wag the Dog.  If you want to see what the NEWS really is rent it and watch the whole movie.  But here’s a great clip.  The background for the movie is that Robert Dinero has gone to Dustin Hoffman who is a famous movie producer in order to get him to “produce” a news story to create a distraction for a couple of weeks to buy some time before an election.  Enjoy.

Now THAT is funny.  As Homer Simpson says, “it’s funny, because it’s true.” lol. 

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Take care, don’t get down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

4 thoughts on “The media continues to COVERUP the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON from the Brian Williams’ LIE.

  1. Carey Nottingham

    So…interesting…Fox News reports that Brian’s story has taken “on a life of its own” over the years because it didn’t start as a lie in 2003 when he initially reported the story. They even explained that in 2008 he revises his story and admits it was the helicopter in front of him.

    Here’s the link:

    …but that means that someone, somewhere knew that he had told the lie and then corrected it over 8 years ago, but no one made any issue out of it at all until now?

    I’ll be interested to see where his career goes from here. There has to be a reason why it’s an issue NOW.


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