The constitution is designed to keep the people from having any way to stop abuses like “executive orders”.

Sometimes it takes a strong leader to really bring out the freedom in a constitution!

Sometimes it takes a strong leader to really bring out the freedom in a constitution!

I want to show you what a scam sweeping “Executive Orders” like the amnesty deal are. As usual, I am going to act as counsel for the people. I am going to make OUR case. I am going to show you the stuff they don’t bother to tell you. Then you can make up your own mind.

At its base our Government is just a legal concoction designed to steal from and control the masses under the guise of freedom and laws. We are told our government is one of laws and not men. A government of “checks and balances”. So let’s look at the “law” and see the brilliant and delicate balance it struck regarding the “executive orders” that claim to turn the immigration laws on their heads.

The obvious first step is to find out how the constitution defines an “executive order” and what its parameters are. Here’s what the Congressional Research Service, says about it.

There is no direct “definition of executive orders, presidential memoranda, and proclamations in the U.S. Constitution, there is, likewise, no specific provision authorizing their issuance.”

My Auntie likes to help me do some research. She's the one that found a lot of the stuff for this article.

My Auntie likes to help me do some research. She’s the one that found a lot of the stuff for this article.

Hold it. Wtf? Surely that has to be a mistake. But no, here’s what Wiki says.

There is no constitutional provision nor statute that explicitly permits executive orders.

No provision authorizing them, defining them or “permitting” them?? OMG I love this country! Lol Well I guess I just solved the mystery of why this whole area is so “problematic”. It is totally made up on the fly! Lol. Yet another case of the Real genius of our brilliant system on display my friend. It makes sure that there is plenty of wiggle room to screw the people at every turn! All under the guise of “following the law”.

Well can we at least get a working definition?

A presidential policy directive that implements or interprets a federal statute, a constitutional provision, or a treaty.

Okay, so this is how they define what they created out of thin air. “Interprets” or implements a statute. Hmm, I mean as a lawyer I can immediately see an out. It says interprets! So there you go. The law says they are illegal and should be deported. He is “within his authority” to “interpret” that. And he interprets that to mean that they are not illegal and not subject to deportation. Nothing but a difference of opinion I guess. Nothing to see here, move along. Lol. Do you see the idiocy of this whole thing?

People, wake up. The power is anything THEY TELL US and can force us to take at the point of a gun. Nothing more. The more they can brainwash you to believe it is legitimate, the less often they have to pull out their guns and thus the more free you THINK you are. That’s all.

So where do they even claim the power comes from?

The supreme court tells us in its opinions that the power stems from two places. The opening sentence of Art. II which says, The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. And the clause that states, he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That’s it. That is all there is. All made up from there.

Poor "Boots", all he did was ask the good justice where there was any authority in the constitution to support the complex theories he'd written about executive orders. The justice was so angry he put boots in a time out.

Poor “Boots”, all he did was innocently ask the good justice where there was any authority to support the complex theories he’d written hundreds of pages of opinion on about executive orders. The justice was so angry he put boots in a time out.  I guess there’s no freedom in his house either.

How wide open is that? How can “we the people” have the slightest idea how an “opinion” will come down? Or whether what the president is doing is “constitutional” with something that vague? The whole phrase that it “is constitutional” has almost no meaning in this context since I already showed you that there is NOTHING in the constitution defining it or authorizing it. It is 100% implied by the nature of just “being the executive”.

What happened to this being a government that is limited and only operates on “express powers”. I guess that is all out the window. Spoiler alert: It always is whenever they want it to be. Don’t you get it yet? Here’s more of the standard line about what it “is”.

An executive order of the President must find support in the Constitution, either in a clause granting the President specific power, or by a delegation of power by Congress to the President.

But this is just empty words because I just showed you there isn’t anything there. The vast majority of “executive orders” don’t even bother to identify where in the constitution they get the power to do what they are doing, they just issue this blanket language: “Under and by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and statutes of the United States, it is ordered as follows …” Which is just utterly circular nonsense that assumes away the very heart of the issue, namely WHERE exactly is he claiming to get the power from IN the constitution?

Here is how the supreme court in the “Steel Seizure Case” set out the supposed parameters of how the court will analyze the power to issue “executive orders”.

The President’s authority (to act or issue an executive order) is at its apex when his action is based on an express grant of power in the Constitution, in a statute, or both. His action is the most questionable when there is no grant of constitutional authority to him (express or inherent) and his action is contrary to a statute or provision of the Constitution. Although this framework of analysis is a helpful starting point, a deeper understanding still requires a substantive knowledge of the relevant statutory law and a President’s and Congress’s constitutional powers.

Justice Steve is looking quite spry on the S.Ct.'s league team even if he is a bit formal. He is always so sharp with his observations. It's no wonder his opinions are such brilliance.

Justice Breyer, a.k.a. “Justice Obvious” is looking quite spry on the S.Ct.’s league team even if he is a bit formal. He is always so sharp with his observations. It’s no wonder his opinions are such brilliance.

I actually laughed out loud. So let me get this straight. It is at its apex when it is authorized under the constitution and it is at its most questionable when there is no authority and the action runs contrary to the constitution! I’m telling you, I can’t make this stuff up. This is supposedly the brilliance of the supreme court.

Oh, and do you see how that last sentence they stuck in there basically just means that you will have to wade through a 100 pages of bs in their opinion in order to “know” what their answer is? Lol My god people what does it take for you to see the scam they are running?

Do you understand how these “executive orders” have been used in the past? Well here’s just a sampling:

Nixon used an executive order to set a ninety-day freeze on all prices, rents, wages, and salaries in reaction to rising inflation and unemployment. FDR prohibited the possession of gold coins and bullion. He also required the forced relocation and imprisonment of Japanese citizens living in the United States. Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus, meaning arrest without any right to appeal to a judge in effect. He imprisoned thousands of civilians as a result, including many newspaper editors, and then held them for years without trial. Truman seized the steel mills of the country. Bush authorized warrantless wire taps, and gutted the transparency of presidential records.

They put this guy on TV a lot to give the other side of the executive order argument. He is quite articulate. For a normal guy.

They put this guy on TV a lot to give the other side of the executive order argument. Equal time and all you know. Fair and balanced!

None of this would be legitimate under the constitution if Congress itself passed a law doing any of it! But by exec order??? Where are the holy “checks and balances”? Where is the freedom? Oh that? Well, are you a constitutional scholar who is on TV or works at Harvard? No? well then you’re a hick, sit down and shut up. You probably support slavery too!! Lol

I am not going to bother to dissect any of the opinions from the holy oracles. What’s the point? I mean they admit that there is nothing in the constitution to INTERPRET! Whatever they say is just some crap they make up about the supposed meaning of those two sentences. That’s it.  Now You’ve seen the reality of what “the law” is in this area. It is just a fantasy. A chimera. A con job dressed up as though it is some complex issue. Obama has zero authority to turn the immigration law on its head. Zero.

Look, the constitution is AT BEST an adhesion contract between the states or the people and the federal government. It is “hornbook law” that ANY AMBIGUITY in any contract is resolved AGAINST the party drafting it. And by analogy, in this case, that means the THE FEDS. This very point was so well known and so important that they added the 10th amendment to make extra double sure that there was no mistake on this issue. It says:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

How much clearer could they have made it? The people and the states are not granting “IMPLIED” powers in this document! The feds have to be able to point to a SPECIFIC grant of authority IN THE DOCUMENT” to DO ANYTHING and that includes the president. There is NO AUTHORITY to issue these absurd “executive orders” on any and everything.

The after parties at the Court are the BOMB baby!

The after parties at the Court are the BOMB baby!

The president is not supposed to be “the most powerful man in the free world”. He is an executive who is supposed to run a limited venture the States started to benefit THE STATES! Nothing more. He is not granted the authority to make law. Not a little. Not some times. Not kind of. Not in a boat, not with a goat. He does not have that power SAM I AM.

Implied powers like this idea of some “broad executive order” authority to freeze prices or grant amnesty are an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person. I don’t care how many “supreme court opinions” say he has the power. The document is CLEAR. He doesn’t. And THAT is why it is futile to actually “break down” whatever the supreme court says about “executive orders”. They are simply making up whatever they want and need at the time.

Of course the feds have the guns to IMPOSE this made up power on me or you. But that doesn’t make it any more legitimate or prove it is constitutional. It merely makes the abuse that much clearer and the distance we are from any real government “of laws” that much more obvious.

Look, everyone can agree that the president has the power to run his staff. That is what an executive does. But he can’t make law. When in doubt, the constitution says he doesn’t have the power. It is that simple. The only reason we even have most of these questions is because the court has allowed the feds power to grow so far beyond even the wildest wet dreams of the biggest federalist at the constitutional convention that the “form of the government” has become virtually irrelevant because its power is basically unlimited. Get it?

Now I want to take a minute to discuss another fundamental problem in this area that people just don’t get. It involves the procedural aspects. Legal theory is like a strategy in a battle. Procedure is like the logistics. Get it? It doesn’t make any difference in the world how brilliant a strategy you have, if you don’t have the fuel you need to fly the planes to IMPLEMENT IT. Same goes for legal procedure. I don’t care how “right you are”. If you don’t have an actual legal mechanism to get the issue adjudicated and enforced, then you don’t have squat.

And this is the area that the people are the most ignorant of in the law. The real problem with so many issues in the law and with our government is that there is no practical procedural thing you can do about it. Nothing. Think about the procedure of this whole amnesty joke. There is a Simple solution if the government wasn’t corrupted. The legislature would pass a bill and override what the president did. Poof, problem solved in one day.

The thing is they don’t do their job representing the people. Our employee/politicians in Washington WANT the president to have the power because it allows the government to grow surreptitiously. There is no vote. And for half the term of a two term president he is a lame duck! Do you get that? Everyone can just point fingers and blame each other and pretend to be upset and then move on to the next distraction. And this is what they really want because when it grows in power THEY grow in power.

Sure the idea is great, IN THEORY, but what does it look like to actually implement it?

Of course jeans and a tank top are a classic look.  IN THEORY.  The key issue is how does it actually get implemented?

So the people and the states are stuck trying to use procedures that don’t work. They get shoved into court to try and fix what their representatives have simply abdicated doing. And that drags on and on and takes years and you can see how wide open the outcome might be. And in the meantime the court may or may not impose an “injunction”. If it doesn’t then by the time the supreme court hears it the whole thing might be “moot”, meaning there is nothing left to hear because it makes no difference any more.

That is the reality of the procedure! The president knows he can act and there will be no actual consequence. And that is how we got all of those abuses I listed earlier. There are no actual checks and balances when it comes to practical LOGISTICS. It is all just theory and strategy because the system is totally corrupt.

Remember all the blather and the sound bites the “conservatives” made sure got out in the press about how Obama was acting like an emperor and how what he was doing was clearly unconstitutional! So if that were true, then why didn’t they draw up articles of Impeachment to hold him to account? Because it is all just a show. If it wasn’t, then they would have used THAT procedure.

Remember, as a procedural matter, YOU can’t impeach him. YOU can’t stop him, only Congress can and they don’t because they are corrupt. The court can’t issue an order to stop him until the case is actually in front of it. And that takes years. Get it? Those are procedural hurdles, i.e. questions about how we are going to actually get the fuel into the planes!

Well, I’ve said all I’m going to for now. I hope you learned something. It is always the same my brainwashed brothers. It’s all game theory. Play by their rules and you can never win. The whole thing is sad and comic at the same time to me. So simple to see through if you will just step outside the box they have you in. Just step out into the light my friend.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren, don’t be down, take care and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

21 thoughts on “The constitution is designed to keep the people from having any way to stop abuses like “executive orders”.

  1. Kram

    FORCE!!! lol is the key… however, if over applied results in diminishing returns… so instill fear of reprisal be4 applying actual force… Like the “I’M WARNING YOU! OOOHHHGHHH!!” I’m shaking in my boots just writing that! Well the worst is being unplugged and hopefully I am ready for the worst. Regardless, those who may enforce upon me will be conflicted to say the least. lol how many precious puppies can you euthanize for $$ b4 you loose ur soul? Peace legalman

  2. Alan Donelson

    @Legalman Apr 23, 2015, 1213 hours

    Hooray! for that thought:

    Yes, I think the programming is the real key. I do not believe that the vast bulk of people want blood. I think the vast majority are good and want to cooperate. But a small group of people want control and that is gained by coercion. And so they whip people into a desire for blood so that they can have control. As far as free will. Well, I think we do have it. ***I think the brain is more of a processor for the mind as opposed to the brain “being” the mind.*** Of course that is a very large topic that I am not “qualified” to speak on since I am not an “expert”. lol.

    I feel quite sure we have NO viable, valid, functioning “overseer” body to “certify” anyone in “Mind & Body”! Each of us becomes an expert in our own way, some with teachers, some intrepid loners, going within, exploring the Kingdom of GOD on their own. Yogi Bhajan, a “capital-T” Teacher for whom I have the greatest respect and increasing reverence — as all such teachers I have encountered, he passed on and I never met him — said something like this: You are not your body. You are not your Mind. The Mind was given to you, you were not given to the Mind.

    I have approached a personal conclusion — still at arm’s length, I admit — that solutions to many of the “legal issues” that confront and concern us have reside in a spiritual domain, not in material or psychological domains.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I would agree with you. There is a lot more to people than what we are “taught”. And that of course is not an accident. The issues plaguing us can really only be resolved by people deciding they will no longer be controlled by arbitrary “laws” and “rules”. Once people’s minds are opened to the fact that just because some political body “passes a law”, doesn’t mean it is anything that is sacred or holy. It certainly doesn’t mean it is “valid”. That’s why those in power want this whole idea of “law and order” to be so popular. It is how they make sure the people turn on each other for committing “crimes” that have no victims at all. Only the state itself is complaining. lol Utterly absurd. The key legal piece of that puzzle is edjumacating people about what it means to be truly a free citizen. That is what I try and play a small part in here. If people would just wake up and realize they are in control if they choose to be, then poof it would change. Overnight. Just think of what people willingly accept as “normal”. Right now, the state, in effect, excludes from the jury, anyone who won’t agree in advance to convict the person because you must agree that you “will follow the law” as they GIVE it to you through their agent the judge. Think how absurd that is. What about the idea that the law itself is not valid?! That is one of the key powers a jury is supposed to exercise. Yet,with that sleight of hand, the state has eliminated the true power and protection of the jury itself. There is a long way to go in the RE-edjumacation of the people. lol — L

    2. marc

      You’re conclusion may be valid, and moot, if all merges into a spiritual Oneness. I think it’s the nature of this, seemingly hijacked, realm. You may be reaching for the idea of Archetypal energies. In every esoteric symbol array (maps of Consciousness), there are always a few inauspicious aspects… Expressed, certain of the population will have inherently questionable, or “questionable” predilections. It may be that some souls actually incarnate TO BE a thief, killer etc and so forth. Enter Astrology, just as an example. We’ve a spectrum of archetypal forces in which we must endure. Nature needs the darker aspects to complete the whole.

      In light of the countless wars… it appears we simply don’t learn; in that collective spiritual sense. Hence the allusion to a hijacking, by Something. This something likely goes way beyond the Feds or bloodlines behind it all.

      What a blog!!!

      To the author, too many times now I’ve share similar info, getting emotionally charged, to have military craft (or Cessnas, which are the new local spy craft) fly directly over. Just last week, with an empty sky, I shared you’re info with two individuals who were equally concerned. Within five minutes Six planes suddenly appeared Directly overhead. This has gone on for a few years now and I am utterly, fed, up.

      Being into metaphysics and related however, I think this goes beyond mere surveillance. I think a (ie torsion) field is generated which appears to act like an (strange, doh) attractor.

  3. Joe

    As a lawyer it must be doubly frustrating for you to ‘know’ what is happening to our ‘no longer’ Constitutional Republic.

    Thanks for a very enlightening post…

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, it is quite frustrating to see the utter fraud that is foisted. So blatant really. And so complete. And there is so much I haven’t even told yet. lol. — L

      1. Joe

        I could probably ask you dozens of questions concerning our late-great constitution but I’ll limit them to one:

        How do you personally feel/think ‘things’ will turn out? By ‘things’ I mean the apparent lawlessness of our elected officials and supreme court justices.

        Is (in your mind) reason to believe ‘things’ will get better or has the United States of America crossed the Rubicon?

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I go back and forth on the issue. There really is nothing at all to stop us from simply turning the ship right now. The People themselves are the impediment. Of course they are massively brainwashed at a very deep and thorough level, but nonetheless they could turn at any time. Will they turn? That is the part I have more than serious doubts about. The thing is those who run things always have time on their side because they don’t have to make a living, EVER. And that is their biggest advantage. They can plan from the time they are young to simply work on a project. It makes no difference if the project can make them a living etc. 99% of the people have to figure out ‘what they are going to do’ in order to get along and make a living. If I had to guess, it will be getting much worse before it can get better. Just a guess. The education system is so controlled. The People are so convinced that they “need” education that the people WANT more government because they think the government provides that. lol Of course those two things are tied together. That is why the government took over education. For me that is a key. Think about it. The people see nothing wrong with turning their kids over to the government from the time they are 5 years old. That is hard for me to wrap my mind around. Think how upside down that is and yet people think it is a GOOD thing! lol Quite a testament to the power of brainwashing. As long as the people think that “schooling” is the answer, well then we’re screwed and the best we can do is what I do, which is REHABILITATION. lol. But most people won’t do the work necessary. So it isn’t promising. I remain hopeful that people will wake, but I make sure it doesn’t run my life. I do what I can. But I accept the reality as it is. To paraphrase the old addict saying, The strength to accept what I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference? lol Same applies in the law. It is the foundation stone for control. People need to learn about it. The reality, not the fantasy they hold in their mind. I hope my site can help. I don’t know if I answered your question, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. lol. –L

          1. Joe

            Yes, your answer was clear and concise. Thanks.

            I too believe things will get worse before there’s a chance of things getting better.

            By worse, I truly think we’ll see mushroom clouds before our country (and the rest of the world) wakes up.

            There seems to be the need for bloodshed embedded in the very psyches of sentient creatures. History has shown us that peace is merely a short lull between wars. Why this is so is all but impossible to comprehend: Unless, as Sam Harris (a prominent neuroscientist) says; human beings do not possess free will and can only act and react with the programming we were born with. Not a very encouraging thought.

            Thanks again…

          2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Yes, I think the programming is the real key. I do not believe that the vast bulk of people want blood. I think the vast majority are good and want to cooperate. But a small group of people want control and that is gained by coercion. And so they whip people into a desire for blood so that they can have control. As far as free will. Well, I think we do have it. I think the brain is more of a processor for the mind as opposed to the brain “being” the mind. Of course that is a very large topic that I am not “qualified” to speak on since I am not an “expert”. lol. Thus I stick to the law, an area where I can claim some expertise. Regardless, it’s always nice to know that there are people out there who do think the same. It is the same reason support groups work. This is a legal oppression support group of sorts. lol. — L

  4. OhioRiver

    The president, in collusion with the congress, allows Executive Orders (E.O.) that slowly erodes our constitutional rights. Because they cannot do it by passing laws then they do it through the backdoor.

    Myself and another veteran walked across America carrying the American flag with each step in “Support the U.S. Constitution”. Obama ignored our request to visit with him in regards to the loss of constitutional rights (not surprising).

    We passed out copies of the U.S. Constitution from San Diego to D.C. and I can say that we are not alone in our concerns of losing our freedoms.

    I’m ready to walk again if anyone wants to view our site (dozens of local TV/Newspaper interviews as we walked). Just leave a comment on the page.

    It’s time to step away from the TV and step into the streets to defend our freedoms. It’s time to rise to a higher cause (just for 5 months) than ourselves so we can actually say that “I did something”.

    1. liberalconservative

      It was my understanding (I may be wrong about this) that executive orders only affected departments organized under the executive branch. I know there is no constitutional basis for them. An executive order was for the president to order those organized under the executive. Like when the CEO of Target sends out a memo. That doesn’t affect you or me but it does the employees of Target. Granted EO’s really only exist under the United States of America Inc., a governmental services corporation, and not the de jure republic. Therefore it doesn’t affect those that do not offer consent or are not contractually bound by their illegal and fraudulent adhesion contracts.

  5. abitdodgie

    Obama is the CEO of a corp called “UNITED STATES” he is nothing to do with the presidency of the United States of America , congress are all board members of that corp . If you have a birth certificate then you are in contract with the “UNITED STATES” and must follow all their policies and codes . There has not been a president of the United States since 1871 just a CEO You will see all corporations are listed on Dun and Bradstreet,here are few listing
    DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies

    United States Government-052714196

    US Department of Defense (DOD)-030421397

    US Department of the Treasury-026661067

    US Department of Justice (DOJ)-011669674

    US Department of State-026276622

    US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)-Office of the Secretary-112463521

    US Department of Education-944419592

    US Department of Energy-932010320

    US Department of Homeland Security-932394187

    US Department of the Interior-020949010

    US Department of Labor-029536183

    US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)-Office of the Secretary-030945779

    US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-931691211

    US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-050297655

    US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-056622429

    Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP)-796730922

    Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)-130221646

    US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-057944910

    National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)-003259074

    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-079933920

    US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-364281923

    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-037751583

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-020309969
    So sorry to say he can do whatever he wants and the constitution means nothing to him.

    1. Eileen K.

      There is one HUGE problem with that. Where is the KNOWING consent from the people? In order for a contract to be binding, ALL PARTIES to said contract MUST knowingly consent to the contract and its obligations. There was NO knowing consent from We the People; thus, there is NO United States, Inc. United States, Inc. is nothing more than a HUGE FRAUD perpetrated by its architects back in 1871; and, if this fraud was perpetrated by Great Britain, it is outright MEDDLING by a foreign power in the internal affairs of the USA, a SOVEREIGN nation.
      Just as any witness in a criminal case must place his/her right hand on a Bible and swear UNDER OATH to tell the whole truth, under penalty of imprisonment/fine for perjury if he/she gives false testimony, any elected/appointed official must place his/her right hand on a Bible and swear UNDER OATH to uphold and defend the Constitution under penalty of imprisonment/fine for same.
      A corporation is NOT a country; thus, it has none of the characteristics of a country. A corporation cannot issue passports or any other documentation that a sovereign country does. Likewise, a corporation cannot revoke passports, visas, etc. that a sovereign country does. If the USA was, indeed a corporation under the name of United States, Inc.; then, nobody living within its borders has citizenship, making us all stateless. Why? United States, Inc. would NOT be a country. Period.

      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        Yes, you’re right of course. I wrote very briefly on this in a reply. think most of the US corporation thing, though it is based in a lot of reality, is a rabbit trail. But the idea that perjury is a vehicle to protect us is not going to work. Witnesses lie everyday. The police lie everyday. The enforcement of that “law” is in the very hands of the liars in chief, so it proves nothing to say they would be committing perjury. One we would have to show that the judge/witness etc. KNEW about this whole corporate infrastructure, and of course in all likelihood they do not. So right there the idea of perjury would fail. But you’re quite right about the consent issue. The bottom line with ALL of it is that it makes no difference what the supposed underlying structure claims to be. The only issue is do the people allow themselves to be controlled by illusions and threats of coercion. That is the whole enchilada. If the people did not allow it, then it would end. The only way it ends is for people to decide they don’t want it. That’s why I loved that passive resistance cat video I posted. He is the master. If the people stopped cooperating in their own imprisonment, well it would end. the people have the keys to their own cell! that is the REAL secret. lol. Glad you’re here. — L

  6. Kris

    Your assertions are totally accurate and correct as stated. However, as much as I wish it was not so, your assertions are related to the laws which once governed the Constitutional Republic, formally known as The United States of America, verses what currently operates legally within the framework and laws of the Corporation of the United States, Inc. Thereby making every and all laws applicable to the property of said Corporation, which is defined as citizen. Check-mated by technical language, deception and indoctrination, there is no USA to save, it is all an illusion from the past. Move on, or die.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I am familiar with those arguments and have looked into them. I know Jordan Maxwell is a big proponent of them. I don’t ever discuss them, because I think they get into the “conspiracy realm” and right or wrong, that area is a different area than what I work in. I am trying to show people what the law actually says. We don’t have to go into a conspiracy realm in order to wake people to simple realities. The big problem I have with all the post civil war corporation/admiralty arguments with the all caps names etc. is that all of those arguments revolve around the idea that you have somehow “consented” to be governed by appearing and signing and being in court with a fringed flag etc. I suspect that the whole thing is a rabbit trail they created to suck off time. Have people go down that trail and it leads nowhere. Look, even in admiralty law the concept of consent is the same. NO consent is valid unless it is KNOWING consent. And by definition all of the stuff they talk about is not knowing consent. I can’t hand you a piece of paper pretending to be a street performer doing tricks and ask you to sign your name. And then take that down to a court and try and claim that the other side of the paper had a contract that gave me all you own and now you’re bound. That doesn’t work. Get it? Plus, all contracts require consideration by both parties. And there is none in anything I have ever seen in any of that corporation analysis. So I am only writing briefly on this here so you can understand that there is a lot of disinformation out there designed to waste peoples’ time. For my money, that stuff is just that. Now that doesn’t mean that they didn’t pull a lot of crapola then and that we aren’t quite screwed. But I think that we can reach more people with a message that is more straightforward. Anyway, I appreciate the passion. I hope my comment is taken in the way it is intended, which is simply in the spirit of give and take. Ultimately, it’s all just fun and games until someone loses an eye. lol. Take care, tell your friends and I hope you come back. — L

  7. ol'Pappy

    “It was a presidential aide to Clinton, Paul Begala, who put the controversy into perspective, back in July 1998. “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool,” he said, boasting how the Clinton machine was able to simply dictate what it wanted to have happen. It came as Clinton glibly announced he would issue a barrage of executive orders to push his agenda forward without input from Congress.”

    T.H.E.Y. pound us incessantly with comments like this (kinda cool – WTF) from hacks on the left AND the right for decades until we go where they want us: begging for more executive orders. It really is both sickening and sickeningly impressive how their mind control system herds us wherever they want.

  8. Alan Donelson

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to communicate. I cannot express my personal gratitude in words any better. I shall indeed get the words you write out to my betters in the field of Law!


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