The Left Right political system is a rigged game designed to drain off your time.

Get out there and VOTE! we can turn this thing around!

I’m convinced, we can turn this thing around!  We just have to get out the VOTE!

The power structure needs people to believe that the way to solve problems is within the system.  That is the KEY to the whole puzzle.  The system is run on game theory.  The status QUO know that as long as people are working in the system, nothing fundamental can ever change.

Come on guys, we can turn this around.  Get out there and VOTE!

It’s  called statistical “noise” Legalman, it isn’t a “secret” plan.  You’re a kook.  In fact, I saw a whole episode on Myth Busters about this.

The primary method they use to distract people is with the two party red/blue system that gives you a “right” to vote.  Do you want red or blue?   As long as you are trying to “get back to the constitution” or get someone on the supreme court, you will lose “the game“.  Period.  How much evidence has to be accumulated?  The government never shrinks.  The people are ignored.  The debt just grows.

The entire red/blue system is the heartbeat.  Countless hours are drained off arguing about things that make no difference.   The whole industry of Red radio, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, et. al are doing a great job.  They just can’t see that the job they are REALLY doing is not what they think.  Some are truly genius in the way they have learned to parse the liberal agenda’s hypocrisy.  If they turned that genius on the right target we might actually GET somewhere.

Come on Steve, help me knock some more doors.  I want out of this place.  Remember, if you don't vote you can't complain.

 Psst, has Larry gone off his meds? Because he just told me that he was going to Atlanta on that thing.  

But do we actually ever GET anywhere? No.  Just look around.  Nothing ever changes.  Conservatives. Nothing.  Tea party, nothing.  Libertarians, nothing.  Patriots, nothing.  Why? Because the people in these movements don’t understand the real LEGAL GAME.  These movements are serving as pointless time drains when they could otherwise be a useful asset for REAL change.

The red/blue game keeps people parsing distinctions and issues that don’t matter!  The candidates are never going to change the system. No party will ever “change the system”.  The Parties ARE THE SYSTEM.  GET IT?

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers. –Thomas Pynchon

Power to the people!  You just misunderstand WHICH people.

Power to the people! And it’s true.  You just misunderstand WHICH people. 

Still don’t believe me? Then answer this one question. We have had both republican/red and democrat/blue guys running the country alternating since the end of the “great depression”, right? And has there ever been a 20 year period where the government shrank? How bout a 10 year period? how bout just a 5 year period? Get it? The red/blue game is a distraction. It will never work. It can’t. It’s game theory.

Trying to “fix” the system from inside the game is as futile as plotting to “overthrow” the entire prison system when you are an inmate in a maximum security prison. Sure you might get a few to go along. But so? It won’t ever work. Even if you did manage to temporarily get control of your prison, you don’t have control of the system itself, and very quickly all your work would be undone and you wouldn’t even control the prison anymore. You’d just be stuck getting a quick shower and a cavity check before being sent to the hole.

This is the reality of your situation.  Don't bother pretending you can "fight the system" and win with force.

Damn it, that is cold.   I’m confused.  We won the election,  RIGHT?

Oh and one more thing working against you, 95% of the other prisoners don’t even know they are IN prison. They think they are free, and they will be fighting WITH the warden.

There is a small group of very vocal people who see the reality of this red/blue game theory. But even they are, for the most part, sadly mislead by the many limited hangouts that abound on the Internet which are run by the QUO.

They are angry and trying desperately to “wake people up”. They want to help, but by being so angry they scare people and drive the people away who might actually help them. They genuinely believe that if they could just “wake enough up” that it would change. It won’t. It will take more than just that.

The unavoidable reality is that most people will never wake up, ever.  And in order to show you that JUST “waking enough people up” is not the answer I will ask you one simple question. What would you propose we do then?

My image of what your "co-conspirators" might look like.

We DID IT BABY!  You’re da man.  NO YOU”RE da man.

Assume you woke enough people up. Seriously. You reach your “goal”. You wake enough people up. You complete a full investigation and you identify the culprits, you even claw back all the ill gotten gains. Hurray, time to celebrate! Reach-arounds for everyone!!

Once you wake up from a night of partying and poppers, now what? How do you propose to REdistribute these clawed back gains? A committee? A panel of experts? A trust? A government agency? A charity? All of those will all be infiltrated by a fresh generation of the same types of people who run it now. You see? Waking people up is step one. It isn’t an end in itself.

People have to be educated about the system. Not just woken to the fact that it is crooked.  They have to understand HOW it works so the same tricks in a new uniform don’t get used.  Get it? 

Ultimately the real problem is human nature. There really are a lot of people who are just never going to get it so there is a group who will always take advantage.  You have to learn to work around it and see it.  That is your only real protection.  Because you and I are not going to change human nature. And really, it is the height of arrogance to believe that there is something “wrong” with human nature. Human nature is just fine. Now individual humans, well, they may be somewhat misdirected sometimes.

Can we improve things? of course. But it is a process my friend. And that means it takes time. And guess what? you and I may not be around long enough to see it actually get better. It might get worse,

So read and learn and SPREAD THE WORD, and enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Step one is to learn what the SYSTEM actually is.  Then you can make up your own mind, maybe for the very first time, what you want to do about it.  There’s time.  We can watch the show together.

Take care my fellow inmates,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.


3 thoughts on “The Left Right political system is a rigged game designed to drain off your time.

  1. Kram

    Being born into a system and never really knowing is the interesting part. Coming to this realization is something the Nazerene spoke of in detail a few thousand years ago. True followers lean not to their own understanding but put their trust in the jurisdiction that is not of this world nor stay in league with the puppet masters. It is a process that reminds me of the parable of the rich man. Thanks for another fine lesson. I appreciate your insights. Be blessed.

  2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

    I am sorry you see it that way. I don’t think understanding a system is depressing. Is it better to work on fixing a system in a manner that is nothing but delusional and can never work? Because the only options I see are, ignore it and have it act on you. Imagine it is something it is not and attempt to either fight it or avoid it. And neither option will work well because you have not first understood its real nature. Or, lastly, what I propose. Understand it and then either try and change it to the extent you want to, or learn how to avoid it as much as possible. For me, it is a no brainer. But I understand that everyone must reach their own conclusions. I suspect what you are dealing with is coming to grips with letting go of what you imagined the system was. That can be tough. I agree. But better to move through it, than to live in it.


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