The government grows by design. It has nothing to do with “liberals”. It is built into the system.

Okay, we have a deal. I get to go next time right?

Okay, but we have a deal for sure right?  I mean I get to be on top next time, you promise, right?  Yeah yeah, of course, a deals a deal.

EarOne of the most important games that is played under our free-free system to continuously grow the government is making sure the people believe in the need for “legislative compromise” in order to “get something done”.

We have all heard it all our lives. “The bill isn’t perfect” “we didn’t get everything we wanted” etc. etc. The concept we are sold constantly in our government schools and by our government representatives and by our “friends in the media” is that the government NEEDS to get SOMETHING passed. Some kind of bill, and BECAUSE this is a “democracy” nobody ever gets everything they want. You know the routine. We’ve all grown up on a steady diet of the wonders and the necessity of “compromise by our great leaders.”

Fight as hard as you can, and then understand there’s going to have to be some amount of reasonable compromise. –Andrew Cuomo

Putting his money where his mouth is on his breakfast compromise.

He wanted a Churro.  He settled for a biscuit.  This is what leaders look like.

We believe – we believe that, if we tell the people the truth, that they will act bigger than the pettiness we see in Washington, D.C. We believe it is possible to forge bipartisan compromise, and stand up for our conservative principles. — Chris Christie

Healthy disagreement, debate, leading to compromise has always been the American way. — Donald L. Carcieri

All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter. — Edmund Burke

Nice job on that compromise. Let's have a beer.

No… but you can hold my hand.

A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, ‘Huh. It works. It makes sense.’ — Barack Obama

I could go on and on with examples, but you get the point. We MUST compromise. In fact it is “the American way” BECAUSE we are a democracy. So what is really going on here with all this back slapping and congratulating each other on the great “compromise”?

It is simple, it is all back to GAME theory again. Once everyone is convinced that “we must compromise” under our system, well you’re going to get a lot of compromising and people are not only going to be okay with it, they will expect it and, most importantly, the people will actively DEFEND it as the “American way”. What purpose does that serve in the law?

Everyone in government benefits from growing the power of government, because their individual power comes from government. The only reason people STAY in government is to wield power. It can’t be anything else, because that is all government is.  Is it possible that someone is naïve enough to try and GO into government under the impression that they can actually MAKE a DIFFERENCE in the trajectory of government growth by using the current system? Sure, I highly doubt that is the case with most, but I will grant that it IS possible. But under no circumstances can any sane person get there, see how it actually works and run for re-election under the laughable platform that they will bring home “less government”. That is not credible.

Relax, you're doing great. Oh, not for you, You're screwed. But great for me.

Relax, you’re doing great Senator… Oh ..I didn’t mean for you, You’re screwed, the FBI is outside.  I meant great for me.  I’m really enjoying this.

If you think this is possible, then please simply show me when this has actually happened? Oh, and I want to give polygraphs and voice stress tests to the politicians you think are actually up there believing that. Because I do not believe that is possible, and I don’t believe that THEY believe it. The government never shrinks over any length of time it always grows. It makes no difference whether blue or red is in there.

You are welcome to continue to make excuses for “why it didn’t” shrink even though “we won the election”, but it always comes down to the same thing. A bill that would actually reduce the government in real terms does not get put forward and passed. That is all there really is to it. The reasons for this are just excuses people continue to make up to hang on to the idea they have in their mind about “the people being in charge” and that “we can get change by voting” etc.

Well I don't see that. Sure, it's a minor set back. But this thing is still basically sound.

Well I don’t see that. Sure, it’s a minor set back. But this thing is still basically sound.

For me, continuing to believe is no different than the battered wife who still believes the guy is a “good guy” after 30 years of beatings and “apologies”. At some point it is fantasy. You are DELUDING yourself in order to hold onto your own false beliefs about what our system actually is in order to avoid dealing with the mental pain of acknowledging what you can see with your eyes is the truth. It is cognitive dissonance avoidance.

So let me explain how “compromising” in the realm of our government is just another part of the game theory scam they run on everyone to constantly over time, grow the government.

Picture a line from 0 to 100. Zero is the government NOT acting in an area, and 100 being the government totally controlling an area. Got it?

In the natural state of things where you are ACTUALLY FREE, there is no government action. Say one side, the Blue team, wants to start regulating and area. The Red team says, no no no, look at the constitution, etc. The Blue team proposes a plan to regulate the area at a low level, say a 5 on the scale. The Red team says no no no again. But where is the “compromise”? How do you “compromise”? There is ONLY one way to compromise. How would a zero be a compromise?  It isn’t, and that is the KEY.  So they agree to say a level 2 regulation. Yay, the American system is working for your freedom. They fought hard for your freedom.

Okay, fair enough, you start the diet tomorrow.

Okay, we have a deal,  you start the diet tomorrow.

Then next year the Blue team is back and stronger than ever, they want more regulation. The Blue team says that because level 2 is working, but not “doing enough” they propose level 15. Well now the Red team goes crazy and talks about how outrageous it all is. Etc. etc. And they ultimately wrestle and “slash” the bill down, and we end up with “only” level 5. Hurray again for our stalwart defenders of freedom.  See Legalman, compromise CAN work.

Do you see what the logical progression of this is? Do you see the ONE WAY street that it represents? Do you see how “compromise” is all just a scam? It will ALWAYS result in one side, the government growth side winning. It works because there is nothing LESS than zero to start from in order to “compromise” to the government NOT growing.  You start with Freedom and always start losing it.  Get it?

Once you’re at level 95 there is almost no difference between that and 100. But there are plenty of other AREAS to start down the road of growing into. Do you see? Does that comport with what you observe happening in the country? Of course it does. It is set by the REAL rules they put in place to supposedly “keep the government” under control in the “constitution”. Once you begin to understand that “the law” is nothing but a way to control people, and that the government is nothing but the use of force through “the law” then the real system can start to come into view.

But Legalman, what about the “we need to shrink the government” side? Let’s look at it. But before we do, can we at least admit that this virtually never happens? I mean it can, and it does in very limited circumstances, but all you have to do is look at the size and growth of the government in every area to know this side of the equation just isn’t used very often. The GOVERNMENT grows, even if there are minor tiny areas where we can point and say LOOK here it didn’t. Hurray, for our freedom!

We are announcing a HUGE victory. From now on each cop can only beat one citizen per day.

Today I am announcing a HUGE victory for our party. As of now, every citizen has a right to demand that only one cop at a time beat them.  No more GANG beatings!    Yay! we’re winning!

Once the regulation level starts getting ridiculous, say it starts heading into the 40’s or 50’s. At that point, in order to keep their supporters on board, and to keep the illusion of the system going, the red team rolls out calls to “cut the government” etc. Everyone is all fired up.

So let’s say we’re operating at a level 50 on an issue. The republicans “demand” the program be “slashed”.  They propose it be slashed to a 10. The Democrats scream and say never. And the compromise is to a 30. And this is giving them a HUGE benefit of the doubt. Because the way the budget process actually works things automatically grow and the vast majority of “cuts” are just cuts in growth! NSA source for budgets.  Absurd.  The example I gave is the most incredible cutting you will EVER see.

But even with this best case scenario, how does that get you back to FREEDOM? It doesn’t. And as soon as the democrats are back on top, and they WILL be, the government control will get raised using the other half of the equation. Once a program is instituted it doesn’t ever go away. They just grow. Sure sometimes a program TEMPORARILY shrinks a little, to simply grow more next time. Lose a little, gain a lot more later. Yo yo your way to FREEDOM baby!

She looks great......for a few months.

She’s done it!  Congratulations on losing that…… whoops, Well, I’m sure she will keep it off next time.

Again, all you have to do is look at the ACTUAL results of “compromise” in real life. Look at the size of government. Look at it during “republican” or “democrat” control. It is always the same, it goes straight up.

If a person comes to your house and demands you pay them 10k and you say I don’t owe you anything, and they agree to a “compromise” and reduce it to 5k is that a victory for you? Of course not, but that is the type of victory that the conservatives are always bringing home. Don’t you see it is just a game? A con to make you think something else is happening. A “compromise” for a “democracy”.

Compromise is one of the fundamental things the status QUO uses to hide the real workings of the system. It is an intimate part of what we are told is “our government”.

Chomsky quoteHopefully you now see how compromise is crap. If a party has the power, then see if they will pass it. Don’t compromise with them. Let the tyranny of our government be on display for all to see. Then if you get in power, eliminate the whole program. That would be far better than what we have now, because people could see it for what IT IS. But that never happens. And it doesn’t ever happen because as I have said, our government and the people in it CAN NEVER be honest about what it actually is and does. Never. It must always pretend it is something it is not, so the people continue to believe they are in charge, that voting matters and that they are free. That is the center piece of our entire SYSTEM!

And if you still doubt that this is the reality then just watch what happens with Obamacare. It will NEVER be eliminated no matter how many people dislike it. The conservatives will endlessly raise money on the “need to get rid of it”.  Red team radio will perpetually waste everyone’s time discussing details about how to politically maneuver in order finally, years from now, get in the position to then act, which will NEVER happen.  It is a farce.

When has it EVER worked? NEVER.  Yet people continue to believe it is one off and bungling and accident etc. They make the excuses up for the status QUO to explain away what they see.  They can’t accept that it is nothing but game theory.  Play within the rules and you lose. Period.  The status QUO has created a system to slowly have and control everything.  And it is working.

I promise if elected, that I will address this problem. I will reach a fair compromise, for all American's .

I promise if elected, that I will address this problem. I will reach a fair compromise, for all Americans .


The facts are there for anyone to see, if you will just look objectively.

Hear more of what Legalman has to say on this.



Listen now.

Listen now.

Be well my brainwashed brethren,

Legalmand IS the law

Legalman IS the law

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