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Everybody needs to smile.  Feel good, enjoy themselves.  Is the world a wreck? Of course it is, but it is going to be a wreck tomorrow as well.  Don’t let yourself get pulled down into it.  Keep your distance.  Enjoy yourself, it’s the most important thing you can do.  Educate yourself, of course, but never forget to laugh.


Now this is hilarious and a great trick to learn.


One of my favorites. There’s a reason that it is an anthem for many people across the pond. lol

Enjoy, lol. 


Don’t forget to vote!  I strongly urge you to consider Vermin Supreme.


Such a shame the show is gone. I love’d Ali G.  The best.


This is back when Sasha Cohen was actually FUNNY.  I love’d me some Ali G. lol  Here he is giving Andy Rooney a lot more “respek” than that laughable clown deserved.  It’s RACIALIST. lol



LOL, more hilarious Ali G. 9999999999999.  TechMology.


Last one and still so many more I could post. lol enjoy


Probably my all time favorite Youtube vid.  The reality of being a lawyer. lol



Who doesn’t love dogs?  I know I do. Here’s a great story about a dog that RIDES THE BUS to the dog park ON ITS OWN. lol.  enjoy



Always a classic.  “Show them to me”.  Not a huge country music fan but this was so good I wanted to post it.  Enjoy. 



The “most powerful man in the world”. lol.  Right.  How fricking GAY does this look? What Dude lifts weights like this?



One of our brilliant “leaders”.  Yes, he is serious. He is not punking the general.  The general is the consummate big company man.  He actually answers this question as though it is serious.   This is what actually goes on up there. Hilarious.


Peace with freedom you know.  That’s what they GIVE us. lol  It never changes.  Hope and change, peace and freedom.  All laughable lies.





Very heartwarming story about a SERVICE CAT!.  If you like animals and want to feel good, enjoy.

cat walker






This is truly greatness.  I love the idea and who doesn’t love dogs.  Look how HAPPY the dog is and what a great service.



Who doesn’t love dogs?


More funny dogs.


This is really funny.  It sounds sooo much like they are actually speaking english. lol



I like this guy. He’s hip to the whole “policy” police connection and the role that sheriffs play.  I wonder what else he has done?



Men and women.  nice.






Enjoy the last day of employment for a tour guide.  EXplicit language.



cat and squirrel

I love animals.  Here is a great story with some great pics.  Combinations of animal friends that really are strange.


One of the great scenes in movie.  Of course happiness comes from within, plus this one other thing. lol 



_______ enjoy this vid.  Everything is connected.  A bird feeds a cat and dog.



If you want more entertainment go here.


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