It’s time to tell the truth; the 14th amendment was never ratified.

These Turkish guys had just gotten back from an intense seminar on the 14th amendment and how to get things done.  They said they loved America and had learned a lot from the seminar about governance.

I had been following this Turkish guy’s blog about a 14th amendment seminar he was attending.  He kept raving about how much he was learning about REAL government and how he couldn’t wait to use it when he got home.  I tried to warn him, but he didn’t listen.  Oh well, maybe he can “get back to the constitution” now.  He will have plenty of time in prison to “study” it.

The feds have seized, virtual total control, over every aspect of our lives via the 14th amendment’s “due process” clause. They have concocted a never ending series of “duties and rights” to “justify federal control” based upon that amendment. So I think it is only fair to ask a simple question.


Do you know the answer to that question? Of course not. You only know the lies you were taught in government schools and by the complicit criminal media.

Well today I am going to be the PEOPLES’ lawyer once again, and break it down for you, just like I did for the constitutional convention scam. I will make the case for the PEOPLE, not the state. The state has had its years of uninterrupted lies. It’s time for the other side. It’s time for THE TRUTH!

Now I can’t, in one article, cover all of the corruption that went on after that murderous rampage the state misleadingly calls “the civil war”. But I will show you that there is simply no doubt that the 14th amendment was never ratified in any legitimate sense of that word. NEVER. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I had this guy for ConLaw class in law school.  I asked a few questions in the beginning because it seemed like he was leaving a lot of stuff out.  After a while I just stopped going to class.

I had this guy for ConLaw  back in school.  I was still pretty trusting back then.   Some funny older guy in class kept telling me how the guy was leaving a lot of stuff out of the lecture that was really important.  Turns out that guy was right.  

The facts I am giving are NOT disputed. YOU just don’t KNOW THEM because you were not taught them. I encourage you to check them for yourself. And to help you do that here is a cite to an opinion from a Utah Supreme court justice, writing in a PUBLISHED opinion. So let’s begin with some KEY background facts.

1. Surrender by the South occurs April 9, 1865.

2. The southern states are restored and the rebellion is declared ended by Johnson on June 30th. The southern states are now fully functioning and in the Union.

3. About 6 months later on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment is ratified and slavery is officially ended. The ratification process involved 7 southern states ratifying this amendment. REMEMBER THAT.

Got it so far? The war ends. The southern states are “restored”, and they help to vote in the end of slavery by RATIFYING the 13th amendment. Now is when the shenanigans begin for the 14th amendment.

BEFORE a proposed amendment can EVEN BE SUBMITTED to the States for ratification, the conjobstitution “requires” that 2/3rds of both houses of Congress concur on the resolution to SUBMIT IT. In this case it was called, Resolution no. 48.

I gave an exclusive talk to a Mr. Ron Burgundy and his crew on this 14th amend ratification topic. He had some interesting comments about the whole affair in the Senate.

I gave an exclusive talk to a select group of high income individuals on this 14th amend ratification topic. The guy in charge had some insightful comments about the way the senators got kicked out.

So what happened next? Simple, on December 5th, 1865, when the 39th Congress assembled, the northern states who held a majority, voted to DENY THE SOUTHERN STATES THEIR SEATS IN THE SENATE!!

That’s right, the southern states who had ratified the 13th amendment, were then denied their right to have any representation in the SENATE! All 22 Senators from the South were excluded! How? Well the constipation allows a “majority” in the Senate and the House the right to refuse to seat a member. So the northern states “used” their majority to deny the ENTIRE SOUTH REPRESENTATION in the senate.

The house did the same thing to the Southern representatives. They denied seats to all 58 of them!!

Did you know any of this? Did you even know it was POSSIBLE? I seriously doubt it. But this is only the beginning of the corruption that IS the “ratification” of the 14th amendment.

Frankly, I could end the article right here and you would have irrefutable evidence that the entire “ratification process” for the 14th amendment was a SHAM! It is insanity to call this a representative government. And remember the 14th amendment is NOT ABOUT SLAVERY. THAT IS THE 13TH, AND IT HAD BEEN RATIFIED IN THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH!! The 14th Amendment is about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SEIZING POWER FROM THE STATES!! Do you now see why I tell you over and over that the “civil war” had NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY! It was about the feds control. Nothing more. Let’s continue with the facts.

Few people grasp the finer points of our holy constitution.  Here, the official senate security demonstrates the constitutionally correct way to remove a senator from the senate.

Few people grasp the finer points of our holy constitution. Here, an off duty senate security guard demonstrates the constitutionally correct way to remove a senator from the senate.

After denying the southern states their representation in the Senate, there were 25 states “left” and therefore 50 senators. That means they needed 33 yes votes to get the 2/3rds necessary to push out Resolution no. 48. But THE LEADERSHIP DID A HEAD COUNT AND THEY STILL DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH VOTES! So they had to find a way to have one of the Senate “no” votes kicked out!!  My god, you just can’t make this stuff up.

But they had yet another problem now because the Constitution requires a 2/3rds vote to REMOVE a member, as opposed to just the simple majority to “not seat”. But they didn’t have the needed 2/3rds to kick the “no vote guy” from NEW JERSEY out of the Senate. So the senate “leaders” just IGNORED THAT CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT AND KICKED HIM OUT ANYWAY!! Lol

Surely NOW you have enough to see that any “ratification” process that occurs after this kind of lawless corruption just getting the “resolution” out of Congress could NEVER be valid! But there is SO MUCH more.

After denying the south any representation in both the Senate and the House, they proceed to operate on the basis that 2/3rds of the “seated” members have concurred and therefore that is “sufficient” to meet the constipation’s requirement. But the Constitution does not say 2/3rds of the seated members.

Article V says, “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary shall propose amendments to this Constitution, ……”

I have to focus like a laser when I work. And when I take a break I need to relax, so that's what I do. I earned it.

I have to focus like a laser when I work. You know, block it all out.  And when I take a break I need to relax, so that’s what I do. Here, my gf’s mom gives me a little treat.  Hey,  I earned it.

And nobody can possibly think that the People ever “agreed to” allow 2/3rds to mean, any 2/3rds left after a whole block of the country was denied their seats! That is ABSURD. But nonetheless these are the facts of how the 14th amendment’s “resolution No. 48” was then put to the states for “ratification”.

Let’s continue, because, incredibly, IT GETS WORSE.

When the “proposed amendment” went out for ratification there were now 37 States. The constipation “requires” ¾ of the states to ratify. So that meant that if 10 states said no, then it failed.

Now think about this. The entire South, which was 11 states, had been denied their congressional and senate seats. So if they say no to ratification, then how in the world can you get it passed? You can’t. It is impossible. And who in their RIGHT MIND would say yes to anything after being kicked out??!!

And in fact, by March of 1867 10 states had said NO. Thus the 14th amendment was not ratified.  It did not pass.  Period, end of STORY.

So what did those in control do? Simple, they passed the “reconstruction act” in that same month, March of 1867. And what did it do? Well it REMOVED the duly elected state governments of the Southern states, many of the same states that had ratified the 13th Amendment, and put MILITARY governments in to power in place of the civilian governments in the 10 states they needed. And those MILITARY governments voted to “ratify” the 14th amendment.

Yes THAT is how it was “ratified”. Not by the people, not by the governments elected by the people, but by the military governments forced upon them. And remember, this is NOT about slavery. That was 13th amendment.

I started my blog after coming across one of those "back to the constitution" books.  It just struck me. "hey, I can do THIS."

I started my blog after coming across one of those books written about getting “back to the constitution”.  It just struck me. “hey, I can do THIS.”

But even that is not the full story of the  corruption that IS the 14th amendment.  You see, the people in several other NON southern states were so shocked by the  lawlessness of the federal government’s action of removing duly elected state governments that 4 of them, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and California all WITHDREW their ratification and voted NO to the 14th amendment. So this isn’t about just the South!!

So now what do the Feds do? They STILL don’t have the votes EVEN after militarily taking over 10 states!! Simple. They ignore the fact that four states have changed their votes to a NO! They just “declare” that you can’t change your vote from yes to no. Even though they had militarily changed votes from no to yes!!  Heads I win tails you lose.  That is the system.

That’s right. They simply passed a “resolution” that “declared” that the 14th amendment had been ratified and then ORDERED the secretary of state to sign off on it. That is how it was “ratified”.  The reality is that 16 states had said NO or TRIED to say NO when all was said and done.  16! when just 10 no’s was enough to defeat the amendment.  60% MORE NO’s THAN was needed to defeat it.

This is the true face of our supposed “freedom”. This is the “freedom” they tell people to go fight and die for and to “spread around the world”. This is why the entire “reconstruction era” is taught in a confused and utterly dishonest fashion. Because it is appalling! And Unlike your government schools which flunk you if you disagree with the stated “core curriculum LIES”, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO VERIFY EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN.

The man the myth the legend my friend.

The man the myth the legend my friend.  Still a good look.

So where is the Supreme court in all of this? Isn’t it there to make sure the rules are followed? Ha, cue the belly laugh.  Please people, they DO NOTHING FOR YOU BUT ENSLAVE YOU. They are just part of the SHOW,

So how did the court reason around such blatant and obvious violations? Simple, they REFUSED to RULE ON THEM! That’s right.  They called all of these issues “non justiciable”. Just a fancy way to say, we aren’t going to touch it.

Think of the HYPOCRISY in the court necessary to do this. They have no problem passing on the correctness of busing and abortion, and toilet water flushing and gay marriage, and light bulbs and your health care, but when it comes to whether the people have had their basic representational rights denied. No, no, now, that is “off limits”. Lol

And remember, in Texas v. White, which I have already written about here, the court DIDN’T EVEN DISCUSS “JUSTICIABILITY” WHEN RULING THAT A STATE CAN NOT VOTE TO LEAVE THE UNION VOLUNTARILY. The court claimed EVERY RIGHT to hear a case and then rule that a state’s vote to leave the union was “void”, but the court somehow has no right to make any determination about whether the state’s vote on an amendment was properly counted as a yes or a no. So once again, heads I win, tails you lose when it comes to YOUR freedom.

Nobody would even believe such absurdities if I made them up and put them into a novel.  But people accept it as “law” and evidence of their FREEDOM when it actually HAPPENS! This is why those who rule you have contempt for you. They have NO RESPECT for the people because the people have earned that lack of respect through their utter idiocy and gullibility!

My gf friend loves it when I tell her about the constitution.  What can I say? she's a brain groupee.

I’m always a big hit with the ladies at a party.   What can I say, chicks dig it when you can talk knowledgeably about the constitution.

Your “freedom” is an illusion. A lie. Sure you can pick between Mountain Dew and Big Red, but you don’t get to choose your own government!

Now think about how many things the feds justify based upon the “due process clause”! All of that is built on an utter lie. There is no validly ratified 14th amendment. NONE. And don’t think for one second that those in power don’t already KNOW THIS. They know it all too well.  What does it take for you to see that the ENTIRE structure of the government you are living under is a fundamental LIE?

This is why they push so hard on the idea that Abe Lincoln, the war criminal, was this wonderful guy. That the “civil war” was about race. And that YOU ARE FREE BECAUSE of the holy federal government. Because if people knew the truth, those in power could not maintain control over you.

As usual, in writing this I have had to leave a lot of stuff out. Maybe I will write on it later. I simply cannot take thinking about the freedom fry fools and the brain dead drones running around talking about how we need to “get back to the constitution” any longer today.

I hope you at least learned something about your captivity my fellow inmate. Take care, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

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(Editorial note: A reader, DaisyK kindly pointed out a typographical error, namely, that Lincoln should read Johnson in point #2.  The text has been changed to reflect that.  The typo did not effect any issue raised and discussed. Not exactly sure how that went unnoticed for so long in light of Abe’s sudden demise on Tax Day, but I am glad she said something.)

49 thoughts on “It’s time to tell the truth; the 14th amendment was never ratified.

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  2. Elijah Tchaplinski

    Thus the 14th amendment was put in place by force. While this article is quite upset at that fact, we mustn’t forget what the 14th amendment actually says. Because honestly, even if all but one of the states voted No and that one state forced the rest to comply, the one state would be right and the others wrong, because the 14th amendment is just and necessary.

    The 14th amendment is that all persons born or naturalized in the US are citizens of the US and have equal protection under the law, and that oath-breaking rebels cannot be in the government, and no-one is going to pay for rebellion or emancipated slaves. If that is what you are fighting against, then you really need to step back and consider why.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I didn’t realize anyone was “fighting for” or against anything Elijah. The ones with the guns who call themselves government have made it clear that is a losers game. Pointless. The drones they call “citizens” who they exploit actually defend their exploiters and attack those who are trying to free them. And you my friend, if you believe any of what you said not only support your own jailer, but you are also hopelessly confused about that amendment, the civil war, the state of the world and your own government. If it was dry humor, then well done. –L

  3. sully

    Okay, genius lawyer doesn’t know the difference between effect and affect? And if it was just a typo, it’s in a paragraph purportedly correcting typos… haha. Just teasing. Love your work and your thinking.

    The real issue is: what can we do on a practical level to establish and protect our own freedom? How can we do business or bank, etc. without being entangled in the beast?


    1. ol'Pappy

      Hoard real physical silver and gold. The whole anti-gold meme being perpetrated in the media for at least four years is part of the system’s attempt to discredit alternatives to debt based money, which is the most effective control technique ever devised. Search out the videos on YT made by a group called Positive Money and learn about the big lie regarding our present monetary system. Using silver and gold as money is not the answer, but using silver and gold as untaxed, unrigged, freely trading tangible financial assets as a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of our fiat monetary managers IS NECESSARY. And that is exactly what the PTB have been discouraging in the media and fighting like hell to stop via the CRIMEX otherwise known as the COMEX where they break all the rules with impunity just because they can…it’s where they sell naked short contracts against silver and gold in MASSIVE quantities in order to suppress the paper price which, in their casino economy, drives the physical price…for now. There’s a fire sale going on in silver and gold right now while the price has no connection to supply or demand.

      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        This is an area that ol’Pappy is quite passionate about. But we all know that gold and silver are just barbaric relics. What we need is faster more steam lined payment systems that make more sense in this modern world. Like pay by phone, or maybe just a universal chip we could have all the data on that would be usable anywhere in the WORLD! think how great that would be since so many people are all traveling all over the world all the time. And it could have all your biometric data as well! maybe even be hooked up to dispense life saving drugs directly into your system so you wouldn’t ever have to even think about that too. Gosh there are so many wonderful advances on the horizon. perhaps even AI fantasy leagues!!! wow, I am lucky to live in an era of such amazing advances. — L

    2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Oh Sully, my shame is great. I have answered your question on many occasions. I will only repeat the short answer here. Just knowing that you live in a neighborhood that is run by a gang and that the police and judges are all in on it is HUGE! That is the equivalent of what we all must endure. Your actions are very different in such a situation, no? As to a specific answer. I have considered offering a way to call me on a paid basis to get advice about specific issues. Most people don’t really need a lawyer. They need someone who can tell them how the law works in a situation. Tell them if a lawyer can even help. Tell them what a lawyer could even do. Tell them if it is even worth fighting whatever fight they are contemplating. Tell them what they can expect as an outcome if they do fight it or start it. Just tell them the realities of the on the ground situation they are either in or about to get into. That service would be extremely valuable to people. I could save people a lot of time and trouble. I could tell them what kind of lawyer they needed, and what to ask the lawyer and on and on. I would not accept cases, that way no conflict of interest possible. I could just tell you how it is. Most of the time I can do that in about half an hour.

      So you ask what can you do? well, until I get off my ass and decide to do that, not a lot beyond what I said. Just KNOWING is huge. Think how much time you save not going down dead ends imagining that the “system” is going to do something it isn’t even designed to do? That is big. you can spend that time on your fantasy team! lol Anyway, that’s my two for the day. — L

  4. MMe M

    Most don’t want to know the truth, but thanks for your wicked bad styling’s. The truth is something most would rather ignore altogether, or forget in between Doritos, coke, beer, numbing agent of choice and whatever sport is on.

  5. Ft. Nolan

    “Kingsfield, you are a son of a b**ch!”
    “That’s the most intelligent thing you have said all day…”

    What do they teach at the Kennedy School of Government? (excuse me, it’s “gummint”) This 14th Amendment high colonic has got to be front and center for instructing future gummint “leaders” how things are done in the District of Criminals.

    Here’s a thesis: The Earth is a plantation. Does this explain things any better???

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      High colonic. lol. Good one Ft. Nolan. And yes, I believe the concept of a giant plantation with the owners all fighting amongst themselves to grow their own plantation by using the slaves they each control is a good analogy. Of course, on a real plantation the people understand they are slaves and don’t fight for their owners. That is the sad difference. People run around acting like our plantation is the good one and we need to kill the people on any plantation who doesn’t agree with our masters. What a sad joke on everyone. glad to see you back. take care. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks Paul Andrew for the citation. I know people will rarely go and actually do research, and that is okay. But I am always in favor of giving them more. take care. — L

      1. Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

        You’re very welcome: I really enjoyed how you hit the low points,
        with proper emphasis. The reality of the Thirteenth Amendment
        banning slavery and involuntary servitude proves that the
        Southern States were counted to ratify that historic Amendment.
        Then, to turn around and subject them to a second military
        invasion, until and unless they changed their “No” votes to “Yes”,
        was extortion in the extreme. Of course, Northern States got wind
        of this abomination, and change their “Yes” votes to “No.
        Even counting only “Yes” votes, the Secretary of State only
        enumerated 27, when 28 were needed. See Dyett v. Turner:
        “Nebraska had been admitted to the Union, and so the
        Secretary of State in transmitting the proposed amendment
        announced that ratification by 28 states would be needed before
        the amendment would become part of the Constitution, since there
        were at the time 37 states in the Union. A rejection by 10 states
        would thus defeat the proposal.”

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Of course you are dead right Paul Andrew. These are just some of the facts I had to leave out for space reasons. The laugher that is the “ratification of the 14th amendment” has many more twists and turns to it. The men who foisted this whole thing on to the people are of course criminals. And the “justices” of the court ever since, who have IGNORED this outrage are just as culpable. Alas, zero will happen. The incredible fraud that went on must be covered up at all costs. That is why the state and the media have to play the nonstop race card about the civil war in order to draw attention away from the facts. If you challenge the “standard state version” you are a racist and in favor of slavery. Such is the sad state of the drones in this country. Glad you’re here, I hope you share the article with your friends. And I hope to see you back again. take care– L

          1. Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

            Even a cursory reading of the so-called 14th “amendment” will reveal the existence of two (2) classes of citizenship e.g.:

            “citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside”;
            “the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”.

            Why is there no mention of the “privileges or immunities of citizens of the State”?

            There was no need for a second “privileges and immunities” Clause if free blacks were allowed to become States Citizens: the organic U.S. Constitution already had a Privileges and Immunities Clause for State Citizens, at 4:2:1, and that Law existed prior to the Bill of Rights:

            And, now for the BIG ONE: we’ve now de-coded the meaning of “U.S. Individual” on IRS Form 1040 to mean ONLY federal citizens and resident aliens.

            This de-coding can be done by joining IRC sections 7701(a)(1) and 7701(a)(30), where federal citizens and resident aliens are the only living, breathing human variant of “United States person” as defined there. All other variants are artificial, juristic entities, like corporations.

            Before the Internet became widely popular, we spent many hours in dusty law books looking for court decisions which had actually admitted the existence of two (2) classes of citizenship. We’ve assembled some of the more dramatic court decisions here:
   (search for “two”)

            Another easy way to prove fraud in Section 1 is to realize that “United States” has at least three (3) different legal meanings: failing to define that term when it occurs in “citizen of the United States” rendered that original proposal void for vagueness:

            Nevertheless, the correct meaning can be inferred from the distinction made between the “United States” (Federal Government) and each “State” (of the Union) and “its jurisdiction” i.e. each State’s jurisdiction.

            Clearly, the phrase “jurisdiction thereof” is further proof of vagueness, which is exposed dramatically by the implementing Regulation at 26 CFR 1.1-1(c): “Who is a citizen. Every person born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction is a citizen.”

            DID YOU CATCH THE REFERENCE TO “its jurisdiction”? The pronoun “its” there can only refer to the “United States” (read Federal Government)!

            Thus, that Regulation settles any remaining debate about the real meaning of “jurisdiction thereof” — that phrase is equivalent to “its jurisdiction” i.e. the municipal jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

            This is pretty serious stuff, because IRS Form 1040 should not and can not be signed “under the penalties of perjury” by anyone who is NOT either a federal citizen or resident alien. See IRC section 6065: Federal Courts have consistently ruled that the perjury jurat on IRS Form 1040 can NOT be altered, and altering that perjury jurat renders a 1040 null and void.

            Also, that perjury jurat conforms to verifications made INSIDE the “United States” and OUTSIDE the 50 States of the Union:

            The “rest of the story” about “its jurisdiction” is explained in great detail in “The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue”:

            Hope this helps: THANKS AGAIN for a valuable history lesson!

            /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Private Attorney General

          2. consen-to-be-governed

            Paul illustrates a slam dunk in the IRC. See Below.

            “Clearly, the phrase “jurisdiction thereof” is further proof of vagueness, which is exposed dramatically by the implementing Regulation at 26 CFR 1.1-1(c): “Who is a citizen. Every person born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction is a citizen.””

            Who has the authority to impose an income tax?
            Amendment XVI
            “The Congress” [Senate] shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

            Congress did not identify the subject of the income tax in 26 USC. As you will notice the definition of “citizen” is not present. The Secretary created a regulation to overcome the short coming as noted above.

            The 16th amendment does not grant the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes to the Secretary. Only Congress has this power.

          3. consent-to-be-governed

            The document below is the most concise primer available on the Internet with regards to the IRC and how it operates.

            How does a 30% pay raise sound and eliminating the need to stress out every year around April 15th?


        2. anonymous

          What about the original 13th amendment? You know…. this one

          “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain, any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

          1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Yes anonymous, I like that one too. Such a shame it was “never ratified”. And then that whole war of 1812 where they marched in and the ‘records” were lost or burned. Darn I hate it when that happens. And then it just accidentally appears in the West Point books for 50 years and many other official publications and then it is “removed” after the civil war and the first amendment to ever have a ‘number” is then passed “freeing the slaves”. You mean that one? lol

            As long as people pine for some magical time in our country’s history where we “were free” and we “need to get back to” etc. there is no chance. Because all of those stories are just that, stories. They never were. And as long as people pine for something called a “country” which is nothing but a way to control them, well… they will be controlled. And that is just the way it is. Good luck waking people to either of those hard truths. glad you’re here. We have to stick together to stay sane. — L

      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        LOL, yes Petes Farm, I do, and I’m quite sure he does too. It is an important topic. That’s why I wanted to write about it. People need to know this. They need to see how truly straightforward and blatant it is. It isn’t a close call. The amendment was never actually ratified. And yes, it is the foundation for an amazing amount of power grabbing. I hope you share repost it and reshare it, lol. Glad you’re here. — L

      2. Harley Davidson Borgais

        And when you combine the US Supreme Court cases I put on, with the purpose of govt. (Preamble US Const., Art.2,Sec.2, Az) and three elements to a crime…
        We are all sovereign, we are not subject to any laws/statutes/etc. without either our proper consent (voluntary, intentional, not coerced or forced, in writing, with full disclosure, equal consideration, at least two actual signatures, etc.), OR, an actual ‘injury or harm’ (Not hypothetical, but witnessed endangerment, threat, loss, damage, etc.).
        Without either, NO LAW has any legitimacy upon us… WHEN we reserve our rights (Orally and in writing when signing anything), so as to prevent any tacit/inferred/implied consent (The ‘loophole’ used to trick us all).

  6. jerry bolduc

    Great article! Thankyou very much. I used to be one of the ones who thought the Constitution was heaven sent; for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why the so-called “supreme” court would never declare the income tax un-constitutional! Now the reasons are coming into focus. Google Tommy Cryer … he and Lowell “Larry” Becraft, Jr beat the IRS in court … Tommy has since died.

    Have you ever seen this one? or Becraft has decided that the original 13th was never ratified because of the increase in the number of states joining the union during the ratification process which would increase the number of states needed to amend. My position is that if this was to be an issue, then the proposed amendment should have been sent back to congress to be certain that they still had the needed votes to proceed.

    In my opinion, failing to do that, the only states necessary for the amendment to pass would be based on the number of states in the union at the time of the initial submission to the states. Definitely a gray area!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jerry and glad you enjoyed it. I hope you share it. I’m also glad that you’re a recovering constitutionalist! lol That is one hell of a painful disease. Does a lot of damage. Plus it frees up some back pocket space where the constitution used to be kept. And yes I am quite familiar with the Cryer situation. I read his brief many years ago. You have to remember though that it was a criminal matter by then. And so some differences compared to a civil situation. But you are of course 100% right. The income tax is a complicated issue. It is VERY difficult to explain to people in bite sized chunks. Most people just switch off. My articles already run WAY too long for the average person to stick around. But the reality is that you just can’t say what needs to be said in a short “700” word article. What a shock that that is what is what the power structure has put in place. lol. As to the original 13th amendment issue. I have researched that as well. It is laughable the way they try and explain it away. It was ratified. Such a shame that the “necessary” documents “just happened” to burn up in the war of 1812! lol. Does anyone have any f’ing IDEA why that war was even fought? I doubt it. But I personally think that the trail leads RIGHT to those documents and the issues surrounding that amendment. Just an opinion. But the facts about the original 13th amendment are undeniable. It appeared in the West Point Academy teaching materials for almost 50 years for goodness sake! lol. A mistake? lol I don’t think so. It “disappeared” with the ratification of the current 13th amendment after a bloody war. I’m sure that’s just more coincidence, since apparently if you think that everything is not just coincidence, you’re a kook. Anyway, glad you’re here, hope you return. Don’t forget to hit “like” lol. take care my fellow inmate. — L

      1. consen-to-be-governed

        The IRC tax code can be easily understood if the captives begin reading in the proper location. Most begin in section 61 (a). The proper starting point is section 83 [26 USC 83].
        Labor = property
        All property is cost
        Profit and cost do not share a penny.
        Section 83 identifies how to calculate the transfer of property [labor]. The excess “if any” is profit, income, gain. Don’t forget to factor in section 212 costs.
        Now proceed to section 61(a) if a gain exists proceed to the Tax tables in Title 1.

        As noted earlier there is still a major deficiency as to who is subject to the Title 1 tax as “citizen” is not defined in 26 USC [statute] only in CFR 1.1-1 [regulation].

        For those that complete a 1040 and are unaware of section 83/212 they are waiving a BIG deduction from the wages they earn.

    2. Harley Davidson Borgais

      I think this site proves it about as well as possible, and I went to ASU law library via West Law to find a couple letters from the President which exactly matched the ratifications listed here…
      Clearly to me, it WAS ratified on Dec. of 1812, and published by every state, military, and others, until around 1866 and the Reconstruction acts (Which I guess incorporated the states, and used military force to make them agree to the 14th Amend.).
      On this site are many, many images of these ratifications and published laws, including the 1865 amendment shows as number 14.

  7. consent-to-be-governed

    The article is focused on one element of the Constitution… How can the House and Senate ratify an amendment without proper votes and majority present. Simple. Congress exercises proprietary power over the land and other property in which they own. The deception begins in Article X of the AOC, which creates the means to create a second Union.
    The land administered by the United States is owned by the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation. This can easily be verified in the California Constitution. Article III, Section 1.
    The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    CA, DE, PA, NJ, NY &C are political subdivisions of the United States. This is the land located in the several States [islands] that are administered by the United States and owned by the United States of America. The United States [56 states] are federal territory, and enclaves. Think islands of land [very small]

    The Cult of Constitution is the belief that your rights and freedoms emanate from that document. They don’t… You are not a party to that compact or document! Americans did not take an oath or subscribe that document. No President since Washington has taken the proper oath [Article 6] or subscribed the document. The Constitution of 9/17/1787 is an orphan.

  8. consent-to-be-governed

    Printed on every FRN is the motto “In God we Trust”. This should be adequate warning not to place your trust or confidence in Man or any government created by Man.

    If you open the Holy Bible to the middle of the book you will end up in Psalms 118:8. The word of God [Lord] is clear! “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

    July 13th was the 228 Anniversary [Birthday] of the Northwest Ordinance. The third Organic Law, the Northwest Ordinance, created a temporary government consisting of the United States of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and parts of Minnesota. On September 17, 1787 the NW Ordinance was made permanent when the Constitution of September 17, 1787 was drafted
    and ratified.
    Article I and Article IV of the fourth and last Organic Law, the Constitution of September 17, 1787, provided the revisions to the Northwest Ordinance and the Articles Confederation [perpetual Union] necessary to create a Union of States [more perfect Union], territories, possessions, districts and federal enclaves subject to the exclusive martial law power of the United States of America.

    The Constitution of September 17, 1787 did not contain a Bill of Rights on day one. On December 15, 1791 Congress proposed 12 amendments to the States. Only 10 (ten) were added. As you can see, everything that man does is flawed and needs to be corrected or amended.

    Why would “We the People” require a “Law of the Land” when the People were allegedly living under the 10 Commandments of God in the newly created Judea/Christian United States of America?

    The original Constitution of September 17, 1787 contained seven articles. There are two (2) citizens defined in the original seven articles enumerated in the Constitution of 9/17/1787.

    The first citizen is defined in Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2. Do the math and you arrive at an age of majority equal to 18, which is the age of majority on Federal territory with the United States. see 28 USC 1746 (2). This article deals with citizens that would be eligible to be representatives in “a Congress”.

    The second citizen is defined in Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3. Do the math and you arrive at an age of majority equal to 21, which is the common law age of majority on non-Federal territory without the United States. see 28 USC 1746 (1). This article deals with citizens of the several States that would be eligible to be Senators in “the Congress” [Senate].

    The 14th amendment citizen was created for the newly emancipated slave at the conclusion of the Civil War. There are no less than three (3) citizens enumerated in the Constitution of 9/17/1787. The AOC defines a free inhabitant and citizen in Article IV. What is the difference between a free inhabitant, inhabitant and citizen?

    While looking through 26 USC and others you may come across terms and definitions specific to aliens, citizens, residents and nationals. What is the difference between these classes/statuses in the Law?

    In order to participate in the United States there are qualifications to be eligible. Most forms that contain an OMB # are making reference to the 14th amendment citizen.

    Are you an emancipated slave?

    1. rog

      This is actually pretty easy. Government is the inferior body. That is, it is a creation of man. It exist on paper only. It is a fiction. At best, it is an agreement between certain men (usually not you and me) about how society is to function . That is, what’s the best way to get along. The ten commandments had that covered, so what’s the point in government? Advantage, that’s the point, same ole story. A bunch of lazy-ass slackers who can’t do life on their own set up a system of advantage to suck off the rest of us. What do we do with slackers? Why, we put them in detention-double secret detention to be exact.

      Government is the created and therefore can not be superior to the creator. If we could just get that through our thick heads things might hum along a little smoother.

      1. Harley Davidson Borgais

        Right, let me put here a link to the US Supreme Court cases that actually say what you say, so its actually binding case law on all our public servants, that we are not subject to law without voluntary and informed consent or an actual injured party…
        I have a more updated on on, and much more.

    1. Carey Nottingham

      *giggling* thank you for that short funny Brenton.

      …and Legalman, your course on the freedomlessness that our country is founded upon is by far my favorite out of all my past and future courses.

      A class I would enjoy paying for!

  9. Alan Donelson

    Legalman, I share your postings regularly with a friend who has not passed the bar exam in CA after four tries. With this one, I told her she should feel fortunate indeed. Either the Law is shrouded in Kafkaesque fog and mirrors or non-existent, a chimera [both senses], or a morphing sledge hammer….I did not tell her that. I just consoled here as to her current fate.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Allen you are right that it is somewhat of a blessing for your friend. The law really is a scam of enormous proportion. It never ceases to amaze me how many people genuinely believe it is about justice. The is a lot if disillusionment in the future for any young lawyer. — L

  10. Public Servant

    Legalman… America’s Most Trustworthy Lawyer… raises the curtain once again and reveals the truth about about the law.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thank you public servant my old friend. I am glad to be able to return the favor after your years of supporting the system with what is much more than your fair share of taxes. Lol. — L

  11. Ol' Pappy

    You’re a funny guy, Legalman…almost as funny as you are smart. If I thought there was any hope for humanity I would suppose your work is the most popular gossip at every law school in the country. But knowing how subservient and matrix addicted most young people are today I don’t hold much hope.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Hey Ol’Pappy good to hear from you! Glad you got a laugh or two. That is my goal. Might as well ride the bomb down like Slim Pickens! Lol. I would love for the law students to take a peek. But alas, like you I don’t have a lot of hope/expectation. Hope your travels are keeping you well my friend. — L

    2. Harley Davidson Borgais

      THAT, lack of hope, is why I do what I do…
      Became a homeless beggar on purpose, beat a bunch of cases (no injury/corpus delicti=no crime), and now for the key…
      Using what I have learned and share on, these letters use concepts of waiver of rights by not responding in time and estoppel to prevent their debate after that time, i.e. in court…
      So with these methods they settle, or you can get summary judgment…
      And they admit to all your claims almost every time by not responding PROPERLY in the time given…
      (Evidence, fact and law only, numbered point-by-point responses, signed and notarized under penalty of perjury, sent via method with proof of service, etc.).

      Now that I have beat a bunch of cases, I am collecting my research together (right now, part of why I am here now), and preparing these ‘Presumptive Letters’ to a bunch of judges, dozens of cops, some prosecutors, and then legislators…
      To make they pay me: $100/hr doc prep and research,
      300/hr for practice of law in court, (Natl avgs)
      1000/min for unlawful detentions (Trezevant v. Tampa, etc.)
      10000/right violated (Notes in 18usc241)….
      And to remove from office if they wont do right…
      Writ of Quo Warranto (3-20 days in court to prove lawful authority or leave office),
      Commercial lien procedure on bond (Suspension, removal if I win, etc.),
      and Notary Certificate of Dishonor process (To prove they dissolved/vitiated their contract).

      THIS is how I plan to PROVE you can make a FORTUNE by studying THESE things (On this FB page, and this page I am commenting on now, etc.), standing up for your rights, and establishing some justice, WITHOUT HAVING ANY MONEY, or a ‘lawyer’/’attorney’.

      I retained ‘advisory counsel’ and went ‘pro per’ to win these last cases, which he said I would not be able to get and he would not do it…10 min later: I did get it, and he did it.

      1. Andy

        The big lie, the big con comes in many forms. If people knew how deep this goes, they would be aghast. How about fabricating multiple centuries in the 1st millennium AD by the Machiavellian monasteries that arose after the “dark ages,” who took it upon themselves to rebuild history in their image.

        Only 300 years of stratigraphical evidence is in the ground for 1,000 years of supposed cultural history. What are we to believe – the contorted literary record or what’s beneath our feet? They don’t match up. What are the archaeologists to do with this information?

        In my blog:

        More here at Malaga Bay about this theory:


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