Can anyone tell me what “our national security” even means? I doubt it. The Jordanian pilot’s death isn’t a threat to us.

Here the Pentagon spokesman appears to explain what we know about what happened.

Here’s an archival photograph of the very first Pentagon spokesman.  His job is to tell us what we know about what happened whenever they decide what that is.

distraction in news man2-4-15 The latest “it thing” in the “terror” war flim-flam is the supposed filming of the supposed burning of the Jordanian pilot, while he was supposedly alive in a cage. It has of course had the expected and desired result of those orchestrating this entire sad charade. And by that, I don’t mean ISIS.

Let’s be clear up front. I don’t believe any of the story. Did you know that the intelligence services “knew” he had actually died weeks ago yet the whole charade was allowed to be played out in the public? But again, did they really even KNOW this or is this just released as part of the NON-linear disinformation game so that nobody can ever know what is real and what is not? We CAN’T know. Get it?

Okay, the whole thing about "Jordan" looks pretty legit. So typical Non-linear story, where some of it is true.

Okay, the whole thing about there being a  “Jordan” looks pretty legit. So typical Non-linear story, where some of it is true.

Might the story we have been told have some grain of truth? Of course. There probably is a country called Jordan and it probably does have pilots living there. lol

Look, whenever a single story captures “world wide” attention. That to me is a clear give away that it has been intentionally placed into the grand “Wurlitzer” that IS the media propaganda machine. And when that happens there is only ONE group that is powerful enough to make that happen.

Terror, at the top, is just a meme to control people. They manipulate and use people to both make them mad and make them scared on both sides. It is a way to whip people into a frenzy and make them demand more government control or demand some other far off “government” “pay” for some such “insult” etc. Nothing else. It “justifies” the police state. It makes people think they need government. It is a show and nothing more.

Does that mean that innocents don’t get killed? Of course not. That makes it that much worse of course. But INNOCENTS get KILLED ON BOTH SIDES. And trust me, the people on both sides running the thing really don’t care that much who has to be “sacrificed” in order to keep the game going. And they have no problem hiring very sad and twisted people to do the killings. That is the reality people cannot seem to face.

You can now play this same pilot taken hostage scenario if you get the bonus pack.  It's got pretty good graphics. Not as good as the NSA has for its game footage, but still, pretty realistic.

You can now play this same pilot taken hostage scenario if you get the bonus pack. It’s got pretty good graphics. Not as good as the NSA has for its game footage, but still, pretty realistic.

There is one reason for the sudden outrage about this pilot, the VIDEO. The drugged brainwashed masses in this country are so habituated to staring at screens and watching movies and playing video games that the ones orchestrating this whole thing are giving the people what they want and need.

A video surfaces and poof, the American people are outraged and ready to start killing thousands of people thousands of miles away based upon NOTHING but the WORD of a bunch of KNOWN LIARS who hold public office. It is amazing how gullible people are.

Where is the sanity? Where is the balance?

Remember our killing of 50 innocents by dropping a bomb on them? I just wrote about it. Where’s the outrage? Is it so much “nicer” to be blown up or slowly crushed to death? Is it better to slowly bleed out? Is it okay to have your arms crushed while you’re alive and die slowly under a pile of rubble? Well that’s what WE DID to 50 people, not one. But there’s no video.

Think about the drone wedding murders. Is it so much better to blow up a wedding party? Blow out peoples ear drums, and blow off their hands and kill them like that? That is okay for us to do, but how dare they kill some guy FROM SOME OTHER COUNTRY. It is a total disconnect to me.

How does someone killing someone from ANOTHER COUNTRY threaten OUR national security? It makes no sense. If some guy being killed SOMEWHERE by someone who “doesn’t like us” is the measure of whether we have “national security” then we can never be safe.

I see it now.  ISIS is coming for me.

I see it now. ISIS is coming for me.

And THAT of course is exactly what they want to imbed in your MIND my friend.

Think about it. EVEN IF everything they tell us is true, which is LAUGHABLE at best, all that even supposedly happened is that A pilot from JORDAN was killed in a country thousands of miles away. How does that “threaten our national security”?? it is absurd.

I want someone “IN CHARGE” to please get up and give me a quality working DEFINITION of “our national security” so I can understand how it applies and when we can “REACH” it. I think that is more than fair considering how much time effort and money is being spent to “achieve it” or defend it. Considering how many of my personal freedoms are being given up in search of it, and considering how many stinking INNOCENT people we are killing in the name of it. The least they can do is DEFINE IT.

What does that phrase EVEN MEAN? Are we about to be taken over? Is the “government going to fall”? What threat at ALL does this poor sad sack’s murder, if it even occurred, bear to my “national security”?  Why don’t we ALREADY have such a definition?  Well, I think we all know why.

Now this guy I might believe.

Now if this guy was going off about the dangers of ISIS I might actually listen.

We are in ZERO danger as a “nation”. It is ridiculous. Listen to the radio. Listen to water cooler talk. People are ready to go start bombing people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW thousands of miles away over this charade. It is sad really.

The people are so easily manipulated with video it is amazing. Remember the whole Ray Rice “outrage”? Absurd. The “victim” didn’t even want anything done, yet everyone else wanted to step in and punish him and thereby punish her as well. Why? because of a video.  But what about Ben Rothlesburger and his “raping” allegation? That goes no where. What about Ray Lewis being involved in a MURDER?? Now he is a commentator on the NFL.

No video, no outrage. A simple formula our rulers know all too well.

There is apparently no bottom to what people can be manipulated to believe and feel with the power of TV? If there is ANY ACTUAL threat to our “national security” it comes from THE TV. lol

People need to demand that we be given a true working definition of what “Our National Security” even is. They say it is constantly threatened. They need to explain what that means. Do your own test. ASK SOMEBODY TO TELL YOU WHAT IT MEANS. Nobody can tell you.  

I'm guy without a brain on the far left.

Here is a shot from my vacation last year where my buddies  and I went looking for the guys who benefited. When we got there, they were gone.  I was shocked. I’m  on the far left.

But think about it. When killing a single guy who isn’t even a U.S. citizen thousands of miles away can, “threaten our national security”, then our national security can NEVER be SECURED and therefore it is a meaningless statement the way it is being used. So there is NO point even trying to “achieve it” anymore. GET IT?

Qui Bono my friend, qui bono? Who benefits from such an absurd situation? Answer that simple question and then just follow the money and you will reach the end of the yellow brick road and find the wizard behind this charade. Lol

So don’t get too wrapped up in it.  And certainly don’t allow them to actually scare you. That is absurd.  Laugh at the whole ridiculous show if you can.  And if you can’t laugh at it, then watch this and get a laugh, lol.  It is all about the “terrierists”.  Ignore the insane subtitles.  Enjoy.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Take care, live in the light, don’t let them scare you, and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

One thought on “Can anyone tell me what “our national security” even means? I doubt it. The Jordanian pilot’s death isn’t a threat to us.

  1. Ft. Nolan

    Excellent evaluation. If you have a video, then your story gets reported and outrage ensues. If you do not have a video, then your story merely becomes hearsay and no outrage or action results.

    Furthermore, a single military pilot has the potential for bringing about a threat to national security, but thousands sneaking into this country through a porous southern border is not a threat to national security.

    Obviously, there are no videos of people sneaking into this country through our porous southern border. And if there were, no one would take offense as the infiltrators are merelly escaping from poverty and degradation for a better life — or so we are led to believe.


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