The concept of a country is nothing but an illusion to gain political control over you.


Look dude I know it is here. I saw it on the map.  Maybe the country is in this sewer pipe.

You’re POSITIVE America’s down here? Look dude I know it is here. I saw it on the map. Keep looking.

I often hear people talking about the “country” and our Nation”. They use the terms interchangeably. So what is the country? People? Traditions? Land mass? Culture? Language? What is it? Is it just an “amalgam” of all these things?

Is it tangible? If not then what is it we are singing about when we sing the “national anthem”? What about the flag? What does it represent?

You have probably never thought about it beyond just the most standard government/think ideas that were put in your head during government schooling, you know, freedom and the people and our “history” etc.? Just utter nonthink. Brainwashing really. Repetition without thought.

Okay kids who wants some more FREEDOM!

Okay kids who thinks our country is the BEST! And how do we know this?  That’s right kids..  ..because we were told.

Why does it matter?  Well for one, because the  concept is used constantly to take your freedom that’s why. You have to “sacrifice” for it in the form of taxes. You have to “compromise for it” when the “nation is divided” on an issue. Like abortion, or Obamacare. And we are asked to fight and die for it.

The QUO gets everyone thinking and talking in terms of “we”, meaning the people of “the country”. And under we and “the people” of the “country” all sorts of things are discussed. When “we” go to war, then “we” all “have to support the country”, etc. get it?

Our “leaders” are always telling us that the people have made it clear, they want X or Y. Or the People have made it clear, they don’t want X or Y.  Everything is about “us” and what “we” as a “country” need or should or want or don’t want to do.

Beyond the absurd fact that there is NEVER agreement on anything,  But I am not talking about that. That is a whole other topic related to authority for the government to act all. I am now just talking about what the country even IS. Can we even AGREE on that?!

We are calling our new enterprise the US of A.   I think its going to make us a lot of money.

We are calling our new enterprise “America”.  It’s a gold mine.

If we can’t even agree on what the country even is then what in the world is the basis for ANY of the discussions about what the country should do or the direction it should go or what sacrifice we should make, or under what principle someone can be made to go along with anything that is “for the country”?

It could be that what the “country really is” is not what you think, and then maybe “doing things for the country”, or sacrificing for the country is not something you or I want to do after all. I mean. How much are you willing to “sacrifice” for a serial killer? Probably not much.  How about your kids? Probably a lot.

This the line for the citizens who have already paid.  If you haven't paid, you have to go pay before you can have your freedom.

“Are you carrying any undeclared freedom?  Ok sir, I need to check your personage now for any independent rational thoughts you might be concealing on or about your aforementioned personage in order to undermine our great country. He’s clean, please step to your right and pay the man at the table.  Welcome to the U.S.”

So it makes a big difference what it is you are being asked to sacrifice for or to act on behalf of. So we need to know what a country, or at least what OUR “Country” even is, just to start THINKING about what that “country should do”.

Yet, you’ve never even thought about it. You have just accepted what YOU WERE TOLD as a child, and what the QUO feeds us all in movie and TV and books and through government mouthpieces. That is the way the system is set up. Make sure your foundational beliefs are muddled or wrong. Then the QUO builds on top of that, and they don’t have to worry about people asking the really tough questions. They just get people arguing about non-issues.

When pressed about “what the country is” people usually finally come around to mumbling something about one or more of the following.

PakistanThe People. But is it the people now alive, or to be born or the ones who lived in the past? And as they die or move or come in what is the effect on “the country”? How could this “country” ever “go in the wrong direction”? It is always just changing by definition.

face in buttThe Customs. Who’s customs? Which version? Who decides. Do we have to agree with them? Just official “holidays”. So can we add or subtract customs and still have the country?

The History. What history? Who picks it? Sum total? Again, how could it ever “be lost”? There is nothing to lose, it exists as it exists. Period. But it is always being recreated. This simply makes no sense as a definable thing to “support”.

desertThe land. So is it the geographic location? Can it grow or shrink? Some have shrunk and grown. The borders are in large part accident. Like a river’s course. How can this be a “country”?

The language. Who has to speak it? What percentage?

Finally many people settle on the idea of “generalized concept” of Freedom.   Well I hate to tell you, but that is not a country it is just an idea. Happiness exists, but it isn’t a country. Plus who’s definition of freedom? I disagree that I’m free. Do we still have a country? Can you choose not to be part of the freedom? Not to pay the tax? No. So what freedom is there?

So the concept of a “country” is a lot trickier than we were led to believe in “civics” class where we learned to be good worker bees for the QUO.

But let me ask you, if the US government lost a war and the “evil” Chinese “took over” our country, would our “country” still exist? NO, it would not. It would, by definition, be gone. Got it?

I doubt the QUO would even bother to thank us if the country went out of business.

Huh, so you’re right, it is gone.  Oh well, I heard they’re gonna put an Applebees in there.

But what would have actually changed? Almost nothing. All that would really change is that a different set of gangsters, called politicians, would have the “right” to collect the taxes and tell us what to do. That is it. Instead of sending your money to Washington, it would be sent to “new Washington”.

Our “country” is nothing but a construct that represents the political control of you and me. Nothing more. It is nothing but the power structure that controls a defined set of people and resources. That set can increase or decrease. Of course within the area that this power structure controls there are people and there is land and there are customs. But they are NOT the country.

People naturally want to live in groups. And that makes sense. Those tight knit groups are worth fighting to defend. They represent YOU and YOUR customs. And those are things people naturally defend.

They can take our money and they can our freedoms, but they can never take our ILLUSIONS!!

They can take our money and they can our freedoms, but they will NEVER….TAKE…OUR…. ILLUUUSIONS!!

The grand trick the QUO has pulled on people is getting them to identify with an entity that they get nothing back from, all the good things people think when they think about the “country” exist without the government. That is what is so funny to me. The “country”, in reality, isn’t anything but a source of control over the people. And yet the QUO has conned the people into CELEBRATING this control.

I hope you understand a bit more about this and see now that the concept of a “country” is not such a simple thing. And that the concept you have in your head, serves the QUO, not you. There is a lot to this topic.

If you’re interested in hearing Legalman discuss this topic more in depth, you can listen to him now.

Listen now.

Listen now.


Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

7 thoughts on “The concept of a country is nothing but an illusion to gain political control over you.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Crocodile, I am somewhat familiar with the Rutherford stuff. From what I can tell they care they mean well etc. what actual help they can provide I don’t know. There is always some stuff that works in the system. But ultimately are they going to create a change in the system? Lol no. That is silly. You cannot change the system by using the system. That is an illusion.

      I am doing my best to get a new article done. I have been spending some time in the last two weeks dabbling in twitter. The link is on my site. People who like my point of view and distractions in the news might enjoy it. Have a great weekend. — L

  1. Dexter Wilson

    How many of you know that 1/3rd of our Constitution came from the Bible and the other 2/3rd’s came from the Legal experts who were also theologians of the time such as Blackstone I cannot remember the name of the author who was as I just said and the Book which can be found on line with called “Two Treatises on Civil Government”. What has gone wrong is the people were to elect people who would hold to this God Breathed Constitution but we the people have paid little attention to our Constitution and more especially our fellow Christians who have head their heads in the clouds and not on being salt and light. All we had to do was be vigilant and vote our conscience. Christians, when we get to Heaven God will give us authority, how about getting a little practice now by voting in your primary, going to your Precinct Conventions and Caucuses and if the opportunity arises go to you County and State Conventions and or Caucuses and if you have the wherewithal, the National Conventions.

  2. usurykills

    I am really enjoying your web site. You have written down most of what I’ve been thinking — except you write it down clearly and with good humor. Your perspective is valuable to me.

    I’ve never had enough to “lose” if, say, the Commies took over tomorrow. Assuming they pretty much would have us do for them what we do for the present crooks, it would be the same old tired tyrannical tune.

    Still, I am plotting my exit from Merka — not that there is anywhere “free” to go. My best idea is Palau.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Usury I am glad you’re enjoying it. I do my best to make it clear. There are a lot of concepts to grasp and it takes time. Of course many people like you have already given it a lot of thought, so I try and appeal to people who know some but haven’t quite been able to express it or hammer it out, and to those who are open to hearing, but who live in a dreamland that the power structure created for them. I never know if I have struck the right balance, but you’re right. Nothing much would change if someone “took over”. We are already living under a tyranny. As much tyranny as they can impose. That is the reality. If they thought they could get away with more they would. So there is no danger from outside. I have always maintained we would be better off if “taken over”. Then the real threat, which is the government, would be obvious to people. As it is, the government appears benign to most people, and THAT is the real danger. — L


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