Why do the bad guys always seem to win?

Oh crap, you look like you must have been reading that damned Legalman again.  "Yeah, I can't seem to look away.  It's like rubber necking a bad accident.

Oh crap, you must have been reading that damned Legalman again. “Yeah, I can’t seem to look away. It’s like rubber necking a bad accident.  You know you shouldn’t  but you can’t stop.”

People tend to get down when they start seeing the system for what it is. When they start realizing they have built their beliefs around a load of bs they feel like their legs were kicked out from under them. But you have to get to the bottom of the lies to then build a better foundation, a foundation that can’t be taken from you. Something built on a reality you have examined instead of the dreams and lies you were taught. It isn’t a bad thing, it is a good thing.

Legalman are you awake down there?  Do you want some dinner?  No thanks MOM, I'm not hungry. I am working, I want to be alone.

Legalman are you awake down there? Do you want some dinner? No thanks MOM, I’m not hungry. I am working, I want to be alone.

Unless you stick with the examination to the end, you don’t come out the other side where it is sunny and nice. You either give up and continue to live in a dreamland, which is what the status Quo is counting on, or you get stuck in a dark place being upset, which they also consider a win. And I don’t want that for you or anyone else. I lived in that basement for many years. It is not necessary. 

The system we see is not what we are told. That much is clear.  The people who run things lie to everyone because they could not succeed without lying. All the other stuff they say about the people needing to be lead are just excuses to make themselves sound like they are something they are not. Like the rest of their lies. They lie because they couldn’t compete successfully if everyone used the same rules. That is all, nothing more.

I will be a lawyer and I will fight for JUSTICE.

I found this doodle I made in an old law school notebook. It had the caption, “I will do justice”.

Any objective observation makes it clear that the bulk of the material “Success” goes to those who lie to the people. And it also goes to that larger class of people who facilitate this activity unknowingly.

And how could it be otherwise. If I am playing poker at a loaded game, I will lose. That doesn’t mean the winners are superior players. They are just cheaters.

The real world runs just like organized crime. The same rules apply. The only difference is that you think that gangs and governments operate on different systems. They don’t.
The people playing the hidden game are vulnerable just like you and me.  They are acutely aware of this and it scares the crap out of them to think what would happen if the people found out what was going on.  Remember what Tony Montana so famously said about getting killed in the business, “This is a crazy business. That could happen to anyone of us. Even you.”

I found this old vacation pic of me having lunch at a buddy's place down in South America.

I found this old vacation pic of me having lunch at a buddy’s place down in South America.

This is why “vigilantes” cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, even when they have clearly gotten the “right” person. They need the masses looking only to the system for justice. A system from which they are exempt.

Many years ago early on in my legal practice I was involved in the personal injury business. It became clear to me within about 6 months to a year that the only way people made REAL money in the “P.I.” business was to cheat. They all ran cases. They paid for the cases. That is not allowed under the rules. But any and everyone who was making real money did it.

So I was faced with a choice we all face. Do I cheat? I ultimately determined that it didn’t make sense for me. Not because I think there is anything wrong with paying for cases. I don’t. I think the law is crap. But I didn’t feel like I was equipped to cheat successfully because I needed to have some way to be sure I got what I was paying for and to be sure I wasn’t blackmailed. I needed some “leg breakers”.

This guy worked for me for a while, but he ended up going back into banking so I lost him.

This guy worked for me for a while, but he ended up going back into investment banking so I lost him.

Police, courts, orders etc. are nothing more than socially approved “leg breakers”. They enforce the alleged rules. There has to be a way to ultimately MAKE someone do something. Those do the trick for average people.  But those things don’t work against the cheaters.

Let’s say you file a case against a cheater. The next thing you know a guy shows up at your office and tells you if you don’t drop the case they are going to kill your kid or your mom or your sister etc. That’s called checkmate. You lose. Get it. They don’t play IN the system.

When you compete against the cheaters you have to have your own backup, your own set of enforcers or “leg breakers”. And remember, the prominent and successful cheaters are the Status QUO themselves so they actually have access to what looks like the official system to use as leg breakers. Crooked judges and police. So you are at a serious disadvantage. You have to have connections. I don’t and didn’t have any of those things.

Finish him off!!  You can't hesitate.  Even if they're really cute.

Finish him off!! You can’t hesitate. Even if they’re really cute.

Could I have attempted to acquire some of them? Of course. But in order to REALLY compete you have to ultimately be willing to take enforcement matters into your own hands. Meaning you have to be willing and able to do the “wet work” yourself. That was the logical conclusion I reached.

Remember in “The Usual Suspects” when it turned out that Kevin Spacey was the criminal mastermind? And remember how he became powerful? He killed all of the people who came to extort him except for one and then he killed his own family in front of the one he let live so that everyone would know he had nothing to lose and that he was willing to do anything. That is the reality of the cheaters world. Kill or be killed.

I made the determination that making money wasn’t important enough to me to ever do that. I was therefore not equipped or prepared to actually play that game. Anyone could simply bluff me out at any time. So I chose not to play. Of course there is a price for that, a material price.

In retrospect it is clear to me now, that the laws about “not being able to pay for cases” are there precisely so that the cheaters will get ahead. Just like in every other area. The cheaters WANT the laws. They push for the laws. The laws keep honest people out of the REAL game. Then the only people they have to compete with are the other cheaters. But at the time, I was quite bitter about the situation. It seemed SO unfair. And of course it was and is.

Is this the president or is that the secretary of defense? they look alike to me.

Is this the president or the secretary of defense? they look so much alike to me.  Is that racist?

Since that time, more than 20 years ago now, I have slowly come to realize the entire world runs on this behind the scenes system. What the public sees is nothing but Kabuki theater for the masses. The leaders talk about fairness and justice and peace and yet they are more than willing, some believe happy, to kill and murder people on a vast scale in order to maintain or extend their power. What do you think WAR is? The people running it are involved in a form of organized crime.Nothing more.

Can you go into drug dealing and hope to do it honestly? Of course not. You will come up against a ruthless killer very quickly. The same holds true for the people running it all in governments and everywhere else. They just hide behind judges and police and armies most of the time pretending they are something they are not seeking treaties and laws and fairness. But they also have no problem “accidenting” people when necessary, outside the system. Are you willing to do ANY of that?

The king and the pawnSo don’t get down as you learn what the world really is.  Instead remember the reality of joining them. You don’t join because You don’t want to join. It is that simple. And the more you know, the better off you will be. If there is a gang operating in your neighborhood do you behave as though they don’t exist? No. Do you spend all your time being upset they are there? No. You learn what it takes to live there with them there and you behave accordingly. That is how you thrive.  We are here to thrive.  And you need to understand reality to thrive.

Personally, I'm a tea drinker.

Personally, I’m a tea drinker.

There are plenty of things we can do to minimize the impact of this situation by learning about the rules and knowing they are out there, but the RULES will not change. And that group of people who are willing to kill that kitten will NEVER go away. So better to face the facts than to stick your head in the sand and end up doing something stupid that gets you into trouble you could have avoided.

If there is nothing more to this life at the end of the day than that you live and die and it means nothing and goes nowhere etc., well, then those who have cheated and killed and abused had a lot more stuff than you or me when they died. So? Does ANY of that even matter if that is the case? I don’t think so.  So don’t waste time being upset at what they have gotten.

Talking about a “winner” when there is nobody to talk to about it, is meaningless. The tiny jiggle difference between some minor stuff you might have had for an inconsequential amount of time really is hardly anything to have missed out on. You won’t know it anyway.

The only reason that any of this ever matters is if there is something else beyond this life.  Something called JUSTICE.  Something that IS JUSTICE.  That is what sticks in people’s gut when they think about these damned cheaters who get away with it all! lol.  But if there is not anything more, then there is no JUSTICE.  And if that is the case then there really is NO reason not to do whatever you like. No check at all on people. The entire world is nothing but a free for all. And if you believe that then what are you waiting for, go join them and start abusing and cheating and “get yours”. Honestly, why not go do it if you believe that? It would be the logical thing to do.

Remember, "Don't drive Angry."   You can't get away from yourself.

Selfie with a friend on a road trip when I had a lot of time to think.

The reason you don’t do that is because you, like most people, have this feeling deep inside that certain things are right and certain things are wrong? And as long as that feeling is inside you, well, you aren’t free to go and abuse and cheat and kill without a consequence. REGARDLESS of whether you are “caught”.  What is the real purpose of it all is the million dollar question we all must answer for ourselves.  Most people don’t answer that question with a dollar figure.  If you do, then go join the QUO and best of luck to you.  I am staying here.

I no longer have any doubt that what we see as our “life” is not at all what it appears to be. Just like I discovered with the law. What I am most clearly does not “just end”. I had to go down a lot of dead ends and drive off a lot of figurative cliffs with my groundhog friend before I found an answer that withstood my scrutiny.  But it was worth it.

Before I was ready for the answer though, I had to come to grips with the fact that pretty much everything I believed was a pack of lies. The answer I found was so far outside of what I had “known” all my life that I never would have accepted it until I figured out that everything else I  “knew” was a load of s***. And that very knowledge allowed me to open my mind to another type of answer.  A much better answer.  I am convinced that people have to learn for themselves at the rate they are open to hearing.  But if you have a set of beliefs in your head, then there is no room for a contrary set.  You have to first accept that what you “know” may not be.

Let me just say that the lies that exist in the legal system are no worse than the fundamental lies and misunderstandings that exist in the religious and philosophical systems. And the mental thought boxes that standard religion and philosophy put people in to ask questions are no less limiting and inconsistent than the ones I discuss here about the law. Religion is just a method of controlling people. One that predates government. One that governments then grew out of. God is personal. Religion is control.

I heard them arguing earlier about whether God cared.

They’re both right aren’t they?

At some point I may discuss what I have found in this area as well, but there is no point now.  The first thing to do is to explain the errors in your current beliefs about the system.  That is step one to opening your mind to the other things you may be mistaken about. Everyone must find what works for themselves. My point is only that, if you are looking for satisfaction in this world based upon finding a way to “beat the cheaters” without playing their game you will just end up frustrated.  If you’re driving desire is to see them “pay”, you will be frustrated.  It isn’t going to happen.

You can’t beat them. You can play around them. If people wake up then we can try and impose some rules on them. But you can’t get rid of them and you can’t change them. The only defense against them for everyone is shining a light on them and their ways. Now I am not a “Christian” though I do believe that the Nazarene was quite a teacher, even if he has been sadly misunderstood. I have always liked what he said AFTER he said John 3:16 and for me, if there is any “answer” to how to “fix it” this is as close as you’re going to get.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. — the Nazarene, John 3:19

Now that is wisdom for anyone who looks.  For me, I am happy. I accept the system for what it is. It is doing what it does. I laugh at it. Crooked people do what they do. So what? You either choose to be a cheat or not. Your choice to be honest must BE its own reward.

The stoics had it right 2300 years ago.

The stoics had it right 2300 years ago.

Remember the old saying. Decide what you want and then be prepared to PAY for it. They have chosen, and they will pay whatever the price is, and there is ALWAYS a price. Just as you and I pay for what we do and think. And if you don’t think that is ultimately true, then you have no reason NOT to join them. So be my guest. I have shown you the way.

In the end they can’t think for you. And in the end the only thing that really matters are your thoughts. The thoughts you hold. Those are ultimately what your life even “is”, if it “IS” anything at all. The only thing you can even take with you, if you can take anything at all, is the nature of your character and the result of your own thoughts. Don’t sell those cheaply. And don’t waste your energy being upset with those who have made a set of choices that you have declined. Each set has its own rewards and each has its price. You are free to choose to switch at anytime.
hindu saying

So don’t get down. Enjoy yourself. Be glad you can see. Be glad you’re thoughts are in the light and that your actions follow. They are not winning. They are cheaters.
The king and the pawn my friend, the king and the pawn.
That’s all for now, be well my brainwashed Brethren, and don’t be down.


Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law






18 thoughts on “Why do the bad guys always seem to win?

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    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thank you apk games, if that is in fact your real name!? lol. For some strange reason, I suspect you’re just an algobot, could it be the “fire displayed” comment? lol. But since I can’t be sure that it isn’t just a case of ESL issues, and I like to give actual people the benefit of the doubt, I went ahead and posted it. If you return and respond like a human or you don’t return, well, then the fire of the truth will be known. lol take care– L

      1. Pyra

        Incredibly insightful, although everything you wrote has been understood by those who follow “the Nazarene” and by “follow” I mean those who love God, obey his commandments and worship in truth and spirit. Maybe I misspoke there; few really follow “the Nazarene” by the criteria he set forth. Whateva, God will not be mocked; each will receive what they have earned, including all those ‘cheaters’

        My take-away lesson is this: “Now that is wisdom for anyone who looks. For me, I am happy. I accept the system for what it is. It is doing what it does. I laugh at it. Crooked people do what they do. So what? You either choose to be a cheat or not. Your choice to be honest must BE its own reward.”

        WELL SAID!

  2. Crocodile

    “….They lie because they couldn’t compete successfully if everyone used the same rules. That is all, nothing more….”

    Very true !

    And many of the poor, and some really brainwashed, are ready to join them for little money and little privileges.

    Poor can NOT be free. Never !
    That’s why the Masters from ancient times on made sure the populace will never accumulate any wealth to be able to pay for own freedom. They always must beg the Master.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      It’s true Crocodile. They have set up many many control systems. So many that people can’t even see that ones today are simply built on others. The lies have been going on a very long time. From what I can tell. The masses simply cannot be woken. So I get where those in power are coming from. I just disagree. A dog cannot do certain things either, but that doesn’t justify abusing it. Neither does the fact that you can “get away with it”. And of course, we have NO IDEA what the masses WOULD be capable of if they weren’t brainwashed FROM BIRTH. I stick by my conclusion. They lie because they could not compete successfully if everyone used the same rules. Nothing more. They are cheaters. If the people could see that, the game would be over. But the people cannot see. — L

      1. Crocodile

        The “Insider” said some interesting things about this, LegalMan.
        If you are not familiar with it, just google :
        The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (2005)

        There you may find an answer to some of your questions.
        I think not all is true, but if it is……
        Enjoy 🙂

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I had seen/heard this info you sent me to on the insider Crocodile quite a while back. I find it interesting that you sent me this yet you didn’t enjoy Ingalese. The man’s “philosophy” is so very similar to Ingalese. Like everything else, nothing is “all true” etc. But I was surprised that you would like the insider but not Ingalese. Regardless, thanks for reminding me about this whole string. I think I will post it into my fascinating stuff. As usual, there is always some truth and some non-truth. Trying to figure it ALL out is a very big job. Just controlling my own mind is enough for me at this point. I can hardly do that. lol thanks again. — L

    2. Rod lm

      This is the first time in my life I’ve read “poor can NOT be free” but let’s go with that: This is why early voting laws restricted the vote to property [land] owners

  3. Mindblower

    The thing is that (y)our thoughts are not owned by you/us. There are no ‘good’ thoughts.
    There is only knowledge, based on duality.
    You always create the opposite. Beautiful and ugly, happy-unhappy, right and wrong, good and bad.
    They are both false. We don’t know what ‘good’ is. Everyone has his own concept and every concept is false.

    The thing is that what they/we are doing is destructive. The system will destroy itself and there is and will be casualties and misery. Everything we think is good will add momentum to it. We can’t and don’t have to do a thing.
    There won’t be any reward by not playing the game. But that’s just my opinion.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I would agree with you that the system is pretty much destroying itself. And I agree with you from other posts that the answer lies within ourselves. Hate and anger do not work for meaningful change. Sure they can carry the day for a while. But they lose out in the end.

      glad you’re here, hope you enjoy, and tell someone about the truth– L

    2. usurykills

      I used to believe there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or evil. Everything seemed to depend upon perspective. Good for one is bad for another…just power floating free, unencumbered by morality.

      However, if you take the perspective of a human being and consider the best things for the future of the human race in general, you realize that your own HUMANITY is the grounding rod for moral judgments.

      Now it is true that someday you will die. Beyond that, the sun will go nova. After that the Milky Way will crash into Andromeda. In the end, whenever that is, NOTHING MATTERS.

      However, we are not at the END. We are here and human.

      I ground myself in my humanity and say that things do matter right NOW. There IS right and wrong.

      The ends never justify the means and I will not give up trying to be “good.”

      1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

        I agree usury that you do the right thing for yourself. If that is not reward enough, then you will be sorely disappointed because it is often the only reward there is. The simple reality is that there is either something more or there is not. If there is, then I don’t see how anyone can get around the concept that justice is real. And if it is, then you best do as much as you can because you cannot avoid it over time. If there is nothing more than this, then none of it matters anyway. — L

    3. Pyra

      Untrue. Perhaps YOU do not know what ‘good’ is, but for those with moral compass and sound doctrine have known what good is since dirt was a new thing.

      So before you go on, maybe you ought to figure out the simple things before multiplying your words to divide your meaning. Just saying.


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