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More Fascinating stuff

Just more cool stuff worth watching and looking into if you like it.


Maybe one of my all time FAVORITE videos.  Animals know about natural law and fairness just like people do.  Our laws are not based on natural law.  They are statutory, and our laws are basically the opposite of natural law.  The reason things seem unfair to you, is that they are.  The animals know what fairness is too.  Enjoy.



Short fascinating story about a woman who appears to be able to communicate with a panther.  15 mins, well worth it.  Just watch the people and decide for yourself if they are telling the truth.  To me, they are.




It won’t be long before we are living in the world of “Cherry 2000” my friends.



Documentary about the real Lincoln.  Was our “great” president really so great? What were the real motives behind the war. Hopefully this will lead you to more investigation of this president.



More on Lincoln.  If you’re interest is piqued, I recommend you watch some more or read some more.  This is an interview with the most knowledgeable guy around on him. His books are great and I highly recommend them.


More DiLorenzo.  This guy is entertaining. 



Yuri Bezemenov Russian KGB discusses real propaganda.  Great interview with top KGB guy. The interview is old.  Mr. B. simply “disappeared” in the 90’s.  I love this guy.  See if you can tell where our country is in the process. I think we are quite a ways into “demoralized”.


More Yuri.  Gotta love him.


Story of Wilhem Reich, M.D.  Another great documentary about more persecution.  Most of the good videos on him are in German.  But there are plenty of books and sites devoted to it.  If you are interested, look around a bit.  This is short, only 30 minutes.




Distilled water is an interesting topic.  I drink it.  But that is just for me.  It is worth investigating.  There is a lot of limited hangout information on the web about it.  I came to the conclusion that the stuff about it being “harmful” made no sense and was part of a limited hangout.  But that’s just me.  Look into it.





Great documentary on FDA abuse.  Stanislov Burzynski, M.D. is continuously persecuted for a cancer treatment that works.  Why? for his patents.  Who persecutes him. The government. Well worth a watch.




Forbidden Archeology.  Based upon the book with the same name.  The book is big, 700 plus.  Well worth reading if you’re interested.  The important thing to remember is not that ALL of it is or is not true.  But if ANY of it is, well, then what we are being told just doesn’t add up.



Fascinating look at architectural “coincidences” all over the world.  This guy spent a long time putting this together.  It has all sorts of fascinating things in it.  So many connections to be made.



Electric Universe theory.  Fascinating alternative theory for the way the universe works etc.  Their website is wonderful as well.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.



Documentary about alternative Cancer theory.  Fascinating.  Of course the Dr. is once again being persecuted by the authorities.   Certainly worth a watch.


The Forbidden Cancer Cures. Well worth watching.  Fascinating introduction to the way the FDA and the AMA etc. operate and who they protect.  Each one of the covered “cures” of course has its own whole history of information and each is worth watching and reading about if you are interested.



8 thoughts on “More Fascinating stuff

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thank you Ade. I have many more I could add and may. I never get any feedback in this area, so I have just added a small amount to it. But I am glad you enjoy it. I know I did. lol — L

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Thanks Crocodile. I enjoy Icke’s stuff. I am not sure about the guy ultimately only because he gets so much play. But even if he is a disinfo agent, and I’m not saying he is, those guys still have to give about 90% real info and mix in the bs with that. So yes, I like his stuff. And I certainly think it is more than clear that the old world newtonian solid model just isn’t true. The exact nature of the construction is unclear and probably totally unknowable to us since we are INSIDE the system. It is basically impossible to ever get a clear answer of what the system is, while you’re inside it. We are just making best guesses, and I think his theories about it are not bad. I like a very old occultist named Richard Ingalese. Check out his book The History and Power of Mind, if Icke interests you. That book is amazing. — L

          1. Crocodile

            It’s interesting that you are suspicious of Ike too 🙂
            I just started to read the book of Ingalese and since the first chapter did not catch my interest and the second started the say way…. I will not continue.
            He talks about Deities as if they were real. No, that’s not for me 🙂

            But thank you for the link to the Thunderbolts !
            That stuff is fascinating.

          2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Well crocodile I am glad you enjoy thunderbolts. That stuff is fascinating and seems to simplify a lot of otherwise impossible stuff. As to the rest… Well to each his own of course. Take care. — L

          3. Elsie

            “Yeah, but Clarence Thomas is cool! Get Scalia out from behind the wheel. Do you want to give Obama antoehr Supreme Court nomination?”NO! I don’t want to give that Prez antoehr opening to screw up the constitution with. Aren’t there enough unemployed drives in DC who’ll jump at the chance to drive ANYONE around, for pay?Ulises from CA.

          4. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Honestly Elsie, I gave your comment the benefit of the doubt and assumed English was you second language as opposed to an algorithm bot response spam, so I posted it. But I have no idea what you are talking about. — L

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