And to think I trusted him.  How could he betray me?

More fascinating stuff 4

This guy is in Houston.  His story is amazing.  The abuse he has taken is classic.  Read my article about licensing and regulation and you will not be surprised by what you see in this film.  The government is not there to protect you.  YOU don’t even have the option to use whatever medicine you care to, EVEN if you’re dying.


I love Griffin. His books are great. His research is amazing.  He bucks the system.  Think about how many millions of people’s jobs depend on certain diseases ‘treatment”.  Then watch with open eyes, and once again see how the licensing and regulation “works”.


If you want more of him, here’s another vid worth watching. I know I know, if any of it were true, we’d all know it, lol.  And you can always buy his books.



Rupert Sheldrake has fascinating research. His books are fascinating as well.  His theories fit nicely with the concept of a holographic universe and the electric universe. Both concepts worth investigating. 


Ever hear of the water car?  Did you know it was invented.  Oh yeah, here’s the interview. Of course it never got off the ground.  Oh and the guy subsequently, “died”.  I hate it when that happens.  Oh, well all just accidents and coincidence.  I mean, we’d all “KNOW”otherwise, or we would ALL have to be in on it of course. Nothing to see here. Enjoy.



It is impossible to overstate how good this series is.  It is called “the century of the self”. It is an Adam Curtis video. Absolutely will open your mind and you will never see the media the same again.  Aired on BBC it is well worth watching the entire thing.  Fascinating. The problem is Youtube has started deleting it all the time in the past few years.  So any link I provide ends up going bad.  So go look it up. It is 3 hours in 1 hour parts.  Watch it.


Here is another BBC / Adam Curtis video series that is a MUST see.  It is called The Power of Nightmares.  It exposes the way the state has developed its system to control you with fear.  WATCH it all of it.  4 hours. I have the same problem finding good links that don’t get taken down. So here’s the best I can do.  They don’t seem to pull the introduction. 


Watch this and learn how plants can think.  It is fascinating.  Again, why have you never heard of this?


Water holds emotions and information.  It is another fascinating topic.  Check it out.


This is a fantastic history of psychiatry.  You probably know nothing about it right now.  Learn something.  You will see the system in a whole new light and be much more wary of the pills and the “diagnosis’.





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