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Just more fascinating stuff to look into my friend.


Not sure this is really that great a table dance, but it is the ghost of Christmas future.  We will see this stuff change the world in 20 years.  Creepy.


Just another reason NOT to get in a street fight. lol.  You have no idea who you are fighting.  And this guy is not HITTING back. 



The judge knows what’s going on.  If you have any doubt why they pulled his show watch this.  There are people who understand. He is one.  He discusses the fact that they are ALL the same.




I am convinced that our history is nothing like what they tell us.  It is the same kind of law that the law is.  It is a controlled lie.  If you’ve investigated the Ancient Archeology stuff I have in this section you will see the same thing I suspect.  There is a tremendous amount of constant pressure to keep the old narrative going. It is necessary to maintain control.  It is the same kind of narrative they tell people about being free and the “constitution” being the “law” etc.  Have you ever heard of the Bosnian pyramids? Probably not.  Why well because the “experts” have “decided” it is a hoax.  lol.  Well do some investigating yourself and look at all the stuff they have “created” in order to produce this “hoax”.  It is always the same techniques used.  Ignore, ridicule and and then have a “panel of experts” who are just status quo whores “pronounce it a hoax’.  No evidence necessary.  Just say it.  Then, since they control all the main stream media, poof it vanishes.  Just like the immigration debate after “ferguson”.  They CONTROL what you hear and therefore what you THINK about.  Think for yourself and you will soon see that the world is not what you were told.  Enjoy.



Relax, if any of this type of thing was true Everybody would know.  GMO’s are safe, the FDA says so.  It is always the same story,  The FDA is a cover for big companies who lie to us about the drugs.  It is a synergistic system.  They work together to screw us. Big companies constantly try and silence people who want to tell the truth.  This is WHY “Everyone doesn’t know”.  It doesn’t make news.


Plastics are worth looking into.  I know everyone assumes we are fully protected.  Nothing to see here.  I’m not so convinced.  Information like this just never seems to make “big news”.   It breaks, then it dies.  Unlike what they want to stir, like Ferguson, or the CIA report or any other ginned up scandal they play over and over.  Real news is buried, distracted away from.  Always the same technique.  No reason to look into any of this.  We’d all know.  The “top guys” would be all over this.  And on and on.


Here’s part two.


It is essential to understand the way the government indoctrinates everyone with the mandatory education system they sell to people as “help”.  It is anything but.  You need to RE-educate yourself about what it really is and does.  This guy’s books are worth reading.  His video is worth watching.



This lady knows the truth as well about the education system. She of course found the same thing Gatto found when he looked into it. The same thing ANYONE will find when they look into it.   So look into it.


Have you ever heard of the USS Liberty? Do you know about the attack and the cover up that took place?  Classic false flag operation that went wrong.  The REASON you have not heard about it, is because it didn’t work.  There were witnesses left to testify.  Unlike all of the “shooters” who “kill themselves” all the time now.


If you’re still of the opinion that 911 was what you have been told, then you might want to do some research.  Just think of the gigantic police state that now exists BECAUSE of it.  Certainly, that is a motive.  Not saying yes or no, I’m saying, you haven’t really looked into it. Here’s a 5 minute primer.



This is far and away the most compelling and fascinating topics of 911.  Her book is fascinating. Her facts are undeniable.  I was shocked and blown away that I had not seen it before she said it.  Classic case of hiding in plain sight.   Truly amazing.



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