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Crunch all you want, we'll make more.

Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.

Even more cool stuff to check into.


Inflation, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. lol.  They are “on the case fighting for you” remember?  I loved this.  Look at these numbers.  14k is middle class?? That is poverty now.  Look at the individual exemption!  This is the face of inflation.  How many times do people have to be lied to before they catch on?  I guess the answer is that most people NEVER catch on.  I have showed you where inflation comes from.  It comes from THEM.  Yet they act like it is this “nebulous thing” that just “exists” and appears from capitalism itself.  As though rising prices are a NATURAL event.  They are NOT.  Wake up and enjoy the freedom.



Global weather is truly an important topic.  One of the MOST important.  Trying to sort fact from fiction is not easy.  But this is a great video.  Like everything you have to be on guard for who is telling you and why.  I don’t know their motivations, but the the stuff they post has a lot of information on it.  I love the site  as well.  If you like this video I gave you the link to their Liveleak channel. It has a lot on there as well.  I don’t know exactly where they are coming from or what their agenda is, but it is a source.  Regardless of any of that, EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS.  Here is a link to their site.


I love the Judge. Most people have never even heard of natural law, much less do they understand it.  I will at some point discuss it too.  Well worth listening is you’re interested in the law and a very important topic that you don’t understand for a reason.  If you want to learn about natural law then go to the Lysander Spooner organization and read his works. Pure genius.


This is a classic.  What double talk.  Watching these laughable lies from “history” is a good way to get a perspective on the SCALE OF LIES they always tell.  They are lying to you in this same magnitude every time they talk to you.  The only difference is in real time it is harder for people to see how absurd the stuff is.  Never forget.  It is all a just a game to them.  “Trust”  or “Change we can believe in” They are all the same. 



How can they do this stuff?  Amazing.


If you enjoyed that, here is another.



What do animals really think?  We can’t know for sure, but look at this.


A good reminder of the power of mass delusion.  The “master” who supposedly projects his “chi” and defeats opponents must have started believing his own bs.  Put a challenge out there and, bam, accepted.


For all of our friends who think that global warming is a hoax watch this.  The brilliance of the scheme is to put a joker fraud like Al Gore in front to lead the charge.  It assures that most rational people will reject it out of hand without looking into it.  The QUO is many things but stupid is not one of them.


An oldie but goodie.  Always helpful to remind yourself what REALLY goes on at trial when a witness testifies.


Another on the same lines.  You have to understand how useless most “testimony” is that puts people into cages for “violation of the law”.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye put out.  Or YOU end up on the wrong end of the system.



Geoengineering is an interesting topic.  Where I live they spray constantly.  I know it is kookery to even ask, since they say it isn’t happening.  But still, you might want to look into it. This is a good intro movie.  You can find a lot of great documentation at   enjoy.




Nice Geoengineering update from the ever present limited hangout, Info Wars.  This is probably part of the 80% that is the true part.



This is a great movie made by a very mainstream guy.  Professional, and eye opening for most anyone.  If you don’t understand the money system in this country, you might watch it. If you do, you will enjoy the fact that it is out there and you can pass it around.




If you enjoy Russo’s movie, you’ll love the interview.  He was a good guy, it appears. 



Cialdini has written some great books on “compliance technology” basically how to get people to do what you want.  This is an area that very few people are really familiar with and fewer still understand how truly powerful the techniques, which seem innocuous really are.  I have just put one vid up here by him. If you find the topic interesting, I urge you to look into it.



Remember when Mandela died and “all the world leaders” except Russia’s showed up for the service?  The fake sign language guy is still one of my all time favorite things.  His technique is flawless. lol.  Total crap.  The thing I find fascinating is that he could ever get there, right next to all the big wigs.  Hmm quite curious don’t you think.  The explanation, as usual, simply makes no sense.  They want us to believe that the Secret Service someone missed it?  I don’t buy it.  I have my own theory.  But you’d have to ask me, I’m not going to post on it.  Enjoy.






4 thoughts on “More Fascinating stuff 2

  1. Nick

    The accident on the highway with the injured dog helped by a other dog should be on every tv station 7/24 for the human race to pause for a moment and reflect for a second ……….if capable

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I completely agree Nick! That dog has more humanity than many of the people today. I love animals. In fact I can only wish I loved people as much as I do animals. Lol. Glad you’re here and thanks for the comment my fellow inmate. We compassionate few need to stick together. — L

      1. Nick Rasoi

        Dear L, – man Thank you for your kind words. How true We live in a world where majority of people ARE CONNVINIANCE and not CONNVICTION motivated When you at fine see the chains on your ankles the struggle of becoming a free man begin!!!!!!!!! One of Ben Franklin famous quotes : THE STEPS TO THE PALACE OF WISDOM IS PAVED WITH OUR FELIER! We have a lot to learn my compassionate friend God bless you !

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Thanks Nick. You know regardless of how much they cheat and oppress they can’t take your humanity. You have to give that to them. And I never will give them that satisfaction. Glad you’re here my fellow brainwashed brethren. We have to stick together. — L


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