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The stuff I put here is thought provoking, and entertaining.  I leave it to the viewers to make up their own mind on each topic.  If a topic is of interest, dig in to it. Open your mind.  There is no real order outside of the fact that if I see it I post it and then just keep adding.  Except I sometimes keep some stuff closer to the top.  For no reason but that I like them a lot. Enjoy the collection.

This guy does a good job of putting the “truth movement” into perspective.

He reflects my own feelings and why I do what I do.  This is why I don’t bother to “try and get the word out all over the place. The information is for those who care to hear it.  I am not here to convince people.  That is a pointless exercise.  People can only open their own minds.  I hope my information helps you to get your arms around the depth of the con.  Take care.

This is a great thing to watch over and over on what the STATE really is.  Provides some perspective.

The State is nothing but a means to exploit people under color of “law”. It always has been.  It doesn’t matter if you read Nock, or Oppenheimer, or Spooner, or Spencer or on and on.  It has been known for a long time.  Just watch this video and watch the borders change.  You can’t even watch one little area and keep track of it.  Every change represents some psycho path “leader’s” idea of glory for him and his buddies.  It also just represents murder, theft, rape and god knows how much other stuff EACH TIME.  Yet I know NOTHING about 99% of the “changes” on this video and it only covers a small area of the world.  Think about that. I’ve watched this at least 5 times and every time I am stunned when I think what it represents.

There is no difference between all of that pointless slaughter and theft than there is between what is going on now when our fearless liars talk about Syria or Libya or Iran or on and on.  Or when we took Hawaii or invaded the DR in the 60’s! it never ends. Always the same lies. Always just exploitation of the masses by the few.  All of it is just manipulation and exploitation of the people under the guise of protection or patriotism or some other nonsense.  The people are abused.  Enjoy the reality.


This is a very good analogy for what happens to people who seek the truth in a culture that is really nothing but lies built upon lies.  Very fundamental lies.  From what I can tell there is basically no bottom to the lies. 


If you are wondering why or how it can possibly be as totally F’d up as I show you on this site then watch this hilarious clip of your fellow inmates.  THIS IS AMERICA my friend.  Okay, I know it is probably a set up fake, but so?  Is it really not a reflection of reality? Her reasoning is air tight.  She showed amazing self control.  And hopefully her plight will be resolved by the proper authorities.  She should have called 911 after being disrespected like this!!! lol


Great final speech of Judge Napolitano on his show.  It was cancelled of course for “other reasons”.  Certainly not that he might have simply been too hot for the fair and balanced, or any other channel.


I think I posted this a long time ago, but in light of the “syrian” issue I think it warrants a repost at minimum.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  It shows how we will be swamped by refugees. That letting them in is NEVER the answer. it won’t do crap.  So why is it always pushed? why the PC climate, the transgender nonsense the ever growing never ending amalgamation of the people?  Simple just investigate the 80 plus year old Kalergi plan.  Then you will have your answer. It isn’t accident, it is plan.


Here is a starter for you.  As always, do your own research, and make up your own mind.  Decide what explains what you see. I think it is clear what is happening.  But then again, I am of course  a “kook”. lol.  There is a lot more info on Kalergi in foreign languages than there is in English, but his books are available.  You might read one before deciding. Of course it is racist to even suggest someone look into such a topic.  And so I never would.   But if someone were to they might just see a pattern, if they weren’t taking their meds.


This is s nice compilation of a lot of weird articles I had seen over the past year or two.  The guy does a nice job.  He even has several things I’d never seen.  It shows how truly screwed up the people are and the direction they are being pushed.   Remember, it is all accident and bungling and coincidence.



The facts are the facts.  Survival bias well described.  The entire world you live in is a concoction. A fake.  A controlled joke.  If you still imagine that people who want to control you will give you anything useful is just asinine.  Knowledge is power, those who want control need power.  So why would they give you knowledge?  They don’t. lol  Everything you are given as information from any authority is slanted, or outright lies.  The fantasy of our legal system is no different.  The lies run deep my friend.



I know I know, if any of this was true everyone would know. lol.  Well I suggest you pick up a copy of the book “Einstein, the incorrigible plagiarist” before you go off imagining that “everyone would know”. Since apparently everyone DID know. lol Anyway, to me, as a friend of mine said, “everything is under review”. lol  I don’t accept anything they tell me.  I have done a lot of looking into the areas of gravity and physics and their bogus theories they are tied to in order to maintain their status.  Everyone needs to make up their own mind after actually learning facts that aren’t just those they were told in government schools. Good luck.


If you want to understand how simple it is to fool the fools in the masses just watch this.  Look at the behavior! lol.  This is why the masses can be led around.  They are lost in the maze my friend. 



They want total control  Got it?  And guess what?  The people give it to them voluntarily now.  They actually attack anyone who tries to tell them the truth. It really is a sad state.  Remember, they NEVER do anything that is straightforward, but so much of it is in plain sight.  That is the best way to work.  Here are a couple of interesting videos on how to control people with electronics.  Look at the scope of these projects! and then realize you have never seen even a single story on them.  Instead it is non stop distractions and FAKE scandals. And the people just keep believing.  Utterly brainwashed.  Now just think what data collection combined with chemicals sprayed onto you and then frequencies beamed into your head might be able to accomplish. lol.  Yes. that is the reality.  What a sad state that people have allowed themselves to fall into. The first vid is interesting overview. The other is from a 2010 PUBLIC conference.  Imagine what they ACTUALLY HAVE AND KNOW NOW. That is what they let the public SEE! lol enjoy your captivity.



Everyone should understand that the entire world they live in is manipulated.  Period.  I discuss it in my “news” section.  Never forget that the editorial decision of WHAT to cover is the key.  People imagine the press is there to “dig out the dirt”.  I laugh my ass off at that absurdity.  It is not.  Of course the average reporter, hell probably 95% of them imagine that is their job.  Because they live in a dream world my friend.  Lied to from cradle to grave and they never catch on.  Here’s a good start. AND I emphasize START.


People don’t understand eyewitness testimony.  It is a shame.  It is basically just used to railroad people.  Anything that allows the state to convict the citizens will be maintained.  Period.  Regardless of how flawed.  There isn’t even a jury instruction on how virtually useless it is.  Think about that!  With the chance of it being wrong so high, the jury should be told about this fact every time it deliberates.  But not a peep.  And of course the controllers push non stop fantasy about police shows and crime shows and “courtroom drama” that are simply absurd.  But over time now the people imagine those shows reflect reality.  What a laugher.  Here’s one of the top people in the field.  I know TED talks are controlled opp.  Of course they are. But with all controlled opps and disinfo comes about 90 to 95% good info.  You should look into the topic.


And here I will give you one more to start you down your road.  Actually I kind of enjoyed his series.  There is a lot of truth in there.  The criminal justice system is a complete sham.  Absurd really.  Yet the drones watch movies and TV and demand more of it. lol 


Here’s a fascinating documentary on the Titanic.  I never cared one wit about the story until my buddy sent me this a while back.  Watched and POOF if all made sense. Same cast of characters that are always involved.  You will recognize them I’m sure if you know anything about the way things work.  Turns out the Titanic was switched with its sister ship for an insurance money scam after the sister ship was damaged.  Enjoy the truth.  Great movie.  What’s really funny is I saw a hilarious bit of a NatGeo disinformation documentary on Netflix designed to obliquely address this theory.  lol.  They know how to work the drones.  Watch it yourself.  You’ll see.  This is the truth. It is clear.




I LOVE Crothers. Here is just one of his videos.  If you like physics, then this guy is fantastic.  he makes the impossible math understandable.  He of course is not liked by the establishment.  They can’t address his actual questions so they try and drive him out and attack him. Always the same system.  Watch and learn.  You might just start to see the same pattern everywhere.


People grossly underestimate the skills, knowledge and ability of people from the past.  They were not ignorant rubes. They were incredibly knowledgeable and capable.  And we don’t have any idea what all they knew or could do. Just because we have air conditioning and Iphones people imagine we are the pinnacle of brilliance. lol.  Think about it.  No new animals domesticated!  think how tough THAT is to do.  Where are all the “new edible foods and plants”? Right, nowhere.  Think about navigation B4 “gps”.  I could go on an on.  Take a look at the SKILL involved here with “prayer nuts”.  Ever heard of them?  Amazing.  Look into them if you like, here’s a story to get you started and a couple of pics to give you an idea of perspective and quality.





Tavistock is a fascinating institution.  Coleman wrote a very interesting book on it.  Take a look at it.  For me, whenever something is this big and important and yet still basically TOTALLY UNKNOWN, well, that alone tells you what you need to know.  This vid has a lot of interesting stuff in it. I don’t vouch for it of course, but it is not a bad jumping off point for people who are just beginning to put some things together.  Remember, if any of it was true, “everybody would know”. lol  Enjoy.



For people who just don’t seem to get that the materialist view simply isn’t sufficient.  Check out the “iceman”.  I love this guy.  Here is an intro to the guy and what he can do.  He holds god knows how many world records.  The guy quite simply can control his own heart and temperature. And he proves it.  Why isn’t he a BIGGER story? hmm, always so hard to figure out. lol.  I encourage you to check into this guy. Research him.  He is showing people something VERY important.  Skip to about 2:50 on the FIRST video.  Enjoy



A fascinating bit about how connected everything is. I have no idea how people can think that this whole thing just happened by accident. The balance and genius of it is way too complex.  Think how far we are from nature now.  Almost no connection. The lifestyle we live is not sustainable. 


People really should open their eyes to other possibilities.  I like this video because it gives a lot of interesting stuff for people to LOOK INTO THEMSELVES.  Don’t buy into the idea that “only experts” can understand something. That is simply a ploy of the controllers designed to make sure you only accept what “their appointed” experts tell you.  Remember, there were no such things as “constitutional scholars” when our ‘holy” constitution was written.  So “who were they to write one”?  Do you see?  Enjoy. 



What is “settled science”?  Most people leave school and never think about the topic.  It is important  to keep this question always in mind. 



There are many fascinating things about water.  You might want to check out the videos about water that reacts to emotions and other thoughts.  I have some of them posted as well.  There is a lot of research on water and its unusual properties.  Most of it going on outside the US and therefore not “news” or accessible to Americans.  Enjoy.



 I love Royal Raymond Rife!  You have probably never heard of him.  He was fascinating.  Typical story in medicine.  He actually comes up with a way to help people, so he is sued and run out of business by the establishment and ruined.  They always use the same system.  This is a pretty damn good movie about him.  enjoy.  My god they delete stuff all the time. I just can’t keep up.  When you see a “deleted item’ that is a nice cue to go find out more! lol  They don’t want people to know about the fraud of the medical industry. I love RIFE!  but I can’t just go download and download.  I watched a vid on the guy a decade ago, now you have to buy it.  lol  So typical.  Just like the series “the century of self” and “the power of nightmares” etc.  They don’t let the stuff sit forever.  You have to do you own work  Good luck.

They deleted that one so here’s another to get you going. 


There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio.  I mean watch this and I defy you not to say WTF?? lol  Here’a story about it.




Central banks run it all.  Educate yourself. This is utterly fascinating.  Whether you know all about the scam or not, this will bring massive new info to you.  Trust me.  The detail and fascinating “coincidences” are all there, just like they always are.



This is a very interesting interview.  The man is the former head of Army Intelligence.  It starts slow, so just jump to about 30 minutes in.  Then if that interests you go back and get some background, or go nose around a bit about the General.   It isn’t about conspiracies, it is about the science of how to control minds.  And that is the power that is used. Just because you haven’t studied it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been studied.  That is an important rule to remember. 



It is essential to understand this issue. It is a fulcrum point for liberating the people.




 Look at the perspective of how much China is building.  wow. No wonder they have entire “ghost” cities that are empty.

China: The King Of Concrete

Here is a story about the Ghost cities.  Can you say Central bank scam? lol.  Look at these things.  They are amazing.  This is all part of the “GDP” of China and its “Miracle”. lol.  The fraud is the same all over.  Central banks are the heart. and the heart only beats because the governments are there to FORCE things on the people and then brainwash them with “mandatory education” and curriculum.  lol, I love this place! I will leave you with a pic from just ONE of their “ghost cities” the things are EMPTY and BRAND NEW!



Microwaves.  If you are still running around with a cell phone jammed against your head you might want to watch/listen to this.  Radio interview.  It might make you look into the issue.



Probably my all time favorite film on propaganda It is DEAD ON. I laughed out lout many times.  The truly rich thing is this is NORTH KOREA laughing at us.  And you know what?  They are entitled to laugh.  Not that their system is good, but the people here actually think they are free. That is what is so funny.





Geoengineering information.  It is denied of course.  But I see it all the time where I live.  Perhaps you can look into it.




Audio only link on Geoengineering.  If you aren’t familiar with the topic you might want to look into it.  This is THE best site to use that I have found.  You can never be sure something is not disinformation, but you have to start somewhere.    It is a topic worth investigating.





This man has some very basic questions about Sandy Hook.  He is very difficult to ignore.  But he is ignored.



If you enjoyed Wolfgang there, you might listen to this as well.




You might want to think about how you live.  This stinking stuff is everywhere.  At some point you have to stop and ask, is this really how we live now?  My god the amount of trash I see whenever I travel. We need some other choices my friend.



If you like sushi you might want to go ahead and have some.  It isn’t going to stop and there won’t be much left.  Dovetails with a lot on the geoengineering information.




GMO’s and Monsanto are quite an interesting topic. 



Good movie on GMO’s.  Once again, there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there.  Might want to look into it and ask cui bono if there is confusion?  This one was removed of course.  Just another example of not letting you know any side but theirs.




Bottle water.  You might want to look into it.  Good  and good for you!  lol, I drink distilled myself. Easy to distill with a simple distiller. Once you see the disgusting gunk in the bottom, you will stop drinking “filtered” or bottled.  And it helps everyone. No more plastic crap to float in every ocean, lake, creek, or stream.  It’s a small step





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      You’re welcome Crocodile. Didn’t even know you had seen my Twitter. But glad you did. I don’t know what to make about the whole nuke thing. I’ve been seeing a lot lately that really makes me wonder. I love Prouty. Thanks,


  1. sully

    You know Tavistock and Coleman and Rife…. I want to marry you.
    And now it’s “legal”! In my ‘state’ anyway.

    I’m sure we’d be much more compatible than my ex wife and I were.
    You are the open minded type- consider carefully…. lol

    We could always do common law and skip the paperwork! (Am I over-selling here…?)

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Lol yes Sully quite familiar with them. Frankly until people understand what tavistock is and the full scope of that organization it is impossible to put the pieces together. And of course I’m sure that they have studied this exact precondition at tavistock. Lol. I will take your proposal under advisement but I would need to understand the details of the dowry I could expect, along with the terms for the prenup of course. — L

  2. Robert Graf

    Interesting to see that you mention Gerald Pollack. Are you aware of Viktor Schauberg? Anyway, regarding Dr. Pollack, I came to a realization that I decided would benefit from a review by someone with some knowledge of water. I came to the conclusion that organic life creates calcium from water. I found Dr. Pollack’s email address and presented my evidence to him. He actually responded, and didn’t shred my case to pieces. He was quite receptive to it. I’ll forward the conversation to you if you wish. Send me an email if you’d like to see it. I don’t have it up on my website, yet. I have now come to the conclusion that the atomic model is wrong. I don’t think there is a nucleus, and I think that our math has been improperly normalized for the purposes of accounting. None of the numbers of nature fit in, and they are considered irrational, yet ‘transcendental’. The thing that amazes me the most ab0ut these discoveries is that it took me so long to see things this way. All of it is based on simple logic and cold, hard facts. Science is just another religion. I can’t prove that, but it can’t be disproven. It might be that everyting is just a rendering of consciousness itself. The most disturbing thing about that concept is that it is the only one I can conceive that accounts for everything, and I just can’t grasp it, even though I do not disbelieve it.

    Also, if you are going to the trouble of distilling your drinking water (I use a reverse osmosis/deionizing filter), you might want to consider structuring it. Only structured water enters the cells. Long story, but I think I am beginning to understand how the first single cell lifeforms came into existence. I’m going to run that one by Dr. Pollack. He actually asked me to keep him up to date. you might find the conversation interesting. I think the yin yang symbol is genesis. Yow. My head would have exploded if it wasn’t for all the holes in it.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Robert Graf, I too am interested in the water issue. I distill, only because I find it quite easy and I enjoy the taste. All of the interesting properties of water are quite fascinating. I like the idea of infusing it with the tones I have scene as well. The way it seems to react is quite interesting. Then there is the issue of alkalinity as well. But alas, there is only so much time in the day once you weed through the req’d bs busification they impose. lol — L


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