Update to Ebola, Nobody is dying how does this work?? 10-24-14



Jury Trial

Here’s a bit on your glorious right to a jury trial.   It appears the government might have won again!

Jury trial Update  I just saw this in the news. I for one am SHOCKED! 40 cases! Surely this will get straightened out on appeal.


Legalman is prepared.  Are you?

Legalman is prepared. Are you?

Update on EBOLA

The news on this entire Ebola thing just makes no sense.  I stick with my original statement.  When the senior security apparatus of the STATE and the leaders of the STATE start getting sick and dying, then I will start thinking there is something to be concerned about. Until then, I’m not buying it.
Ebola Update: I have done earlier posts than this last one so if you want to see them just search Ebola under the categories.

A lot of weird inconsistencies on this Ebola thing.  Looks like the nurses who “got ebola” are doing pretty well. Whew, that was a close call.

If you want to catch up on some previous episodes of this “ebola show” here’s an article that show’s the other nurse is also fine.

Cameraman who “got ebola” also fine. This is amazing!

Here’s is some more strange information. Make of it what you will.  I’m sure there is no connection.  That would be kookery to even ask.     And if you really want to dig into this topic, here’s a great book. Note the price. Hmm, I wonder why it is so expensive?  soo difficult to figure out. Darn.

EXsqueeze Me?

EXsqueeze Me?

Then there is this story with the cops putting their stuff in a TRASH CAN on the street?! lol  you can’t make this stuff up.

And what about this? go to paragraph 7 on the link. IF THIS is true, why is everyone soooo worried?  They have something that works.  Well whatever is happening, I know I can trust the government to be looking out for me.


Relax, he's a Inspector from the Ministry of Safety.

Relax, he’s a Inspector from the Ministry of Safety.

Licensing and Regulation update:

Despite how hard they try, the government never seems to get it right, yet there is never any actual punishment for those involved.  So strange.

Regulation update Here are few new stories that popped up.  Notice the pattern.  See how it fits.  HereHere.  and Here.   And finally this one. See if you can spot the system now.




Legalmand IS the law

Legalmand IS the law


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