They tell BIG lies about our supposed “founding documents”.

I got tired of waiting for my FOIA request to go through so I went to Maury and asked him if it was true when they said I had the freedom to choose.

I got tired of waiting for my FOIA request to go through so I went to Maury and asked him if it was true when they said I had the freedom to choose.

We are told that our country’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, support our right to self determination and the consent of the people to their government.  We are told that this is the hallmark of what distinguishes our country from so called tyranny.

So is what we are told true about our right to self determination and the consent of the people? Unfortunately, like most things they teach us, no, it is not true.

The Constitutional “scholars” who are presented to the people, discuss the two documents as though they are interchangeable, part of the same line of thought. That is just not true. The documents are not connected. They were written about 14 years apart for starters. Think about THAT. Some garbage Bill Clinton cobbled together back in the 90’s and then some crap B.O. tries to pass off when he is elected. That is the time lag.  But there are more fundamental problems.  So let’s look at the Declaration.

An acclaimed constitutional scholar demonstrates how the Declaration and the Constitution fit perfectly together.  Remember, they went to Harvard and wrote a book. What did you do?

An acclaimed constitutional scholar demonstrates how the Declaration and the Constitution fit perfectly together. Remember, they went to Harvard and wrote a book. What did you do?

The “Declaration of Independence” is a document that does precisely ONE THING. It makes the “political” case for why the then “colonies” were breaking away from English rule. It was drafted in a manner to try and guarantee the greatest likelihood of generating support for the colonists’ cause, from the enemies of England. That is what it did and why it was written as it was.

The romanticized nonsense they teach the people is just a fairy tale. But the people don’t know this because they remember one tiny bit of the document, and then the media and “experts” re-enforce the misconception over and over. So let’s just look at it.  This is the part of the document that everyone knows.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

It sounds high and noble and so people assume that the rest of the document continues along those same noble lines. But it doesn’t. The document, as constructed, is mostly just a long list of complaints. That language “everyone knows” that I just cited, is, in legal terms, called surplusage. It is Meaningless. It does nothing. You could just strip it out of the document entirely and not ONE MATERIAL THING WOULD CHANGE. Do you understand that?

It's not what you think.  She said it was a political statement about the irrelevance of being endowed by a creator.  I told her I din't think many people would get it.

It’s not what you think. She said it was a political statement about  a male dominated society and the hypocrisy of our founding documents claims of being endowed by a creator equally. Or at least I think that’s what she said. I told her I didn’t think many people would get it, then I asked if I could see what that kind of freedom felt like.

Remember how we all learned in our mandatory government schools about how dangerous it was to have signed the Declaration.  But think about it. If that pap about freedom and happiness was all it supposedly “stood for” then it wouldn’t have been any big deal to sign. That is my point. That language is meaningless fluff.  Here is the dangerous language. The activating language of the document stripped of the cover story:

We hold these truths to be self-evident… that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world…

Look at that language. That is why it was a dangerous document. It asserts a right for the people to choose their own government.

They teach the people about it in a way to leave the Impression that those ideals about freedom and happiness are incorporated into our government through that document. But that is NOT what the document even Claims to do. And any objective reading of the document shows it does not do that. And any objective observation of our government shows it clearly is not Operated along those lines.

The point I am making is simple.  The reality of the Declaration of Independence is that it is just a fancy sales brochure to the world of England’s enemies saying, come help us, we have a good story you can sell to your own people to justify giving us men and arms to fight. That way you can get what you want, which is to screw England, by using the cover story we have created. It is a win win.  That is the REALITY.

Most people are unaware that Jefferson pushed hard for a completely different format for the Declaration of Independence. He just didn't think the single color parchment had enough 'punch" to get the job done.  Here, from the archives is one of the few surviving mockups he proposed.

Most people are unaware that Jefferson pushed hard for a completely different format for the Declaration of Independence. He just didn’t think the single color parchment had enough ‘punch” to get the job done. Here, from the archives is one of the few surviving mockups he proposed.

And remember, it isn’t signed on behalf of the “United States”. It is signed on behalf of EACH individual State.  Each state considered itself to be the New “sovereign”. About a year later, they drafted the Articles of Confederation which formed the basis for the new government, but THAT government was nothing like our federal government. It was small and controlled by the states.

Now let me ask you. What is probably the only thing you “remember” about the articles of confederation from your government schooling? Most likely, it is that it didn’t work very well because the federal government “wasn’t strong enough” under it.  Well isn’t that a convenient thing to remember? What a laughable show.

Now you have seen what the Declaration of Independence actually is and what it stands for, so what about the Constitution ? As to the constitution in general, go read what I wrote about the supposed constitution’s creation.  Today I just want to examine whether it stands for the idea that the people have a right to self determination and to consent to their government.  Here is what the Supreme court has said about that: 

When, therefore, Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation… The act which consummated her admission into the Union was something more than a compact; it was the incorporation of a new member into the political body. And it was final. The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.

Everyone has the right to be what ever we want. Just like we have the right to choose our own government.

This guy was sure we were free to choose our own government.  When I asked him how he knew he said he learned it in school.  His gf didn’t say anything. 

The Supreme court cannot make it any clearer. You get no choice. “Your choice” was made by someone else a long time ago.  You can’t leave unless you win a war, or everyone ELSE agrees to give you what YOU want. Got it? Where is the right to choose and to consent? Nowhere. You don’t have it under the constitution. Period.

There is NO WAY to reconcile this position with what the Declaration of Independence says. No way. All attempts will fail. The two ideas make no sense together.

The case I cited, Texas v. White was a post civil war case about Bonds. The Civil war was about money, power, growing the federal government and MOST IMPORTANTLY ENDING your right set out in the Declaration of Independence to choose your government.  Period. Not slavery.

The distraction about the civil war being about slavery was as much of a manipulated cover story as the story that the Declaration of Independence and the constitution were about creating a government where everyone was treated equally when there was slavery in every state at the time and women couldn’t vote.  

The declaration of independence and the constitution are no more about “freedom for all”, than Obamacare is about improving access to medical care.  Until you Stop romanticizing our holy founding, you will never be able to see reality.

Try to be objective for a minute. Go down the LIST of inequalities that existed when the documents were signed.  Here is the language in the Constitution specifically allowing for slavery. Yet we are supposed to believe these writings represent the height of brilliance and freedom?

What we need is more police. At least that's what I heard on the TV from a guy in a suit.

What we need is more police. At least that’s what I heard on the TV from a guy in a suit.

No person held to service or labor in one state, under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due.

Slavery was enforced by government and perpetrated on the people by the same guys who were driving this supposed freedom bus. The same political class of people who now impose debt slavery on everyone through legal tender laws and fiat script, and income taxes and on and on. 

They have changed the game because they figured out that these are now a MORE EFFICIENT FORM of slavery than chattel slavery. But they were fine with chattel slavery as long as it was the best game in town.  Get it.  Don’t look at what they say, look at what they DO and did!  Please don’t tell me that you actually believe that the government is there to benefit YOU.  Surely you’re not that naïve?

And if you think that language was a fluke, then here is more from the opinion.

Considered therefore as transactions under the Constitution, the ordinance of secession, adopted by the convention and ratified by a majority of the citizens of Texas, and all the acts of her legislature intended to give effect to that ordinance, were absolutely null. They were utterly without operation in law. The obligations of the State, as a member of the Union, and of every citizen of the State, as a citizen of the United States, remained perfect and unimpaired. It certainly follows that the State did not cease to be a State, nor her citizens to be citizens of the Union. If this were otherwise, the State must have become foreign, and her citizens foreigners. The war must have ceased to be a war for the suppression of rebellion, and must have become a war for conquest and subjugation.

I use to play poker on "justice" night down at the court.  But I just stopped going.  Here's an example of a "judges straight".  What's the point when they just change the rules.

This hand is known as “the judges straight”.  I learned about it playing at a weekend bench and bar retreat.  The hand was made famous by the Justice who drafted the opinion in Texas v. White. I tried using it later and they said that I couldn’t.  I got the message.

Look how absurd this holy opinion is.  The people in Texas had voluntarily voted to exercise the right we are told we all have under the Declaration of Independence, and the court has made it clear that there is NO such right under the Constitution. 

You see, the problem for the court and the Union was simple. If the war was not a rebellion, then that fact creates an immense number of legal complications.  Wars for “conquest and subjugation” which is what it ACTUALLY was, have very different “rules” regarding debts and “reconstruction”.  And, if it was a conquest, then it would have been impossible to justify what congress was doing as though it was “under” our constitution.  Get it?  Hence the massive lie and cover up about the nature of the war.

For example, in the Texas v. White case, it would have meant that the defendants would be off the hook from paying 10 million in bonds. Which was REAL money back then.  So the court blessed this nonsensical “indissoluble” union legal argument promoted by Lincoln to cover the Union’s proverbial ass. It is laughable from a legal stand point.

The court also blessed this argument about how the secession had been a legal nullity and had never actually occurred. Think how absurd that is. A state votes, then they go to war based on it for years, and yet, now the S.Ct. says it never happened. Yet that is how preposterous the “analysis” has to be in order to create a “coherent” legal “theory” to support the war and call it a rebellion. Which they had to do!

There is no getting around the fact that the southern states were within their so called constitutional rights to keep slaves. That was in the holy constitution. And the Declaration of Independence said they had the right to leave ANY union. And those are supposedly OUR founding documents! So when the Southern states chose to leave there was no way to logically argue that they were not within their legal rights.  So the court was left with no choice but to eliminate that right and act as though it wasn’t changing anything.  And they have covered that fact up with double talk and schmexperts and “liberty movements” ever since.

Using the reasoning from Texas v. White, this young man also went on to prove that Humpty never fell, and that he was fine and living in Akron.

An aspiring Court clerk used the reasoning from Texas v. White, to also prove that Humpty never fell, and that if he had that he had in fact been put back together and he was fine and living in Akron.

There is no way to support the idea that the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution BOTH represent our founding principles because they stand for opposite concepts!.  Any possible connection between the two documents ended with the civil war.

You are not free to choose your own government.  You do not get to consent to your government. You are a prisoner. WE are all prisoners. The court’s language is unambiguous. Just read it again. And if you still don’t believe me, then try just Discussing the right to throw off the US Gov and see what happens.

Yet the myth about self determination and the consent of the people being the basis for our country’s greatness is continually pushed. It is everywhere. How many poor brainwashed people have died for it or been maimed for it since that war?

So do you see why it is hopeless to try and create political theories and movements based upon “our founding documents”?  Quoting from Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence is DEAD LETTER.  You don’t have those rights.  Any discussion of “liberty” and self determination and consent of the people that leaves out the S.Ct. case I just showed you is a FRAUD. 

All discussions always leave this case out because it cannot be rectified with the “we’re a free people” nonsense they are pushing!! 

This guy was hitting the back to the constitution movement hard when I met him.  He told me all about how it was going to make a real difference man.  I tried to show him the impact it was actually having on him, but It's hard to get through to people once they're hooked.

This guy was hitting the back to the constitution movement hard when I met him. He told me all about how it was going to make a real difference man. I tried to show him the impact it was actually having on him, but It’s hard to get through to people once they’re hooked.

Those patriot movements are allowed to “flourish” and are financed precisely because they can never succeed in creating meaningful change.  But make no mistake, those patriot movements are succeeding brilliantly at the one thing they are actually designed to do, unbeknownst to their members. Waste everyone’s time and energy steering them into a dead end.

The “back to the constitution” movements are analogous to public education.  Public education is NOT failing! It is succeeding beyond the wildest hopes and expectations of those who dreamed it up and steer it. You see a “failure” because you are using the wrong measure of success.  YOU misunderstand what things are ACTUALLY designed to do. 

Our country’s founding documents are a myth. They can never be read together, even if they did what they claim, which they don’t. So wake up. It is all just a game to control you. Nothing more. You do not have some constitutional right to self determination set out in the Declaration of Independence. And you never have.

Okay, I’m done for today. I know I left a LOT out. I had to. There are space limitations. I will write on the topic again. But for now, I hope you learned something.

Take care my brainwashed fellow inmates. Don’t be down, move towards the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

46 thoughts on “They tell BIG lies about our supposed “founding documents”.

  1. Charles Kerr

    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  2. Kram

    W hat a Ride! There is a “Le me sum it up” in 1st Corinthians 15: 20-28 21 Yet now Christ has been roused from among the dead, the Firstfruit of ‘those who are “reposing”. For since,
    in fact, through a man came death, through a Man,
    22 also, comes the resurrection of the dead. For even as, in
    ‘Adam, all are dying, thus also, in ‘Christ, shall all be
    23 ‘vivified. Yet each in his ‘own class: the Firsfruit, Christ;
    thereupon ‘those who are ‘Christ’s in His ‘presence;
    24 thereafter the consummation, whenever He may be giving
    up the kingdom to His ‘God and Father, whenever
    He should be nullifying all sovereignty and all authority
    25 and power. For He ‘must be reigning until He should
    26 be placing all His ‘enemies under His ‘feet. The last
    27 enemy is being abolished’: ‘death. For He subjects all
    under His ‘feet. Now whenever He may be saying that all
    is ‘subject’, it is evident that it is outside of Him ‘Who
    28 subjects ‘all to Him. Now, whenever ‘all may be ‘subjected
    to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be ‘subjected
    to Him ‘Who subjects ‘all to Him, that’God may
    be All in all.)

    In this picture there is no Heaven or Hell just the Creator All in All.(this is IMO “post Kingdom”…. other scriptures make sense prior to the big “All in All” like “the least of these will be the greatest and the greatest will be the least” I like to imagine the positive aspects of the inverse. Stay humble my friends. Thanks Legalman.

    1. Don

      Yea Kram “What a ride” Perhaps it all began ALA Gen 11:3-4 Let us [We the people?] make a city– let us [We the people?] make a name for ourselves. I have to wonder if maybe demo-crazy started way back then. Perhaps politico speak [confusing of the forked tongues] began then as well and all we have been doing since then is babeling. A 4000 year bloody awful ride!!!

  3. Don

    Is the Constitution a legal contract or a so called social contract what ever than means? If it is how can we or the Gov. be bound to it since no one alive today signed the contract?? What legally ties any of this together is it all just MIGHT AND FORCE by TPTB?? My understanding of a legal contract is that both parties must sign the document and there must be full disclosure. Don

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Don nothing at all binds us in fact. That is the reality. Nothing but brainwashing and force. This topic is fundamental. I have written on it many times. There can be no actual freedom without this most basic consent. The constitution no more binds me than anything other agreement that someone at some other time supposedly agreed to. Good for them. Lol. I didn’t agree. And of course this is the truly big secret they keep.

      The issue simply cannot be discussed honestly in public. Because those in power have no answer to your question. And without an actual answer they have no legitimate basis to wield power. And it really is that simple. What they do is utterly laughably blatantly lawless and without any consent of the people. Thus they spend countless hours brainwashing people about how free we are and how the whole system is BASED upon the consent of the people. When the opposite is the case.

      This is always the system the use. They lie. The masses accept the lie. And the game continues. There really is nothing more to it than that. Every single thing follows that pattern.

      They are habitual liars by necessity. That is why I always say that when you are trying to figure out what the truth is, or what actually happened, that you can always start by eliminating whatever they have said as the truth or what happened. That is the one thing you can know is NOT the truth. Why? BECAUSE they have said it is the truth and we KNOW they are always lying. Lol. In fact the best way to find the truth is to start by assuming that it is probably the OPPOSITE of what they say. Amazingly, that system is the most efficient system I have found to discover the truth. It is most often 180 degrees off from whatever they are telling us. Take care. –L

      1. Don

        Thanks for our comment. A year or so ago I ask that question of a fellow that was going around speaking at Patriot outings the only answer I got was that he had heard that question before and a bunch of convoluted nonsense. He was a well meaning guy but I feel sorry for him and his listeners. SIGH

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Yes Don there are many well meaning but brainwashed individuals in every “patriot” movement. It is impossible to tell the difference between outright charlatans and legitimately fooled individuals. There is a lot of money in selling “back to the constitution” bulls##t. Whip crowds up. Sell books. Speaking fees. Convince everyone to rally behind some mythical cause. But the movements are inherently empty intellectually by their very nature. They can be exposed by asking simple questions like the one you did. When did I consent? When did I consent to be ruled by someone else’s consent, i.e. A vote from 200 years ago? When did I consent to be bound by a simple majority vote? What about all the women? When did they consent? Minorities. People whose ancestors weren’t even here? It makes no sense at all it is all a con. A con run for the benefit of those who gain from the powers of government.

          If you want a good laugh, just try and tell some big patriot movement person that. Or a regular hopeless drone who actually thinks we still are free today. The re education necessary is overwhelming. Basically impossible. The concepts simply create too much cognitive dissonance for average people. The vast majority still actually think things like ISIS are real threats. They can’t even see something that obvious. They will be upset with YOU for suggesting such a thing. Lol. Such is life. –L

  4. Bill in IL

    Legalman, another fine job! Between you, Charlotte Iserbyt and Yuri Bezmenov, I now know the criminal syndicate I have been born into. Unfortunately, there is no hope of escape.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Muchos grassy ass Bill. I like all those people as well. I would love to know the real story behind what happened to old Yuri B. Just up and “vanished” as they say. Lol Take care — L

      1. Bill in IL

        Yes, I like to think he changed his name, appearance and disappeared again. However, I am afraid it is more likely the KGB got to him.

  5. jcdenton

    To begin with, what these United States of America actually are:

    “Adam Weishaupt, dismissed from the Jesuit college at Ingolstadt, attracted
    the fiercer elements of European Rosicrucian Freemasonry into
    a new secret cult in Bavaria. His “Illuminati,” whose cover was
    eventually blown in order to convince public opinion that evil
    secret societies were being diligently unmasked when in fact they
    were not – was another instance of “blown cover as cover.” Countless
    other members of the greatest clandestine intelligence agency
    the world has ever known, now secularized with the jeering
    approval of its enemies, crossed the Atlantic to help guide Americans
    through the pains of becoming the first nation expressly
    designed to be a Febronian, Bellarminian democratic republican
    Church-State. What an amazing production, all the more impressive
    for the complete invisibility of its means!
    — Chapter 18: The Stimulating Effects of Tea, “Rulers of Evil,” pg. 170 (1999)

    If this truth come to light is not enough, then guess who actually wrote the Declaration of Independence? And it was not Jefferson. Jefferson was more of a scribe, less an author. If fact, the actual author(s) are contained in the above quote ..

    So, what else? Ever heard of Charles Thomson? Most people don’t have a clue. Even the traditional lies are not taught about him in the average U.S. history course. Want a real education? Read Rulers of Evil. Then count yourself way ahead of the curve.

    Wish for some most current affirmation? This comes from Dr. Jim Willie himself:

    ” One week after inauguration, Barry was the beneficiary of a $1 billion Vatican bank account, as promised when he was selected, not elected. If the Kenyan squatter is not a victim of a renege or bail-in, he will be fortunate. He is by far the most expendable president in US history.”

    I mean, does one need any more support?

  6. @Kevin_P_Wright

    It’s amazing that so many people have been so subjugated for so many millennia by the same ilk of parasitic degenerates. Even more amazing is how the plebes, when informed of their own (in)voluntary servitude, violently reject any notion they are enslaved. Politicians, priests, and other pompous profiteers get off on confusing the masses with divide-and-conquer *semantics*. As you stated, no charter, including the US Constitution, grants ANY *rights* to anyone. Man’s rights are *unalienable* because they were granted to us all as natural birthrights. No other species on this planet pays rent and “protection” money just to survive. It’s every birds right to fly wherever it chooses, even if doing so endangers it’s own life.

  7. Carey Nottingham

    Well, Legalman, you sir have clearly hit a chord.

    You obviously must be on the right track *wink*

  8. Anonyeemus

    Say how about a post on how you determine who can post comments and who can’t? I’ll bet that anonymous comments, as well as others, aren’t welcome. Oh well, I’m off to find a place where I am welcome. Toot a loo.

  9. consent-of-the-governed

    Below is the brief narrative highlighting the solutions to the problem.
    Government can only pretend to operate with the consent of the governed. Remove the consent!
    North America is comprised of two Jurisdictions. The United States and the united States of America.
    There are two forms of Law operating on North America. The written Law and the unwritten Law.

    On Federal territory the written Law is the supreme Law of the Land. Federal Territory is
    administered by the United States, which is owned by the United States of America. On non-Federal
    land the unwritten Law is in effect. The unwritten law is Common Law [English].
    Only US citizens/residents/persons can accept benefits and privileges in the United States. Everything in the United States has qualifications to be eligible. To be a prospective juror one has to meet three qualifications minimum.
    1. Resident of the County. See USC Title 1 Section 2 definition of “County”. The definition of County was hijacked to mean federal territory, however it does not include the entire geographical boundaries of a county. It is only the land in this district, which is within the geographical boundaries of the county.
    2. US citizen. There are no less than three in the Constitution of 9/17/1787. Which one?
    3. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language. This is a trick question.
    Take the test below to see if you can pass the English language test. See Chapter 5 Title 28 “Historical and Revision Notes”.
    Sections 81–131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945. All references to dates were omitted as unnecessary.

    If you can read and understand the sentence above then you are not eligible to be a prospective juror. If you read it and don’t understand it you are disqualified from being a prospective juror.
    Of course the juror questionnaire is “signed” under pains and penalties of perjury. This leaves only one question… were you lying then or are you lying now?

    To remove your consent perform the following:
    1. Rescind all signatures. Notify the County Juror Administrator that you are no longer able to be a prospective juror as you do not meet the qualifications.
    2. Terminate voter registration. Only US citizens can register to vote.
    3. Surrender the Drivers license. Most people do not drive they travel. Not for hire.
    4. Surrender the SSA account/card. Collapse the trust.
    5. Surrender carry permit. Nofity the Sheriff that you do not have any firearms. See definition in USC.
    6. Terminate voluntary withholding on wages. [W-4]
    7. Stop voting or participating in the scharade called politics.
    8. Do not file a voluntary 1040 information return next year.
    9. Cease paying property taxes.
    10. Stop using blank endorsements on negotiable instruments. A blank endorsement endorses the FED private credit.
    11. Educate friends, family and others that they are slaves in a matrix of debt.
    12. Learn the Law and the words that are used to deceive the masses.

    You now what they say… Talk is cheap! If you want out of the matrix follow the steps above. I think they call that the “red pill”. If you like the matrix, take the “blue pill” and turn on dancing with the stars and go back to sleep.

  10. Tim Bowens

    Wait, so the entire basis of your argument relies on a supreme court ruling? lol.

    Who says they vote in a manner consistent with the Bill of Rights or any of the other documents. They don’t. They are traitors just like the rest of them.

    And newsflash, people don’t need it to be legal to kick out traitors. Look at history. People just need to get pissed off enough. IT will happen. Sooner or later.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes you are correct. My argument that the supreme court has ruled that you do not have the right relies on the supreme court’s ruling directly on the topic. Perhaps you can clear up the fault in my logic. I look forward to the guidance Tim. And I’m glad you’re here. As I have said, if you don’t have haters, you aren’t hitting a nerve. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      What about them? There is nothing in those amendments about secession. There is nothing in the constitution about it. There is no reason to put it in there, everyone who signed it KNEW that any state was free to leave at anytime. So no need to write it in. There is also nothing in the constitution saying that you are free to have children, or to love you dog. But everyone knows they supposedly do have those rights. At least until the feds say you don’t. lol ANd they probably will at some point given enough time. For all I know “ISIS” might start “using dogs” to threaten ‘our way of life’. It isn’t complicated. When you have a single entity supposedly in charge of limiting and “checking” its own power with fake chinese walls between the “branches”, it can never work. The states must have the power to investigate and reign in the feds. Without that, there is no chance. It will always grow and always abuse everyone. That is all there is to it. And of course, that is exactly what we have seen happen over the course of history. And it will continue until people stop romanticizing the holy founding documents and what this country’s government ACTUALLY is and what it ACTUALLY does. — L

  11. Hereticdrummer

    I have an idea to make a fortune. Rename “The Bill of Rights”. Call it “The Bill of Wipes” and have them printed on rolls of toilet paper. That delineates their true worth and substance for the average American. Anyone who has ever been whipsawed in the legal racket’s courtrooms in the Union of Soviet States of America (USSA) knows exactly whereof I speak.

    1. Paul Tarsuss

      The “founding documents” of all empires were sufficient for their rise, but could not stop their fall. ALL of man’s empires have risen and fallen for much the same reasons…including those of today. Here is information of the Greatest Founding documents, and why Kingdom of their Founder, is without end….

      Good Journeys

  12. jon

    The original Constitution for the united states has been discarded and replaced with the Constitution of the United States inc in 1871. which is a 10 sq mi land mass known a Washington D.C. Anytime you see your name in ALL CAPS or with a mister, misses, or initials, or mailing address with zip codes they are talking about your “person” which is a corporate entity of the United States corporation. The Bible which is acknowledged by The Declaration of independence made us all sovereign and equal as our creator– that is if you know that you are a man or woman as created equal with God. Most think they are a person, but in legal terms a person is not what you think it means. watch all videos they are short. the second page of the website shows you the statutes and codes for florida’s legal definitions. And by the way, we are not parties to the Constitution, but our representatives take an oath to uphold it for man and woman, not persons. Do you know who you are?

  13. The One

    If it was a myth they created to control the “masses” or a high ideal that never was, it matters not.
    “All political power emanates from the barrel of a riffle” thus it holds true that “governments rule by the consent of the governed” but the notion that they instituted among men to guarantee life, liberty and pursuit of happiness may be just a romantic notion indeed. So I must devolve back to my first assertion that power coming from the end of a hell of a lot of riffles can and will make the necessary changes to the status quo. III% takes it back. All that needs to be done is to get them to actually move…

  14. willymae

    It is what it is.
    I’ll leave this planet knowing the powers here that adorn themselves with treasures have no power in the eternal hereafter. Their lives like a micro flash of light in an eternal infinity like a grain of sand compared to the endless universe.
    However, they have their purpose. Who would I be without them? What would I learn without them? The decisions I make in my life based on their existence makes me who I am. I choose not to be like them, but follow love and endure my surroundings regardless. How would I know good without evil? There can be no good without evil. There can be no dark without light. No empty without full.
    Perhaps I should thank the evil ones so that I know what is good and follow that path- in hopes that evil would change and follow?

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I like the philosophy willymae and generally agree with it. This whole thing is about each person making his own choices. We can do our best to try and wake others to the fact that coercion is a bad thing. Coercion, in whatever form it appears. And of course government is nothing but coercion. So it needs to be kept in check to the maximum extent. I would offer a corollary to your “it is what it is”. I offer “I yam what I yam” — Popeye

      1. Joe

        First of all, I like your style, Legalman: Your current post has made clear some things that have been on my mind for what seems like an eternity.

        Second of all, I have been ashamed of the US Government since Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our Nation is truly made up of “the whims of men” and not of just laws. (Yes, I’ve been around since the early 1930s.)

        Thirdly, I had to chuckle when you said “I yam what I yam”; Popeye has been my hero ever since I can remember. 😉

        I would post my own blog’s url but that would be self-serving: Suffice to say, we are two peas in a pod ~ the difference might be that I think ‘intuitionally’ and you think from a ‘legal’ point of view.

        Great post, Legalman…

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Well Joe I’m glad I could clear something up. Hell I’m glad I could clear ANYthing up. lol. Glad you liked my Popeye corollary. And please feel free to post your url in your comment. This is a market place for ideas. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m just sorry I had to write it. lol — L

    2. dan koston

      I completely agree with you. I don’t think I could have put it any better, or for that matter, anyone else. thank you very much for your insight.


    FINE…I don’t need no damn Cobstitution..I GOT GOD and HE tells ME to TELL the GOVERNMENT

  16. DDearborn

    Yet another example of an blatant attempt to convince the citizens that the Constitution hence the “government” is under no obligation to grant you rights which are clearly, simply and definitively enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This author deliberately attempt to conflate “states” rights with individual rights, which as you know treated differently by the Constitution. A long winded, repetitive and dishonest diatribe hoping to invoke apathy and deflect the growing demand by the citizenry to hold the government accountable for violating those inalienable rights so ably defined by the Constitution.
    It is this document and its accompanying Bill of Rights which remains the major obstacle preventing America from being absorbed by the NWO. One has only to look at the repeated attempts to subvert and bypass the Constitution via one secret treaty after another to realize that there is far more power bestowed upon the people than this article claims. Otherwise there would be no need to go to such extraordinary lengths to circumvent the Constitution by the ruling elite. Hell, if as this author claims we have no rights, we would have been swallowed whole after the civil war. Such was not the case of course, despite all claims to the contrary by this article. People trust the physical reality, not the rhetoric. Always look at what they DO, not what they say. And by all means read the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as some of the landmark cases. But beware of the dangers of using case lists and examples quoted by others. They often, just as this author has done, will cherry pick cases in an effort to deceive.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks for the input DDearborn. The government does not grant me rights. The government is supposed to be there to protect rights I have. I’m sorry that the reality is that the government says one thing and does another, but facts are facts. I would love for you to let me know about the cases that I ignored on this issue. Since a cherry picking implies that there is something I didn’t mention. Are you saying that either the people or the states in fact have a right to leave the union voluntarily? And that there is law that has over ridden Texas v. White? Because if so I’d love to hear what it is. The Declaration of Independence says it is the peoples’ right to abolish and consent. It would make no sense to say that it is the states right to consent or abolish. The state is nothing but the entity representing the people. Allegedly. And if you are so convinced that you have rights that you are entitled to assert, then please update me on your success in this area. Glad you’re here. You know what they say. If you don’t have haters, then you aren’t hitting the mark. — L

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Well The Fighting Man I have my serious doubts about such a thing. I am much more in favor of trying to decentralize rather than re-organize. I just know where something like that would end up. And it isn’t good. There are things people could push for that don’t require an amendment that would help immensely. Top on my list is require 80% before anyone can be elected. We need to start requiring super majorities for things. That way there is actual agreement. Not perfect, but at least a good start. — L

  17. ol'Pappy

    So please tell us, Legalman, where this is all headed. What you write about is SO FAR above the average American’s ability to process and understand. I cannot even get family members to believe the TV weatherman isn’t actually standing in front of a map, let alone that the nooz is mostly propaganda and outright lies. Do you think Americans have always been, on average, as stupid as they are today?

    1. Grey

      No, Americans have no always been this stupid (unless you’re talking about gullibility and not actual intelligence and education?). If you’re talking about the former then yes, Americans have always been this stupid. Patriotism is one of the stupidest “emotions” one can get caught up in. The government spends half it’s time telling its subjects how great the nation is specifically so they can then use the people as cannon fodder for banker wars.

      Men went out in droves to fight in WWII, those who were classified as 4F (rejected due to some physical limitation) were either heartbroken or committed suicide because they couldn’t “fight” for their country.

      This nation was never intended to be “for the people and by the people” unless “the people” means the less then 1% like Washington and Jefferson. Notice that the rich don’t suffer? That’s because the system was created by them and for them. This is their paradise, their little playground, not ours. There was never a war on American soil that wasn’t about the money.

    2. andrew mango

      Very Good Ol’ Pappy so permit me to help out.

      You see the word ” Law” is very much tied to the name…The Holy Name of God which is Lord God.
      Lord God is Law God because only the Almighty Creator thus Lord God can, and did make Laws to govern the creation. His Creation. Lord God is a Divine Trinity and in no uncertain terms is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Three divine persons and one Lord God. We, i.e. you, me and just about everybody else are different people but that’s only as far as gene’s and their dominate and recessive biology. It’s still the same DNA just co mingled variantly over the course of many generations. Much of our physical differences have to do with geographic location and the foods that we eat. That being said we are all created with life by the very soul of the Lord God. We’re made in His image and likeness Lord God declared His creation good, same as Godly, therefore you were born…….?????? unfortunately bad, meaning with original sin. And right from the moment of conception. This is a violation of the Natural Law and this was inculcated by Lucifer, a god,i.e. an arch angel, who’s evil purpose was to corrupt the Lord God’s creation to thereby forfiet the Lord God, Image and likeness, and as a result, the loss of your soul voluntarily by you. A loss of soul is a wicked thing and a individual is a lower animal doing whatever to obtain the basic human necessities one so desires without guilt nor shame, nor remorse nor concern for others. You want it! You need it! You will have it. and if anybody stands in your way you will do whatever it takes to possess it It makes no sense to list anything thing because anything you can imagen is up for grabs. But I’ll tell you this that wickedness is ” Do to others before they do you.” and ” Love yourself first.” This is opposite and contrary to Lord God’s tennet of ” Love thy neighbor as thyself” and ” Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

      A soul can be lost physically but through mercy and grace it can be restored. But there’s a time limit for the very simple reason that you may die at anytime. If you do not fully make a lawful and binding act of contrition according to the divine tennets of Lord God Jesus Christ who is your Savior and Holy Redeemer, by a lawfully ordained Roman Catholic Priest and not a Vatican II priest ( and they’re becoming as rare as WWII veterans so in other words the end is near ) then, it most certainly is going to mean an eternity in hell. And I can prove this. Lord God the Father pronounced an eternal Judgement upon Lucifer as a result of his crime in the Graden concerning the creation. It was a sex crime by the way. Adam and Eve both had coitis with Lucifer. That’s how Cain was born and the earth, through Adam, becoming cursed. Let’s just concern ourselves with Lord God’s judgement upon Lucifer. Lord God said ” On your belly you will go and dust of the earth you will eat for all eternity.” Jesus Christ is of the ” Tree of Life” Jesus Christ is therefore the bread of Life.” Lucifer,who’s now Satan will never ever be permitted to eat at the Lord God Jesus Christ’s table. NEVER! Even if Satan begs and turns from his wickedness. It’s a done deal. No soul, then eternal hell is your spiritual and aweful home like you can never ever imagin.

      The point is that only Lord God who’s ” Law God” can make Laws. And only Lord God’s Ministers can enforce these laws by a Lawful system known as DeJure law. See and get real good ( Godly ) with the organic version of Romas 13:1-7. This is the whole world’s one and only Lawful Constitution. And it severly punishes wickedness which is the government and its shadow government. This Holy and Divine Constitution leaves no stone unturned and if you give it your due diligence you will never be left in the “dark!” I garuntee you that.

      If you have any questions I will be happy to address them respectfully and humbly.

      1. johnny alligood

        Well said.
        “the whole world’s one and only Lawful Constitution”
        The WORD of GOD
        Many people are waking up to all of this. and it’s high time.
        a friend in Christ

    3. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well ol”Pappy I’m not sure where it is all headed. Probably going to continue down for the bulk of the unwashed masses. lol. And while I know what I write is beyond the interest of most because they are so completely lost in the web of lies, that’s okay. If I write for the masses, then there would be no substance. lol. I love that you can’t even convince your fam about the green screen. Awesome. Of course the reality is that most people just won’t/can’t wake up. But we don’t need them. The real key is mentally opening up and freeing yourself. I wouldn’t say they are stupid. They are just so misled from birth. In fact, I think that the evidence of such massive efforts to brainwash and control are clear evidence that the people are not stupid. They HAVE to be misled, otherwise they would see. And that tells me that they could be a threat to the power structure. But it is quite amusing to talk to average people and observe the depth of the brainwashing. Amazing actually. As you know. lol Always good to hear from you. — L


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