The nuts and bolts of how they spread tyranny through the courts.

A young Rubin Schwartz,is shown here. He is now one of the most successful lobbyist on Capitol hill. a

Not surprisingly he is now one of the most successful lobbyist on Capitol hill.

The tyranny and injustice of the courts is palpable. We all suffer with it. I see it everyday up close and personal. I have had to deal with it for more than 25 years. So I have given it a lot of thought. Understanding the actual Nature of any problem is the key to finding a solution.

Most people lump all the problems together. They see the courts don’t dispense justice, they throw up their hands and they blame it All on corruption.  And that just isn’t the reality.

Now I could go off on the courts because they do have it coming.  I could tell you about individual cases of crookedness and incompetence that are so ridiculous that you would think I was Making them up!  But I am not going to do that today. I am going to hold my tongue no matter how difficult.  Because the point I want to make is that the system is totally screwed, even without the power hungry types that get off being able to do that stuff to you and me.  And people need to understand the way the system actually operates.


Okay, it's true these are NOT examples systemic tyranny. But still, you gotta love "old economy Steve".

Okay, it’s true these are NOT examples of systemic tyranny. But still, you gotta love “old economy Steve”.

There are two general kinds of tyranny imposed on the people from the bench. One is systemic. The other is what I call “subjective tyranny”. 

Both types of tyranny are seriously problematic of course. They are both rampant. And they both erode confidence in the overall system itself.

Systemic tyranny is any tyranny where justice is NOT served in the situation, but where the “law” is “technically followed” by the judge. In other words where the law is DESIGNED to create INJUSTICE. There are countless examples of this.

I will give you a simple example. If I take a case on a contingency and I lose, I am not entitled to take a “deduction” for any of the time I spent pursuing that case, even though it clearly “cost me” my time, which is all I have to sell in the market. My time spent on a case IS my money. But if I take a case on an hourly basis and lose and cannot collect my fee because the party that owes me the money goes bankrupt, then I can claim that amount as a deduction. Do you see the inequity?

I have lost my time, which is all I actually have to sell in the market under each example. In one case I have a legal remedy in the form of a deduction for the loss to me. In the other I do not, even though I suffered the same type of loss. That is an example of systemic tyranny.

Another example would be where a police officer lies on his report about my conduct. I take a lie detector to try to help prove that I am telling the truth. But the law neither allows me to compel him to take one, nor does it allow me to show the jury my results and tell them that he was asked to take one and refused.

I got to play a little chess with one of the Circuit justices over the weekend. I was a little unclear on some of the rules he insisted we use. For some reason I was always black. But I didn't dare say anything since I have a case before him. Okay, it's you're move. We're having fun right?

I got to play a little chess with one of the Circuit justices over the weekend. I was a little unfamiliar on some of the rules he insisted we use. For some reason I was always black. But I didn’t dare say anything since I have a case before him. Okay, ready for another game?  We’re having fun right?

Clearly the evidence IS probative. How probative of course would be up to each juror. Many might feel it is Compelling and Material, some might find it uncompelling. But regardless, the jury does not get to hear it because it is not admissible. That is not justice. That is another example of systemic tyranny.

Note how both examples result in a tyranny of Injustice on the individual. That in fact is a common factor in virtually all systemic tyranny. The individual loses rights to the state, and to powerful interests who can afford to pay for protection from the state by making contributions, which create legal loopholes and protections.

A judge who denies my claim to the lost contingency fee deduction in tax court, or to the offer of evidence on the polygraph in criminal court, is not out to screw me. He isn’t crooked. He is quite literally, quote on quote, just following the law. He is actually “Doing his job”.

Do you see that systemic tyranny Can be meted out by a perfectly honest hardworking judge. It doesn’t take a crook or a scoundrel.

Now if the same judge Denied me my right to claim the deduction for the money lost due to bankruptcy, he would be engaging in what I call subjective tyranny. Because he would not be following the law. He would be acting outside the law.

Subjective tyranny is where the judge acts in a way that is personal and is either outside the rules, or in an area that does not have clear rules, or that is technically within his discretion within the rules, but works injustice.

The judge hated doing it to him, but hey, it's the law and we all have to follow the law. He understood of course.

The judge hated doing it to him, but hey, it’s the law and like the judge said, we all have to follow the law. He understood of course.

The motivations for this type of tyranny from the bench can be anything from simple mistakes, to laziness, to a personal grudge, to a power trip, to out right incompetence or actual corruption. I have seen all of them.

Trial judges have immense power, so do appellate judges. A trial judge can inflict subjective tyranny in many many ways.  For example, he can refuse or fail to follow the law and require that you in effect, have to “force him” to comply. He can also make rulings against you that should have gone in your favor.

The important thing to understand about subjective tyranny from both a trial judge or an appellate judge is that there is no way to tell the difference between, incompetence, laziness, intentional conduct, a grudge, or a bribe. No way. Of course the severity of the “error” and the glaring nature of the disconnect between the ruling on the law as applied to the facts can give you an indication. But you can’t know. And trust me, there are plenty of judges who are just plain Dense. Not dishonest. Just not very bright.

An example of subjective tyranny would be denying a motion that, by All objective measures, you were entitled to win. By denying the motion, the judge has now in effect required you to spend many more months or possibly years in costly discovery and litigation on issues that are not properly litigated. As a result you may very well not be able to afford to continue to successfully either defend or prosecute a valid claim you have.

The only answer to such conduct is to litigate your case through trial and hope you can win on appeal, or to “settle your case” if possible. Of course under those circumstances, the settlement value has been destroyed by the judge’s improper ruling.

I left the hearing just to get some air. I thought it was going okay until I saw the pic later.

 I thought the hearing was going pretty well until I saw the pic my client took of me giving my argument.

You have no recourse for conduct like this.

Therefore once again, the individual loses to entities like the State, and big businesses that can afford endless litigation costs.

Trial courts do the most damage to individuals as a practical matter, only because they have the most contact. Not because the judges are better or worse. They dish out systemic tyranny, even if they are a good judge. And if they aren’t a good judge, then they are likely to dish out both kinds of tyranny to you. Lol

Remember, it doesn’t take intentional conduct to screw you as I have just showed you.

At the appellate level the damage can be even worse. One, you are already at a very expensive stage of the litigation. So settlement is problematic. But even more importantly, the Only recourse you have is the  S.Ct. and the chance that they will even Look at your case is basically Zero. So whatever they do is Final.


People see the system and they see how screwed up it is and they just Assume that it is that way because most lawyers and judges are crooked or incompetent. Hence all the lawyer jokes.

I hope you at least now can see that tyranny and injustice do not require corruption by the vast majority of judges.  The problem, much of the time, is nothing more than their willingness to BLINDLY DO AS THEY ARE TOLD. Let me show you what I mean.

Known as the "machine" Justice Bryan shown here, went on to serve almost 10 more years. His "service" to his country was trumpeted by the press.

 Justice Bryan, known as the “Energizer”, served 10 more years on the appellate bench after this picture was taken. He was heralded as a brilliant scholar upon retirement. 

The systemic injustice that pours out of the courts is, for the most part, the End result of a very few bad actors. The system is Intentionally set up so that it can be Manipulated from the top down from behind the scenes. Only a very small amount of corruption needs to be inserted into the upper levels of the system over time, slowly, incrementally, imperceptibly and Insidiously, in order to create a Huge amount of injustice and systemic tyranny down the line in the trial courts.

Here’s how the system works. The S. Ct. makes law. Appellate courts and trial courts Must follow that law. Appellate courts make law that the trial courts in their Circuit Must all follow. So the trial courts Must follow the courts above them. And since they are the only court that the average person will ever be exposed to, whammo, you have just seen how the system can “touch you” without ever having to even involve itself with you.

The vast majority of cases do not involve controversial issues. So all that really has to be done is to control and affect a few key points on a few key cases at the Appellate level each year. A well placed crooked judge here and there on a case or two in each Circuit making a “well designed ruling” in a key area and you can do a lot of damage over time.

And who is watching? nobody but a few lawyers.  Do you follow oil and gas appellate law? What about arbitration law? lol When does it make news? Starting to catch on?

Now add in to this the fact that appellate judges sit for life. Just like a supreme court justice. They can have a 20 year tenure of doing damage. Maybe more, maybe 30 years, or more. Imagine the damage just ONE such judge can do if he is just Innocently incompetent.

Now picture one who is “compromised” and not at all incompetent.  Now add on to that law makers slipping in loopholes that then “become law”. Now do all of this for a decade or two or ten or twenty, like what we have now on the books and the law can become almost unrecognizable. No justice at all.

Look around, what do you see?  Right… exactly what I just described. lol And THAT is how it happens my friend.  Do you see how dangerous this is?

This is why so much has to be made about how “fair and high minded” the justices all are. Why we have to hear all the time how they are as pure as the wind driven snow. It’s the reason for all the pomp and formality.  Distractions!  

In fact you better tread lightly making allegations against a judge if you’re a lawyer. Even though Lawyers are clearly in the BEST position to KNOW who is out of line on the bench. It is more dangerous than questioning an NBA referee’s call as a coach. lol It isn’t done.

I was sure the Judicial conduct board would want to know what I found out so I sent in my complaint. Lesson learned.

I had some great information I just knew the Judicial misconduct board would want to know, so I sent it right in.  I was impressed how fast they got back to me. 

Do you see how it works now? Do you understand how easy it is to control such a system from the top down Unnoticed? And do you see how once put in place it runs itself.

The workaday judges who are the foot soldiers are, for the most part, oblivious to what they are even doing.  They probably actually believe they are “doing justice” by “following the rules”.

Of course some are meglomaniacs or narcissists. But most are basically honest but they are distracted, and busy, and intellectually lazy and they have fallen victim to the same brainwashing you have.

The real problem is that they never question the overall system of “obeying” whatever the “law” is from the appellate courts or the Supreme court. They rationalize ruling in a way they disagree with the outcome, by telling themselves that they are “following the law”, and that is what “their job is”. And THAT is the key to the system.

Convincing everyone that a judge’s Obligation is to “blindly follow the law” is the key. Once that is done. The rest is easy. They start in law school with the brainwashing of lawyers. It continues in movies and at every level of news and media.  Then they have well paid “media lawyers” write best sellers to talk about this wonderful virtue of judges only “following the law”. lol

The judges never stop to think that their job is supposed to be to actually DO JUSTICE.

i once was blindWhat a judge should be taught is that his job is to Do Justice. If the law prevents what he believes is justice then he should Ignore the Law. If the system prevents that, then ignore the system. If that means that the system gets rid of you, then so be it.

Do we really want judges sitting who don’t care if they are doing justice?

Do you now understand a little better how the system works so insidiously and why it does not require any kind of grand conspiracy?

I’m done for now. I hope you learned something.  Next time I will talk about another aspect of Judicial tyranny.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

   Legalman still lives

15 thoughts on “The nuts and bolts of how they spread tyranny through the courts.

  1. christi phillips

    Thank you for all this info. Legalman. I hope this message finds you well. Christi….. If it is not to much to ask, Can you suggest a trustworthy Lenawee County, Michigan Attorney? Thanks again.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Christi I have asked around a bit and have not found anyone who knows a lawyer up there to suggest. If I get an answer back with a name I will be sure to let you know. Take care and good luck. — L

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I am going to do something on land Crocodile. The ownership or the US expansion/theft of it and how it is used to give the illusion of extra freedom, when in reality it is one of the primary pillars of the people’s enslavement. At least I think that’s what I’m going to do. I just don’t see the point right now in discussing the absolute idiocy of a primary system that isn’t even IN the actual constitution. If the people can’t see something that clear, then what’s the point? lol But I never know till I finally sit down and actually write it. — L

          1. Crocodile

            Thanks for the warning, LegalMan !
            We are looking forward to your next session of dissecting the dead boar.

  2. What is a Lawsuit?

    Here in the USA, in the year 1820, the owners of the government statutorily entitled the lawyers to feed on the population with a supreme court ruling that goes like this:

    *A wrongfully sued defendant has no recourse upon the frivolous plaintiff because to allow such would tend to deny a poor man his day in court.* The majority opinion was written by John Marshall, appointed by John Adams himself.

    This supreme court ruling has done as much if not more to destroy the American People than all wars, petty criminals and natural disasters combined.

    So lets try to answer the question: What is a lawsuit?

    Is it this?
    A lawsuit is a premeditated multiple felony crime committed by two lawyers and a judge against an honest working man. It is the textbook definition of RICO. Their strategy is to create such a conundrum for the defendant that he commits suicide. With a vast experience in these matters they bank on the odds that the grieving widow, will, with a broken heart throw the contested assets on the floor for them to pick up as she walks away from the unbelievable mess.

    Remember, the lawyer became a lawyer and the judge, a lawyer, became a judge to make money for themselves. They could not possibly care any less about you. In fact, deep analysis would show that they hate your guts.

    Most cases involve some real estate and it would appear that the title company, the party with the most money, would be the most vulnerable. But the title company has its own representative paid for by the state sitting in the chair of the judge. This came to be when the lawyer decided to go to judge school and applied to the title company for a scholarship. If the owners of the title company approve of the candidate they pay his or her way. Thus the title company is immune from the avarice of the players in the court.

    Remember, in America anyone can sue anyone.

    Since the honest working man has done nothing wrong, that is nothing that is actionable it takes a little creativity on the part of the lawyers to get it started. The first thing they need is a Plaintiff, someone that hates your guts enough to kill you.

    The lies, his perjury, of the plaintiff, the one suing you, carry the weight of concrete facts in the operation of the law. The court is required by law to accept everything he says as true and everything you say as false. That is why you are being sued – you are a liar and a cheat and everything you worked for really belongs to him.

    The actions of the court, that is the lawyers and the judge, are backed up by the full police and military power of the state. The judge can sell your home, business and children and if you speak out in protest about any of it. He/she can throw you into an AIDS and animal infested jail for “contempt”.

    The game is this: the plaintiffs lawyer and your lawyer are colluding to strip you of everything you own. Your adversary, the plaintiff, is the tool the lawyers are using.

    Naïve people have been conditioned by TV to believe that the lawyers and judge are looking for the truth. In reality they are only looking for money.

    The lawyers joke goes like this: You are the one with the money. And you are being raped, lay back and enjoy it. Ha ha ha its so funny.

    The jury? All, each and every one on it, is selected on the basis of: lack of income, lack of business experience, lack of property ownership, whether or not they are being proscribed psycho-tropic drugs which is preferred, and the miserable condition of their abode.

    After two weeks of your lawyer suborning perjury from the plaintiff to make sure the jury understands that you are a very bad guy and never once allowing any evidence in your favor to be admitted… The plaintiff’s lawyer gets to make his closing statement. It is the last thing the jury of morons hears before going into the room to deliberate.

    The closing statement to the jury is over the top. Nothing like it has ever been shown on TV or in any movie. Probably no person reading this has seen it. And no person reading this can believe it is as I describe it… the plaintiff’s lawyer actually channels Satan. He has to because you have done nothing wrong except to have had a childish belief that you would get a fair trial on these false charges.

    He starts off with innuendo telling the jury all about your short comings. And builds until he is jumping up and down screaming at the top of his lungs. He curses you in front of the jury, compares you to murderers and robbers for one hour. If it is a probate case the last thing he tells the jury is that you grabbed your poor old mother by the hair, threw her head back and stuck a loaded gun into her mouth and down into her throat and threatened to kill her in order to force her to sign the deed. His eyes are bugged out and his face a contortion of extreme hatred, his saliva flies about… his body is shaking with anger and rage.

    Then with a great flourish he recovers and coolly remarks that *you have all seen those criminals on Americas Most Wanted and wished that you could do something about it*. Now channeling Satan again, *There he is ! There he is! This is your chance ! Do the right thing and take it away…TAKE IT AWAY.*

    And the jury of morons does exactly what they are told and strips you of everything you own and worked for all your life.

    The Plaintiff’s lawyer makes a closing statement the likes of which has never been shown on TV or dramatized in the movies. It is so shocking that there is no way to actually describe it. And no one who has not seen it can believe it.

    It takes corrupt judges, court reporters, and the very process of jury selection to make it all work, but work it does. Their strategy is to cause the targeted individual, the defendant, such a conundrum that he commits suicide. The crime partners bet that after such a protracted and confusing mess the grieving widow will throw the contested assets on the floor and walk away brokenhearted. The lawyers will then divide up the spoils.

    Your lawyer makes more money by losing than by winning. The other side kicks him back some of their loot.

    The judge can occasionally be considered a hostage to the lawyers for if he / she does not go along with the charade the lawyers will put up a more pliable candidate at the next election. Who does not want to have a good well paid job?

    Does anyone remember the Korean dry cleaner family and the judges $60 MILLION pair of pants? The Korean’s legal bill was $300 THOUSAND and the case lasted nine years. At stake was everything they owned because legal system accepted that the plaintiff had something to litigate.

    America is also dying from lawsuit exhaustion.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the situation in present day America for the normal working man is absolutely hopeless.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I appreciate the passion, but I think this type of analysis is just a distraction the ptb’s dream up. Get people focused on lawyers as bad etc. Most lawyers are not bad. That is reality. Just like most doctors are not bad, even though they prescribe drugs nonstop and a thousand people a day die from the proper dosing of prescription drugs! And on an on. The problems with the legal system have basically nothing to do with crooked lawyers etc. The problems have almost everything to do with the structure of the system. Not with whether “defendants” can’t get their fees. The press pushes this concept because they don’t want people to focus on the real problems. Get people asking the wrong questions and it matters not what “answers” they find. — L

  3. Arnie Lerma

    Good article. Years ago I did a job for the DOJ program to help Haiti’s Judiciary. I did some graphics for the gig, but one line was used to sell the idea to the Haitians to set up system of courts based upon law, which was quite memorable: “The difference between civil society and armed gangs roaming the streets is a functioning judiciary” Oh it sounded great. But that was what it was supposed to do, sound great, sound hopeful. The real problem there at the time, as well as here is that literally at all levels we have government of the money, by the money and for the money. The combination of the concentration of wealth and a print what you need banker cartel that thinks it is hanging the risk upon the American Taxpayer after buying the legislation necessary to provide color of law to turn us in to debt slaves.

    It is my understanding that Judge Brandeis had it right when he said that any law repugnant to the Constitution is as if it does not exist. Then there was Roscoe Pound on Privledge, who explained that no law may stand in the way of a man providing for his own self-defense, or acting against a threat to the public safety and order, using the reasoning that a man may not be held liable for trespass upon private property when the highway is blocked by a rockfall and he must detour across PRIVATE property to do so.
    This principle might save the skins of those who dare try to fix a few things in the future.

    But as you describe, even if one managed to survive the hail of gunfire from trigger happy sociopaths in pretty uniforms and men who couldn’t get any other job than with homeland security feeling up children to see if they have a pocket knife…and then survived to get the courtroom, I can hear the gavels pounding half way through that previous paragraph..

    We are utterly screwed, additionally, because truth does not pay well in a society where deceit is hailed as virtue by the money.

    Arnie Lerma

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      It is quite a system they have worked out isn’t it? lol. I like the DOJ “program”. Always the same players always the same tactics. Once you see, you can’t unsee. The entire construct of the “law” once it is simply positive law, is nothing but a con. A system of price fixing and enslavement/control. Compulsory schooling, licensing, accreditation, “judges”, and on and on. Endless really. The rabbit hole just keeps going down. Glad you’re here, hope you come back and tell your friends. The only chance is for people to start to really understand the scope and the nature of the problem. — L

      1. Arnie Lerma

        In 1997 I started using the phrase “It’s worse than you think” to get public to take one of my flyers exposing $cientology… I have found over and over again that, it is WORSE that *I* think.

        Here is how bad I think it is now..

        On MSNBC there is an article that “ISIS is gonna do a new 911”

        This reply seems to have ended discussions:

        America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group…
        It is a CIA Maxim – the best place to hide something is right in front of you… Create terrorists, tricks the public into accepting TSA fondlling our children at the airports, and ultimately a full fledged police state.. to protect the 1/10th of 1% from the ire of the new created members of the peon class of citizenry. The endless wars create a demand for building supplies and home appliances, and each country destabilized, the rich that live there run to the west where their property is protected and money accepted.

        L Ron Hubbard used the same method to create $cientologists. Only his boogey man was called the Reactive Mind…engrams and Body Thetans and only HE could get rid of them. Same METHOD was used to create them as used to create Terrorists, only with a different shore story. This ability to control what people believe to be true may be what a member of the Board of Directors of Boston University, Attorney Earle C Cooley, stated under penalty of perjury, referred to as ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, in RTC vs LERMA, it sure wasn’t the Shore story called XENU.

        “Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by “clusters” to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ” USDJ Leonie Brinkema Mem Opinion.


        “This was for most psychologists a most sobering observation. The possibility of controlling human behavior indeed becomes a more terrifying prospect than the control of nuclear reactions”.

        Dr. Arthur J. Bachrach Director of the Environmental Stress Program and Chair of Psychophysiology at the Naval Medical Research Institute at the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland from his article in the May 1959 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

        Arnie Lerma

  4. Ray Blanton

    How strange that I recently researched a corrupt judge named TOMMY MOORE of WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN and then I found your excellent article. This over-sized, waddling mini-me fascist recently told a private gathering of local business brown-nosers that when he seized office in 1980, his ‘court’ robbed the poor of his county a total of $200,000 in fines/fees. As his fat cheeks expanded and a slimy smile crossed his face, he bragged that in 2012 his ‘court’ robbed the poor of his county $1.5 million in fines/fees! And that’s from a dying county that LOST over 3000 people in the past 30 years, saw the closure of over 20 factories AND has the 4th highest unemployment in the entire state. And to add a cherry to the pie, the obese wunderjudge OWNS the building that serves as the county’s PROBATION OFFICE.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Sorry to hear about that situation. There is a lot of work to do to wake people to the whole situation. I’m glad you found my site. As I say on my front page, you found the site for a reason. — L

  5. chip

    It is terrifying to consider the power these “men” and “women” have to tyrannize the images we are [made by God and destined to live in eternity therewith].. We are compelled logically to hate and fear them. Even the thoughts that motivate the words here are probably a “breach” of the sacred “legal” system. Likely the only “law” the Court will follow is the one about smaller fish at the mercy of the larger ones. Involuntary custody is patent tyranny. Slaves and prisoners, prisoners and slaves is what legal systems address. Avoid falsities “created” by men such as citizenship and Identity which they so zealously advocate. If all men are created equal, and they are, then the legal system is all evils rolled in to one. You need to know your duty , not to squeal about “rights” managed by the Christ killers. Forgive them NOT for they KNOW what they do.

    1. christi phillips

      See there, your god sounds evil. We are compelled to defend and protect our children, not to hate and fear anyone. WE all have a duty to report and prevent any tyrannical behavior against human rights. It is those that do Not report tyranny that are allowing it to grow. They know exactly what they are doing, that’s why it is terrifying.

  6. GeorgiaCracker

    My daddy was a county judge for many years, and I can still hear him now saying “his job was to do justice and show mercy.” He certainly tried to do that from the bench. That was 70+ years ago.


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