THEY constantly lie to you. Learn why.

golden rule

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. We have all heard it a million times. It is everywhere in our culture. We are told it is a universal principle. The highest principle. It is so driven into our heads.   I don’t even have to finish the sentence and you will still KNOW exactly what I mean. Well, you know what they say, do unto others…

And of course it is a wonderful MORAL and religious principle. But the sleight of hand that those  in charge engage in is telling us that this principle is used to create the foundational structure of our political/legal SYSTEM. What a f’ing JOKE.

“Top guys”, in what the state describes as “science”,  tell us that man HIMSELF actually EVOLVED in certain ways because of this fundamental concept. This golden rule was “necessary” to survive, and it actually helped people to “weed out” those who didn’t follow it, in their primordial “cooperation” allegedly taking place in caves.

Then, even more supposed “top guys” who are “political scientists”, geniuses who “have studied and written on these issues for 30 years”, “Constitutional experts” appear on our television to opine about how it is a fundamental part of “our” country and our very Laws! And thus this “truth” comes to be “enshrined” into our text books and into our government indoctrination that runs all the time. In school, movies, T.V., magazines etc. etc. So the people start to believe it.

All my life I have laughed whenever anyone tried to tell me this nonsense because it is so patently NOT true. Our system is clearly NOT built on this principle, and it is clear that it is not the best system to get what you want in this world. The “best” way to get what you want is to convince everyone ELSE that you are completely on board with the whole golden rule thing, while you secretly screw them over to get what you really want. That is actually the “BEST” system.

Trust me, I'm a man of peace, violence doesn't solve anything, so just put down your bat and let's talk.  Such is the way of our overlords.

Trust me, I’m a man of peace, violence doesn’t solve anything, so just put down your bat and let’s talk. Such is the way of our overlords.

People assume I’m kidding when I tell them this.  Lots of people reflexively parrot back another saying they have unknowingly memorized, “that’s silly Legalman, that could never work and it is WRONG to do that.” I always just laugh. Really? It could NEVER work?Of course it can and it does work all the time. Selfish people use exactly this techniqueExactly.

In fact people see this in practice all the time in their personal relationships, but refuse to believe it is operational at the highest levels.   Pretending to believe in the golden rule publicly while acting privately in a manner that only helps the individual and screws everyone else IS highly effective.

But but but Legalman, if it’s wrong it’s wrong! Oh, it is?  I see, and EVERYONE agrees with you, right? Keep believing that my naïve fellow inmate.   

Remember, we are NOT talking about morals. We are talking about what would be the most effective, especially in a political/legal arena.  So I am talking about power people, imposing your will on others.  And what is the greatest system devised to impose your will over the most number of people??? Come on now, you know this answer. That’s right, our friendly neighborhood governments.That is all government is. It is power. It is the authority to coerce if someone doesn’t agree.  And the real masters who use it to control things will do and say whatever it takes to continue to maintain that control.

Well he seems like such a nice young man.  Now why would he lie?

Well he seems like such a nice young man. Now why would he lie?

Take a very close look at the following quote from Plato.  It holds the key to why those in power have no problem lying to you and sleeping like a baby. I suggest you read it closely several times.

They say that to do injustice is, by nature, good; to suffer injustice, evil; but that the evil is greater than the good. And so when men have both done and suffered injustice and have had experience of both, not being able to avoid the one and obtain the other, they think that they had better agree among themselves to have neither; hence there arise laws and mutual covenants; and that which is ordained by law is termed by them lawful and just. This they affirm to be the origin and nature of justice; —it is a mean or compromise, between the best of all, which is to do injustice and not be punished, and the worst of all, which is to suffer injustice without the power of retaliation; and justice, being at a middle point between the two, is tolerated not as a good, but as the lesser evil, and honoured by reason of the inability of men to do injustice. For no man who is worthy to be called a man would ever submit to such an agreement if he were able to resist; he would be mad if he did. Such is the received account, Socrates, of the nature and origin of justice. — Plato’s Republic, Book II.

Do you see this? Do you understand it? Do you comprehend what this means? You might want to read it again.  Any and all conduct is justified to get what you want under POLITICAL theory. That is the BASIS of real political theory.

Learning this is all part of a “classical education”.  But the government has taken over your education and the curriculum.  And guess what? none of this is taught anymore.  And that is not an accident.

Now who here thinks Legalman is a "bad man" for saying all these things?

Now who here thinks Legalman is a “bad man” for saying all these things?

It is clear to me that people don’t know and don’t want to know how FUNDAMENTALLY and intentionally mis-educated they are.

But look again at the mindset that those in charge teach their own children with a classical education.  To give in to another when there is no necessity is “MADNESS”!   That cooperation in the political arena is born from NECESSITY because of the inability to coerce another.  The lesson being taught in that quote is that each man will resist, and if he can inflict harm on you, then you may need to cooperate.  Not that it is BETTER to cooperate if you can MAKE others go along, by whatever means are at your disposal!!   Do you understand how important that distinction is?

Oh, and there is a LOT more in there, and that is just ONE tiny book. There are discussions about “justice” and what it is.  “Justice” was generally accepted to be whatever was in the interest of the ones IN POWER.  Yes that was a commonly understood and discussed theme.  Think about that one. Imagine having discussions about THAT in school.  How differently might the people think?  Do you see why that is all washed away by the state in its curriculum of nonsense and meaningless fake fact memorization that has replaced LEARNING HOW TO THINK? 

Now instead of still using obvious force, those in power discovered a long time ago that creating an illusion of cooperation through “democracy” is more effective.  So those in charge pretend to submit to the whole system, and thereby get the citizen/inmates to submit through deceit.  Privately, they think YOU are crazy to go along with this laughable system of “waiting to vote” while a teeny tiny group run it all.  They obviously and openly rig the system and yet nobody ever says, hey, the emperor has no clothes.  And those in charge believe  that if the people are stupid and docile and crazy enough to submit to this system, well, then THEY HAVE IT COMING! They feel justified.  Do you see this now?

He's really smart, so I guess I will just believe him.  He's a great example of Dupis Expertus.

My god he is so brilliant he has actually improved on the golden rule.  Surely that is something I need to obey!

People are led to believe that their governments and the people in the world who truly own and run it all, are just smarter and work harder, etc. etc. That is laughable, they are all cheating!  They tell you lies to convince you to keep playing by the rigged rules they have set up and which they ignore. They don’t confuse social political theory with Religious and moral theory. They use them against you.  They don’t submit.

Why is it so difficult for people to accept this when the evidence is so in their face?  Why do they endlessly make “excuses” to explain away the lies that they see everywhere?  Why do they always always assume that things are accidents, or “one bad apple” or a “one off situation” or the result of incompetence, or bungling or bureaucracy?  Why?

First and foremost, is the natural psychological tendency in humans to “project” their own “golden rule” mindset and world view into others.  Most people are decent honest people.  And that works against them.  Those in power are not decent honest people like YOU.  Projection is a very fundamental and powerful force.  If you are not on guard for it, you will do it naturally.

Second, those in power do everything in their power to reinforce the notion that they are like you and that our political and legal system is BASED upon the golden rule.  That way you think it makes sense and, so you assume it is a mistake or one off, etc. etc.  Then they follow this up by making sure to laugh at any person who suggests that maybe it isn’t all an accident.  They are “conspiracy kooks”.

Everyone is just like me. Everyone is just like me.  Those in power are just like me.

Everyone is just like me. Everyone is just like me. Those in power are just like me.

The real beauty of it is that once the system is up and running, the duped people become confused because they are constantly confronted with obvious lies and treachery, and instead of seeing them as a window into the real system, the people ACTUALLY NATURALLY do the work to continue to cover up the reality! The people themselves start coming up with excuses and explanations to make the observed facts fit with the projection they are doing.   The people do this to avoid the crippling cognitive dissonance that occurs when they start to see the reality.  It is too much for them to handle.   Those in power know all about cog/dis’s effect on people.  And they use that knowledge to continue the game.

That is why when confronted with the obvious systemic lies that exist the people mindlessly parrot back more lies they have been TAUGHT to avoid the simple explanation that it is all basically planned.  They say things like  “if any of this was true” that “everyone would know”, and that “you could never keep it secret” and on and on.  The power structure has been sure to PUT those thoughts into the peoples’ heads.  Do you see that?

People who begin to become aware of the “game”, become angry and start flailing around to find an answer to explain how “normal” “people”could ever do “this”, i.e. they seek an answer that makes sense with the projection they are doing.  Those in charge anticipate this and they are waiting with their controlled opposition.  They make sure to offer every kind of  theory, except the real one, to “explain” how those in charge could “be so bad”.

Some people even start to believe those in charge must be “reptilian shapeshifters” or some other alien. The cog dis is so great that they can’t make sense of how any actual PERSON could engage in such a fraud.  Now Could they be shapeshifters? sure. I’m not even going to say that some might not be shapeshifters and psychopaths.  They very well MAY BE, lol. But the important thing to see is that you don’t have to come up with outrageous theories in order to explain “how someone could do this?”  There is a very simple explanation.  Those in charge don’t believe what you believe because they were taught a different theory of political power.  They PRETEND to believe what you believe, and thus they control you.

Here you go honey, have some more freedom.  And don't forget to eat your "checks and balances" to be sure you grow up nice an dumb.

Here you go honey, have some more freedom. And don’t forget to do as your leaders tell you because they are doing it for YOU!  Now eat your “checks and balances” to be sure you grow up nice an dumb.

Are you finally getting it? The golden rule is NOT how the world of political/legal power operates. Whatever validity it has in a moral realm, it does NOT apply in high level business and politics or the LEGAL system they require you use.

Do you now see why it appears that the system never punishes the “wrong doers” at a high level?   In their world they are not deserving of punishment!  Are you starting to see how this foundational principle UPON which THEY ACTUALLY OPERATE, forms the basis to EXPLAIN, why things are all a lie?  They lie to maintain control. That way they get you to submit. They use your own good moral conscience against you.

The reality is that the system ITSELF is designed to be unfair to YOU. Please take a moment to open your eyes and your mind to this truth. It can change your entire world view.  You need to wake up to the reality of what is right in front of you.

You have eyes–can’t you see? You have ears–can’t you hear?’ — the Nazarene.

It isn’t complicated.  They are lying to you because they can get away with it.  It doesn’t bother them because they feel justified. Your confusion won’t end until you wake up and accept reality.  Then it will all start to make sense for you.  Probably for the first time.

I will leave you with this little extra.  It is not a legal or political clip, but it is a nice expletive filled rant by a guy with real passion!  He is a director going off on hollywood and the fools who support it.  This same type of clip could be made about any industry, any political party, and on and on.  This is the world.  A complete conjob on the average person.  I love this guy’s passion.  He is fed up.

Who hasn’t been right where he is?  Just total frustration at the whole stinking system of lies and fakes! lol  Fair notice, he does a lot of cursing, but it is damned funny.

That’s all for now. Take care, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law



17 thoughts on “THEY constantly lie to you. Learn why.

  1. Tessa Gardnet

    IMHO … the “system” can be likened to an invading organism and “We The People” are the host; not “healthy” enough to combat the invasion we choose to treat the symptoms.

  2. Marsha Owens

    I read your post with absolute fascination. You described in perfect detail the “system” that is “set up and running” in my marriage. My husband is one of ” them.” I had recognised it partially but you are spot on target about the cognitive dissonance issue as well. I KNOW he lies to me, steals from me, invades my personal space, and is absolutely not trustworthy except as it regards actual sexual contact with other women.

    For over fifteen years, I tried to make sense of his behavior, in particular HOW and WHY he does such horribly treacherous things to me. I have thought he must want simply to hurt me as a “punishment” for some perceived “damage” I have done him at some time in the past. i have thought it was because of his childhood – a an overly critical father and overindulgent mother. I have even thought I was possibly going crazy, the “gas light” effect, when he’d tell me i was overreacting to a particular behavior ( for example, stealing my medications for his recreational use). When i would finally reach a breaking point and become too angry to react in my usual ( hard learned and hard to stick to) rational and gentle manner, and would become furious enough that I lost control and yelled at him, no, SCREAMED at him, be would call me hysterical and overly dramatic.

    About five years ago, I started seeing the truth. I still tried to find excuses for his behavior because I hate confrontation, especially argument or having to say things i know will hurt the other person or worst of all, that might end up with my “abandonment” (remnants of a traumatic childhood). But I initiated the start of our having “talks” where I forced him to listen to me explain and describe exactly how and why some behavior he had done was wrong and was unfair and hurtful to me. He would “listen” with eyes glazed over and head down until was finally exhausted. And then would take on a “whipped dog” mien for days. I’d think I’d gotten though to him and that I’d actually hurt him badly. ( I eventually became more and more brutally blunt and explicit and included the likelihood that i would leave the marriage over the situation. )

    But then within 48 hours, he’d “recover” and act as though none if it had ever taken place. This happened near thirty time at least. About a year b ago I finally gave up and made plans to divorce him. I KNEW I wasn’t crazy, that his behavior was inexcusable and that if he hadn’t changed yet he wasnt going to. I had to wait though – I am sick with a brain tumor and am dependent on a medication that I am trying desperately to get off of for good. (He sabotages every quit attempt I make, just when I begin to be functional again after 2-3 months of misery, another former “mystery” that I finally understood about a year ago.)

    In the meantime, he somehow intuitive that I had reached the end of willingness to “play the game.” He changed his behavior almost overnight and became the most considerate and tolerant and courteous husband one could wish for. I fell for it. I believed the shock and the thought of what guys lIfe would be live without me had actually changed his heart.

    It may have changed his heart but it didn’t change his nature. The thefts continue, as do the lies, the denials of any wrongdoing, and the lack of any remorse for any of it. He otherwise continues to be kind, thoughtful, helpful and sincerely loving. ( or maybe, probably – NEEDING, not necessarily loving.) I have stopped arguing with him about it, why bother myself? And I’m far too tired and far, far too sick to mount an effective defense or to leave right now.

    So how does one fight back against such an adversary, when the situation is so long standing and entrenched and when I am currently unable simply to leave it? Are there tactics to use that won’t make me into a bitter, mean person? Not that I’m not already leaning in that direction – I retaliate in the childish and meaningless small “punishments” that are the only way i can feel any sort of “justice” having been served. I am very sensitive to being hurt emotionally, again due to my childhood of being forced to submit to injustice daily from a mean-as-a-snake-when -when -drunk alcoholic father and a placating and enabling mother who insisted I silently tolerate any and all abuse. It’s funny, isn’t it, how i married someone who would do essentially the same thing to me.? I figured that out a long time ago but I just can’t figure out how to handle this correctly inescapable situation now.

    Thank you so very much for this post. I “stumbled” upon it wHile searching for something completely unrelated. I now know that it IS possible for someone to be that deliberately cunning and hurtful. I should add though, that I know for sure that my husband’ s behavior stems from some psychological damage inside him, and not from essential evilness. I have seen his inside a few times and know that his core is good. He is warped in some way i don’t understand.

    And also, do you believe it is possible for this type of person ever to really change? In the face of some great loss or fear of loss or damage to themselves even – a forced change?

    With sincere thankfulness and with all blessings,


    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Marsha I am sorry to hear about your plight. I wish I had a simple solution. Alas I do not. Everyone has their own unique set of abilities and disabilities. Some we are born with and some we make for ourselves in this life. Relationships are one of the most complex and perplexing issues of all. Always we find ourselves asking how much of this am I responsible for bringing on myself knowingly or not? That of course is the fundamental question. The more I can find personal responsibility for my situation the more initially depressed, but ultimately empowered I become. I don’t for one minute want to suggest that you have brought any of your plight on yourself. I am only suggesting that all answers in any relationship begin and end with YOU. Because you are the only thing you can even hope to control. Just managing to do that is beyond most of our reach. So I guess my advice is to search your own soul for things you can do be they attitude adjustment, behavior modification etc. you must find what you can live with. As the old adage goes… Decide what you REALLY want, and then be prepared to pay the price for it. Everything has it’s price. I wish you the best and am glad that I could help in some small way if I did. — L

  3. Mindblower

    Good website! Thanks for the explanations. I would like to mention one thing.

    The system ITSELF is NOT designed to be unfair, the system is a product of thought. And thought does not know what is good or fair. It is only interested in maintaining itself through control, the search for permanence, pleasure and playing games.

    There is no fair system. Every system is unfair. So, it can not be changed.
    The only thing you can ‘do’ is not playing the game.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Mindblower I agree the system is a product of thought. And as long as we are talking about more “fundamental” systems, or rather the nature of the world, as opposed to the world of men’s making. I would disagree that it is unfair. I would say that people do not see the underlying fairness because our view is too limited to a single life and a single set of circumstances. But I believe that the REAL system is just. I just don’t believe the system as presented is the real system.
      We can only make changes to the man made systems, the system that man did not make, do not need fixing. I only discuss the man made systems here. The others are a whole separate topic. Take care. — L

  4. John Hagel

    Great site! Thanks for all the unique, insightful, and revealing Truths and Knowledge. I like how you positively remarked that Christ said to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As we become more aware and more discerning … we realize that “doing unto others” isn’t about being nice but it’s about being good. Constructive criticism, construction disciplining, and constructive encouragement are advanced approaches in using the Golden Rule. This is what we who are followers of the Christ want for ourselves and want for others. Christ didn’t mean to be totally passive and thus encourage the worse of behavior, but to be adaptive and innovative in bringing the best out in others. Then we indeed are “Loving one’s neighbor as oneself.” He also stated that “All can be forgiven, except blasphemy against the Spirit of Truth.” This means that those that “do not know what they do,” are to be forgiven, but those that do know what they do (the Truth), but still go against it, for them, there are penalties.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. If you liked the article you read, perhaps you should look at my article, ‘Why do the bad guys always win”. enjoy. — L

    2. Mindblower

      “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is a lie.

      You don’t know what is good or fair. You only know what is ‘good’ for yourself.
      By trying to do good only means you try to serve other people’s desires and interests and feel good about it.
      The chance that others will use and abuse you is high.
      So this slogan does not work.

      1. Mindblower

        Serving other people’s desires and interests hoping and expecting that others will serve your desires and interests. i.e. using others and being used by others hoping for a ‘positive balance’, self centered it is.

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I agree that it all comes down to your own intentions and thoughts. Ultimately we can’t worry about others “bad acts”. But that is a BIG step for anyone to make. It is tough to do. Plus the first step is to work on the practical problems people can deal with. As a lawyer that’s my area so I focus on that at this point. But I got quite a kick out of your “Yoda like” sentence structure. Take care, come back and tell your friends because it is a process. — L

      2. usurykills

        The Golden Rule is but one “slogan” for the same idea. That idea has been an important idea for every society on earth. I think it predates biblical nonsense.

        Sometimes it’s called the non-aggression principle. Sometimes it’s just fair play.

        I like to call it, “Leave me the hell alone.” or “Keep your hands off my stuff.”

        Your rights end where my begin. This is natural law. The slogan can work.

  5. ptm

    The Socratic quote is critical. They play by there own rules. I get the feeling that we are coming to the end of some sort of era…


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