Voting for the president is just a show, nothing more.

Now here is a CANdidate I can get behind.

Now here is a CANdidate I can get behind.  I like his domesticated policy.  *wink

EarPeople look around at the mess and they say, “What can we do Legalman”? How do we “fix this”? Of course the status QUO is more than happy to fill this void with its own set of reforms and ideas. And that of course assures more control and less success for the people. All of the patriot movements and tea parties and everything else are ALWAYS misled and off point. That is not an accident. Their concepts won’t fix anything. They are distractions. The people in them care and mean well, but they are being led down roads that go nowhere.

Step one, is figuring out what we can do WITHOUT a constitutional convention. Since most people are way way way too far gone to do that. We would all just get screwed worse. So we have to understand what the current document would even permit. And that means STEP ONE is understand WHAT the document says.

I don't know why people are intimidated by the constitution, here is a portion. It is pretty straightforward.

I don’t know why people are intimidated by the constitution, here is a portion. It is pretty straightforward.

The reality is that most people have never actually read, much less STUDIED, the adhesion contract that RUNS THEIR LIFE, the holy constitution. They simply rely on the government to tell them what it says in the indoctrination centers they grew up in. Oh, and the media of course, they are an ever present watch dog that is there.

The presidential election will now be “front and center” for the next 2 years of what is nothing but a circus show. Candidates running around raising and spending money telling laughable lies to throngs of people who actually believe they are playing a part in the whole play. The people are so fantastically deluded that they think listening to professional liars talk about what they will do and what their opponents “won’t do” is their “civic responsibility”.

Okay, cut, cut, cut.  Look don't we have any better props than these? they don't even look like real people. C'mon guys we can do better than this.  The View is killing us in the ratings.

Okay, cut, cut, cut. Look don’t we have any better props than these? they don’t even look like real people. C’mon guys we can do better than this. The View is killing us in the ratings.

It never occurs to them to actually READ THE DOCUMENT. That of course would take some actual mental effort. No, people are content to simply run around repeating what they have been told and doing nothing more than elaborate gossiping about what the “candidates” said or stand for. They never stop and ask WHO told them what they believe about the actual process and WHY.

Time is an amazing thing. It is said to “heal all wounds”. Maybe it does. But the way the status QUO uses time is to incrementally screw everyone. Because nobody remembers JACK and they know that. And at this point people not only don’t remember, they don’t know, and they don’t bother to ever go LOOK. They want a tweet to tell them what is going on. They think because they read an editorial in the “Wall Street Journal” by some professional “politico” that they are “informed”. It’s hilarious to me to hear people who claim to be “interested” in politics and who “follow politics” talking about the presidential election.

Say hello to your new president people.

Say hello to your new president people.

Do you understand that almost half the electoral college IS NOT BOUND IN ANY WAY TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WHO “WINS” IN YOUR STATE? How can the vote be defined as anything but a SHOW in those states at a minimum! It is laughable how little people know about how they are RULED.

They don’t get that the holy constitution does not give them ANY say in who is elected. NONE. Get it? Not some. Not a diluted one vote in 100’s of millions. ZERO. So what in the world makes them think they are savvy political people when they don’t even understand how the system actually works and what the document actually says? Brainwashing, and vanity.

Listen you have to be in Texas on Tuesday, we need Texas.  Remember to wear your American flag lapel pin.  My god, do I have to do everything for you?

Listen you are in Idaho Monday and you have a fund raiser in Texas on Tuesday, we need Texas. Remember to wear your American flag lapel pin. My god man, do I have to do everything for you?

The people are treated to this grand show every four years. And now it runs for years at a time. The show is having people run around trying to cover an entire Country with 300 plus million people. “Trying to get votes”.

As though anyone at anytime could cover such a vast space etc. The election is totally meaningless anyway. Nothing they say must they do. They can just change their minds. And of course they do that all the time. They are not held to account for anything they say. They simply say it and then they don’t do it. The worst they are looking at is a “scathing editorial”. Maybe some “bad poll numbers”. Do you honestly think any of that matters when they have the power to rendition you?

The entire presidential election is a giant race. People Love racing. Look how popular NASCAR is. Horse racing. The chariot races were the most popular event. People love racing. The status QUO knows people want bread and circuses. So one of the forms they give it to them in is the presidential elections. Who’s ahead, who’s behind. Can they get the women vote? How about the Hispanics? Where do they stand with single moms? How about on the military? What are the latest polls? How are they doing in the “swing states”? And on and on. Do you see? It is just an elaborate form of entertainment. Nothing more.

Why do I say this?  Because the Constitution makes it QUITE clear that the state legislatures pick the electors who then pick the president. NOT THE PEOPLE. And why is this? Because the president was supposed to be just an executive to get things done that can’t be done well with a committee, which is what congress is.

The U.S. government's official arborist is shown here adjusting the delicate constitutional balance of the branches.

It is not well known that the U.S. government  has an official arborist.  He is shown here adjusting the delicate constitutional balance of the branches.

Your head has been filled with nonsense about 3 Coequal branches etc. That is all nonsense. Can the president remove a congressman? NO. Can a president remove the entire congress? NO. Can the president be removed by congress? YES. Can the president’s veto be over ridden? YES. That is not an equal relationship. Same goes for the court, yet it is EVEN weaker. But that is another post.

So first off there are not 3 coequal branches. That is absurd. Nothing in the actual document indicates that at all. Nothing. Everything makes it clear that is not the case. Yet you have heard this since you were a kid. It is supposedly a “corner stone” of our brilliant system. What a joke.

The federal government is FIRST AND FOREMOST supposed to be FEDERAL. That means that it was created by and for the states. Period. The states wanted to be sure they didn’t get trampled. The federal government is supposed to serve the states. That’s why they allegedly formed it, so they could all get along together better. Nothing more.

The president is to be chosen by the electors that STATE legislatures pick. And they can do that any way they want to! Get it? That means the president is supposed to make the majority of the states representatives happy. Nothing more. What they have turned it into is an absurd popularity contest.  If the president was getting out of line and overstepping into states’ authority, the STATE’s would either get rid of him, or when his term was up vote him out! The president was never designed to run around campaigning all over the country to get the people to vote for him. That makes no SENSE. He is there to be an executive in charge of a government the STATES put together.

Before we go on, let’s just look at the actual language in the stinking document.

The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:
Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector.
The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, and the day on which they shall give their votes; which day shall be the same throughout the United States.

That, my brainwashed brother, is all the constitution says about electing the president. DO YOU SEE? Where is YOUR vote in there? Nowhere, that’s where. But yet, the entire circus goes on.

It's important to start early learning about chex and balances.  They're part of a hearty meal of freedom which is the most important meal of your life.

It’s important to start early learning about chex and balances. They’re part of a hearty meal of freedom which is the most important meal of your life.

Yes they created the “electoral college”, so called, about 20 plus years later with the 12th amendment. But that just made it so that the voting process of THE SAME electors was a bit more flushed out, it didn’t change HOW the electors were chosen. YOU STILL GET NO SAY. And you shouldn’t! The president is there to serve the STATES in a FEDERAL system. To keep the FEDS subordinate to the states. That is the CHECK and BALANCE. The STATES check the feds. Not the silliness about 3 parts of the same monster checking itself. That is a just a lie they drill into your head that you repeat.

How far are we from that now? When do you EVER hear anything about THIS? Never. And guess what? YOU NEVER WILL. They want people distracted and deluded into believing that “if you don’t vote you can’t complain” and other nonsensical silliness. They don’t want them just reading the documents and asking fundamental questions. Because nothing they do has any consent or legitimacy at all? Get it?

If you don’t like the kind of president your state legislature is voting for then all you have to do is put in new representatives at your state house. Do you see? Which is easier, getting the state reps you want or getting the president you want? Of course, your state rep. The more local the better the representation. But today people actually believe they should vote for the president. They are so brainwashed it is amazing.

They don’t even bother just pulling out the phone bill and reading what the “adhesion agreement” constitution, says. People are being “governed” by a document they haven’t even bothered to read, much less study.

What? No babe, I'm here with the guys.  I am heading over to vote here in a minute.  Okay babe, love you too.

What? With who?  No babe, I’m here with the guys. I am heading over to vote in a minute.  This candidate is like, totally for what we want.

All of this time and energy wasted by having the presidential candidates running around telling lie after lie to the people is laughable. They “go into a swing state” and tell lies and then “poof” they win the state’s electoral votes.

They are supposed to go and make their case to the STATE’S electors. Then they decide. How simple would that be? Simple. And then we could all hear and see what they proposed, and we could tell our representative what WE WANTED. Poof problem solved no more billion dollar candidates traveling the country for 2 years telling lies and hoping that the totally captured “press” gives them coverage.

All of the VOTING electors can fit in a small hall or venue It is just congress and the senate. That’s all. The point that the people get to play is knowing who these electors are from their state, and how they were chosen by their STATE representatives. That is the lever point. But it isn’t even used.

And what is the “mainstream” idea for “improving” the system? Take a guess? That’s right, have the electors HAVE to vote how the people supposedly vote. That makes NO sense. When has that ever been a problem? It hasn’t. That is why they focus on it. It is a distraction. That “solution” just assures more wasted time. The solution is what I have given.

And if elected I promise that I will move this country forward, not back. I will make it more prosperous, not less. And I will represent all the people. Thank you.

And if elected I promise that we will all reach presidential status, and I will support my down line and we will all make more money.   Thank you.

Have the candidates make their cases to a known group. Have them put in pledges and sign them under the penalty of perjury. Have them agree to voluntarily step down if they do not live up to them. Then watch the electors in your own state very closely.

I hope you can see that at a minimum the president is not a “coequal” ANYTHING. He was to be subordinate to the states.

The problem is we are so far from anything that was even remotely contemplated when the adhesion contract was “entered” on to the books, that nobody even sees anymore. They are so far away they can’t recognize the folly of all the patriot talk, because they don’t even know what the document says.

Time has worked its magic on the masses. The people have forgotten more and more. And now they don’t even talk about anything except stages where people were discussing solutions that didn’t even have any validity to begin with. We are three times removed from any possible solution at this point because of the effect of time.

This is why I say, discussing change is a total waste of time until people at a minimum start understanding where we even are. That’s all for now.

If you want to hear a bit more, I have some audio below.


Be well my brainwashed Brethren, don’t get down,

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

4 thoughts on “Voting for the president is just a show, nothing more.

  1. Kram

    Good for you Legalman woulda coulda shoulda met ur blog 15 years ago lol. Returning to any semblance of life without persecution will take a while.. In the mean time I count my blessings. and make an effort to wake up my sphere of acquaintances. Peace

  2. D Bro

    If you really believe all that you say and still send the federal government your what is called an income tax return, you are just a typical theoretician, not free at all. “A free people and the IRS cannot co-exist,” Bob Manirik.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      First let me say that I’m glad you’re here. Next let me say I agree entirely that the current tax system is anathema to freedom for many many reasons. But I’m not sure I understand your other point as to me. My “belief” is that the system is rigged. Until sufficient people wake up “not paying taxes” simply assures you end up sitting in a walled prison, AT BEST. How is performing a “futile act” practical? The practical need is to wake a sufficient group so that the system can be changed. Not to throw myself in front of a train. lol. I believe it is imminently more practical for me to enjoy my life to the maximum extent while trying to do what I can to wake people. But perhaps I am misssing something. So if I am, I would love to hear what that is. — L

  3. ptm

    Maybe a comment or two about how each and every federal employee who takes an oath to uphold the Constitution is guilty of some form of treason…

    Otherwise very good as usual.


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