Government power is a gun pointed at you or your neighbor, nothing more.

That's what I'm talking about.

Now that’s a President being honest about executive power.

EarWe hear all the time about government. We “study” government in government schools. They supposedly tell us all about the types of government. From dictatorship and communism, to our wonderful “democratic republic”. But they NEVER tell us what they all have in common? What makes them a “government”? What is the unique power or authority of “government”?

Clearly it isn’t the form. Clearly it isn’t consent of the people. Clearly it isn’t size. All you have to do is start researching “government’ and you will see long boring discussions that hide the ball.  They don’t tell you what makes it different!

No, absolutely, I get it. You need to go see the administrator of the program. He's over there.

Absolutely we can help you. You just need to go see the program administrator. He’s over there.

When you ask people their thoughts, like most of their thoughts, they only have a muddled idea. Vague concepts of “laws” and legislatures and executive branch etc. When you tell them that those are all just FORMS and parts of government, then they tell you all about “education”, and roads and healthcare and “national defense” and welfare and on and on. But of course, those are just some of the things that government “does”.

Those activities are not unique to “government”. All of those activities can occur without any “government”. You don’t even have to have government for “defense”. A long time ago, when something big threatened an area, the different peoples banded together to fight off a “common enemy”. Once that was done, they disbanded. Think of the scene in “Braveheart” when the other clan comes over. “Wallace” tells them to “go back home, that this is not their fight. And they him, “we’ll have no homes to go back to when the English come through and burn us out. And they will.” That is COOPERATIVE defense. Unlike what we have under “government” today.

we're hereBut back to the real issue. What makes government “Government”? How is it different than NON government? How is government “healthcare” any different from any other “healthcare”? How is government UNIQUE. What does it have? What does it DO? What is it At ITS HEART?  Well you won’t find out by reading your civics book. And you won’t find it on the NSA’s Wikipedia “government” page, or in your college (government supported, credentialed accredited) course. So I will tell you.

I said we will kill you. Did I stutter?

Oh, no don’t apologize, it’s my fault.  I should have been more clear.  I meant that if you don’t do it, then we will kill you.


And it is for this reason that the CONSENT of the GOVERNED is so important. Because it is these individuals upon whom that government then turns its guns. Get it? So the government is nothing but a force acting against you, or if you can use government like the status QUO can, a force against others. Yes you have been tricked into thinking it is something very different and wonderful, but in reality it is not. The last thing government can do is allow people to figure any of this out.

Every time people want more government, they are actually asking to have another gun pointed at them or to be able to point guns at their fellow citizens.  Nothing more.

Oh Legalman that is absurd, government does plenty of good things. Okay keep believing that. But what things do they do that couldn’t simply be done by private entities?  Social security, private pension. Healthcare, really? Roads, they can be done with limited partnerships for limited purposes. Education, really? Even “courts” could easily be privatized for the vast majority of cases quite easily. The parties could agree on a tribunal to hear their case. Reviews of different ones would be available to CHOOSE from. If the parties couldn’t agree, then maybe you could have very limited courts run by government for limited purposes.

Okay, I was wrong, the government does do some stuff well.

Oh cool, they’re running that special again.

The reality is that most stuff government does is not something ONLY government can do. And of course basically everything government does, it does much much worse than private industry could do it. The ONLY legitimate reason for government to EVER do anything is if implementing a PRIVATE version or versions would be far too complicated and inefficient. But that describes almost NONE of what government now does.  It is the opposite.  Most of what government now does is either just redistributing money, or involving itself in what should be private endeavors, health care, retirement, charity.

Let’s look at simple example. Say you put a shrubbery in your yard and it is “too close” to the street by a few feet. Okay, zoning “violation”.

First, let’s imagine a private individual tells you it is too close. Well, if you don’t want to move it, it’s kind of game over, unless they come in the middle of the night and dig it up. And if they do that you can just re-plant. And then watch it more closely. And of course if you want you can guard it. And if they come you HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO KEEP THEM FROM TOUCHING IT. Got it? And if they escalate the situation you once again HAVE EVER RIGHT TO ESCALATE THE FORCE NECESSARY TO KEEP THEM FROM YOUR PLANT AND PROPERTY. Got it?

No I don't think you will.

I don’t care who  told you to bring them a shrubbery.

Now let’s juxtapose the same seemingly innocuous situation with what happens with government.

You get a  “notice” you’re “in violation”. You choose to ignore it because you like the bush where it is, your neighbors are not complaining and you think the rule is absurd. What is the chain of events that will follow?

You may get another “notice” or two and then eventually you will either get a “ticket with a fine” or you will get “notice to appear at some kangaroo court” to have the same party, the government, hear the “case against” you. If you don’t pay the fine then it will go onto your record.

The court is just a show, there are no real rights in a case like that as a practical matter. Appear on such a case and you will lose, don’t show and they will issue a “ruling” that you owe a “fine” etc. Got it so far?

Say you continue to ignore the ticket or the fine. At that point it goes into some record bank and at SOME point it will come up again. Maybe when you go to sell your house, or maybe when you pay your tax or refinance or SOMETHING. At SOME point there will come a time when you HAVE to pay that fine. If you choose not to then at some point you will not be able to do something. Either sell your house etc. without paying it. They will make you pay it at that point or you can not go forward.

You have no ability to go to them and insist they release the “lien”. So in effect at that point they have taken your house from you unless you agree to do what they say.  And remember, all of this is over a bush that is a few feet “out of compliance”.  This is when most people give in to the government.  It quite frankly, “isn’t worth the trouble” at that point to resist.  And that is the key to how the government continues to hide its true NATURE.  People don’t go through with it, so they never learn the truth about what the GOVERNMENT actually is.

What do you mean be careful? I'm killing it. This chick can seriously drink, but she's ready to go. You're going to have to find another ride home bud.

Well hello handsome.  You want to join a girl for drink?  “Dude, this is in the bag.  You’re going to have to find another ride home.”

Okay, so at this point what options do you have left besides compliance?  Say you decide, it’s not right, you’re going to go down to the location where the liens are entered and deleted and demand they delete this utterly “absurd extortionary lien”. You go to the office and ask the employee to remove it. They decline or refuse. You then insist. They continue to refuse.

Now what is your option? At that point your only “options” are to go and plead with the same party, the government, to reverse itself. That is not going to happen. That only leaves you, compliance with their demand or,  with demanding they remove it or else.

What happens if you do that? Simple, they will call more government in the form of Police. If when the police arrive, you tell them it is none of their business, that this is between you and the person who is keeping you from selling your house, that won’t work.

They will order you to stop and come with them or to leave the GOVERNMENT premises.

If you refuse they will force you. If you resist them they will taser you or subdue you. If you pull a gun, and don’t point it at them and simply tell them that you have no beef with them, that you are only asking that they mind their own business but that you will defend yourself if they continue or attempt to interfere, well, you know how that ends. If you put up a fight, they will simply shoot you.

And if the government agents, the police, kill you in that situation what happens to them? NOTHING. THEY, AS THE GOVERNMENT, HAVE A RIGHT TO KILL YOU. Get it? If you kill them after telling them to leave you alone and they draw down on you, well, you’re going to get tagged for capital murder and you are going to get the needle. Get it?

but but

I am still confused, I told you I have a sore throat.  Are you sure ObamaCare requires this?

Do you see what government really is now? It is nothing but the “legalized” use of force to make you do whatever they say. WHATEVER. From dog catcher, to child “protective” services. All, nothing but FORCE against you and your fellow citizens.  Don’t believe me.  Check here here and here.

Are you “permitted” to refuse an UNLAWFUL “order” from a police officer? Of course not. You must submit and then “complain later” to another branch of the same government in the courts about the abuse. If you try and say no to a police officer that officer will force you. If you resist they will MAKE you. If you continue to resist they will call more officers to the scene and they will eventually KILL you or put you in a cage. Get it?

But Legalman, they do a lot of good too.  Really?  Where do they get that money to “hand out” to other citizens in order to appear to be a “benevolent” helpful entity?  Right taxes. And what do you think happens if you tell them you don’t want to pay what they are claiming you owe so they can hand it out? Right, you get put in a cage. Then you get to go in front of some of the same governments other agents, the “judges”, and they “decide” what to do with you. Get it?

That’s all there really is to government. AND that is why, even though it is a necessary evil, it needs to be fantastically limited. Cut 99% of current government FOR STARTERS.

It really is simple.


And yet, people are so intentionally mis-educated about what government even IS that they actually ask for more.  And where do people learn about what government is? That’s right, from government schools government agencies, and the Media which loves government because it benefits from the enforcement arm of their QUO.  But people just don’t get it.

There is a lot to this topic. If you want to hear more I have provided some additional audio.

Listen now.

Good luck my brainwashed brethren,

10-27-14 Update:  I just saw this article about Balmer buying the Clippers.  Classic example of how the status QUO gets deals you don’t. It is a rigged game.  They point the gun at you and make you pay.  They make sure the gun does not ever point at them.  Get it?

Legalmand IS the law

Legalman IS the law

7 thoughts on “Government power is a gun pointed at you or your neighbor, nothing more.

  1. marc

    Forgot to mention that your talk above is succinct and superb. Tho it should be, and is for some, well known, your particular style and choice morsels of logic are excellent.
    Should get some bumper stickers with these thoughts. Gov is the use of force and nothing else… Hand outs are receipt of stolen goods!!
    Not here to accuse those in actual need and that is another matter.

  2. Ricardo Debiase

    I only disagree on one point: Government being a necessary evil. It’s like “lesser evil”. Evil isn’t necessary; that’s justification for SERVING EVIL. And, when you serve evil….well we know the rest.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I agree Ricardo that it is quite a complicated situation to resolve. If I could have my way,I think you could have a small workable gov’t IN THEORY. But that of course, as we know, is a LONG way from reality. We are clearly of like minds. We have to stick together. — L

  3. Public Servant

    Our Founding Fathers knew the price of Liberty set forth in the Bill of Rights held those truths in the night to be self-evident . And that the order to form a more perfect Union was not simply a declaration of independence by the dawn’s early light. It was also, for spacious skies and to the Republic for which it stands, a freedom of speech which shall not perish from this homeland of the brave.

    Indeed, these unalienable rights endowed the Constitution with the words of Thomas Jefferson, who, with one small step for man in the course of human events to tear down this wall and read my lips, pledged allegiance that all men are created equal, and asked not to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of the people, by the people, and for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses from sea to shining sea, with liberty and justice for all.

    That’s why the rights of economic justice for public servants are protected- with equal justice under the law- by the economic servants of justice for public rights.

    And it’s why we choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they leave you only with the cherished memory of what you have lost and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Oh my friend that is truly a classic. It brought a tear to my eye. I had to stand up to put my hand over my heart and sing the nat’l anthem afterwards.

      Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. GeorgiaCracker

    Once I understood that all the money government has they took from the citizens, my eyes were opened. When people take something that is not theirs they are thieves, so why don’t people see it this way for government? Nothing gets my dander up like the phrase, “public servant” from a politician or anybody working for government. What an insult to my intelligence.


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