The drones are so brainwashed they have no idea what a REAL LAW even is.

It's not gay, because it's the law.

Remember, Law and order is all about being a good American!

The “law and order crowd” does more to unwittingly enslave the people of this country than any other group. They seem to actually believe that anyone who doesn’t “follow the exact letter of the law” must not love “America” or respect our “freedoms”. Their belief “system” is so confused it boggles the mind. They truly are a living testament to the power of brainwashing. People don’t grasp how dangerous they are to real freedom.

For most people, a law is nothing more than something “passed” by the legislature and signed by the executive in some formal procedure. Most people don’t give any thought to what actually makes a law “legitimate”. And they certainly don’t understand the difference between positive law and natural law. Their thinking on the topic of “laws” ends once it meets the arbitrary procedural goal of “passing” and being “signed into law”. And that’s understandable.

This is probably above the intelligence level of most Americans, but I provide it for those who can understand it.

This helpful PSA  is probably above the intelligence level of most Americans, but you can see it is packed with helpful information.

We were all brainwashed as kids in government schools with a government mandated civics “curriculum” pushing a whole bunch of lies. And then we were subjected to cartoons and after school specials about how a “bill” becomes a “law”.

As a result a large group reach what they see as a logical conclusion. People imagine that the “country” has done all these things for them. Then they combine the brainwashing they had with regards to our “freedom” and how the government supposedly protects it and promotes it through its laws and conclude that “good citizens” “should support” whatever conduct the state has chosen to criminalize or “outlaw” in order to “maintain law and order” so long as it has gone through the “law making” procedure.

I met this chick at freedom rally. She was big into law and order. I did my best, but I just couldn't get through to her. So I just changed the subject and ended up sleeping with her.

I met this chick at a freedom rally. She was big into law and order and “getting back to the constitution”. I I tried to tell her about natural law, but I wasn’t getting through, so I just dropped it, told her I wanted to get something straight between us and took her back to my room.

And that is how the law and order crowd comes into existence. They conflate the freedom they are told exists with the country, and then they conflate the laws that pour out of the legislatures with a symbol of our system and thus our “freedoms”.

People never connect the dots that the education system they attended was fully controlled by the same government that desires to control the citizenry with its system of “laws”. And that the state made sure that the curriculum mis-taught or failed to teach anything that would have actually informed the citizens and impeded the game for those running the whole scam. Thus the law and order people don’t see that they are supporting the exact opposite of the freedom they think they are supporting.

They shouldn’t feel bad though, the difference between natural law and positive law is not even taught in law school. Or rather I should say, it is ESPECIALLY NOT taught in law school. The last thing those running the scam want is for lawyers and judges to actually understand that difference and to have decent well meaning people start questioning the fundamental legitimacy of the SYSTEM of positive law from within the system itself!

So let’s look at the difference now. Positive laws is the name for the arbitrary rules that “lawmakers” create with a “formal process”.  They are the silly bouncing ball graphic shown going from a committee to the floor to a vote to signing by the President.  You know, the stuff you learned about in after school specials DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. lol

99.99% of all “laws” that you see and know are nothing but these “positive” laws. The term “positive law” derives from the fact that the law was “posited” or asserted as law by a person or a “body of men”, not because it is a “positive”. So right away those in control have made subtle use of the language to begin the deception.  But in reality they are just a made up thing. Just anything those crooks can get through their crooked system.

The natural law of cats is indisputable.

The reasoning is actually more sound than many of the arguments I have heard in favor or law and order.  And the subject is much more interesting to most people.

Natural laws are immutable rules that are the same everywhere for all time. Natural law is a science. Its rules are there to be discovered, not created arbitrarily in state houses. Natural laws either are or are not there. Just like the laws of chemistry or physics.

Natural laws are based in fundamental fairness. Everyone knows them and can discovery them in their own life because everyone WANTS the benefit of natural law justice when they are in a weaker negotiating position!

Violations of natural law are clear on their face. It is wrong to rob a man. It is wrong to slander a man. It is wrong to beat a man without just cause. It is wrong to fail to perform a deal under the terms agreed to. Do you see? It matters not what language you speak. It matters not what time or place you live in. The rules of conduct between people don’t change. Justice is justice.

Positive laws allow those with the power of government to OVERIDE natural law through force and coercion. The purpose of positive law is to apply a different standard to some protected person, group or activity. That is the ENTIRE PURPOSE of positive laws.

Think about it like this. Positive law was used to “legalize” slavery. Positive laws declare that the King or the “government” can own all the land and that they have the authority to “give” some huge tract of land to some favored person or to some railroad company. That is what positive law is and does.

Positive law is a great thing! depending on who you are.

More Good news for the positive law guys.  Remember, it’s the law, and we all have to follow the law. 

Remember the “fugitive slave act”? You know the “law” that required people to allow the state to return another person to some guy in another state if the slave managed to escape? Yes that law. THAT is what positive law looks like when it is boiled down to its basest form. Arbitrary and immoral.

Are you obligated to follow that kind of law? Well you are, inside the insane system of positive law. Is it moral to follow that law? Of course not. That is turning natural law on its head. Does following positive law support freedom? No, it supports coercion, the opposite of freedom.

And the SAME analysis applies to virtually ALL positive law. There are countless examples I could give you of made up “positive” non-laws and non-crimes that are passed and enforced. Vices, like smoking pot or paying for sex are not crimes because there is NO VICTIM complaining. They are no more crimes than watching too much t.v. or overeating is a “crime”.

Same goes for all sorts of “requirements” both civil and criminal for you to keep records and produce records to government agencies. The vast majority of “financial crimes” are made up nonsense designed to collect a tax, fix a price or draw attention away from the REAL crime of central private fractional reserve banking that steals from the people and that the government forces on us all through Positive laws!

Do you now see why you didn’t learn about the concept of positive versus natural law in your government schools? Lol

If ever the phrase, “they know not what they do” applied, it applies to the whole “law and order crowd”.

Why do you need consent when you've got the right to comment! This is what american freedom is all about!

Standard law and order guy doesn’t know he is actually exercising the only real political freedom he has.  And that the moderator is going to delete what he wrote.   

So how did we get in this sad state? Well it took time. Made up “positive” laws are the source of all political power. Politicians sell their favors to the highest bidders in the form of laws. And they create arbitrary crimes to spread fear and uncertainty in the people so that the people can be controlled and thus government abuse and power can expand, and thus their own power can expand. Get it? Thus Natural law is the enemy of all governments.

Natural law was understood by the people for a very long time. The peoples’ understanding of Natural law started to fade when the scam of “representative government” was created. You see, as long as there was a “monarch” it was clear that there was the king’s law, and then there was natural law, and EVERYONE knew the difference. One was whatever corrupt arbitrary practice the king chose to impose and the other was the law of RIGHT and WRONG.

With the rise of representative fakery as a form of “government”, the people have been slowly tricked into believing that the made up “positive” laws from the government have the same moral foundation as natural laws and thus that they are just as “legitimate” because the government claims to be “by the people”. Then with the advent of “public schooling” the entire concept of natural versus positive law was stripped out of the “curriculum” by the state. Add to that, the nonstop brainwashing from the media and pooooof. Now nobody has any idea.

The people now just think so long as Mr. Bill made his cartoon trip through the committees and the house and got votes there and was signed, well, then we have a law we all have to follow! Law and order you know. lol

Do you now see the close connection between the rise of “fake representation” government and state controlled education and the conflation of positive law with natural moral law? That connection is critical. When the monarch or dictator ruled his law was clearly arbitrary. When a group of crooks who claim to be elected with the consent of the people pass garbage, it is harder to see the game! Especially when you are taught lies in schools they run.

It's easy to under estimate people. The people could bite back.

People can surprise you.  Sure they may be easily manipulated, but they have a lot of power if they would just use it.

The entire pervasive “law and order” positive law mindset that they have embedded into the people and the police and the prosecutors and the judiciary is anathema to freedom! And that is why the state pushes so hard to confuse the people about what real law is. Because they don’t want you to ever focus on the fact that every reduction of freedom for the people through a positive law is a GAIN of power and control for the state. It is a simple formula.

Natural law is moral law. It is the law of right and wrong. It is the law of justice! So there is no need to “justify” it. But where does the moral obligation to follow positive laws come from?

Well that is where the whole thing falls apart for the state. And that is why this topic is never discussed.  Certainly not in government schools or the mainstream media.

The state and its apologists claim we are all somehow “bound” by some vague social contract. It is absurd.  Have you ever been presented with such a contract? Of course not. What are the terms? Are the terms negotiable? What happens if I decline? What if the government violates the terms? How is it enforced?  And on and on. The Social contract is just a con.  A scam.  It is a fantasy. It has no more reality than Klingon has as an actual language !

Let me ask you. Do you agree to the current system of governmental control?  I seriously doubt it.  Well, case closed then.  You have not agreed to the social contract upon which they claim their authority rests to tell you what to do with their positive laws.

Look, they already KNOW that the contract is a lie. They know that nothing supports their authority but force. Nothing.  They just hope you won’t figure it out.  And if you do, well… what can you do about it?  They have millions of law and order drones ready to help them. Who do you have?  lol. 

My friend, consent is the key to all conduct between people. If I coerce you when I have no RIGHT to coerce you, then my conduct is not moral. The entire “legal” system we operate under is an immoral system because there is no actual consent. That is the great secret they keep. That is the great lie upon which the entire edifice of “law and order” is built.

I did a little informal survey one night. I wasn't sure whether this guy was consenting or not. He fell back asleep before I could clarify his position.

I did a little informal survey one night. I wasn’t sure whether this guy was consenting or not. He fell back asleep before I could clarify his position.

I have showed you before that the supreme court itself has already ruled that you do not have any right to consent or not consent to the form of government. You MUST obey. Not because you have chosen to, but because they will come and arrest you if you don’t.  So again, case closed.  No consent.

The great con governments have pulled is distracting the people from looking into this issue of actual CONSENT that supports the government’s own actions. And here is where the law and order people are so confused. Whether THEY consent is not the issue. The issue is whether the people they seek to coerce and control have consented. Let me quickly show you.

Is it okay for 2 people to tell a third what to do just because they are stronger? No it is not. How about for 8 to tell 2? Of course not. Well is it okay for 1 to tell 2 or 4 others what to do because the one is stronger than the 2 or the 4? No of course not.

But is it okay for 3 people or 10 people or 100 people to all agree to live with whatever the majority decides? Yes it is.

Do you see the difference?

In one case the people agree that they may not get their way. But they agree to live with the result either way. The government must have THAT type of consent to be a government of consent! The government must have the VOLUNTARY consent of the people to live by whatever the group decides. If you don’t have that, then there is no ACTUAL consent, you have coercion.

So let me ask you. Do you think you can get unanimous consent to the form of our government?  How about to the idea that the “other guy” in the election gets to do whatever he wants? I don’t think so. How about 75% support for those ideas? I doubt it. Could you even get 50%? I doubt that as well.

So the people do not currently consent to the form of the government or to live by whatever the group decides, they are simply forced to do so. But nonetheless we are told that forcing a form of government on someone is the greatest tyranny. Nothing they tell us ever makes any sense with REALITY.

Telling the difference between a real law and a made up law is easy. It's this whole transgender thing that is actually confusing!

The confusion the “law and order” crowd suffers from is nothing compared to this whole transgender thing.  So Am I gay if I think she is hot?  

The confused “law and order” mentality the government has created in so many people MUST be broken so that JUSTICE can be brought back into the equation. The issue should always be JUSTICE, not compliance with arbitrary rules. Justice my friend. What you want and demand for yourself and your family and your friends. That is what everyone should get. Justice to the maximum extent.

Natural law is the science of justice. Natural law is a fascinating and complex topic that I have only just touched on. I hope you to look into it.

Okay, that’s all for now. I know I left a lot out. I have to out of necessity. It is already long. There is only so much that can be said at one time. I hope you at least learned something. Now go open the mind of a law and order drone to the concept of REAL Justice under natural law.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren. Live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

22 thoughts on “The drones are so brainwashed they have no idea what a REAL LAW even is.

  1. Pos

    To the OP:

    I’m going to share something with you, and, for your sake, I hope you are not just another b.s. artist, pretending to care about the restoration of law, but cannot see the “forest fore the trees” when such a concept is presented. Read this and do not stop reading until our goal of “restoration of law” is accomplished:

  2. PTM

    Informed consent as you say. On this everything turns. There is no consent to natural law for it has its being in our very nature. Man cannot be separated from his rights under Natural Law without incurring bad karma. Unlike his extremities or eyes, man’s rights are inalienable.

    Any posited law that is not accompanied by informed consent by all interested parties is an abject immorality. This characterizes the whole of all government and informs its acts. Let the people judge for themselves whose interests are served by government. One may fairly conclude, therefore, that there is no need for posited laws, but only contracts among interested parties. Violators of voluntary contracts are subject to penalties of violating Natural Law and just retribution of the aggrieved. Posited law is merely a mechanism for enslaving the people.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Very true PTM. Very true. Now if we could just convince maybe 25million others here we might actually start getting somewhere. lol. The “laws” they “create” are laughable bs. People have truly been turned into hapless fools. So brainwashed from cradle to grave it boggles the mind. It is easy to see how those taking advantage and cheating their asses off can recruit so easily. Without a strong firm grounding in something more than the material world, there is NO reason NOT to join and cheat. My belief in more is well reasoned, at least I think it is, nonetheless it is still hard sometimes not to just dump it and go all in to “get mine”, as you know from our personal conversations. I do appreciate your insight and counsel in that regard. — L

    2. marc

      Allow me to rave some.

      “Informed consent as you say.” Can’t be much else. So take a magic island, a group of test subjects born and raised in a so called vacuum; a controlled environs, where hitting the next person just for the fun of it is (conditioned to be perceived as) perfectly, and unanimously, fine. Then do the invasion of the body snatcher thing and viola, free for all and all is well on planet earth… But then we may have some who might reconnect to their so called spiritual center.
      This turn would be seen as politically incorrect to the group. So enlightened subject tells these other profane types that hitting is wrong. In unison. the group yells out, “Prove it!” “It’s fun and enlivening to hit others!!” “But you all have wounds and can’t get much done!”, comes the retort. “Details!!”, they reply. “That’s why we’re learning Ju Jitsu!!, you sissy”

      I’m just saying that moral codes, say as to ethics, seem to be more an ideal. I play by the rules. Maybe I’ve seen to much suffering. That is, apparent needless suffering and it simply goes on and on to nowhere (how many wars since WWI to end all wars?). The ptb have been around for Eons and are Still at it via genocide etc.

      So sounds like there’s consensus and the way things pan out which is, according to metaphysical insight, entirely Scripted. The Cosmos is a Script and we are going through the motions. The rest is, projection. So is that consensus based on a collective projection?

      Yeah, I’ve today off. But this is an awesome blog. I heard a radio talk show host go on about pot prohibition where his final defense was simply, “Because it’s the law!” I like to send some folks from that island his way.

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Marc I am having some geek related issue on parts of the technical aspects. For instance, I have to “approve” my own comments lol. I haven’t spent the time to figure out god knows what is wrong with the settings or updates or whatever. But I am sympathetic. All you have to do is copy paste the post you want to edit and “post” the new one to me. I will then be happy to replace it so it appears as you prefer. — L

  3. Davcid

    Do not confuse the legal is right crowd with the anything goes crowd

    I have come to find that many many Americans side with what ever the govt does,they do not ever try to rationalize it.
    It is not so much a single point of contention than it is a 100% part and parcel acceptance of what ever the Govt wants, does and does not do, they fully get behind ” my country right or wrong”
    attitude. They are truly a dangerous lot and usually very ignorant ,uneducated or educated but with low IQ .They rarely think for themselves and are easily manipulated by the powers that be.
    As far as they are concerned anything goes when it comes to the powers that be. They have no other conviction .

    1. conspiracytheorist

      I was having that exact discussion with my 13 year old son this morning. Trying as I might to help him to see through the world of BS and to employ critical thinking skills to see the world for what it is and not what someone tells you it is or should be.

  4. conspiracytheorist

    Ah yes, consent! The consent of the governed. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

    A great read and thank you for posting it. Consent is the key. Anyone reading this needs to take that one idea, consent, and research it. See how it affects you in your life and everything you are consenting to. Birth Certificate, drivers license, Social Security. All of these are by consent and how they trap you in this system of economic slavery. What’s worse is these are contracts by deceit which makes them null in the first place.

    Legalman, you should do a segment on adhesion contracts. Semantic deceit on the birth certificate name and how they trap us.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks Conspiracytheorist. I have written a lot of times on consent in its many forms regarding this “greatest free-est” blah blah blah. The vast majority don’t get it. And it is clear it is hard to get through to them. By capturing the young minds and then brainwashing them, they have nicely sealed up the game. It is going to be tough to overcome. But what choice is there but to try? — L

      1. masterslave

        Exactly — either break the nonconsentual bonds of enslavement or you will eventually be suffocated to death by them .

  5. consent-to-be-governed

    Excellent article!

    Not sure if the viewers made the connection between the written law [positive] and unwritten law [natural law] otherwise known as the Laws of Nature. The Declaration of Independence refers to them as the Law of Nature and Natures God [LONANG]. The Laws of Nature/Natural Law apply to everybody on the planet uniformly, while written law applies only in a specific place to a specific subject and object.

    Where do the statutes and acts of Congress apply? They apply to the Land owned and administered by the United States for the United States of America, otherwise known as federal territory/possessions/enclaves whichconstitute the territorial composition as defined in Chapter 5 of Title 28. The Supreme Law of the Land only applies to the Land owned by the United States of America. This is known as proprietary power over land.

    The unwritten law, common law [English], applies on the land not owned by the United States of America.

    The only question left to ponder… Does the land in which I live belong to the United States/United States of America? In order for land to be owned by the United States it would have to be ceded to the United States as enumerated in the Constitution of 9/17/1787.

  6. Carey Nottingham

    As always, thank you for the educational journey down ‘enlightenment lane’. truly

    lol “forgive them Father” for they know not that “cats are liquids” *giggle*

    Love it!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      lol, glad you enjoyed that liquid cat Carey. It was a funny pic. The path to enlightenment is of course, like a razor’s edge. There is the danger of falling off and the danger of walking the path itself. I would never claim to know the way down such a path. But I am on the journey and I have a lot of bad scars from previous deep cuts on my feet. Honestly, when you realize how far we are from where we would like to be, it can be a bit disconcerting. I would like to know how far down it is if I fall off the path. That way when I am feeling low at least I could make a reasoned assessment of whether it makes more sense to fling myself onto the razor, or just leap off into the abyss. lol Take care. –L

      1. Carey Nottingham

        Legalman, the path to truth and enlightenment is clearly a treacherous one. but I would rather be on it with all the bumps and bruises and scars than walking with my head in the clouds in a life of utter oblivion. thank you for your efforts. I always enjoy them. and as you have said, don’t get down. …and definitely don’t hurl yourself into the abyss… you know it won’t work! *wink*

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I agree Carey that certain things probably don’t work. But we don’t yet know what is actually in the abyss. So that could be a way out. lol — L

  7. Ol' Pappy

    One of your best, Legalman. I hope you don’t mind that I forwarded this one on to many friends.


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