Freedom vs. Control is the issue that matters, not the form of the government.

It's important to remember that Patrick Henry refused to sign the Constitution.

True to his word,  Patrick Henry refused to support the Constitution…. oh your government school didn’t tell you?

We are taught that the world is divided between communism on one end and fascism on the other, with our perfect compromise right in the middle. Right? We hear it constantly. When the blue team/Dems try and push something we are warned about “communism” or “socialism” ooooh the boogie men. And when the red team/Repubs push things “too much” we are warned about it leading to “fascism” another boogie man.

MMM, now this freedom is juusst right.

MMM, now this government is not too unfree, and it’s not to freefree, it’s  juusst right free.

It leaves the clear and INTENDED idea in our minds that our form of government is in the middle and that it represents the bestest best of all governments.

There simply cannot be any argument that this is not exactly what we are taught in government schools and told through media our Whole lives.

It really is a laughable lie. So deceptively simple. And yet so effective to keep people all arguing about the wrong things. In fact the whole concept that is put in our minds is intended to stir the constant Red/Blue fight. It is intended to keep peoples’ eyes off the real ball, which is, how Free are you?

Picture a line with total freedom on one end and total governmental control on the other. That is the relationship that matters. That is the idea that needs to be IN YOUR HEAD. That is the ONLY thing that matters.

I can't HEAR YOU! "I said, thank you for your service SIR."

I CAN’T HEAR YOU!      ” I said, thank you for your service SIR.”  Okay, that’s better.  Damn Ingrate.

It makes no difference what kind of government is exercising the control. Do you care who renditions you? No, only that you are renditioned. Does it matter if a King or if a politburo takes all your money? No. Does it matter whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney push laws that take your money and your freedom, or whether some “evil” dictator does it? NO. You lose the same thing either way.

Total freedom is intentionally and habitually   referred to derisively by the status QUO as “anarchy”. And now after constant programming about how “bad and chaotic” it is, people immediately, ON CUE, conjure scary images. But really, there is no reason for that. Would there be crime, of course. Is there crime now? Of course. If EVERYONE was in prison would there be crime? No. But would that be a “good outcome”?  Of course not.  But that is what the other end of that scale looks like with total control.

Do you see? They have put an image in your mind about the law and our system that is not accurate. You imagine the opposite of anarchy to be our system. Which is the perfect balance, according to the fairy tale. The reality is that neither total freedom nor total control work. Though if given a choice I will take total freedom, not total control. Wouldn’t you? For the vast majority of all of man’s existence there has been very little control.

Yeah, we hear you Larry, it's just that none of us voted for you, so we're just relax for a while. But go ahead, knock yourself out.

Yeah, we heard you Larry, it’s just that none of us voted for you, so we’re just going to relax for a while. But go ahead, knock yourself out if you want.

It is only with the rise of the “nation state” and the power crazy people who want to “be in charge” of everything now being able to make that a reality, that this has changed. Animals, for the most part, don’t breed well in captivity. So the constant key is to keep people believing they are free. And so they tell this absurd fairy tale about our government and trick people into arguing about things that make no difference, instead of about the only thing that really matters, CONTROL.

The only legitimate reason for government to exist at all, is to alleviate issues that come with “Total Freedom”. But remember, total control, which is the end desire of all government, brings a much WORSE set of problems. So the issue that SHOULD ALWAYS BE DEBATED is what is the minimum control, i.e. government, necessary, to fix or mitigate the issue that exists with total freedom. Always remembering that many times the “problem” that comes with total freedom is still better than ANY government “solution”.

That must always be the peoples’ mindset. Freedom, vs. Control. Which type of government, and which party in that government wants to exert the control is just a DISTRACTION.

But they constantly mix concepts and ideas and muddle everyone’s mind.  Do you see how different that question is than HOW we are taught to think about the problem? They frame the question, like any good lawyer, in a way that boxes you into the answer they want. We are taught our GOVERNMENT represents FREEDOM. We are taught that just by having our government’s form that we are Already free. The fact that you “get to vote” is what “makes you free”.  That is the great sleight of hand. Do you see it?

I'm thinking about getting a nose job.  Do you think that's a mistake?

I’m thinking about getting a nose job. Do you think that’s a mistake?

The only arguments that are considered “legitimate” and not “wacky” have to do with whether we are becoming too communist or too fascist. There is never argument that our very government itself is not good. The only discussion about “freedom” that is permitted, is how are we to be free WITHIN the system they have given us. Get people asking the wrong questions.  Game theory. Get it?

The way it should work is that we should discuss the minimum amount of government necessary. And then implement that plan. If we need a bit more government, we add it. As soon as it becomes the slightest bit too much, eliminate it. Always Striving for total freedom. Always erring on the side of TOTAL freedom.

Our government which controls almost every aspect of our lives is a preposterous example of “freedom”. How many more things do they have to control before the control is total? What is left? Yet, people “fear” other forms of government. Instead of seeing that the form is irrelevant. It is the effect that matters.

Fascism and communism represent the same thing our government does. Control. Nothing more, nothing less. Being controlled under a fascist regime, a communist regime, or a “democratic Republic” is still control.

We aren’t “in the middle” of anything. Governments all do the same thing. The difference is that Fascism and Communism do it OPENLY and then lie about why they do it.  One claims to do it for the people, the other on behalf of the corporations for the people.

Under our “free” system, our government must do it surreptitiously to succeed. It must claim it is not doing it. Get it? The results are the same. Government control. It’s just in our country the government has to pretend to be a servant of the people. Slowly ever so slowly and imperceptibly advancing so the people don’t get wise. Think about social security, think how it has grown. Think about the income tax, think how it has grown. Think about the security state, think how it has grown. It is ALWAYS the same. Our government operates by lying to the people about what it really is and does. It has to be done slowly.  Always slowly slowly slowly.  Imperceptibly slowly.

No no, c'mon in, it's nice. Actually I think it's getting even FREER.

No no, c’mon in, it’s nice. Actually I think it’s getting even FREER.

Whenever the control is exposed in an area, it is explained away as a mistake or bungling, or one off, or Bureaucracy, incompetence, accident, a single corrupt official. And as soon as the public is not looking, bam, right back to the same tactics. Remember “HillaryCare”, It didn’t make it because the people “didn’t want it.” So then it is repackaged and jammed down everyone’s throat as Obamacare 15 years later. Do you see?

Always deception. That’s why people are confused by RINO republicans. Confused by compromise. Confused by the supreme court. Confused by the way the alphabet agencies “regulate”. Always the people are confused confused confused. Because they imagine the system is something it is not. And they try and make the facts that are IN THEIR FACE fit with the model of freedom that was put in their mind.

Can you not see that this perfectly describes WHAT YOU ACTUALLY OBSERVE. Every election season the same set of lies is trotted out on both sides. Every time some “crisis” “requires” a move, and those moves are always towards more CONTROL. Where are the “required moves” to FREEDOM? They don’t exist and they never will. It makes no difference which form of control, i.e. the type of government you are living under.

The beauty for the status QUO is that the people in this country do their work for them because they have been fooled into thinking they are “free”because they get to “vote”. So the people themselves make excuses to explain away what they actually observe, in order to make the facts FIT with what they imagine the system to be. The excuses are NEEDED by the people to make what they see make sense with what is in their mind. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to deal with the cognitive dissonance. Get it?

That in fact is the entire basis for the fake red/blue debate between the parties.  The illusion that one of the parties might actually lesson the control.  It won’t happen.  Each party represents a different type of control. So Control always grows. One party wants small military, one big.  One wants less welfare, one wants more.  Are you catching on yet?  If one party’s in power one part grows, when the other party is in power the other part grows.  And on and on it goes.

Once you see the game, then you can no longer be fooled.

A Government such as ours can not under any circumstances ever be honest about what it actually does and is. It must always pretend. Always. At all times. It pretends to be there to help you, protect you, serve you, since “the people are in charge” etc. That’s why the politicians are seen as such liars. Of course they are. They HAVE to be. And in order to keep the charade up, the government and status QUO foster the red/blue debate, so that the people argue about which team’s liars are worse.

Enough already Frank.  What more do you want?  You can go and do whatever you like. You just like to argue.

 Sheesh, freedom freedom freedom.  Enough already Frank.  What more do you want? You can go and do whatever you like here. I think you just like to complain.

The people are left debating freedom WITHIN the system, never outside of it. Never actual freedom. Only RELATIVE freedom from within the system.

As long as you live in a world where you must “play by the rules” and “get back to the constitution” you live in their game. You will lose. How many more things have to happen? How many more “laws” have to be passed? How many more lies have to be tolerated and explained away as accident and one off etc. before you see and accept the reality that the “constitution” is not only useless it is MUCH MUCH WORSE. It is a con that keeps people fighting to protect something that only controls them?

The power of the human mind to believe in the face of overwhelming evidence is an amazing tool. De NIAL, it’s not just a river in Egypt anymore.  The QUO knows this. You need to understand it as well. Next time I will show you how the concept of the “necessary compromise” in politics is used to further this entire game.

Be well my brainwashed brethren,

Legalmand IS the law

Legalman IS the law

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