There are never any REAL consequences to the government’s investigations of ITSELF, and there never will be.

Several of the people who may be called in the CIA scandal hearings meet before going before going in front of the committee to be sure they know what they are supposed to do.

Several potential “star” witnesses hoping to be “discovered” in the CIA scandal hearings meet to rehearse their testimony.  

The current distraction in the News cycle is the CIA report.  The details are really irrelevant.  It is just a show.  Nothing but a distraction for sure. What, if anything else this current “scandal” may be covering up, we CAN NEVER KNOW. But I will go on record now saying that Nothing will actually happen of substance as a result of this whole show. Nothing. Nobody is going to prison for 25 years. Nobody is going to even be tried, much less convicted and do hard time. I predict this is a total NON STORY within a month, probably less.  The DOJ has ALREADY said it won’t be prosecuting anyone.  Get it?  The Federal government has decided it won’t prosecute itself. I for one am shocked.

All of these “scandals” and “investigations” are just Entertainment.  They are directed at people who have created an image of themselves where they are “informed” because they read the NY Times or the Wall Street journal or some paid propagandist “in the know” columnist, or they watch Fox News, etc. etc. They think because they get to “gossip” about this news show that they are “doing their part” and participating in democracy, or some such other fantasy.  But the truth is that following the details of the latest “scandal” in the news is no Different than discussing what happened on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. They are both just REALITY TV.

CNN has apparently completed its year long investigation and the results are going to ROCK WASHINGTON.

CNN has apparently completed its year long investigation and the results are going to ROCK WASHINGTON.  A preview of those results is shown here.

What is even new in this current CIA story? Honestly. I see Nothing. Are you telling me it is actually news that the CIA lies to congress or to the American people? Please. Are you telling me it is news that they interrogate people or torture them? Please. How bout is it even news that they screw stuff up? No. none of it even is “new” or surprising.

What in the world is the point of having these show hearings? One reason the stories are always cropping up and changing is to distract people from ever having enough time to notice what the real issues are with the corruption.  That is a huge part.  That is why the “scandals” so often seem to go on and on, even when the facts don’t seem to justify it. And why other “news” that breaks that is ACTUALLY potentially much more important, flashes and then is gone.

Personally, however, I suspect, the MOST important thing this type of show is designed to do is to LEAVE THE IMPRESSION THAT THE PRESS ACTUALLY DIGS UP DIRT and that “things” actually get “discovered” through oversight by congress and that EVERYONE INCLUDING THE “GOVERNMENT”  is subject to “the law”.  Those concepts are CRITICAL to keeping the ruse up. Of course that is laughably naïve to believe.

Let me ask you, how can we know if anything at all in the report is EVEN TRUE? Honestly.  How can we know if ANY of it is true?  We can’t. We have to trust that the same entity, the federal government, is telling us the truth through one department now, about what they lied to us about for years through another department. It is ABSURD.

Shown here is the hide out for the most notorious bandit in Nigerian history.  It's location was confirmed by a local who runs the tour of the cave.

Shown here is the hide out for the most notorious bandit in Nigerian history. It’s location was confirmed by a local who has now begun charging for  tours of the cave.

Do you see? All of this discussion and analysis and “hearings” and then more analysis of the hearings and editorials and 24 hour news shows and panels and talk radio opinions and people irate and calling in and theorizing about who might lose their job or step down or what else “might come out of it” and arguments with your spouse or co-worker and on and on, and yet there is NOT ONE SINGLE THING ABOUT ANY OF THE THINGS BEING DISCUSSED THAT WE CAN EVEN KNOW IS REAL. Not a single thing.  They could be making it all up. We don’t know. And at the VERY least, they almost assuredly are withholding the actual damaging information if there is any. 

Do you see how utterly absurd this whole charade is? It is no different than discussing who is going to get eliminated on “Master Chef” of “The Voice”. It isn’t real. All of these “scandals” are simply a way to make it appear that the oversight apparatus “is working”.

If there was ANYTHING at all REAL about any of this then there would be ACTUAL consequences involved. Meaning entire departments would be dismantled. Hundreds of people would be shot or imprisoned for decades. Get it? That is what REAL consequences for decades long lying to congress and committing unauthorized torture etc. looks like. Don’t you see that? Is that even on the table? Of course not.

He's been a great contestant, lets give him all a big hand.

He’s been a great contestant, lets give him a big hand.  He’s going on now to work at Bechtel as a lobbyist.

At best all that ever happens is people “step down” take their pension and move on to a better paying private sector job. Maye we will get some “new regulations” to “improve oversight” and to “be sure this doesn’t happen again”.   Truly laughable.  None of those potential “consequences” are commensurate with what we ARE TOLD are the allegations in all of these “scandals”.  Complete disconnect.  But is any of THAT ever discussed? ummmm…., NO?  YOU ARE CORRECT.

Further, if any of this was real then All of the documents, and all of the people who are potential witnesses would need to be available for independent verification and questioning, polygraphs, voice stress tests. Including the habitual liars in congress who claim “they didn’t know” along with ALL OF THEIR STAFF and advisers. Get it? That’s a REAL investigation.

Will any of this happen? No, Here only the government will investigate ITSELF!  That is laughable, yet people ACCEPT it as real.  They  politicize the scandal each time and turn it into a red/blue debate soap opera for the people to “follow”, not significantly different than what the celebrity magazines do with gossip.  These “scandals” are simply gossip for a more “intellectual” crowd. That is all.  

In the current “CIA report” scandal they will use a trusted old standby plot.  The red team will argue that we “have to do this type of “terror” investigating to protect us” and the blue team will say we have to stand for human rights etc. even “for terrorists”. Predictable, absurd, non event.


Yet people actually go around talking about these “scandals” as though they are discussing something “important” and real. Many of those same types of people look down their noses at people who follow fantasy football. They don’t see there is NO difference. In fact, at least the people following fantasy football know it is a fantasy league.

Come ON SAY, "I wasn't in the loop on that one".  Come on baby needs a new pair of shoes. Say IT.

Come ONNNN, SAY…. “I wasn’t in the loop on that one”. Come on, baby needs a new pair of shoes. Say IT, “I wasn’t in the loop on that one.”

Now I might support the whole charade if they went ahead and formally called  this a fantasy news “league”. Then you could put together your own “team” of experts who “might testify” or “write a column” and follow them and bet on what each media member or congressmen or staffer etc. might say and when, I might actually care to follow the details at that point.  That would be ACTUAL entertainment. But what they do now, it is just silly.  It is so obviously not real. Look, as long as the masses believe this is real, then the show serves its real purpose.  Think I am being too harsh? I think I am being TOO EASY.

Let’s review a few similar “scandals” and events from this fantasy news league that captured the “public’s attention” over the last couple of years. Just stuff off the top of my head. And let’s see what the result of any of those were.

I am giving you a few links. Not thorough research. Just enough to jog your memory so you can remember what was going on during “that season” or “that episode” of the fantasy news.  Hopefully you’ll see how it is always the same.  Uncheckable made up stuff that is “a scandal” and it goes NOWHERE.  This may help to give you some perspective on how this CIA thing, or the Immigration thing, or anything else is just one part of an ongoing TECHNIQUE that is used. They are not REAL scandals or investigations.  They all follow the same pattern. The same story line.  Boy meets girl, boy falls in love….

Gruber gate and Obamacare/intentional lying to sell it. This one JUST happened. Is Gruber going to prison? Is Obamacare being repealed based upon fraud? Is ANYTHING going to happen? No. Obama simply makes up a story that is a known lie and it GOES away.

Immigration executive order that is unconstitutional. Another recent event. What happened? Nothing, the states are stuck taking him TO FEDERAL Court. lol Are there impeachment proceedings being drawn up?  Is there any actual consequence to the participants? No. It will be politicized and ‘expertised” into the ground.  The facts are the facts. I laid them out.

The obamacare website/ absurd costs and insider deals. Remember this one. The thing didn’t work it kept crashing. Absurd amounts were spent on it and it was all no bid insider deals. Did anyone go to prison? Is anything ever going to happen? No no no no no. Get it?

IRS scandal/destroyed hard drives lies. Remember all of this. With the destroyed documents and hard drives and perjury and hearings and on and on. What has happened? Nothing. What will happen? Nothing.

Benghazi/people die. Things burned. Records were destroyed, covered up. What happened? Nothing Hillary stepped down to get some money for a new book that was bought up by non-profits to give her more money, and the whole thing is washed out. Nobody goes to prison. No consequences. Still an “ongoing investigation” that will produce nothing and nobody will go to prison. At best you will get some “new procedures” put in to “be sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Fast and Furious/holder won’t give records. This went on and on. Remember all the bluster from the red team about contempt for Holder and Impeachment etc. What happened? Nothing, they’re probably still selling the guns.

I waited like 3 hours to get access to that damn terminal just show I could finish this post.

I waited like 3 hours to get access to that damn terminal just so I could look some stuff up to finish this post. I didn’t feel like waiting to get the rest of the links. Nobody looks at them anyway someone said. 

Now like I said, I didn’t bother giving you a full report on those. You are welcome to go do your own research. My point was merely to remind you of the basic facts and how big a scandal EACH WAS at the time.  And how NOTHING happened. There is never any follow up.  Never any consequence.  They just “create” a new “scandal” and the people forget.

And I am not even going to bother to discuss the NSA/snowden deal, the strange stuff around Bin Laden shooting and his body.  Sandy hook.  The Naval yard shooting.  The shooting outside the capital when they killed that lady in her car.  The Boston bombing.   And on and on.

You get the point. Nothing they say can be trusted. Nothing they say can BE CHECKED.  Nothing they say is ever investigated. There are never are any actual consequences. Nothing ever changes. And nothing ever will change as long as people continue to believe and to get suckered in EACH and EVERY time by the same scam.

It is a show and nothing more. The Real game they are playing is control and theft on a global scale. It is about controlling your “money” and YOU.  The real game is NEVER part of the show. It is “conspiracy kookery”. It is about running the long con on everyone to believe they are free and in charge so nobody bothers to rise up.  It is never made part of even a show of a show of an investigation. And it never will be.

Follow the details of the current episode of fantasy news if you care to, but know that you are simply watching a show. Nothing more. That’s all for now my fellow inmates go enjoy your life and direct your friends to the truth, right here.  That actually is SOMETHING that will DO something. lol.

Be well my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, live in the light.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

3 thoughts on “There are never any REAL consequences to the government’s investigations of ITSELF, and there never will be.

  1. Kram

    The fundamental chance could happen in a relatively short amount of time.. not like the movie with the recently deceased David Bowie “Labyrinth” when finally the mostly confused, drugged, and misinformed heroine flatly stated to the Goblin King “You have no power over me” at that point the construct fell apart… So Legalman, I see the method to your relentless truth telling… You could see it in your lifetime, a throng of humanity saying to the 1% “You have no power over me” this possibility has already struck fear in the puppet masters and their game theorist minions…. Oh, gotta go time to watch Fox News!

  2. usurykills

    “… at least the people following fantasy football know it is a fantasy league.” – ROTFLMAO

    Most people live in a state of IGNORE-ance. They would rather not bother to learn the truth. It sounds like too much work.

    What I enjoy now is actually having the time to relish the distractions, like the Triple Crown, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup. The endless scandals and intrigue are all scripted, sports not so much. I, too, enjoy mindlessness from time to time.

    American Pharoah — a fitting misspelling of a name. I’m guessing he was named for Obama.

    BTW, they sent Dread Pirate Roberts off to life in prison for selling drugs, but no one from any bank was even arrested for laundering drug cartel money. Guess that’s just another great example of how the system works.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes Usury, the distractions, if taken properly can be entertaining. The trick is to see the system for what it actually is. Once you can do that, then, as I say on my front page, you can never be fooled again. You are free in a way that is fundamentally different. The “news” is just a set of lies presented to the people to occupy and divide them. Give them the impression there is something happening that is not. People have a hard time accepting how truly fundamentally lied to they are. But denying it or refusing to investigate it does not change it nor render it gone. The best choice is to learn the truth and live within it. — L


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