Non-linear disinformation makes it impossible to tell what is real and what is fake.

I used to be a restless sleeper for years before I figured out the game. Here's an old pic of me during that time laying down for a nap.

I used to be a restless sleeper before I figured out the game. My Girl friend hated it so she figured out this system.  Here’s an old pic of me laying down for a nap.

Those in charge make sure that, for the most part, nothing that you see is as it is PRESENTED. The game is always the same, For GOOD reason. When a very small percentage of the population controls the system and virtually all the assets, they know the biggest weakness they have, is the people they control figuring out who is doing exactly WHAT to them. So they stay hidden and they make it very difficult to figure out who they are and what is actually happening.

Now I know that most people will never accept this truth regardless of being shown example after example of it. They will always retreat to the idea that every example is just another anomaly. It is an “exception”. It can’t be that way intentionally, etc. But whether people accept the truth or not does not change the NATURE of the truth that exists.

That's me at about 9:15

That’s me and some other students  with one of my mentor’s.  The guy was brilliant.  I’m at about 9:15

In no way do I claim to have “figured this truth out” on my own. That would be absurd. Everyone stands on the shoulders of the giants who have come before. This has been the way since the beginning. Some people in ALL times have known the truth. What has changed is that with the advent of the Internet, the truth is now available to everyone, unlike in the past. All anyone has to do is truly desire to know the truth and put in a bit of time. Yet STILL the masses refuse to see.

So clearly, the masses can probably never see. There is no other conclusion to reach. There is something else operating on their collective minds. And this is a very hard truth for those who do see and can accept reality and want to wake the masses. But once again, there is no point denying this truth either.

The law is the heartbeat of these deceptions. It appears to be something it is not. It is not there to help people and to improve society etc. It is there to control the masses and facilitate control of the assets by the few under the guise of doing “justice for the people”. Nothing else.

That’s why nothing ever works IN PRACTICE as you would expect, and that’s why this glaring FACT must always be explained away as accident, and coincidence and bungling, and one off, and a bad apple etc. Even though it just KEEPS happening again and again, same song, new verse. Any explanation that THE SYSTEM is not what it purports to be, and that it is instead actually working exactly as planned, is “kookery” and “conspiracy”. Why? Because if that were true, “Everyone would know.” lol

The cabbie said it was something about the battery not being charged that caused the accident. I don't know, but I mean, "he's the expert."

The mechanic said it was something about the battery not being charged. I don’t know,  “he’s the expert,” so I guess he must be right.

That’s why no matter how bad the schools are and how much they get worse and worse, those in charge insist they are trying to improve them even when they are clearly going in the wrong direction. This is the same for everything from the EPA to the FDA to military blunders, to Fast and furious, to Obamacare, etc. etc. The entire government, media, education system is designed to create a picture of a “world” that is a complete fantasy.

The precise form of the systems of control have varied throughout time. However, regardless of what form is being used to control the masses, the real system is always hidden to the masses. What in the world is even controversial about something that is this SELF EVIDENT and so comports with common sense? Nothing, yet still the people refuse to accept this truth and are fooled into believing that what THEY LIVE IN right now does not fit this model. Where they are, is somehow magically “exempt” from this reality. It really is quite amazing.

I recently ran across this great 5 minute “short” by Adam Curtis. The same guy that did “The power of nightmares” and “The century of self” series I suggest in my “fascinating other stuff” section. Sadly, and not surprisingly, watching those is no longer very simple like it used to be. Shockingly, they are restricting the public’s ability to see those series that blow a huge hole in the kabuki theater. If you have never watched those series I strongly suggest you go do that, wherever you can find them.

This short is great. Just take 5 minutes and watch it. It does a great job of giving the facts to you from a slightly different angle. And then, it adds a piece, I was previously unaware of, enjoy. Then I want to talk a bit about it.

Hopefully you just watched it. If not then go watch it. lol.   It is truly great, like all of his stuff. Very accessible to the average viewer. I love his style. Anyway the part I loved so much about this short beyond how obviously right it is about so many things, is that the non-linear system comes from THE ART WORLD. How interesting. And yet, it makes perfect sense. Art and entertainment and the psyche of the masses are so intertwined. The whole idea is fascinating to me.

Do you see how this non-linear system provides a SIMPLE UNIFYING explanation for an otherwise difficult or an almost impossible to explain combination of things? And why everything always seems like a giant Gordian Knot? By looking at it in terms of non-linear theory, it all falls into place. Non-linear theory as an explanation, is an excellent example of Occam’s razor.

The experts always tell us that EVERYTHING is ultimately math. So I broke it down, and it wasn't good.

The experts always tell us that EVERYTHING is ultimately math. So I broke it down, and it wasn’t good.

This non-linear system is clearly employed in almost everything, including the law. Support and create contradictory items and movements and explanations so that the people simply throw up their hands and turn over control to their “leaders”. Supreme court opinions and regulations and laws and police behavior that all contradict each other while professing to seek the “same goal” etc.  There is no way to “prove” much of anything wrong or right. Nothing is ever resolved. Just scandals, and events and “terror” and distractions and rinse and repeat endlessly. It is genius.

No longer JUST left right, up down, right wrong. Everything is a panoply of confusing and nonsensical items that don’t fit. Which is of course exactly what EVERYONE observes. And hence, the “problems” can never be resolved or solved. They just need to be managed with more and more controls.

When you’re constantly immersed in a giant non-linear show, as we all are, it is essential to question everything, but it is difficult to remind yourself of this.

This is why I constantly remind everyone that the best way to control the opposition is to run it, as Lenin said. Most opposition is FAKE opposition that has been put there for a reason. And even if it began as legitimate, it will be virtually INSTANTLY infiltrated and thereby co-opted as soon as it starts to get any real traction. Witness the Tea party movement, or Occupy, or any other “opposition”. It is clearly not legitimate AT THIS POINT, regardless of how it started. It is controlled or infiltrated.

So how do you deal with this insane world system? First in order to try and make sense of anything you must always ask, “what do we actually KNOW” as opposed to what were we told? Who told us what we were told? And “Who Benefits” if the story is believed?

I learned my investigation techniques from the best.

I learned my investigation techniques from the best.

Then you have to follow the money. Always. And the money in this country and in fact in the whole world, is in the hands of a very small group. Extraordinarily small. And that concentration is the result of world wide Central banking which exists as the result of corrupt governments. Nothing else. Not brilliance, not because they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, not out working you, not “working smarter”, not building a better mousetrap. Those are all laughable lies they tell the people to hide the REAL game.

When you control the PRICE and supply of money, as the elite in the world do with PRIVATE fiat, fractional reserve central banking, you can control EVERYTHING else by buying it all up, or by “allowing or supporting” any and every other business or government or endeavor in order to keep the charade up. NO matter how useless the business, or corrupt the government. And it can go on and on for years and years and therefore APPEAR to be real. Just as “opposition” can be made to appear real. That is ALL there is to it. Nothing more.

OHHH, now I get it.

OHHH, now I get it. That makes a lot of sense.  Wow, they really have a way of explaining stuff.

Everything else is subservient to this simple fact. Look at CNN, it sucks. Its ratings suck. Its programming is a joke. Yet does it change? No. Does it go out of business? No. It keeps overpaying useless losers who don’t draw any audience to be on there. Why? How does this work in what we are told is a private “free enterprise” “dog eat dog” “work harder” best mousetrap wins system? Why is CNN on at all the airports? Why is it cited as though it is something it is not, i.e. a source of NEWS that people watch and trust? Why?

Those questions have no answers that make any sense as long as you look for them INSIDE the paradigm of the world you are given. But they are simple to answer when you see that something as ridonkulous as CNN is just one of many useful tools playing its part in the non-linear show. It is fully supported by the powers that be to push an agenda. Nothing more. Not a legitimate business reflecting the REAL world of ratings and response to what CONSUMERS want. Do you see this?

Because of the existence of fiat central banking, this type of example can be reproduced countless times with drug companies, car companies, movies, magazines, “celebrities”, “politicians”, “consumer advocate groups”, enemies, opposition, and on and on. Yet people refuse to accept the reality. It is just too great a disconnect for most people. It is too painful to accept that they live in a world that is not what they are told.

All of the stuff you see in the news and entertainment trying to convince people about people “building a better mousetrap” and becoming “tycoons” and all the tripe they sell on book tours about “self made millionaires” and how to books and interviews and made for TV movies and series about “tough honest” government types and the “American dream” are pushed for one reason and one reason alone. To fool the masses into believing the world they live in is something it is NOT.

I had a long conversation with this guy and he told me all about how the liberals were ruining the country.

I had a long conversation with this guy and he told me all about how the liberals were ruining the country, and how we needed to “get back to the constitution”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him what I was thinking.

And here is another IMPORTANT KEY. All of those fairy tales they tell in news and school and in entertainment, are just slightly more sophisticated versions of the pap they sell to the masses like “Hope and Change”. Many intelligent people laugh at the hopeless masses who glom on to silly slogans like “Hope and Change”, repeating it mindlessly as though just saying it will actually DO something.

But those same people laughing at the masses about “hopiechangie” then turn and just as naively cling to ideas such as the constitution “protects them”, that, the problems in the government are because of “liberals”, that “terrorism” is organic and a legitimate threat to our country or people, that “Russia is the enemy” and that the way to “get ahead” is to “work harder and smarter”. Forget the facts. In fact, IGNORE the facts, deny the facts, lol.

Do you see that those fairy tales about “working hard” “freedom isn’t free” etc. are simply the next step up the ladder of lies from “hope and change”? They are lies and slogans that have been presented as “news and intellectual thought” and “politics”. But there is no DIFFERENCE IN KIND from “hope and change”, only a difference in quality between the two delusions. They are both kabuki theater and nothing more. Do you see that?

Does that mean that “nobody gets nominally ahead” or that there are NO people who oppose things? Of course not. But just because those things do exist, does not mean that they are who we are told. Or that they are what we are told, etc.

Damn, I should be taping this. It's just one jewel after another. I'm so glad we came to hear her.

She’s brilliant you know.  How do I know that? Because I saw a whole thing on her on the news about how brilliant she is. 

Most of the “success stories” we are constantly fed are just survival bias and pure chance. Some honest people will succeed in almost any system. But that is a long way from the FACT that the percent of people WHO SUCCEED who are cheating, dwarfs the honest ones. And that the CHANCE of succeeding by cheating, dwarfs that of being honest. And that NOBODY who is truly wealthy, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars wealthy, has done it without “help”, meaning they have CHEATED you using government and laws. Lol. That is reality, plain and simple.

It has always been the same. This is nothing new. All that is new is that the masses for the last 200 years now actually think it is different, and we now have perpetual electronic media, and a world that runs on non-linear opposition.

As long as those with control can convince those THEY CONTROL that the “controlled” are “in charge” there is nothing to rebel against. You don’t rebel against yourself.

So the “CONTROLLERS” spend endless time and effort selling the masses ideas about “go get yours” and freedom and “threats” from all sides that only “government intervention and regulation” can ever hope to “solve”.

Do your own test, see if the news you see fits with the theory of non-linear opposition. Just check out my “Distractions in the news” section.  I am quite confident of the results.

Whoa dude, isn't that Mark's truck he sold in Texas City? How'd "ISIS" get a hold of it?

F*** ISIS.  Hold, it, dude, that’s Mark’s truck. 

As always, once you see you can never UNsee. The non-linear insane faked up “opposition” and “unexpected results” are all around us all the time. I show you them in the law all the time.  That’s why it is so confusing. It is designed to confuse you so you GIVE UP control. It is intentional. The same people back all sides all the time. And hence, there is no clear path to change because all the paths are lead by the same people at the base.  Remember the truck from Texas that “ISIS” had. if you don’t I’m giving you the link.  Remember, “ISIS” is daaaaangerous and a booooogie man.  lol

As brilliant as the system is, it doesn’t work once people KNOW it is there and how it operates. So count yourself lucky my friend and tell others about the truth about the law. We few, we band of brothers, we need to stick together. The truth can be tough to accept. But no real progress is even possible unless it is in the direction of the truth. So take heart.

That’s all for now, my brainwashed Brethren, don’t be down, live in the light.

And the truth shall set you free.

And the truth shall set you free.

16 thoughts on “Non-linear disinformation makes it impossible to tell what is real and what is fake.

  1. chipTG

    Good on Legalman. We share headspace united in the great silence free in the open heaven. Isn’t life grand?

  2. Steve Prewitt

    It is my experience that while I understood the concept that “everything is a lie” I didn’t really GROK it until I stumbled across the essays of Miles Mathis. A logician and portrait artist, Mathis is an expert analyst of light and human physiognomy. His analysis of major political movements / events, wars, assassinations, and violent crimes) of the last 100 plus years is ground breaking. Here lie the smoking guns – the scripted events done by “intelligence” agencies at the behest of the world’s power mongers. I’m not saying he is 100 % on everything, but he makes a strong case in most of his essays that humanities “realities” are and have been manipulated for centuries if not millenia.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes Steve, I think that is the sorry truth. We were all raised, technically reared, on steady diet of myth and lies. I believe basically nothing of what I was taught in history, science, politics etc. Just convenient lies to manipulate the masses. As Napoleon said, History is set of lies agreed upon.

      Certainly all of the “seminal events” we are taught in school regarding this country and probably all of history are about as valid as B.O’s birth certificate. People just can’t seem to grasp that reading what some politician/general/historical figure supposedly said or did is no different than reading the campaign speeches of Hillary or B.O. If you READ THEM as though they were factual accounts of what they had done or what they wanted to do, think of what a distorted image you would have of who they actually are and what they actually do and probably think.

      Yet that is all that we have from history. Just speeches and “NY Times editorials” and PR releases about who they “were” and what they “did”. In other words, lies, lol. You must always always always remind yourself of that sorry fact.

      Take care my friend. enjoy — L

      1. Steve Prewitt

        The video about Putin’s adviser rang a bell with me. During Lenin’s tenure as Russia’s dictator in chief one of his closest advisers was Ivan Pavlov. We all know about Pavlov’s dogs but what has been largely flushed down the memory hole is the fact that Lenin used Pavlov’s research to brainwash the people through what we refer to today as Transmarginal Inhibition. Basically it’s the same thing as non linear disinformation: paralyzing the populace’s action through conflicting informational inputs. A (karmic?) echo from history…

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Could very well be Steve. Nice find/cite/reference. I was unaware of that. I am, of course, aware that the whole russian revolution was imposed on those poor people with banker money etc. But that is an interesting piece of info on the brainwashing. I always wonder how long they have really known about so much of this. It is tightly controlled info. Unlike the wall to wall brainwashing they offer the people about freedom and the debates and “creating jobs” and security etc.

          The people are utterly lost in the maze. I like Yuri Bezmenov’s stuff as well. I have a lot of it posted in my Fascinating other stuff. He nailed it as well. Once the population reaches a certain point they are not reachable. You can shower them with facts and it will make no difference. Clearly we are well inside this event horizon already. Nothing registers with most people. Glad you’re still here and popping in with comments. Hope you’re enjoying the info. take care. — L

  3. Consuelo

    “Art and entertainment and the psyche of the masses are so intertwined. The whole idea is fascinating to me.”

    Yes. They are intertwined for a very good reason I think. ‘Art & entertainment’ conjure the emotional component. And a powerful component it is. Too powerful in fact, if not tempered by the rational/reasoned component. Con men know the subtleties of this dynamic all too well. A 3-second sound-bite addled, ‘have-it-now’ society doesn’t help much either as careful thought and consideration of an important matter proves too dull & boring for the average person today.

  4. F. Mulder

    It all started with… Actually thats not so easy to say. But we can assume that during WWII, information flow was quite strictly controlled. The news media and military/government started co-operating hand-in-glove. Even when this was no longer necessary after WWII, control of information flow continued (albeit in slightly different, corporate form).

    After WWII, they had to come up with different illusions, one of the more interesting to me would be the UFO phenomenon. To remove speculation about the existence of experimental craft, the UFO/extraterrestrials myth was propagated (Roswell). Controlled both sides of that debate, as long as it worked. The military was involved in the cattle mutilations as well. Then there was the JFK ‘lone gunman + magic bullet’, Moon landings (?), Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin), to name a few.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      All true Mulder. The lies are deep and wide. And there is no turning back on that for those in charge. They are locked in to the lies. I think it was Prouty nearly 45 years ago who said that there were so many lies and cover stories going on that even the guys in charge didn’t know the truth about most things. I have come to believe that. We are all left to our own best guesses. It’s one of the reasons I started this site. Just so I could connect with other sane folks trying to sort it all out. What’s the old saying in an insane world the sane appear crazy? It’s something like that. Take care. — L

  5. usurykills

    I will look for more from Adam Curtis.

    “Obfuscation” is the bankers’ favorite word. Mike Montagne’s work (PfMPE) helped me sort things out from a financial perspective. Unfortunately, he still believes a constitutional amendment is going to save us. LOL! (OK, it isn’t really laughing funny. It ain’t funny at all.)

    I have come to understand that real change comes from within. Government is only force.

    You are right, vast edumacation required. Here’s a bonus: YouTube user TragedyandHopeMag

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      You’re right about that usury. The most important thing anyone can do is control their own mind. That is the whole enchilada. But it is really much too amorphous a concept for most people. They always want some concrete step by step plan etc. to “see change’. lol. So I try and write about the law so people can start to catch on and then maybe slip a bit in now and then. Maybe down the road I can write directly on the topic. But there has to be a base for people to accept whatever you say. So I am doing my best to build that with my knowledge of how the legal game is a scam. Of course the financial game is a scam, it relies on the legal scam. But science is fully infiltrated as well. Everything is infiltrated. And it all relies on the legal scam that supports “government”. But as I have said. I try not to be too radical otherwise it turns a lot of otherwise reachable people off. And the key is reaching those who are on the edge and could be pulled over. Those already over here just need support and info. So it is a tight rope to walk.

      Regardless I always appreciate feedback. I’m glad you’re here. — L

  6. John Hagel

    The Adam Curtis short video was quite enlightening. It implies that countering the randomness and non-linear presentation of events might be difficult. However, it is too easy. Just say, “We don’t trust you. Your facts and presentations mean nothing to us because we find you not trust worthy.” Don’t get into their arguments with their weaving of truths with fiction. Just keep repeating that most people don’t trust them anymore, and more people trust them less all the time. Don’t try to fight their evil mind manipulating efforts with logic. Counter with expressions of complete distrust. It’s too easy! Good luck!

    1. John Hagel

      Oh yes, genuinely laughing at them while looking at them is very disabling to criminal manipulative brain washers.


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