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More fun stuff to enjoy.  If you ever have suggestions let me know.


If you love dogs then you have to love Hachiko from Japan, one of the most famous ever.  I love the breed, Aikitas. Sturdy, loyal and can take hot or cold.  Plus they look cool.

Such a cool dog.

Such a cool dog.

They were almost extinct as a breed when this dog was famous.  Now they are readily available.  I always enjoy a good dog story. If you are not familiar with his story check it out.  Enjoy.


Strong language, but quite entertaining.  Enjoy.


I love this guy’s outfit and his dance moves. Hilarious.  Sent to me by a buddy.  Enjoy,



I likeHere is a link to some seriously cool art. I haven’t found a place that has it collected so well.  If you like these pics you will like the other.  Lot’s interesting stuff.  Some is disturbing, but still very cool.



dirty old man

Mickey pervert




There is a price for everything. Never forget.




Honestly it’s hard to believe these are even REAL.  They have to be fake, but they don’t seem to be.



They call them fails, but are they? lol, Maybe it was the luckiest thing that happened to them?  Regardless they are cringe worthy.



I love photoshop fails and the culture of narcissism. 



Soon the war between the sexes will be a thing of the past.

Realdoll3Watch this for a good laugh.  I couldn’t post the vid but it is here.








Who doesn’t love dogs?  Great short clip with some amazingly well trained dogs.



All time great movie scene.  Coffee is for closers my friend.  If you’ve never seen the movie then you need to watch the opening scene.  Movie magic.


This is what happens when you call the cops!  People live in a fantasy world that the cops are there FOR them.  The cops are there to protect and serve that is true.  But WHO are they actually protecting? lol  I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t you and me.



Another of my favorite scenes.  Excuse the silly subtitles but it is the best version I can find with almost the whole about 13 minutes.  You miss when Pacino walks in and sits down, but after that, it’s all here.  The background if you don’t know the movie. The kid is a poor kid on scholarship and he is about to get in trouble because he witnessed the other guys doing stuff and won’t talk.  If you’ve never seen the movie, well worth watching.  Some slow stuff and needs some editing but it is greatness.


Here’s another classic from the movie.  So good.  Good to see that lot’s of people’s holidays are not exactly the fantasy we’re told. lol.


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