Congress and the President conspire to violate the constitution.

I think we're almost there.  The navigation says, take the next left.

I think we’re almost there. The navigation says, take the next left.

It is now abundantly clear that Obama is going to act “unilaterally” on immigration “reform”. Depending on how you want to look at it, he is either going to make new law or change the existing law. Both of which are ultimately the same thing, legislative acts.

Of course none of this comes as any surprise to me nor should it to you if you read this site. There is nothing lawful about virtually anything they do in Washington. Yet the people continue to act like there is something to “save” when they talk about the “constitutional” system that was set up.

Not on a boat, not with a goat, Obama does not have the authority.  Get it?

Not on a boat, not with a goat, not in a tree, I do not have the power Sam I am.

Let’s be clear, Obama does not have any more authority to make or change federal law than I do. He is an executive. He is not a law maker. I don’t care that he is president. I have showed you what the actual document says. If you haven’t read it, then go read it.  He doesn’t have legislative power. Not some, not now, not ever and the people have not given Congress the power to give it to him even if they wanted to.  Do you get it?

We had a meaningless election and one of the “key issues” was exactly this immigration issue.  The democrats lost and the republicans won.  So what will now change?  Nothing.  I honestly don’t know what it takes for people to see this for what it is.  A game.  Nothing more.

The republicans are nothing but the system “tacking right” like any boat does as it sails to a destination.  In our case the destination is total control.  When you’ve been “tacking left for a while”, you tack back to the right. That’s all elections are.  We’d gone right for a while with Bush, so then we switched and tacked left with Obama.  Just as we had tacked left with Clinton after tacking right with the first Bush.

The course has not changed. Tacking is not a change of course it is how you get where you’re going. The people just don’t see that they are in fact ON COURSE.

Please give a warm round of applause to our president Barack O'Bush.

Please give a warm round of applause to our president Barack O’Bush.

The great mistake that all the patriot movements make is not seeing that we are NOT OFF COURSE.  The republicans play and integral and essential part of getting to prison island.  Without them we would go too far left and people would jump up and realize they were headed in a crazy direction.  That’s the purpose the republicans serve.  They give the semblance of a counter balance.  When all they really are is the other side of the steering mechanism.

The Republicans are running around talking about how few options they have.  The reason there is no specific way spelled out in the constitution for “how to stop a president who wants to do a bunch of stuff he has no authority to do” is precisely because the constitution does not give Obama the right to do what he is doing. Does the constitution tell us how to stop him from  ordering executions? Of course not.  why? First because it is absurd but more importantly because it would be obviously illegal. He has to follow the law like everyone else. As president he only has the RIGHT to do, as the president, what it says he can, nothing more.

If he starts executing people will congress just wring its hands and talk about how few options they have?  God only knows.  They don’t need a lot of options. They only need AN option that is effective to stop or remove any president who acts outside his authority.  That is all. And as much of a joke as that stinking “phone bill” is, at least the constitution actually does have a solution for this problem. Impeach the man.  Congress doesn’t like the option. Not liking something is hardly the same as not having any effective options.

Bufort tOf course they don’t like the option.  They HATE the OPTION.  They won’t even talk about it.  They call it the “I” word.  They don’t like it because everything they are ALL doing up there is so off the charts unconstitutional that they don’t want to set a precedent of going after someone for doing something the constitution doesn’t authorize.  Get it? 

The last thing they can have is an impeachment trial where the people’s attention is actually focused on what the document authorizes ANY OF THEM to be doing.  The country cannot have that conversation openly and honestly.  Do you SEE?

If a person has committed a crime do we stand around and say, well, we have so few options, because the option we have is to charge him with a crime? no.   You just charge them.  It isn’t complicated. I have taken some quotes here from and NBC article.  The article is there to read if you care. Every article I saw says the same stuff.  None of them bother to talk about the elephant in the room, which is that if the republicans don’t act, then they are acting just as illegally as Obama.

So is there any doubt that Obama is in fact acting illegally?  No.  Here’s how Senate Minority (soon to be majority) Whip John Cornyn of Texas described the planned action. The president’s unilateral action, “is unconstitutional and illegal, and will deeply harm our prospects for immigration reform.”

Here’s more of what has been said by the republicans.

“If ‘Emperor Obama’ ignores the American people and announces an amnesty plan that he himself has said over and over again exceeds his Constitutional authority, he will cement his legacy of lawlessness and ruin the chances for Congressional action on this issue – and many others,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner.

Okay, so they know it will be illegal, just like I said. So if he does it then they need to impeach him. What is there to talk about? I mean if they don’t then they are saying they are fine with the president acting unconstitutionally.  What else can it mean? Nothing. If they don’t, and THEY WON’T, then they are nothing but co-conspirators. Here is how  Wiki describes a “conspiracy”

Conspiracy has been defined in the United States as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, or to accomplish a legal end through illegal actions. 

Mitch "the Host" McConnell welcomes some key supporters personally to the election victory party.

Mitch “the Host” McConnell welcomes some key supporters personally to the election victory party.

Bingo.  They are engaged in a conspiracy to thwart the constitution if they don’t impeach him after he acts.  They are the only body that can stop him, and guess what, they aren’t going to do jack  and he knows it.  That is nothing but a conspiracy to accomplish a legal end through illegal actions.   What else does it take to show you that the entire thing is a game to them. A game they play on you.  They are sailing us all to prison island do you not see?  Tack left, tack right.

Isn’t Congress the supposed “Check” on any president who acts “illegally”?  I mean, I can’t do anything about it. You can’t. Your state can’t.  Nobody can but them and so if they don’t, what else is it other than a conspiracy to allow the president to commit illegal acts?  Acts that NOBODY else can stop.

Do you see that when they conspire to thwart the constitution that it leaves nothing for the people to do except engage in an actual revolution.  And  that of course is one crime which THEY DO ENFORCE.  The important thing to see is that the people have no recourse if their representatives don’t do what the constitution says only they can do. REMEMBER THEY ARE SAYING WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO IS ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  So if congress doesn’t  enforce the law and congress allows him to violate the law without the consequences everyone else has when they violate the law, then congress is  just as much a bunch of criminals as Obama.

cat making fun of usWould it be okay for the president to step in and rule for the supreme court while the supreme court is deciding whether to take a case, or before it has ruled on a case, simply because the president got tired of waiting for the supreme court to “act”? Of course not. What is the difference on the legislative side? Nothing. But that is the reason the president gives to justify why he is doing it, he supposedly waited two years etc.  We all know what it is. He didn’t act before the election. Now it’s over so he is free to do what he wants.  Nothing more.

Can the congress step in and take charge of the military and start ordering it around like it is commander and chief? NO.  Can the Supreme court take over the presidency? No.  So when the President acts in a manner that the congress itself is SAYING is an unconstitutional assumption of its power then how can they NOT IMPEACH?

If someone commits a crime does the District Attorney say, yeah, they committed a crime alright, I think I will suggest the mayor shut down the city? No. They charge the man.  Congress is there to keep the president in line.  And the congress is not just the D.A. in this case it is the COURT as well!  They hold the trial.

I can’t put him on trial for it. You can’t.  Your state attorney general can’t. only they can.  Do you see why it is a conspiracy?

Of course the democrats and the president will start raising calls to “appeal to the american people” and will start talking about how “they need to decide” and the president will “make his case to the people”.  It is laughable.  The people don’t even elect him.  Can a criminal simply appeal to the people? No. The D.A. makes the decision.  It doesn’t matter whether every single person wanted Obama to “act”. He doesn’t have the constitutional authority. It is ILLEGAL.  The only people who matter in any of this are the congress and the senate.  They are the D.A. and the JURY, not the people.

Welcome back to "Who wants to be a millionaire King".  It appears Mr. Obama can't explain himself, so he is using one of his lifelines.

Welcome back to “Who wants to be a millionaire President”. It appears Mr. Obama can’t explain his actions under the CONstitution,  so he is using one of his lifelines.

“Appealing to the people” is just more distractions.  He has to convince the D.A. and the Court/jury that what he is doing or did was constitutional.  Get it?  What do you call it when the Criminal, the D.A. and the Courts are ALL IN ON IT TOGETHER?   Right, corruption.  That’s what this is. Nothing more.  Everything else is a distraction.

We just had a show an election.  The people voted against exactly this type of thing.  How can this issue now be left “to the american people”? It makes no sense. They have nothing to do with it.  To the limited extent they do, they JUST voted.  Yet here we are. Same as it always is.

So will they impeach? Of course not. They are afraid to even SAY THE WORD, lol.  What are they even talking about doing?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence told NBC News on Wednesday that Congress should use “the power of the purse” to prevent the president from taking executive action on immigration.
The governor did not rule out a government shutdown, which one Republican leader had held open on Sunday as a possible means of stopping such presidential action.

Okay, so now the only “solution” they are realistically considering is that they might shut the entire government down. It is hilarious. They prefer shutting the government down to simply enforcing the constitution and impeaching the guy.  If this is all that our brilliant system can manage to come up with as a “solution” when the president blatantly holds himself above the law  then the government system doesn’t work at all.  Yet people talk about what genius it is.

It isn't complicated people.

It isn’t complicated people.

If the man is acting illegally, then impeach him. There is NO OTHER “AUTHORITY” that is empowered to stop him or to remove him. The credibility of the  entire “system” depends upon the congress doing their part. When they don’t, for nothing but political reasons, how is that any different than what Obama is doing?  It isn’t,  Both sides are acting unconstitutionally for  political reasons to advance their own agenda.  There is just nothing more to it than that.

I just don’t know how many examples it takes for people to see that the system of government we have is a joke.  The constitution is a joke! it is a scam!  It protects nothing. If you claim it does then tell me how it is protecting us from a president who just ignores the law or a congress which simply ignores it’s obligation to enforce the law?  It doesn’t. It can’t. We are powerless. The only acts we could take to enforce the thing are considered “crimes”, lol. Please don’t tell me about elections.  We just had one. And it did what?   Exactly. Zero. They don’t call it a “con” stitution for nothing.

Why even go through the sham of taking oaths to uphold the thing if they are ignored without any consequence. Wake up to reality.  The parties work TOGETHER.  They do not oppose each other.  The system is doing what it is designed to do.  You the people are not in charge.

Nothing will ever change as long as people live under the delusion that the system is something that it is clearly NOT.  That’s all for now.

11-25-14 update.

I felt compelled, now that he has done exactly what we expected and congress will now do exactly what I have said.  Nothing.   This was a funny interview with our great leader showing the absolute absurdity of what he did.  He knows there is no authority.  The question is quite fair.  Why couldn’t a president simply not enforce the taxes?  Oh, no no no, that is outside the imaginary implied power he used.  This is of course a classic example of showing that the emperor has no clothes.  There was no right. He has no authority to do what he did.  But of course, the real issue is that Congress is not doing what IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO.  They are in on it together.  That is the key point that gets ignored.  They are all acting politically and illegally in order to advance their own power.  Obama is no different than the congress.

Watch the clip they include.  It is funny to watch this guy who is supposedly such a genius etc. just stumble and fumble as soon as he doesn’t have a teleprompter and prescreened questions in a controlled situation.  He is not brilliant, he is a PR creation.  Nothing more.  Like all of them.


Be well my brainwashed Brethren.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law


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  1. GeorgiaCracker

    This is one of the best clarifications of what is happening in congress, and so depressing. Everyone needs to read this. I am forwarding it to everyone. Maybe we can bring pressure on a few representatives.


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