Nobody consents to the deal that this country actually represents.

Yo, we need to talk.

Yo, we need to talk.

Keep this on the major DL. I’m going to offer you a deal. This is “by invitation only”. Let’s just say someone we both know recommended you. Frankly, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Think about whether this is a deal that you would be interested in, and if not, why not? And if so, why so?

The company, will be called AllIn Inc. There will be 10,000,000 shares issued initially. You are being offered, 1 share, at no initial cost. (I told you it was the deal of a lifetime.)



The remaining 9,999,999 shares will all be issued, but you will have no say in who gets them.

Hmm, well, I'm sure they'll be reasonable, and gosh, we probably have a lot in common.  This'll be great.

Just of small fraction of your fellow shareholders.   I’m sure they’ll be reasonable, and gosh, we probably have a lot in common. This’ll be great.

All shares are “equal” pro rata voting shares.

AllIn Inc. will engage in a variety of businesses, the exact extent, nature cost and duration of which will be determined solely by the Board.

Sample picture of a property from AllIn Inc.'s current portfolio.

Sample picture of a property from AllIn Inc.’s current portfolio.

Governance of the company will be along the following lines. There will be two general governing boards. The “day to day” board will consist of 100 board members. Each share will receive one vote for one “day to day” board position, not one vote for each member. The board position vote will be assigned to shares at random. All “day to day” board members will sit for one year terms and can choose to stand for re-election without limitation.

The second board will be the “top guys” board and will consist of 25 board members. Each share will receive one vote for two “top guys” board positions. Vote on the board positions will be assigned to shares at random. All “top guys” board members will sit for three year terms and can choose to stand for re-election without limitation.

If an act is approved by both boards, it shall be deemed enacted.

Both boards have the sole discretion to control the manner of their deliberations.

Sir, wake up sir, it's time to vote.

Sir, wake up sir, it’s time to vote.

Sitting members of either board can only be removed by a vote of the boards. Any investigation towards this end is under the sole control of the boards.

Board members have no duty or personal liability to any shareholders except those which the boards choose to investigate or to enforce.

Board members have no duty or personal liability to AllIn Inc. except those which the boards choose to investigate or to enforce.

Yearly capital contribution can be required of all shareholders. The distribution and amounts of those contributions will be set solely at the boards’ discretion. The boards are not bound to evenly require capital contributions from shareholders. The board has full authority to increase, decrease, or exempt any individual shareholder’s obligation to contribute without regard to any other shareholders required contribution. There is no limit on the amount of capital contribution that can be required from any shareholder. All personal and business assets are subject to use by the board to conduct its business.

I appreciate the vote Frank, hell of a party you're throwing.

I appreciate the vote Frank, hell of a party you’re throwing.

Annual voting by shareholders for election to the boards is controlled exclusively by the boards. Voting will be done by secret ballot. The board has the authority to determine who and how the votes will be counted. Shareholders have no right or access to the actual votes except under the terms and conditions the board sets.

Bag of votes yet to be counted.

Bag of votes yet to be counted.

Shareholders rights are fully protected by a 3 member review panel referred to as the “Star Chamber”. The members of the Star Chamber shall each sit for a life term. Star Chamber members are chosen at the sole discretion of the board. Star Chamber members can only be removed by the Board.

The Star Chamber, at its sole discretion, shall decide whether it will consider a complaint about the Board or any decision that has been “enacted” by the Board. The manner and reasoning of the Star Chambers decision are not subject to any appeal. All Star Chamber meetings to determine their rulings and why they chose to take or not to take a matter into consideration are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

The people anxiously await who the final member will be!

The people anxiously await to find out who the final member of the Star Chamber will be!

Obviously the deal is crap. And obviously the deal is just a representation of the deal you get right here as a citizen in the greatest free-est blah blah blah. In fact:

Relax Luther, it’s much worse than you think. —Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible.

The actual representation percentages are much worse than I have given you in AllIn Inc.  Each member of the house of representatives “represent” about 750K. And remember, you are only voting on one of 434 OTHER members who then make the decisions.

I am sorry, but as a matter of law, a one in 750,000th of 1 in 435 interest in something could never be considered a material interest. And in no way, outside of government, could you be bound by anything coming out of that arrangement. It is an “adhesion contract” at BEST. It “terms” are so ridiculous and one sided that it is patently absurd.  The question is, what does the citizen get at ALL when he “agrees”.

Of course... take your time, read it over.  We don't want you doing anything you don't want to.

Of course… take your time, read it over. We don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to.

Oh and I forgot to mention that when you get your “free share”, that you are automatically PERSONALLY on the hook for over a 110 Trillion in unfunded liabilities that have ALREADY been incurred and are still growing.  And that the teeny tiny voting interest you do have can, and is, diluted each year. And  these new shareholders have no ability to make any capital contributions, but they will still be entitled to full voting rights.

The fact that the bosses running this scam can put you in a cage or kill you if you refuse to go along with it is amazing enough. But that fact is NOTHING compared to the fact that the people in this country actually run around talking about how LUCKY they are to get such an arrangement!

Did I mention that you also never get to actually choose to participate.  The “Law” implies that you have agreed to the deal, and you CAN’T opt out.

NO way dude, I did not agree to that. I was super drunk.

NO way dude, you can’t count that, I was super drunk.

Drink in that Freedom baby! Let’s all do a chant, USA USA USA.

The LEVEL of brainwashing the people have absorbed is astonishing. Lot’s of people confronted with these undeniable facts begin to experience so much cognitive dissonance that they simply enter immediate denial and walk away.  Many stammer,  “well it’s still the best deal available, look at other countries, they’re worse.”

Again, what a truly sad state my fellow inmates are in mentally. They are lost. Apparently to them, if I give you a choice of whether you want to be extorted for 100,000 dollars or just 10,000 dollars, you will DEFEND the extortionist and be HAPPY about the 10’000 dollar deal.

It is like you’ve been put in a prison for life even though you didn’t commit any crime, and you are proud and happy about your prison, and trying to get other people to join you.

Quiet in the Court.  Your sentence will now be announced.

Quiet in the Court. Your sentence will now be announced.

It is an amazing situation. Think about it, people will proudly “fight and die” to “defend” their right to this deal.  Yet they wouldn’t even consider joining the situation if it was offered to them as a business deal.  How totally upside down is that? .

The “Quo” laugh at the subjects behind their back.  They do not care. Get that through your head. I have already explained this here. As long as they can continue to live like kings, they are good. If people want to believe in the “fantasy idea of ameuurika” then they are welcome to do that. And the Quo is more than happy to use Hollywood and the education system and the rest of the giant “Wurlitzer” that is the media complex to convince people that  “your country” is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It isn’t that the people are wrong to feel pride.  Pride is a good thing.  But pride in WHAT is the question?  The bosses take advantage of that natural human tendency to attach to a group and they use it against people in the form of patriotism.  The “country” whatever it is, is not being run to benefit you.  That much is clear. So is something that is not in your interest something to feel pride?  That makes very little sense to me.   It is a shame that so many fall for the con.

Quite a turnout.  It sure makes you proud doesn't it?

Quite a turnout. It sure makes you proud doesn’t it?

The only question I even have anymore is, “is there ANY limit to what the Quo can sell to the people?” My working answer at this point, is no.





Any and everyone who is interested in this topic at all should watch this video to just maybe, hopefully, possibly, start to grasp the real situation.


What is there to say?  We done been had.

Legalman lives another day,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

8 thoughts on “Nobody consents to the deal that this country actually represents.

  1. marc

    Another problem is the willing lackey and they are every where and at all levels. This could be employees at say Monsanto etc etc. To think we’ve got an army out their supporting gmo’s, bio weaponized vaccines, chemtrails etc etc seems to be one of the major dilemmas keeping this game going. Still, there are more against but there appears to be enough trolls and sell outs to Enable the ptb’s (who do nothing) agendas. What a blog!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes Marc it’s true they couldn’t do anything without the cooperation of both their dupes and knaves. I suspect the vast vast majority of the people are just duped fools. Some clearly are complicit but most are well meaning but fantastically ignorant and misled. The thing about it is that those in power don’t need hardly any actual knaves. Dupes work just as well and in fact better in most cases. Because they don’t have to worry about the dupes slipping up and letting the cat out of the bag. The dupes don’t even know there is a bag or a cat.

      I’m convinced that the vast majority of “successful” high level people running these big companies like Monsanto et al are just incredible narcissists. They are so wrapped up in their own thing and getting what they want and so convinced that it is their own genius that has put them where they are, that they can’t even consider the idea that they are being used for some other purpose. That would never come into their mind. And if you suggested it to them they would laugh. They would be convinced that they could never be outsmarted and that if there was anything to what you were suggesting that they would have already figured it out.

      That has been my conclusion after approaching countless successful individuals. They just will not or cannot consider the idea that they have been fooled. That is the sign of a narcissist and that really is what they are. The entire society is basically run by them. They are successful within society because they benefit those who truly own and run society. That at least is my conclusion for whatever it is worth.

      I call them Mr. Magoos because they are just like the carton character. They run around oblivious to the path of destruction they leave in their wake and imagine themselves to be this kind old man. And for those who can’t see the reality they also appear to be the kind old man. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Funny you said that Rulo, I actually wrote on the topic of ignorance of the law being an excuse. As any thinking person can see, the entire system is laughable when compared against what we are told. I know people think it is way over the top when I say it, but I think it is the best rule of thumb. You must assume that whatever they tell you is a lie. That is the only thing you can eliminate as a possibility, i.e. whatever their version is. THAT did not happen, or is NOT the case. Then you have to try and piece together from what is left with common sense and following the money and the power and who benefits from people being confused or believing the official story. That is all we have. — L

  2. ptm

    The business analogy is very strong, especially since the “law” itself would consider such a deal to represent no real material interest in the governance. What is more, our “legal” system, “education” system, media, “healthcare” system are all owned and operated by the same Quo and its lackeys.

    But, legalman, will not some counter by saying, “Well, my individual interest may not be material in and of itself, but if I can get enough shareholders together at the next Board meeting we can really change things for the better.” What about that?

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      They certainly might, and I guess they might even believe that. But it makes no difference either way. Whether someone somewhere, even a group, believe they can “improve” something is irrelevant to the underlying point that the people themselves have not had the opportunity to choose for themselves the system. That is not freedom. I think the analogy that works for you hypo is the “shawshank redemption” analogy. Andy was able to get a library after asking enough. But that didn’t make him free. The QUO might give in and give you a choice of chunky or smooth peanut butter, but again, it ignores the real issue. Can the prisoners choose to leave the prison?


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