Government control and brainwashing begins early and in your own home.

There is a lot of talk about making the bathrooms at the schools co-ed now. The students here don't seem to mind at all. So another WIN for public education and tolerance!! yay.

There is a lot of talk about making the bathrooms at public schools co-ed now.  The students in this pilot program don’t seem to mind at all.  So another WIN for public education and tolerance!! yay.  Schools are  such a great place to create social change.   

Is homework legal?  Obviously most people think that only an “idiot” asks a question like “is homework legal?”. So I guess, ipso facto, I must be an idiot to most people. And I’m pretty sure that’s actually a compliment. In all seriousness, if you just take a moment, I think you will see that it is absurd for the public to accept the idea that a government agent (the teacher) has an arbitrary undefined power to require you and/or your child to obey their orders in your own home any night without notice for whatever they care to dream up.  Not only is that concept outrageous, it is scary to realize that people accept it without any question.  

First, just for the sake of argument, I will assume that the compulsory “education” laws are enforceable. And that is no small concession since I don’t see how in the world the state has any such legitimate authority to engage in something like that. Nor do I see how any sane person would ever entrust an entity as totally corrupt as the state with something as easily abused and as critical as the proper education of the citizens. But I will, to simplify things, concede it for this post.

To begin we need to understand that under the “compulsory schooling” laws, the number of days is set, the schedule is set and the school day ends at a set time. It is all state action. STATE action. The state is not entitled to arbitrarily “require” that you or your child appear at school.  They have to set a schedule, give you notice and the schedule has to be the same for EVERYONE.  They can’t make YOUR schedule or your child’s schedule different than some other kids for some arbitrary reason.  Do you see that? That is a very important thing to understand.  The state can’t just do whatever it wants.

Now that we have the framework, let’s look at what homework actually IS.

It's not what you think. They aren't free to go, it's called work release. Like when you get homework. You know?

Free to go? lol, I don’t think so.  It’s called work release.  You know, like homework.  Sure you’re outside the walls, but you still have to keep doing what they say.

Homework is an alleged claim by the state on your kids’ time and therefore their life. It requires that your kids stay under the control and direction of the state when they return home. It requires that they continue to do the “work” the state tells them to do. It requires that they continue to think about what the State tells them to think about.

Next, homework is an alleged claim by the state on YOUR time and your property as well. You often have to buy supplies, or drive them somewhere, or check it or oversee it, or track it. Think about how many last minute “projects” you find out about where you have to go to DefCon 3 at 8pm just to get the thing done by midnight. When did you agree that the state was allowed to intrude into your schedule like this to whatever extent they care to?

Next, these arbitrary state assignments called homework DOMINATE MANY EVENINGS and CREATE dissension between you and your family. Most people end up in a lot of arguments with both their kids and their spouses about homework and how to handle it. How in the world is the state permitted to intrude like this into your home life without your consent?

Further, homework prevents you from being able to do what YOU WANT WITH YOUR OWN CHILDREN IN YOUR OWN HOME! Because your children have to spend hours completing the assignments they got from their state agents first, otherwise it may be too late, or they might be too tired and then they will be in trouble with the STATE.

Homework varies from class to class, school to school, area to area, and teacher (i.e. state agent) to teacher. It is arbitrarily assigned by teachers you never agreed to in subjects you have no control over, using textbooks you have not consented to, in order to pass tests you have not approved, and somehow the state claims it has the power to impose all of this on you and you don’t even have a legal right to file objections and get a hearing? I don’t think so. Criminal defendants have more rights. It is absurd.

I know, I thought the same thing. I mean these homework assignments don't seem to have much to do with the classes anymore.

My math teacher is a tyrant!  “Okay, I will, but I don’t see how this helps me learn algebra.  These homework assignments seem to be getting farther and farther from the text book material.”

When did the people give the state this incredible sweeping power? Where is the law that sets this power out? When was it voted on? What are the limits if any of this supposed “power” by state agents over your children and you?

NOBODY HAS EVER AGREED TO THIS ARRANGEMENT. That alone should be enough to show you what a farce the whole thing is from a “legal” point of view in what you are told is a “democracy”.

As a constitutional matter, the 5th amendment says there can be no taking of your life or property without due process and paying you a fair value. And what could be a more fundamental ESSENTIAL of true freedom than your time? Because what is your time? It IS YOUR LIFE. Same for your kids. Whenever the STATE takes your time and makes a demand on you they are taking part of your life.

You may think, c’mon 5th amendment problem with homework? This guy’s a f’ing moron. Okay, well, can the clerk at the DMV arbitrarily decide to issue homework to YOU in order for you to keep your driver’s license? Why not? What’s the difference? We “have to be safe you know”, and he doesn’t think you are a “safe enough” driver. Do you see?  There is NO DIFFERENCE. So how does an arbitrary 40 hours a week of homework sound to keep your drivers license while I get none?  Give them any lip about it and they might make it 100.  lol What is the legal difference between that clerk’s “right” to demand an hour of your time or 100 hours and any other state agent’s “right” to arbitrarily make demands on your time or your kid’s time? None. That’s what.

And if you still don’t see the problem with homework let me ask you a few quick questions. 

Could a teacher arbitrarily extend her class for 2 hours? NO. Could a teacher arbitrarily extend it for even 15 minutes? NO.  They couldn’t.  Could the school day at just your school be “extended” by an hour arbitrarily? NO.  Could it be extended for just a portion of the students for an extra hour? NO.  Could the school or a teacher decide that the holiday weekend would be reduced by 6 hours of additional school on Saturday? NO. Could a teacher “require” that you come to the school at 6pm that night to “oversee” some project that the students were going to have to do? NO.

Bad news man, one of the guards on Cell block 6 just extended your sentence by 3 years. Hold it, WTF? Can a guard just do that? Sure he can. He just did. lol.

Bad news Legalman, one of the guards on Cell block 6 doesn’t much like what you have to say about state empLOYEEEES  on that piece of Sh*t website of yours, so he just extended your sentence by 3 years. LOL.  Maybe you can do a post about THAT!  have fun you jerk.  (Now do you see what homework is? A guard can no more arbitrarily extend a sentence than a teacher can extend its class.)

But Homework is the exact same thing as extending the class or the school day.  You just don’t notice it because you are habituated to the idea.   You would be outraged if the school just “announced” any of the things I just asked, but you ACCEPT homework as “normal”.  Do you now see that the STATE through its agents cannot arbitrarily just create requirements out of the blue.  THAT IS NOT LEGAL. It is outrageous.

Do you see how absurd the entire idea is that the state can issue Homework without YOUR PERMISSION when you step back and look at it? Surely something this intrusive is subject to the most severe “due process” protections and scrutiny, AT A MINIMUM!  You have to get notice of the school schedule.

But homework is not subject to any scrutiny at all from a legal point of view. NONE. In fact it isn’t even authorized in some specific law describing the parameters of its issuance.

Quite simply, the state, through its agents (teachers) purports to have the authority  to “extend” the school day or their class at anytime and in any amount that they arbitrarily decide to, with no notice, no right to complain etc. etc.  It is preposterous!

Are you starting to see the SERIOUS problem with homework? The principle of it is in complete opposition with FREEDOM and the requirements for state action. Further, what’s the point of “having” to give your children up all day to the state for schooling if they are just going to demand they continue to work at home to whatever extent they care? Would you agree to a school day that went until 830 every night?  How about 10pm?  NO? Well that is what HOMEWORK DOES to many kids.  It is absurd. None of it makes any sense.

Well can you just “not participate”? No, you can’t. There is no way to escape these absurd and arbitrary “obligations” the state imposes on you and your kid.  Here’s how the scam works.

They ‘require” your children attend school and “follow the rules”. Doing their homework of course is a part of following the “rules”. They must comply, otherwise they will fail, and then what? They are screwed, that’s what. Because the state sets all sorts of “standards” and requirements to be “licensed” or certified or accredited and that requires compliance with THEIR schooling requirements. Plus it controls colleges through grants and loans and more “requirements”. Which in turn control whether you are free to engage in all sorts of professions and jobs. Are you starting to see the picture yet? It is an endless web of CONTROL from cradle to grave. Any idea that you are “free” in such a system requires a serious re-defining of the word free.

Now THAT is the only real lesson they want you to learn.

Oh, so that’s what common core math is all about.  Now it makes sense.  I was really confused before.

If your kids are not “attending” school or are not complying with the requirements of the school, then they will send CPS to check it out. That’s right, they send state agents to your house and demand you explain what you are doing with your own children. They demand you submit to an investigation and interview. IF you refuse, well, I hope you like prison.

Ultimately, if you persist in your refusal or resistance, in all likelihood CPS WILL TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM YOU.  THAT is what homework actually is when you boil it down. The total control by the state of you and YOUR child in YOUR HOME.

And still, the people just take all of this. They act like it is somehow essential to “learning”. Oh it is about “learning” alright, LEARNING to obey authority without question.

Yet still the brainwashed drones run around talking about how free they are. And they have rallies and hold meetings about how to “fix” the problems with public education. My god they don’t even see that the problem IS state sponsored indoctrination masquerading as “education”. What do they think the answer is to fix it? More state agents getting paid more tax money. lol Is it any wonder that those running this whole show have such contempt for the masses?

I seriously doubt that you ever considered homework in the light I just explained. And do you know why you have never thought about it like that? Because the state deeply embedded a “compliance response” into you and everyone else in the culture, starting with your own “school” experience.

So now you just “react” when given an “assignment” by “authority”. You might complain about the amount, or the timing, etc. BUT YOU NEVER QUESTION THE STATE’S AUTHORITY TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! And THAT is what they want and Homework is one of the means of achieving it. Compliant people who just do what they are told. Like children.

FREE MEN AND WOMEN question the authority of someone who purports to give them ORDERS! Slaves just mumble under their breath and COMPLY.

Creating “people” who reflexively comply with authority is the MAIN PURPOSE OF SCHOOL. And THAT is why it is “mandatory”. HOMEWORK is a critical piece of that system because it controls you and your children subtly in your own home.

I complained a lot in school about the rules. Here I am stuck in detention. They said it was for my own good. That I needed to learn to get along and follow the rules.

Here’s an old pic of me in detention. They said that I was being  disrespectful when I asked who defined what a “good citizen” was.   Wow I look so much younger in that picture.

State sponsored and controlled school has NOTHING to do with helping you or your children. It is THE OPPOSITE OF HELP. Ring a bell, change classes. Sit down, be quiet, repeat after me, learn what I tell you to learn… and on and on. Wake up. The state is not your friend it is your master.


Look, educating your children is one of the most important things anyone can ever do. But state sponsored schooling is the opposite of education. It has NOTHING to do with actually educating your child.

Beyond just a system to create a reflexive compliance reaction into the people, the “educational system” also provides those in charge with a handy way to filter the population to find those people who are able to quickly and easily memorize and spew back whatever nonsense the government “decides” is “required” and who are really good at TAKING ORDERS WITHOUT QUESTION.  Of course the “public education system” is also an excellent vehicle to create “social change”, think coed bathrooms, gender studies, laughable “economic theories”, how great government is, eco nonsense, anti-religious propaganda, and on and on. Yet still the people take it and ask for more.

And I want to remind you that I didn’t even get into the details of what a f’ing JOKE the classes are in which the kids even have homework! The schooling doesn’t teach anything but politically correct nonsense and lies. The “mandatory tests” are a joke. The scores and results keep declining. Now there is common core. They don’t teach math, or rhetoric or logic, or real history or how to write a complex sentence or on and on. And on top of the useless nature of the underlying “courses” for which the homework is assigned, the homework itself is basically busy work that wastes their time and makes them associate “learning” with misery. Think how beneficial that is to the STATE who wants to control a bunch of drones.

See there you learned something already! Now let's start putting that into practice Johnny. Sit down and take notes.

See there you learned something already! Now let’s start putting that into practice right away  Johnny. Sit down, be quiet and write down everything I say.  It will all be on the test.

Most people have never and will never see the realities I have just discussed. They will never think about homework as anything except something that they “have to do” or their kids “have to do” in order to “be a good citizen” and to “get ahead”. Most people are so truly lost in the maze.

It is sad to me. They will live their entire lives inside the laughably blatant control system they were born into Yet never see it. And by doing so they doom their own kids to the same fate. And YET they get angry with me if I try and show them the truth.

The only reason I even bother to write at all anymore is that I like to have a record FOR MYSELF just to be sure I wasn’t crazy. And maybe, just maybe, some people may see the truth. Because this much I know. Once you have seen the truth, you can never UNsee it.

So to come full circle, I ask, is Homework legal?

No, it is illegal. It is so absurdly illegal it is amazing that anyone complies with it all. I find it quite telling that nobody sees the actual nature of what homework even is.  That inability to see it for what it is, shows just how far down the road the “people” are and how truly lost in the brainwashing they have become. It is sad that they have been reduced to this. Sad.

Never forget, when the state tells you to do something it is seeking to control you. Period. So always question where the state gets the right to tell you to do anything. Including homework.

Reasonable but firm. That is what free people are.

Payback is such a great movie.  Porter certainly was no slave.  “It’s not $140,000.00 it is $70,000.00. You people are not listening.”  Reasonable but firm. That is what free people are.

Remember, Free men don’t take orders. They reach agreements. Slaves take orders.

So here’s a little homework for you should you choose to accept it. Teach your kids about what homework really is and why the state requires it. It will be one of the most important lessons you can ever teach them.

I’m done for today. I have to help someone with their homework, lol.  Take care my brainwashed Brethren we have to stick together. I hope you learned something. Live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

And the truth shall set you free.

And the truth shall set you free.

42 thoughts on “Government control and brainwashing begins early and in your own home.

  1. Nandarani

    Found this site today. Reached this article; left teaching – last day was May 27. Familiar with homework situation: parents expect it; some demand it; I gave it; children did it if their parents made them or helped them. Putting up with things in an adverse setting such as public school can teach valuable coping skills IF the parents are keeping tight control of media consumption at home. Learning regularity and discipline so they become habitual is valuable. It can be gained through putting up with and handling unwanted demands. Character is thus molded. Better to learn as children than later in our utterly degenerate society.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Nanda rani I agree that learning skills is important. But the state is not the one to be teaching lessons. That is for the parents. Glad you’re here. — L

      1. Christy

        I was talking with my 16 year old daughter today, making a list of what her “ideal” school would be like. While doing some research we came across your article, very interesting! My young daughter has been saying this (plus more) for the past year! As a parent we need to teach our kids to be open minded and Free thinkers regardless of what they are being “taught”. She stated that most people can’t spend their lives doing what they are passionate about because the education system tries to keep us from discovering it…

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Well Christy sounds like your daughter is quite bright. Ppl are more aware when they are younger. They haven’t been totally programmed yet. THAT’s why then want your kids so young and for so long. It takes a LONG time to beat the sense out of ppl and to brainwash them.

          Glad you enjoyed the article. Glad you’re here. Hope to hear from you again. Take care — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes Ray most people don’t have a moment to think. That is certainly no accident. It is part of the control system. Glad you enjoyed my take on homework. I think it is a truly important topic for people to wake up to. Having parents enforce mindless arbitrary state assignments without giving their child some intellectual structure for why. Is important. Otherwise the lesson is very damaging. Just one of “do what the state tells you”. Which of course is the entire purpose of homework today. Hope you return and spread the word. — L

  2. Robert Grf

    I never did any homework until I got to high school, when they had study hall. I would get A’s on all the tests, but would get C’s when averaged with the homework. Really irked some of the teachers. the teacher in 5th grade kept the students after school if they didn’t do homework. She used to walk the studentsfrom the second floor to the door at the end of the day. the frst day she kept the students after school, one of the other boys went to the bathroom. I thought he was trying to ditch, so I joined him. He made too much noise, and we got caught. The next day, I came up with a new plan. It was an old school, and they didn’t use the third floor anymore, due to fire regulations. The third floor wasn’t blocked off, so i just went up the stairs until the teacher went back int ot classroom before I ditched. Never got caught. i used to get a dirty look the next morning, but the teacher wasn’t vindictive. After about a week of my ditching, the teacher stopped keeping the kids after school.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Robert, I’m glad you were able to beat the system. 5th grade! my god they start so young with the brainwashing. Most people just honestly don’t seem to care that they get told what to do and they seem to be happy to train their children to do the same. It just amazes me. Writing this article and noting reaction and readership etc. it really drives the point home to me. From here forward, anytime someone asks me “Okay, so what can we do”? I’m just going to laugh and say, bend over and take it because your fellow citizens WANT to be slaves. And if they don’t believe me I’m just going to direct them to this article. lol

      Honestly, if people are okay with such a blatant abuse of power as HOMEWORK IN THEIR OWN HOMES WITH THEIR OWN KIDS, then what in the world makes anyone think that those in charge would ever let up off the pedal? Would you if you were in charge? No. What reason is there to? The people WANT to enslave their children to the system. Okay, fine, you get what you deserve.

      What people want is a FANTASY. They want to KEEP this “country” which they can’t even tell you what it even actually IS, and you can’t keep this country together and have freedom. You must choose. But they want their little freedom fantasy cake and to eat it too. They don’t get that the very thing they want to keep, the country and its sham documents, is the very thing that provides the vehicle to screw them.

      So it is simply crystal clear to me that waking enough people to make a change is fantasy. The only thing you can do is learn the truth and then act accordingly. I will no longer entertain requests for ideas about “what we can do”. It is silly. YOU can help yourself and anyone who will listen. “We” as it is used in that sentence by most people and do ZERO. Because the “we” in that sentence means “the people”, and the “people” are lost. And honestly, at this point, I suspect any idea that they were ever anything but lost is probably just a fantasy.

      The only reason they might not have been completely enslaved earlier, was a matter of logistics and technology. It had nothing to do with the nature of the people.. it is becoming more and more clear that the nature of the people is to be enslaved. That is what they will always be to a greater or lesser extent. WE, meaning those who push back against the tyranny can never succeed to free them. We can only learn the best ways to operate within the system by truly understanding the system and how it works. I find the entire predicament quite isolating. I have virtually nothing in common with the average drone “citizen”. It is like being a double agent. In order to get along with average people I have to be almost totally fake. Just make silly small talk etc. The ideas I believe in are just way too scary and off putting for the average person.

      As my good friend has so aptly put it, virtually our entire lives are “inauthentic” in the sense that Kierkegaard meant it. And that is why, for me, the answer does not lie in trying to “fix the system” since I don’t believe it can be fixed, BECAUSE I do not believe it is “broken”. It is doing what it is designed to do. The key to to see it, realize its true nature and how that can be used to develop your own true nature, and to move beyond the supposed limits of the system. Of course an idea like this is not something that many people care to hear and that is why I put it in a comment. lol. Most people want to hear about an Article V convention or 10 steps to “more freedom and getting back to the constitution” etc. Just laughable naive bs. What I have just explained about real freedom is the ultimate reality. And it is the ultimate “what we can do to fix it” answer. I will leave you with a quote from Kierkegaard.

      “A man who as a physical being is always turned toward the outside, thinking that his happiness lies outside him, finally turns inward and discovers that the source is within him.”

      I know this was not on point to your comment Robert, but I wanted to take the opportunity to make the comment. Glad you’re here. We really do have to stick together for our own sanity. Take care. — L

      1. Crocodile

        Right, LegalMan.
        The great majority is fed with dogmas since they are able to walk and there is no chance they will let go of those dogmas.
        I agree with you that individuals can only work around the system and not even try to change it. Only if the great majority would understand that and just do the good thing instead of the wrong when presented with a choice, only then the system can change.
        But with so many illusions in people’s heads it’s a dream that won’t come true.

        The Elite has money and understands to use it as a weapon.
        The everyday people have only Faith 🙂
        They are no threat to the Elite, and the Elite is feeding us with a lot of Faith from various “books”…. LOL (to copy you)….. and entertainment, of course.

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Yes Crocodile, there have been many in the past. I certainly claim no originality in my “discoveries”. Cicero was on to the game quite a while ago. And before that? well, they make sure we don’t think there was a “before” that. We are supposed to believe in the timeline narrative they present. Anyone who questions that, well, “Get thee to a kookery” to really bastardize a bit of Shakespeare. Have you seen the 5 best superfoods to really charge up your libido? or how about “7 hollywood wardrobe malfunctions that will blow your mind”, or maybe, “the 3 tricks that rich people know that you don’t”? lol

          All the distractions and nonsense are just there for the taking. My next post may be, “The top ten things you can do RIGHT NOW to take back your freedom from the federal government!!!!” lol take care. — L

      2. Crocodile

        One more thing.

        The ancient Romans said : “The common people like to be deceived; deceived let them be.”

        You see, you are not the first to discover this 🙂

  3. Kitty

    I graduated from a very respectable college and I didn’t have homework in elementary school. I remember my friend and I actually asking our 4th grade teacher for homework! We thought it would be cool to carry books home and look like “the teenagers.” Anyway, our wise teacher told us that we get homework in due time and to enjoy not having it. He said “kids you age should be out playing after school!” Can you imagine a teacher saying that now!?

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks for the note Kitty. I never had homework I couldn’t finish before leaving school until some in high school. The amount of it has massively escalated. And no, I could not imagine a teacher who came out of those ludicrous “schools of education” degrees saying much of anything that makes any sense. They are so lost. They want to help. They want to make a difference. But they have been so brainwashed since day one they don’t even understand how much harm they are doing. Kids need to play. If parents want more work from their kids there is plenty of practical stuff for them to learn around the house. Completely absurd that the kids should be doing state assignments at their home. Glad you’re here. We have to stick together. Maybe we can start pushing back against this outrageous tyranny of the the endless homework and let families be families. You know, two dads and a transgender kid. lol — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Ft. Nolan, I have seen a lot of his stuff. I like it. He basically echos my own position on the laughable world of “higher education”. Which of course itself just another scam to create debt and “requirements” so that the STATE can prevent you or limit you from earning a living. The entire system is nothing but a control system. As long as people want to try and save the “country” when they can’t even tell you what the stinking country even IS, lol, and how we have to “get back to the constitution etc. well, they will keep getting the short end of the stick. — L

  4. Rick

    If we take this up, how would we do it?

    I actually enjoyed my school work in primary, secondary and university schools. I breezed through most of it and considered it to be honorable to complete the chapters in math, say, or to finish a history essay. It IS INTERESTING to reconsider my “voluntary” effort to do “homework” especially at university level where it began to be impossible to complete anything no matter how many hours I put in. THOSE courses, I think, are just simply taught wrong.

    Addressing only primary and possibly high school to start with then, it might be EFFECTIVE to spread the meme that HOMEWORK IS VOLUNTARY… they can’t “make” you do it… and if “they” try to coerce you or if “they” make threats about “failing the grade”… they’re in contempt of the constitution and subject to a lawsuit.

    Those who DO homework and LIKE to do it– can be accelerated somehow– or have ENRICHMENT classes of some sort– maybe exclusive access to certain types of classes and clubs for complete of certain “homework”.

    So how do we make that point? “Homework is only a suggestion– not a school rule”?
    “Homework is for Eggheads”? (I’m an egghead).
    “Teacher Threats of Failing Grades for Homework Boycott will be met with Lawsuits”.
    “Boycott All Homework”…. (B.A.H.!!!!!)

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Rick first I’m glad you’re here. As to how to approach it, my suggestion is that people understand that as long as there is any form of state sponsored education it is going to be hopeless in the LONG run. Because they continue to brainwash the people. But as to short run, yes, people need to raise the issue as a legal matter of where a teacher or school is permitted to simply issue homework. They need to go to school board meetings and ask the teacher where they get this right. Tell them it intrudes on family time etc. Ask for the state laws that say your child “must” do it? and what are the limitations etc. Just as I explained. Ask where is the evidence that it is effective? Who did the studies? How does it comport with the school day being set? It will take lawsuits. Lots of lawsuits. But FIRST it requires the people to realize they aren’t slaves! lol. They can just stand up and say enough. The school is there to SERVE THEM, not the other way around. If the parents simply rose up and said ENOUGH at school boards or schools, it would end immediately. And it NEEDS to end. Of course the problem with getting people to do that is that the population has been so immersed in the brainwashing for so long that they think that homework is fine. That it “helps”. Well guess what you and your kid are welcome to do all the busy work you can dream up in your own home. lol. But the state sets requirements for graduation. They can’t just arbitrarily change them. Plus think about this. How do you know how long the “homework” will take? you don’t. It takes a different amount of time for each kid. So how in the world can that be okay? How do you ‘set” the amount of homework? It makes no sense. It is WAY to open and it is being so badly abused! Is there simply no limit? Are they allowed to just fill your day and night? Can they just require anything they want? NO NO NO. But they can as long as the people just take it and in fact PARENTS SUPPORT THE TYRANNY by doing the states enforcement. What kind of MESSAGE does THAT send to the kid subconsciously?? lol It all comes down to state action. Period. Even under the laughably system they have set up people have definable rights under state action. There is NO way homework can pass muster under any analysis. THINK how incredibly invasive it is. Telling people and their children what to do in their own homes?? my god is there anything more protected than that? No. So people need to start looking at it for what it is.

      My position has nothing to do with “learning”. Your kids aren’t learning anything in public schools anyway. My god why is Kumon so necessary? Because the math class is a waste of time. If you’re in Kumon you should be excused from Math. Better yet, the school needs to teach Kumon. How many stinking kids go to math class and then have to “go home and do Kumon?” I could go on an on. The problem is that people think the state should be running schools at all. THAT is the heart of the issue. It is the center piece of the control system after the laughable courts and the “police” running around arresting people for non crimes. Schools allow for medication and a “permanent record”! lol Think how f’ing ABSURD the idea is that the state starts keeping a permanent record on your CHILD. Forget all the standardized tests to screw people over and sort them and on an on and on. GET RID OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS! That is the key.

      Okay sorry for the mini rant but this topic is really a pet peeve with me. I just get so tired of not being able to do anything during the week without having to take account for “homework”. I can’t see kids wasting their time on bs assignments from the state. And then you want to take some time to go somewhere. Well “has Johnny finished his homework?” Absurd that I have to spend even one milisecond concerned or taking account for what some low end state agent decides arbitrarily to assign. Wake up people. Slaves take orders, free men and women reach agreement. Glad you’re here. Hope I answered it in some way. — L

  5. usurykills

    “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

    They school horses, don’t they? I knew about the schoolin’ scam, but never stopped to question the legal right to require homework.

    It ain’t legal but they still do it. Same old story.

  6. consent-to-be-governed


    I really enjoyed the recent post regarding education and homework. You are spot on with your legal analysis. Adult men and women make agreements and decide what they will and will not do. They use logic and reason and form their own opinions regarding their affairs and other important matters. Hopefully more people will waive the alleged benefits and the lack of consideration that is being cleverly disguised by the collectivist agenda using political correct language to disguise their totalitarian control schemes. How about the property taxes to pay for day care [public school]? In most States the cost per child per year is >14K per year. Home schooling is more cost effective.
    By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.

    They look like adults on the outside, but they are drug addled over entertained adolescents on the inside suffering from arrested development. Their lives are an extension of reality TV and pop culture. Years ago I saw a poster of Malcolm X. On the poster it had the following inscription. “Only a FOOL would let his enemy teach his children!”

    Esau’s Birthright
    In ancient times, the birthright was a very important and sacred thing. It belonged to the firstborn. The family name and titles were to pass along to the eldest son. He would also receive a chief portion of the inheritance. But it was more than just a title to the physical assets of a family. It was also a spiritual position, and in the case of the people of God, God would lead the family through patriarchs, or fathers (Hebrews 1:1-2). Additionally, in the special case of Esau and Jacob, that meant the one to whom belonged the birthright was the one through who the covenant promise made to their grandfather, Abraham, would be realized. Ultimately, the Messiah would come through the holder of the birthright and bless the nations of the earth. Esau was the firstborn, and the birthright was his. But like many, he failed to appreciate its value and sacredness.
    “…When Jacob had cooked stew, Esau came in from the field and he was famished; and Esau said to Jacob, ‘Please let me have a swallow of that red stuff there, for I am famished.’ Therefore his name was called Edom. But Jacob said, ‘First sell me your birthright.’ Esau said, ‘Behold, I am about to die; so of what use then is the birthright to me?’ And Jacob said, ‘First swear to me”; so he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew; and he ate and drank, and rose and went on his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright.” (Genesis 25:29-34).

    Americans are trading their inheritance and birthright for a bowl of porridge. History is not a linear timeline it is repeating cycle and everything that is old is new again.

    No doubt half of the male population will be perched in front of the boob tube “cheering” for their picks on Draft Kings tonight while watching the game. They could win a million dollars you know…LOL

  7. Jer

    Hey Legalman,
    Firstly, let me say: I love your site and your blog posts. I hope I’m not the first to say, you’re not just doing this to keep yourself sane. There are a (very) few others of us out here that see (some larger, some smaller) parts of this as well and we definitely need you as that breathe of fresh air to understand that, no, we’re not all (completely) crackers and nuts… But hey, those are some of my favorite foods anyway! Also your bits of humor, especially the pictures and their captions, are the best delivery I’ve seen of these topics (ever) which can just totally and completely paralyze one in fear, making them stick their head directly back into the sands of ‘entertainment’. Good on you, brother. Please do know, you’re appreciated more than you may think. We learn more as we laugh, and I think I laugh more on your site than any others I go to for doses of what I now call ‘fakeality’. This leads me to a question, though…

    Have you done any posts or research pertaining to the birth certificate? You know, those very merchant receipt looking things written on bank notes… I believe I’ve read through quite a bit of your stuff, and don’t recall seeing it touched on. Would you be willing? It’d be awesome to have someone of your background cover it, as it seems to be a very unpopular and boring topic that is completely polarized to either ‘it’s nothing but a standard document’ opposed with ‘it’s the key to the lock of the conspiracy kingdom’. Perhaps I’m exaggerating… However, from my understanding of things, that document is where this whole mess starts. With it being a legal title (and a legal fiction, at that, correct?), in which they hold original title, compared to our ‘authorized copies’, and we keep on going around using them like they are ours. And then it all just compounds as that one certificate gets you your licenses for this, that, and the other thing… But in truth, none of it is, nor ever was ours. (Don’t get me wrong, if these things were used in a way to enhance humanity, it could possibly work, but they’re not. Just like guns don’t kill people and pencils don’t misspell words… tools are tools and it’s more about how they’re used by (or on) the fools [Which I’m one of, for sure]. Haha…)

    I see the logic behind their scheme now that, from their perspective, yes they can tell their ‘property’ to do whatever they want it to do, especially if it never demands otherwise nor is smart enough to release itself from the grasp of belief in, and fear of, a piece of paper and the ‘consequences’. Especially so, since this system appears to have been engineered by a being or beings with enough contempt for all of humanity as to trick us and treat us like total and complete excrement, from ‘cradle to grave’ as you say. This whole thing literally makes me sick and keeps me up at times, and there’s the nightmares too, but… Yeah… I’ve lost more love than I care to say researching it and trying to share it…

    I’m one to think that their line of energy and power comes from a quite darker place in the realm of the universe (or perhaps just outside it), but I won’t ever be able to provide solid nor ethereal proof on that, and hardly anybody truly believes in what they can’t see anymore anyway, so that is what it is. *shrug* I’d really like to imagine a lot of this is just compounded ignorance, and people’s inability to accept that there is something out there that is making lunch out of/off of them; the old “it couldn’t be…” syndrome… or then again, perhaps I’m spinning my views into an excuse for everyone as it really appears more like Stockholm syndrome. I really don’t know anymore, I’ll let others be the judge.

    It’s the most horrifying and sickening thing ever, to come to learn and realize that in many ways we are punching ourselves in the face, for no other reason than that which we were taught and demanded of because “you have to do that, because everybody knows that! They’ll put you in jail!”… *sigh* And as you’ve said and obviously see; we’re extremely good at doing what we’re told.

    I’m thinking the only reason ‘they’ can get away with things like what are going on, is the implied contract/implied consent that starts with that birth certificate, and their holding the legal title that is ‘our names’ ( as previously stated: actually theirs… So long as we’re claiming something that is someone else’s, they’re going to make sure we do what they think we should do with it…). I can’t agree that this is at all good, nor do I really believe there is any way to ‘get out of it’. As I see it, there is no real way to properly return their documents to them, or anything like that… As you’ve made it clear here on your site: They don’t follow their own rules anymore. They just don’t care, or the workers who would receive the disclaimed documents would be so ignorant of the viewpoint it’s coming from, they wouldn’t even probably know what the heck to do with it. Perhaps I am not giving them enough credit. (And as soon as enough were successful, they’d just change the location to the exit of the maze anyway, right? Sheesh…)

    I myself, have stopped claiming that name. It’s been interesting to say the least, and really hard to get a beer when nobody believes how old I am! Granted, I am now houseless, with no constant way to make federal reserve notes to ‘survive’, but at this point it really makes no difference to me; I’m biding my time on this rock, and in history we did it without paper, so I should be able to swing it. Besides, I planned ahead somewhat and have it easy compared to a lot of others (Bike/tent/gear/clothes). I don’t beg, and have people who, though they may not understand me, do love me. I only let them help when they completely insist. I just try to help those who help me, and to make good use of things that are discarded… We throw away so much good stuff… Not to mention, there ARE so many good people out there, that unsolicited, offer you their onion rings, the last bit of their this, or that, or just a ride, a yard to setup in for the night, etc. It’s a pretty refreshing experience when all you’ve read on the internet is how screwed up this planet is.

    Sorry to go on and on. I also wanted to ask if you’ve ever been to ? That dude Clint is super sharp. He’s helped me make a lot of sense out of a lot of things that didn’t make sense. It’s a real mind-blow, though. Anyway, I’m shutting up now!

    Be well Legalman!


    1. consent-to-be-governed

      The place to begin the search is the SSA [SSN] franchise. This is a binding component that creates the duty to report income and a host of other. The individual is agreeing to be assessed for income taxes.

      1. Jer

        Hey consent-to-be-governed,
        I agree with your statements, except for that it is the place to start. You need a birth certificate to get a SSN, as that is ‘proof’ you are a citizen. Straight off of SSA’s site: “You must present your birth certificate. If one exists, you must submit it.”

        I’m not saying it’s impossible to be born without a birth certificate, however, if you’re born in a hospital in the united states, I can only assume you’re going to have one created for that child, regardless of whether or not it’s ‘wanted’. Which still leads me to believe the birth certificate, is the place to start.

        Appreciate the response, and best of luck.


    2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Jer, thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad you enjoy the humor. I get a kick out of sticking it to them with a nice pic and a body slam! I love to laugh and I agree, if you’re laughing you’re paying attention. So many people “only want you to be serious”. I laugh at that whole concept. Look around is what I think. How effective is “being serious”? Not very. As to your question about the birth certificate. My friend I have looked into it. I am not going to say it is or is not “something”. And I have answered this question before. Yes I get the concept of Maritime law and all the other stuff. But for me this is the bottom line. There is NO LAW that doesn’t recognize the concept of INFORMED CONSENT. All consent must be informed consent. The entire concept you are referring to ignores that fundamental concept. And if Informed consent is not part of what ever secret system they claim to be getting their “authority” from, then the system makes no sense and can never be battled in any “legal way”.

      Look I can’t put some part of our agreement on the back of the document in “invisible ink” and then claim you “agreed to it because I have your signature. That is basically all that the whole birth certificate “all caps” name thing comes down to. NOBODY has given any LEGAL consent. I can’t have you come in and sign a document that you can’t read and then go to court and enforce it. Do you see? It matters not if you call it maritime for common law or anything else. It matters not if you have a gold fringe around the flag or not. Could you bring me into a court and put a symbol on the wall that you intend to mean that I have given up all my rights by entering and have that be “enforceable” as a “law”? no. It is all about INFORMED consent. The entire birth certificate thing and all the stuff that flows from it leaves that point OUT.

      Now I don’t know if the people who push that whole thing are controlled opposition or if they are just confused themselves. There is never any way to know that. All I can say is, they ignore the rules in the PUBLIC system. So why do they need a private double secret probation system? They don’t. The public system works fine. They impose rules on you and me and excuse themselves.

      There are many many more reasons that I don’t go down that rode in my articles. But I hope I have given you something to think about. Glad you’re here and again, I really appreciate you taking the time to say hi and tell me you enjoyed the humor and the posts. Good luck to you and you can camp in my yard if you want. Right up to the point that the state kicks you off, which would probably be one night. lol — L

      1. Jer

        Hey Legalman,
        Hanks for responding. I completely see your point. I guess I was naievely hoping there was a more ‘official’ process to quash these documents than what I have done. (They make great kindling to cook a can of beans over, the paper ones anyway!)

        No sense in petitioning a bully to actually care, though right…? *sigh* One can hope, I suppose.

        I’m all about being as straight up of a being as possible, and I already know that they know, that I know. They danced with me a bit to try and reconvince me they were fair and looking out for my well being before the gloves came off. Calling them out was kinda liberating, though, them and I are not friends anymore: I broke it off. Should seen some of the surprise and confusion on some of those faces. Only one got nasty when he saw he’d lost a customer. I shook his hand, smiled, and the journey ‘home’ started. Wherever that is…

        I guess I know what it feels like to be my last couple of ex-girlfriends now! Zing… Haha. At least I was never a threat to their safety, like these psychopaths are to ours… So I guess I win in one way. Hooray!

        Guess it’s time to suit back up, and travel on in faith. I know there’s something out there that has our backs. Well, not so much out there, but in here *points to heart*. You definitely got it brother.

        Be well and thanks a ton,


        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Well Jer, the sad fact is that the only actual defense to what is going on is to understand the systems they use. It isn’t enough for people to “catch on” to an iteration. They need to understand the actual way the systems are BUILT. That’s why that birth certificate thing just doesn’t do it for me. Believe me I looked into it deeply. But I just don’t see it. And I know a LOT of people think that is the golden key to the system. I just disagree.

          Because I like you Jer I am going to do something I never do because I don’t really enjoy all the blow back from strict materialists when I go “off topic”. lol Have you thought about your future? I will make one book recommendation to you. Just one. Are you listening? The History and Power of Mind, by Richard Ingalese. That’s all I’m going to say. Just think about it. lol
          As of today, he still doesn’t have a Wiki page! So what does that tell you about what he has to say? lol. That’s right. Excellent anti-barometer. enjoy.

          1. Jer

            Thanks for putting yourself out there. Consider it read: I’m on this. It took me more than 15 seconds to find, so it’s gotta be good. Thanks so much man. Looks like an adventure of the kind I love.

            And I know what you mean about the blow back. I just crank up this song, and sing it as loud as I can without disturbing (too many ;). Makes it all better for five minutes:


            Highly recommend checking out the lyrics- they’re in the description of the linked video. Also thanks for the kind words. I feel like everyone just kinda tries to tolerate me, sometimes not even that! Hah. I try to keep quiet, but sometimes I just can’t.

            At some point, we’ll all get it. I just know it.

            Peace my friend, and best of luck.


    3. Geoff

      To Jer,
      Regarding the BC and name issue, you are so close but I, respectfully, recommend you read Eric WhoRU at his yahoo group and essays on these and other topics. He would agree that the BC and the name is a problem, but the mechanism used by the State and cure for it is not taught by the “patriot” “teachers”! Eric’s writings are worth reading; I know from personal experience!

      1. Jer

        Hey Geoff,
        I’m on this as well. Thanks much for the heads up! I would say I’ve got homework to do, but… Hahaha.

        I hope to correspond with you once I’ve done that, especially if you have walked the walk. I’ll respond here once I do. (Might be a day or two.)

        Thanks again!

  8. Bill in IL

    Another blue ribbon winner Legalman! I have to be honest, I never thought about homework like this and you are 110% CORRECT!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well Bill I am glad you enjoyed it. It takes a big man to admit they hadn’t ever thought of something. So good on you. It isn’t about taking credit, it is just about trying to get people to actually LOOK at what is right in front of them. The old adage that if you want to hide something really big, you hide it in PLAIN SIGHT. lol
      They have done that with the tyranny of homework. My god the amount of stinking homework they “require”. It is truly a F’ing OUTRAGE. Even little kids like 7 and 8 with tons of stupid homework. lol. Sorry, I guess it is a bit of a pet peeve for me. The entire concept of homework is just so outrageous I can’t believe how people just accept it and act like it is something they just “have to make their kids do” instead of filing lawsuits all day for this abuse. Oh well, rant over. Glad you’re here. Pass it on to your friends. Who knows, maybe we can end this tyranny. – L

      1. Bill in IL

        I know and I consider myself awake and aware, been studying this stuff for over twenty years! I cannot believe I missed something so obvious as homework being another example of the State stealing your life.

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          Bill, don’t feel bad. Their brainwashing control systems are sophisticated, practiced, insidious and pervasive. God only knows how many billions of our own money has been spent on “dark” research which they then hide from the public on just this type of thing. I’m just glad that you see it now. Who knows how many people you may be able to wake up to this tyranny they impose on us all. — L

          1. usurykills

            My grandson is in Kindergarten. He has homework. Really? Mostly coloring.

            My daughter is taking community college courses because the government pays her to take them. 12 units plus a part-time job at a pet store. She’s tired all the time (and pregnant.) She spent most of her night doing homework. If she fails, she won’t get paid and so can’t eat. At least she doesn’t have a college loan.

            Thank you for your website, Legalman. You are documenting the truth for everyone’s sanity. Please keep writing because it helps a little bit to read you.

          2. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

            Kindergarten Usury, kindergarten. Think about that! F’ing amazing. The tyranny of homework runs almost every home in this country. The people just stand around and take it. Amazing. And sad that they don’t even see it for what it is. I hope I can in some small way open some minds. — L

        1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

          I really don’t know Jerry. It’s a good question. My social media skeeelz are sub par to say the least. I wish they were better in that it would help to get my stuff “out there”. But alas, I am both too lazy, too busy, and don’t even do much social media stuff. So maybe somebody else knows. I know this. Whenever people post/repost my stuff I get a lot of traffic. But the reality is that if my goal was simply to “get a lot of traffic” I would either write about the “coming collapse” or “10 things to do right now to defeat liberals” lol, or some other such clap trap. Those “how to get back to freedom” and fixing the constitution things seem to sell well. But since I KNOW they don’t work, well, I don’t do it. I hope someone else can answer your question. As you see I edited out the rest of your post b4 approving it. A short answer to what you referenced that is not visible to the public is that the system is rigged. There are a lot of excellent ways to fight the mortgage fraud game. But the “attorneys general” stepped in and screwed all the people. Not to mention the judges are AT BEST fools. — L

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Lol. Ahh my old friend public servant, good to hear from you. You will be relieved to know that I am fully licensed to twerk. In fact I am “board certified” in legal twerking. Nothing I like more than to dish out a bit of “in yo face” jello jiggle to those who have it coming. –L

  9. Carey Nottingham

    another great awakening read, Legalman.

    Now that I am paying a boatload for my education and the homework that comes along with it, I realize that my homework assignments do nothing more than prove to my professor that I can follow the rules. and I am VERY good at it. *wink* but what does it get me?

    it’s unfortunate that it has taken more than 40 yrs of forced indoctrination before I understood that compliance does not equal knowledge.

  10. jerry bolduc

    All well and good assuming one has parents who actually give a hoot (or have the time to get involved) about what their kids are taught! How many single parent households are there again?

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with “homework” (I struggled mightily with Algebra and Trigonometry … Geometry was a breeze tho) and to say there is, in my opinion, is grasping at straws!

    Why not concentrate on the 3rd Article of the Constitution and point out how the vast majority of cases dealt with by our “supreme court” and the federal judiciary in general, are done so w/o Constitutional jurisdiction, and are thusly nothing less than “kangaroo” courts imposing TYRANNY upon the land!?!??????

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Jerry I am glad you enjoy homework and want your kids to do it. They are more than welcome to do it and in fact feel free to give them more. It isn’t about whether you like it or not. It is about having the state claim a power to make me or my children do things we never agreed to do in an amount and a manner that is totally arbitrarily determined by some state worker where I have no right to refuse. It isn’t that complicated. Give them that right and you give them total powere. But if you can’t see that the tyranny you are so passionate about is reflected in the idea that the state can tell you and your children what to do in your own home, well then there isn’t much I could say. As to single moms or anything else, do you not see how you are making the same arguments that the statist you are so upset with make to justify their interventions? Honestly it appears you missed the entire point I was trying to make. I will await more input to see if it was a problem with my writing or a problem with your understanding. I hope you reconsider. Take care. — L


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