A rare behind the scenes shot of two supreme court justices settling a disagreement in their highly formalized style rarely scene by the public.

A rare behind the scenes look at two supreme court justices settling a disagreement in their highly formalized style virtually unknown to the public.

Let me ask you a question. How many supreme court opinions have you ever ACTUALLY READ? How many? Honestly, have you ever even read ONE FULL OPINION? I seriously doubt it. Yet you IMAGINE that your general understanding of what the institution is and does within our “system of government” is generally accurate. Think how silly that is.  What do people actually KNOW about the court? ZERO. They simply BELIEVE what they have been TOLD about the court in government schools, and by the big media who support the same government. Do you see that?

Swift quoteMany otherwise intelligent people actually believe that the supreme court “protects” them and their rights. This is just an illusion, of course, it isn’t a fact. The reality is the opposite. The supreme court is one of the main weapons used against the people to eliminate their rights. It is unelected and unaccountable.

So let me just ask you this simple yet fundamental question to give you an idea of how much you either don’t know or have never thought about.  WHEN did you ever CONSENT to be bound by whatever the Supreme Court decided? Have you ever thought about that?  I doubt it.  What’s the answer the STATE gives you? Well you are bound because of a vague idea of a “social contract” that amounts to little more than that some dead people a couple of hundred years ago ALLEGEDLY gave THEIR CONSENT ON YOUR BEHALF! Think how absurd THAT idea is.  Yet, people accept it WITHOUT any question.  But that is for another time. If you have an interest in the other side of the fairy tale they tell about our “founding” go read what I wrote here.

Now let me ask you something else. Your government can rendition you and hold you without charges or a lawyer or a trial, and that same government claims it has a right to tax any and everything you have or make at whatever rate it sets, and that same government will not let you simply leave the country and take your stuff, yet, you BELIEVE that government is the free-est best on earth? Do you not see the absurdity? The inconsistency?  What I am going to try to show you is that same disconnect exists with what you THINK you know about the supreme court “protecting your rights” and the reality of what the court is and does.

I want to discuss one tiny part of criminal law and show you how the supreme court does NOTHING to protect your rights.  We’ve all heard that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Right? Of course. You learn it as a kid. You have said it god knows how many times. Everyone knows the saying.

What you don’t get is that the concept is total CRAPOLA. It is the OPPOSITE OF FUNDAMENTAL JUSTICE.  It is just something they have put into people’s minds. And the reason they have done so is so that the state is then FREE to CRIMINALIZE any conduct the state chooses and to then DENY YOU the right to defend ON THAT VERY ISSUE.

Here's an old picture of my trial advocacy class. I don't remember much, but I do remember IT WAS GREAT!  And I get really hungry when I hear my professor's name.

Here’s an old picture of my trial advocacy class. I don’t remember much, but I do remember IT WAS GREAT! And I get really hungry when I hear my professor’s name.

Of course basic justice requires that you be entitled to defend yourself against ANY CRIMINAL charge on the basis that WHAT YOU WERE DOING WAS NOT WRONG OR BAD OR that you could not have even KNOWN that it was FORBIDDEN.  How can any system even claim to be one “dispensing justice” if it doesn’t allow that?  It can’t.  Think about it.   People accept, without even questioning, that the state is ENTITLED to pass any law it wants and then to PUNISH the people for acts that harm no one and that the people may not even KNOW were “illegal”. 

Pay close attention to the following:

The ENTIRE difference between civil and criminal conduct is the existence of what in legal jargon is referred to as “Mens Rea” Or a guilty mind or “bad intent”. It is ESSENTIAL to justify PUNISHMENT. If you aren’t intending to do anything wrong, then you are hardly deserving of PUNISHMENT, are you?  Isn’t punishment there to PUNISH? lol.  You don’t punish behavior that is innocent, that makes no sense.

Not being able to understand that you are even “doing anything wrong” is the basis for the insanity defense. If the person can’t even understand they are doing anything wrong then you can’t CONVICT THEM OF A CRIME. Same goes for why YOUNG children can’t be convicted of crimes. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING IS WRONG, i.e. they are NOT responsible.

So the power structure and the courts are well aware that ignorance of the law certainly IS AN EXCUSE when it ELIMINATES MENS REASure you may owe CIVIL damages for accidents and negligence in those situations, but those are a CIVIL matters. Crimes are things the state punishes.

Mens rea is the heart of all crime.  It is the idea that you are doing something bad or wrong.  Got it? Not just that you performed an act that the state has claimed was “wrong”.

This same type of distinction is made in the ideas of  differing types of “crimes”.  Malum in se which are REAL crimes, that involve BAD ACTS, like mugging someone.  And, fake crimes the government dreams up called malum prohibitum, which are simply “prohibited” acts like failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign when the intersection is empty at midnight.

Look it's not my fault that YOU left it on the floor.  You know the rule, if it's on the floor it's fair game.

Look it’s not my fault that YOU left it on the floor. You know the rule, if it’s on the floor it’s fair game.

Do you see how that distinction is critical? The state makes sure you never think about that.  And they make doubly sure to brainwash the students in law schools that both types of conduct are “criminal” depending on nothing more than whether the STATE says so.  Right there the state has already eliminated any LEGITIMATE basis to PUNISH you because you didn’t commit a BAD act?  Isn’t that pretty outrageous now that you THINK about it? 

But the holy supreme court, protector of the people not only allows all of that, it has taken it even further.  They allow the state to create”strict liability” crimes.  Meaning the state can now convict you of Just “doing an act”.  Look what even WIKI says!

The defendants may therefore not be culpable in any real way, i.e. there is not even criminal negligence, the least blameworthy level of mens rea.

Not culpable in ANY REAL WAY!  And this is WIKI, the NSA operated info system.   Yet still people don’t see what is RIGHT in front of them. 

So the government “criminalizes” whatever behavior it wants! and the great protector of the people the Supreme court, is fine with this.  And of course the people just go on sleepwalking without bothering to THINK FOR THEMSELVES..  Do you see that if your rulers want to, that there is nothing to stop them from “criminalizing” wearing purple shirts on Tuesday as though you committed an actual CRIME.  And then putting you in a CAGE for that? 

Yet STILL people run around draped in flags talking about freedom fries and how freedom isn’t free.

My neighbor works for the D.O.J. I took this picture of him on the way to work one morning.  He's a big believer in the system.

My neighbor works for the D.O.J. I took this picture of him on the way to work one morning. He’s a big believer in the system.

The power structure has everyone mindlessly repeating the SLOGAN that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” from the time they are a kid so that it is drilled into their head.  And now the population is so fully brainwashed, including most of the lawyers, that the people actually think it makes SENSE, lol. People repeat it and “know it”, so they ACCEPT IT. They never THINK about what it means and what it MEANS the STATE is claiming the RIGHT to do.

Of course ignorance SHOULD be a fully legitimate potential “EXCUSE”, to any CRIME. How can I be deserving of any PUNISHMENT if I am not doing anything WRONG?? Or if I don’t even KNOW I am doing anything “wrong”?  It is impossible. 

Look if I try and claim that I’m not guilty because  “I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to steal his stuff”.  Well, that would be UP TO THE JURY TO DECIDE whether that was reasonable and BELIEVABLE.  And what is the chance that people would buy that? Zero. In fact most decent trial lawyers would NEVER put the defense on for any REAL crimes because they would be afraid they might make the jurors mad for wasting their time.  But allowing the defense would provide a tremendous BARRIER against the criminalizing of all sorts of nonsense that people have no idea is “illegal” and ISN’T BAD BEHAVIOR.  Get it?

It is a PROTECTION for the people against the state!  And hence the supreme court is gone like the wind.  Zero protection for you the people.  Yet people imagine the court is protecting them.  Why? Same reason.  They were told that’s what the supreme court does and they hear it repeated all the time in the media etc.

Soup is good food!, errr I mean, ignorance of the law is no excuse. lol sorry,  sometimes it is hard to tell one bs marketing slogan from another.

And remember, just because it isn’t a CRIME doesn’t mean you might not be liable Civilly IF SOMEONE WAS HARMED, just not CRIMINALLY.  That’s a HUGE difference.help

Did you know that it is a federal “CRIME” to possess a bald eagle feather without a “permit”? How absurd is that? Do you even know what one looks like? I doubt it. How about if you just found a feather on a hike and picked it up. What if it turned out it was a bald eagle feather? How can you be guilty of a CRIME for simply picking up a feather? There isn’t even ANY harm, let alone any bad intent. Yet you are subject to a year in the Fed Penitentiary and a $10,000.00 fine as a CRIMINAL.

How can you be convicted and sent to PRISON for such behavior? Simple, you learned it as a kid. You remember it today. Let’s all say it together,   IGNORANCE of the law is NO EXCUSE.  lol,  That’s how the brainwashing works!

The supreme court ITSELF IS just another BRANCH of the SAME government.  Yet you imagine that the Court PROTECTS YOU from its OWN employer’s “over reach”. Why? Because you have been told that’s what the court does.

I honestly don’t know what it takes for people to accept reality. It is so IN YOUR FACE and yet many people actually get upset when I try and tell them that they are delusional. In many peoples’ minds the REAL problem is PEOPLE LIKE ME!  How dare I say such things about the greatest free-est system the world has EVER known!  

The supreme court is an arm of the government, nothing more. It is not your friend. It is not your protector. It is your oppressor because the people ALLOW it to be.

I hope this opened your mind a bit.  Are you starting to see why they always make sure the system itself is never scrutinized?  Because the system CANNOT withstand any REAL scrutiny.  Once enough people see it, well, they system will stop having power.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, live in the light and don’t forget to tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

8 thoughts on “IGNORANCE of the law SHOULD BE an EXCUSE to any CRIME.

  1. RayofLight

    Speaking of ” games ” Legalman ( ” KNOWING ” what YOU and WE HERE, NOW ” STAND OVER ” ) ; when and where would the PRINCE-apple of the common term ” END-GAME ” take president ? ? ? Can we be far from the summit in this zero-sum inequity ? ? ? ? I absolutely LOVE YOU MAN ! Thank You for your works and your caring ENOUGH . . .. .TO DO SOW !

    I apologize for the ” play on words ” ; but ap- PARENT -ly , IT IS THE APPROPRIATE . . . . .TIME FOR IT .

      1. RayofLight

        Certainly will tell my FRIENDS , who are all starting to Realize how THEY HAVE ALL BEEN ” PLAYED ” for an AWFULLY L-O-N-G TIME . I’m talking about those who are also supposedly on the inside of it . THEIR OUTLOOK AND EXPLANATIONS FOR ” IT ” HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY POOR AND WITHOUT CREDIBILITY . Are WE/US starting to SEE a ” Much Welcomed Trend ” Here ! ! !

  2. Publius

    I’ve seen a number of people getting charged with crimes that don’t exist on the books and you do have the right to stand up for your self in a court of law even if you have a lawyer and he or she does not seen to be acting in you best interest! Ask “Show Me The or That Law!” and the chances are they may back peddle on what they were trying to do.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      True you can stand up, but A LOT of what you might ACTUALLY be able to get away with depends on the judge. And you need to understand that all the real work is done by the appellate courts in pushing the agenda. Trial courts are given all the Publicity in the media. Not to mention that most “legal correspondents” simply never discuss the IMPORTANT issues in the cases. So it’s Win on the front page at trial, Lose on the back page on appeal 🙁 awww, so sorry about that. lol. Similar to the old legal adage, the large print giveth and the small print TAKETH away. Same game every time. enjoy — L

      1. RayofLight

        Legalman , If my reply was unintentionally pl.aced as a general comment ; please forgive my HUMAN TRAITS ! Hopefully , IT will all be corrected !


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