Government oversight through licensing and regulation is not for your protection.


EarI want to show you that almost every type of oversight the government does under the guise of “protecting you”, is a fraud. It isn’t there to protect you.  It is there to grow government in order to control you.  It is, in fact, just a crappy version of anything you might get from the private sector.  My proof is simple and undeniable,  Once you see it, you won’t be able to UNSEE it. It is hidden in plain sight. That is the preferred method of the “QUO”.

First let’s go over the basics of what I am talking about. In this post I will concentrate mostly on the ability of people to work and earn a living. But the concept applies to all of the QUO’s handywork in controlling us.

Here are some of the methods they employ.

Licensing, Regulation, Certification, Accreditation, Inspection, Permits, Reviews, Oversight panels, Committees in charge, Departments, Chief investigators. This may not be a comprehensive list, but it includes the bulk of the ways that the QUO uses government to control us.

I maintain that everyone is AT BEST, one degree removed from any of these items. And most people are not even that removed. They are ENGULFED.

Is this the line for a bathroom break permit, or do you know?

Is this the line to get a permit to go to the bathroom?

Think about it, you have to have a license to open a business. A license to cut hair, manicure nails and even give a massage! You have to be licensed to be a plumber, an electrician, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer. To drive a car, to be a court reporter, to run a towing company, to give financial advice. I could go on and on.

Products are licensed, and approved and certified and regulated as well. They are controlled and doled out only if the government allows it. Say you’re dying and you want to just stay high on LSD all day because, well, because YOU JUST WANT TO. No no no, you’re not allowed. Why? Because your master the government said so. It is absurd. Yet people accept it as “the law”.

The schools you go to have to be accredited to then GET your license. That means they control who can teach (certified), in a school or the school loses its accreditation. The people then have to do yearly updates to maintain their license. Pay a fee to a board to oversee them. The people are then subject to “rules” and fake investigations as a result.

If you do work inside your house you need their PERMISSION, you need a “permit”. Like you’re a child. What you are, in reality, is their SUBJECT. They are our rulers  They are the mighty QUO. Get it?

All of this is enforced by a series of panels and boards and committees with obscure rules.

Yes, your fate is in their hands.  I'm sure they are up to speed.

Next.  Please state your name and tell us why you are here.  Whoops, just kidding, we’ve already been told what to do in your case.  Psyche!  Next.  

You have basically ZERO control over any of it. They are easily corrupted and there is no independent oversight of them either. The only “oversight” that even exists is conducted by other government officials and committees and boards and panels. It doesn’t ever end.

People are told that these are all necessary for their protection and safety and to be sure that “unqualified” people are not doing the work. OH and to have “uniformity”.  Really,  well then where is the independent oversight of the overseers to be sure they are “qualified”? It doesn’t exist and it never will.

At least these dogs KNOW they are NOT free.

At least these dogs KNOW they are NOT free and  they clearly want out.

The purpose of all of these items is just control. At anytime your way to make a living can be threatened or ruined by the government. That is why these things exist. NO other reason. If you don’t tow the line, well, a “complaint” may get filed. An investigation could occur. You could be ruined. Even if you eventually “win”, you will be broke. People will only remember the charge, not the acquittal. And on and on people.

Why in the world should you have to get a permission slip from a “licensed” doctor from an “accredited” school, to get a “controlled substance” that is “approved” by the government and then dispensed and recorded by a “licensed” pharmacist from an “accredited” school? Why can’t you put whatever you want in your body? You take the risk. Not the government.

Why? Simple, it is not about protecting you. It is about controlling you.

Why can’t you hire someone who just has a lot of experience in filing divorces? Not licensed, not certified, not educated at some “school”. Just someone who knows what they are doing from having learned from someone else who knew what they were doing and then the person just did it themselves? Why? It is a fair question. You could pay them less. You could be apprised of their “qualifications”, you could make your own mind up whether they will work out for you.

Why? Because you are not free. You are a subject of the QUO my friends. Only they get to decide. That way, everyone is subject to their boards and reviews and could at anytime be ruined. Got it?

Well Legalman, the FDA and other agencies do a lot of good! They do? How do you know that? Who TOLD you that? Oh, the government told you that. And the big pharma companies who love the FDA because it makes sure they control the entire game and any competition. Gotcha.

How do I know it works? Because I wrote it down and then read it.  That's how. DUUUH.

How do I know it’s true? Ummm, because I read it.  I wrote it down and then I read it. That’s how. DUUUH.  Next question.

How about doctors Legalman, that stuff is really complicated, surely licensing there makes a lot of sense. Really? I’m glad you brought that up. I want to now prove to you that all of these things the government engages in are not there to help you.

If you go to a doctor and he commits malpractice can you sue the state licensing board for your damages? No.

If you have a plumber that screws up your plumbing and floods your house with waste can you sue the licensing board? No.

How about the city that issued the permit?  No.

How about  when a pilot crashes a plane do the passengers sue the FAA? No It never ends.

I promised you a simple test to show you that the government agencies etc. are not doing what they claim.  When something goes wrong with anything they have overseen or approved,church lady they are NOT LEGALLY LIABLE. Product screws you, out of luck. Person screws you. Out of luck.  Well what the f… good are they then?  Ahh, perhaps now you can answer your own question….  And the truth shall set you free my friend.

You can’t sue any of these agencies and boards etc. etc. for the result of their rules. They are not responsible to YOU or anyone else except…. You guessed it, the government and its other boards and overseers.

All the boards etc. ever do is take the license or certification or accreditation away AFTER the fact. Or maybe fine them and KEEP the money for the government.  Wow, a lot of help that is.

Relax, Relax people, the government agents are here to handle this.  After many months, they will probably take the contractors license away.  So everything is being handled.

Relax, Relax people, the government agents are here they are going to handle this. After many months, they will probably take the contractors license away. And a couple of years from now they may collect a fine for themselves.   So…. we good? or what?

In a private setting, if someone “inspects” something and “approves something”, they are LIABLE if they screw up. If a private firm, guarantees something they can be sued if they don’t do their due diligence and people rely on their “seal of approval” etc. The government runs around claiming they are “setting standards” and inspecting and “overseeing licensing” and accreditation, but when any of their stuff fails, well too bad so sad.
THEY can not be sued, let alone made to pay. But they will “get right on it” and “look at their rules” to “make sure this never happens again”. And the poor brainwashed masses say thank your oh great QUO for protecting us.   It is sad and funny at the same time.

How about the actual individuals in these agencies, and on these committees, and boards? They are TWICE removed from any possible liability. ZERO. Most never even lose their jobs

Your cover is blown.  We must move you to a new department.  Thank you for your service.

Your cover is blown. We must move you to a new department. Thank you for your service.

when stuff happens. They get promoted or moved and get a nice retirement package.  AT worse they “get fired” or have to “step down” and they are immediately picked up by the large industries who love the whole arrangement with the QUO because they are part of the QUO and the QUO keeps the competition down. Get it?

Look, the entire claim the government makes to justify the existence of this laughable control over every aspect of your life is that they are there to “make you safer” or better or healthier or on and on. All of these rules supposedly do something like that. So the government is CLAIMING to in effect warrant that the service or product or whatever, meets a certain standard. There is no other thing they even claim t be doing.

But if the people or items or services or whatever, then “don’t meet that standard”, or fail to perform as expected, the agency just washes its hands of the whole thing because YOU CAN’T hold them accountable.

Look this is a licensed crew.  They followed all the rules here. I don't think there's going to be much we can do.  Good luck.

Look this is a federally  licensed crew. They followed all the rules here. I don’t think there’s going to be much we can do. Good luck.

Think about it, you hire a “licensed” contractor. Why? Because it sounds like he is more qualified. Why do you think that? Because surely there are some requirements to get licensed. And whoever is licensing that person or industry etc. better be sure that it or he is IN FACT qualified. The entire reason to have the “licensing” as far as the public is concerned is to have confidence in their ability. It is a seal of approval. It is a warranty of merchantability for a purpose in a way.

If a private entity “licenses” or gives some form of a “seal of approval or of qualifications” and the person screws up.  That entity gets sued, because it isn’t immune like the government.  Get it yet?

There is yet another thing in private business that is similar.  It is being “bonded”.  And what is the difference between somebody who is bonded versus someone who is licensed, or accredited, or certified etc. by the government? Simple, if the person who is bonded screws up, you look to the bond to pay your damages. There is a BOND to secure performance.  Money sitting in a pile that is earmarked to reimburse.  It isn’t complicated people.

What do you mean you can't get to the money right now?

So when can we get our money back?

If they are just “government approved” well, good luck. 

Get it?

It just can’t be made any simpler people. If the government was there to help the PEOPLE and they were actually going to do something you could rely on, then the governmental entities that made the rules and the people who sat on the boards and commissions would be liable. But they aren’t.  What they do is provide people with a false sense that something is being done, when in fact the “solution” provides no REAL protection for you.  It only provides for more government.

You can’t “choose not to use” the “approved” or certified version.  You can’t affect the qualifications for any of them, they are all done by giant government agencies.  And if the rules are violated, YOU get nothing.  The Government, might sue or fine the entity, but that money goes to the government, so how does that help you?  It doesn’t.  It is just another way the government pretends to help you.

With a private system there  is a choice.  With a private system the ones that don’t do anything fail.  With a private system, if the rules are violated you can go after the entity that promotes the system.  Get it?  This is all you need to know to see what the real POINT of the government systems are.  They are a con, a lie.  Like virtually all other aspects of government.  These systems do not help you. They only control you.  They are hidden in plain sight.  That is the QUO’s preferred method.  And the people are so brainwashed they actually do the work for the QUO on this issue as well.  Actively DEMANDING more government

Whoa dude, I hope you went to a Licensed barber.  I mean, otherwise you'd be screwed.

Whoa dude, please tell me you AT LEAST went to a LICENSED barber. I mean, otherwise you may have a problem.

regulation and oversight of more and more industries.  Because they think they are getting something (protection) which they are not.

The reality is that people would be MUCH better off with NO oversight at all rather than the government oversight.  But Legalman that doesn’t make any sense, surely we’re better off with even a bad version?  Really?  It makes more sense to give people a FALSE sense of something happening than for them to KNOW that nothing is being done?  That makes no sense.  If people KNOW that nothing is being done then they can take precautions.  They can watch out for themselves, and they will.  If they know there is no current oversight then a PRIVATE system may arise, that provides REAL protection.  And finally of course, once the government is there, you can’t get rid of it, can’t control it, and it will be abused by the QUO over time.  That is why they are always trying to whip up concern about “unregulated”industries.  The  QUO is always making sure the people “focus on” those rascally “unregulated” industries.

How many is too many?  Join the campaign to "Take back the sidewalks".  Join the campaign to regulate dog walking. go to today.

How many is too many? Join the campaign to “Take back the sidewalks”. Regulate dog walking now. Go to today.

No my fellow inmates, government oversight and licensing is NEVER the answer.  If you think it is, then just let me know which agency is doing a GOOD job and how why we are better off with it as opposed to a private version.  It is a pretty simple challenge in light of the scope of government oversight.  Good luck with that.

It is always the same game, it just takes many forms.  Government is power. Power over you, not for you.  Once you really start to see that, then you will be able to start making sense of many many things.

Case closed my friend.  Now you see the truth about the licensing and regulation scam, and you will never UNsee it.  The Plaintiff rests your honor.  “Anything from the defense?”   “No defense your honor, but the state moves that Legalman be taken into custody.  Under State bar rules, the people are to be kept in the dark at all times about the genuine nature of the proceedings.  Legalman is well aware of this.”  “Bailiff, take Legalman into custody.”


Want to hear more?  Legalman sounds off below.



Here are few updates and additional stories you can seeCheck this one as wellAnd finally this one.  See if you can spot the system now.

Here’s another update.  Notice how doctors who are licensed are welcome to participate in torture IF they work for the government.  But if you step one foot over whatever imaginary line they draw in the private sector poooof, there goes your license.

Update 12-22-14 yet another story.  Note how there are no complaints from patients. No allegation of harm. There is a tremendous prejudice against non drug or chemical radiation treatments.  How do they attach? With licensing.  Go to my fascinating other stuff pages lots of stuff about how they attack doctors with new treatments that are healthy and might work without drugs etc.


Legalman lives another day,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

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