A starting point for the TRUTH

I normally draft on papyrus and then just scan it in. Here's a shot of one of my earlier posts.

I normally draft on papyrus and then just scan it in. Here’s a shot of the hard copies I keep..

Here, I have organized a variety of topics and posts.  There is nothing holy about the order, however, I have put them in what I believe is an order that makes some basic sense.  If you’re not familiar with what a truly deep scam the law and your “country” is, then I suggest you just start at the beginning, or as the instructions from the products made in Japan might say, Please First to Begin.   All the titles are linked to the post.  Just click and Enjoy.  Don’t forget to Always tell your friends about the truth about the law.  The system of control only works as long as people don’t know about the system.   So tell everyone and soon more and more will see the truth.  And yes, the truth shall set you free my brainwashed Brethren. 


People often ask me if I can simplify the way the whole system works because they don't have time to bother reading about it. This is the best I can do.

 I was having a discussion about the law and the way the system REALLY works last summer on vacation and the lady I was talking to asked me if I could sum it up for her kids. I said sure,and  She snapped this shot of me when I did and then she text’d it to me later with a quick thank you.


They constantly lie to you. Learn why.

They use Game Theory to Control the people.

Non-Linear disinformation makes it impossible to tell what is real and what is fake.

A real time lesson in Non-linear disinformation.

Government power is a gun pointed at your head, nothing more.

The Constitution has NO legitimate authority.  Period. 

Freedom v. Control is the issue that matters, not the form of the government.

There is no right in this country to political self determination

Step one, identify the bullsh*t. Step two, stop consuming it. The founding fathers were just men.

The PEOPLE’S case for what REALLY happened at the constitutional convention.

They tell big LIES about our “founding documents”.

The “holy” Thomas Jefferson cheated his way into the presidency.  It’s that simple.

The first amendment was dead on arrival.

It’s time to tell the truth, the 14th Amendment was NEVER ratified.

The concept of a country is nothing but an illusion created to gain political control over you.

This Country was not founded on Christian principles.

Nobody consents to the deal that this country imposes on its people.

The Feds claim the interstate commerce clause “authorizes it”.  They lie a lot.  

The Government uses violence to threaten EVERY peaceful protest.

Our country’s government is a Kleptocracy masquerading as a Fake Republic.

The Constitution does not permit ANYTHING to be stamped “top secret” and kept from the people.

They just made up their right to keep secrets under Executive Privilege.

The constitution is designed so that the people can’t prevent abuses like “executive orders”. 

Congress and the President conspire to violate the constitution.

How is it that juries have to be unanimous but the Supreme court can rule 5 to 4?

The supreme court has no power to make something “constitutional”.

Where does it say we can “only” impeach judges?

The supreme court is not independent.

This is how they impose Judicial Tyranny.

Sovereign Immunity turns the First Amendment on its head.

The people are so brainwashed they don’t  even know what a real law is.

Jury nullification is a game changing right.

Slavery TO THE STATE is alive and well despite the 13th amendment.



People waiting to exercise their "right to vote".

The People have spoken!  Here are a few waiting to exercise their “right to vote”.


The Red/Blue Right/Left political system is a rigged game.

There are never any REAL consequences to the government’s investigations of ITSELF, and there never will be.

Government oversight through licensing and regulation is not there for your protection.

How much force should the state be allowed to use?

Despite endless government lies, you are branded a kook if you just ask BASIC questions. 

The people will live under a tyranny as long as they rely on the supreme court to check the federal government.

Presidential “Executive Orders” have no basis in the constitution.

Voting for the President is a show, nothing more.

The idea of “leaders” is a lie designed to control you.

Are you ready to play footsoldier, made man, or Kingpin?

Political compromise will always lead to tyranny.

The American people have spoken. The election show is over.



I met this chick on Match.com. Here profile said she was 41!

I met this chick on Match.com. Her profile said she was 41, I still don’t think so. But we did end up dating for about 6 months.  


Our Legal Tender Laws are the result of a court packing scheme you were never taught.

Jury trials are a sham, don’t believe the hype.

Ignorance of the law SHOULD BE an EXCUSE To any CRIME.

An airtight argument that proves the Feds have no authority to outlaw drugs.

Inflation is something that is created to steal from you, it does not “just exist”.

The little case that threatened the entire Banking system.

How they buried the case that exposed the fraud of Fractional reserve banking.

The “military application” test under the 2nd amendment was invented in a case WITH NO DEFENSE.

The second amendment has NOTHING to do with why the FEDS can’t ban guns.




This lady runs my neighborhood. I know, I didn't believe it either.

This lady runs my neighborhood. I know, I didn’t believe it either till I had several  “random breakin’s”  after I refused to pay her a few times. The cops said they “would look into it”.  I got the message.


So can it be fixed? 

Why do the bad guys always seem to win?

 How much force should be used to “prevent” crime?

The basics of how they control people with fear





Relax those people behind him are all going to wash their hands.

Relax those people behind him are all actually waiting in line to wash their hands.


Dallas wins bid to become the first U.S. city to “get the eboli”.

Ebola, racism and the great con that is the outbreak of fear.

Learn why the fear of Ebola is spreading much faster than Ebola itself.

Act II of the Ebola fearola show has begun. Be very “afraid”.

Nothing we have been told about Ebola adds up. Learn what we do know.

Update to Ebola: Nobody is dying? how does this make sense? 10-24-14

Ebola Update 10-31-14: So nobody he lived with even GOT SICK?? oh, and the doctor who got it isn’t “the doctor”?? More lies.



Quality control testing is taken quite seriously in the folding chair industry.

Quality control testing is there for a reason.


Confirmation that the “Sony Hack” was just another contrived event.

Hitler wading in on Brian williams lies.

The Charlie Hedbo Paris “attack” is absurd kabuki theater for the masses.

More on the laughable “Paris Tragedy” false flag.

Soon you will need permission to use your washing machine.

The wonders of the music industry, just clean fun.

A heart warming story about a girl who needed a dad and the man who became that dad.

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      Hi Alycia. My very first post was on inflation and the way it is created in effect by the Fed. Beyond that I do not. But then again, I am lazy. lol I may get around to it. The Fed really is a nightmare. There are of course many great books on it, but then those aren’t articles. Regardless, glad you’re here. take care– L

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    “Please to begin” sounds about right for most Japanese products. Mine was a blender. The instructions said, “Not for other use.” I have since wondered what that “other use” would be.
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    My little blog has only a few entries. My life is mundane since I have been wathching the criminals for 30 years and they are becoming more into evidence every day. I do get scared. Could I please have your email address?

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