Our country’s government is a Kleptocracy masquerading as a Fake Republic.

Yeah honey I'll get to that in a minute,  I just want to see the end of this.

Yeah honey I taped the debate,  We can watch it later,  I just want to see the end of this, they said Kim Kardashian made another sex tape.

Trying to make sense of what appears to be a nonsensical world is not easy. I have great sympathy for people who give up entirely. They intuitively KNOW that they can’t effect much real change in the system and so they tune out and just do other things.  Of course that doesn’t solve anything and it screws their kids, but I do get it.  Continuously reminding yourself of fundamental things about human nature and the world is very helpful to keep you on an even keel, thinking straight, and therefore not depressed about the situation. Here’s one you can NEVER forget.

People want something for nothing.

She thought I would be a sucker, but I actually bought two and got one for FREE.

She thought I would be a sucker, but I actually bought two for 99 bucks and got her to throw one more in for FREE.

This rule is so universal it is scary. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is, that stinking concept will creep in in all sorts of ways to their thinking. I know I catch myself in the trap quite often. So then take a step down to the mass of people who really just aren’t that smart or don’t bother to apply themselves for whatever reason, and imagine how much this rule DOMINATES their life and thinking.

People want to be in shape but don’t want to work out. They want a great relationship but don’t take the time to make themselves better. They want to be great lovers but hope a pill can do that for them. They want to be well read but end up watching the movie instead of reading the book. And on and on.

It is NO different in politics. People want to be free and yet they don’t want the responsibility that comes with that. They don’t want the REALITY of freedom, they want the concept without the work. Remember Jefferson said you need a revolution and some blood periodically. Look around, most people aren’t willing to do ANYTHING, much less something that would work. Once you accept this you then clearly see why we have the totally screwed up POLITICAL SYSTEM that we have. People who want power take advantage of this. It is no more complicated than that.

Don't change horses in mid-stream.  This guy is making a lot of sense.

So this is the guy who who is responsible for the “60,000cr Pradhan Manti Gram Sadak Yojna”!! No way.  I am definitely voting for him.

Those who wield power know that the masses can be run on the fantasy of something for nothing, and, they are more than willing to continuously sell the people the fantasy that they are getting something when in fact they are not. Because the people drawn to government, for the most part, are not good people. It isn’t complicated. They want power over you.

No people can be free and in control of their government by watching teleprompter personalities on TV tell them lies, and then having “debates” with each other about what was said, and then going and “voting” every couple of years. Think about how laughably absurd that is.

How can ANYONE with half a brain think that a group of self seeking meglomaniacs with access to a virtually unlimited check book that they don’t pay for, could ever be controlled by this “system” we even CLAIM to have, much less what we ACTUALLY have? It is delusional. Yet that is what people imagine is the case with our government. It is quite a testament to the power of someone’s beliefs.

Remember you can only watch till 10 then you have to go to sleep.  I will be back later. Love you.  "okay mom".

Remember you can only watch till 10 then you have to go to sleep. I will be back later. Love you. “okay mom”.

If you implant an idea into peoples’ heads early and often they will see and believe things that have no reality at all. Hence the people in this country see it as free. They see the country as one of laws and restraints on the law makers. They imagine it to be something it is clearly not if you just objectively look at it and ask basic questions. And that is why fundamental questions can never be allowed as I have shown. You must only operate within the game they have devised for the people to play and imagine. Nothing more.

The “republic” we supposedly have is a total sham. What we actually have is one of the worst of all worlds, as opposed to the best, as we are taught.

We know that democracy is just 2 wolves and a lamb trying to decide what is for dinner. We have been told again and again about the way democracy doesn’t work because the minorities are oppressed etc. And we are told that is why our “brilliant system” is a representative “republic”. Our entire system brainwashes people all their lives about how we have this system that keeps the government in check. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we don’t. What we have is a group of people ruling us who sell the people a lie by using the principle that people can have something for nothing.

democracyI am going to show you just 2 things here because FUNDAMENTAL issues need to be taken in small chunks. Otherwise they get lost in the brainwashing that is ALREADY in your head.

First I will describe what the REAL difference is between a republic and a democracy. And next, I will show you why we do not have the ESSENTIAL piece that distinguishes the two.

I liked his book Ham on Rye.

I liked his book Ham on Rye.

In a democracy, the majority rules and minorities have no say. A TRUE democracy is one where the people directly vote on the issues. A representative democracy is one where the people elect people who then vote on issues. In a large political entities, like the counties that have been intentionally created, there is no chance for a real democracy even if you wanted one. At best you can have a representative democracy.

But who would want to live in a democracy, even a “representative” democracy? Once you get beyond more than few thousand people who have the same values and lifestyle etc. it breaks down and can never work.

Look this is bullsh*t.  I didn't agree to this. These guys don't even really live here.  They are renting.

Look this is bullsh*t. I didn’t agree to this. These guys don’t even really live here. They are renting.

As I have said before, would you agree to live with whatever your neighbors voted for if the decision was as small as what everyone would have to eat on Friday nights and when they would have to eat it for the next 5 years? I doubt it.

And this simple question shows what the REALLY fundamental issue is for ANY government, SCOPE OF AUTHORITY. The form doesn’t matter nearly as much as the SCOPE of power it wields.

That is why the government education system is designed to confuse people by discussing all the different FORMS instead of the Key component, the only one that actually matters, the SCOPE within which the government is authorized to act. Because remember, all government is nothing but a gun pointed at you or you pointing it at your neighbor. Nothing more.

The tingling you feel are the new freedom crystals.  They're the key to that great Scope feeling.

Scope is the only brand with patented freedom flavor crystals. Taste the freshness of real Freedom with Scope.

The great con pulled in this country is distracting  people to get them to focus on the FORM obsessively like the boogie men communism and “dictatorships”, instead of the SCOPE. Those are to be feared as “threatening our freedom”. In fact the bulk of the total police state that has been imposed on us and the basis for going all over the world killing other people is to “protect our way of life”. Which of course means nothing more than protecting our government, which of course means nothing more than protecting the financial interests of the wealthy who run it all.

The people are so deeply brainwashed that the vast majority will never be able to even discuss this topic without being angered, much less could they ever accept the truth of it. They operate in the red/blue world of politics at best. Imagining that the answer lies with working within the system. They can’t move beyond this because their entire world view would collapse if they actually saw the reality. It is called cognitive dissonance. It is well known and extensively studied and understood by our rulers.

All this talk of freedom is turning me on.  Hurry back baby, I'll be waiting.

All this talk of freedom is turning me on.   I’ve used this whole hero thing for years in bars, it works.

And that is precisely why the people in charge spend so much time making sure the children are taught this fantasy about what the government in this country is and then they pump it into your heads all your life through media propaganda and movies showing America as this great country of freedom. There is no substance needed. Just show a flag and a guy in uniform “saving us from an enemy” and then “getting the girl”, and people are sold. They create a world view for the people and then the people MAINTAIN IT themselves for mental self preservation.

Okay, so we don’t have a democracy and we don’t want one.
What we supposedly have is a representative republic. So what is the difference? I mean we vote for people who then go up and supposedly represent us by then VOTING for things. This looks exactly like a representative democracy.

The difference between a republic and a democracy is that in a constitutional republic the government is a government of LIMITED AND EXPRESS POWERS. The government can ONLY do what we have said it can. You see? This is the ONLY distinction. Did you realize this? I doubt it. Don’t feel bad, think where you were taught?

What are you doing I only agreed to a  foot massage.

Here I used my knowledge of human nature to turn the limited authority she gave me for a foot massage into a full on belly massage. Membership has its privileges.

This supposed limitation on the government is what supposedly makes our country great and free, and not a “tyrannical” democracy. The government has “constitutional limitations” that “protect the people”. That is THE ENTIRE DIFFERENCE. Nothing more.

Take the constitutional limitations away and you have reverted to the WORST FORM, a representative democracy that appears to be a representative republic. A fraud in other words. That of course is what we actually have.

Why do I say it is the worse form? Isn’t a dictator worse Legalman? Not to me. A “constitutional” dictatorship would be greatly preferable to me. Frankly, when it comes to “governing” over the limited areas that the federal government is actually empowered to govern as set out in Art. 1 Sect. 8, I couldn’t care less who or what FORM governed those areas. They are so limited I don’t care much in light of how little actual affect I can have on the system with my one vote. My vote just doesn’t count for crap. So I don’t care if that limited area is governed by one guy or a panel or a group of “elected representatives”. They wouldn’t have much authority, so I’m good with pretty much any FORM. Do you see the difference?

Further, the reality is that if we had a “constitutionally limited” dictator, then we could all KNOW he would probably try and overstep. People would be ON GUARD that the guy would try and grab power. He couldn’t hide it. Then the people could step in and stop it.

Change.  Yeah, that sounds good.  We need ]change.

Paid attendees? Photo shop? or actual brainwashed fools?  It is hard to tell.

But what we have is a government that has no ACTUAL limitations under the guise that it does. So the people are not just asleep, they actively support the expansion under the guise that they are supporting their “freedom” That is the real genius of the system they put in. Do you see?

Think about it. I have showed you that the supreme court gave the feds the green light to regulate anything they want. They have so distorted their “authority” that there is no practical limit. If there was any actual limit that mattered, then they couldn’t regulate the light bulbs you use, the water that flushes in your toilet, how many hours a week someone can work without overtime, a minimum wage, require you keep records of every thing you make or spend for 7 years, rendition you and hold you without trial, force you to accept a form of money that has no value, outlaw drugs they choose, and on and on and on.  If you think it is limited, then how do you explain any of that?

That's right you must ride us wherever we wish to go.

A rare shot of the basis for political power in this country.  Isn’t it beautiful.

Nothing about our government is LIMITED. Yet that is the ONLY difference between a democracy which creates tyranny, and a “republic”. Do you see? The only limits there even are, are limits placed on the people to GET RID OF WHAT HAS BEEN IMPOSED ON THEM.  That is the ACTUAL use of the the “constitutional limitations”.  Don’t like a supreme court opinion expanding power? Oh, too bad so sad.  There isn’t Jack Sh*t you can do about it.  Get it?

The people have all the real power.  But they have tricked the people into believing that they must follow “rules” that the people never agreed to. It is a parlor trick.  Nothing more.  As long as the people think they have to live by what people supposedly agreed to before they were even born, well, then the people who want to control you can keep you under control  As soon as the people see the game for what it is, poof, it is over.

The system we have creates a tyranny even against the Majority, not just the minority. It is the WORST of all worlds.

Oh, that’s not true Legalman. Really? Okay, then put the income tax on a national referendum and see if the people vote to keep it. Oh, they won’t? Well, that’s my point. It isn’t even a government by a majority. It is nothing but an oligarchy/kleptocracy masquerading as a representative republic. Again, the FORM doesn’t matter. It is the SCOPE that matters, nothing else.

Chief Justice Fox relaxing in between oral arguments.  He known as a brilliant and fair jurist, by all the foxes, not so much by the hens.

Chief Justice “Red” shown relaxing in between oral arguments. He known as a brilliant and fair jurist, by all the foxes, not so much by the hens.

The fundamental problem is that you can’t have one branch of the same government in charge of limiting itself. That can NEVER work. Yet that is what they TELL us we have. They tell us that is the unique brilliance of OUR system. It is hilarious to me. They have taken the KEY to how they abuse us all and convinced everyone that it is the KEY to OUR GREATNESS.

The supreme court, which is just the federal government, is the supposed check on the federal government. That is absurd. IT CAN NEVER WORK. How can you expect that an entity will check itself? It is nothing but a fantasy of something for nothing. The people are relieved of any obligation to oversee the criminals in Washington, because they “have a system in place” that “keeps them free”. They believe it because they were told.

They want to keep believing it because they prefer watching tv and looking at Kim Kardashians ass to having to actually think and act. They HAVE to keep believing it because of the cognitive dissonance it would create to face the truth. So they mindlessly repeat the idea that because they have a “right to vote” every few years that they are free. Poof, it’s magic don’t you see?

And this is why they laugh at the masses and feel no compunction at all in stealing from you and me. They believe that if you are stupid and weak enough to let them do it, then they are JUSTIFIED in doing it. Get it? Once you see that then a lot of questions can be answered.

I knew the guys wouldn't believe I had a threesome so I took some pics.

An old vacation shot I found.  I knew my buds wouldn’t believe I had a threesome so I took some pics.

The people don’t even understand what they don’t understand. It is a total fantasy world they live in. Fantasy sells, it is REALITY that doesn’t sell well. And that is the true state of affairs.

That is why you have to learn to protect yourself in the real world and not live in the delusional world that the masses inhabit. You only have two choices, learn how to work around the reality, or join the cheaters and abusers. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me which you choose. Everything has a price whether you are “caught” or not. And if you don’t believe that, then go and join the cheaters. I mean that. Go join them, I have given you the keys to their kingdom. Take what you want and be prepared to pay the price.

For those who believe that their own good conduct is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, we have to stick together. Gently wake and guide those who can be woken. Learn to work around the system AS IT IS, and maybe just maybe effect a bit of change if we can. That’s all for now.

Be well my brainwashed Brethren, don’t be down, move towards the light.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

7 thoughts on “Our country’s government is a Kleptocracy masquerading as a Fake Republic.

  1. Kram

    Great piece. What a foundation. Stepping outside of this system is a worthy goal in mind and body. An exercised pattern of thought and prima facie notices and declarations. Then losing the ‘name’ no address per se, but something along that order, maintaining privacy as a right all with honesty and integrity. I am in 5 suits. Regardless of the outcomes , my and my wife’s commercial existence will be terminated. All accounts settled. Probate closed. In all we go in peace. lol I just watched the documentary “inside job” and the punch line is all the same players are still in untouchable positions of power and wealth. lol ” Justice lies in deaths slumber to awaken upon the soul with eyes seeing the heart of deeds done. Ponder these things.”

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks Kram, the reality is simply the reality. People choose to ignore it. The government we have makes no sense. It isn’t a perfect balance. It is a conjob. So long as the restraint on the government’s power is supposed to be imposed and controlled by the same government, there will never be any restraint. The restraint must come from a system OUTSIDE of the federal government. And honestly, the simple fact is that there is nothing in that rag the constitution that gives the feds the power to oversee itself. The so called supremacy clause only means, at best, that federal law trumps state law on the issue. Not that that federal law can somehow go beyond the constitution just because their co-conspirators in the supreme court “find” it constitutional. The states and the people within the states are clearly within their rights to ignore any law that is outside the constitution. The idea that they then “must” abide by the rulings is absurd of course.

      In a case like that the obvious answer is that the State is free to leave the union. If the state doesn’t like how the union is being operated then it can just leave. If that were the case then none of these issues would matter. But of course the feds settled that with their murderous war of Lincolns and the s.ct case that followed saying you can’t leave.

      And THAT is the basis of the tyranny. Not the laughable misinterpretation and overreach under the so called constitution, etc. The entire problem is the concept that the states or any people within a state can be FORCED to remain in any part of the “union”. Remove that barrier and the tyranny vanishes. Keep it, and the tyranny can never be escaped. It is that simple. — L

  2. Thirteenth Child

    I came across your website during a Google search and it is, without a doubt, the most truthful one on the internet. Going to share it with those people I know who are actually interested in what is really going on. Needless and sad to say, it is a very small group. Great job!

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I’m glad you enjoy it. I do my best to entertain. We few, we band of brothers, we have to stick together. I’m actually quite surprised it came up on a search. I’m sure they’ll “fix that” lol — L

  3. RockHeavyMetal.Com

    Democracy is not an election. Democracy is when a lottery is used to select a public assembly. There is no way of purchasing a lottery using fake money or real money.
    Luck is cultivated by practicing charity towards those who deserve your charity. You cannot practice charity using fake money such as federal reserve notes. The federal reserve is a private for profit bank. It is not a branch of the federal government. The most vile effect of fake money slavery is that we a deprived of the ability to use real money to cultivate our luck through the practice of charity.

  4. Public Servant

    BIS Chairman Signals Dollar Devaluation as Liquidity Measures are Taken

    22 December 2014

    BASEL (Global Oligarchy Review) – Bank for International Settlements Chairman Uzodinma Okpechi and his colleagues have prepared the markets for their largest quantitative easing program to date. But the big question of when is still left unanswered.

    In a speech in Paris on Monday, Okpechi said that central banks will be provided with an unprecedented excess of liquidity. Although the careful phrasing of his speech was avoided the issue of timing, the tone of Okpechi’s animated remarks in his native Nigerian Pidgin has led many observers to conclude that the easing will likely begin next year.

    “I go chop your dollar. I go take your money — disappear,” Okpechi said, emphasizing “disappear” with a gesture while discussing the next evolution of global monetary and fiscal policies.

    As anticipated, Okpechi’s speech included references to the eradication of poverty, to the shared sisterhood and brotherhood shared among nation states and the BIS, and to important and ongoing national infrastructure projects.

    “National Airports na me get ‘em. National Stadium na me build ‘em,” he told the conference.

    Okpechi also signaled that future markets may be turbulent — and that the BIS is prepared to respond appropriately.

    “it’s just a game, everybody dey play ‘em. If anybody fall mugu, Ha! My brother I go chop ‘em,” Okpechi said.

    The Chairman’s comments suggested to leading experts that the prolonged monetary stimulus in the US, Europe, and Japan has led to a leakage of liquidity, and has thereby contaminated the rest of the world markets. And as other BIS insiders have indicated previously, the rising powers of Asia may no longer be able to act as a firebreak — as they did after the Lehman crash — and may themselves now be a source of risk.

    Addressing this risk, Okpechi’s remarks emphasized the ongoing commitment that the BIS has made to play a central and stabilizing role in the long-term management of liquidity for central banks.

    “You be the mugu. I be the master!” he said, displaying the characteristic certainty and eloquent reassurance that has defined his stature and tenure as BIS Chairman.

    BIS Chairman Okpechi Addresses the Paris Conference: http://youtu.be/f1nKR3gYRY8


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