Ebola, racism, and the great con that is the outbreak of fear.

Paging Mr. Jackson.  Your check can be picked up now in Dallas.

Paging Mr. Jackson. Your check is now ready to be picked up.

Despite assurances from the “experts” that “the eboli” was contained and posed no risk to the neighbors of Patient zero, it turns out that a large number of the residents of the apartment complex where patient zero “stayed” are suffering from the affects of “the eboli”. No, it’s not a fever, or chills.  It’s not vomiting or a nasty cough.  It is something much much worse.  It turns out they are now being “discriminated”!!

The good Dr. Jackson will see you now.  Oh wait, you're white.

The good Dr. Jackson will see you now. Oh wait, you’re white.

That’s right, but thank god the good Dr. Jesse Jackson has arrived to provide “comfort”.  The money should start flowing into his coffers shortly, so please do not panic.  Stay calm, the shake down is under control.

The latest part of this distraction plan was released on the Internet’s “gold level” KoolAid distributor, the Drudgereport. This ought to fire up the red team and provide plenty of grist for “red team radio”.  Go get em guys.  Stir that race POT!  Pray tell, what is this discrimination about which they speak? Well here’s the official version.

“Unfortunately, they are feeling discriminated against,” said Gates. “We still have some that have been turned away from jobs. Some that have been turned away at retail locations. We’re getting them in touch with legal aid and any resources necessary.”

Oh the horror of “the Eboli” has no END!  That’s right, some are actually “feeling” discriminated against.  Eat that “eboli deniers!!”.  It has not only arrived in the greatest free-est it has gone full on “Gangnam style”.

Who is this brave and selfless public servant who has taken it upon herself to lead this thankless challenge and to claim this subject herself to this publicity? None other than Dallas City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates.

She is no stranger to discrimination herself being the daughter of Roger Staubach.  In fact, since being elected, she no longer insists that the Staubach in her three name-name be bolded when spelling it out.  Truly a saint.

Here is Ms. Staubach Gates overcoming yet again.

Ms. Staubach Gates,  a victim of name discrimination, has fought through that and managed to get elected in none other than Dallas.  She is a role model for all young girls.

Really?  we are supposed to believe this?  I think we can now safely say it’s official.  “The eboli” is just a typical scam our owners run.   But I will at least look at the story.

Let’s be clear on one thing up front, we have NO idea whether anyone is actually even making these “charges”.  And personally, I highly doubt they are.  What we have are statements from a politician and a shakedown artist. This “story” is many things, a diversion, a way to stir up the racial divide, a shakedown, and way to anger and worry. So it serves a lot of purposes.  But on the very remote chance that any of this is actually even true, and that it isn’t simply being dreamed up or massively exaggerated in order to stir the race pot, let’s at least look at what they say someone is claiming.

First, they say they say they are “Feeling discriminated against”?  Oh noooo, we had no idea.  I am SO SO sorry.  Well, not only is that vague and ridonkulous, that is not a cause of action. And how about claims that they say they say they have been “turned away” from retail locations.  What? I’m sorry, but outside of Radio Shack where they ask for your ZIP code, I haven’t been questioned about where I live when I stopped in to a store.  Are we really supposed to buy that?

But but but Legalman, what about the JOBS??!!  THE JOBS man!!  they say they say they were turned away.  Turned AWAY.  Really? they were.  Okay, quick, what is the address of Patient zero? Oh, you don’t know?  But we are supposed to believe that the person hiring knows or cares.  Sorry, not credible.  Absurd actually. And look at what she actually SAID.  ““We still have some that have been turned away from jobs.”  What?? still have some?  As though it is/was some issue in the past but is continuing?  This whole thing is absurd.  Predictable, but absurd.

How would this discrimination actually have gone down when looking for work?  Are we to believe then that when asked, they said, “I be staying down at the Eboli complex down the way.  You know, the one wit all da Eboli and stuff.”

I stay there, over there, in Eboli town, where the man brings the money.

I stay there, over there, in Eboli town, where the man brings the money.

Come on people, this is farce.  It can’t come as any surprise that the race card is being played.  It is part of the money earmarked in winning the bid  I am pretty sure I said in an earlier post that I was being “racist” for even questioning “the eboli thing” since it involved Africa.  And all you had to do was watch the footage of the complex to figure it out, the powers that be would eventually roll out the race card. I am confident that EEOC wanted in on this action and so their money was included in the winning bid.

Plus, the Ministry of Plenty can now announce a new “jobs program” to extend benefits to all the people who have heard that “the eboli” is here.  All you have to do is swear an oath to the government and they GIVE you free money.  So come on down and get your “free Eboli money”.

She doesn't appear too concerned about catching anything from HER "free Eboli money".

She doesn’t appear too concerned about catching anything from HER “free Eboli money”.

Honestly, I feel bad for the vast majority of the AA’s when this stuff pops up.  They probably don’t appreciate Jackson coming down to Dallas to try and hustle himself up some cash in some ridiculous shake down.  But what can you do?

I will repeat what I have basically already said in a previous post.  I will believe Ebola is a real AND uncontrollable threat when the politicians, the key members of the state’s security apparatus, and the top bankers start getting sick AND actually dying in significant numbers. Until then, I’m sorry, this is either controllable and they are choosing not to control it. Or it is not unwanted by our overseers.  Period.

This is the world.  It is a giant distraction.  Nothing is what they say.   Please donate to the “victims” by sending a check to the good Dr. Jackson. He will be sure it is used in the best possible way.

Legalman lives another day,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

4 thoughts on “Ebola, racism, and the great con that is the outbreak of fear.

  1. ptm

    “I be staying down at the Eboli complex down the way. You know, the one wit all da Eboli and stuff.”

    Getting dangerously close to racism my friend. Why do you hate?

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      I believe what you are experiencing is called “projection”. Perhaps you can get some help with that. I have nothing but well wishes for you my fellow inmate. This is a common reaction to incarceration.


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