The basics of how they control people with fear

Here let me help you little guy.  The Terror is over here.

Oh, the poor little guy doesn’t even seem to know what he should be scared of.  Here let me show you, the Terror is over here.

The entire point of my site is to try and open people’s eyes to the control systems running all around them so that they can be free. Most particularly the legal/political controls. Understanding them is freeing. But alas, so many people continuously get down as they start to wake to how pervasive they are. And I understand. But it is a process.

It is ultimately freeing to your mind, but you have to GET THERE. Before you do, it is a bit depressing.  It will get better. And once you are there, then they can NEVER take that freedom away from you. EVER.

There are many different systems of control operating at the same time on all peoples all over the world. Political, legal and religious.

I didn't get a lot of action in High School.

  I didn’t get a lot of action in High School.

There are two primary principles that enable large scale control of the masses.  First and foremost is FEAR in its many forms.  One of the most pervasive and useful to the rulers is the FEAR of being “an outsider” and not accepted. So social pressure is manipulated through the media.

The other principle at work is that most people accept the system they are born into and then “see the world” through that lens.   They don’t ever sit down and really ask fundamental questions, which is what I try and do here at the truth.

The reasons people fail to ask simple and FUNDAMENTAL questions are complicated, but a major component of it is that people FEAR being outside the acceptable cultural box. Many are scared to even admit there is a box, lest they look like fools for not having seen it before, or for having given it to it so easily.

Everyone has a preference for the politics, religion and world view that they were brought up under. Of course some people “rebel”, but most “rebellion” is quite predictable DEPENDING on the culture and amounts to nothing more than moving towards another available group.

Now that is what I call a rebel.

Rebel? or conformist? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

I’m reminded of the hilarious South Park where they went Goth because of a bad breakup with a girl. And what did you have to do in order to “be a Goth”?  Simple, “Just dress like us and talk like us and act like us”. Perfect summary of 99% of “rebellion”.

It isn’t so much that the people are actually examining the universe of choices so much as they are driven by internal FEAR of being a true outsider to one of the other “acceptable cultural” choices.  RARELY does someone actually step outside the cultural box itself entirely.  They have simply attached themselves to a new group of people who are an “acceptable” alternative.  They’ve gone “Goth”.

This is why most people who are born Muslim stay “muslim” even if they don’t “practice”. Same for Christians and Jews and Hindus etc.  Humans, for the most part, behave in a fairly predictable range. That is just reality.  Raised in a religious family, become “anti-religion” to stick it to them. Prim and proper, become a party girl and get pregnant. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Some people want to control other people.  some just like to be brushed.

Some people want to pull the strings and control other people. some just like to be brushed.

This range and these reactions are quite well studied, and more or less understood for the masses, and control systems are in place and manipulated by the ones in charge all the time. Public pressure and fashion are amazingly powerful. People just don’t understand this, accept this, or want to believe that it applies to them, but none of that changes the fact that this is all true.

The control systems play on people’s FEAR.  Fear that you won’t fit in. Fear you won’t be handsome enough. Fear you will appear a fool.  Fear you won’t get the Girl, or the Guy.  Fear you will look “weak”. Fear you won’t be “cool”.  Do you see?  Then of course there is fear you will lose something, Social standing, money, love, or even possibly your dignity or independence or ultimately, your life.

The crowd is TOLD what to fear, like the fear of appearing poor for “not having the latest I Phone”.  Or the Fear of Terror, so the desire for more “protection”.  Fear is instilled and then manipulated

Using these principles they control the vast majority of the public conversation on issues. Very few people want to appear to be a “kook” because that is hardly rewarded by society.  They want to appear intellectual, or liberal, or conservative, or apolitical, an environmentalist, or aloof or on and on. They attach themselves to an image.   The media offers up “images” that are just fantasies, and people attach themselves. If you don’t think this works then you are in dreamland.  Just look at how many women can TELL you WHICH “Sex in the City” character they are more like.

Okay, now before I write the check I want to be sure I understand.  I buy the car and I get the chick right?

Okay, now before I write the check I want to be sure I understand. I buy the car and I get the chick right?

Or just look at advertising. It works. Billions and billions are spent to make people associate products with laughably absurd ideas about freedom and getting laid, and being smart and on and on. Buy the product and you will be “part of the group”.  Don’t buy it and you’re an outsider, a loser.  And the same thing applies to intellectual concepts in every realm from politics to law, to science. Yes the same things apply in thought.  It is just another part of GAME Theory.

The topic of getting control of your FEAR, REAL control, is a big topic. Much much too big for a single article. And I don’t in any way claim to have achieved control of my own FEARS. I just want to talk about examining and then controlling one small irrational fear.  The fear of “terror”. It is a big driver in exercising political and legal control over the population today.

The fear of terrorism is amazingly powerful. The actual danger of terrorism is laughable. But the fear is all that matters to the rulers. They create it and abuse it for their own purposes. And for the most part it is an unexamined fear. Now clearly I think “terror” is just a made up event.  It is being created and financed in order to control populations on both sides.  It is not legitimate when you get to the top. Do many street soldiers believe on both sides? Of course.  But that is hardly proof. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume it is real.

So what is it, even theoretically, that the terrorists might “DO TO US” that is so feared? Don’t all people really just want to be happy and fulfilled?  Isn’t everybody really seeking the same thing? 

And remember, the terrorists are FIGHTING US because they FEAR what we will do to them! It would be funny if not so sad.

The reality is that achieving those universal goals don’t seem to have much to do with an economic situation, or a political system or even any particular religion.  Nobody and no country seems to have a monopoly on happiness.  Everybody is seeking the same thing and who actually achieves happiness or satisfaction doesn’t seem to have much to do with the supposed “circumstances” they find themselves in.  Just look around and do some research on happiness and satisfaction.  They aren’t related to your circumstances.  They are about what is going on in your MIND.  

Dude check her out. Whoa she is hot.  Wait,which one are you talking about? I like the one with the purse.

Dude check her out. Whoa she is hot. Wait,which one are you talking about? I’m talking about the HOT one with the bag, which one are you talking about?

Plenty of rich people are miserable and plenty of poor people are happy.   Plenty of people living in Iraq and Afghanistan are happy and plenty of people here in freedomville are miserable.   There is NO connection. So why would we fear general “unhappiness and misery”  if they “take over”?

So what IS THE REAL DANGER people fear then?  Well when you ask people directly what is the ACTUAL threat they fear from “terrorism” that justifies all of the money and time and worry being spent on it you will see for yourself what they say just does not match with any actual reality of what might happen. 

Many people imagine that “Islamic extremism” threatens their lives, even though statistically that is just not true. Many people see it as threatening their economic security or some such silliness. Others fear “sharia” law or wearing a weird clothes or on and on. There is no way any of that can ever happen.  It is absurd. They don’t have the numbers or the means or anything else to do that to this country.

Terror as an almost mathematical certainty is not going to kill you. It isn’t going to put you on the street, it isn’t going to do anything in all likelihood. Nothing at all. It has been created and dreamed up in order to control you. Using these fake enemies is hardly a new concept.  Remember before Islamic “terror” there were the Germans and the “Japs”, then the Commies, and on and on.

Just listen to the actual stories of the poor soldiers sent over there to kill the “terrorists”. They talk about how the people there are just like you and me. This is ALWAYS the case in war. It’s why the one’s in charge spend so much time dehumanizing the “enemy”, because if you knew the truth you wouldn’t go kill them.

Okay, one more smoke then the breaks over and we need to seriously get back to killing each other.

Okay, one more smoke, but if we get caught they’re going to f’ing kill us.   

The Christmas truce in WWI posed a huge risk to the powers that be and had to be quashed. why? what was so dangerous about the soldiers seeing that there really is nothing worth blowing each other up over?  Simple, contact with people during all conflicts shows them again and again to be just like you and me.  Other average people are NOT OUR ENEMY. The people who take advantage of people by instilling hatred and fear of others in order to gain material power and control for themselves cannot allow that.  

And while I get that people fear losing their life to a “terrorist”, EVEN THE fear of losing your life is just that. A fear.  And the only reason you have that fear is because you believe that you live in a purely material world where you live and die and in which “bad things” can happen to you and and your loved ones and then it “ends”, with nothing more. 

And that is why the rulers in our country constantly push a purely “materialistic” view of the universe on people. Don’t accept the material limitations they try and claim are the “only intellectual” position.  Open your mind.  Do your own thinking and research.  Is the material world you see all there really is?  I don’t think so.  Think of it like this.  Right now there are forces we don’t  understand but still exist and one day will be mastered.  That is a certainty.   And that is no different than when we learned how to use X rays, or the atom bomb.  Both of those forces and powers were THERE all along.  We just didn’t see them or know how to use them. If someone suggested them 500 years ago they would have been a “kook”, certainly not an “intellectual”.  Do you see?  Those powers “couldn’t exist” then, why? well because the greatest “scientists” of the day would have said so.  See the silly limited box they try and put us all in?

And that little box serves our leaders well. They want people to believe this is all there is, because then you are much more easily SCARED and CONTROLLED. And it is why they spend so much time trying to convince people that any thing that is not “scientific” materialistic as they define science, is for fools and hicks or “fanatics”.

This whole scheme has been quite successful in our country.  The “intellectuals” now all “know”that materialism is “correct”.  If you don’t buy into materialism, then you’re not an intellectual.  ipso facto. And do you see how convenient that whole “box” is for those who seek to control you?

Some people seem to want to pick and choose the parts of "Materialism" that they accept. But a law is a law.

Some people want to pick and choose the rules of “Materialism” that they accept. But a law is a law.

Many many cultures throughout time have not feared death, just like the “terrorist” cultures we “fight”.  Their rulers use the fear of offending god as a reason to choose death over some other political system.  Do you see?  Their political system is a combination of religious and political control driven by another kind of ginned up fear. But it is the same type of CONTROL SYSTEM.

Now I don’t have time to get into an in depth discussion of why I believe death should not be something to fear.  I have explained it briefly before, and I will repeat my short argument because it is so inextricably related to the irrational fear of “terrorism”.

Either you die and that is it, over, nothing more, or you don’t. If there is nothing more then there is NOTHING to fear. Whatever you “lose” you will be unaware of. If there is something more, then once again, there is NOTHING TO FEAR from dying because it is NOT THE END. If you then say that you fear being “punished” after dying, then your fear is MISPLACED. What you should fear is not dying, but the WAY YOU ARE LIVING WHICH YOU IMAGINE TO JUSTIFY A PUNISHMENT. Anyway you slice it, fearing death is just not rational. Does it mean it is easy to conquer? Of course not in the box we were brought up in, but that just gives more reason to devote significant time to ridding yourself of that irrational fear.

Focus on the stuff that matters. Don’t let them FOCUS YOU on to things that don’t matter like terror and a FEAR that “terror” might effect “our standard of living” or kill you or anything else.

Don’t allow the people who want to run you, to SCARE you for their own purposes.  Free yourself.

Remember, you have to control your mind regardless.

I get a lot of pics like this from my followers.  She said she wanted me to see how much progress she was making controlling her mind and asked me to come see for myself.  I told her that when you look closely it’s clear that she wasn’t really tied up, so it didn’t count.

You can be free RIGHT NOW from that fear. It’s not like you are tied upside down and being beaten. You’re fine. We all are. Don’t allow yourself to just accept whatever you’re told. Examine your own thoughts. Don’t limit yourself to the parameters they set for what is acceptable to think or look into or to FEAR. Never fear the crowd my friend. Be true to yourself.  Fear of not being part of the crowd is much stronger than you imagine.


Terror is there to scare you so they can then control you.

Terrorists are not the enemy my friend because most of that is just made up. Your own fears are what you need to conquer. When you think clearly you can see that. When you think clearly and think OUTSIDE the box they try to keep you in, then you can’t be controlled with their ginned up “FEAR”. This life is a journey my brainwashed Brethren and we are all on it. We are not each others enemies.

What do you mean they are out of fries?  How do you run out of fries?  That makes no sense.  I came here for the f'ing fries.

What do you mean they are out of fries? This is an OUTRAGE.  How do you run out of fries? That makes no sense. I came here for the f’ing fries.

And I will make one final point and then let you go on your way.  if there is more than just this material world and if there is actual justice in this universe, then there is nothing at all to fear, certainly not something as silly and made up as “terrorism”.  And how dangerous would a world like that be to those who seek to control you? Dangerous indeed my friend.  So do you see why they might not want you to think about this?

I believe that there is absolute justice in this universe.  Here is my simple argument for absolute justice. There is either justice, or there is not. To have a negative you must have a positive. The concept of injustice can’t exist without the concept of justice. And injustice, which is a negative,  could not reign in a universe that was positive. And if there was not a positive force creating and holding everything together, whatever “this is” would have consumed itself a long time ago. A universe that was controlled by negative forces could not hold together and would have torn itself apart long before we experienced it. But since we are here and we do experience it, we can know it is a positive force holding the universe together and therefore there is  justice my friend.  So you can relax and stop fearing “terror” lol.

Live the life that is in your heart.  Don't give in to what they tell you is "right".

Live the life that is in your heart. Don’t give in to what they tell you is “right”.

You may not see it now, you may not understand it right now. It may not be apparent to you, but justice is there, IT HAS TO BE, as I just showed.

And when there is real justice, there is nothing to fear from any man or any organization because regardless of what happens here in this material world, it will all be made just in the end.  And what more could any man wish for than that there is justice?

So always remind yourself not to get dragged into their fear based control system.  Whenever you notice the media trying to make you fearful, know they are trying to control you.  And Just put the fear down and follow your own heart.Think for yourself.  Justice is there. Everything is going to be fine.  Take care of your own actions and justice will work its course for you.

The core of all great spiritual teachings always converge.

The core of all great spiritual teachings always converge.

Terror is just a con job being run on both hapless populations to generate fear in order to control those populations, nothing more. Don’t give into it. Don’t feed it.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, move towards the light and tell someone about the truth about the law and help to free them as well.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

4 thoughts on “The basics of how they control people with fear

  1. Ali

    Hey thanks for your website.. I’m happy I found it. I was just thinking this whole time that it was money that was corrupting our perfect system but it makes more sense to see it this way. Sadly it is also more depressing.. Lol. Anyways I was curious what you think about the current vaccine “climate” this push to mandate it or lose public education and all this shaming that is going on in the media if you even question the number of vaccines… Or just question vaccines to make an educated choice all of a sudden you are an “anti vaxxer”. I donno… The fact that I’m feeling bullied, shamed and scared into a decision makes me want to do the exact opposite. I’m not sure if you are aware of all the bills being passed in the US right now… For kids and soon adults.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks Ali for the note. I have posted some comments on Vaccines in my News section. My belief is that they are a scam. Plain and simple. The logic just doesn’t work to make them mandatory. IF they provide protection FROM the problem, then you don’t need to mandate them. Those who choose to have one have nothing to worry about. But IF they don’t work, then you NEED to mandate them. It just doesn’t add up. Keep thinking for yourself my friend. — L

  2. RockHeavyMetal.Com

    Islam, Christianity and Judaism all venerate the lying mass murderer Moses.
    They call him a holy man from god. These idiots indoctrinate their children with the perverted idea that a lying mass murderer is a holy man from god.
    Justice is a responsibility of civilized people. Civilian government is a form of responsibility. Justice is not inherent in the universe any more that a comfortable standard of living. When people have no morality but instead live in fear of a murderer god and his murderer prophet civilization is abolished.
    It is abolished by vermin calling themselves bankers and lawyers. They invent authority of criminal arraignment and indictment for themselves because groveling demoralized christian slackers don’t want the responsibility of defending public authority of arraignment by grand jury. Christians don’t want to be american citizens . Christians are praying for the apocalypse.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Without debating the details of some of your points let me just say a couple of things. First, I always enjoy people who are passionate. And you ARE that, lol. However, I have found that anger is not very persuasive for most people. And “Hate” is normally not very productive for the person who holds it. Not to mention that it is simply NOT persuasive to most people. We are all in this together my friend. The vast majority of most average people are well intentioned. Misguided, yes. But they mean well. The very small number in real power, may or may not be well intentioned. Regardless, I respect your right to think and say what you care to. I would only suggest that if the goal is results, that you reconsider your approach. lol. Regardless, you are welcome here. I hope you return and enjoy and tell your friends. –L.


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