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More DISTRACTIONS in the “news”

Here are more news and articles I found interesting further back in time.  You can see how right or “wrong” I have been over time.  Perhaps by reading this you can see that it isn’t as “confusing and impossible” to predict and make sense of as you think.

Tinfoil hat







1-5-15 Of course we have all known that what Obama and the FBI told us about North Korea “hacking” Sony has been a lie since the beginning.  How have we known?  Well First and foremost BECAUSE they told us that was the case, lol. WHATEVER they tell you can be ruled out as the truth 99% of the time.  That is about the ONLY thing you can rule out lol.   Within a few days all sorts of “problems” with the NK hack theory were every where. 

The official narrative fell apart almost immediately because of the Internet, like almost every “news story” now days if you just look around.  But the MSM continues to push nonsense of course and gives lip service to other possible events.  Then, they IGNORE the real point which is NOW clear.  Here it is.  The “event” will be used as a catalyst for “hearings and more regulation and control” of course.  For our own protection.  

Same as it always is.  It always comes back to needing more government control.  It is going to take a lot of these types of “events” to “show the public” that the “ONLY’ solution is to have a single password access to the internet that everyone must use each time, and I’ll give you one guess who operates that password control system,  Don’t be too surprised if there is a “terror plot” to attack the grid that is “foiled” by their dedication. lol.

I'm sure if he was "misled" there will be serious consequences.

I’m sure if he was “misled” by the other part of the government that  there will be serious consequences.

But of course the entire story has now turned into a classic case of NON LINEAR bs.  We are told contradictory things.  Now the President himself may have “been misled” by “the intelligence community” itself who “tracked the hacker”.  lol.  This is the nonsense they spin.

UNSOLVABLE because all the “evidence” is in the hands of the government and is always “classified”.  Get it?

I had my own theories, could have been a promotion gone bad when Sony got blackmailed by the guys they paid to do it.  That’s still a distinct possibility as far as how it STARTED.  Not necessarily how it is being used now.  Now if there is some obscure “insurance policy” floating around for a movie that bombs or has a some unexpected event like this, well now my antenna would really be up. I haven’t seen anything about such a policy yet, but honestly I haven’t looked that much because the story didn’t interest me that much.  It was obviously some type of set up, I didn’t care that much WHICH type.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

I still think one of the most interesting parts of the story is how Quickly and thoroughly the underlying INFO and EMAILS themselves died as a story.  Nobody seemed to care about continuously running with the story of what these people had supposedly SAID.  Why wasn’t that a bigger story?  hmmm, could it be that the ones who would have to report it were worried that THEIR own emails would get out and expose them for who they ARE? lol, no, that couldn’t be the reason.  It makes no difference, the real stories died.  The real stories are that the government lied to us again, and the people in hollywood are racists and homophobes and nothing like what they portray.  End of story.

False flags, non-linear opposition, and made up nonsense for the masses to consume.  I had suspected a private event possibly about insurance or a minor promo gone bad by a blackmailing hacker, but now it is clear.  This is a SANCTIONED hack by the feds to create a ground swell and evidence for the “need” for more Internet regulation.  No doubt in my mind anymore.  Enjoy the show my friends.




This is MEXICO CITY covered in Hail.  Oh, you didn't hear about that? lol

This is MEXICO CITY covered in Hail. Oh, you didn’t hear about that this summer? lol

12-30-14 Okay, this is not technically a “news story”, but it is always “NOT” in the news.  I have posted a lot about Geoengineering in my Fascinating other stuff section and it is well worth your time.  This is a fairly new documentary from Italy. It is certainly one of the best I have ever seen.  It does a nice job of describing generalized disinformation campaigns as well.  That information applies to all stories.  It is worth watching just for that alone.  I have personally observed everything they show.  Even the “spider webs”.  It is an important topic.  The weather is just plain weird now.  The fakeass poloar vortexes, the “heavy wet snow” the “drought in cali”.  Remember the 13 inches of rain in Long Island got in a few hours this summer?  I didn’t think so.  How about the 2 to 3 FEET of HAIL IN MEXICO CITY THIS SUMMER?  Again I didn’t think so.  Go down the list.  They are everywhere.  Strange weather events.  Very strange.  But what is the only thing you hear about?  The POLAR VORTEX. lol  Watch it, it is worth the hour.  I know reading sucks compared to listening, but until they get one that is dubbed, this is WAY worth the time.




12-29-14 Another airline down.  Is this an accident?  There is no way to know.  All you can do is try and figure out what’s between the lines.  Is there suspicious activity around it ? of course. Air Asia’s CEO dumped almost a million shares of the company that insures the airline just a couple of days before the accident.  airplane-movie-glass-crashAnd that is weird.  Even so, my feeling about this latest crash, is It’s is just a Coincidence with the others within the last year or so.  Now the other ones, had a lot more suspicious stuff going on around them.  A lot more.  They were not regular crashes, there was a lot of weird stuff going on with them.  But this, well, it isn’t as big a story for one thing, which tells us A LOT.  Maybe if it lingers for a week or two I will revisit it. But right now, I would say, a crash. Not much more.  Of course we can never know because the news and the government lie to the people all the time.  No set of lies ever leads to anyone being tried and convicted and punished for the lies.  Nothing ever happens and nothing ever will.  If you don’t remember how the press simply repeated faked up TALKING points for months on end about Benghazi then go back and look at that story.   It helps to go back and remember the extent to which they do lie.  That helps to estimate the amount of lying they may be doing now. lol Always the same, endless lies on the front pages for weeks or months or years, and a teeny tiny “correction” on the back page on a Saturday afternoon.  But unless this becomes a bigger story, I say, weather related crash.

12-30-14 Update.  They found some wreckage and some bodies, so accident confirmation for the most part. Story will now die as suspected.



12-29-14 This is the absurdity that is our “public servants”.  Obama makes service man move his wedding so he can play golf.  lol. The man is not our KING, he is a hired servant, nothing moreobama golfLook at the arrogance?  Think how much traffic the guy causes every stinking where he goes.  He certainly can’t “stop at traffic”. lol, What a joke this all is.  Why don’t the people get treated to the reality of what these politicians ARE?  They are not here for us, they are here to steal from us.  They are the worst kind of narcissists.  Remember, he CARES about the troops.  It really does boggle the mind when you realize people actually respect these guys.  The brainwashing is so deep.  Think of the arrogance and sense of entitlement necessary to do this to someone.  amazing.



police donut12-29-14  Port authority “police” making a Base salary 90K!?  This is what the government is.  Average people don’t make jack, yet government workers make this plus cush bennies and pension.  It’s called a disconnect. This is what the reality is, the “servant” makes more than the master.  Of course we are made to go into debt to pay the servant as well.  Makes sense.



Bill and hillary12-29-14 The absurdity of this “most admired” list speaks for itself.  Honestly, I say, what chance is there for any real change if this list in any way represents what people “think” Bill Clinton? Hillary? Barack O? lol, these people are laughable con artists.  “Most admired”?  The lists are like someone is punking us about who is “most admired”.  The question that is NEVER asked is WHY is HILLARY CLINTON or BILL CLINTON EVER IN THE NEWS?  Why do they warrant that at all?  There is no explanation.  She has never done anything of note. NOTHING, yet she is always in the news.  It isn’t that she is ADMIRED so she is in the news.  SHE is IN THE NEWS so she is admired by the sheeple.  Get it?



radiation12-29-14 Most people have no idea that Fukishima is STILL dumping massive quantities of MASSIVELY radioactive water into the ocean EVERY DAY and has been for 4 years.  Get it?  Constant poisoning and NO COVERAGE.  Why? because when you can’t do anything about it, then why tell the people.  Just let them die and then lie about it.  So they have been raising the “safe” radiation levels on everything now for 4 years.  Here they just did it again.




NOW you're talking.

NOW you’re talking.

12-15-14 I wrote multiple articles and made several audios on this topic when it first “broke”.  I have been laughing at this show the whole time.  The absurd calls to “close the borders’ and DEMANDS for MORE GOVERNMENT to be “protected” by locking anyone away who “might have it”.  And how would we know if they did have it or might have it?  Well from government tests of course.  lol. 

If you didn’t see my takes on this then you can go to “A starting point for the TRUTH” I have the section on it with all the stories in order.  See how far ahead of the curve that was. It is well worth it.

Absurd fear mongering is all this story has ever beenNow some mainstreamers are seeing it that way.  Scoring it as one of the biggest lies of the year! lol, too bad they were part of the crowd pushing it WHEN IT MATTERED.

It has always been odd and it has never been clear exactly what the thing was about.  I knew it wasn’t what we had been told because, well, THAT’S what they were telling us. lol,  It is NEVER that.  They are liars, habitual, uncontrollable, laughable liars.  It’s what they do.

Then I saw this obscure story today.  And poof, it all made sense. It’s from NPR, yes, the official state sponsored news, our own Pravda.  The CDC is calling for “Endless Ebola epidemics”. Sort of like the Olive Garden’s endless soup and salad, only with more imprisoning and no choice in the matter.

I hate it when those private planes crash and the cause is "unknown"  What a shame. What a truly great humanitarian.

I hate it when those private planes crash and the cause is “unknown” What a shame. What a truly great humanitarian.

Endless epidemics.  how convenient.  More government, and entities like “doctors without borders” who operate without any oversight doing god know what to poor people in 3rd world countries to “help them”. (you realize that a Rockefeller headed up that “humanitarian” organization. That is before he had an “accident” earlier this year.  Such a tragedy.  Yes they eat their own, if need be. It is how they roll.)

Now gov’ts and these NGO’s like “doctors” will be running any type of medical experiment on the poor populations of Africa they care to under the cover of “ebola” and “treatment”, and “helping”.  And sending soldiers, and money and other “aide”.  Plus we may need vaccines or treatments right here, which will be expensive, and possibly mandatory, but don’t worry Obamacare will cover it so long as you do X or Y or waive this or that, and of course we now need more medical information on EVERYONE to be shared and disclosed, and mandatory testing and inspections for “OUR SAFETY” of course.

Oh, isn't that nice, they REALLY care about me.

Oh, isn’t that nice, they REALLY care about me.

And research money, and restrictions and screening, and some people may “die” or Have to be “detained” and “observed” and “kept” for your good and mine, and no lawyers needed because of nat’l security, and the documents are all secret of course, to “keep terrorists from getting them”  oh and the schools need to be cleaned and checked and parents need to be questioned and maybe the parents homes and systems need to be reviewed and approved by CPS under DHS guidelines prepared by the CDC under “top guys” who all are political hacks masquerading as medical professionals,  and whoa, hold it, I think I passed out there for a second. Was I saying all that out loud? lol.  And that’s just off the top of my HEAD. lol

She actually looks like she could be kind of hot, but what kind of paramedic is she??

She actually looks like she could be kind of hot, but what kind of paramedic is she??

Yes, this is the face of Ebola now. An ever present “ENDLESS EPIDEMIC” that doesn’t go away and can be pulled out at anytime to do whatever they need.  Experts will be flown around. MILITARY Experts in masks who we just have to TRUST are medical teams there to “help”.  Certainly not to create or spread something. No no no, only to help. How do we know?  well because the government told us and CBS news reported it and the NY Times did an “expose” on it.  What are you a conspiracy nut?  You don’t believe CBS news and the NY Times and the holy of holies, the U.S. government?  I mean EVERYONE would have to be in on it if it wasn’t true.  EVEN YOU. lol

The charade goes on. and it will continue to go on as long as people think the Constitution does ANYTHING at all and that the system is there FOR the people.  The kabuki theater could not be any more blatant, and yet, the people actually ASK for more government.  Do you SEE?  My friend, the masses live in a dreamland.  Don’t be one of them.  Tell others about the truth about the law.





OMG they picked me!!

OMG they picked me!!

12-10-14 I remember when the story about the “greatest” retweet was going around. Such a “cute” pic everyone HAD to retweet it.  I mean all these famous people who just “happened” to get this great shot! wow, I need to share this with my “friends”. Forget the absurdity of the whole thing.  It wasn’t even real.

Turns out:

The “greatest retweet” of all time, was a faked up product placement. Nothing more.  Not some wonderful moment caught. A fake, like Kim Kardashian’s ass.  Like every Obama “news conference”. Like ISIS, like the Ebola scare, like the housing bubble and on and on.  All fakes.  Yet the gullible masses never catch on.

Virtually everything is just a contrived fake.  It never ends.  Celebrities are paid to tweet about how much they love a product or are seen with products. Politicians act like they are there to help you and me, because they are just like us.   The fact that people are swayed by other people has been known and used for a long timeThis kind of faked up thing has been the case since the beginning when Edward Bernays dreamed the general concept up by hiring celebrity women and models to “smoke” in order to make it catch on with other women.  Here’s yet a more subtle classic example of it all.

Here’s the original about THE GREATEST TWEET EVER.  That alone is absurd.  But that is the world we live in.  Who in the world cares enough about these people to actually “retweet” a picture of them?  lol  These people, like politicians and government officials in public, do nothing but Pretend for a living?  They are  narcissists.  I mean watch stuff they do if it is funny or good, but why follow whatever their publicist releases as the story of “their lives”.  It is always just made up.

The world is intentionally being turned into a narcissist prison where everyone just talks about themselves.  It is hilarious.  Self obsessed fools are EASY TO CONTROL because all they care about is themselves.  They are oblivious to what is going on and they would never believe that THEY holy of holies could ever have been duped.  get it?


Greatest "impromptu" moment captured on a Galaxy PHONE!! I need one of those.

Great “impromptu” moment captured on a Galaxy PHONE!! I can be part of this crowd if I just buy one too!

Media in every form is nothing but a technology platform to SELL you something. Nothing more“News” is not what you imagine. It is a show designed to sell advertising. It is designed to SELL you a WORLD VIEW.  “News releases” from the government are just made up.  There is NO WAY to check any of their information.  You have to have other parts of the same government confirm the information.  Yet People see it as REAL, because they are told it is real and so it seems real.  But it is not. It is simply made up.

Marketing products is no different. These “people” don’t use the product anymore than I do. THEY get paid to pretend.  That’s why the SONY hack is so funny. It shows them for the hypocrites that they are.  They don’t like that.  It is hard to constantly remind yourself that there is always another motive when it appears on your tv or newspaper.  Always.  It is not what they are telling you.  Always remember that, and send your friends here to the truth about the law to wake them.







12-8-14 It is hard to imagine much more of a meltdown than this guy has suffered.  Personally, I suspect it is about 90% true.  Probably a few pile on’s seeking money who are making their crap up. But for the most part, it is CLEAR to me he has a serious problem and that it has been so for a long time.  Here are few stories about it.

A little history of many stories breaking.

Nice timeline to get you started as well.

Here’s CNN’s take.

My opinion is that he’s a predator.  My reasoning is simple.  If you get accused of anything like this the FIRST THING any good lawyer will tell you to do is PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE YOU WILL TAKE A LIE DETECTOR ON EVERY CHARGE.   Then you offer to pay for anyone making a claim against you to take one.  The reality is if you pass and they don’t take them, it is OVER nobody will believe them from there on. 

The fact that this has NOT HAPPENED says everything I need to know.  It is the dog who didn’t bark.  It makes no sense to allow these charges without a response, unless….  Oh Coz, that is wrong.  Plus just watch this interview or say the first 5 minutes with what you now know about the charges.  It sheds a whole new light on what was actually going on. Not so much the lovable harmless grandfather.

The thing that interests me about the story is WHY NOW? it is OBVIOUS that the news and everyone else has known about this stuff for a LONG LONG time.  But nothing happened before.  So curious.  Where are the investigations to fire those people, or bring them up on conspiracy charges?  Oh, that’s right they aren’t there.  no answerCue the crickets, they never will appear.  The networks and everyone else was happy to look the other way. Now for some reason, THAT WE WILL NEVER KNOW, that has come to an end.

It is always the same. These people who “rise to the top”always have dirty secrets.  That is how they are controlled.  Like getting into a gang. If you don’t already have dirt on you, like the Coz appears to have had, then you have to go kill someone so EVERYBODY has dirt on each other.  Get it?  This is how it works.  It’s a pudding in a pop. He had a good run. 




See something say something.  It keeps us all safe.

See something say something. It keeps us all safe.

12-5-14 These stories are constantly in the “news”.  Stirring fear.  Why? so you have to look to the government to save you.  The government must restrict your freedoms, to ‘protect your freedom”.  get it?  I could have a hundred of them listed. You have all seen these stories with the “level orange” or “purple” or whatever nonsense they are peddling.  They NEVER STOP appearing.  This is why it is so important to actually investigate and decide for yourself what happened on 911.  It certainly has been a boon to government “security”.  I have plenty of stuff to start you off in my fascinating other stuff section.  I strongly suggest you do your own research.

My question is always the same.  How do we know there are any actual threats even being made?  Who tells us? The government.  The same people who benefit from “preventing” them.  So why wouldn’t we EXPECT a constant stream of stores about “threats” that they “thwart”?  Of course they protect us. That’s why we NEED them so much.  They are heroes and all the police are “justified”.

Why am I a “kook” because I want independent verification.  I don’t believe the government it has been caught lying so many times it is absurd.  Yet people continue to believe them.

How great would it be to have a business where you could release fake news about fake threats and then more fake news that you prevented the threat and so you did a great job?   There is NO WAY to check.  It is Laughable.

Militarizing our police.

Using “ferguson” bs to increase the control.  And you wonder why I am always so suspicious of these faked up events made for TV nonsense?

London had its “911” with its subway bombing.  So you might want to look into that as well.  They all use the stuff. Make up your own mind. But always ask why?

Here’s a great summary of the London subway bombing odd “facts” that don’t fit with the story they tell the people.Then they have continued to follow on just like here with the “thwarted” threats do to the brilliant work of law enforcement.

Look at this “Doozy” of a threat.  How many restrictions are reasonable to “prevent” that kind of thing? lol

Here is a scary ISIS story.  And here are more scary threats!  oh no ISIS is coming!  Honestly this stuff should be in the entertainment section.  What a joke.  Whatever happened to them? They were front page for quite a while, before Ebola, then we had Immigration, then Ferguson, now back to ISIS.  Quite the rotation they have available.

Honestly I don’t know what it takes for people to see through this stuff.  Think HOW QUICKLY they took the immigration of the news “because” of Ferguson and now we are supposed to believe “more terror” threats. 




Ferguson Cop medical pic

Ferguson Cop medical pic.  Hardly compelling.

 12-2-14 Why is it that the only time you hear about these “shootings” is when the facts of the case are so cloudy and unclear?  I still to this day can’t tell you whether the cop was out of line.
I listened to a bit of the interview. He sounds relatively credible.  The only thing that stood out to me was something in his favor.  When a witness claimed that after fighting with the cop at the car and shots being fired, that THEN when the cop ordered him to stop running he complied. Right. that makes a lot of sense.  He fights with the cop but then obeys the cop’s order to stop running away? absurd. So I KNOW that story is a lie. And that lie supports the cops story.  Do I trust cops? no.  They do lie. All the stinking time.  But is this guy lying? I don’t know. His story did sound credible to me in light of what we KNOW HE DID.  This is the only objective evidence we have as to actions.  It shows a guy assaulting the guy at the convenience store to simply steal stuff he wanted.  And he did it with a way younger kid involved.  Now I don’t know what kind of person the guy was, but at minimum on THAT DAY he was being a bad guy. And it shows on the tape.  In fact this tape shows a guy who goes back to assault the guy again even when he was basically out the door.  Which is exactly the type of conduct the officer said the guy engaged in at the scene.  Totally consistent.

So when the mother says her son could never do the things alleged, well, he did this and this is pretty outrageous.  You can see words were being exchanged because the other people had stopped to watch.

The problem with Ferguson is much more complicated than whether the cop is telling the 100% truth. It is clear he is telling at least 90% truth.  The questions for Ferguson are much more involved than the simplistic he said she said black white nonsense they are feeding the public and the public is accepting.  It is clearly being agitated.  And that means there is a reason.

Here’s a great interview with Charles Barkley Making Perfect sense.  He gets it. He sees it.

There are plenty of real cases of police brutality out there where there isn’t any QUESTION.  Here’s just a small sample.

Or how about this, did you know that our “vaunted law enforcement'” shoots a pet every 98 seconds in this country?   That is our freedom.

While we’re on the topic, why was this story not bigger news since it came out right when Ferguson was breaking? Cops in Utah are responsible for 15% of ALL HOMICIDES! 

And why did this story never make bigger news 2 years ago than “ferguson” when a black couple was gunned down with 137 bullets!

The question I have about Ferguson is why now? Why this case?  Why don’t the clear cut cases of POLICE BRUTALITY make more news and become big deals?  Why is it always the weird questionable facts cases? My theory, they love to divide us so they always push their operators like Jesse J and Al Sharpton onto the scene when it isn’t at all a clear cut case.   If they showed up when it was clear, then there wouldn’t be the possibility to divide the people on the RACE issue and create hate amongst the people.  Always directing away from the real enemy, which is the people running it all.  Everything is a distraction. 

And don’t forget that the Ferguson “verdict” was held for very unclear reasons until right after the whole Immigration debacle.  Poof that issue is now gone from the front page.  See, it’s like magic, when you run the whole system.  Control the conversation.  Keep the people distracted.

And guess what else?  Now the “white” people are more scared and will ask for “more police”, i.e. MORE GOVERNMENT.  Do you see the game of divide and distract?

Oh, and don’t forget that the guy made out like a bandit.  He is going to have a book deal a movie deal etc. etcHe already probably has a million, plus months of paid leave.  Hardly a sob story.  And this is IF ANY OF IT EVEN HAPPENED.  There are plenty of interesting theories floating.  I have no idea. I didn’t bother to look closely at them.  But it wouldn’t surprise me after all the false flag crappola they always pull.




Billion dollar bonds?  Who would be stupid enough to do this?

Billion dollar bonds? Who would be stupid enough to do this?

 11-25-14  Nothing about this story ever made any sense.  Did you ever see any of these stories about these bonds?  I remember back when they first “discovered” the 134 Billion in supposed counterfeit bonds.  It was a complete non story.  Think about that.  Italian authorities find two guys traveling with 134 Billion in bonds.  It doesn’t make news here?

First, anyone who wants to even TRY and counterfeit something has to have an original to COPY!  These guys are supposedly copying 500 million and Billion dollar bonds!  Are you telling me that someone who has access to 500 million dollars or a billion dollars needs to counterfeit?  And if they do have access, they are certainly smart enough to not try and counterfeit something as absurd as one of these bonds.  How much attention will it grab when you try and “cash it”?? It makes NO SENSE.  But it didn’t just happen once.  It has now happened 3 or 4 times!  Always the same place. Near Italy and in Switzerland.

I’m sorry but there is no way that anyone attempts to counterfeit Billion dollar bonds from the 1930’s!! that is absurd.  Counterfeiting is complicated.  And to make something look real is not easy.  The last thing you’re going to do is create a virtually UNIQUE item like this.  And then you make it in the hundreds of billions and TRILLIONS of dollars worth?

Why would the FBI or the SECRET SERVICE etc even have to investigate something like this?   Are you telling me they don’t have a list of the serial numbers for all the Billion dollar bonds that are out there and the people/countries that actually hold them?  Of course they do.  Bingo, investigation complete.  UNLESS there is a lot more here that they aren’t telling us.

There is a lot of rumor and talk about the Vatican and all sorts of shennanigans. I have no Idea because I have never looked into it closely enough to draw my conclusions about that. I only say that I have read this book and his theories and facts are pretty amazing. He lays out a whole separate banking system that is underground and it fits perfectly with what these stories discuss.  It describes EXACTLY this type of bond that was issued in secret.  The book was written many many years before these counterfeit stories broke.  It would explain these bonds.  I don’t know. I only know this.  The explanation we have been given makes no sense.  NOBODY tries to counterfeit billion dollar denomination bonds.  That makes no sense.  Investigate it yourself. I just gave you the wiki link to start you off.




Do you remember this pic of the "isis" leader wearing the expensive watch? wtf?  lol, kind of a slip up by our friend at the NSA.

Do you remember this pic of the “isis” leader wearing the expensive watch? wtf? lol, kind of a slip up by our friend at the NSA.

 11-25-14 Did you know that they were going to start issuing their own currency?  Did you know it would be in gold, silver and copper or bronze coins?  Isn’t that curious?  I have always suspected that ISIS is nothing but a controlled opp.  This news confirmed it for me.  My theory, they will eventually have to greatly restrict gold and silver circulating in any way in order to keep the laughable fiat banking system working at all. They want everyone on one currency.  Starting with an IMF SDR, and maybe morphing over time.  They manipulate the crap out of all the metals of course, but here is STEP ONE in making sure that “only terrorists” use gold and silver.  It is, imho step one to creating the idea in the public’s mind that only terrorists want gold, and to thereby create a means to take it or regulate it etc.  A long term plan just now popping its little head up. I am now on record with my theory.  Remember only “terrorists hoard gold”. lol

6 thoughts on “More DISTRACTIONS in the “news”

  1. Kram

    Thanks Legalman… Just waking the f…k up! I do believe in peaceful awakening and appreciate your view from a height… will keep learning. Peace Bro

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      You’re welcome Kram. Always remember, getting your own mind straight is the most important thing, before you can teach, you must know. There’s a reason you must put your own oxygen mask on first. lol — L

  2. sully

    Hi Legalman,

    Great work, very insightful.
    If you would be interested in an inductive method that opens up new layers of meaning from the Bible, shoot me an email.
    It’s simple, self-led, non-denominational, socratic and very powerful.
    Let’s the Word interpret itself, with no need for outside gurus/orgs/nonsense.

    Thanks and best to you,


  3. M. Gracin

    Hi Legalman – I’ve been perusing your site for a few weeks now. Lots of good stuff I’ve seen before and a few things I was surprised to have never seen. The eye opener was the fundamental flaw in our Constitution that you highlight so well, though at least a handful of writers have warned of it such as Spooner. I respect your legal/political perspective, and to a large degree agree with it. But I have 2 challenges for you:

    1) You point out everything that is wrong with the system. And maybe it is exactly as you observe. The “game” appears to be horribly rigged, not only in this country, but in every other country on the planet, with many of them far worse off than we are (e.g. Greece). But after folks “wake up” (as you exhort), what are we to do? There is no way out. There is only the slowing of the cancer when good people such as yourself stand up and DO something. I applaud your labor of love here on this site, but unless there is a call to action to DO something more, the wicked will simply run roughshod over the good people of this country who simply wish to live their lives in peace. What sort of replacement for our Constitution do you suggest? You’re the legal expert here… how do you frame a watertight governmental system that works against the tyrants who insert themselves into power and effectively or ultimately enslave a culture?

    2) You seem to indict everyone in the media as co-conspirators to the great enslavement right down to the poor intern. Perhaps I prefer to believe they are innocent until proven guilty. Have you ever talked 1 on 1 with these folks to confirm their duplicitous guilt?

    3) Concerning your point in your post above, “It is going to take a lot of these types of ‘events’ to ‘show the public’ that the ‘ONLY’ solution is to have a single password access to the internet that everyone must use each time, and I’ll give you one guess who operates that password control system…” I assume from your other posts that your religious affiliation is agnostic to atheist/humanist. The book of Revelation in the Christian Bible speaks plainly of this and it was written by a man banished to an island 2000 years ago (food for thought). The progression of control/slavery is unstoppable and it will escalate until we have a single man/woman claiming to be God in governmental authority whose name/number of his name will be the “single password” required to buy/sell and access the Net. Is that just the endgame for atheists who long to escape 1984… enslavement? (I, as a disciple of Christ don’t subscribe to this ending, but believe not long afterward, my Lord returns to set things right. But what hope do you have?)

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Thanks for the comment M. Gracin. Glad you enjoy the site. Let me just say a couple of quick things. First as to point one. One of the best defenses against the system is knowing what it really is. One of the most dangerous positions is believing you know something you don’t. So just KNOWING the way it works is a huge help. I can’t change human nature. Much of what is wrong is an outgrowth of human nature. BUT if people were aware of this fact then they could be on guard for it. So THAT too is another thing that needs to be done. Overall there are some things. Most of them have to do with shrinking the size of political units. A unit the size of the U.S. is simply NOT workable. THAt is why those in charge keep looking to centralize power to larger and larger units. They are totally uncontrollable. There are also things like the jury nullification. If people understood things like natural law and jury nullification there would be a lot of protection. But the last thing I would say on it is that step one is to UNDERSTAND the problem. If enough people understand the problem then we can start to work out solutions. There are plenty of bright people who could start working on solutions. But they aren’t even trying right now because they don’t even SEE the problems. Got it?

      As to point 2. you misunderstand my position. I don’t for one second think that the people in the media are in on any conspiracy. I suspect that 99.99% have NO IDEA what is going on. They are just a bunch of clueless narcissists running around parroting back what they have heard, navel gazing, and giving each other reach arounds for doing “such a great job”. They are no different than the bulk of the people. They are drones. They have been used and are being used like most people. Like most cops. Like most soldiers, like most people who run around and worry about Iran or ISIS or anything else. They are the useful idiots necessary to make the machine work. It is NOT their fault.

      As to Point 3. Not sure which article in my Distractions section you are referring to, but I think it is more than clear that we are going to be herded into the “need” for a universally controlled single password system that is gov controlled “for our safety”. lol My source of solace is something I don’t talk much about on here because I am a legal “expert” and most people simply have no interest in hearing about my own personal views on how this WHOLE world really exists. Trust me when I say that I have studied the bible closely and believe that JC was a prophet in many ways. But I am not a religious follower in the normal sense. I have confidence that there is justice in the universe. Therefore, whatever these misguided and power hungry people do to the masses and to me, they will have to make account for it. That is why I don’t believe in coercion or violence. I also accept that there is not a lot we can do on this world right now to stop those in power. But if you believe in more than this world, well… then the outcome is ultimately just. And really, what more can you ask? God knows I would fear justice for myself at this point! lol That’s why most religions preach the hope for FORGIVENESS and not Justice. Because if we all got what we had coming, there wouldn’t be a lot of us left here. me included.

      So I try and spread the word of what the issues are. Keep the information alive. Sort it out for people. I think at this point that is enough to do. When we can get enough people to understand, then we can worry about the next step. So I will end by paraphrasing from the good book on this point. “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Sage advice my friend. Take care, share my stuff and I hope to hear from you again. — Legalman

    2. Crocodile

      “….it will escalate until we have a single man/woman claiming to be God in governmental authority….”
      This happened many times already.
      Every government augments the power of its sword with the power of its priesthood, forging an iron union of throne and altar. In olden times, not uncommonly, the rulers were themselves declared to be gods – the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt made this claim for many centuries. (Robert Higgs, 2005)

      “….my Lord returns to set things right. But what hope do you have?”
      An appeal to consequences is a logical fallacy in which the truth of a proposition depends on its consequences :

      If A is true, then B. B is good, therefore A is true.
      If A is true, then B. B is bad, therefore A is false.

      Appeal to consequences is a logical fallacy for the simple reason that wanting something to be true does not make it true.


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