Confirmation that the “Sony Hack” was a contrived event.


This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears WITHOUT THE UPDATES in Distractions in the “news”.



1-5-15 I originally posted this back on 1-5-15 but in light of the mass of new “cyber threats” in the wake of the laughable “paris event” I felt compelled to update it with the latest and repost it here in this section as well.  I will indicate the update in brackets.  

Of course we have all known that what Obama and the FBI told us about North Korea “hacking” Sony has been a lie since the beginning.  How have we known?  Well First and foremost BECAUSE they told us that was the case, lol. WHATEVER they tell you can be ruled out as the truth 99% of the time.  That is about the ONLY thing you can rule out lol.   Within a few days all sorts of “problems” with the NK hack theory were every where. 

The official narrative fell apart almost immediately because of the Internet, like almost every “news story” now days if you just look around.  But the MSM continues to push nonsense of course and gives lip service to other possible events.  Then, they IGNORE the real point which is NOW clear.  Here it is.  The “event” will be used as a catalyst for “hearings and more regulation and control” of course.  For our own protection.  

Same as it always is.  It always comes back to needing more government control.  It is going to take a lot of these types of “events” to “show the public” that the “ONLY’ solution is to have a single password access to the internet that everyone must use each time, and I’ll give you one guess who operates that password control system,  Don’t be too surprised if there is a “terror plot” to attack the grid that is “foiled” by their dedication. lol.

BEGIN UPDATE       [Here is the SCREAMING Banner headline from the Drudge Report today, 1-12-15. That is one of THE most important sites to “get the word out” to the conservative and libertarian “believers”.  In other words it is a limited hangout/disinformation distributor.

“ISIS HACKS MILITARY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS”  Get it?   Be very scared!!!  Then it continues the promotional materials at the top left of the site.  Drudge posts the following stories and headlines.

CENTCOM’s Twitter Hacked By ISIS?

U.S. Central Command Twitter account compromised: Pentagon official

Islamic State Hacks CENTCOM Twitter Feed as Obama Talks Cybersecurity

Are you scared yet?  Are you concerned yet?  WELL YOU SHOULD BE!!! lol, And that last story is all about how “our great leader” is talking about the need for more government “protections and controls of course”.  Here is an out take from the story.

I should have taken the DHS warnings more seriously and CHECKED UNDER MY BED for ISIS. Now they have taken over.

I should have taken the DHS warnings more seriously and CHECKED UNDER MY BED for ISIS. Now it’s too late, they have taken over.  See something say something my friend. It’s there for a reason.

ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now,” said one tweet sent from CENTCOM’s account.

The apparent hack came as President Obama addressed the nation regarding cyber security. He is expected to propose two pieces of cyber security legislation and to address the effort in his upcoming State of the Union address.

The hackers subsequently tweeted images of spreadsheets containing the home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of dozens of current and former senior U.S. military officers.


Hackers appear to have also compromised CENTCOM’s official YouTube page, where they posted a pair of IS propaganda videos.

Can the threats “sound” any more cliche and absurd?  Does anyone believe that ISIS actually hacked CENTCOM?  As I said originaly, the Sony hack was clearly sanctioned by the FEDS if not DONE by them.  It was kind of a “kick off party without the swag” to start putting the issue in front of the public’s attention.  A way to always remind people with something they’d remember.  Bread and circuses reference point.  All part of a process to grab the public’s attention about the “need” for “more government oversight” of the Internet.  For your protection of course.  And for the protection of our “freedom fighters” dropping bombs on people all over the world.  ]  End of update.


I'm sure if he was "misled" there will be serious consequences.

I’m sure if he was “misled” by the other part of the government that  there will be serious consequences.

But of course the entire story has now turned into a classic case of NON LINEAR bs.  We are told contradictory things.  Now the President himself may have “been misled” by “the intelligence community” itself who “tracked the hacker”.  lol.  This is the nonsense they spin.

UNSOLVABLE because all the “evidence” is in the hands of the government and is always “classified”.  Get it?

I had my own theories, could have been a promotion gone bad when Sony got blackmailed by the guys they paid to do it.  That’s still a distinct possibility as far as how it STARTED.  Not necessarily how it is being used now.  Now if there is some obscure “insurance policy” floating around for a movie that bombs or has a some unexpected event like this, well now my antenna would really be up. I haven’t seen anything about such a policy yet, but honestly I haven’t looked that much because the story didn’t interest me that much.  It was obviously some type of set up, I didn’t care that much WHICH type.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

I still think one of the most interesting parts of the story is how Quickly and thoroughly the underlying INFO and EMAILS themselves died as a story.  Nobody seemed to care about continuously running with the story of what these people had supposedly SAID.  Why wasn’t that a bigger story?  hmmm, could it be that the ones who would have to report it were worried that THEIR own emails would get out and expose them for who they ARE? lol, no, that couldn’t be the reason.  It makes no difference, the real stories died.  The real stories are that the government lied to us again, and the people in hollywood are racists and homophobes and nothing like what they portray.  End of story.

False flags, non-linear opposition, and made up nonsense for the masses to consume.  I had suspected a private event possibly about insurance or a minor promo gone bad by a blackmailing hacker, but now it is clear.  This is a SANCTIONED hack by the feds to create a ground swell and evidence for the “need” for more Internet regulation.  No doubt in my mind anymore.  Enjoy the show my friends.

That’s all for now my Brainwashed Brethren.  Don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

5 thoughts on “Confirmation that the “Sony Hack” was a contrived event.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Well I think technically you mean the red pill, but yes. The truth can be a bit jarring to people. Relax, it just gets worse before it gets better, lol. Keep reading.

  1. PTM

    Mr. Legalman, here is something you evidently do no understand about the Cyber attack on Sony:

    Pull Quote:

    The Sony hack was perpetrated by either the North Korean government itself or by its third-party proxies. There is really no doubt about this. It’s not that we need to accept U.S. government sources on this or the FBI, but the context of the attack leaves little doubt. This is often the flaw in the logic of the cybersecurity narrative.

    So there, Mr Smarty Pants. It was the Koreans.


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