Soon you will need permission to use your washing machine: A Distraction in the “news” 1-9-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.



1-9-15 Here’s a story about a plan that the “friendly old man” from Omaha is working on for you.  You, know the harmless old guy who likes to eat a hamburger and drink a cherry coke for lunch.  He’s just a guy, like you or me you know.  Just happens to be a bit smarter that’s all.  Sure he’s made billions and sure there is a lot of weird stuff in his past and in his deals, but c’mon, he CARES, what about you?  lol

What are they going to do? well here’s a few out takes from the article.

Oh, you didn't think I meant FOR me?  I'm sorry for the confusion.

Oh, you didn’t think I meant that this would apply TO me? I’m sorry for the confusion.

Buffett’s Northern Powergrid Holdings Co. is working with Siemens AG (SIE) to test a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.

How does that sound to you?  Do you remember hearing about this when you “agreed” to have your smart meter?

Utilities worldwide are already using smart meters to collect data on customer behavior, and some notify consumers about optimum times to use power. The 54 million-pound ($85 million) trial by Buffett’s U.K.-based system goes a step further. It gives people a choice, allowing them to either use appliances themselves at optimum times, or to let the system decide that for them.

Honey, You didn't flush the toilet did you? Because I think the nice men from the government are here about that.

Honey, You didn’t flush the toilet without calling again did you? Because I think the nice men from the government are here about that.

lol, they always do the same stuff.  Make it appear voluntary and “helpful”, then they transition it into mandatory and controlled and well, at some point,  you will have to go down the urine smelling government office and beg them to let you use your own stuff.  But it’s because they are trying to help.

“Customers can work with us to use their energy in a different fashion, by a range of techniques,” said Ian Lloyd, head of network technology research at Buffett’s Northern Powergrid Holdings Co. The program encourages people to use power in a way that “complements the running of the distribution network.”

See, never force, it’s voluntary.  Well, until we “just can’t afford” to do that anymore and we need, “minimum requirements that everyone must follow”.  So minimum, “nobody could object to these “REASONABLE minimums”. And then they continue to morph and morph and then, you have the same systems they have now in so many other areas.  It is ALWAYS THE SAME SYSTEM.

Now that he doesn't have to get elected, Al Gore has really changed his look.

Now that he doesn’t have to get elected, Al Gore is free to be himself.  I think the look works on him.

The control system tightens all the time.  Smart grids and smart phones.  All about data collection and then control.  The people are so drugged and brainwashed they don’t just not see it they ASK for more. lol.  In the not too distant future it will be NORMAL to have a schedule you have for when you can use your stuff.  Why? well for the good of everyone.  And will it apply to our rulers? of course not.  It’s why Al Gore’s house eats 20 times the amount of an average house.  And of course he flys all over the world spewing the carbon he complains of.

It is all a game to them.   Because the rules only apply to you and me, the plebes, get it?  They tell us what we can do.  And they always use the same creeping “voluntary” to minimum mandatory, to maximum control system.  Smart meters, they’re what’s for dinner.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Now go tell someone about the truth about the law and don’t be down, live in the light.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

5 thoughts on “Soon you will need permission to use your washing machine: A Distraction in the “news” 1-9-15

  1. GeorgiaCracker

    Right on, Legalman. I never want a smart meter! You are so right about the morphing of all the regulations to greater and greater control of us!

  2. Polonius

    So called “smart meters” communicate with home base via pulsed radio frequencies in the microwave range. You DO NOT want one of these things on the side of your or your neighbor’s house if you want to sleep soundly, avoid migraines, and remain generally healthy. Just do an internet search on smart meters and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and learn for yourself. WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, DECT phones, and smart meters all emit a pervasive mesh of dangerous EMF in our urban worlds. You may not feel it…yet…but, at the cellular level, the body’s electrical circuitry is being disrupted with various degrees of harm. Don’t take my word for it. There is enough hard data available to drive the entire wireless business into bankruptcy if the court system were not rigged.

    1. Profile photo of LegalmanLegalman Post author

      Yes my friend. You are right. I have linked a Barry Trower video on the topic in my fascinating other stuff. The emf running around is not good. My news piece on the weird weather has an excellent Italian documentary on making the atmosphere more conducive to it for military purposes. You might find it interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


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