The Paris “attack” is absurd kabuki theater for the masses and nothing more: A Distraction in the “news” 1-11-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.


Hey I think they ripped off my cover pic?  I don't know about you, bu I know I can say with 100% certainty that it IS a picture of her.  How do I know? BECAUSE I LOVE MY COUNTRY, that's how.

Hey I think they ripped off my cover pic of the cop as an attention grab? lol. I don’t know about you, but I feel confident enough to say with 100% certainty that that IS a picture of the terrorist chick. How do I know? BECAUSE I LOVE MY COUNTRY, that’s how.

1-11-15 Judging from the headline on the newspaper above it appears that the ONLY reasonable thing to do moving forward to protect us all IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO NEVER STOP WATCHING EVERYONE. lol.  Forgive me if I am somewhat skeptical of the official narrative being spun about what “happened” in Paris etc.   I haven’t bothered to follow it too closely.  I figured I could catch it on reruns on TBS this spring. lol  We all know the basics, no reason to go back into those.

I knew it was just a show and was not a legitimate story on the first day when I heard the absurdity that the “terrorists” supposedly ran in with masks and then TOLD everyone they were “Al-Gore-Ida Yemen”  ????  To be sure they weren’t confused with “Al-Gore-Ida Syria” or “Iraq” etc. lol  Absurd. That makes no sense.  People who are about to BLOW themselves UP might tell you who they are since there won’t be anything left of them to know who THEY WERE, but not people wearing masks who clearly want to get away. 

I take it back. I see why they did it.  They don't have a brain.  Makes sense.

I take it back. I see why they did it. They don’t have a brain. Makes sense.

“Telling everyone” who they are is what a controlled opp would have them do so the “Audience”, read the public, knows to start paying attention to this episode of  “terror” TV. lol.  It immediately reminded me of some-night-before-the-big-game prank in HS.  Run over and spray paint something yelling Glendale sucks, Hillcrest RULES.

Next was the absurdity that the keystone cops “found an ID”. lol  Are you f’ing kidding me?  Who brings an ID on a stunt like this?  Remember how they “found the passport” of one of the 19 “hijackers” on 911?  It just floated down from the fire ball right and was “given by a helpful citizen to the authorities” ?!   Finding this ID in Paris made me think they’re running out of new material, so they’re doing a little “naked gun 2 & 1/5 Paris” here.  NOT credible, sorry.

Apparently none of the news even considered that IF, and this is a HUGE IF, IF they found such an “ID”, that the ID might have been PLANTED there to throw the “coppers” off track?  NO no no, that could never be.  How do we know that isn’t the case? well because the “authorities”told us it was the attacker, and how do we know who the attackers turned out to be now that they are “dead”?  Well because the authorities told us. lol.  Do you see this is ALWAYS the way it is.  They tell us what “happened” then they tell us what they have and what they found and then they tell us if they were right when they tell us who they caught or found. lol  Absurd show.

You like money and sex too? wow, we should hang out.

You like money and sex too? wow, we should hang out.

It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Idiocracy” when the guy won’t shut up about how great Brawndo is because it has “Electrolytes” and Luke Wilson says, you don’t even know what Electrolytes are, and the guy says, Well I know they’re good for you. lol  Honestly HOW IS ANY OF THIS RIDICULOUS SHOW ANY DIFFERENT THAN THAT? What do YOU KNOW that they haven’t TOLD YOU?  Nothing.

This whole thing is nothing but a show for the masses. Did it even happen? who the f knows.  Did some of it happen? maybe.  We don’t know.  What we do know is it CONFIRMS THE NEED FOR MORE GOVERNMENT and that will be run and run into your head.  Get it?  


Apparently both Russia and Turkey are openly asserting the idea that the entire thing was a western dark opp false flag.  Notice how the western “news” covers this fact.  It is “a conspiracy theory” lol.  The Western government’s story is “FACT” and anything else is “conspiracy theory”, got it?  lol  Always always the same.  So predictable.


Oh did you hear that a senior investigator on this case for the French police just “committed suicide”.  Oh gosh I hate it when that happens.   Nothing to see here, move along the narrative is still in place, repeat, we are still a go with the narrative.  Poor guy. He probably thought that his job was to solve crimes

And I am adding this now one day after originally posting because I just saw it.  Here is the “kill shot” on the officer.  Decide for yourself.


Not much to investigate, an obvious suicide.  The authorities released this picture from the scene.

Not much to investigate, an obvious suicide. The authorities released this picture from the scene.

Look remember the supposed “Boston Marathon” bombing brother they “found” in the boat?  Haven’t heard much from him have you?  Well you want to know WHY?  Because defendants like this have global GAG orders on them and their DEFENSE team so that the only story that can stay out there POLLUTING THE POTENTIAL JURY POOL is the narrative the government wants out there.  Do you get this?  Did you know this?

For example, the Bureau of Prisons is allowed to screen and clear all materials and documents the defense team would like to share or discuss with Tsarnaev. Defense attorneys are prohibited from releasing any information about the case except “for the sole purpose of preparing the inmate’s defense – and not for any other reason.”

Other SAM restrictions place Tsarnaev in solitary confinement, prohibit any contact with the media or other inmates, and severely limit his communications with parents and siblings. His rare phone calls and visits are monitored and recorded.

These “SAM’s” are standard for “terror” suspects.  Here an excerpt on them from WIKI.

The law is considered particularly controversial because it permits monitoring of attorney-client communications of designated prisoners.[1] Initiated in November of 2001, the Department of Justice considered this an expansion of an existing regulation. Formerly it was only allowed through a court order. It specified that information protected by attorney-client privilege could not be used for prosecution; however, communications related to ongoing or contemplated illegal acts was not covered.”

An astute observation.  Take THAT to the bank.

An astute observation. Take THAT to the bank.

Do you see this? do you get it? WE must all trust that they “won’t use items”.  Where is the 4th amendment?  Where is the supreme court protection?  People you live in a dream world if you think that stuff is real. 

One story, under god, with liberty and justice for all.  That is all these “terror” shows are now. It is all a railroad scam.  And in the boston case, the judge has denied the ACLU the right to even challenge what’s going on.  I wonder why?  It is always the same.  Does none of this make you wonder?

And this is on top of the fact that we can’t know who ELSE may have received a NSL or National Security Letter.  That is a letter that is a gag order on anyone and YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL ANYONE YOU HAVE RECEIVED ONE.  Ever hear of them?  Go check them out. 

None of this is new.  They have always manipulated the “news”.  It is not a secret, lol. l People simply choose to live in a fantasy world, so the rulers choose to take advantage of them.  40 years ago the Church hearings told you everything you need to know. It is Much WORSE todayHere is a 3 minute video of old footage.  Imagine the power of this WITH NSL’s limiting everyone who actually KNOWS it is all lies but can’t speak up and can’t even say they have been told THEY CAN”T SPEAK UP?  Get it?

I remarked to a long time friend of mine last week when this absurdity began that if all of the cameras and militarized police we already have are NOT enough to stop this stuff then WHY have them at all?  Can we really expect that more will stop it? NO, they won’t.  And they don’t work now, so take them down and dismantle.  It isn’t worth all the time and abuse of the citizenry and cost to MAYBE possibly stop something from maybe possibly happening. It just isn’t.   And this is giving them a benefit of the doubt that I don’t, which is that the whole thing is not a staged event or at minimum a “Gladio” style dark opp.

Remember Gladio?  If you don’t go check it out here.  It’s about all the faked up “operations” run by western countries in Eastern block countries.  Operations that LOOK EXACTLY LIKE WHAT AL-GORE-IDA LOOKS LIKE TODAY.  But of course that could never be the case.  Why? because everyone would know! lol  Here’s a whole 2.5 hour BBC documentary on it from 1992.  Educate yourself.

Stop and think about it sanely and calmly for once, instead of in the whipped up nonsense they want.  If someone wants to “commit a home invasion” against you, what in the world will a total police state do to stop it? NOTHING.

Where is the evidence that such “police tactics” Stop crime like this supposed Paris event?  There isn’t any and There can never be any, all we can ever have is them telling us that they “foiled” an attack. lol, How do we KNOW?  Look when someone is willing to walk down a street with an RPG and Ak’s  you’re not concerned about being “filmed”. 

My friend made a good point about all the cameras everywhere. He said that people EXPECT video now.  And he’s right.  So you have to have these camera’s supposedly showing whatever they want the film to show.  In order to MAINTAIN the public’s interest when you run the show on TV.  The public is so habituated to video games and CGI created movie horsesh** action etc.

The authorities released this surveillance screen shot from shortly before the incident in a hopes that someone would recognize the perp.

The authorities released this surveillance screen shot from shortly before the incident in a hopes that someone would recognize the perp.

We have NO WAY of knowing if we are seeing surveillance footage or some crap they just created. NO WAY.  They tell us what they are showing us.  DO YOU SEE???

As of now it is unclear if the “suspect” female was EVEN in Paris during the “attacks”.  

So now they are rolling out the non-linear crapola to make it impossible to follow.  Got it?   Kind of reminds me of the fact that many of the 19 alleged 911 hijackers were later found to be alive and living in other countries! lol,  did you know that?

Maybe they can make a 4 or 5 for Paris.

Maybe they can make a 4 or 5 for Paris.

The “facts” of this latest Paris event are so over the top ridiculous that it seems a lot more like the 5th in a movie series franchise that flopped because the whole plot and action just don’t seem credible anymore.  They’ve over done it.  You know? 

The only question I even have about this Whole event is whether they make it  intentionally this absurd in order to just mess with people like me who can see it for what it is.  The message being sent is clear.  We can DO ANYTHING and the public will believe it all.  lol Honestly, I think that is a major component at this point.

So no I don’t believe the story because they have earned me not believing them.  They lie.  That is what they do.

That’s all for now my Brainwashed Brethren.  Take care.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

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  1. Polonius

    My effing gawd, Legalman. You’ve broken your own record for funniest analysis of the daily nooz EVER. Having said that, it’s only funny while reading it cuz now I’m sick to my stomach back in the “real world” where this noozy stuff is on my TV 24/7. Idiocracy indeed. We are doomed, my lege. Deservedly doomed.


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