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The Government uses violence to threaten EVERY peaceful protest.

What good is your freedom if you can't get a McRib when you want one?

I don’t blame him/her for being pissed.  The McRib is only available for a short time.

We’ve all seen the scenes from Ferguson by now. Stuff burning. Cops who look like storm troopers from the future with APC’s and every kind of weapon. I hear all the time on talk radio and the news the same old stale refrain, “is this America” “what happened to peaceful protests”? “I’m all for people’s right to protest but it has to be peaceful” and on and on. I just laugh at how the conversation is so predictable and fully controllable by the status QUO.

She asked for it, he gave it to her.

What can I say, I like to give my fans what they want.

I see something very different when I see Ferguson. I talked about it in my news section briefly. I don’t honestly care what happened in Ferguson with the cop, because it doesn’t matter. Cops kill people all the time. Cops harass people all the time. The people ASK for more government not knowing that government is nothing but a gun pointed at you and the power crazy people in government are more than happy to give you all you can handle bro.

The reason you have to limit the government is because government is a CORRUPT institution by nature. It is there to do one thing. Coerce the people. USE LEGAL FORCE without any retribution,… to steal from you. It really doesn’t do much of anything else. This is 95% or more of what government does. I have showed you this. This is what my entire site is about.

I want to use the backdrop of Ferguson to show people the laughable hypocrisy that is how “peaceful protest” is discussed in this country.  We are told to be peaceful in our protests and to “work within the system”,  but the government itself is not peaceful. It escalates the violence at EVERY protest.  And it intimidates the people from going to protest.  This is anathema to what we are told is the way the system is supposed to work.  Here are some pics of typical crowd control police.

excuse me

Why be concerned, this is normal.

more friendly police

Relax, they are here to serve.

protecting and serving yes.  But WHO?

Who exactly are they Protecting and serving again?

this is peaceful?

This is what the government really is.

Look at them. Do they look peaceful? No, they are stirring up trouble by just showing up like that.  Their very attire is THREATENING and intimidating. Especially when you KNOW that they can shoot you and you can’t do anything about it.

If PEACEFUL CIVILIANS showed up wearing this same gear driving APC’s and carrying signs what do you think would happen? My point is simple, JUST showing up like this to a peaceful protest is ESCALATING the situation.  It is NOT peaceful. THE COPS ARE THE PROBLEM. It is provocative. It is OUTRAGEOUS. How does this not have a chilling effect on any peaceful protest?   Are you willing to go to a protest when cops look like this?  I am not.

Where's your court reporter? I'm here for the deposition.

Where’s your court reporter? I’m here for the deposition.

If we set a private meeting out in the desert to conduct some business or to make an exchange that is dicey it is understood that we each show up with our own backup. Right? We expect that each will be equally armed. But if we are just conducting peaceful business and I show up and I am expecting the meeting to be just you and me without any backup or guns and you show up with a bunch of guys dressed like those cops what do I feel? What do I think? What can I surmise are YOUR intentions?

Yet people are supposed to accept without any question that the fuzz is ALLOWED to show up dressed like they want to kill you to a “peaceful demonstration”. Does that make sense to you?

We are always told that THEY WORK FOR US? Would you allow your employees to show up to a meeting like that? It is beyond provocative. IT SETS THE MOOD. It creates the tension. And before you say, “well they have to protect the property” etc. I wish you would just take a look at the real world. The police are not there to protect YOU, they are there to protect the system. Period. Take a look at Ferguson. Did they protect jack s*** in the private sector? No. They let it burn. They protected GOVERNMENT facilities.

Nothing to see, just a guy walking his cheetah.

Nothing to see, just a guy out for a walk with his hyena.  What are you worried about?

So the government itself creates a lot of the problem with any demonstration. And I haven’t even gotten into the use of agent provocateurs and all the other stuff the government does covertly.  My point is not that Ferguson was about any real redress, it probably wasn’t.  My point is that the government INTIMIDATES and PROVOKES peaceful protesters.

The government is constantly showing force and using force against the people. That is all the government even is.  Yet all you hear about is how peaceful the people are supposed to be.  It is really funny to me.  Beating people with batons.  Gassing them.  That’s all fine.  FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO DO.  But god forbid if the people don’t like the way they are treated by government agents and bite back.  There is hell to pay.  Do you see the hypocrisy?

We are told we must peacefully work within the system.  But peaceful protests are “chilled” by the WAY the government has chosen to react to them.  If peaceful protests don’t work. And we know they don’t. What is your option?  Well, the people must turn to government of course.  It is always the same.  It is all the same.   Government is just force against you.  Nothing more.  So go on your peaceful way and do as you are told.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren on this thanksgiving holiday in this Greatest free-est yada yada yada.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

They buried the case that exposed the fraud of FIAT banking.

The man getting his own justice in "Big Whiskey" Wyoming.  I always think about this when I hear "Credit River"Minnesota.  This is the only way to get justice when the system is rigged.

The MAN, getting justice in “Big Whiskey” Wyoming. I always think about this when I hear “Credit River”Minnesota. This is the only  justice when “Little Bill” is in charge.

The fraud of the banking system was exposed in a simple and easy to understand way in the “Credit River Case”. If you haven’t read what I wrote about that yet, then you might want to  go read it now.  This little case, from this small jurisdiction was gaining WORLD wide attention. (see affidavit of Jerome Daly filed 6-26-1969)   If the ideas and concepts about fiat banking, contractual consideration and the fraud that is fractional reserve banking laid out in that little case became known to the people the game would be up. The arguments the judge made in his opinions are simple and clear. They are irrefutable. And THAT was the problem. The arguments cannot be REFUTED because they are true.

This is an actual picture of the official button that was used by the District Court in the Credit River Case.

This is the official “Judge’s button” that is located in the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Since the actual arguments could not be addressed, the REAL system issued a Code RED to be sure this case was erased and could not be used by future “lawyers”. None of their usual tricks and threats WORKED on this judge. You can see the “orders to show cause“.  He stood his ground. After being ordered by the “District Court” to “appear with the papers” for appeal, the judge again REFUSED to do so. 1969-01-23 Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law and Judgment.  He believed in “the constitution”. He believed in principle. And he was not going to be bullied or threatened into doing something he didn’t believe in. You can make your own mind up about the coincidental “fishing accident” the judge had just a couple days after a key hearing.

So let’s just look at what actually happened after the jury came back with its verdict finding that the bank’s “loan” was not valid consideration, because they had “created the money out of thin air” by way of the Federal Reserve fractional banking practices. 

After the decision, an appeal was filed. The law required that a deposit of $2 dollars (lawful money of the United States) be made to perfect the appeal. The Bank deposited two federal reserve NOTES, which people call “dollars”.

All for the want of a nail, as they say.

It would appear that the good judge died, all for the want of a nail, as they say.

The court then found that the clear and  unambiguous language of the U.S. Constitution prevented him from accepting FRN’s.  Here is the Constitutional language he cited:

No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility.

The court then ruled that federal reserve notes (FRN’s) are paper backed by nothing, that the appeal deposit was the State accepting payment for a debt, that FRN’s do not meet the constitutional requirements for what a State can accept as a debt, and, that therefore the requirements for an appeal had not been met. And he is correct. The language is Unambiguous and clear I just showed it to you. No “court opinion” regardless of what court, can render that clear language to mean anything but what it DOES MEAN.

The judge then specifically gave the Bank a chance to come to a hearing and present any legal argument and or facts to show how the “federal reserve notes” met the constitutional requirement that limited a state from accepting anything but gold and silver coin tendered in payment. The Bank, not surprisingly, did not appear. They did not request an extension. They did not respond. And they never will in such a case.

Those things will kill you quicker than a fishing tripgone back.

Hey, does Judge Mahoney smoke? Cause I’ve heard these things are more dangerous than  fishing.

The fundamental ISSUES set out in this case by this judge will NEVER be addressed, because they CAN’T be. So, instead they use the back channels of the REAL SYSTEM.  They went and tried to have the justice ORDERED to send the paperwork in for the appeal. Does this make sense to you? Why would any normal party who seeks possession of a $14,000.00 note, choose to file expensive complicated additional documents with another court, instead of simply going down and giving 2 silver dollars or 8 quarters to the trial court for deposit and then being free to go argue whether what the judge was saying was correct? Why wouldn’t they do that? How does their conduct make any sense in the world where you and I live? How does it make any sense if they have a legitimate argument that they simply want an opportunity to make to an independent tribunal?

Oh, you're in the wrong place, this is the County Clerk's office.

Oh hey, you must be from the Minnesota Supreme Court. Come on in, I think the people were expecting someone else.

It doesn’t. That refusal to either deposit or address this issue is “the dog who didn’t bark”. The whole issue of appeal and contempt and orders to “show cause” and all of the procedural wrangling are utterly and totally unnecessary if the bank simply runs a courier down and deposits 8 quarters with the court clerk. Then they would be free to argue about the merits all they wanted in the District Court.

They didn’t do that because they didn’t WANT to argue the MERITS to the opponents they faced in this case, because THEY CAN’T WIN ON THE MERITS AND THEY DON’T WANT THAT ARGUMENT ON THE RECORD!  

The men behind the scenes were working on several tracks at once.  Not only were they attempting to avoid having to actually address the issues, but during all of this time the system went after the judge and lawyer in yet separate actions for contempt, and to disbar Daly, the lawyer.  When these issues came to a head  Daly, appeared before the Minnesota Supreme Court itself to let it know whether he and the judge intended to comply or not.

This is THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.  If he does a mea culpa at the hearing then he probably is free to go on his way.  If not, well, I hope he has some back up. lol   What does he do? He goes up there and DEFIES the very heart of the beast, the “Supremes”, of Minnesota.

Your Honors, I'm not done making my defense.  You said I would have a chance to.... Bailiff take Mr. Daly away.

Your Honors, I’m not done making my statement. You said I would have a chance to…. Bailiff take Mr. Daly away.

Let’s be clear. There is no published opinion about the Credit River Case itself by the District Court or the Supremes  ON THE MERITS.  Get that?  There is only what the judge said, ON THE MERITS.  The later courts only dealt with phoney baloney procedural issues. That is how they hid the whole thing!  What follows is an excerpt from the NSA’s Wiki cite that directs people into what the ptb’s want people to “know”.  Note that they cite from the Supreme Court opinion Disbarring Daly, discussing the show cause order, not the issues in the case! Pay close attention to what it says and DOESN’T say.

Related litigation did produce published decisions from the Minnesota Supreme Court. In Re Jerome Daly, 284 Minn.567, 171 N.W.2d 818 (1969), is excerpted below:

… In response to our order of August 12, 1969, directing the justice of the peace and Mr. Daly to show cause why they should not be held in constructive contempt of the Supreme Court of Minnesota for this conduct, Mr. Daly appeared personally in his own behalf before this court on August 21. He advised the court that he had been authorized to represent the justice of the peace in the proceedings. After noting that he was making a special appearance, Mr. Daly, an attorney at law admitted to practice in this state, acknowledged that both he and the justice of the peace intentionally violated the order of Justice Peterson because in their opinion neither this court nor Justice Peterson had jurisdiction to issue it.

Although the death of the justice of the peace on August 22, 1969, has rendered the proceedings as against him moot, it is our judgment that the conduct of Jerome Daly was contumacious. It is the order of this court that he be temporarily suspended from the practice of law in the courts of this state effective October 1, 1969.

Last known picture of the brave Patriot Mahoney.  Such a shame, such a tragic accident.  Who could have seen it coming?

Rare Archival photograph of Judge  Mahoney’s  fishing trip.

In other words, the gauntlet was thrown down on August 21st. The judge was not going away. The case had world wide attention focused on it. The next day, the judge had his unfortunate and untimely fishing accident. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. To suggest otherwise would be conspiratorial kookery and I would never go there.

But it is worth noting that, the FIRST substantive “defense” to what the judge had done was filed 6 days after the judge was no longer alive to dispute it. 1969-08-28 Counter-affidavit of Theo R Mellby  Oh, and the “affidavit” “proving” service on the judge for the procedure was executed one week AFTER he died as well.   1969-08-29 Supplemental Return to Writ of Attachment. Oh, and after he had that accident, the judge who replaced the unfortunately dead guy, did exactly what the District Court was not able to get the other judge to do, and delivered the paperwork. 1969-10-01 Order.  Oh and the winning party defendant got disbarred 2 weeks after the judge died. And then he was held in contempt by the judge who took the other guy’s place.1969-09-05 slip opinion In re Jerome Daly  And the Bank ended up winning.  And EVERYTHING that went on in the Credit River Case was declared a NULLITY, and can therefore never be referred to officially by lawyers in any caseZurn v. Northwestern National Bank, 284 Minn. 573, 170 N.W.2d 600 (1969).

Please, Please... Not tonight Johnny, I'll read it to you again tomorrow.

That was such a great story MOMMY!  That Mr. Daly and that judge are BAD MEN!  Please, Please read it again.

Wow, funny how these things just “happen”. Such a shame the judge had that accident so he couldn’t speak up for himself. And so he could never discuss this case or his findings or write a book or tell his story.  Oh well THE SYSTEM worked. It’s all about law and order you know. We have to all follow the law. Justice is blind. So, get in line and do your part.  In fact, I’m having so much fun and enjoying so much freedom. I think I’m going to go vote again just to say Thanks Freedom.

I want to say one more thing about this truly absurdly obvious case that was so very dangerous and therefore got buried. What the courts and the “historians” in this case would have everyone believe is that “the court” had “no jurisdiction” to do what it did to the Bank. That is the entire upshot of how the case “was resolved” from a technical legal point of view.  And that was essential because that allowed it to be “nullified” which made sure it had NO VALUE and could not be used for any purposes.  In fact here is what Wiki says about it how it all turned out.

The immediate effect of the decision was that Daly did not have to repay the mortgage or relinquish the property. However, the bank appealed the next day, and the decision was ultimately nullified on the grounds that a Justice of the Peace did not have the power to make such a ruling.  (i.e. technically, that he did not have jurisdiction)

This nullfied case and its reasoning have nevertheless been cited by groups opposing the Federal Reserve System and, in particular, the practice of fractional-reserve banking. Such groups argue the case demonstrates that the Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional. Because the Credit River decision was nullified, the case has no value as precedent. A U.S. District Court decision in Utah in 2008 mentioned half a dozen such citations, noting that similar arguments have “repeatedly been dismissed by the courts as baseless” and that “courts around the country have repeatedly dismissed efforts to void loans based on similar assertions.”

Well I for one am shocked by this. But I have just one…. more…. question.

Just one more question Mr. System.

I just have one more question for my brainwashed brethren.

If the court had no “jurisdiction” to rule against the Bank, as they say, then how would the court have had the “jurisdiction” to rule in FAVOR of the Bank? 

Do you see the problem?  If there was no jurisdiction then the court did not have the authority to give the BANK the relief it sought!    And YET, the judge  who replaced the now dead guy, did give the BANK the very relief it SOUGHT.  And that my friend, is yet another dog who didn’t bark in this case. 

The BANK chose the forum.  The Bank sought relief from the court. The Bank thought it could get relief from the court.  It’s the only reason it would file in the court.  The Bank got a fair trial. The BANK’S own witness’ statements were taken as TRUE at trial.  But when the BANK lost, the Appellate process “determined” there “was no jurisdiction”, thus the case was NULLIFIED.  And nullification was the essential outcome.  Because that was what makes the case “useless”in the future. And gives it the appearance of “kookery”.  Nobody will touch the case as a lawyer or a judge, well, because … well, I think you know why.

But there was no “jurisdictional” problem when the same court with a new “not dead judge” then turned around on the same claim and ruled in the BANK’S favor!!  lol  how could that be?  Do you see the contradiction?  There is authority to rule in favor of the bank but not against??  That is NOT how jurisdiction works. Lol.  None of this makes any sense, UNLESS you understand what was really going on in the REAL system.   Then it all makes sense. 

Okay, I’m done.  I hope you learned something about how they can hide the realities behind a veil of complex seeming “procedure” and then just bury the whole thing.  If this is not enough to show you what the system is, then what else could I ever show you?

Take care my brainwashed Brethren.  Live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

P.S. Can you help a brother out? It’s ALL about the “LIKES”.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

The little case that threatened the entire Banking system.

Just FYI, this is what an actual coincidence looks like.

Just FYI, this is what an actual coincidence looks like.

I want to tell you about a simple little case from an obscure little court, where the findings and verdict posed such a danger to the money power, that they tried to prevent the judge from even entering the verdict. He refused. One week later the judge had an “unfortunate” fishing accident and died.

As for the lawyer/individual who brought the case and won it to the jury? Well he was coincidentally disbarred. Oh and the case findings? they were “nullified” on procedural grounds because well, “that’s the law”. And now of course, any lawyer who attempts to cite the case, well, they too face sanctions and possible disbarment by the “licensing” system the government runs that “allows” them to operate in the “legal system” the government runs. Remember, it is all just “following the law”.  What, do you not “support law and order”? You probably hate kittens too then.

So what in the world could the case have stood for that made the system react so violently? Simple. It exposed the truth about the banking system in a simple and straightforward way that allowed anyone to understand the fraud that it is. 

And, just as importantly, it showed how the people could defend themselves. 

Chomsky quoteBefore I tell you about “The Credit River Case” I want to make sure you understand the legal issue.  In order to have a contract even the NSA admits you need the following.
At common law, the elements of a contract are offer, acceptance, intention to create legal relations, and consideration.

This just means the parties have to discuss terms, come to agreement on the terms and then we both have to be OBLIGATED to exchange something of value. The something of value is called “consideration” in the law. Here, from the same NSA link, is what they say about that.

Consideration is something of value given by a promissor to a promisee in exchange for something of value given by a promisee to a promissor. Typically, the thing of value is a payment, although it may be an act, or forbearance to act, when one is privileged to do so, such as an adult refraining from smoking. This thing of value or forbearance from some legal right is considered to be a legal detriment. In the exchange of legal detriments, a bargain is created.

It's so beautiful isn't it? Here is another legally binding contract where it is difficult to determine whether the "consideration" was valid.

It’s so beautiful isn’t it? Here is an excellent example of a legally binding contract where it can be difficult to determine whether the “consideration” was valid, and what the exact terms were.

So not only do we have to agree to the exchange, but you have to each exchange something of value that is considered a “legal detriment”. It must be real. If you pay me with counterfeit money, well, the contract “fails for lack of consideration”, in legal terminology. You “gave me” something that “was not real and not what we discussed” so I didn’t get the “benefit of the bargain”  That is really all contract law is, a formal discussion of agreements between people.

So now with that legal understanding, let’s look at the  “Credit River Case”.  I encourage you to go look at all of the paperwork yourself if you are interested go to page and search the link for credit river docs mid page.

The case is straightforward.  The Bank/Plaintiff was trying to foreclose, and the property owner/Defendant was defending the action claiming that there was no valid consideration given by the bank under the contract because it simply created the “money” that it “gave” by making a bookkeeping entry. Here is how the court described it.

Lawrence V. Morgan was the only witness called for Plaintiff (Bank)  and Defendant testified as the only witness in his own behalf.   Plaintiff brought this as a Common Law action for the recovery of the possession …by foreclosure of a Note and Mortgage Deed….

Defendant appeared and answered that the Plaintiff created the money and credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry as the consideration for the Note and Mortgage of May 8, 1964 and alleged failure of the consideration for the Mortgage Deed and alleged that the Sheriff’s sale passed no title to plaintiff.

The issues tried to the Jury were whether there was a lawful consideration and whether Defendant had waived his rights to complain about the consideration having paid on the Note for almost 3 years.

Mr. Morgan (the Bank’s only witness) admitted that all of the money or credit which was used as a consideration was created upon their books, that this was standard banking practice exercised by their bank in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, another private Bank, further that he knew of no United States Statute or Law that gave the Plaintiff the authority to do this.

"Owned", hmmm, exactly how did they buy that again?

“Owned”, hmmm, exactly what did they use to buy it with again?  I’m a bit unclear on that.

So a straightforward simple case with very straightforward allegations.  The case was tried to a jury.  They found against the bank.  Basically finding that the bank WAS NOT ENTITLED TO POSSESSION because it hadn’t given ANY CONSIDERATION when it made the mortgage!!  

Here is the short memorandum opinion that the court entered into the record with the order after the trial.  The order the powers that be did everything they could to prevent the judge from entering.

The issues in this case were simple. There was no material dispute of the facts for the Jury to resolve.
Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which are for all practical purposes, because of their interlocking activity and practices, and both being Banking Institutions Incorporated under the Laws of the United States, are in the Law to be treated as one and the same Bank, did create the entire $14,000.00 in money or credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the Consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note. See Ansheuser-Busch Brewing Company v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318, 46 N.W. 558. The Jury found that there was no consideration and I agree. Only God can create something of value out of nothing….

Plaintiff’s (Bank’s) act of creating credit is not authorized by the Constitution and Laws of the United States, is unconstitutional and void, and is not a lawful consideration in the eyes of the Law to support any thing or upon which any lawful right can be built….

Both parties were given complete liberty to submit any and all facts to the Jury, at least in so far as they saw fitNo complaint was made by Plaintiff that Plaintiff did not receive a fair trial. From the admissions made by Mr. Morgan the path of duty was direct and clear for the Jury.

Now that gives me an idea.

Banker’s are hardly man’s best friend.

And that is the case and the opinion that quite literally set off a sh**storm.  Why? Because it very simply explained the fraud that is Banking.  And when given the undisputed facts, the jury had quite RIGHTLY found that there is no actual consideration given by the Bank because the bank just creates the money out of thin air. It doesn’t actually LEND MONEY IT HAS so the contract is not valid!

Do you see how dangerous this case is?  Under no circumstances can these ideas become known or discussed openly as anything even POSSIBLY legitimate.  It Had to be “erased” and found to be “kookery”.

Think of the implications otherwise.   A jury of regular people had been told the truth about what banks clearly do EVERYDAY and they saw that it is nothing but fraud. Nobody has agreed to allow banks to create money out of thin air.  The mortgages and other loans the bank’s make do not have any actual consideration!

Most people in the country assume that when someone borrows money from a bank that the bank is actually lending you some of the money that it has on deposit. But that is just not true under the fractional reserve system we have.  And if people understood this undeniable fact, as Henry Ford said, there would be a revolution overnight.  And so those in charge make sure nobody does find out.

The process by which money is created is so simple the mind is repelled.”—John Kenneth Galbraith

The law quite literally gives a protected class of private individuals, “central bankers”, (and their facilitators) the right to create money out of thin air, and then to “lend out” the made up money and collect interest on it.  You have to work. They do not.

An honest thief, Josiah Stamp

An honest thief, Josiah Stamp

“The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” — Josiah Stamp Former Director of the Bank of England

The poor soon to be dead judge in this case clearly was a man of principle.  He believed the big lie he had been told about our country and the founding documents and our supposed “freedom”.  He believed the system was what he had been taught.  He was sadly mistaken and apparently paid for that mistake with his life in the form of a fishing accident.

The modern banker plying his craft.

The modern banker plying his craft.

There are two basic types of control systems. Overt systems,  meaning openly with force or threats, and covert systems, enforced, by way of disguise or in secret. In an OVERT system of control, the people CAN SEE the force used to keep them down, like in North Korea.  Therefore they KNOW that the legal system is rigged against them.  In a covert system the people are tricked into imagining they are in control and that therefore the legal system is “fair”. That is the key difference.

Our system is a covert system.  Therefore the ENTIRE system relies upon the people believing that they are in charge of the system, that the system works for them and that it is fair.

One of the most difficult concepts for people to grasp and accept is that the legal system is not there to dispense justice. It is there to control you under the GUISE that it is there to dispense justice.

The only obstacle that any covert system faces, such as ours, is making sure the people don’t find out  the TRUTH about the system.  Like the truth that this case exposes. And that is why so much time and money is spent brainwashing people very early on in government schools under government curriculum about justice and liberty and pledges of allegiance, etc. etc. And that is why the media tells us nonstop about how just and wonderful a country we have our whole lives.

So now that you see the reality of the system, let’s recap what happened in this case.  The BANK filed the case in the court. The BANK looked to the Court to take the property.  The bank did not complain it didn’t get a fair trial.  The bank did not complain it was not allowed to put on its evidence. The evidence used by the jury was the BANK’S own witness’ admissions.  The facts of this case were not in dispute! 

And what was the result of all this after the jury found against the bank?  The bank ended up winning “later” on procedural grounds after the judge ended up dead, and the lawyer ended up disbarred.   Do you see the real system yet?

I don't whether to laugh or cry when I see people who are so deluded. They actually think that they have to WAIT for 9 guys and gals to GIVE them their RIGHTS.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see people who are so deluded. They actually think that they have to WAIT for 9 guys and gals to GIVE them their RIGHTS.

What more does it take for you to see that the Constitution prevents NOTHING!  It is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem.  Continuously talking about “getting back to it” and “enforcing it” and “its principles and limitations” just drains off energy that could be used to create REAL change.

If the constitution or the system actually did anything that people imagine, then outcomes like THIS could never happen. And if they did, the people would know about them and those responsible would have been brought to justice.  But none of THAT ACTUALLY happened because that is not what the system ACTUALLY does.

The system is there to control you, but its success depends entirely on you never finding this fact out.

I can’t take anymore freedom today.  Plus there are the limitations of space. There is a lot more to the case that happened afterwards. If you want to find out about it, I wrote about that here.  Because I am done for today. 

I hope you learned something. Take care my brainwashed Brethren.  Live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

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$420 bucks a year for Harvard, when it actually might have taught you something.

Inflation is something they create to STEAL from you. It does not just “exist”.

Headline news, “the Fed announced today that inflation is under control”. How many times have we heard this crap on some radio top of hour “news” summary, or seen it in a headline in some propaganda rag?   What I find funny is that, when the fed announces that inflation is under control they are technically telling the truth.  They just don’t mean what you think they mean.  They don’t mean that inflation is not a problem.  They don’t mean that inflation is not slowly and imperceptibly destroying your standard of living while they “legally steal” year after year.  They mean that the inflation is under control… their control.

Our wardens enjoying a cocktail at our expense.

Our wardens enjoying a cocktail at our expense.

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” (Josiah Stamp, former head of the Bank of England, said at an informal talk at the University of Texas in the 1920s)

People have been so completed habituated, through school, and media of every type, to the concept that prices naturally and slowly go up over time, and that  “inflation is a good thing”, that people actually believe it.  It is easy to fool the people because they don’t even know what “causes” inflation.  And the people don’t know because their overlords make sure that the edjumakation system, which our overlords also control and require you attend through the force of law, intentionally provides disinformation on money and inflation instead of real information.  (George Carlin knew all about it.

“There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”  John Maynard Keynes

The “smartest guys in the room” on talk shows, wearing stupid bow ties and pretending they actually get laid, always talk as though deflation is some boogey man to be avoided at all costs.

Typical blowhard they expect us to believe.

Typical blowhard they expect us to believe.

I ask a simple question, exactly how would YOU be harmed if prices stayed the same or, heaven forbid, came down?  You wouldn’t be.  And the fact that you have probably NEVER even thought about that issue demonstrates the insidious nature of the lie.

They make sure people never THINK outside the narrow parameters they are given.  People just mindlessly run around saying, “well we have to have some inflation, it’s good for the economy.” I just laugh.  They might as well believe that they now know how to satisfy their man since they just finished reading “the top ten things guys want in bed but won’t tell you” article in People. It is all fantasy.

The people get their “information” about what inflation is from the very people who benefit from the very inflation they create.  And the information people have on inflation, is about as reliable as the top 10 things they just found out about what “guys want”.  Only they don’t know that the top 10 things was written by either a group of women who don’t even have bf’s or a couple of gay guys.  And THAT article would still end up being more accurate than the nonsense the brainwashed masses have been fed on inflation, banking and the economy.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask somebody, why is a small amount of “inflation” “good for the economy”?  They’ll look at you as though you have questioned why you need to breathe.  They will deflect and discuss how they are not experts, or how “you wouldn’t understand” if they claim to be an expert.  They will give you anything but an actual simple rational answer to the question.  The reason they can’t answer it is not just because they don’t know, or even because they don’t even know they don’t know.  The reason they can’t give a simple straight forward  answer to the question that makes any sense is because there is no rational reason for why there “needs to be a small amount of Inflation”. Except that it serves our overlords.  And thus, the brainwashed masses run around talking about how we need a “small amount of inflation to help the economy”.  (Enjoy this clip on the power of brainwashing, where “Landru” was just repeated and followed mindlessly.)

There is no reason why a world where prices were generally static to declining wouldn’t be just as good or better.  But people mindlessly repeat what they have heard.  Just like they mindlessly repeat what they have read in People.  That is the very definition of brainwashing, and that of course is exactly what has happened to virtually the entire population.  People have been so fully immersed in a make believe world their whole lives they simply accept the statement as though it is a tautology.  When the reality is that it makes no sense at all. 

The simple reality is that despite what 90% or more of the inmates here think, “rising prices” are not what “causes” inflation.  Inflation is, for all practical purposes, nothing more than printing dollars out of thin air, in other words, they inflate the amount of currency that is in circulation.  That printing reduces the BUYING POWER of the dollars in circulation.  As a result, it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of goods or services since everyone “has more dollars”, and thus prices “rise”.  The EFFECT of prices rising, is what our overlords want everyone to think is the actual EVENT or CAUSE of  “inflation” and thus, they put in motion the necessary disinformation, and brainwashing delivery systems in order to accomplish their goal.

Think of it this way, if tomorrow, everyone in the U.S. of A, suddenly had 2 zeros added to their bank accounts would we all be any “richer”?  Of course not, prices would all rise to account for this fact.  Nobody would be “rich”, a “value meal” would simply be repriced to be $99.00 instead of 99 cents.  That is the SAME thing that happens with so called “inflation”.  It just takes a couple of decades to happen so people don’t notice it.  It isn’t complicated.

What the brainwashed masses believe will result from "controlled inflation" via the Fed.

What the brainwashed masses believe will result from “controlled inflation” via the Fed.

Well, you might ask, if that’s the case Legalman, then how does inflation even hurt us?  Simple, the “inflation” is not evenly distributed immediately.  The EFFECT of price rises is not instantaneous. It takes time to work its way through the economy.  So the people who “get the money” first in their bank accounts, get the FULL benefit of the extra money’s purchasing power, as though the new money didn’t exist yet.  Because the prices don’t reflect the rise yet.  And who do you think the first people are to get it?  I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t me, and it isn’t you, but George Carlin knew in that link I gave you.

Or maybe it is easier to think of it like this.  If someone prints up some counterfeit money and gets away with spending it, what happens?  They get the benefit of the extra “money” they created.  But if the merchant then discovers it is not real, he suffers the loss.  And, if someone was able to flood the market with billions or even 100’s of billions of counterfeit bills, that couldn’t be detected what would happen?  The person who first spent the money, i.e. the counterfeit operation would once again get the full value of the money because prices wouldn’t have risen to take into account the existence of the new “money”.  But over time, prices would rise as that new counterfeit money circulated more and more in the “economy”, and it would eventually have a similar effect to the magical double zero increase example we started with, because most everyone would have more money in their accounts. But by the time that worked its way through, the prices would have all risen to account for it and people would not be benefited by the “rise in prices” , something like the merchant who took the counterfeit bills.  Once the “new money” is “priced in”, then nobody is better off, happy meals are just $100.00 instead of $1.00, and everyone can afford them in RELATIVELY the same fashion.

See?  That is exactly how the system works now.  The only difference is that the governments, think wardens, and the actual prison system owners, think the true money power running the entire country, play the role of the counterfeiters.  They just do it “legally” at our expense, by threatening to put you in a cage if you don’t play along.  It really is that simple.

My impression of the Fed.

My impression of our owners.

The information is available to anyone to go look up for themselves. It is “hidden in plain sight”.  Just nose around in the Austrian School of Economics and you will find irrefutable information and facts there.  Here I will even give you a some basic links to get you started.

First up, a link to the Von Mises Institute. The thing is more than enough by itself, and it is totally free. 

Next, here is a simple book that is excellent.  It has been a staple for decades.  Get it and read it.

Here’s another great little book on banking and how it steals from everyone.

Finally, here is a link to a video so you don’t have to actually DO anything but watch it.

The simple truth is, if you don’t know how money and the economy actually work, it is NOW your fault.  Were you lied to in your owner’s schools?  Yes.  Was your head filled with nonsense that benefits them to your detriment? Of course it was.  Too bad so sad. Now you have been told.  If you continue to do nothing to re-edjumakate yourself, that’s on you.  Chances are, you won’t bother.  It’s human nature.

People don’t bother.  It’s hard. It’s time consuming.  You have to actually think.  It’s easier to watch the latest “Biggest Loser” to see who has to go home and who gets to go to “comeback Canyon” with Bob.

I have sympathy for my fellow inmates here who can’t figure any of it out,.  I even have sympathy for those poor tired brainwashed souls who don’t even have the energy to face these facts or to look into it.  Most people don’t even know they don’t know.   Worse, they actually think they DO know, which is even funnier to me.  That’s how far away from a supposed “solution” we are.

So give it up now and learn to relax and enjoy.  The overlords will continue to steal from the people, including you and me, because the people, excluding you and me,, in a way, actually want it.  They don’t want to do the work to run their own lives.  So they turn over control, and the overlords are more than happy to step in to take advantage.

That, my friend is reality.  Don’t be angry, it’s like being mad there is gravity.  Just accept the truth.  The truth shall set you free.  The law is there to make it possible for them to steal from you. It isn’t an accident.  It isn’t bungling.  It is the result of the brainwashed masses indifference.  So relax, remember, inflation “is under control”.

Live long and prosper my brainwashed brothers.


Old man Legalman