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The “facts” people get from the news would be laughed out of court, but the masses gobble them up like candy.


The press listens attentively while the Pentagon spokeswoman explains how the go 5 big bad terrorists in the last week. 5's a lot!

The white house press is captivated at the briefing by the pentagon spokeswoman’s dramatic tale of how the brave government soldiers saved the unsuspecting towns people from 5 BIG BAD  lone wolf terrorists last week. I overheard the N.Y. Times reporter gasp… 5’s a lot!

Many lay people are fascinated by legal things. Or maybe I should say, things people imagine to be legal things. That’s why our controllers make so many preposterous legal shows and movies. They are dramatic and thrilling and provide an excellent and insidious way to continue the long con they run on everyone about all of the justice and freedom there is. The TV shows and movies bear no resemblance to the reality of the actual “just-a-system” that exists inside the world you inhabit, but then… that’s the whole point of brainwashing, isn’t it?

Today I am going to give you a quick lesson in the law of evidence, gratis. You are going to learn what hearsay actually is. People hear “objection, hearsay” on TV and in movies all the time, but really they have no idea what it is. And, it is my hope, that once you learn what it is, that you will then be able to use that concept in your everyday life to help you negotiate the maze of lies they have you living in.

Technically hearsay is a form of inadmissible evidence. Like speculation, or opinion, or testimony given without a proper “foundation”. If something is “hearsay” then it is NOT admissible evidence. Evidence is supposed to be factual and reliable.

The underlying concepts developed by lawyers over a long period of time can be very useful in thinking about what type of information is reliable factual evidence. The centerpiece of all methods for ferreting out the truth, or more accurately, for ferreting out what is not true, is cross examination.

Ask yourself, would you agree to a trial where you didn’t have the right to cross examine the witnesses against you? I doubt it. That is why you have a constitutional right to face the witnesses against you. And would you trust the results of any trial where the evidence was not cross examined? Again, I doubt it.

An unnamed source sent me this top secret document showing some of the planning that went on behind the scenes at the NSA. Apparently they are adding some great new characters to the show this season!! Yay, set your DVR.

An unnamed source sent me this top secret story board showing some of the ideas they are floating at the NSA pitch meetings. Apparently they may be adding some great new characters and a touch of romance to the ISIS lineup this season!!  So be sure to set your DVR to find out — on  the news.

The simple reality is that most any “story” can be made to sound pretty damned good…. IF I am not allowed to ask any questions about it. And that, my friend, is the reason that hearsay is not admissible.

Because you can’t cross examine hearsay.

Hearsay is not permitted, because time and experience have shown that evidence that is not subject to cross examination is inherently unreliable.

Here is working definition of hearsay under the rules of evidence:
Any out of court statement (this includes the information in documents) offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

It may look simple but it is not. They spend weeks examining it in law school evidence class. It is subtle. Now there are a lot of minor exceptions to the “hearsay rule” but those exceptions can be summarized generally as follows, official records, statements against interest, and “excited utterances”. We’re not going to get into them. We’re just going to cover the basics and show you how to apply the concept of hearsay to the matrix around you.

The tricky part to determining whether something is in fact hearsay is that the out of court statement must be offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted.  MOST out of court statements are NOT hearsay. Let me show you what the difference is with an example.

The witness testifies that, “Billy said he closed the garage door‘.

So, is that hearsay? On TV, sure it is. But the fact is you CAN’T KNOW if something is hearsay until you know what the evidence/out-of-court-statement, is being offered to prove. You must always remember THAT.

A simple truth that people never apply to themselves.

A simple truth that people never apply to themselves.

Let’s just say the case involves liability for a very cranky old three legged cat having gotten out of the house. And it is suspected that this wonderful creature may have gone out through the garage when the door was left open. Can the above testimony be “offered” to prove that the garage door was in fact closed? NO. That would be hearsay.

But the testimony could be used if it was offered to explain why the witness hadn’t checked to see that the garage was closed before he left. Do you see the difference?

In the first instance it is hearsay because it is offered to prove “the matter asserted” in the statement, namely, that the garage door was in fact closed. But in the next instance it is being used to show a state of mind for the actual witness. Whether the garage door was or was not in fact closed is not relevant.

All that is relevant is that the witness CLAIMS he heard Billy make the statement. NOT that the statement he claims to have heard is/was true. So you can cross examine the witness on whether it is believable that he in fact heard the statement, and whether he actually believed the statement, and whether he acted consistently with someone who had heard and believed such a statement from Billy.

Do you see the difference? It is subtle and it can be quite confusing. Don’t feel bad if you don’t quite see it, most lawyers don’t even understand the distinction. Like most people, they just think that any out of court statement is hearsay, but it’s not.

This type of "proof" has lost favor in most jurisdictions, but I have heard that the evil muslim radicalized lone wolf extremists still use this method!!

This type of “evidence” has lost favor in most western jurisdictions, but I heard someone on FOX news report that the White House says that it is still used in traditional sharia law  where they have evil muslim homegrown radicalized lone wolf extremists waiting to destroy our way of life!! 

You have to ask what it is being offered to prove. And if you can cross examine the witness on the reason for why it is being offered, then it is probably NOT hearsay.

Think of it like this. If the witness is there to prove that the garage door was closed, then he has to testify about that fact. He could testify that he saw it closed. Or that he heard it close. Those would not be direct evidence that Billy closed it. Maybe an inference from circumstances could be drawn, but not direct evidence of who closed it, just that it was closed.

So if the main issue was whether Billy closed it and all you had was the witness saying that he heard Billy say he closed it, well, that’s hearsay, it doesn’t come in.
Do you see how it all comes down to the ability to cross examine the witness on the evidence the witness is offering?

A witness can be questioned on whether he actually heard a statement made or whether the witness was mistaken about that or is in fact lying about what he heard IF ANYTHING. But you can’t cross a witness on whether or not the door was in fact closed by Billy if all he knows is that he heard Billy say he closed it. Got it?

Evidence is about facts. A witness needs to say what he knows, not repeat what someone else said to show something is true. If the basis for a witness’ knowledge about something is that he heard someone say it, well, that ain’t Jack S**t. That is hearsay. If what someone  said is the evidence you want to bring that something “is” true, then you need to bring in THAT person and let me cross examine them about the BASIS for their statement. That is the distinction.

You may have to re-read it and think about it a bit. It is complex. But the distinction is vital in assessing information that comes at you all the time.

I objected to the picture the government produced to finger my client, on the grounds that it might be photoshopped but the judge denied my objection saying that the government's word of the picture's authenticity was good enough.

I objected to the picture the government produced on the grounds that it might have been photo-shopped so I should have a right to examine it and the person who took the picture.  The judge denied my objection saying that  having it appear on a government website was proof enough of the picture’s authenticity so it was coming in.  The judge said that in this post 911 world that if I didn’t believe the government then maybe I was a terrorist too!

Congratulations, you may have just learned something that less than 1% of the population understands.

Once you see the distinction and grasp what hearsay actually is, then it should be clear why no thinking person should accept HEARSAY to form a firm opinion on anything. It defies logic to do so because there is no way to know if the information you are relying on is true e.g. that Billy in fact closed the door, because the information has not been “examined”.

Now of course the reality is that the world is overflowing with hearsay. And everyone loosely relies on it out of necessity for many things. And that’s fine. The world you live in is not a court room and you can’t expect to live by the rules of evidence. That would be absurd. 

But what you can and must keep in mind is that if the only evidence you have would be considered hearsay, THEN you need to be WARY of the reliability of any conclusions you draw because you don’t have ANY EVIDENCE. So your opinion should remain very flexible because your opinion is based on crap.

Naturally, the reality with people is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it should be. And of course our controllers know this and they take advantage of the people through this. The people tend to treat all information equally. Or even worse, they OVER weight the least reliable hearsay information just because they saw it on TV or read it in what they have been TOLD is a “respected” journal or newspaper etc.

In fact most people form almost all of their opinions of the world on nothing but rank hearsay twice removed. (meaning hearsay on top of hearsay!) People gobble up whatever their favorite “trusted” mouthpiece says. And they base their opinions on information that would NEVER EVEN BE ALLOWED IN as evidence in a legitimate proceeding.

Now I want to give you a bit of insight into how much of your world view has been built on this type of “information”. Let me take apart just one simple example of a very common piece of “news” you might hear or see and show you how ridiculously UNRELIABLE it is and how totally INADMISSIBLE it would be. Then you can see what I mean and you will see hopefully by analogy, how much of your world is just a concoction. No evidence at all for any of it.

Here reporters risk their very lives to bring the viewer the latest news footage from the naval tensions with China. Thrilling TV footage. Our brave troops were victorious once again!

Here a scene is shown from recently declassified pentagon footage of recent naval action in the South China Sea. Reporters  risk their lives to bring viewers footage like this and to get the story.  They said  that Our brave troops were victorious once again!  Freedom is safe for another day.  

And just so we’re clear, there is no official records exceptions to cover un-checkable nonsense like I’m about to give. So we can eliminate that.

You are watching TV and they show a clip of the white house press secretary making an announcement that the pentagon is saying that a top ISIS leader has been taken out in a drone strike. Then the hosts and guests begin to discuss the “implications” of such a thing.

Can you spot the incredible number of hearsay problems with this situation?

The white house spokesperson making the announcement is just reading a statement he or someone else wrote. The spokesman tells us it is based upon information they were given. How do we know they didn’t make the entire thing up? OR that the person who gave the information to them just made the information up? We don’t. We don’t know if they were even given any information let alone the information they are telling us. Do you see?

That is how fundamentally flawed the “statement” as evidence is and why it would never be allowed IN to any serious fact finding venue to “prove” that some ISIS leader had in fact been killed in a drone strike. AND why you should be very wary of trusting such information to form your opinion!!  It is useless hearsay, nothing more.

At a minimum we need to see the reports upon which the statements are based and find out who wrote them so we can question THAT person. But we NEVER do see the reports. The government cloaks everything behind a veil of “national security”.  Isn’t that convenient?

Yet people act as though this type of silliness from the news and government is the holy of holies of information. I mean “my god man, the white house announced IT!!!” lol Such nonsense would be laughed out of court.

Here an artists renders the scene where only the top reporters get their information. You must be very advanced in the profession to even be allowed access to this sacred place.

Here an artist renders the holy of holies – the reporters briefing room at the pentagon.  Average people could never understand the information the chosen ones are given here directly. The government and the reporters must work together to interpret the information so they can then give it to the people.   They have gotten quite adept at GIVING IT to the people.

Now let’s continue analyzing the “statement”. Right off the bat we know that the “pentagon” can’t say anything. Only a specific person at the pentagon can say anything. So again, without the ability to find out WHO at the pentagon allegedly provided the information — so we can at least go CROSS examine THEM — we are truly in the never-never land of untrustworthy UNTESTABLE information.

In a trial, you can’t just wheel someone in and have them make statements about something called ISIS and its “leader” having been “killed”. You have to bring EVIDENCE that can be cross examined. How do we know who was killed? How do we know anyone was killed? How do we know what if any connection they had to something called “ISIS”. We don’t.

At trial, in order to allow evidence in for any of what we heard in the press secretary’s statement there would first have to be a foundation laid to identify what “ISIS” is, who is in it and how we know who their leaders are. And that information all has to be from someone with actual knowledge of each of those pieces of information and each of those people have to be subject to cross examination.

But the public has never gotten that. And we never will! All the public EVER gets about anything of substance is just an amorphous blob of innuendo, speculation and hearsay hidden behind the protective and convenient veil of “national security”. Thus people imagine ISIS to be whatever they want or “fear” it might be. “Membership” in ISIS is no different than a slogan like “hope and change”. It is meaningless because it means something different to everyone.

Think of all the hearsay problems with just trying to “confirm” some ISIS leader was IN FACT killed. Who ID’d the body? Who has actual knowledge that he was “a leader”. Who has actual knowledge of how he died? Do you see?

Think how many ways the “information” from the press secretary could be picked apart in a murder trial by defense counsel. Think how ludicrous it is to trust such a sweeping completely unsubstantiated statement to make “decisions” about whether we should “bomb the country back into the stone age”!! lol

I think it's pretty clear what she stands for. She fights for us! I know she does, because I saw it right there.

What do you mean how do I know what she stands for?  She fights for us! I saw it right there.  And she said it. Plus I got a bumper sticker that says the same thing.  So sure I believe it.  Why wouldn’t I? I mean if it wasn’t true everyone would know right?

All you actually have in that example I gave you is some political hack at a podium making a statement. That is actually all you have. You have ZERO FACTS to support the truth of what he said.

How much validity or credence should a rational person give to such a statement to accept that a “leader of ISIS” was killed in a drone strike by the U.S.? None.

Without the ability to cross examine you have to TRUST. You are not going “trust” the government witnesses against you in a trial if you are charged with murder are you? Of course not, you are going to demand your right to cross examine them, because Cross is the only way to find out whether what someone is saying holds up to scrutiny! But we never get that scrutiny with government information or news. Hell we don’t even get to cross examine the person making the hearsay statements let alone the actual witnesses we NEED access to! Lol So it is crap.

Now if you want to consider the press secretary’s statement for purposes OTHER THAN the FACT that some ISIS leader was supposedly killed in a drone strike by the U.S. well… that is fine. THAT makes sense. Because that is NOT hearsay.

There is nothing unreasonable about considering the statement to be evidence that the  government wants to continue to create the appearance of a “war on terror”, or that the president is trying to deflect attention from his signing of some bogus executive order. Or maybe someone in the government wanted the guy killed because he knew something he shouldn’t and now they are covering their tracks by making this ISIS story up. Or maybe it was all a mistake. Or maybe NOTHING at all even happened and the guy they said they “killed” and was a “terrorist” is a gyro salesman obliviously vacationing in Cabo. We don’t KNOW.  Analyzing the statement LIKE THAT makes sense, BECAUSE it isn’t hearsay for THOSE purposes. Get it?

I could do the same analysis with basically any information we are given from “the news”. It is virtually all nothing more than repeating something some government spokesman or report claims to have found, or telling you what someone else told the reporter. Totally useless hearsay.

An early lesson most people just don't ever learn when it comes to their own lives.

An early lesson most people never learn how to actually apply in their lives.

The dirty unspoken secret is that News and government “information” relies almost 100% upon a TRUST by the people that the newsmen and governments do not deserve to be given. Trust is something that is earned. It is something you give a friend or family member you know and who has a reason to be honest with you. Trust is something that is given to someone who would bear the brunt of violating that trust.

The news and the government have NONE of those qualities and risk nothing by lying. They just make up more lies to cover their lies when they are caught because there is NEVER any outside investigation of the government. Only the government is allowed access to the people and information that is necessary to investigate the government. And only the news “investigates” the news. Do you see that?

You can’t be a rational person and “trust” a government spokesman or some Brian Williams or Dan Rather type character who claims he has gotten information from some unnamed source within some organization. THAT type of trust makes NO SENSE. There is no basis for it. In fact there is a huge amount of evidence to show they cannot be trusted. But still the fools trust.

The sad fact is that we can’t know if even one tiny bit of  whether most things that parade around as “news” are true. Not one stinking thing. All we know is that they are reporting that something happened. What happened, if anything, is something you have to use your own brain and experience to try and figure out. Not just accept what they say. That is silly.

Yet the masses run around and argue with each other about “reports’ and “facts” given to them by the government and the news about things that supposedly “happen” all over the world. They have built whole industries on this nonsense! The people in the “news and commentary” business argue about all of these “events” and imagine that they “have” all sorts of “details” about who did it and why and who they were connected to and on and on.

The reality is that all of these “experts” and analysts and commentators are just arguing about a bedtime STORY that was released by the government. A story so unreliable that a jury would never even be allowed to hear it. Not even reliable enough to “let the jury decide for itself”. Just think about that.

That is the actual quality of the information the people “get” from the news and their government. Rank Hearsay. But the conditioning and brainwashing are so deep, the people can’t see this. And the entire rickety broken ass system relies completely on this illusion. Just a grand sleight of hand over the population. And they gobble it up!! lol

Now there is someone that understands ironic humor.

I was thumbing through this textbook and I came across this graphic describing journalism’s sacred role in a free society and how the people depend on the press. It really made an impact on me.  The press deserves my appreciation. They keep the government honest you know. 

I find it particularly funny that political operatives and mainstream newsmen have some of the lowest credibility ratings whenever supposed polls are done, right down there with used car salesmen and lawyers! Yet people nonetheless continue to imagine that they are “informing themselves” by watching the “news” or reading the NY times or “the economist” or waiting to find out what their favorite commentator has to say about the latest “news”. My god the idiocracy.

And I laugh extra hard at lawyers who fall into all of this, and they do. Oh believe me they do. THEY should know better. It is a bunch of useless hearsay for gods sake. It is crap!

Well I am about done. Maybe now that you understand what you are looking right at, you will get a kick out of how insidious and prevalent hearsay is. It is everywhere. And maybe you will rethink some of the things you thought you “knew were facts”.

The fact is that we don’t know Richard, lol. We get told a lot of stuff from cradle to grave and most of it is just hearsay. It is up to each of us to use our brains. Those in charge know that isn’t going to happen, and they take advantage of that.

I hope that understanding what hearsay actually is and why it is not admissible helps you.

I have to run, I just remembered that I taped the “No Spin Zone” last night and I need to go watch it to find out what’s happening in the world and what I should think. lol

Take care, move towards the light, and tell someone the truth about the law. Oh and enjoy my new pic of Legalman.

And the truth shall set you free.

    And the truth shall set you free.

There is no justice in the “just-a-system”. And there never will be.

I met this guy at a party the other night and when he found out I was "Legalman" he started telling me about how my articles are "tooowooong" and that people will only read a short punchy snippet. I just handed him a juice box and signed his petition so I could get away nicely.

I met this guy the other night sitting in the “coat room” at a party.   When he found out I was “Legalman” he kept telling me all about how my articles are “tooowooong” and that he just wants 5 easy steps to “take back our country”.   I didn’t have the energy to get into it.  So  I just tossed him a juice box, politely signed his petition for whatever and excused myself to the bar for a drink.

Today I am going to show you in a very simple way, how the DESIGN of the “justice” system assures that you will never get justice. You have been told that the system in this country is “brilliant” and full of checks and balances and the greatest freedom machine ever invented and yada yada yada. That is all a fairy tale.

Let’s start with a “law”. Most of the “laws” on the books are devoid of any actual constitutional support. They are just a naked power grab. Nothing more.

Once you have a “law”, then it gets “interpreted” by an agency. Interpreted means the agency passes regulations and “enforces” the law. A regulation has the same basic practical effect as a law.

The entire “agency system itself” is laughably unconstitutional. Nothing in the Constitution gives Congress the power to transfer its law making authority to un-elected bureaucrats in some made up “agency”. Here is what the Constitution says about legislative powers:

All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

So it turns out that there's a whole psych movement about this giving away power thing. I thought I'd come up with it.

I was bummed when I found this guy had taken the title for my book about Congress and agencies.  Turns out his book has nothing to do with it.  So…  ChaCHing, time to do a bit of coat tailing and clickbaiting to make a buck off his pop psych bs.

Nothing in that grant of powers allows for this absurd “agency construct” where the EXECUTIVE BRANCH appoints people to then make what become in effect “laws”.  But nonetheless, that is where virtually all of the “heavy lifting” of “law enforcement” is done by the feds. How? Because the S.Ct., has conspired with its buddies in the other departments to invent it out of nothing.

Agencies are nothing but elaborate control systems BEYOND THE REACH OF THE PEOPLE AND THE STATES. They are an arm of the executive branch.

The President appoints the people who run the agencies, they aren’t elected. And remember, you have no constitutional right to even vote for the president! So this person you have no constitutional right to vote for then picks another person who you can’t vote for, to run an agency, to hire employees you’ve never heard of, who then make “laws” you’ve never agreed to, which the government then claims you “must” obey. How are you liking your freedom so far?

What are these agencies? Simple, think IRS, SEC, EPA, FCC, DEA, FDA, FHA, FEC, and on and on. They crank out thousands of new rules each year. This constant accumulation of “regs” is stacked on top of things like Obamacare, which is already thousands of pages long. Or things like the Trans Pacific Trade agreement, which was drafted in secret. It came in at over 5000 pages.

Obviously it is impossible to know what rules even exist under such a system. But that is no defense according to your master. They insist they can enforce whatever rules they invent however they care to invent them. And who is the sole arbiter of what rules can be enforced and what is a proper way to create them? You guessed it, the same government who made the rules.

Once a rule is in place, the DOJ acts as the lawyer for the government. The DOJ is just another agency run by yet another unelected person, the Attorney General. The entire concept of a huge professional cadre of lawyers (the DOJ) running around being paid by the people to sue the people civilly and criminally with thousands upon thousands of “law violations” has no basis at all in the constitution. If you think it does, then simply show me where that power is in the constitution.

Why would the people have ever given so much power to a bunch of unelected “officials” with a basically limitless check book to harass them? They wouldn’t. They didn’t.

I was chatting with an Ex prosecutor the other day and he kept going on and on about how he was this brilliant chess player. So I invited him to a game. When I asked him what was up with the board set up he told me that's how he always played.

I was chatting with an Ex prosecutor the other day and he kept going on and on about how he was this brilliant chess player. So I invited him to a game. When I asked him what was up with the board set up he told me that’s how he always played.  I wasn’t surprised.

Ask yourself, how can anyone defend themselves against such a system? they can’t….. Get it? Now you are starting to see what the real system is.

So the DOJ, the government, is in charge of prosecuting you, the citizen, to enforce a rule that a government agency, like say the EPA, created. This situation creates an ABSURD conflict of interest in the realm of prosecutorial discretion.

“Prosecutorial discretion” is a HUGE DEAL. HUGE. Think about the power to only enforce the laws against certain people. Remember how the DOJ “decided” that Lois Lerner’s actions while running the IRS didn’t warrant any criminal charges? Do you think you would get such a break? THAT is the power of prosecutorial discretion my friend. It is a HIDDEN POWER. IF the gov’t decides to come after you, you’ve already lost! If they choose “not to” because you’re a favored party, then you win and nobody ever KNOWS.

Now think about the power a private individual has who KNOWS the gov’t won’t come after him for violations?  What kind of a chance do you have against a person like that? NONE.  That is what the system is actually about.  Giving people with access and privilege the power to ignore the law while the government crushes their competition. Got it?

You can’t have the same party, the government, in charge of deciding who to prosecute under its own laws!  Prosecutorial discretion needs to be exercised by a separate and independent body that does not have a dog in the potential fight. A party that does NOT ANSWER to the feds in ANY WAY. That is what a real check and balance would look like. But lets continue with the freedom.

The person running the EPA has immunity. The person running the DOJ has immunity. The lawyer working the case for the DOJ has immunity. How are these unelected “officials” in any way accountable? They aren’t. The only people who can investigate them are more members of the SAME GOVERNMENT. Many times the same agency they work for, or the DOJ. Who watches these people? More of the SAME government. Do you see the reality yet?

If the government decides to go after you, then you will be investigated by the FBI. Where is there any constitutional authority for the feds to have some giant police force constantly investigating the citizens in secret and keeping records on everyone and running around pointing guns at the citizens? Surely a power that broad and dangerous is clearly spelled out in the constitution.  HA.

Look I'm not here to judge. If you want the the gov't to have the power to do whatever it wants, then knock yourself out. I'm just saying, I don't agree to it.

Look I’m not here to judge. If you want the the gov’t to do this to you, then knock yourself out. I’m just saying, they don’t have any authority to do this, I never agreed to it and it’s not something I want.

The fact is, that the very idea of a “Police force” and therefore an FBI, didn’t even EXIST when the constitution was “ratified”. So it is absurd for the Feds to claim that they were given this power. They weren’t. It isn’t in there.

The FBI is just another unconstitutional governmental agency with an unelected person running it with unelected employees who all have immunity FROM YOU when they screw up or go after you. The only difference? They carry guns and will shoot you with immunity as WELL. lol

Then you get hauled before an unelected judge who sits for life and has full immunity for whatever he says or writes about you publicly in his “court” regardless of what a pack of lies it is. Don’t think that happens? My friend I have personal experience. It happens all the time. And where did the courts get this immunity? Surely THAT’S in the constitution? No. The courts gave it to THEMSELVES.

So the government makes a rule, then the government decides whether to prosecute you, then that same government “investigates you” and then brings you in front of yet the same government’s judge/employee for a trial?? This is the brilliant freedom machine you imagine exists? Where is the check and balance?

This unelected judge then controls who gets to testify, what the witnesses can testify to, what evidence comes in to trial, how long you get to put on your defense, what you have to “turn over” to the same government, what that government has to turn over to YOU and on and on. Does that sound fair to you?

The judge then decides who can sit on the jury, what the jury hears and sees as evidence, then what questions the jury will answer, and what interpretation of “the law” the jury “must use” when deliberating.

The government then uses its own witnesses from the FBI or the EPA and its own “findings” from its own “labs” and its own “studies” as the evidence presented by the government lawyer in front of the government judge to try you.

Then even after all of that, if the judge doesn’t like what the jury finds, he can grant his employer a new trial to take another shot at you, or he can reduce your award, or add to the award in favor of his employer. And if you don’t like the outcome from this government lackey, then you have to appeal to yet another group of employees of the same government you just lost to.

My client was concerned when we walked in to the court. I assured him this was perfectly normal.

My client was concerned when we walked in to the court and he saw what was going on and who was there.  I assured him that it was all very standard.

All of this is while you have to pay for all of the peoples’ salaries who are involved in prosecuting you. Oh, and you have to pay for your own lawyer regardless whether you win or lose. Who can even afford to hire a lawyer to fight a “50 count” federal indictment? That will cost millions! Relax, the same government will now pay for you to have “a lawyer”. LOL so your lawyer is now being paid by the same government who is prosecuting you and paying the judge and the witnesses against you?? You can’t make this stuff up.

And guess what happens to you on the civil side when the gov’t swoops in with a 180 page federal complaint alleging 40 different “violations”. Well, congratulations, you are now officially bankrupt. lol

And remember, the lawyers, judges, and witnesses involved in prosecuting you risk NOTHING. No money, hell, you’re paying them. And if there is any allegation of wrongdoing against them who investigates it? Right, the SAME GOVERNMENT who has employed them to screw you.


Conflict of interest is a very serious issue in the law. If you are a fiduciary and you engage in a conflict of interest you will get POUNDED by the other side. Think PUNITITIVE DAMAGES my friend.

Certainly any entity which claims to represent you, i.e. your government, owes YOU a fiduciary obligation. But look at the conflict of interest. BOTH THE JUDGE AND THE OTHER LAWYER AND THE WITNESSES IN THE CASE ALL WORK FOR THE SAME EMPLOYER. The same party trying to convict YOU. The same party that made the rule it claims you violated. The same party that decides on the “legitimacy” of the very rule it invented and is using!! Lol This is the very definition of a fatal conflict of interest at every level.

Look at what I have just shown you. All of the people involved are unelected. All have immunity. All have conflicts of interest. If just one party in the justice system had just one of those problems it would be cause to question the legitimacy of the system. But in your freedom machine every single person has ALL OF THEM! The system is nothing but a Stalin Show trial!

I watched some of the last "debate". I think it has gotten too commercial.

I watched some of the last “debate” to try and get a few laughs  Wow, they need to get a new story line, this one is getting old.  My GF got up nice and close to see how how much makeup the candidates were wearing.  What a charade.  I think she got most of it posted to FB.  Or maybe it was put up on Twitter.  That stuff looks so f’ing real.  Amazing.

Yet still the people will run off to foreign lands to kill people with the idea that they are going to spread this freedom.

My brainwashed friend the justice system is a fraud. Top to bottom, front to back, side to side. It isn’t a matter of whether we have Stone Cold Steve Austin “Trump” or the Undertaker “Clinton” as our “president”. There will never be any “justice” under a system like this.

The only reason people don’t see the reality is that they are under a massive delusion created by, you guessed it, the same government. It brainwashes the people with its curriculum in its mandatory schools from grade school through graduate school. The people are taught lies at every level. They are told what to think.

I have showed you the reality. There is no arguing with it, because it is all just FACT.

The heart of the great con is that the people have been made to believe that the feds are in charge of telling the people what the feds powers are. Instead of the other way around!!

As a practical matter the feds accomplish this sleight of hand by convincing the people that the S.Ct. tells the people what the extent of its own powers are and what the extent of its own employer’s powers are. Think how absurd that idea is. They tell us what we agreed to let them do??? That makes NO sense. It turns the whole thing on its head!!  Yet when you boil all the bulls**t down, that is what they have convinced people is “the law”.  And to top it off, they have convinced the people that it is that upside down nonsense that makes our system so “brilliant”. lol

Do you see the scam yet? The idea of a “check and balance” doesn’t work when the same party is doing its own checking and balancing!!

Here Hillary helps the DOJ out by pointing out people they need to investigate. This won't be necessary once the facial recognition software is linked to the IRS forms and your webhistory in the new Web Freedom and Protection bill that is just about to get signed.

Here Hillary is using the old school technique to identify people in the crowd she wants investigated.   This won’t be necessary once the facial recognition software is fully integrated into the IRS, DOJ, website and linked to your webhistory all linked to a convenient gov’t “eyes only” clearance app for droid or apple. Then getting the wheels of justice rolling will be a simple point and click away.  And this is just one of the features  that the new 6 billion dollar Web Freedom and Protection app will provide. Remember, if we can just save one child, then it will all be worth it.

The justice system will never produce justice for the people because it is not designed to do that. YOU are the intended VICTIM of the justice system. The system will never be reformed from within the system itself because that would mean those with the power would have to voluntarily give up their power. That never happens.

Power is taken. It is not relinquished voluntarily. That is why the system is not redeemable. Any and all talk about elections and amendments and other silliness is just that. Silliness. A huge time sink. A con. A distraction. Promulgated by dupes and knaves to keep the people busy imagining that they are “doing something”.

I could go on and on pointing out contradictions and absurdities within the “freedom machine” that we are told our government is, but, the article is already long and, as Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman, “I’m too old, I’m too tired, and I’m too f’ing blind. If I was half the man I was 5 years ago I would take a FLAME THROWER TO THIS PLACE!” lol.

So that’s it for today. Honestly when I look at how absurd and obvious it is I just feel sad that people are this lost. The people insist on clinging to their illusions. Open your eyes my friend. Look at what is right in front of you.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren and probably soon to be fellow inmates lol. Move towards the light, and if you have the energy, go tell someone the truth about the law.

And the truth shall set you free.

And the truth shall set you free.

Here’s a little sump’n sump’n if you want a laugh and to see you’re not alone.

It’s time to tell the truth; the 14th amendment was never ratified.

These Turkish guys had just gotten back from an intense seminar on the 14th amendment and how to get things done.  They said they loved America and had learned a lot from the seminar about governance.

I had been following this Turkish guy’s blog about a 14th amendment seminar he was attending.  He kept raving about how much he was learning about REAL government and how he couldn’t wait to use it when he got home.  I tried to warn him, but he didn’t listen.  Oh well, maybe he can “get back to the constitution” now.  He will have plenty of time in prison to “study” it.

The feds have seized, virtual total control, over every aspect of our lives via the 14th amendment’s “due process” clause. They have concocted a never ending series of “duties and rights” to “justify federal control” based upon that amendment. So I think it is only fair to ask a simple question.


Do you know the answer to that question? Of course not. You only know the lies you were taught in government schools and by the complicit criminal media.

Well today I am going to be the PEOPLES’ lawyer once again, and break it down for you, just like I did for the constitutional convention scam. I will make the case for the PEOPLE, not the state. The state has had its years of uninterrupted lies. It’s time for the other side. It’s time for THE TRUTH!

Now I can’t, in one article, cover all of the corruption that went on after that murderous rampage the state misleadingly calls “the civil war”. But I will show you that there is simply no doubt that the 14th amendment was never ratified in any legitimate sense of that word. NEVER. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I had this guy for ConLaw class in law school.  I asked a few questions in the beginning because it seemed like he was leaving a lot of stuff out.  After a while I just stopped going to class.

I had this guy for ConLaw  back in school.  I was still pretty trusting back then.   Some funny older guy in class kept telling me how the guy was leaving a lot of stuff out of the lecture that was really important.  Turns out that guy was right.  

The facts I am giving are NOT disputed. YOU just don’t KNOW THEM because you were not taught them. I encourage you to check them for yourself. And to help you do that here is a cite to an opinion from a Utah Supreme court justice, writing in a PUBLISHED opinion. So let’s begin with some KEY background facts.

1. Surrender by the South occurs April 9, 1865.

2. The southern states are restored and the rebellion is declared ended by Johnson on June 30th. The southern states are now fully functioning and in the Union.

3. About 6 months later on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment is ratified and slavery is officially ended. The ratification process involved 7 southern states ratifying this amendment. REMEMBER THAT.

Got it so far? The war ends. The southern states are “restored”, and they help to vote in the end of slavery by RATIFYING the 13th amendment. Now is when the shenanigans begin for the 14th amendment.

BEFORE a proposed amendment can EVEN BE SUBMITTED to the States for ratification, the conjobstitution “requires” that 2/3rds of both houses of Congress concur on the resolution to SUBMIT IT. In this case it was called, Resolution no. 48.

I gave an exclusive talk to a Mr. Ron Burgundy and his crew on this 14th amend ratification topic. He had some interesting comments about the whole affair in the Senate.

I gave an exclusive talk to a select group of high income individuals on this 14th amend ratification topic. The guy in charge had some insightful comments about the way the senators got kicked out.

So what happened next? Simple, on December 5th, 1865, when the 39th Congress assembled, the northern states who held a majority, voted to DENY THE SOUTHERN STATES THEIR SEATS IN THE SENATE!!

That’s right, the southern states who had ratified the 13th amendment, were then denied their right to have any representation in the SENATE! All 22 Senators from the South were excluded! How? Well the constipation allows a “majority” in the Senate and the House the right to refuse to seat a member. So the northern states “used” their majority to deny the ENTIRE SOUTH REPRESENTATION in the senate.

The house did the same thing to the Southern representatives. They denied seats to all 58 of them!!

Did you know any of this? Did you even know it was POSSIBLE? I seriously doubt it. But this is only the beginning of the corruption that IS the “ratification” of the 14th amendment.

Frankly, I could end the article right here and you would have irrefutable evidence that the entire “ratification process” for the 14th amendment was a SHAM! It is insanity to call this a representative government. And remember the 14th amendment is NOT ABOUT SLAVERY. THAT IS THE 13TH, AND IT HAD BEEN RATIFIED IN THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH!! The 14th Amendment is about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SEIZING POWER FROM THE STATES!! Do you now see why I tell you over and over that the “civil war” had NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY! It was about the feds control. Nothing more. Let’s continue with the facts.

Few people grasp the finer points of our holy constitution.  Here, the official senate security demonstrates the constitutionally correct way to remove a senator from the senate.

Few people grasp the finer points of our holy constitution. Here, an off duty senate security guard demonstrates the constitutionally correct way to remove a senator from the senate.

After denying the southern states their representation in the Senate, there were 25 states “left” and therefore 50 senators. That means they needed 33 yes votes to get the 2/3rds necessary to push out Resolution no. 48. But THE LEADERSHIP DID A HEAD COUNT AND THEY STILL DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH VOTES! So they had to find a way to have one of the Senate “no” votes kicked out!!  My god, you just can’t make this stuff up.

But they had yet another problem now because the Constitution requires a 2/3rds vote to REMOVE a member, as opposed to just the simple majority to “not seat”. But they didn’t have the needed 2/3rds to kick the “no vote guy” from NEW JERSEY out of the Senate. So the senate “leaders” just IGNORED THAT CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT AND KICKED HIM OUT ANYWAY!! Lol

Surely NOW you have enough to see that any “ratification” process that occurs after this kind of lawless corruption just getting the “resolution” out of Congress could NEVER be valid! But there is SO MUCH more.

After denying the south any representation in both the Senate and the House, they proceed to operate on the basis that 2/3rds of the “seated” members have concurred and therefore that is “sufficient” to meet the constipation’s requirement. But the Constitution does not say 2/3rds of the seated members.

Article V says, “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary shall propose amendments to this Constitution, ……”

I have to focus like a laser when I work. And when I take a break I need to relax, so that's what I do. I earned it.

I have to focus like a laser when I work. You know, block it all out.  And when I take a break I need to relax, so that’s what I do. Here, my gf’s mom gives me a little treat.  Hey,  I earned it.

And nobody can possibly think that the People ever “agreed to” allow 2/3rds to mean, any 2/3rds left after a whole block of the country was denied their seats! That is ABSURD. But nonetheless these are the facts of how the 14th amendment’s “resolution No. 48” was then put to the states for “ratification”.

Let’s continue, because, incredibly, IT GETS WORSE.

When the “proposed amendment” went out for ratification there were now 37 States. The constipation “requires” ¾ of the states to ratify. So that meant that if 10 states said no, then it failed.

Now think about this. The entire South, which was 11 states, had been denied their congressional and senate seats. So if they say no to ratification, then how in the world can you get it passed? You can’t. It is impossible. And who in their RIGHT MIND would say yes to anything after being kicked out??!!

And in fact, by March of 1867 10 states had said NO. Thus the 14th amendment was not ratified.  It did not pass.  Period, end of STORY.

So what did those in control do? Simple, they passed the “reconstruction act” in that same month, March of 1867. And what did it do? Well it REMOVED the duly elected state governments of the Southern states, many of the same states that had ratified the 13th Amendment, and put MILITARY governments in to power in place of the civilian governments in the 10 states they needed. And those MILITARY governments voted to “ratify” the 14th amendment.

Yes THAT is how it was “ratified”. Not by the people, not by the governments elected by the people, but by the military governments forced upon them. And remember, this is NOT about slavery. That was 13th amendment.

I started my blog after coming across one of those "back to the constitution" books.  It just struck me. "hey, I can do THIS."

I started my blog after coming across one of those books written about getting “back to the constitution”.  It just struck me. “hey, I can do THIS.”

But even that is not the full story of the  corruption that IS the 14th amendment.  You see, the people in several other NON southern states were so shocked by the  lawlessness of the federal government’s action of removing duly elected state governments that 4 of them, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and California all WITHDREW their ratification and voted NO to the 14th amendment. So this isn’t about just the South!!

So now what do the Feds do? They STILL don’t have the votes EVEN after militarily taking over 10 states!! Simple. They ignore the fact that four states have changed their votes to a NO! They just “declare” that you can’t change your vote from yes to no. Even though they had militarily changed votes from no to yes!!  Heads I win tails you lose.  That is the system.

That’s right. They simply passed a “resolution” that “declared” that the 14th amendment had been ratified and then ORDERED the secretary of state to sign off on it. That is how it was “ratified”.  The reality is that 16 states had said NO or TRIED to say NO when all was said and done.  16! when just 10 no’s was enough to defeat the amendment.  60% MORE NO’s THAN was needed to defeat it.

This is the true face of our supposed “freedom”. This is the “freedom” they tell people to go fight and die for and to “spread around the world”. This is why the entire “reconstruction era” is taught in a confused and utterly dishonest fashion. Because it is appalling! And Unlike your government schools which flunk you if you disagree with the stated “core curriculum LIES”, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO VERIFY EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN.

The man the myth the legend my friend.

The man the myth the legend my friend.  Still a good look.

So where is the Supreme court in all of this? Isn’t it there to make sure the rules are followed? Ha, cue the belly laugh.  Please people, they DO NOTHING FOR YOU BUT ENSLAVE YOU. They are just part of the SHOW,

So how did the court reason around such blatant and obvious violations? Simple, they REFUSED to RULE ON THEM! That’s right.  They called all of these issues “non justiciable”. Just a fancy way to say, we aren’t going to touch it.

Think of the HYPOCRISY in the court necessary to do this. They have no problem passing on the correctness of busing and abortion, and toilet water flushing and gay marriage, and light bulbs and your health care, but when it comes to whether the people have had their basic representational rights denied. No, no, now, that is “off limits”. Lol

And remember, in Texas v. White, which I have already written about here, the court DIDN’T EVEN DISCUSS “JUSTICIABILITY” WHEN RULING THAT A STATE CAN NOT VOTE TO LEAVE THE UNION VOLUNTARILY. The court claimed EVERY RIGHT to hear a case and then rule that a state’s vote to leave the union was “void”, but the court somehow has no right to make any determination about whether the state’s vote on an amendment was properly counted as a yes or a no. So once again, heads I win, tails you lose when it comes to YOUR freedom.

Nobody would even believe such absurdities if I made them up and put them into a novel.  But people accept it as “law” and evidence of their FREEDOM when it actually HAPPENS! This is why those who rule you have contempt for you. They have NO RESPECT for the people because the people have earned that lack of respect through their utter idiocy and gullibility!

My gf friend loves it when I tell her about the constitution.  What can I say? she's a brain groupee.

I’m always a big hit with the ladies at a party.   What can I say, chicks dig it when you can talk knowledgeably about the constitution.

Your “freedom” is an illusion. A lie. Sure you can pick between Mountain Dew and Big Red, but you don’t get to choose your own government!

Now think about how many things the feds justify based upon the “due process clause”! All of that is built on an utter lie. There is no validly ratified 14th amendment. NONE. And don’t think for one second that those in power don’t already KNOW THIS. They know it all too well.  What does it take for you to see that the ENTIRE structure of the government you are living under is a fundamental LIE?

This is why they push so hard on the idea that Abe Lincoln, the war criminal, was this wonderful guy. That the “civil war” was about race. And that YOU ARE FREE BECAUSE of the holy federal government. Because if people knew the truth, those in power could not maintain control over you.

As usual, in writing this I have had to leave a lot of stuff out. Maybe I will write on it later. I simply cannot take thinking about the freedom fry fools and the brain dead drones running around talking about how we need to “get back to the constitution” any longer today.

I hope you at least learned something about your captivity my fellow inmate. Take care, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

P.S. Can you help a brother out? It’s ALL about the “LIKES”.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.  If you like my site then take a second to hit the LIKE button!  Then SHARE it.  We have to stick together. You can do it. I have faith in you. It is much appreciated.

(Editorial note: A reader, DaisyK kindly pointed out a typographical error, namely, that Lincoln should read Johnson in point #2.  The text has been changed to reflect that.  The typo did not effect any issue raised and discussed. Not exactly sure how that went unnoticed for so long in light of Abe’s sudden demise on Tax Day, but I am glad she said something.)

Jury nullification is a game changing right.

You can never be sure, but I'm pretty sure they were impressed with my argument.  At least the parts they were awake for.

I blew the jury away with my arguments.   Well, I mean, the arguments they didn’t sleep through.

People have a very powerful fundamental right in this country that could change things  overnight … if the people would just exercise the right. The problem is that the vast majority of the people have never even heard about this right. And that is not an accident.

I am talking about jury nullification.  I suspect few things strike more fear into the hearts of a statists than the idea of the people learning about this fundamental right.

I am not going to address the entire subject. It has too many moving parts. But you really just need some basics. Today I will explain what jury nullification is, show you how powerful it is, and then show you how the Courts have screwed us all once again on this topic. So, as the non-native English speaker might say, “let’s please first to begin.”

Let’s get a working definition. What people mean when they say “jury nullification” is generally, that the jury has a right to acquit a person who technically violated the letter of the law. Thus the law is “nullified”.  It is undeniable that juries have the RIGHT, in any criminal trial, to render a verdict that IGNORES the “law” as it was “given to them” by the judge. Here is what John Jay, as chief justice of the Supreme court told a jury in 1794 on exactly this issue!

I understand your honor, I won't make the same mistake again.  I just thought the jury might want to know about their rights.

Thank you for clarifying the basis for the jury instruction.  May the record reflect that your honor is holding what appears to be a 45 caliber model 1911.  And with that, the defense will rest.

It may not be amiss, here, Gentlemen, to remind you of the good old rule, that on questions of fact, it is the province of the jury, on questions of law, it is the province of the court to decide. But it must be observed that by the same law, which recognizes this reasonable distribution of jurisdiction, you have nevertheless a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy.

It cannot be any clearer. Juries have the right.  Here is another example that is in the text of the Alien and Sedition act that was WRITTEN IN 1798 by our holy founding fathers themselves, They put the language in the statute itself!

And the jury who shall try the cause, shall have a right to determine the law and the fact, under the direction of the court, as in other cases.

In the off chance people are still doubting, here is what John Adams said about this exact issue. The language was quoted in the dissent of a S.Ct. case.

Hold it, let me get this straight.  Are you saying that if the human says sit we don't actually HAVE to sit?  Whoa. That is big.

Hold it, let me get this straight. Are you saying that if the human says sit we don’t actually HAVE to sit?  Yes,that is what I am saying.  Whoa. That is big.

Now should the melancholy case arise that the judges should give their opinions to the jury against one of these fundamental principles, is a juror obliged to give his verdict generally, according to this direction, or even to find the fact specially, and submit the law to the court? Every man of any feeling or conscience will answer ‘No.’ It is not only his right, but his duty, in that case, to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court. . . . The English law obliges no man to decide a cause upon oath against his own judgment.

So not just a right a DUTY!  There can simply be NO doubt that the founders knew about and endorsed the jury’s right to judge the law and the facts. No doubt, it is a constitutional “right”.

The way the system is SUPPOSED TO WORK IS, the jury sits and listens to what the court and the witnesses have to say, and then the PEOPLE DECIDE IF THEY ACCEPT IT. The PEOPLE Decide if it comports with their sense of JUSTICE. So now you know if someone tries to tell you that a juror “must” follow the law as given by the court, they simply do not know what they are talking about or, much more likely, they are intentionally misleading you. It is that simple.

Here’s how jury nullification might be used. The prosecution brings a case for “statutory rape” against an 18 y.o. man for having consensual sex with his underage gf, because her parents get upset about something he did. There is no doubt it is consensual. But that is not a defense. If the jury acquitted him, that would be jury nullification. The jury, in all likelihood simply thinks the law, in this situation, is not just. So they ignore it. They “nullify it”.

People accept "speed traps" and other nonsense as though they are part of  "law and order".   Even the police probably believe it.  What a sad state the people are in.

 C.H.I.P.S. lives!!! lol People accept “speed traps” and other nonsense as though they are part of “law and order”. Even the police probably believe it.  What is the “crime”?  Driving with traffic at 6 miles over the made up speed limit?? lol What a sad state the people are in.

Same could happen in some drug possession case. Or for being in possession of a bald eagle feather, or on and on. The case is always the same. The necessary facts to prove “the crime” are basically “technically” indisputable. But the jury doesn’t convict. THAT is jury nullification.  And as you have just seen it is YOUR RIGHT.

The entire idea behind a jury trial is that the state must GO THROUGH THE PEOPLE in criminal trials. If the government is making laws the PEOPLE disagree with, the PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE THE LAW AND ACQUIT THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS. 


The people are in charge of whether something is criminal or not. If the people don’t want the conduct criminalized, then the people CAN REFUSE to criminalize it. If the people think the prosecutor is improperly singling people out, then the people don’t convict. If the people think the law creates INJUSTICE in any case, then they have the right to IGNORE the law.

Think how powerful a right this is!  Think how many bogus “laws” there are. Jury nullification makes them irrelevant because the PEOPLE can simply refuse to convict on them.

Hot or not?  Pushing him away? loving caress? or photoshop? Hard to tell.  That's why it has to be a unanimous jury to convict the old geaser.

Hot or not? Pushing him away.. or loving caress? or maybe just photoshop? It can be hard to tell. That’s why it has to be a unanimous jury to convict the old geaser.

What is the likelihood that the prosecution could get convictions on bogus drug possession cases if the jury knew about this right? What about prostitution? What about gambling? What about “failing to come to a complete stop” at an empty intersection? What about traveling 5 miles over the speed limit? And on and on!

The vast majority of “crimes” the state uses to scare and blackmail the people are utterly bogus. They are not real crimes that protect the people. They are acts that the government “criminalizes” in order to exert control over the people through fear.

And THAT is why jury nullification scares those in power.  The last thing they want is the people knowing that they can just DISREGARD the holy judge’s LYING instruction! 

And it is crystal clear to any thinking person that if the people knew about this right, the state’s “power” would collapse overnight down to a fraction of what it is now. And now you know why nobody knows about this right.

The people remain ignorant of this right because the government took over the schools and now fills peoples’ heads with lies.  The totally controlled media all around you does its part to make sure you are immersed in a world of lies and disinformation as well. This topic is NEVER DISCUSSED OR MENTIONED.  Instead they mindlessly have you repeat slogans about your right to a jury trial, but they LEAVE OUT the most important parts of that right. So you never hear about them.

Of course the S.Ct. and every other statist tries to confuse this issue if it ever comes up. That is what they do! The court is there to support the government, because THEY are the government. Any power the jury exercises is power that is TAKEN from these egomaniacs on the court.

Make no mistake, the jurors are lied to EVERYDAY by the courts.  They are “instructed” that they “must” follow the law as the court has given it to them. That is A state sponsored INTENTIONAL LIE.

The court warned him several times to watch what he said around the jury, but my service assistant just didn't listen.  Dogs have a keen sense of justice I guess.

I warned Buddy that the court was not screwing around.  He needed to watch what he said around the jury, but he didn’t listen. Dogs have a keen sense of justice I guess.

And the state makes sure that lawyers can’t tell the jurors either.  For the most part, if a lawyer even tried to inform a potential jury panel of this right he would be called to the bench, warned, and if he did it again, the judge would hold him in contempt. Then if the judge thought the jury actually understood what they were told, he would Dismiss the entire jury panel, and bring in a new one. If the lawyer did it during trial, the court would declare a mistrial, probably sanction the lawyer and warn him not to do it again or face jail for contempt.

Up until the government seized control of the “education” of lawyers through the “licensing” procedure and “accredited” schooling etc., the right was generally well known IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION. Now, virtually no lawyer understands this fundamental right.


 The official screwing of the people began in earnest in the late 19th century when the S.Ct just ignored the peoples’ rights and made up a “new rule”.  And the screwing hasn’t  stopped since.

In a 5 to 4 decision (how convenient) after ACKNOWLEDGING THAT it is certainly the unquestioned RIGHT of the jury to judge the facts AND THE LAW, the court then held that the jury had NO RIGHT TO BE TOLD THIS! Lol  Here’s the case if you care to look. Warning it is LONG.  They always bury their lies and bulls**t under reams of distractions. It is their way.  Makes it appear “scholarly”, when it is just a load of CRAP.

Can there be a more absurd position? How does this work exactly? You have the right, you just don’t have a right to be told you have that right? Yes my friend. That is what they held. And ever since that S.Ct. opinion the Appellate courts have been repeating the same nonsensical load of crap to confuse the people. Here from the 4th circ.:

The court's same airtight "reasoning.has now made its way into the mainstream.

I guess reasonable minds can differ.   I do not agree with this guy’s assessment. I think it is a close call, but I would bang her, assuming she’s 18.     

If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused, is unjust, or that exigent circumstances justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide by that decision…

So the court correctly states and acknowledges your RIGHT, but then they find… :

…by clearly stating to the jury that they may disregard the law, telling them that they may decide according to their prejudices or consciences (for there is no check to insure that the judgment is based upon conscience rather than prejudice), we would indeed be negating the rule of law in favor of the rule of lawlessness. This should not be allowed.

How do you negate the rule of law by telling the jury about their right under the law? It makes NO SENSE. But there is NOBODY and NO MECHANISM by which to challenge this idiocy. It just gets imposed and then repeated as though it is rational.

And here is another example drawn from WIKI, the NSA’s own site.

In 1988, in U.S. v. Krzyske, the jury asked the judge about jury nullification. The judge responded “There is no such thing as valid jury nullification.” The jury convicted the defendant. On appeal, the majority and the dissent agreed that the trial judge’s instruction was untrue, but the majority held that this false representation was not a reversible error.

So the jury asked specifically about THEIR RIGHT to nullification, the court LIED TO THEM and that was FINE!!  What do you think would happen TO YOU IF YOU MADE A FALSE REPRESENTATION TO THE COURT??? LOL You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Now you see why this topic is so taboo. Now you see why the government makes sure you never hear about it or if you do that they fill your head with disinformation and nonsense about how “dangerous” it is TO YOU!   lol, absurd.  The only danger is to the government. Not the people.

Sure these chicks had mistaken me for some other dude who was loaded, but I remembered the S.Ct. had made it clear I didn't have to tell them sh*t. Sorry gurrls. Sucks being you. Perks of being a lawyer.

Sure these chicks had mistaken me for some other dude who was loaded, but I remembered the S.Ct. had made it clear that I had no obligation to tell them JACK…. Sooo… Sorry gurrls. Sucks being you. Perks of being a lawyer.  Read the fine print next time! lol

My friend the state is CORRECT TO FEAR JURY NULLIFICATION. And that is why the state has been very careful to lie to you. They know they are vulnerable, as always, to the PEOPLE.

But they also KNOW that given time, and the power to propagandize and lie to people in mandatory “education” and “licensing requirements” and in their monopolized court system, that the people will forget. And they are correct. The sheep just go quietly to their slaughter imagining they are “supporting law and order”. Lol Utter fools.

Congratulations, You now KNOW MORE about this fundamental right than 99.9% of the population.

If this type of thing does not make you angry, then what can I bring you? If this type of thing does not make you see that governments are there to abuse you then what would? If this does not show you that the courts are not there to protect you that they are there to ENSLAVE you, then how can I show you?

My fellow inmates, I am done for today. I know that I left a lot out. I know there is more to say. I will get around to it later. For now, I hope you learned something. I just can’t stand any more hypocrisy for one day. I am late for the 4th of July freedom parade!

Take care my brainwashed Brethren. Live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

P.S. Can you help a brother out? It’s ALL about the “LIKES”.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

The nuts and bolts of how they spread tyranny through the courts.

A young Rubin Schwartz,is shown here. He is now one of the most successful lobbyist on Capitol hill. a

Not surprisingly he is now one of the most successful lobbyist on Capitol hill.

The tyranny and injustice of the courts is palpable. We all suffer with it. I see it everyday up close and personal. I have had to deal with it for more than 25 years. So I have given it a lot of thought. Understanding the actual Nature of any problem is the key to finding a solution.

Most people lump all the problems together. They see the courts don’t dispense justice, they throw up their hands and they blame it All on corruption.  And that just isn’t the reality.

Now I could go off on the courts because they do have it coming.  I could tell you about individual cases of crookedness and incompetence that are so ridiculous that you would think I was Making them up!  But I am not going to do that today. I am going to hold my tongue no matter how difficult.  Because the point I want to make is that the system is totally screwed, even without the power hungry types that get off being able to do that stuff to you and me.  And people need to understand the way the system actually operates.


Okay, it's true these are NOT examples systemic tyranny. But still, you gotta love "old economy Steve".

Okay, it’s true these are NOT examples of systemic tyranny. But still, you gotta love “old economy Steve”.

There are two general kinds of tyranny imposed on the people from the bench. One is systemic. The other is what I call “subjective tyranny”. 

Both types of tyranny are seriously problematic of course. They are both rampant. And they both erode confidence in the overall system itself.

Systemic tyranny is any tyranny where justice is NOT served in the situation, but where the “law” is “technically followed” by the judge. In other words where the law is DESIGNED to create INJUSTICE. There are countless examples of this.

I will give you a simple example. If I take a case on a contingency and I lose, I am not entitled to take a “deduction” for any of the time I spent pursuing that case, even though it clearly “cost me” my time, which is all I have to sell in the market. My time spent on a case IS my money. But if I take a case on an hourly basis and lose and cannot collect my fee because the party that owes me the money goes bankrupt, then I can claim that amount as a deduction. Do you see the inequity?

I have lost my time, which is all I actually have to sell in the market under each example. In one case I have a legal remedy in the form of a deduction for the loss to me. In the other I do not, even though I suffered the same type of loss. That is an example of systemic tyranny.

Another example would be where a police officer lies on his report about my conduct. I take a lie detector to try to help prove that I am telling the truth. But the law neither allows me to compel him to take one, nor does it allow me to show the jury my results and tell them that he was asked to take one and refused.

I got to play a little chess with one of the Circuit justices over the weekend. I was a little unclear on some of the rules he insisted we use. For some reason I was always black. But I didn't dare say anything since I have a case before him. Okay, it's you're move. We're having fun right?

I got to play a little chess with one of the Circuit justices over the weekend. I was a little unfamiliar on some of the rules he insisted we use. For some reason I was always black. But I didn’t dare say anything since I have a case before him. Okay, ready for another game?  We’re having fun right?

Clearly the evidence IS probative. How probative of course would be up to each juror. Many might feel it is Compelling and Material, some might find it uncompelling. But regardless, the jury does not get to hear it because it is not admissible. That is not justice. That is another example of systemic tyranny.

Note how both examples result in a tyranny of Injustice on the individual. That in fact is a common factor in virtually all systemic tyranny. The individual loses rights to the state, and to powerful interests who can afford to pay for protection from the state by making contributions, which create legal loopholes and protections.

A judge who denies my claim to the lost contingency fee deduction in tax court, or to the offer of evidence on the polygraph in criminal court, is not out to screw me. He isn’t crooked. He is quite literally, quote on quote, just following the law. He is actually “Doing his job”.

Do you see that systemic tyranny Can be meted out by a perfectly honest hardworking judge. It doesn’t take a crook or a scoundrel.

Now if the same judge Denied me my right to claim the deduction for the money lost due to bankruptcy, he would be engaging in what I call subjective tyranny. Because he would not be following the law. He would be acting outside the law.

Subjective tyranny is where the judge acts in a way that is personal and is either outside the rules, or in an area that does not have clear rules, or that is technically within his discretion within the rules, but works injustice.

The judge hated doing it to him, but hey, it's the law and we all have to follow the law. He understood of course.

The judge hated doing it to him, but hey, it’s the law and like the judge said, we all have to follow the law. He understood of course.

The motivations for this type of tyranny from the bench can be anything from simple mistakes, to laziness, to a personal grudge, to a power trip, to out right incompetence or actual corruption. I have seen all of them.

Trial judges have immense power, so do appellate judges. A trial judge can inflict subjective tyranny in many many ways.  For example, he can refuse or fail to follow the law and require that you in effect, have to “force him” to comply. He can also make rulings against you that should have gone in your favor.

The important thing to understand about subjective tyranny from both a trial judge or an appellate judge is that there is no way to tell the difference between, incompetence, laziness, intentional conduct, a grudge, or a bribe. No way. Of course the severity of the “error” and the glaring nature of the disconnect between the ruling on the law as applied to the facts can give you an indication. But you can’t know. And trust me, there are plenty of judges who are just plain Dense. Not dishonest. Just not very bright.

An example of subjective tyranny would be denying a motion that, by All objective measures, you were entitled to win. By denying the motion, the judge has now in effect required you to spend many more months or possibly years in costly discovery and litigation on issues that are not properly litigated. As a result you may very well not be able to afford to continue to successfully either defend or prosecute a valid claim you have.

The only answer to such conduct is to litigate your case through trial and hope you can win on appeal, or to “settle your case” if possible. Of course under those circumstances, the settlement value has been destroyed by the judge’s improper ruling.

I left the hearing just to get some air. I thought it was going okay until I saw the pic later.

 I thought the hearing was going pretty well until I saw the pic my client took of me giving my argument.

You have no recourse for conduct like this.

Therefore once again, the individual loses to entities like the State, and big businesses that can afford endless litigation costs.

Trial courts do the most damage to individuals as a practical matter, only because they have the most contact. Not because the judges are better or worse. They dish out systemic tyranny, even if they are a good judge. And if they aren’t a good judge, then they are likely to dish out both kinds of tyranny to you. Lol

Remember, it doesn’t take intentional conduct to screw you as I have just showed you.

At the appellate level the damage can be even worse. One, you are already at a very expensive stage of the litigation. So settlement is problematic. But even more importantly, the Only recourse you have is the  S.Ct. and the chance that they will even Look at your case is basically Zero. So whatever they do is Final.


People see the system and they see how screwed up it is and they just Assume that it is that way because most lawyers and judges are crooked or incompetent. Hence all the lawyer jokes.

I hope you at least now can see that tyranny and injustice do not require corruption by the vast majority of judges.  The problem, much of the time, is nothing more than their willingness to BLINDLY DO AS THEY ARE TOLD. Let me show you what I mean.

Known as the "machine" Justice Bryan shown here, went on to serve almost 10 more years. His "service" to his country was trumpeted by the press.

 Justice Bryan, known as the “Energizer”, served 10 more years on the appellate bench after this picture was taken. He was heralded as a brilliant scholar upon retirement. 

The systemic injustice that pours out of the courts is, for the most part, the End result of a very few bad actors. The system is Intentionally set up so that it can be Manipulated from the top down from behind the scenes. Only a very small amount of corruption needs to be inserted into the upper levels of the system over time, slowly, incrementally, imperceptibly and Insidiously, in order to create a Huge amount of injustice and systemic tyranny down the line in the trial courts.

Here’s how the system works. The S. Ct. makes law. Appellate courts and trial courts Must follow that law. Appellate courts make law that the trial courts in their Circuit Must all follow. So the trial courts Must follow the courts above them. And since they are the only court that the average person will ever be exposed to, whammo, you have just seen how the system can “touch you” without ever having to even involve itself with you.

The vast majority of cases do not involve controversial issues. So all that really has to be done is to control and affect a few key points on a few key cases at the Appellate level each year. A well placed crooked judge here and there on a case or two in each Circuit making a “well designed ruling” in a key area and you can do a lot of damage over time.

And who is watching? nobody but a few lawyers.  Do you follow oil and gas appellate law? What about arbitration law? lol When does it make news? Starting to catch on?

Now add in to this the fact that appellate judges sit for life. Just like a supreme court justice. They can have a 20 year tenure of doing damage. Maybe more, maybe 30 years, or more. Imagine the damage just ONE such judge can do if he is just Innocently incompetent.

Now picture one who is “compromised” and not at all incompetent.  Now add on to that law makers slipping in loopholes that then “become law”. Now do all of this for a decade or two or ten or twenty, like what we have now on the books and the law can become almost unrecognizable. No justice at all.

Look around, what do you see?  Right… exactly what I just described. lol And THAT is how it happens my friend.  Do you see how dangerous this is?

This is why so much has to be made about how “fair and high minded” the justices all are. Why we have to hear all the time how they are as pure as the wind driven snow. It’s the reason for all the pomp and formality.  Distractions!  

In fact you better tread lightly making allegations against a judge if you’re a lawyer. Even though Lawyers are clearly in the BEST position to KNOW who is out of line on the bench. It is more dangerous than questioning an NBA referee’s call as a coach. lol It isn’t done.

I was sure the Judicial conduct board would want to know what I found out so I sent in my complaint. Lesson learned.

I had some great information I just knew the Judicial misconduct board would want to know, so I sent it right in.  I was impressed how fast they got back to me. 

Do you see how it works now? Do you understand how easy it is to control such a system from the top down Unnoticed? And do you see how once put in place it runs itself.

The workaday judges who are the foot soldiers are, for the most part, oblivious to what they are even doing.  They probably actually believe they are “doing justice” by “following the rules”.

Of course some are meglomaniacs or narcissists. But most are basically honest but they are distracted, and busy, and intellectually lazy and they have fallen victim to the same brainwashing you have.

The real problem is that they never question the overall system of “obeying” whatever the “law” is from the appellate courts or the Supreme court. They rationalize ruling in a way they disagree with the outcome, by telling themselves that they are “following the law”, and that is what “their job is”. And THAT is the key to the system.

Convincing everyone that a judge’s Obligation is to “blindly follow the law” is the key. Once that is done. The rest is easy. They start in law school with the brainwashing of lawyers. It continues in movies and at every level of news and media.  Then they have well paid “media lawyers” write best sellers to talk about this wonderful virtue of judges only “following the law”. lol

The judges never stop to think that their job is supposed to be to actually DO JUSTICE.

i once was blindWhat a judge should be taught is that his job is to Do Justice. If the law prevents what he believes is justice then he should Ignore the Law. If the system prevents that, then ignore the system. If that means that the system gets rid of you, then so be it.

Do we really want judges sitting who don’t care if they are doing justice?

Do you now understand a little better how the system works so insidiously and why it does not require any kind of grand conspiracy?

I’m done for now. I hope you learned something.  Next time I will talk about another aspect of Judicial tyranny.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

   Legalman still lives

The Supreme Court does not have the “Power” to make anything “Constitutional”.

Apparently the Supreme court will be ruling shortly. on Obamacare and the advance word is that they are upholding it.

Apparently the Supreme court will be ruling shortly on Obamacare, and the advance word is that they are upholding it.   I’ve heard their “reasoning” this season is INCREDIBLE with lots of twists and unexpected characters.  Maybe even some nudity.  Yeah, nudity!

I want to talk about the supreme court’s “Power” to rule that Obamacare OR ANY OTHER piece of legislation “IS” constitutional. We all learn in government schools growing up and through countless media injections into the culture, and thus into our minds, that we have a constitutional system where there is a separation of powers between the branches. And THEN we learn that under our system it is the job of the supreme court to decide whether something IS or is not constitutional. Some especially bright people may even remember some vague details about things called “judicial review” and a case called “Marbury v. Madison”.

Of course the people have been misled, but Lawyers may actually be WORSE off when it comes to the brainwashing in this area. They had to undergo courses in “constitutional law” and civil procedure where a nonstop propaganda machine poured information into them that they “had to learn” if they wanted to graduate so they could get a government issued license to practice law in the government courts. Get it?

Most peoples’ eyes glaze over at this point but people SHOULD pay VERY close attention. Because this entire subject is a lynchpin of how the system CONTROLS you.

In general, people today, have been convinced that you have to be an “expert” in order to have a valid opinion about much of anything. News flash, you don’t. You just have to be able to think and to KEEP your mind open. But think how convenient it is for that “expert” concept to be in the peoples’ heads. It is put there by those in power so you won’t ever feel entitled to QUESTION the experts they put in front of you. The self serving nature of the whole concept is both obvious and absurd, yet still people don’t see it.

I hired this marketing firm to expand my reach and to improve my focus group attraction.  They had some pretty great ideas. That stuff is serious science.

I was having some trouble getting people to “take me seriously” as an “expert” because I like to joke around.  So I hired this marketing firm.  Here I am using their techniques.   What do you think? I look really credible don’t I?  Those guys are geniuses.   

First let me say that you don’t NEED to know much of anything in order to get the point I am going to make. In fact I assume people don’t know much of anything, lol. I am not going to discuss the details of Marbury v. Madision or the many PROBLEMS with that case. I am not going to discuss stare decisis, or any of the other myriad of somewhat more complex topics. I am going to make a much more fundamental point.

For purpose of this article I will ASSUME the standard TALE of what the constitution IS and the powers the court has. In other words, I am ASSUMING the generally accepted “read” of Marbury v. Madison and what we are told about what the framers intended is true. Got it?

While it is true that there was disagreement about what should be in the constitution when it was being drafted, there was agreement in many areas. The argument between federalist and anti-federalists was generally about HOW to accomplish the following goal.


These ideas are generally how the court, in Marbury v. Madison, justified its “right” to engage in “Art. III Judicial Review” and to THEREBY STRIKE DOWN acts by the other two branches. Of course it goes without saying that in any case where the court has a POWER to strike something down, they must also have the ABILITY to choose to uphold it, otherwise they would not be free to resolve the controversy. And here is where the mischief and confusion begin.

Justice Brennan is shown here early in his tenure on the Court. He was just beginning to learn the benefits of exercising his new found powers.

Justice Brennan is shown here early in his tenure on the Court. He was just learning all the benefits of exercising his new found powers.


The distinction can not be emphasized ENOUGH.

The main POINT of making the court independent and for CREATING a “separation of powers” was to provide for a way to keep the other two branches IN CHECK. Here is Federalist 78, the “bible” of the strict constructionists, discussing how the judiciary will work.

The complete independence of the courts of justice is peculiarly essential in a limited Constitution. By a limited Constitution, I understand one which contains certain specified exceptions to the legislative authority; such, for instance, as that it shall pass no bills of attainder, no ex-post-facto laws, and the like. Limitations of this kind can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing.

And here is just a bit more from the same Fed 78:

the courts were designed to be an intermediate body between the people and the legislature, in order, among other things, to keep the latter within the limits assigned to their authority.

… the courts of justice are to be considered as the bulwarks of a limited Constitution against legislative encroachments.

Do you see? The court was given its power in order to protect the rights of the people by keeping the other branches within the EXPRESS limits of the constitution. The reason for this is simple and practical. When the people were forming the Feds they only gave the Feds LIMITED and EXPRESS powers.

What were the people to do if the Feds overstepped and started taking advantage of people? Well if there is no court from which to get justice, then the people are abused, and ultimately, when they have had enough, they will have no choice but to dissolve the union to avoid the tyranny. A dissolution, like the one they had JUST finished in the revolution and had gone through with the Articles of Confederation.

Dissolution is a messy process. It is inefficient. Better to have a system in place to protect the people from overreach as much as possible. Thus the court is there to SERVE the people, and it was given the POWER to strike down acts that OVER REACHED in order to protect the peoples’ rights.  

Justice Robert's transitioned to the law after suffering a career ending knee injury.  He is shown here performing his famous "double strike of justice" move. His supporters who had hoped to see him use this move on the court have been quite disappointed. He has become much more of a grab and hold kind of guy now.

Justice Robert’s transitioned to the law after suffering a career ending knee injury. He is shown here performing his famous “double strike of justice” move. His supporters who had hoped to see him use this move on the court have been quite disappointed. He has become much more of a grab and hold kind of guy now.

The government’s education system, and the legal education system the government MANDATES everyone undergo before anyone can get a law license issued by the same government to practice law in the government courts, creates the illusion that the supreme court has A mirror image “POWER” to “DECLARE” something Constitutional to its POWER to DECLARE something unconstitutional and then STRIKE IT DOWN. They act like they are flip sides of the SAME POWER. But they are not.

The only time the COURT can EXERCISE any actual POWER in a constitutional sense, is by STRIKING down an act of one of the other two branches.

Think about it. Whenever the COURT approves conduct by the other branches, the Court is not actually exercising any POWER at all. It is just issuing an OPINION.  The OPINION doesn’t actually DO anything. Really it is more accurate to say that it saw no need to USE ITS POWER over something that was done by one of the other branches. The law is already passed.  Nothing happens after the court “rules”.  The court just steps aside. Get it?  Here is how to think about it.



READ those statements again. That is the whole shebang my fellow inmate that they have screwed you and me with.  Understanding the distinction and the IMPORT of those statements exposes the great con they have run regarding the court’s “power”.

There is no FLIP side to the SEPARATION OF POWERS ISSUE. because there is no POWER being exercised on the flip side.  The money power has done one hell of a job confusing people and conflating those two distinct ideas.  But they are not a mirror image of each other. They are totally different.

One is a POWER that operates AGAINST the other branches of the government on BEHALF of the people to STOP them from DOING SOMETHING to the people. The other is merely an OPINION that sets up a consensus or Union with the acts of the OTHER BRANCHES of the government AGAINST the PEOPLE. It doesn’t DO anything. Do you see the difference yet?

Top law students hoping to get a Supreme court clerking job are seen here on vacation. The intense competition for the few coveted openings means they have to practice seeing the world like a S. Ct. Justice whenever they can.

Top law students hoping to get a Supreme court clerking job are seen here on vacation. The intense competition for the few coveted openings means they have to practice seeing the world like a S. Ct. Justice whenever they can.

There is NO evidence, and there never could be, and there is NO line of rational thought, and there never could be to to SHOW that the people GAVE the COURT THE POWER to make unconstitutional acts Constitutional by simply issuing its OPINION. That turns the entire system ON ITS HEAD. It makes NO SENSE.  The people would have put themselves at the mercy of the the unelected untouchable branch of the government.  The court would be the OPPOSITE of what it was intended to be.

There is no flip side to the “Art III” Marbury v. Madison POWER to strike down acts. None. If the branches work together to take the freedoms of the people and grow the power of the FEDS outside its constitutional limits all of that conduct is lawless. The framers were well aware of this danger. Again, Federalist 78:

“…. liberty can have nothing to fear from the judiciary alone, but would have every thing to fear from its union with either of the other departments;

Do you see?  There was no “arguing about that issue” between the Federalist and the Anti-federalist because IT was self evident that there was a problem if the court got into bed with the other branches, i.e. started “approving” and “finding” powers the government didn’t have.

And of course that is what we have had now for many many decades. The court has been  doing nothing more than running cover, providing “plausible deniability” and the APPEARANCE of a check to DUPE the people. It has been rubber stamping the EXPANSION of the government by expanding and explaining made up “constitutional powers” that IT CREATED ITSELF, lol. When it does that it is NOT exercising ANY constitutionally based “power” derived from the “separation of powers” or its authority to engage in “judicial review”, it is simply conspiring to violate the constitution. Nothing more and It is not entitled to any shred of support by the people. It is entitled to the CONTEMPT of the people.

I want to ask you a very simple question.

When is the last time the supreme court struck down any piece of legislation that was even ARGUABLY CONSTITUTIONAL? Has it EVER happened?  I means Jesus H. just look at Art. 1 Sect. 8, the Feds don’t have the power to DO JACK, yet they do EVERYTHING. Limited government  is a complete sham BECAUSE of the court.  Yes the court has struck a few items down, but the items WERE LAUGHABLY unconstitutional to begin with.  BUT let me let you in on a secret my fellow inmate.  The only reason they even do that is because if they NEVER struck anything down, the people might have seen the fraud a long time ago.

Here is some of "justice" Marshall original issue S. Ct. equipment he used to draft the opinion in Marbury v. Madison.  The equipment looks silly to us today, but it was STATE OF THE ART at the time.

Here, from the Smithsonian is some of “justice” Marshall’s original issue S. Ct. “Poker” equipment.  He had a reputation as quite the card shark.  It turns out he wasn’t so much lucky as he was “prepared to win”. The equipment looks silly to us today, but it was STATE OF THE ART at the time.

You have to throw a few hands if you want to reel in the MARK! lol


Neither of those issues are addressed IN the Constitution. They can’t be. Those are problems with CORRUPTION, not the form of the government!! AND Neither of those issues are an “outgrowth” of the court “exercising ANY power under the separation of powers doctrine.”

The government has been ever so careful in its schools to condition the People to ACCEPT whatever the court says as, “the final answer”, be it Obamacare or anything else. The people now clearly believe that the court has the power to in effect make an unconstitutional act Constitutional by simply issuing its opinion no matter how absurd the reasoning. No matter how much it bootstraps on bootstraps some made up standard that the court itself CREATED.

And the legal minds in this country, after being intentionally misled for years in “law schools” running controlled “curriculums” and prepping students for “the bar” , now actually believe that this power is “part of the structure of our government” and  is derived from the separation of powers and judicial review. But now you can see the great sleight of hand with which the PEOPLE have been fooled.

Considered the elite of the elite, Top level "educators" and "legal professionals" are shown here in a "Breakout session" at the annual joint D.O.J. Harvard Law school conference where cutting edge S. Ct. legal issues are debated.  It is by invitation only, so yeah, I don't get to go.

Considered the elite of the elite, Top level “educators” and “legal professionals” are shown here in a “Breakout session” at the annual joint D.O.J. Harvard Law school conference where cutting edge S. Ct. legal issues are debated. It is by invitation only, so yeah, I don’t get to go.

“Our fellow citizens have been led hoodwinked from their principles by a most extraordinary combination of circumstances. But the band is removed, and they now see for themselves.”Thomas Jefferson

The court’s power comes FROM THE PEOPLE. So does the legislatures. If the court is approving unconstitutional nonsense put in front of it by the legislature and the Prez then they are all just conspiring to grow the government.  If the people then go along with it, who is really to blame?    THE PEOPLE.

“The ultimate arbiter is the people of the Union.”Thomas Jefferson

It is UP TO THE PEOPLE to protect themselves. The government, including the Supreme Court, doesn’t protect the people. Of course the court is acting without any LEGAL authority AT ALL when it “approves” obviously unconstitutional nonsense. That is called corruption.   It is called being power hungry. IT IS CALLED STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR GOVERNMENT. Lol It is a lot of things, but it isn’t a separation of powers problem.

The PEOPLE should demand the justices be IMPEACHED immediately.  When the master allows the servants to run amok, well, the servants will run amok until brought under control, lol.

The man the myth the legend.

         The man the myth the legend.

If the situation is not what the people want then THEY must change it.  But the people have become sheeple. And sheep get slaughtered.

Step one to changing things is understanding the deeply imbedded mental constructs they have placed into the peoples’ minds to control them.  That is what this site is for.

I hope you learned something today. I hope the next time you hear some schmexpert from “Harvard law” or a “former federal prosecutor” discussing “Obamacare” or any other S. Ct case, and the court’s “POWER” under “Art III” to in effect make something “constitutional”, that you will just laugh at them for what they are. Obvious propagandists.

It matters not if they do it knowingly. The effect is the same on the people. In all likelihood they are just useful idiots of the power structure being richly rewarded for doing something they don’t even ultimately understand. They probably actually BELIEVE what they are saying. It is almost sad that people can be so easily fooled.

I hope your eyes have been opened to YET ANOTHER way the power structure takes something that is true and then turns it a “quarter of an inch” so that it is crap, lol. THAT IS THEIR METHOD, lol.  Once that is done they can step aside and let the people drain off time and energy arguing with EACH OTHER on issues that DON’T matter and never were DISPUTED. It is always the same game my fellow inmate.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Take care, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

Hitler wades in on Brian Williams: The U.S. drops to 49th on the freedomOmeter; The gov’t proposes a new protection for its security force; The CIA plants a couple of articles about Geoengineering

distraction in news manEar2-16-15 I have put together a quick news update for you. The stories are quite entertaining. If you want to get my take on them and things associated with them,then listen to the audio. Enjoy my fellow inmates.

Here’s my audio.  Listen along as you check out the “news” stories below.  Just click the hotlinks for the articles. Enjoy.

Listen now.

Listen now.

Before we get started with the “news”, here’s a hilarious video that is an update to the Brian Williams’ saga. I laughed and laughed when I watched it. I actually watched it 3 times in a row the first time it was so funny. I didn’t bother to update the Brian Williams’ story when he got booted. I figured what’s the point? I had suspected as much was going to happen in the last post I  made anyway. As I said, once the person becomes a victim of some cutting humor, it is pretty much over. And it turns out it was for him quite shortly thereafter.  This is hilarious. Enjoy.



U.S. Plunges to #49 in World Press Freedom Index, Below Romania and just Above Haiti.

Our great leader.

Our great leader.  He wants you to be freeererer.

Here’s a great new finding. The U.S. press just isn’t that free. Lol, I am shocked. People run around imagining that we are so free but we aren’t. Even the holy press isn’t free here. If you want to see the article check it out.

Don’t look behind the curtain, the show must go on.

USA Is The 16th Best Place To Be Born In The World



Law Proposed To Keep Police Officers’ Names Secret When They Shoot People

The government information officer will see you now.

The government information officer will see you now.

This article and the next article are interesting to me because they highlight two parts of the whole “law and order” charade that goes on in this country. The people are starting to get pissed and starting to bite back against the state. That of course cannot be allowed, so now AZ is going to pass a law so that the people can’t find out who was involved in the shooting. Makes a lot of sense, lol. The people can’t be trusted you know. Only the state can be trusted. There is going to be a lot more of this kind of thing coming because the police are going to have to get a lot more aggressive as conditions deteriorate. So don’t be too surprised.

The next article dovetails into this same issue.  It is about the prison systems.


Hundreds of South Carolina Inmates Sent to Solitary Confinement Over Facebook

Behind the scenes of the sequel to "You've been served" the cast prepares for a dance number.

Behind the scenes of the sequel to “You’ve been served” the cast prepares for a dance number.

Yes, solitary for using Facebook. This is just so ridiculous. Most people don’t know that the prisons have been substantially privatized and then  they were “rolled up” of course. They are a source of money making. So don’t look for the numbers of inmates to be dropping anytime soon. We have to keep booking the citizens for non-crimes and running the scam of fines and court costs and record keeping and paying private companies and using the slave labor. Why? Because we’re the greatest free-est of course.

Does it make sense to spend money to keep people in solitary because they “violated” some bullsh** “rule” in some bulls*** prison that is run for profit to keep people who committed NON crimes which had no actual victim?

Next up they are slowly getting the population readied for the time when GEOengineering officially comes “out of the closet”.


Can Russia control the weather? Climate researcher says CIA fears hostile nations are triggering floods and droughts

  • CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s weather
  • Academic has told of mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding
  • CIA is believed to have helped fund a major report into geoengineering
Beautiful and natural cloud formation

Remember, there is no current spraying going on.  That is a cloud.

This article, in all likelihood simply “placed” there by the CIA itself circa the “Church Hearings” style system, is a nice primer to get the people to start thinking about geoengineering. They present it as a possible threat to nat’l security. They act like it isn’t ALREADY happening all the stinking time right over your head, lol. Yes what we have to fear is the Russkies.

This is a typical way they slowly introduce the public to topics. Act like it isn’t happening, but might be a threat if it did exist, hence, we need to get on this now. Lol.

There was a sister article placed appealing to the softer gentler souls designed to accomplish the same thing. Here it is.


Scientists seek international authority on climate geoengineering

Clearly if you don't want the UN in charge of geoengineering you must hate nature and picnics and fresh air and FREEDOM itself.

Clearly if you don’t want the UN or some other governmental body that you have no control over deciding what can be sprayed on you and when then you must hate nature and picnics and fresh air and FREEDOM itself.

This one is all about how we need some kind of international “body” read, political crapola, to “protect us and to regulate it”. Lol. On one hand they deny it is happening in article after article. Then they put articles like this out there. It is all very confusing of course, and most people just get lost and believe whatever the last thing is they see or hear from their “source”. Always with the Non-linear disinformation. Nobody can ever figure out what’s actually happening.

The news is always entertaining my friends. It is a source of never ending lies and narratives run all the time. You must LEARN HOW to read it. I hope I help in some small way for you to learn how to do just that.

Take care my brainwashed Brethren and don’t forget to tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

McDonalds is now taking Valentine’s Day reservations: Justice Ginsberg was drunk and passed out at state of Union: Court orders gamblers to give back 1.5 million they won; The gov’t private meme continues; and, the origin of Friday the 13th.

What to get your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Reservations at McDonald’s

valentines day

distraction in news man 2-13-15   McDonald’s now taking reservations for VD dinner! lol,  Perfect.  I’ll take a reservation for one please.

One of the 53 Caspers Co. McDonald’s franchises in the Tampa Bay area, this location will be transformed on Friday into a sit-down restaurant, complete with LED candles, tabletop flowers and counter employees retrained as waiters offering table service and refills. They are accepting phone reservations, the first 10 of which will receive complimentary roses…

Turns out, Cupid’s arrows have been lofted at other McDonald’s locations with success. A Mickey Ds in Southport, N.C., is offering its third annual Valentine’s dinner, paramours enjoying quarter pounders and McNuggets serenaded by a musical performer known only as Ronstory here.

Okay, it's byob under the table, but you can't beat the prices on V Day.

Just fyi, it’s byob on the “DL”  if you want to “get yur drank on”, to use a little street language. And sure it isn’t really even food, but you can’t beat the prices or the service.

lol,  “Ron”.  That is classic.  Who wouldn’t want to go just for THAT. 

Valentine’s day is a scam plain and simple. I’ve always objected to it on principle.  If you love someone you show them all the time, not on some hallmark appointed faked up day.  It has just become a way for men to grovel for sex like so many other things they do with the “right car” or a “new kitchen” etc. etc.   Buy your girl the right piece of jewelry and you might get some action. lol  Pathetic that the women even want to participate in this.

They even sell those stupid Teddy bears and Pajamas as a way to get laid.  Ridiculous.  What kind of a relationship do you have? 

My GF snapped this action shot of me trying out the   "comfy pants" she gave me last year for valentine's day. So romantic and yet so practical. I love them.  She is so thoughtful.

My GF snapped this action shot of me trying out the “comfy pants” she gave me last year for valentine’s day. So romantic and yet so practical. I love them. She is so thoughtful.

Is buying her some cliche thing like “pajamas” really what it takes now?  What grown woman wants a giant Teddy bear? lol.  What woman wants a “snuggly set of “pj’s” that apparently converts into something “sexy”?

Valentine’s day is a con. A blatant, in your face way to sell jewelry and cards and flowers and candy and crap.  If you care, then you do nice things for them during the year. Not on the day you are told.  Absurd.  I say, let’s go to Micky D’s and put a little reality into this whole charade.


Judge Helps Golden Nugget Screw Winners Out Of $1.5 Million​

They didn't realize that the court would make them put the champagne back in the bottle as well.

They have also been ordered to put the champagne back in the bottle.  The honorable justice did not explain how they were supposed to comply with that part. 

People win at a casino.  Wait, not so fast.  The court is making them give it back.

A New Jersey judge ordered the return of $1.5 million to a casino from gamblers who won at a table game after realizing the cards had not been shuffled.

State Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor ruled in favor of the Golden Nugget casino in its dispute with 14 gamblers who say it was not there fault the cards were not shuffled and should be allowed to keep their winnings. Story here.

So the casino makes a mistake and the winners have to give their money backAll hail the protector of your rights the courts. lol.  Sorry you didn’t really win.  They HAVE to shuffle the cards!  This is the charade that is the courts on parade.

I tried to get a recommendation after the incident, but he wasn't willing to do it.

I tried to get a recommendation after the incident, but he wasn’t willing to do it.

It reminds me of the scene in the movie “Casino” when Robert De Niro has to fire the nephew of the land commissioner  because he is too stupid to see the scam going on when people hit 3 jackpots in a row.  He says the odds against winning are X and the odds against hitting twice are some billions or so and for hitting 3 times is trillions, “It can’t happen.”.  and the stupid nephew says “well it is a casino, people do win.”  And De Niro responds, “don’t insult me.” lol



Ginsburg: ‘I Wasn’t 100 Percent Sober’ For State Of The Union Address

To be fair, I would probably have to be pretty damned smashed to sit through that fool's speech as well.

To be fair, I would probably have to be pretty damned smashed to sit through that fool’s speech as well.

Ahh the majesty of the Court. 

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — We now know why it appears that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared to fall asleep during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last month – she was drinking beforehandStory here.

People forget the reality of who these jokers really are.  They are just people.  Political hacks really, running around in an absurd COSTUME.  They shouldn’t have the power that they have.  NOBODY HAS AGREED TO ALLOW THEM TO HAVE IT.  DID YOU AGREE THAT THEY COULD? lol, of course not.  Drunk and falling asleep. So great.

Yet, will anything happen? of course not.  guarantee itWill anyone ask whether this is typical?  Will anyone look into the PRIVATE LIVES of these “anointed” ones?  Of course not. Just like nobody is investigating all of the other LIARS on the news as the Brian Williams revelations just keep coming.  They act like he’s a one off, a single bad apple etc.  As I have told you and told you.  If anyone bothered to look into ANYTHING they would find the rot that is there. I guarantee it.  lol.



Obama Heads to Tech Security Talks Amid Tensions

They never let you forget he is the "most powerful man in the world".  Oh, and he has a brilliant mind.

They never let you forget he is the “most powerful man in the world”. Oh, and he has a brilliant mind.

CLASSIC DISINFORMATION piece from our “vaunted” press.  Now we are supposed to believe that “private” cyber companies are getting wary of government intervention and data collection.

The long history of quiet cooperation between Washington and America’s top technology companies — first to win the Cold War, then to combat terrorism — was founded on the assumption of mutual interest. Edward J. Snowden’s revelations shattered that. Now, the Obama administration’s efforts to prevent companies from greatly strengthening encryption in commercial products like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phones has set off a new battle, as the companies resist government efforts to make sure police and intelligence agencies can crack the systems.

“What has struck me is the enormous degree of hostility between Silicon Valley and the government,” said Herb Lin, who spent 20 years working on cyberissues at the National Academy of Sciences before moving to Stanford several months ago. “The relationship has been poisoned, and it’s not going to recover anytime soon.”  story here.

All the top guys are at the meeting.

      All the top guys are at the meeting.

Excuse me while I laugh.  This hilarious piece of supposed “thoughtful journalism” appeared in the  NY Times.  THE main artery for getting the narrative out there.   It is a non-stop disinformation piece.  Does anyone believe ANY of this?

How many memes can you stuff into one fake piece? lol.  They cooperated to win the cold war and fight terror.  Obama is concerned about “improved encryption”?  lol  Hilarious.  do you really think they don’t have a back door to whatever they want? 

I will give you this.  They are PROs at writing propaganda. lol

Do you see how it works?  You write an “expose” about how there is “deep tension” or some such nonsense, and it sets the table.  Get about 90% of the “facts right, and just pack it with laughable memes and then add that little scoop of BS, and poof, perfect. lol

People don't realize this but the NSA is subject to affirmative action hires as well.

People don’t realize this but the NSA is subject to affirmative action hire requirements, so they fill the positions let’s say “creatively” .

Google is an NSA company and has been since the beginning.  Every single one of these companies has been and is still well aware of what it is designed to do.  Many of them were funded in part by the CIA’s own equity funding vehicle.  And this is information THAT  IS PUBLIC, god knows what is private/national security bs.  lol  Yes they have a private equity funding business!  Here it is.

The idea that these private companies resist is absurd. They resist PUBLICLY.  That is all.  IN private they provide access to whatever the government wants.  They are  INFORMATION COLLECTION AGENCIES FOR THE GOVERNMENT. Do you really believe anything else?  This meme about how the relationship is being “poisoned” is absurd.  How can it even happen when the entire purpose of the businesses is to collect and collate personal data under the guise of private action?  But I’m sure some people will believe it.  Some always do.



Real basis of Friday the 13th.

Is there anything that isn't racist? lol

Remember, everything is racist, even a “white” Christmas.

Most People don’t know that Friday the 13th is generally considered  “bad luck” because it was the day that the King came and swept up all of the Knights Templar 700 or so years ago.

At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip, later to be tortured in locations such as the tower at Chinon, into admitting heresy and other sacrilegious offenses in the Order. Then they were put to death. Wiki citation

Yet another act of government.  Round up your rivals and the people you owe money to and kill them and imprison them and seize their assets under the guise of “protecting the state”.  lol,  Nothing ever changes my friend.   

Of course almost no standard news story written by the standard brainwashed Brian Williams’ wantabe ever even mentions this simple fact.  Always with the misdirection and the disinformation.  It never ends. lol

Well enjoy your Friday the 13th my brainwashed Brethren.  Take care, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law



Lies and liars are not the exception, they are the rule, because real competition between the networks in the media is a LIE.

I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true. I give this information away for free.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I give this information away for free.

Because so many people were shocked to find out that Brian Williams’ laughable lie was “kept secret” for so long I want to spend a little time to explain how the underlying system is ACTUALLY put together.

I have already explained in my previous post about Mistake-gate that it is easy to keep a secret and naive to believe that “everyone would know”.  In fact the VERY concept that it is “impossible to keep a secret, and that “everyone would know” is just another meme they spread.  Having people believe and knee jerk react that “everyone would know” makes it that much easier to keep the secrets, because people don’t believe the secrets when they do start to leak out.  Why? Well because everyone would already HAVE KNOWN because it would have already have been “widely reported”.  lol.

NSA or Truman show? Sometimes reality and fiction can get blurred.

NSA or Truman show? Reality and fiction are becoming blurred in this brave new world.

The next most important thing to come out of Mistake-gate with the honorable Mr. Brian Williams is that any “competition” in the media is just part of the “Truman Show” they have created for you to live in and enjoy! lol Remember it’s because they care about you.

The major players are all ON THE SAME TEAM.  FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN all the SAME.  They are each there just to provide an illusion that something is happening, namely, reporting and checks and balances to the system, that is in fact just a charade.

People don’t understand that almost all media comes from the same six sources.  That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983  Take a look at this infographic. Is this diverse? Is this the result of free markets?

This is just TV of course.  There is so much more inter-connectedness to the entire charade that allows things to always just coincidentally “behave” the way they do. It is all about an illusion of freedom and competition, that doesn’t exist.  Think about it, with a group this small how easy is it to get “black-balled” out of what appears to be a “large” and diverse industry?  If you don’t play along you can be finished quite quickly? 

So do you see how TV and TV news is really just one giant incestuous bunch of liars?  It isn’t hard to keep them quiet. It is EASY.  Of course if any of this actually happened, “everyone would know”.

None of this is the result of FREE MARKETS.  THIS IS ALL THE RESULT OF USING THE FORCE OF GOVERNMENT.  Those very few who basically control all the assets control the competition with their version of “Vinny the enforcer”, government. 

I use this picture on my online dating profile to give the girls an idea of the share I have in the whole thing.

I use this picture of my net worth on my online dating profile to lure the chicks.  But I’m not getting a lot of action, maybe honesty isn’t the best policy. 

Oxfam International, a poverty fighting organization, made news at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year with its report that the world’s 85 richest people own assets with the same value as those owned by the poorer half of the world’s population, or 3.5 billion people (including children). Both groups have  $US 1.7 trillion. That’s $20 billion on average if you are in the first group, and $486 if you are in the second group. Rest of story here.

Do you see this?  This is the reality.  85 people have as much as HALF THE WORLD.  And THIS IS the REPORTED NUMBER. It is in all likelihood a laughable UNDERSTATEMENT of how concentrated the wealth actually is in the world.  Many super rich families don’t even make the “list” of “wealthiest” people, because they want a low profile. 

The very few at the top have it all.  They did not get it by playing by the rules you play by. THEY ARE CHEATERS, lol.  How hard is it to win if you cheat?  It isn’t complicated to see that these few people own governments and media and everything else. And they use those entities for their benefit.  It is not crazy, it is COMMON SENSE, lol. 

Here’s the list.  Notice how many people you have never heard of and notice the names NOT on there that you do know, like Rockefeller and Rothschild and decide for yourself whether you believe this “public list” actually represents the true state of affairs.

If you think the world operates like they taught you in school then you might want to consult one Mr. Rodney Dangerfield and his “testimony” in the movie “Back to School” when addressing this issue with his business professor.  Specifically when he says, “Oh you left a lot of stuff out.” lol

That's me back right. I learned more from Rodney in that one speech than I did the rest of the semester from the professor Phillip.

That’s me back right. I argued with the proffesor one day and ended up getting a “B”.  

These super rich people manipulate the entire game through access to the counterfeiting operation known as Central Banking. You create “problems” with the help of government in an industry, like a “licensing issue” in the media industry, and then buy up the competition on the cheap.

This giant scam was commonly known as a “roll up” in the 80’s and 90’s etc.  Every type of “industry” especially media types became subject to this giant scam.  The whole thing was of course presented to the masses as the operation of “brilliant individuals” in the “free markets” “honing competition” and other such nonsense. They always use the same playbook. lol

I brought the topic of I brought the topic of Roll-ups to a couple of women at my office. They said their kids loved them. And I'm sure they do. They tell the people what they want and then they give THAT to them. lolsure they do. They tell the people what they want and then they give THAT to them. lol

I brought up the topic of Roll-ups to a couple of women at my office. They said their kids loved them. And I’m sure they do. They tell the people what to want and then they give THAT to them. lol

But it isn’t just a licensing “problem” that can come up when dealing with the government.  Tax issues, immigration, audits, discrimination and on and on.  Importing, exporting, oversight and “anti-trust” are also just other cover stories operated by our friends down at government to protect those they want protected.  What does it take for people to see this?

The government is the “muscle” for the very rich who control all of the large companies and virtually everything else. It makes sure the competition is eliminated or controlled.

It is governments who allow huge multi-national corporations to operate all over and to dominate every nook and cranny of our lives and system.  The supreme court has declared that these entities are “people”.  Yes the great protector of your freedoms, the court. lol

These corporations are ostensibly “public” but the reality is that they are controlled by the board and large blocks of stock owned by many proxy entities with proxy voting and blind trusts and on and on the labyrinth of GOVERNMENT PROTECTION IN THE FORM OF LAWS AND RULES goes covering their trail and making it impossible for the masses to sort out who is REALLY pulling the strings.  Get it yet?

The absurd concentration of wealth has been AN OPEN SECRET for a long time. It is an “open secret”, just like Mr. Brian Williams’ honorable yet unfortunate “mistake” was well known in that industry. lol Supreme court Justice Brandeis wrote a whole book about the concentration of wealth a hundred years ago.  Go read it.  It was the subject of huge hearings in Congress.  What came of it? …… do you hear that?  I think that’s the sound of  “crickets”? That’s what came of it. ZERO. ZIP. NADA.  Government will never “get to the bottom of it” because one of its main purposes is to facilitate and COVER IT ALL UP.  lol

There was a study completed in 2007 in Zurich. It was the most extensive ever undertaken to try and understand the interlocking nature of of large companies.  Looking at boards and holdings etc.  Trying to dig down to figure out how much control was really concentrated in how many people or companies.  Get it?   Every heard of it? lol  Of course not.  Here are some of it’s findings.

Some things are better when they're concentrated. Some aren't. I use this stuff all the time. mmm mmm good.

I eat this stuff all the time.  I mean it is CON CEN TRATED , who doesn’t love a delicious concentrated POWDER?  The concentration makes it that much better don’t you think?

“Reality is so complex, we must move away from dogma, whether it’s conspiracy theories or free-market,” says James Glattfelder. “Our analysis is reality-based.”

Previous studies have found that a few TNCs own large chunks of the world’s economy, but they included only a limited number of companies and omitted indirect ownerships, so could not say how this affected the global economy – whether it made it more or less stable, for instance.

The Zurich team can. From Orbis 2007, a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide, they pulled out all 43,060 TNCs and the share ownerships linking them. Then they constructed a model of which companies controlled others through shareholding networks, coupled with each company’s operating revenues, to map the structure of economic power.

The work, to be published in PLoS One, revealed a core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownerships (see image). Each of the 1318 had ties to two or more other companies, and on average they were connected to 20. What’s more, although they represented 20 per cent of global operating revenues, the 1318 appeared to collectively own through their shares the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms – the “real” economy – representing a further 60 per cent of global revenues.

When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. “In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.  Story here.

The public is rarely shown the portraits of certain historical figures, for national security reasons of course.

The public might be shocked to learn the truth about some of the great leaders in the past, so it is not shown certain old portraits. For national security of course.

So less than 1% of the companies controlled 40% of the entire GLOBAL NETWORK!  And this is what they could FIND OUT.  There are many things you can NEVER find out, like agreements that would be ILLEGAL and therefore secret.  Then you have family associations, and secret societies like Skull & Bones, where Bush and Kerry are both members. (so are they actual rivals, or is that all just part of a larger con?  see what I mean?)  Then you have inter-married families, friendships, blind trusts, NGO information, hidden accounts, and things that are not even on ANY record.  Just like the royal families used to inter-marry to create alliances the super rich families today do the same thing.  Of course believing any of this is conspiracy kookery. Why? well if that was really happening, then  “everyone would know”.

Further this concentration does not take into account the massive involvement of Intelligence communities in every aspect of the corporate world.  READ GOVERNMENT.

There are  something called Deep cover agents.  They can work their entire careers ostensibly as “private” individuals and yet have been a CIA or other intelligence service agent their whole career.  They appear to be something they are NOT their whole careers!  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The full extent and interconnectedness is only limited by the amount of time you care to spend looking into it.

Just one of many other books available.

Just one of many other books available.

There are always so many layers to the lies it is hard to sort them out. Colonel Prouty pointed this out in his book the Secret Team more than 40 years ago. And so have many others.   But still people don’t believe because it takes time to UNlearn and people are lazy. lol  They actually PREFER to live in a dreamland and search for pics of Kim K’s wardrobe “slips”.   And believe me, your overseers are more than happy to oblige with the distractions.

Think about it, the FCC licenses and thereby controls most media in this country.  And that is just ONE agency of government control over the media.  What in the WORLD are we doing having the GOVERNMENT OVERSEE THE MEDIA in this country?? How do the ones who are supposed to be BEING WATCHED get to oversee the supposed “Watchers”?? lol it is totally backward, yet the people demand more government they are so hopelessly brainwashed.

Oh and don’t believe for a second that this concentration is limited to media.  Here’s another chart showing the concentration of how a small handful of companies control nearly everything you buy and eat.  If you want more here is the story.


So do you see? It is not just the media.  It is all an illusion of competition.  The same people sell you Tide or All.  It is a game, nothing more.  The money goes into the same hands at the end.

I’m going to give you another info graphic next.  This one is a more extensive view of the MEDIA.  Look it over and once you understand what is in it you will understand why it is so easy for them to just crank up the “Wurlitzer” and dump propaganda on you from every direction.  And remember, none of this even includes the monopoly on the EDUCATION system that the government runs.  So the brainwashing is so extensive that people just don’t see it.

NOTE: This infographic is not totally up to date, but it is very close.  GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn’t own AOL, so Huffington Post isn’t affiliated with them.

media infographic

Do you see now?  It’s easy to keep secrets.  The control is quite complete already.

One thing I have found from practicing law for so long.  No matter how much information you give to people, most people just won’t believe or won’t care.  And that is fine.  They are welcome to keep living in the Truman Show and to continue to believe that “everyone would know” and all the other silly naive ideas they have in their minds.

People, for the most part just don’t care.  They are content to drink beer, hang out and hope to “get a good job” and to try and get laid.  That is the reality.  Make friends with it. lol.

It's going to be okay. Just finish the article and then we can watch Judge Wapner.

I have hung out with this guy for years. He’s a blast. But even I have a hard time getting him to stay focused long enough to even read my stuff.  Look, just finish the article and then we can watch Judge Wapner or go back to the Casino and get some more girls.

Think about it. Just making it to the end of this article means you are UNUSUAL. lol.  Most people won’t even bother to read an article like this, and definitely not to the end. And an even smaller number will take the time to actually look at the information and links, and still even fewer will bother to buy and READ a book or two or do some of their own nosing around.   So the consolidation of control will continue by our rich cheating friends at the top. lol

And that is reality.  You have to live in reality.  But that doesn’t mean it is a reality without hope.  You can make your way through the maze.  And you can still laugh and enjoy. And we can share it together here.   I hope you have a better idea of how truly laughable the disconnect is between what you are taught and what the world actually is.

The few have control of it all.  To the extent they don’t  control you or anyone else on some business deal, it is only because they have CHOSEN not to.  Nothing more. lol. 

So I will leave you with Mr. Rodney Dangerfield’s insight in to the business world.  lol enjoy.


That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Take care, don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

The media continues to COVERUP the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON from the Brian Williams’ LIE.

I found this sketch of Brian Williams made by a soldier who was on the chopper with him.  Apparently the only danger that anyone faced was trying to keep the fire on Williams' pants from spreading when he was talking.

I found this sketch of Brian Williams that was made by a soldier who was on the chopper with him. Apparently the only ACTUAL danger that anyone faced was trying to keep the fire on Williams’ pants from spreading when he was talking.

2-5-15 The latest WHOPPER out of the Media/government/education grand Wurlitzer of propaganda is brought to us courtesy of Brian Williams’ admission that he is a LIAR. Lol I want to make a couple of points here that nobody seems to be interested in making. Things that are a lot more problematic than the narrative being spun about this “admission”.

To make sure we know what this is really about let’s deal with what he has actually SAID about the incident. I tracked down a video from just 2 years ago where he is re-telling his whopper for the umpteenth time. And I want you to listen to some of the incredible detail he has created for what he is now terming a “mistake”. Oh and btw, the original video I posted got pulled by a fake “copyright” claim from NBC.  The idea that NBC can claim protection for something that aired on CBS shows you the length that the entire system goes to in order to cover things up.  Here’s another version.

Now you’ve heard him tell the story.

What actually happened?  Well of course we can never know, but we do know that they are pulling out all of the same non-linear disinformation techniques and there are a LOT of different versions floating.  They run the gamut from he arrived at an airstrip an hour after another chopper got hit and shot down, to he was in a group where one got hit and brought down.  But giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was AT MOST near some chopper that got shot down.  NOT in it etc.

Using that as the baseline, let’s look at the explanation he is now offering to explain how he came to make the claims he has made about the event.

I got this motivational poster from one of Brian Williams' staffer.

I got this motivational poster from one of Brian Williams’ staffer.

“I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago, I want to apologize…
Because I have no desire to fictionalize my experience (we all saw it happened the first time) and no need to dramatize events as they actually happened, I think the constant viewing of the video showing us inspecting the impact area — and the fog of memory over 12 years — made me conflate the two, and I apologize.

So he is attempting to characterize what he has done for 12 years as a “mistake”. This is absurd. It was not a mistake. It was an intentional lie. And by calling it a mistake he is just once again LYING to everyone. He KNOWS it is not a mistake.

Now you KNOW that this was not a “mistake”. It is quite simply impossible to make a “mistake” about the kind of facts he added and created out of whole cloth.

Here are the things that JUMPED out at me for the ridiculous lie he told again and again.

A four star GENERAL went along with the LIE. He was apparently perfectly content to keep his mouth shut about what he KNEW was a lie being told by the MSM that he was personally involved with. Get it? Why isn’t this being brought up? Why doesn’t this raise a LOT of questions? Poof gone like the wind. He says the guy is dead. I wonder what the circumstances of his death were?

He claimed he was trapped in a sandstorm for 3 days and protected by some forward units.  Lol This is beyond absurd. It is impossible to make a mistake about “facts” like this. He names the group that stood to protect him. That would have been easily checkable. Was it?

He claims he was concerned that his WIFE and children would be worried because of his predicament. So he has dragged THEM into his lie as well. The man has no shame.

Few people remember but Brian Williams made his name covering this famous weekend.

Few people remember but Brian Williams actually made his name covering the details of this famous weekend of partying.  Of course we later learned that Bernie had actually been dead the whole time. Brian was as “shocked” as everyone else.

He claims someone ON HIS CHOPPER got the purple heart and had an ear drum problem! Again easily checkable. Was it?

Did you notice what a GREAT LIAR HE IS! Looks totally credible doing it. Doesn’t this worry people?

All of this should be cause for grave concern. A man capable of telling a lie this smoothly is a very dangerous man indeed. And a man capable of doing this AND being presented as a news man is doubly dangerous. But those are all OBVIOUS.

Here is what almost NOBODY is talking about it.

Think about HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE WENT ALONG WITH THIS LIE for 12 years. His entire NBC crew. They would have been with him. A camera man, an audio guy a producer an associate producer probably a lot more people.

And think of how many other people had to be KEPT QUIET.  All of the military personnel on the chopper that was actually hit. All of the crew on HIS actual chopper. All the men at the base where the REAL chopper was repaired. All of THEIR friends on the base that they TOLD, etc. etc.  Are any of these people being tracked down by the other media outlets to find out what went on?


If I had told you LAST WEEK that Brian Williams is a liar and that he made up the entire thing 12 years ago about “being in a chopper that was shot down” etc. You would have called me a “conspiracy nut”.  why?


Do YOU SEE THAT? But will anyone bring up THIS FACT?  hmmm….. uhh NO? correct.

Few people are aware of the complex systems used to "motivate".  You have to be an "expert" to understand of course.

Few people are aware of the complex systems used to “motivate” in corporate news rooms. You have to be an “expert” to understand of course.

But it WAS kept a “secret” from everyone. Not because it didn’t happen.  Do you see that? This isn’t about Brian Williams lying. It is about how he was ALLOWED to tell this lie by all those around who knew it was a lie and SAID NOTHING.  GET IT?

This is always the way it is. It is not hard to keep a supposedly “big secret”. It is easy when you can offer people a carrot and stick to motivate them. I would be quite interested to see an investigation of the “CAREER TRAJECTORIES” of those who kept the secret for him at NBC and maybe the commanders on the ground that also knew. I won’t be holding my breath for that “investigative report”, lol.

Remember he “took over” as the HEAD anchor just one year later when Brokaw retired. Coincidence? Riiiight. They had to have KNOWN he was a huge liar. For all we know this LIE was the cost he had to pay in order for him to get the promotion.

Do you not understand that?

Well it is no different than any other gang that makes you kill someone to get into it. Gangs have to have DIRT ON YOU. Get it? The entire news complex is just a giant lying propaganda machine. You cannot rise to the top of such an institution unless they have a way to control you. Unless you have something to risk. A secret to be kept? Do you see that?

These NBC executives only agreed to speak if we agreed to not release their names.

These NBC executives only agreed to speak if we agreed to not release their names.

He now KNOWS once he tells that lie that at anytime he doesn’t play ball that he can be outted as a liar and “disgraced”. Do you understand the system now?

Why now though? Something happened to either force him out now or to “allow him” out now. We can never know which, but we will have a very good idea moving forward when we find out what NBC does and where his career goes from here. They may circle the wagons and try and save him, or he may be cut loose.

But honestly, how in the world can he be allowed to continue to “report” the news. Even if you believed his truly absurd “explanation” about being confused and then “conflating” the incidents, THAT ALONE would be sufficient to never allow him to report again. Anyone who is capable of actually genuinely confusing facts like this is literally INSANE and has no business reporting anything, lol. But of course my suspicion is that he is just another self seeking narcissist who doesn’t hesitate to lie cheat or steal to get what he wants, namely his high paying job as a professional liar.

God knows how many other STORIES he has “covered” that were just as much of a crock as this one. I’m sure they will be surfacing on the Internet over the next week or so. In fact, here’s one I just ran across.  It’s hilarious.

He's just a man. He doesn't want you to think of him as a hero.  And of course we don't, because we know he's just lying.

Brian William’s just a man. He doesn’t want you to think of him as a hero. And of course we don’t, because we know he’s just lying.

Writing in USA Today in 2011, the anchor of “Nightly News,” talked about his days as a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey. And shares one episode of modest heroism:

My firehouse was a modest engine company — three engines, three garage doors and about 30 of the best men I’ve ever known. We fought all the usual fires that break out in the suburbs: brush fires, car fires, dumpsters, dryers, light fixtures — and worst of all, the occasional house, already in flames when we arrived. I remember one such house fire — the structure was fully involved with flames and smoke. I was wearing a breathing apparatus, conducting a search on my hands and knees, when I felt something warm, squishy and furry on the floor of a closet. I instinctively tucked it in my coat. When I got outside, I saw two small eyes staring up at me, and I returned the 3-week-old (and very scared) puppy to its grateful owners.
Rest of story here:

From what I can tell the guy is pathological.  lol.  Saved puppies now? lol  But really, should anyone be surprised?  Of course not.  The “news” is nothing but a propaganda vehicle.  It is not REAL.

But there is one more very important point that Everyone in the news is ignoring in this whole story and it is probably the most important thing of all that should come out of this story, but won’t.


Get it? It is impossible that the other “news” reporters didn’t know this whole thing was a LIE. Wouldn’t you think that if you had the chance to destroy the reputation of your supposed “COMPETITOR” that you would take it?

Here's a rare back stage look at how the news is made.

Here’s a rare back stage look at what doesn’t make the news. 

Of course you would, if that was what they actually were. BUT THEY ARE NOT COMPETITORS. They are all in it together. The “alternative” stations and “views” are all fine and dandy SO LONG AS THEY STAY WITHIN THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

Do you see this? Why is NOBODY talking about this elephant in the ROOM? How could they have not KNOWN? It is absurd to imagine they didn’t know. The story was so easily CHECKED. So either they didn’t bother to check, in which case they are incompetent, or they didn’t need to check or were told not to check because they knew it was a lie. Get it?

Why would FOX stay quiet about this for 12 years? Why didn’t CBS break THIS story 12 years ago when he told the lie? Because they all work together. You have to have the “right” and “left” illusion in order to work the whole scam.

And so they didn’t say anything because they are all in on it. Do you see this? They are all lying to you night and day.

Look at this hilarious old piece of video where CNN was faking crap in the first gulf war. They pretend to be live in Saudi Arabia and they are just on a set.  They know the whole thing is a joke. They are laughing at the viewers.  Do you understand yet what the “NEWS” is?  They know it is a joke.  And the joke is on you.  lol,  They make money and laugh. 

Why didn’t FOX jump on this? Why wasn’t his career OVER?  Why isn’t everyone reminded of this by their “competitors” in the news? Because they all do it and they are all in it together. It isn’t complicated.  Do you see now? Do you get it? The news and the information people are “given” is a show, nothing more.

The real story here is not that we caught a liar. We already knew he was a liar. How? Because his JOB is to lie, lol.  The real story that nobody is talking about is that here is proof positive that it is quite easy to keep a story hidden. That believing that “if it were true that “everyone would know” is a naïve thing indeed to believe. And the kicker is that all of the news agencies work together to weave a NARRATIVE, not to give you facts. They are not competitors.

Hold it, I'm confused. Is that the saying?

Hold it, I’m confused. Is that the saying?

Why didn’t the vaunted NY TIMES break this story 12 years ago? Because they are not what they claim. There are only 2 possibilities for why this Brian Williams lie was not brought to everyone’s attention 12 years ago by one of the “competitors” , either they are all in it together and covered the whole thing up. Or, they are patently INCOMPETENT to do what they claim to do in reporting news stories.  Because this Whopper of a lie was an OPEN secret in the business and would have been easy to fact check. Period.

So take your pick. Liars or incompetent, lol.

Here is a rare photograph of the last known honest reporter. He became famous for his first hand account of the ending of the  last ice age.

Ahh the good ole days when reporters actually reported the news.  

I know what I think. They are perfect blend of each. Umm Umm GOOD! Lol They hire people who DON’T care about the truth. They care about their careers. So they are easy to control.

Regardless, the Brian Williams’ story provides an excellent lesson. I hope you have learned it and never forget it.

Now here I want to give you a nice little laugh from one of my favorite movies of all time.  Wag the Dog.  If you want to see what the NEWS really is rent it and watch the whole movie.  But here’s a great clip.  The background for the movie is that Robert Dinero has gone to Dustin Hoffman who is a famous movie producer in order to get him to “produce” a news story to create a distraction for a couple of weeks to buy some time before an election.  Enjoy.

Now THAT is funny.  As Homer Simpson says, “it’s funny, because it’s true.” lol. 

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Take care, don’t get down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

They even lie to us about something as seemingly innocuous as ARCHERY, lol

Okay, I admit I was really close, but still, that's not easy to do.

Okay, I admit I was really close, but still, that’s not easy to do.

The lies and mis-directions are continuous and complete, and they come from every direction. It is all part of the NON-linear disinformation campaign designed to create confusion and to make people give up and just watch TV or update their facebook page. The lies seep into every nook and cranny of “information” the masses are given. They are built into the very fabric of the education people get. It is not coincidence that rhetoric, logic and a study of the classics have been removed and replaced with sex ed, cultural awareness and lesbian studies.

If you studied the classics like Plato you would KNOW the way those in charge think and that would make you much more difficult to manipulate and to control. You would be exposed to big ideas about freedom and justice and you would have actually have THOUGHT about them, instead of just accepting the laughable crock of sh** they teach people in their indoctrination centers with their tightly controlled curriculum. Here is the “golden rule” that they follow and that they teach their own children.  You should NEVER forget this:

It's important to study the truly classic material.  Like George Carlin.

Now he was a classic.  It’s important to study the true classics.

They say that to do injustice is, by nature, good; to suffer injustice, evil; but that the evil is greater than the good. And so when men have both done and suffered injustice and have had experience of both, not being able to avoid the one and obtain the other, they think that they had better agree among themselves to have neither; hence there arise laws and mutual covenants; and that which is ordained by law is termed by them lawful and just. This they affirm to be the origin and nature of justice; –it is a mean or compromise, between the best of all, which is to do injustice and not be punished, and the worst of all, which is to suffer injustice without the power of retaliation; and justice, being at a middle point between the two, is tolerated not as a good, but as the lesser evil, and honoured by reason of the inability of men to do injustice. For no man who is worthy to be called a man would ever submit to such an agreement if he were able to resist; he would be mad if he did. Such is the received account, Socrates, of the nature and origin of justice. – Plato’s Republic, Book II.

You may need to read it again to be sure you digest the import.

They count on people PROJECTING out their own good intentions onto the world of others actions. That is natural. That is something people just do. But it is a big mistake when you are dealing with the people who want to control you like those in power. They, in all likelihood, DO NOT have good intentions as you imagine and project. They are just taking advantage of human tendency to project.

Never forget that they don’t play by the same rules. They think it is a VIRTUE to lie and cheat you. They teach you that they believe the OPPOSITE. Get it? If you still don’t understand this then go read my post on it.

I don't like to be disturbed when I am working on a post.

I don’t like to be disturbed when I am working on a post.

A dumbed down group is easy to control. A mass of brainwashed, drugged, sex addicted fools fighting amongst themselves to try and get scraps from each other is what those in charge want. It keeps the attention off of the real problems. If those same masses can be made to believe they are actually free and in charge, so much the better, as it is here in the U.S. of A.

People weren’t always just drone like “employees” hoping to “get a job” and then “retire”. People used to be basically independent. They had high levels of all sorts of usable skills. People use to carry weapons. People use to be something that was a difficult thing to control up close.

Before guns, and planes and drones and bombs, it was not so easy to take over an area and then to HOLD it. Killing was done up close. It was dangerous to “go collect the taxes”. It was hard to fight off a mob. It was dangerous to send a crooked judge out among the people to “dispense the kings justice”. It was hard to hide. It was hard to move your valuables and assets out of an area safely. You had to put them in a container and take them out with a wagon and some men you “trusted”. Now, they just push buttons and pooof electronically transferred.

I"m thinking about adding a product line to my site to help monetize it.  Maybe some mugs and shirts.  ??

I”m thinking about adding a product line to my site to help monetize it. Maybe some mugs and shirts. Whatcha think??

Dueling was a great equalizer as well. If someone offended you and lied about you there was a potential to get satisfaction from them, or have them ostracized from society or shown for what they were. That is why dueling is outlawed. The liars want free range to run around lying and to force you into the crooked “just a system” that they run. And they have accomplished all of this. And they have had it for a long long time.

The masses are controlled out of ignorance and sloth at this point, but the people running things do not have good intentions. People could be much more independent and much more dangerous and difficult to control, but they are not. Alas, the people have become true sheeple. And that kind of sucks for those of us who like our freedom, lol.

A reader sent me this video and I was fascinated by it. It is just over 5 minutes. Watch it and be amazed.  Then I want to make a few points about it.

I hope you watched it. If you didn’t then GO WATCH IT, lol If you did, then you are probably AMAZED, lol. Look at the skill level he has reached. Imagine the skill level people had when they were raised doing this type of thing?

Think of the level of what amounts to nothing but LIES that you have been taught about something as simple as ARCHERY. It’s not that there is no information.  He has found and read old manuals that tell the TRUE story, but you and I are not told that story. We are told a story that makes us WEAKER. Get it?

But do you see how the truth is right there in PLAIN SIGHT as it always is.  Had you ever noticed it? I know I hadn’t. But nonetheless there it was all along in old paintings that I have certainly seen, but never actually LOOKED AT.

It is always the same. Knowledge is distorted and hidden. The lie is continued and promoted and eventually, the truth is LOST to the general population. It is always the same. It doesn’t matter if it is as simple as Obama’s faked up birth certificate, which will not even go down as a footnote, or the IRS scandal, or the counsel of Nicea’s fancy footwork on the “holy documents”…. or the true history of ARCHERY.  THE SAME TECHNIQUE is always used.

I didn't really learn a lot about how to fix stuff growing up.  So I have had to teach myself.

I didn’t really learn a lot about how to fix stuff growing up. So I have had to teach myself.

Ignore, lie and then keep lying. Lol, Never ever ever come clean no matter how clear it is that you are lying. Then let time do its work.

When you can see it in one thing then it is easier to see it in the next. When you can start to see the pattern, then you can start to prevent yourself from falling prey.

Archery, who’d have thunk it? I mean the stuff that guy can do is f’ing AMAZING.

Do you see the way they have only had to tweak the truth.  They always teach the basics.  They just make a VERY SMALL adjustment to those basics, whether it is a skill or just information.  They mix in a bit of dog sh** to the recipe, as my good friend likes to say.  Oh they give you a GREAT recipe, but then they have that little bit that is wrong.  That tiny thing that makes all the difference pulled out or substituted in to make it all go wrong.  Do that and poof, the value is cut by 90%.  Think about it, all they did was start teaching how to put the arrow on the WRONG side and archery becomes a ghost of what this guy can do.  So simple.  So subtle. And this is always the way it is.

This is the heart of all disinformation and propaganda campaigns. 

Teach, but teach wrongly.  Teach mostly right, but then turn it a quarter of an inch in the wrong direction.  Once that is done they can just let it go.  Once people are asking the wrong questions and using the wrong BASIC techniques, there is nothing more to watch. 

Well it was a two for one special but I like pepperoni and she doesn't.  So we compromised.

Well it was a two for one special but I like pepperoni and she doesn’t. So we compromised.  I learned how to order like this in SCHOOL.  Makes sense, right?

Get it?  And if you think that losing this archery knowledge was all just accident and coincidence, like the guy who made the video, then I have some beach front property in Kansas that you’re going to love. Exactly how would it happen that someone started doing it wrong and wouldn’t have been corrected? I mean today if you’re learning to shoot and you put the arrow on the “wrong side” wouldn’t someone mention it?   So I’m a little unclear on how that just “happened” all  over the world over time? They some how started doing in a way that works WORSE and everyone adopted it? Makes a lot of sense that it was an accident.

How many other skills have been lost? How many other lies have we been sold?  The amount is only limited by your own imagination and your willingness to look into the truth my

As outrageous as that sounds, that is the conclusion I have reached after having dug into countless topics over the years, only to find the same rotten core each time.  My friend, they lie to us, lol.  Always the same.

So keep looking and keep reading and enjoy yourselves. Don’t buy the bs they’re selling you.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Take care, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

More “tragic deaths” and a quick lesson in how everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.


These babes were doing pretty well so I slipped in to join the table.

I took these babes to Atlantic City to try and impress them, but they ended up hooking up with some  younger guy. 

distraction in news man1-23-15 George Soros makes “another brilliant move”. lol.  I love ZH, it’s a great site.  I suspect because it has gotten so big in the last few years that it is fully infiltrated, but I don’t care. They still have a lot of great news.

The way the political system works is like the mob.  You’re either in or out.  The laws are there to reward and protect those on the inside at the expense of us on the outside.  It isn’t complicated. I have tried to briefly explain how “licensing and regulation” is there to make sure that anyone they care to protect is protected and anyone who they don’t get’s “investigated” and hassledThe financial markets are completely and totally rigged from top to bottom.  Financial news is a laughable cover story for the masses to buy into.

Forget the giant bail out in 2008 when it blew up.  Forget the 60 to 80 BILLION a month in QE’s for years that went right to the insiders.  There are constant manipulations. They constantly hold out certain people to the public like Soros or Buffet.  The press claims they are “geniuses”.  The guys write books and they talk about the long road up etc. etc.  All just a load of crap.  They are cheaters from way back in my opinion.

Much like Soros, there is no actual risk when he goes to the table.

Much like Soros, there is no actual risk when he goes to the table.

Soros of course is  main mouthpiece and a totally made man.  He won’t lose. He “gets’ the email” telling him whatever is going to happen with plenty of time to avoid a problem.  lol  Here’s his latest “brilliant investing move” that the public will imagine is just him being a whole bunches of bunch smarter than dem”.  It is all sillyness.  It is rigged.

George Soros, was betting against the Swiss franc in the fall before it removed those bearish positions.  Why did the Soros so conveniently take off a bet which, with leverage, could have resulted in massive losses for his hedge fund? The WSJ says he did so after “viewing the risk as too high relative to potential gains, said people close to the matter.”

Oh man that was a CLOSE CALL.  A 30% move in a currency in one day blew up a lot of people. Good thing he’s a genius and pulled his bet before it happened. 

So we are treated to the idea that he is brilliant by the Wall Street Journal, a laughable mouthpiece for the powers that be.  How do we know there was no funny business?  Well because they told us so, of course.  And don’t worry the “regulators” are watching.  You know the porn watching guys at the SEC, lol.  You remember all of that don’t you? lol

Report: SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed

Well, I feel confident that they have gotten all that cleaned up now and they are back on the case.  How do I know? Because they told me.




This movie was a lot more realistic than what passes for the news.

This movie was a lot more realistic than what passes for the news.

1-23-15 First up the poor guy investigating corruption in Argentina.  I guess he just doesn’t understand that it is all fun and games until someone loses and eyeHe must have thought his job was to actually prosecute the real culprits, like that dead French police guy who thought his job was to solve crimes.  Their jobs are to run cover for the crooks.  Sheesh, is it that complicated? If you get too much traction, well, you are going to have an accident.   I already wrote about this in the banker deaths distraction.  It is the same all over the world…Here’s the news article on the guy so tragically dying, feel free to read the rest.

But first, let’s recap what’s known about Nisman’s death. On Monday, he was supposed to have presented his evidence against Kirchner and members of her government at a parliamentary hearing. But on Sunday night, the 51-year-old special prosecutor was found in a pool of blood in the bathroom of his 13th floor apartment. A .22 caliber Argentine-made Bersa semi-automatic pistol and a shell casing were found next to the body, and there was an entry wound in his right temple, but no exit wound.

Okay, got it so far.  Multi year investigation and he is due to make his report MONDAY.  Then, well, he kills himself the night before.  So, nothing to see here.

It really is a tragedy.

It really is a tragedy.

Nisman did not own a gun. He reportedly borrowed this one from someone in his office the day before, although the reasons he gave for wanting a pistol are not clear. There were no traces of powder on his right hand, but investigators say that is conceivable with such a small-bore pistol.

Nisman had a police protection detail that included ten bodyguards, but none of them were present at the apartment late Saturday night or Sunday morning, which is when he appears to have died.

Man I hate it when that happens. Supposed to have protection and then, pooof all gone right when you might need them.  These darned coincidences are killing me, so to speak.

The people in Argentina are not fooled. They are in the streets. Oh, what you didn’t hear about this?  Well, relax I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it.  There are more and more stories about it. If you care to check it out, here’s the latest from Reuters

Oh, and they are beginning to pull out the non-linear crap.  Up is down, contradictory stuff. Basically make is so nobody can ever get to the bottom of it.  It’s always the same my friend it’s always a lot of coincidences. Such a shame.

Here is an update on this from 2-4-15.  Yet more information that it is what we suspect all along.  Here’s an excerpt from the story that you can read all of here:

BUENOS AIRES — Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor whose mysterious death has gripped Argentina, had drafted a request for the arrest of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, accusing her of trying to shield Iranian officials from responsibility in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center here, the lead investigator into his death said Tuesday.

The 26-page document, which was found in the garbage at Mr. Nisman’s apartment, also sought the arrest of Héctor Timerman, Argentina’s foreign minister.

The new revelation that Mr. Nisman had drafted documents seeking the arrest of the president and the foreign minister illustrates the heightened tensions between the prosecutor and the government before he was found dead on Jan. 18 at his apartment with a gunshot wound to his head. He had been scheduled the next day to provide details before Congress about his accusations against Mrs. Kirchner.

So he had planned to present an arrest warrant as well the next day. hmm.  Such a tragic suicide.  And such a shame his security team had “left him” right when “he did it to himself”.

My friends, they lie to you.  They lie to us all, all the stinking time. 




Hey who's that guy?  Oh,probably nobody.

Hey who’s that guy leaving the scene? Oh,probably nobody.

This guy was a very high up I.T. guy who did a lot of work with a lot of agencies doing a lot of stuff they aren’t supposed to be doing and the people aren’t supposed to know about.  I guess he stumbled into something, or decided he couldn’t do it anymore.  Either way, he clearly didn’t understand the reality of the world.  EVERYONE can be reached.  Here’s a bit of the story.

The 16,000 square-foot Annapolis mansion of millionaire IT executive Don Pyle, 55, went up in flames so fast on Monday, investigators believe a chemical agent must have been used. The house, dubbed “the castle” by neighbors, was fully engulfed by the time the fire department got there. It took 85 firefighters to finally put the blaze out. Pyle, his wife and four grandchildren are currently presumed dead.

Some 20 agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been called in to investigate and foul play is suspected.

ExSqueeze me while I laugh.  20 ATF agents called in for a fire investigation?  Right, makes sense.  Not agents there to cover it up or create fake evidence, there to investigate.  Gotcha.  So what did this guy do or who did he work for?

They put their top guy on this case.  No one else is allowed access to the evidence.  Federal jurisdiction and all.

They put their top guy on this case. No one else is allowed access to the evidence. Federal jurisdiction and all.

Not only was he the COO of ScienceLogic, a company which regularly conducts business with the military and intelligences communities and which monitored the online networks for both the Department of Defense and the FBI (among others), but he was also CEO at Netcordia, another IT company which has contracted with both the National Security Agency and U.S. Army to manage their online networks. He had just taken the position at ScienceLogic in October.

Wow, doesn’t take a genius to figure this whole thing out. Still a shame.

The interesting thing to me is that this type of thing is more of a message than it is just a way to get rid of someone. I mean, VERY public. Very obvious. And a lot of innocents killed. This makes me think they killed him to also SEND A MESSAGE to some other people who might be thinking of doing whatever it is that he was thinking of doing. Get it?

The message is clear. We can reach you. We will not only reach you, we don’t mind killing your grandchildren etc. Don’t get involved with them. They cannot be reasoned with. In for a penny, in for a pound. There is no getting out, just like the mob.

I have tried getting the word out a lot of ways.  They say you always start with a joke to capture your audience.  Hello, is this thing on?  So a duck, a Rabbi, and a cowboy walk into a bar.

I have tried getting the word out a lot of ways.  I never get a lot of traction.  Hello, is this thing on? So a duck, a Rabbi, and a cowboy walk into a bar.

Oh yeah, 2 as of yet unidentified people also in there.

We can have no idea what really happened or why and we never will, especially with this “investigation”. They could have all been dead before the fire started, or drugged or god knows what. We will never know. We can just say, a fire like this is a message. I’m quite sure the message was received, loud and clear.

I guess “we need some better procedures or policies or maybe a new law or regulation or investigation”. Or maybe, you should spend a lot of your own personal time going door to door ginning up votes for the “new guy” who will be sure to “get to the bottom of this and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” You know?  lol, okay, maybe not.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Take care and tell someone about the truth about the law. 
Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

IRS hires same Michelle O firm that screwed up Obamacare site: Questioning authority is now a mental illness; ISIS leader was a CONFIRMED FAKE in 2007, and more news.



distraction in news man

1-22-15 So now we learn that the IRS is hiring the same set of jokers who I just wrote about a week ago.  The 2 billion dollar Obamacare website fiasco makes no difference.  It is all just a game to the people in government.  IT isn’t their money. 

After facing a year of embarrassing failures, federal officials finally pulled the plug on the company and terminated CGI’s contract in January 2014.

Yet on Aug. 11, seven months later, IRS officials signed a new contract with CGI to provide “critical functions” and “management support” for its Obamacare tax program, according to the Federal Procurement Data System, a federal government procurement database.

There is no oversight. They “oversee” themselves.  It has nothing to do with left/right. I just don’t know what more evidence people need.  Clearly evidence is not the issue. There is a serious cognitive block that prevents people from accepting what is right in front of them.



eagle straight

1-22-15 The wonders of modern medicine. It is now an illness to not just go along get along.  It starts like this every time.  Creeping, slow, unnoticed.  Then it becomes, standard.  Then, “it has been this way for years”. lolThis is what old style “commie” countries did to their population.  But relax, it “will never be used like that here.”.  They official diagnostic “holy book” the doc’s use now makes the following a “mental illness”.

As informs us, the definition of this new mental illness essentially amounts to declaring any non-conformity and questioning of authority as a form of insanity. According to the manual, ODD is defined as:

[…] an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

Oh NOOOOOOOO, I have it!!!  I guess I need some medication STAT!  I need to get on board with the program they have designed.  What an f’ing JOKE. lol

My friends the article has several good links that have several more. If you don’t understand the way the “mental health” business is being used in conjunction with Obamacare to slowly take control of many parts of society you are blind. It is right in front of you. 

I have posted the history of psychiatry in my Fascinating other stuff section. You need to educate yourself.  Kids all on drugs. Half the people are now “mentally ill”.  Now of course if you are too frequently “disobedient” well, you need to be hospitalized.

This is the freedom we “fight for”.   Relax, this is all just innocent coincidence.




It really is a match made in heaven.  I mean who else is good enough for him?

It really is a match made in heaven. I mean who else is good enough for him?

1-22-15 The voters are now “demanding” that “congress” address Terror. lol, or at least that’s what they would have us believe the polls say. From what I can tell from the brainwashed masses it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  People actually believe the whole story. It is hilarious to me. How many times do they have to be caught lying and creating “terror” and “foiling” nonexistent “threats” or threats they create themselves before the public wakes up?  I now have to assume there is no limit.  And I assume our rulers also know there is NO limit.

Here’s a story showing what the “polls” say the people want.  Guess what tops the list?  Terror baby.  Like the faked up crap from paris or syria or anywhere else.

Infographic: Americans' Top 10 Policy Priorities For 2015 | Statista

Juxtaposed against the real threat, which I have gone over again and again, which is basically, zero.

Do the ignorant masses know their actual chances of being killed by a terrorist? To say the chances are astronomically miniscule is an understatement. See for yourself:

  • You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack
  • You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack
  • You are 23,528 times more likely to die from obesity than from a terrorist attack
  • You are 5,882 times more likely to die from medical error than terrorism.
  • You are  4,706 times more likely to drink yourself to death than die from terrorism.
  • You are 1,904 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack.
  • You are 2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist.
  • You are 452 times more likely to die from risky sexual behavior than terrorism.
  • You are 353 times more likely to fall to your death doing something idiotic than die in a terrorist attack.
  • You are 271 times more likely to die from a workplace accident than terrorism.
  • You are more than 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist.
  • You are 110 times more likely to die from contaminated food than terrorism
I had quite an enlightening conversation with this chick when I was in the produce section.  I'm feeling good about the future.

I had quite an enlightening conversation with this chick when I was in the produce section. I’m feeling good about the future.

Do you see the disconnect? It is hilarious. It is all about faked up fear as I have written.

THEN THERE IS THIS STORY SHOWING THAT BACK IN 2007 THE ISIS GUY “LEADING IT” WAS A COMPLETE INVENTION, FAKE, MADE UP. GOT IT??? LOL Fake, just like I have said again and again.  But does it matter today? Of course not, THIS TIME IT’S REAL, lol.

For more than a year, the leader of one the most notorious insurgent groups in Iraq was said to be a mysterious Iraqi named Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi.

As the titular head of the Islamic State in Iraq, an organization publicly backed by Al Qaeda, Baghdadi issued a steady stream of incendiary pronouncements. Despite claims by Iraqi officials that he had been killed in May, Baghdadi appeared to have persevered unscathed.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like the kind of “news” we get now in the “war on Terror”?  They are sooo close to “catching him”, we just need more money and to murder a few more innocents.  But then there was this.

On Wednesday, a senior American military spokesman provided a new explanation for Baghdadi’s ability to escape attack: He never existed.

Shown here is the latest installment of the ISIS story.  As always, Chad Hardbody is sent to get the bad guy... and TAKE the girl.

Shown here is the latest installment of the ISIS story. As always, Chad Hardbody is sent to get the bad guy… and TAKE the girl.

Brigadier General Kevin Bergner, the chief American military spokesman, said the elusive Baghdadi was actually a fictional character whose audio-taped declarations were provided by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima.

Excuse me while I laugh. I know it’s a bad habit, but the show is really funny.  And the audience really seems to buy into it each time.  Like a good romance novel!  So many captivating characters. 

The ruse, Bergner said, was devised by Abu Ayub al-Masri, the Egyptian-born leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, who was trying to mask the dominant role that foreigners play in that insurgent organization.

The ploy was to invent Baghdadi, a figure whose very name establishes his Iraqi pedigree, install him as the head of a front organization called the Islamic State of Iraq and then arrange for Masri to swear allegiance to him. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s deputy, sought to reinforce the deception by referring to Baghdadi in his video and Internet statements.

Okay, I bought one off of HSN one night late, but I never really tried it.

This thing is not really my bag.  Technically I did buy one off of HSN one night late, but I never really tried it.

Got it?  That is the reality.  And if I were to have to “bet on it”. I would suspect that the “guy who made it up” was a kite for the CIA or the NSA or MI5 etc.  who knows? I know this. He isn’t a legitimate threat. It is ALL fake.  It was fake in 2007 and it is FAKE NOW. Get it?  Both sides of the “war” are using the same fear scam because they are all in on it together.  Same reason Old Arafat died so stinking rich.  He was fake opposition.  Did you not see the movie “The Departed”?  Remember, Nicholson was an informant too.  They tell you all the time what the world is, but people refuse to see it in their daily life.

And that’s why they don’t mind lying to you.  I have explained this before

None of this should surprise anyone with half a brain and who will simply LOOK at what is right in front of them.  As the Nazarene said,

This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.  — Mathew

No I still don't see it.  Are you sure you didn't swallow it?

No I still don’t see it. Are you sure you didn’t swallow it?

Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? — Mark

It isn’t a matter of believing he was the only savior, because I don’t. His teachings too have been misapplied. But the wisdom is there.  He was a prophet and a leader.  It is right in front of people but they can’t see. 

My friends, the truth is there for anyone who cares to look.  Can you handle the truth? lol




Kicking ass and taking names my friend,  Supersize me.

Kicking ass and taking names my friend, Supersize me.

1-22-15 There is no end to the murder freedom fighting.  Here’s a nice summary.   We fly in these “special ops” guys all the time.  Sure sometimes there are a few “civilians” who get killed.  That’s collateral damage my friend, nothing else.  We are the USA baby.  My god people is this what a “FREE” country does to other people??

On December 6, 2014, approximately 36 of America’s top commandos, heavily armed, operating with intelligence from satellites, drones, and high-tech eavesdropping, outfitted with night vision goggles, and backed up by elite Yemeni troops, went toe-to-toe with about six militants from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  When it was over, Somers was dead, along with Pierre Korkie, a South African teacher due to be set free the next day.  Eight civilians were also killed by the commandos, according to local reports.  Most of the militants escaped.

Oh, you didn’t hear about that?  me neither.  Nobody does. It isn’t reported.

Despite its massive scale and scope, this secret global war across much of the planet is unknown to most Americans.  Unlike the December debacle in Yemen, the vast majority of special ops missions remain completely in the shadows, hidden from external oversight or press scrutiny. 

There is not oversight. It is just all out all the time terror inflicted on god knows who.  But relax, we only get bad guys.  Really? we do? how do we know?  We constantly see civilians killed. And remember this is all happening 10k miles from our country! for our “protection”.  Here are some more excerpts from the article.

Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel noted, however, that under McRaven’s command — which lasted from August 2011 to August 2014 — special ops forces deployed to more than 150 different countries.  “In fact, SOCOM and the entire U.S. military are more engaged internationally than ever before — in more places and with a wider variety of missions,” he said in an August 2014 speech.

He wasn’t kidding.  Just over two months into fiscal 2015, the number of countries with Special Ops deployments has already clocked in at 105, according to Bockholt.

National security concerns are taken seriously all over the world.

National security concerns are taken seriously all over the world.

SOCOM refused to comment on the nature of its missions or the benefits of operating in so many nations.  The command would not even name a single country where U.S. special operations forces deployed in the last three years.  A glance at just some of the operations, exercises, and activities that have come to light, however, paints a picture of a globetrotting command in constant churn with alliances in every corner of the planet. 

Are you seeing this?  The “people”, us, the one’s ostensibly “in charge” are not even allowed to find out what countries they operate in? lol  Absurd.  Does your employee refuse to tell YOU what HE CHOOSES to tell you, or do YOU TELL YOUR EMPLOYEE what he must tell you?  Don’t you see who works for who here in this country? It isn’t them for you it is YOU for THEM.  Here is a small sample from the article to give you an idea of all the crap going on all the time.  There is tons more in the article.

I had to change my number twice and move to get rid of this crazy chick.

I had to change my number twice and move to get rid of this crazy chick.  I found out afterwards that she was ISIS.

In January and February, for example, members of the 7th Special Forces Group and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment conducted a month-long Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) with forces from Trinidad and Tobago, while troops from the 353rd Special Operations Group joined members of the Royal Thai Air Force for Exercise Teak Torch in Udon Thani, Thailand.  In February and March, Green Berets from the 20th Special Forces Group trained with elite troops in the Dominican Republic as part of a JCET.

The article and site have lots of links if you care to do some more research. It is all there.  If this is not a totally out of control operation on any and everyone who cares to speak up against the great free “U.S. of A” then I don’t know what is.  Do you support this type of thing?  Do you want your money spent to send people all over the world to kill people in the middle of the night based upon something a joker like Barack O says? Of Chuck Hagel? or Nancy Pelosi? Or Mitch McConnell? or any one of those other liars up there?  Do you trust them with this power when they can rendition you?

Well you are paying for it.  And it is truly amazing to me that people run around acting like WE are the good guys in this world.  This “security apparatus” HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING YOU SECURE.  Do you not see that?

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Take care and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law


The basics of how they control people with fear

Here let me help you little guy.  The Terror is over here.

Oh, the poor little guy doesn’t even seem to know what he should be scared of.  Here let me show you, the Terror is over here.

The entire point of my site is to try and open people’s eyes to the control systems running all around them so that they can be free. Most particularly the legal/political controls. Understanding them is freeing. But alas, so many people continuously get down as they start to wake to how pervasive they are. And I understand. But it is a process.

It is ultimately freeing to your mind, but you have to GET THERE. Before you do, it is a bit depressing.  It will get better. And once you are there, then they can NEVER take that freedom away from you. EVER.

There are many different systems of control operating at the same time on all peoples all over the world. Political, legal and religious.

I didn't get a lot of action in High School.

  I didn’t get a lot of action in High School.

There are two primary principles that enable large scale control of the masses.  First and foremost is FEAR in its many forms.  One of the most pervasive and useful to the rulers is the FEAR of being “an outsider” and not accepted. So social pressure is manipulated through the media.

The other principle at work is that most people accept the system they are born into and then “see the world” through that lens.   They don’t ever sit down and really ask fundamental questions, which is what I try and do here at the truth.

The reasons people fail to ask simple and FUNDAMENTAL questions are complicated, but a major component of it is that people FEAR being outside the acceptable cultural box. Many are scared to even admit there is a box, lest they look like fools for not having seen it before, or for having given it to it so easily.

Everyone has a preference for the politics, religion and world view that they were brought up under. Of course some people “rebel”, but most “rebellion” is quite predictable DEPENDING on the culture and amounts to nothing more than moving towards another available group.

Now that is what I call a rebel.

Rebel? or conformist? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

I’m reminded of the hilarious South Park where they went Goth because of a bad breakup with a girl. And what did you have to do in order to “be a Goth”?  Simple, “Just dress like us and talk like us and act like us”. Perfect summary of 99% of “rebellion”.

It isn’t so much that the people are actually examining the universe of choices so much as they are driven by internal FEAR of being a true outsider to one of the other “acceptable cultural” choices.  RARELY does someone actually step outside the cultural box itself entirely.  They have simply attached themselves to a new group of people who are an “acceptable” alternative.  They’ve gone “Goth”.

This is why most people who are born Muslim stay “muslim” even if they don’t “practice”. Same for Christians and Jews and Hindus etc.  Humans, for the most part, behave in a fairly predictable range. That is just reality.  Raised in a religious family, become “anti-religion” to stick it to them. Prim and proper, become a party girl and get pregnant. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Some people want to control other people.  some just like to be brushed.

Some people want to pull the strings and control other people. some just like to be brushed.

This range and these reactions are quite well studied, and more or less understood for the masses, and control systems are in place and manipulated by the ones in charge all the time. Public pressure and fashion are amazingly powerful. People just don’t understand this, accept this, or want to believe that it applies to them, but none of that changes the fact that this is all true.

The control systems play on people’s FEAR.  Fear that you won’t fit in. Fear you won’t be handsome enough. Fear you will appear a fool.  Fear you won’t get the Girl, or the Guy.  Fear you will look “weak”. Fear you won’t be “cool”.  Do you see?  Then of course there is fear you will lose something, Social standing, money, love, or even possibly your dignity or independence or ultimately, your life.

The crowd is TOLD what to fear, like the fear of appearing poor for “not having the latest I Phone”.  Or the Fear of Terror, so the desire for more “protection”.  Fear is instilled and then manipulated

Using these principles they control the vast majority of the public conversation on issues. Very few people want to appear to be a “kook” because that is hardly rewarded by society.  They want to appear intellectual, or liberal, or conservative, or apolitical, an environmentalist, or aloof or on and on. They attach themselves to an image.   The media offers up “images” that are just fantasies, and people attach themselves. If you don’t think this works then you are in dreamland.  Just look at how many women can TELL you WHICH “Sex in the City” character they are more like.

Okay, now before I write the check I want to be sure I understand.  I buy the car and I get the chick right?

Okay, now before I write the check I want to be sure I understand. I buy the car and I get the chick right?

Or just look at advertising. It works. Billions and billions are spent to make people associate products with laughably absurd ideas about freedom and getting laid, and being smart and on and on. Buy the product and you will be “part of the group”.  Don’t buy it and you’re an outsider, a loser.  And the same thing applies to intellectual concepts in every realm from politics to law, to science. Yes the same things apply in thought.  It is just another part of GAME Theory.

The topic of getting control of your FEAR, REAL control, is a big topic. Much much too big for a single article. And I don’t in any way claim to have achieved control of my own FEARS. I just want to talk about examining and then controlling one small irrational fear.  The fear of “terror”. It is a big driver in exercising political and legal control over the population today.

The fear of terrorism is amazingly powerful. The actual danger of terrorism is laughable. But the fear is all that matters to the rulers. They create it and abuse it for their own purposes. And for the most part it is an unexamined fear. Now clearly I think “terror” is just a made up event.  It is being created and financed in order to control populations on both sides.  It is not legitimate when you get to the top. Do many street soldiers believe on both sides? Of course.  But that is hardly proof. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume it is real.

So what is it, even theoretically, that the terrorists might “DO TO US” that is so feared? Don’t all people really just want to be happy and fulfilled?  Isn’t everybody really seeking the same thing? 

And remember, the terrorists are FIGHTING US because they FEAR what we will do to them! It would be funny if not so sad.

The reality is that achieving those universal goals don’t seem to have much to do with an economic situation, or a political system or even any particular religion.  Nobody and no country seems to have a monopoly on happiness.  Everybody is seeking the same thing and who actually achieves happiness or satisfaction doesn’t seem to have much to do with the supposed “circumstances” they find themselves in.  Just look around and do some research on happiness and satisfaction.  They aren’t related to your circumstances.  They are about what is going on in your MIND.  

Dude check her out. Whoa she is hot.  Wait,which one are you talking about? I like the one with the purse.

Dude check her out. Whoa she is hot. Wait,which one are you talking about? I’m talking about the HOT one with the bag, which one are you talking about?

Plenty of rich people are miserable and plenty of poor people are happy.   Plenty of people living in Iraq and Afghanistan are happy and plenty of people here in freedomville are miserable.   There is NO connection. So why would we fear general “unhappiness and misery”  if they “take over”?

So what IS THE REAL DANGER people fear then?  Well when you ask people directly what is the ACTUAL threat they fear from “terrorism” that justifies all of the money and time and worry being spent on it you will see for yourself what they say just does not match with any actual reality of what might happen. 

Many people imagine that “Islamic extremism” threatens their lives, even though statistically that is just not true. Many people see it as threatening their economic security or some such silliness. Others fear “sharia” law or wearing a weird clothes or on and on. There is no way any of that can ever happen.  It is absurd. They don’t have the numbers or the means or anything else to do that to this country.

Terror as an almost mathematical certainty is not going to kill you. It isn’t going to put you on the street, it isn’t going to do anything in all likelihood. Nothing at all. It has been created and dreamed up in order to control you. Using these fake enemies is hardly a new concept.  Remember before Islamic “terror” there were the Germans and the “Japs”, then the Commies, and on and on.

Just listen to the actual stories of the poor soldiers sent over there to kill the “terrorists”. They talk about how the people there are just like you and me. This is ALWAYS the case in war. It’s why the one’s in charge spend so much time dehumanizing the “enemy”, because if you knew the truth you wouldn’t go kill them.

Okay, one more smoke then the breaks over and we need to seriously get back to killing each other.

Okay, one more smoke, but if we get caught they’re going to f’ing kill us.   

The Christmas truce in WWI posed a huge risk to the powers that be and had to be quashed. why? what was so dangerous about the soldiers seeing that there really is nothing worth blowing each other up over?  Simple, contact with people during all conflicts shows them again and again to be just like you and me.  Other average people are NOT OUR ENEMY. The people who take advantage of people by instilling hatred and fear of others in order to gain material power and control for themselves cannot allow that.  

And while I get that people fear losing their life to a “terrorist”, EVEN THE fear of losing your life is just that. A fear.  And the only reason you have that fear is because you believe that you live in a purely material world where you live and die and in which “bad things” can happen to you and and your loved ones and then it “ends”, with nothing more. 

And that is why the rulers in our country constantly push a purely “materialistic” view of the universe on people. Don’t accept the material limitations they try and claim are the “only intellectual” position.  Open your mind.  Do your own thinking and research.  Is the material world you see all there really is?  I don’t think so.  Think of it like this.  Right now there are forces we don’t  understand but still exist and one day will be mastered.  That is a certainty.   And that is no different than when we learned how to use X rays, or the atom bomb.  Both of those forces and powers were THERE all along.  We just didn’t see them or know how to use them. If someone suggested them 500 years ago they would have been a “kook”, certainly not an “intellectual”.  Do you see?  Those powers “couldn’t exist” then, why? well because the greatest “scientists” of the day would have said so.  See the silly limited box they try and put us all in?

And that little box serves our leaders well. They want people to believe this is all there is, because then you are much more easily SCARED and CONTROLLED. And it is why they spend so much time trying to convince people that any thing that is not “scientific” materialistic as they define science, is for fools and hicks or “fanatics”.

This whole scheme has been quite successful in our country.  The “intellectuals” now all “know”that materialism is “correct”.  If you don’t buy into materialism, then you’re not an intellectual.  ipso facto. And do you see how convenient that whole “box” is for those who seek to control you?

Some people seem to want to pick and choose the parts of "Materialism" that they accept. But a law is a law.

Some people want to pick and choose the rules of “Materialism” that they accept. But a law is a law.

Many many cultures throughout time have not feared death, just like the “terrorist” cultures we “fight”.  Their rulers use the fear of offending god as a reason to choose death over some other political system.  Do you see?  Their political system is a combination of religious and political control driven by another kind of ginned up fear. But it is the same type of CONTROL SYSTEM.

Now I don’t have time to get into an in depth discussion of why I believe death should not be something to fear.  I have explained it briefly before, and I will repeat my short argument because it is so inextricably related to the irrational fear of “terrorism”.

Either you die and that is it, over, nothing more, or you don’t. If there is nothing more then there is NOTHING to fear. Whatever you “lose” you will be unaware of. If there is something more, then once again, there is NOTHING TO FEAR from dying because it is NOT THE END. If you then say that you fear being “punished” after dying, then your fear is MISPLACED. What you should fear is not dying, but the WAY YOU ARE LIVING WHICH YOU IMAGINE TO JUSTIFY A PUNISHMENT. Anyway you slice it, fearing death is just not rational. Does it mean it is easy to conquer? Of course not in the box we were brought up in, but that just gives more reason to devote significant time to ridding yourself of that irrational fear.

Focus on the stuff that matters. Don’t let them FOCUS YOU on to things that don’t matter like terror and a FEAR that “terror” might effect “our standard of living” or kill you or anything else.

Don’t allow the people who want to run you, to SCARE you for their own purposes.  Free yourself.

Remember, you have to control your mind regardless.

I get a lot of pics like this from my followers.  She said she wanted me to see how much progress she was making controlling her mind and asked me to come see for myself.  I told her that when you look closely it’s clear that she wasn’t really tied up, so it didn’t count.

You can be free RIGHT NOW from that fear. It’s not like you are tied upside down and being beaten. You’re fine. We all are. Don’t allow yourself to just accept whatever you’re told. Examine your own thoughts. Don’t limit yourself to the parameters they set for what is acceptable to think or look into or to FEAR. Never fear the crowd my friend. Be true to yourself.  Fear of not being part of the crowd is much stronger than you imagine.


Terror is there to scare you so they can then control you.

Terrorists are not the enemy my friend because most of that is just made up. Your own fears are what you need to conquer. When you think clearly you can see that. When you think clearly and think OUTSIDE the box they try to keep you in, then you can’t be controlled with their ginned up “FEAR”. This life is a journey my brainwashed Brethren and we are all on it. We are not each others enemies.

What do you mean they are out of fries?  How do you run out of fries?  That makes no sense.  I came here for the f'ing fries.

What do you mean they are out of fries? This is an OUTRAGE.  How do you run out of fries? That makes no sense. I came here for the f’ing fries.

And I will make one final point and then let you go on your way.  if there is more than just this material world and if there is actual justice in this universe, then there is nothing at all to fear, certainly not something as silly and made up as “terrorism”.  And how dangerous would a world like that be to those who seek to control you? Dangerous indeed my friend.  So do you see why they might not want you to think about this?

I believe that there is absolute justice in this universe.  Here is my simple argument for absolute justice. There is either justice, or there is not. To have a negative you must have a positive. The concept of injustice can’t exist without the concept of justice. And injustice, which is a negative,  could not reign in a universe that was positive. And if there was not a positive force creating and holding everything together, whatever “this is” would have consumed itself a long time ago. A universe that was controlled by negative forces could not hold together and would have torn itself apart long before we experienced it. But since we are here and we do experience it, we can know it is a positive force holding the universe together and therefore there is  justice my friend.  So you can relax and stop fearing “terror” lol.

Live the life that is in your heart.  Don't give in to what they tell you is "right".

Live the life that is in your heart. Don’t give in to what they tell you is “right”.

You may not see it now, you may not understand it right now. It may not be apparent to you, but justice is there, IT HAS TO BE, as I just showed.

And when there is real justice, there is nothing to fear from any man or any organization because regardless of what happens here in this material world, it will all be made just in the end.  And what more could any man wish for than that there is justice?

So always remind yourself not to get dragged into their fear based control system.  Whenever you notice the media trying to make you fearful, know they are trying to control you.  And Just put the fear down and follow your own heart.Think for yourself.  Justice is there. Everything is going to be fine.  Take care of your own actions and justice will work its course for you.

The core of all great spiritual teachings always converge.

The core of all great spiritual teachings always converge.

Terror is just a con job being run on both hapless populations to generate fear in order to control those populations, nothing more. Don’t give into it. Don’t feed it.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, move towards the light and tell someone about the truth about the law and help to free them as well.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Run a crooked agency, oversee fraud, and be praised. It is the government way.

The finger that pressed the "original send" button to kick off  Obamacare realizes what it has done.

The finger that pressed the “original send” button to kick off Obamacare suddenly realizes what it has done.


distraction in news man I have tried to show you that the government will never punish itself. I wrote a whole piece explaining that the entire concept is absurd. The idea of it is just one piece of the whole puzzle set up to distract the people into imagining that there are consequences to government abuse etc. and that the people themselves are IN CHARGE. As long as the people accept the laughable idea that the federal government can be trusted to police itself, there is NO CHANCE to change anything.  The reality is that AT MOST when there is a “scandal” the government fires a few people so they can go on to better paying private jobs.

We are seeing this now played out with Obamacare, and of course it is doing so in a way that is NOT making news. Hmmm, so hard to figure out why?  Turns out that the lady who ran the whole thing for the last 5 years is stepping down. The one who supposedly is “in charge”. The one person, if there is any person, who needs to be the person where the “buck stops”. That lady. So what’s the big deal you say? Well, do you remember all the crap that went on with Obamacare?

Another satisfied voter.

If you like your Vet, you can keep your Vet.  Another satisfied voter.

It all started when the website was rolled out. It became a “huge scandal”. It crashed it didn’t work. It was junk. It is STILL JUNK. Do you realize this p.o.s. cost in excess of 2 BILLION dollars. Are you hearing me? 2 B. for a f’ing website? Here, from Bloomberg.

The federal government’s Obamacare enrollment system has cost about $2.1 billion so far, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis of contracts related to the project.

Remember how it was built by a Canadian company and the whole thing stunk of an inside deal b/c of a relationship with Michelle O?

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.
Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.
Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Did anything happen when any of that happened or when it was discovered? Oh, the fools and jesters on the right raised a big stink. Made all sorts of threats and determined to “get to the bottom of it”, as usual. But what ACTUAL consequence has there been for any of this billion dollar scam? Come on, you know the answer… none.

When the cognitive dissonance wears off,  people sometimes have a hard time adjusting.

When the cognitive dissonance about them being free and in charge wears off, people sometimes have a hard time adjusting.

Then we all learned about Grubergate. Remember how the “architect” of Obamacare got caught admitting that it was intentionally sold as something it was not to the American People. He called the people “stupid”, and HE IS RIGHT, lol, they are stupid since they allow this stuff to happen over and over again and still BELIEVE that the government will check ITSELF.

This is one of the best series I have found on the whole Grubergate thing if you’re interested. It is packed with info. Here is an excerpt of what it covers. Do people even care enough to even bother to read it? Lol I doubt it. So is it any wonder our “rulers” keep ripping everyone off and calling the people stupid?

“Grubergate” has so many facets, I divided this post into several parts. Here in part one, I present the full context behind Gruber’s “stupidity of the American voter” comments. The context is essential for understanding the breadth and depth of the deception he admitted. Part two explains that indeed Gruber admitted the entire PPACA is just one giant deception. Part three explains that Gruber also admitted he approves of such deceptions when necessary to achieve universal coverage. (Too harsh? Read on.) Part four explains how Gruber’s remarks prove Chief Justice John Roberts was wrong in NFIB v. Sebelius. Part five explains how King v. Burwell, the next big ObamaCare case to go before the Supreme Court, could thwart efforts to hide the law’s costs from voters. Part six shows how Gruber and other PPACA architects, including President Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are determined to keep the deception going. Part seven explains how many supporters of universal coverage don’t even realize they are among those the architects deceived. Part eight offers Congress suggestions on minimizing the harm from the PPACA’s deceptions and preventing similar deceptions in the future.

My understanding is that he was put in charge of reviewing and implementing the suggestions from "part eight".  He's a top guy you know?

Here’s the guy they put in charge of reviewing and implementing the suggestions from “part eight” of that series. He’s a top guy you know?

Excuse me while I laugh at “part eight”.   Okay, I’m back.  Now, did anything happen as a result of Grubergate? Did anyone go to prison? Has Obama been brought up on impeachment? How about Gruber himself? Is he going to prison? Is he “ruined”?  what do you think? Are any of the congressmen who pushed it being investigated for bribery or fraud or anything AT ALL? Of course not, and they never will.

Did I tell you that this is exactly what would happen when the whole thing was all the rage? YES.. yes I did. But still people continue to believe WHENEVER SOMETHING IS HAPPENING AGAIN, that it is Bungling or accident or that they “will get to the bottom of it with hearings and other nonsense”.

Now we have found out that the Obamacare sign ups are laughable frauds. I am Shocked… shocked I say. When the news broke it was yet another “scandal”. Those representatives up there helping us “got right on it”. Right wing radio was cranked up to do its part to drain off energy into a dead end of “political” effort and blather. There was going to be hell to pay. But did anything ever actually happen? Will anything ever happen? Come on now, all together… NOOO. Lol All of the “miscounts” and double counts and all the other crap they pulled are being blamed on bureaucratic errors and “honest mistakes”.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee last month grilled Tavenner about the miscount, which had helped push the first-year enrollment total for ObamaCare past 7 million — a milestone that was celebrated by the administration at the time. Tavenner said some figures were “inadvertently” double-counted, an explanation that was greeted with deep skepticism from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose staff identified the error.

It is Always the same people.

In order to quell concerns that the money was siphoned off, the administration released this picture showing the infrastructure repair going on for the website.

In order to quell concerns that much of the money was siphoned off or misued, the administration released this picture showing the infrastructure repair going on for the website.

So my point is simple. Why is she allowed to leave without answering for the fact that she is in charge of a fraud? Why is she allowed to leave without serving prison time for the hundreds of millions wasted on the inside deal that was the website? What about the fraud of the faked up numbers that made them “hit their minimum sign up goal”? Why? Why can she simply go on her way and the news doesn’t even bother to REMIND the people of WHO is leaving and their actual legacy, let alone be up in arms that she is allowed to go freely?

Because there are never any actual consequence to anything the government does because it is in charge of investigating and punishing itself.

You want a real kicker on her leaving? As she leaves, Orrin Hatch, that “esteemed” Senator from Utah, often considered for the supreme court! actually “praises her”. Lol. Yes, the “opposition party” discusses what a wonderful job she did.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) praised the departing official in a statement released just minutes after her announcement.
“Marilyn has done a great job in a very difficult position under near impossible circumstances,” Hatch, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, wrote in a statement.
She has proven herself to be a strong leader and a straight-shooter who brought in much needed private sector sensibility into the agency,” he wrote.

Much of the cost associated with the Obamacare site went to create a groundbreaking "interface" for the user.

Much of the cost associated with the Obamacare site went to create a groundbreaking “interface” for the user.  The results speak for themselves.

Excuse me once again while I laugh.  This is what passes for “oversight” in the political system.  This is why GRUBER is right, the people are stupid.   What does it take for people to see that the “conservatives” and liberals and everyone else up there are ALL ON THE SAME TEAM?

It isn’t complicated, if you are sailing you have to tack left and tack right to get where you are going. That is the same thing the opposition is in politics. In order to fool the people, you have to appear to have opposition. It isn’t complicated, they make up foils in the form of “opposition” in order to tack left and right as we go where they ALL want.

Distractions. Fake investigations. “Outrage” and more investigations. Then new distractions and never any resolution or consequence to the old ones. That is all just part of the system. Stop buying into the idea that the conservatives or any other party is going to DO anything about it.


The whole thing reminds me of that great WHO song with the famous ripped lyrics, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren. Don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

More on the Laughable Show from the “Paris Tragedy” 1-13-15 Quick hits: Distractions in the “news”

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post will also be posted in Distractions in the “news”.



French President Francois Hollande is surrounded by Heads of state including (LtoR) Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Council President Donald Tusk, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Switzerland's President Simonetta Sommaruga as they attend the solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris January 11, 2015. REUTERS-Philippe Wojazer1-13-15 The picture almost brings tears to my eyes.  The great leaders of the world gathered to stand in unity with the marchers in Paris.  Right?  I mean the US was apparently embarrassed by not having sent a high enough rep to the show.  Remember all of that?  Here’s the opening from the Reuters story discussing the great show and march.

(Reuters) – World leaders including Muslim and Jewish statesmen linked arms to lead more than a million French citizens through Paris in an unprecedented march to pay tribute to victims of Islamist militant attacksfull story here.

My God where do I sign up to go fight?  lol  Doesn’t it make your heart swell with pride that these brave leaders are here to stand in unity and show that they are not scared of the “terrorists”!!  Oh great leaders just tell us what you want and you shall have it. lol  Here’s another sample of the praise heaped on them.

World leaders join mass Paris march to honour attack victims

Got it? They were there, they were leading the march.  They stood up to terror. The only problem with it all.  It is just more staged up bulls**t that the “news” outlets all go along with to fool the people.  Here is what the REAL picture looked like.  This is what actually happened.  A staged load of CRAP for public consumption.

Embedded image permalink

Oh, but Legalman they couldn’t “risk” being out there with the “steerage class” the plebes they rule! We must protect our great leaders.  lol.  My point is simple. The news reports were intentionally and KNOWINGLY MISREPRESENTATIONS OF THE EVENTS THEY CLAIMED TO BE COVERING.  That is exactly what PROPAGANDA IS.  The news is not NEWS, it is shaped propaganda and the mainstream news ALL go along.  They LIE TO YOU. 

And there is even more on the Paris sham.  Remember how the video showed that there was no blood where the “policeman was executed”.  Absurd.  If you haven’t seen it go watch it here.  But there is more everyday of course.  People are always watching.  If you want to see a sample go here.  But let me at least give you this.

Proof of Paris fakery

The “shooting” in order to appear real had to have a very precise angle, so if it was “so staged” then how did that just “happen”.  Well it turns out there was an CROSS marked on the street for the “car that stopped to film” etc.  See it in the pic upper right?  lol.  It really never ends people.  It is laughable that people believe this stuff when it is exposed everywhere. 

This is nothing new.  They have been doing it for decades.  It HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR DECADES.  The governments have a vested interest in lying.  They need to be “needed” to protect you so they dream up fantasy “enemies”.  The Church hearings gave you all you need to know and that was 40 years ago.  The people simply choose to remain ignorant and believing a lie.  So the rulers CHOOSE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of you. lol  Look here’s a 3 minute video with old footage.  The News is nothing but lies.  It is much much worse today then it was then. 

Why does everyone insist on bending over backwards to make excuses for these cowards who are not leaders and the propagandists who call themselves NEWS organizations? It is all part of the laughable scam they are running. Nothing more. What does it take for people to see?





Okay so what did we hit and who did we blow up? I don't understand the question? We dropped bombs for freedom because we follow orders.

Okay so what did we hit and who did we blow up? I don’t understand the question? We dropped bombs for freedom because we follow orders.

1-13-15 Just a couple quick hits for the “Distractions”.  I know there are millions marching in Paris for “solidarity” and peace etc.  But just put the questionable nature of the “incident” and what even happened aside for a moment. Why don’t things like THIS story make more news?  Here’s a few excerpts from the story that broke.

A U.S.-led coalition airstrike killed at least 50 Syrian civilians late last month when it targeted a headquarters of Islamic State extremists in northern Syria, according to an eyewitness and a Syrian opposition human rights organization….

McClatchy located two sources who confirmed a high civilian death toll from the strike. One witness, an activist in Al Bab, gave the death toll as 61 civilian prisoners and 13 Islamic State guards. The Syrian Network for Human Rights estimated the death toll at 80, and said 25 of those were Islamic State Guards and another 55 were either civilians or imprisoned fighters from non-Islamic State rebel groups….

He said some 35 of the prisoners had been jailed shortly before the airstrike for minor infractions of the Islamic State’s harsh interpretation of Islamic law, such as smoking, wearing jeans or appearing too late for the afternoon prayer.

I guess some kids get to live and we blow others up for freedom.

Well Jimmy if you waive this flag we love you and if you waive another flag we blow you up.  Got it?.

Civil defense volunteers had to demand access to the site, and it took days to clear the rubble and extricate the bodies, he said. After they finished their work, they handed over the bodies of 50 prisoners to their families in Al Bab, nine to families in the nearby town of Bza’a, and one to a family from Ikhtrin. The Islamic State claimed the 13 bodies of its own guards, he said.

Why is this not worthy of investigation?  Why is it okay to possibly blow up 50 people and not a peep from our news outlets?  What does it take to open your eyes to the propaganda show? How in the world is this justified?  The utter hypocrisy of the whole situation is amazing to me.  “Outrage and horror” at an “event” that pales in comparison to this gets wall to wall coverage.   We blow up people who are 8000 miles away who are locked up in a prison by our “enemy” and everyone waives flags and talks about how we are “defending” ourselves.  There apparently is no limit to the brainwashing.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Take care and wake someone to the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law


Confirmation that the “Sony Hack” was a contrived event.


This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears WITHOUT THE UPDATES in Distractions in the “news”.



1-5-15 I originally posted this back on 1-5-15 but in light of the mass of new “cyber threats” in the wake of the laughable “paris event” I felt compelled to update it with the latest and repost it here in this section as well.  I will indicate the update in brackets.  

Of course we have all known that what Obama and the FBI told us about North Korea “hacking” Sony has been a lie since the beginning.  How have we known?  Well First and foremost BECAUSE they told us that was the case, lol. WHATEVER they tell you can be ruled out as the truth 99% of the time.  That is about the ONLY thing you can rule out lol.   Within a few days all sorts of “problems” with the NK hack theory were every where. 

The official narrative fell apart almost immediately because of the Internet, like almost every “news story” now days if you just look around.  But the MSM continues to push nonsense of course and gives lip service to other possible events.  Then, they IGNORE the real point which is NOW clear.  Here it is.  The “event” will be used as a catalyst for “hearings and more regulation and control” of course.  For our own protection.  

Same as it always is.  It always comes back to needing more government control.  It is going to take a lot of these types of “events” to “show the public” that the “ONLY’ solution is to have a single password access to the internet that everyone must use each time, and I’ll give you one guess who operates that password control system,  Don’t be too surprised if there is a “terror plot” to attack the grid that is “foiled” by their dedication. lol.

BEGIN UPDATE       [Here is the SCREAMING Banner headline from the Drudge Report today, 1-12-15. That is one of THE most important sites to “get the word out” to the conservative and libertarian “believers”.  In other words it is a limited hangout/disinformation distributor.

“ISIS HACKS MILITARY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS”  Get it?   Be very scared!!!  Then it continues the promotional materials at the top left of the site.  Drudge posts the following stories and headlines.

CENTCOM’s Twitter Hacked By ISIS?

U.S. Central Command Twitter account compromised: Pentagon official

Islamic State Hacks CENTCOM Twitter Feed as Obama Talks Cybersecurity

Are you scared yet?  Are you concerned yet?  WELL YOU SHOULD BE!!! lol, And that last story is all about how “our great leader” is talking about the need for more government “protections and controls of course”.  Here is an out take from the story.

I should have taken the DHS warnings more seriously and CHECKED UNDER MY BED for ISIS. Now they have taken over.

I should have taken the DHS warnings more seriously and CHECKED UNDER MY BED for ISIS. Now it’s too late, they have taken over.  See something say something my friend. It’s there for a reason.

ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now,” said one tweet sent from CENTCOM’s account.

The apparent hack came as President Obama addressed the nation regarding cyber security. He is expected to propose two pieces of cyber security legislation and to address the effort in his upcoming State of the Union address.

The hackers subsequently tweeted images of spreadsheets containing the home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of dozens of current and former senior U.S. military officers.


Hackers appear to have also compromised CENTCOM’s official YouTube page, where they posted a pair of IS propaganda videos.

Can the threats “sound” any more cliche and absurd?  Does anyone believe that ISIS actually hacked CENTCOM?  As I said originaly, the Sony hack was clearly sanctioned by the FEDS if not DONE by them.  It was kind of a “kick off party without the swag” to start putting the issue in front of the public’s attention.  A way to always remind people with something they’d remember.  Bread and circuses reference point.  All part of a process to grab the public’s attention about the “need” for “more government oversight” of the Internet.  For your protection of course.  And for the protection of our “freedom fighters” dropping bombs on people all over the world.  ]  End of update.


I'm sure if he was "misled" there will be serious consequences.

I’m sure if he was “misled” by the other part of the government that  there will be serious consequences.

But of course the entire story has now turned into a classic case of NON LINEAR bs.  We are told contradictory things.  Now the President himself may have “been misled” by “the intelligence community” itself who “tracked the hacker”.  lol.  This is the nonsense they spin.

UNSOLVABLE because all the “evidence” is in the hands of the government and is always “classified”.  Get it?

I had my own theories, could have been a promotion gone bad when Sony got blackmailed by the guys they paid to do it.  That’s still a distinct possibility as far as how it STARTED.  Not necessarily how it is being used now.  Now if there is some obscure “insurance policy” floating around for a movie that bombs or has a some unexpected event like this, well now my antenna would really be up. I haven’t seen anything about such a policy yet, but honestly I haven’t looked that much because the story didn’t interest me that much.  It was obviously some type of set up, I didn’t care that much WHICH type.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

The movie sucks, but it makes no difference.

I still think one of the most interesting parts of the story is how Quickly and thoroughly the underlying INFO and EMAILS themselves died as a story.  Nobody seemed to care about continuously running with the story of what these people had supposedly SAID.  Why wasn’t that a bigger story?  hmmm, could it be that the ones who would have to report it were worried that THEIR own emails would get out and expose them for who they ARE? lol, no, that couldn’t be the reason.  It makes no difference, the real stories died.  The real stories are that the government lied to us again, and the people in hollywood are racists and homophobes and nothing like what they portray.  End of story.

False flags, non-linear opposition, and made up nonsense for the masses to consume.  I had suspected a private event possibly about insurance or a minor promo gone bad by a blackmailing hacker, but now it is clear.  This is a SANCTIONED hack by the feds to create a ground swell and evidence for the “need” for more Internet regulation.  No doubt in my mind anymore.  Enjoy the show my friends.

That’s all for now my Brainwashed Brethren.  Don’t be down, live in the light and tell someone about the truth about the law.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

The Paris “attack” is absurd kabuki theater for the masses and nothing more: A Distraction in the “news” 1-11-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.


Hey I think they ripped off my cover pic?  I don't know about you, bu I know I can say with 100% certainty that it IS a picture of her.  How do I know? BECAUSE I LOVE MY COUNTRY, that's how.

Hey I think they ripped off my cover pic of the cop as an attention grab? lol. I don’t know about you, but I feel confident enough to say with 100% certainty that that IS a picture of the terrorist chick. How do I know? BECAUSE I LOVE MY COUNTRY, that’s how.

1-11-15 Judging from the headline on the newspaper above it appears that the ONLY reasonable thing to do moving forward to protect us all IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO NEVER STOP WATCHING EVERYONE. lol.  Forgive me if I am somewhat skeptical of the official narrative being spun about what “happened” in Paris etc.   I haven’t bothered to follow it too closely.  I figured I could catch it on reruns on TBS this spring. lol  We all know the basics, no reason to go back into those.

I knew it was just a show and was not a legitimate story on the first day when I heard the absurdity that the “terrorists” supposedly ran in with masks and then TOLD everyone they were “Al-Gore-Ida Yemen”  ????  To be sure they weren’t confused with “Al-Gore-Ida Syria” or “Iraq” etc. lol  Absurd. That makes no sense.  People who are about to BLOW themselves UP might tell you who they are since there won’t be anything left of them to know who THEY WERE, but not people wearing masks who clearly want to get away. 

I take it back. I see why they did it.  They don't have a brain.  Makes sense.

I take it back. I see why they did it. They don’t have a brain. Makes sense.

“Telling everyone” who they are is what a controlled opp would have them do so the “Audience”, read the public, knows to start paying attention to this episode of  “terror” TV. lol.  It immediately reminded me of some-night-before-the-big-game prank in HS.  Run over and spray paint something yelling Glendale sucks, Hillcrest RULES.

Next was the absurdity that the keystone cops “found an ID”. lol  Are you f’ing kidding me?  Who brings an ID on a stunt like this?  Remember how they “found the passport” of one of the 19 “hijackers” on 911?  It just floated down from the fire ball right and was “given by a helpful citizen to the authorities” ?!   Finding this ID in Paris made me think they’re running out of new material, so they’re doing a little “naked gun 2 & 1/5 Paris” here.  NOT credible, sorry.

Apparently none of the news even considered that IF, and this is a HUGE IF, IF they found such an “ID”, that the ID might have been PLANTED there to throw the “coppers” off track?  NO no no, that could never be.  How do we know that isn’t the case? well because the “authorities”told us it was the attacker, and how do we know who the attackers turned out to be now that they are “dead”?  Well because the authorities told us. lol.  Do you see this is ALWAYS the way it is.  They tell us what “happened” then they tell us what they have and what they found and then they tell us if they were right when they tell us who they caught or found. lol  Absurd show.

You like money and sex too? wow, we should hang out.

You like money and sex too? wow, we should hang out.

It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Idiocracy” when the guy won’t shut up about how great Brawndo is because it has “Electrolytes” and Luke Wilson says, you don’t even know what Electrolytes are, and the guy says, Well I know they’re good for you. lol  Honestly HOW IS ANY OF THIS RIDICULOUS SHOW ANY DIFFERENT THAN THAT? What do YOU KNOW that they haven’t TOLD YOU?  Nothing.

This whole thing is nothing but a show for the masses. Did it even happen? who the f knows.  Did some of it happen? maybe.  We don’t know.  What we do know is it CONFIRMS THE NEED FOR MORE GOVERNMENT and that will be run and run into your head.  Get it?  


Apparently both Russia and Turkey are openly asserting the idea that the entire thing was a western dark opp false flag.  Notice how the western “news” covers this fact.  It is “a conspiracy theory” lol.  The Western government’s story is “FACT” and anything else is “conspiracy theory”, got it?  lol  Always always the same.  So predictable.


Oh did you hear that a senior investigator on this case for the French police just “committed suicide”.  Oh gosh I hate it when that happens.   Nothing to see here, move along the narrative is still in place, repeat, we are still a go with the narrative.  Poor guy. He probably thought that his job was to solve crimes

And I am adding this now one day after originally posting because I just saw it.  Here is the “kill shot” on the officer.  Decide for yourself.


Not much to investigate, an obvious suicide.  The authorities released this picture from the scene.

Not much to investigate, an obvious suicide. The authorities released this picture from the scene.

Look remember the supposed “Boston Marathon” bombing brother they “found” in the boat?  Haven’t heard much from him have you?  Well you want to know WHY?  Because defendants like this have global GAG orders on them and their DEFENSE team so that the only story that can stay out there POLLUTING THE POTENTIAL JURY POOL is the narrative the government wants out there.  Do you get this?  Did you know this?

For example, the Bureau of Prisons is allowed to screen and clear all materials and documents the defense team would like to share or discuss with Tsarnaev. Defense attorneys are prohibited from releasing any information about the case except “for the sole purpose of preparing the inmate’s defense – and not for any other reason.”

Other SAM restrictions place Tsarnaev in solitary confinement, prohibit any contact with the media or other inmates, and severely limit his communications with parents and siblings. His rare phone calls and visits are monitored and recorded.

These “SAM’s” are standard for “terror” suspects.  Here an excerpt on them from WIKI.

The law is considered particularly controversial because it permits monitoring of attorney-client communications of designated prisoners.[1] Initiated in November of 2001, the Department of Justice considered this an expansion of an existing regulation. Formerly it was only allowed through a court order. It specified that information protected by attorney-client privilege could not be used for prosecution; however, communications related to ongoing or contemplated illegal acts was not covered.”

An astute observation.  Take THAT to the bank.

An astute observation. Take THAT to the bank.

Do you see this? do you get it? WE must all trust that they “won’t use items”.  Where is the 4th amendment?  Where is the supreme court protection?  People you live in a dream world if you think that stuff is real. 

One story, under god, with liberty and justice for all.  That is all these “terror” shows are now. It is all a railroad scam.  And in the boston case, the judge has denied the ACLU the right to even challenge what’s going on.  I wonder why?  It is always the same.  Does none of this make you wonder?

And this is on top of the fact that we can’t know who ELSE may have received a NSL or National Security Letter.  That is a letter that is a gag order on anyone and YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL ANYONE YOU HAVE RECEIVED ONE.  Ever hear of them?  Go check them out. 

None of this is new.  They have always manipulated the “news”.  It is not a secret, lol. l People simply choose to live in a fantasy world, so the rulers choose to take advantage of them.  40 years ago the Church hearings told you everything you need to know. It is Much WORSE todayHere is a 3 minute video of old footage.  Imagine the power of this WITH NSL’s limiting everyone who actually KNOWS it is all lies but can’t speak up and can’t even say they have been told THEY CAN”T SPEAK UP?  Get it?

I remarked to a long time friend of mine last week when this absurdity began that if all of the cameras and militarized police we already have are NOT enough to stop this stuff then WHY have them at all?  Can we really expect that more will stop it? NO, they won’t.  And they don’t work now, so take them down and dismantle.  It isn’t worth all the time and abuse of the citizenry and cost to MAYBE possibly stop something from maybe possibly happening. It just isn’t.   And this is giving them a benefit of the doubt that I don’t, which is that the whole thing is not a staged event or at minimum a “Gladio” style dark opp.

Remember Gladio?  If you don’t go check it out here.  It’s about all the faked up “operations” run by western countries in Eastern block countries.  Operations that LOOK EXACTLY LIKE WHAT AL-GORE-IDA LOOKS LIKE TODAY.  But of course that could never be the case.  Why? because everyone would know! lol  Here’s a whole 2.5 hour BBC documentary on it from 1992.  Educate yourself.

Stop and think about it sanely and calmly for once, instead of in the whipped up nonsense they want.  If someone wants to “commit a home invasion” against you, what in the world will a total police state do to stop it? NOTHING.

Where is the evidence that such “police tactics” Stop crime like this supposed Paris event?  There isn’t any and There can never be any, all we can ever have is them telling us that they “foiled” an attack. lol, How do we KNOW?  Look when someone is willing to walk down a street with an RPG and Ak’s  you’re not concerned about being “filmed”. 

My friend made a good point about all the cameras everywhere. He said that people EXPECT video now.  And he’s right.  So you have to have these camera’s supposedly showing whatever they want the film to show.  In order to MAINTAIN the public’s interest when you run the show on TV.  The public is so habituated to video games and CGI created movie horsesh** action etc.

The authorities released this surveillance screen shot from shortly before the incident in a hopes that someone would recognize the perp.

The authorities released this surveillance screen shot from shortly before the incident in a hopes that someone would recognize the perp.

We have NO WAY of knowing if we are seeing surveillance footage or some crap they just created. NO WAY.  They tell us what they are showing us.  DO YOU SEE???

As of now it is unclear if the “suspect” female was EVEN in Paris during the “attacks”.  

So now they are rolling out the non-linear crapola to make it impossible to follow.  Got it?   Kind of reminds me of the fact that many of the 19 alleged 911 hijackers were later found to be alive and living in other countries! lol,  did you know that?

Maybe they can make a 4 or 5 for Paris.

Maybe they can make a 4 or 5 for Paris.

The “facts” of this latest Paris event are so over the top ridiculous that it seems a lot more like the 5th in a movie series franchise that flopped because the whole plot and action just don’t seem credible anymore.  They’ve over done it.  You know? 

The only question I even have about this Whole event is whether they make it  intentionally this absurd in order to just mess with people like me who can see it for what it is.  The message being sent is clear.  We can DO ANYTHING and the public will believe it all.  lol Honestly, I think that is a major component at this point.

So no I don’t believe the story because they have earned me not believing them.  They lie.  That is what they do.

That’s all for now my Brainwashed Brethren.  Take care.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law

Soon you will need permission to use your washing machine: A Distraction in the “news” 1-9-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.



1-9-15 Here’s a story about a plan that the “friendly old man” from Omaha is working on for you.  You, know the harmless old guy who likes to eat a hamburger and drink a cherry coke for lunch.  He’s just a guy, like you or me you know.  Just happens to be a bit smarter that’s all.  Sure he’s made billions and sure there is a lot of weird stuff in his past and in his deals, but c’mon, he CARES, what about you?  lol

What are they going to do? well here’s a few out takes from the article.

Oh, you didn't think I meant FOR me?  I'm sorry for the confusion.

Oh, you didn’t think I meant that this would apply TO me? I’m sorry for the confusion.

Buffett’s Northern Powergrid Holdings Co. is working with Siemens AG (SIE) to test a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.

How does that sound to you?  Do you remember hearing about this when you “agreed” to have your smart meter?

Utilities worldwide are already using smart meters to collect data on customer behavior, and some notify consumers about optimum times to use power. The 54 million-pound ($85 million) trial by Buffett’s U.K.-based system goes a step further. It gives people a choice, allowing them to either use appliances themselves at optimum times, or to let the system decide that for them.

Honey, You didn't flush the toilet did you? Because I think the nice men from the government are here about that.

Honey, You didn’t flush the toilet without calling again did you? Because I think the nice men from the government are here about that.

lol, they always do the same stuff.  Make it appear voluntary and “helpful”, then they transition it into mandatory and controlled and well, at some point,  you will have to go down the urine smelling government office and beg them to let you use your own stuff.  But it’s because they are trying to help.

“Customers can work with us to use their energy in a different fashion, by a range of techniques,” said Ian Lloyd, head of network technology research at Buffett’s Northern Powergrid Holdings Co. The program encourages people to use power in a way that “complements the running of the distribution network.”

See, never force, it’s voluntary.  Well, until we “just can’t afford” to do that anymore and we need, “minimum requirements that everyone must follow”.  So minimum, “nobody could object to these “REASONABLE minimums”. And then they continue to morph and morph and then, you have the same systems they have now in so many other areas.  It is ALWAYS THE SAME SYSTEM.

Now that he doesn't have to get elected, Al Gore has really changed his look.

Now that he doesn’t have to get elected, Al Gore is free to be himself.  I think the look works on him.

The control system tightens all the time.  Smart grids and smart phones.  All about data collection and then control.  The people are so drugged and brainwashed they don’t just not see it they ASK for more. lol.  In the not too distant future it will be NORMAL to have a schedule you have for when you can use your stuff.  Why? well for the good of everyone.  And will it apply to our rulers? of course not.  It’s why Al Gore’s house eats 20 times the amount of an average house.  And of course he flys all over the world spewing the carbon he complains of.

It is all a game to them.   Because the rules only apply to you and me, the plebes, get it?  They tell us what we can do.  And they always use the same creeping “voluntary” to minimum mandatory, to maximum control system.  Smart meters, they’re what’s for dinner.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren.  Now go tell someone about the truth about the law and don’t be down, live in the light.

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

A real time lesson in Non-Linear disinformation: A Distraction in the news 1-9-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.

A real time lesson in Non-Linear disinformation.

I'm still a little unclear on the rules here.

Here, let me clear up the confusion about your freedoms. 

Non-linear mind games are constantly being used.  I do my best in the “Distractions in the “news” section to point these out.  It is such an important point though.  The game, in everything is to keep people confused.  Hide the ball. Never let them know what is actually going on.  Nothing is a greater offender in this area than “financial news”.

From top to bottom it is nothing but lies.  Forget that there is NO WAY to ever audit a fully digital money system like the world runs on.  Think about it.  How can you ever TRACE what is actually in the system?  You can’t, anyone with access to the REAL codes can simply insert money into their account.  Do you see this? There is no pile of money to go count and then trace.  It is made up by nothing but entries into a computer.  There is no way to know whether a Deposit from another bank represented an actual deposit or whether it was just a “hack” or a fake.  Unless you go do a full audit on that bank and all of its “deposits”from other banks ad infinitum!  get it? It can’t be done.  

Money is  a medium of exchange that has VALUE.  But people have been convinced that it is simply a number in an account.  Nothing more.

I get a lot of feedback like this after people read my site.  The phrase "pounding sand" is often used.

I hired this “top guy”  to give me an assessment, it wasn’t so rosy.  He kept using the phrase “pounding sand” .

But that is a discussion for another time.  I want to make a point about non-linear news and disinformation.  If you haven’t read my post on it then go do it now with this link.  The hallmark of it is always that it is contradictory and confusing and you can’t make sense of it, so you give up. And the information is such that you can use PARTS of it to prove just about anything, and therefore there is no way to know WHAT is true.  Got it?

Now look at this.  This is how the “good news” about the unemployment “NUMBER” was reported.  We’ve all seen and heard this “number released” countless times in our lives.  See if you can make any sense of it if you DON’T understand that it is all just a non-linear con job.

Businesses had been creating jobs at a monthly pace of 224,000, though wage growth remained modest and the drop in the headline rate had come in large part due to a decline in the labor force participation rate. Indeed, the participation rate continued to plummet, falling to a fresh 37-year low of 62.7 percent.

Job quality did not fare well either, with wages actually declining for the month by 5 cents an hour, pulling the annualized gain down to 1.7 percent. The average work week held steady at 34.6 hours. However, the amount of full-time workers surged by 427,000 while part-time positions dropped by 269,000.

The total number of employed Americans increased by 111,000, while the actual size of the labor force declined by 273,000.

Got it so far? lol.  And this is what was REPORTED officially.  The unemployment rate is dropping which is good news.  But the reason is because the total number of people in the labor market is dropping. ??  And how does this happen when the country’s population is growing?  It can’t unless more people are not working.  But they just said that unemployment went down? lol get it?

Oh and the quality of the job is declining. So how is that good news? more “worse paying jobs”?  So what does it all mean for “rates” from the fed?

I get this guy's newsletter it is chock full of good financial advice.

I get this guy’s newsletter, he’s on TV all the time commenting.  He’s a real pro, not sure why he always wears the 80’s style glasses.

The headline rate already had fallen below the central bank’s target before it would start raising rates, but the lack of wage pressures means the Fed can still operate on its own timetable. Most market participants expect a rate hike by midyear, though some believe that the Fed could justify an earlier move.

Gotcha, we’ve reached the goal, so they can start raising rates, but they still may not because the goal may not have been reached. So on track to raise by mid year, but maybe not. lol It can’t be made sense of, because it is designed to NOT make sense.  

Here is just one small sample of how just one of countless “experts” summed it up for you.

Today’s solid employment report caps off a strong year for the U.S. labor market, which achieved a number of important milestones in 2014,” Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said in a statement. “Total job growth last year was the strongest since 1999, while the unemployment rate fell at the fastest pace in three decades.”

Although nominal wages fell in December, inflation-adjusted wages have generally been rising, and job growth has picked up in sectors that traditionally provide good, middle-class jobs,” he added.

TThe guy from the The government guy said that I was welcome to see his proof.see his proof.

The government guy said that I was welcome to see their numbers.

So nominal wages fell and inflation adjusted wages rose. Do you see the constant confusion? It’s down, but it’s UP. lol And remember THEY GIVE YOU the inflation “numbers” to make the calculation with to “determine” what’s happeningThey give us everything.  We can never know what they have.  Next we have comments about how great the labor market is/was.  Does that make sense with what you observe? Was it a strong year for the U.S. labor market? He says it was the Strongest since 1999. And he’s the expert don’t you know? lol  It is total cognitive dissonance.  None of it makes ANY sense.  This is what the financial news is.  Lies and more lies.  Just nonsensical non-linear crap that pours out from all sides. Nothing more.

And this is just ONE REPORT from ONE DAY on ONE TOPIC.  Think of the volume they produce to confuse and confound any attempt to make sense of anything?  Utterly impossible.  So what is the result? People throw up their hands and “leave it to the experts” in the government etc. to control them and TELL them what is happening and WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.

The reality is not complicated.  The debt being accumulated to a set of private bankers through the federal reserve is hollowing out the actual earnings and savings of about 95% of most americans.  That is all.  During virtually all of my adult lifetime there has been no actual GROWTH in the economy.  It has been a grand illusion created by debt. Here’s the debt.

This is reality my friends.

This is reality my friends.  Individual people can “appear” to be doing great as well, right before they file for bankruptcy.  Get it?

Here is a chart of “GDP” with the debt stripped out.  And this doesn’t take into account that the population in 1980 was 225 million and today it is 320 million. About 45% HIGHER, so just to MAINTAIN we would have to be 45% higher. 

Take a close look.  This is reality.  NO GDP growth since around late 70's.

Take a close look. This is reality. NO GDP growth since around late 70’s.

It was unclear to me whether the chart was inflation adjusted. But even if it was, it would have used official inflation numbers. not the REAL inflation numbers which are way higher.  Remember the “government doesn’t count food or energy in inflation!  lol.  Absurd.

And now here is the way WHATEVER THERE EVEN IS, is being “distributed”.  Do you see a pattern? lol


And these three simple charts are the basic reason that all the financial information MUST be lies, because the reality would cause revolution if people understood.  As it is, for the most part the only people who actually understand these facts are BENEFITING from them.  They are financial people. The entire economy has been “financialized”.  And that is why the financial news is a charade. The ones “giving it to us” are doing so in more ways than one. The assets of the country and the people are all being slowly drained UP to them.  By using NON-LINEAR disinformation in conjunction with mis-educating the population, the people think financial news and politics are “boring” and “too complicated” and the “don’t care”.  So those doing the screwing are more than happy to keep giving it to you.

A quiet night at home for one of the Federal Reserve Presidents.

A touching shot of one of the Federal Reserve Presidents working at home.  They are fighting inflation you know.

The reality is that Real wages are stagnant and DECLINING and have been for decades.   That’s why more kids live at home.  That’s why it now takes two people to work to support a family instead of just one.  And this will continue.  Because if you take on debt you have to get something for it.  Something REAL.  And it has to be enough to offset the debt and the interest you have taken on.  We have not been doing that.  Blowing stuff up in perpetual war, and transferring the money to people in welfare, both corporate, think “Solyndra”  and other ways is not creating anything.  Got it?  A “service” economy where everyone works at the Apple store or at Applebee’s is not a real economy that is sustainable over time.

The only reason our entire system has not collapsed all around us like a banana republic is because we have a huge military that forces the world to stay on the US Dollar as a world reserve.  NOTHING ELSEHere is an interactive version of that same map of the world.  It shows where we are as best as we can.  Go check it out. 

Remember, it's about "our" safety. lol.  And that is true, it's just that YOU aren't part of the THEY that makes up the "YOUR". lol.

Remember, it’s about “our” safety. And that is true, it’s just that YOU aren’t part of the THEY that makes up the “OUR”. lol.  Always parse my friend.

We are the biggest bullies on the block and 95% of the people in this country have NO IDEA of the truth.  WE are the one’s who screw over everyone else using economic war to keep them impoverished by forcing them to accept the US Dollar system in order to continue to cling to our ever declining standard of living.  Those are the realities.   The harm we do to everyone around the world by propping up this system AT THEIR EXPENSE is much worse than all the supposed “terrorism” in the world.  But it is unseen by the people.  What we do with the “law” in this country to direct the money up the ladder to the cheaters we must use the MILITARY to do to foreign countries.  That is the game. 

My friend, it is always the same.  This is how they operate. Lies and confusion.  All designed to control the assets and the people who are also ASSETS.   It is no different with the law in this country.  It is not what it appears to be.  So they use non-linear disinformation to keep people in a state of constant confusion.  New regulations and interpretations and opinions and rulings and stories of enforcement and then no enforcement and then more regulation to fix the other regulation, and changing administrations to clear up the enforcement, and new rules to make regulations simpler but yet they aren’t and they are trying their best to be responsive, but they need a new internal investigation to know what to do and on and on.

Early training helps "Johnny grow up strong".

Early training helps “Johnny grow up strong”.

It will not change because IT IS NOT BROKEN.  It is working exactly as it is designed. 

So go and enjoy the great employment report since you probably can’t find a job and if you do it doesn’t pay jack sh*t.  Up is down, right is wrong, freedom is slavery.  1984 my friend. It is worth re-reading.  Uncannily accurate.

Now go wake someone up and tell them about the truth about the law and maybe we can save one other person from being sucked into the game of lies.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren, take care and live in the light.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law