Are you ready to play Footsolider, Made Man, or Kingpin?

There is a wolf, come quickly.  Seriously, I mean it this time.

There is a wolf, come quickly. Seriously, I mean it this time.

The media—stenographers to power.” —Amy Goodman

The law must be seen as something that helps the people. It must be seen as something the people want. It must be seen as something that appeared organically. It must seem as though it is the result of the system working, as it is presented, and not the result of how the system actually functions.  All of this is essential to maintain control of the people.  Without this the people would become restless and a great deal of VISIBLE force would have to be used to maintain control.  The grand illusion of freedom would be lost.

In order to create and sustain this illusion yet more illusions must be created and maintained.  The most important ones are the illusions of oversight, transparency and the appearance of an “adversarial system” complete with courts.


In order to construct and then maintain this elaborate set of lies many many players are required.  Most of the day to day work in this area is done by people who have no idea what they are actually being used to do.  They genuinely believe they are “working to make a difference” or “fighting for a side” etc. Politicians, media members, judges, academics, “top guys”, government agency spokesmen, D.A’s etc. etc.  Virtually all clueless.

Remember, everything I say is a lie.  "I am lying".

Remember, everything I say is a lie. “I am lying”.

In order to prevent yourself from being taken in to the illusion, It is essential that you constantly parse this barrage of lies that pours out of every orifice of the system. In doing that, one of the first things I try and decide is what kind of person is giving me this information? The answer to this question can help tremendously in getting to the bottom of what the statement really means. It is essential to know what kind of person is telling you  something in order to determine their possible motivation.  That information helps to answer the ultimate question which is “cui bono” if the story is believed?

Here's one of the most famous propagandist of all time.  Dupe or Lackey?

“What story should I make up for tonight’s news, hmmmm?”  Classic Made Man.

Most people live their whole lives never knowing they are living in a totally created world of “facts”.  They are completely duped.  Fooled by the grand illusion.  In fact most people think that YOU are the fool if you try and explain it to them.

Me as a boy.  When I was still a dupe.  I'm on the left, they called me "Sweetator".

Me as young footsoldier.  I’m shown shown here holding my faithful “Bulit”.

When people start to understand the lies they have been told and that the real system is not what is presented, people often start to get very mad. That is a natural reaction.  Relax, we were all taken. 

Remember, being mad doesn’t help you. It actually helps them. People who are mad don’t think very clearly. People who are mad do rash things, say rash things. People who are mad scare people, even when they don’t want to. Being mad is a distraction for you. It keeps you from moving forward with YOUR agenda. Instead you stay focused on their agenda and how pissed you are that they are “getting away with it.” Knowing this, our wardens like to stir the prisoners up. In fact, much of the opposition is there to do just this. Stir people up.  And the one’s who are good at creating this distraction, are very well compensated.

Probably believes everything he says.

Probably believes everything he says.

But that is another whole post.

The point I am making is that it is helpful to remind yourself that the vast majority of people are utterly clueless. They believe what they see in the illusion is the reality.  Instead of seeing that the illusion is just that.  They are victims. They just don’t know it. They are the useful idiots of the “free” world. Does that mean they want what’s best for you and that they aren’t simply self seeking dicks? Of course it doesn’t, but why worry about it.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  Shoot more for sympathy for a fellow inmate and at worst you hit indifference to them. Both are much better than anger and hate.
You are now ready for Legalman’s game show.  Introducing,

Footsoldier, Made Man or Kingpin?

Is everyone ready to play?

Is everyone ready to play?

First up:

  1. a soldier who fights on foot; an infantryman.
    • a person who carries out important work but does not have a role of authority in an organization or field.

This covers the vast majority of people in the world. I put both well meaning and not so well meaning people into this category. In other words, just because someone doesn’t have my best interest at heart, he can, and probably still is, ultimately just a footsoldier for the bosses. A person who really has no idea what the impact is of what he is doing or saying, as far as advancing the agenda of the bosses.  He is completely oblivious to the real game going on and just plays his part.  Many many very talented smart people fall into this category.  This is the VAST majority of people.  They have completely bought int to the Con the bosses are running.  They support what they have been told is America.  They are normally strong “team members”, either red/Republicans, blue/Democrats, or the “hated gold team” the mix of each.  They simply do not see what has been done to them.  They parse the red/blue scam and can’t see that entire thing is a concoction.

Footsoldiers play in the trenches .  They see the man in front of them, at best the town they are supposed to take.  They do not see the actual war strategy.

Footsoldiers play in the trenches . They see the man in front of them, at best the town they are supposed to take. They do not see the actual war strategy.

Once a footsoldier has been “successful” within what is presented as the system, It is almost impossible to convince him that there is a whole other level he has not seen.  If you try and show him that his success may have very little with his own efforts, he will reject it for obvious reasons.   Nobody wants to admit they have been had.  It hurts the ego. And certainly successful people want to believe the story we are told since we are young.  “America is a place of freedom. Go make your own way.”  Therefore the people who happen to get through, even if they are very talented, will suffer with “survivor bias” and believe they have done it because of their own tenacity etc.  They can’t see that their success either didn’t matter to the bosses, or it SERVED the bosses ultimate purpose.

Still don’t believe this?  Well let me ask you this.  Do you think there is ANYBODY who could survive IF the Bosses chose to take them down? ANYBODY?  Of course not, and that, my friend is your answer.  If they are there and they are big, they are being ALLOWED to stay for a reason.

Many footsoliders are actually doing an incredibly great job of achieving the EXACT opposite result they seek, and they do not even know it.

He's right 98.666% of the time, according to his auditors.

He’s right 98.666% of the time, according to his auditors.  But he can’t for the life of him see that the part he is missing is THE ONLY part that matters.

Next there is;

made man  

  1. a man whose success in life is assured.
    • a man who has been formally inducted as a full member of the Mafia

There are far far fewer of these people as well. They are in positions to see a lot of things that simply do not compute with the story the public is told. They know some things and they know what is being sold to the people is a lie, but they are already in, and, as everyone knows, once you’re in and privy to some of the secrets, you are never allowed to get out.

These individuals are well paid by the system.  They probably DON’T want to know any more than they already do.  They know what the implication of that would be. They might start feeling a need to act on the knowledge. And if they did that,  well, we know what happens to rats.

Some made men are like the wives of the mob.  She enjoys a nice lifestyle, she doesn’t really understand exactly what her husband does for a living, but she KNOWS there is something fishy there.  But she doesn’t want to blow the good deal she has, so she sticks her head in the sand and pretends and rationalizes and refuses to look into it anymore.

I had not noticed.

What you’re saying Legalman is ridiculous. If all of this was true  I would have seen it and said something.

Many made men are also narcissists. This is no accident. It is very helpful to have this type of person in positions of power.  All they want is to have their ego stroked, and to feel like the smartest guy in the room.  They are there precisely because they are that way.

If you were running a giant scam who would you want in on it with you? Exactly, people just like that. People who just want to get a payoff.  People who have already participated at some level to get where they are and they don’t want to risk losing it.  Better to just keep believing and go along.

No wonder chicks dig me.  I really am a stud.

No wonder chicks dig me. I really am a stud.

Don’t waste the energy to be upset at them? Would you really want to trade places with them? Remember you would have to then be like they are. So again, why be angry. Why hold malice.
And finally there is:

1. Someone who runs a large enterprise, often an illegal one.

I do it for the people.

I do it  to for the people.

These are the very highest level people who are out in the public.  However, like all large undertakings, most individuals still only have a limited idea of the entire operation.  They have their hands full running their own area.  They know the system is fully rigged.  They know they are a key piece.  But they don’t really care about the rest of the operation.  They just want to do their thing.

They are full on Platonic political theorists.  They will never ever admit to anything except what their public appearance requires.  Period.  To do anything else would be their end.  These people, ironically, are often THE MOST PUBLIC individuals of all.  You know the old saying, if you have something big to hide, hide it in plain site.

What are their motivations?  That is something only they know.  All we can concern ourselves with is results.  I suspect, most of their motivations have very little to do with hurting you, and are a lot more about helping themselves. They are all about themselves and their own idea about who they imagine themselves to be.  It is really more sad than bad. So don’t waste your energy giving in to that. Don’t give them that power over your mind.

The key is to be able to recognize the different types.

We thought of the guy's with real jobs as marks.

And then I told him, I don’t pay for things, working stiffs pay for things.

So now you know the three types of propaganda disseminators.   What do you say, we play the game?  So Johnny, who’s our next contestant…..
Cue applause sign:


C’mon audience you know the name of the game! Say it all together
Footsoldier, Made Man or…. Kingpin (fade out applause and zoom in on host.)

Here’s how it works, I show you a pic. you tell me if they are a Footsoldier, Made Man or…. Kingpin .  My answers are at the end.  But remember, there is NO right answer. Have fun playing.

Our great leader.

The magic man Ben the printing press Bernanke.



Remember, he is smarter than you or me, so I guess we should listen to him.

Bill "fast draw" Maher

Remember, she's SMART and funny.



Wolf Blitzer







Clarence Thomas


Now here are my answers.

Obummer  Made Man

the Bernanke  Kingpin

Gates  Made

Kissinger Kingpin

Maher  footsoldier

Goldberg  footsoldier

Mathews  footsoldier

Blitzer footsoldier

Hannity  footsoldier

ARRRnold  made

Carville  made

Thomas footsoldier

Alred  made

Have fun playing at home.  I’d love to hear your answers, and maybe we can play FMK together sometime.

Legalman lives another day,

Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.

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