A real time lesson in Non-Linear disinformation: A Distraction in the news 1-9-15

This post also appears in Distractions in the "news".

This post also appears in Distractions in the “news”.

A real time lesson in Non-Linear disinformation.

I'm still a little unclear on the rules here.

Here, let me clear up the confusion about your freedoms. 

Non-linear mind games are constantly being used.  I do my best in the “Distractions in the “news” section to point these out.  It is such an important point though.  The game, in everything is to keep people confused.  Hide the ball. Never let them know what is actually going on.  Nothing is a greater offender in this area than “financial news”.

From top to bottom it is nothing but lies.  Forget that there is NO WAY to ever audit a fully digital money system like the world runs on.  Think about it.  How can you ever TRACE what is actually in the system?  You can’t, anyone with access to the REAL codes can simply insert money into their account.  Do you see this? There is no pile of money to go count and then trace.  It is made up by nothing but entries into a computer.  There is no way to know whether a Deposit from another bank represented an actual deposit or whether it was just a “hack” or a fake.  Unless you go do a full audit on that bank and all of its “deposits”from other banks ad infinitum!  get it? It can’t be done.  

Money is  a medium of exchange that has VALUE.  But people have been convinced that it is simply a number in an account.  Nothing more.

I get a lot of feedback like this after people read my site.  The phrase "pounding sand" is often used.

I hired this “top guy”  to give me an assessment, it wasn’t so rosy.  He kept using the phrase “pounding sand” .

But that is a discussion for another time.  I want to make a point about non-linear news and disinformation.  If you haven’t read my post on it then go do it now with this link.  The hallmark of it is always that it is contradictory and confusing and you can’t make sense of it, so you give up. And the information is such that you can use PARTS of it to prove just about anything, and therefore there is no way to know WHAT is true.  Got it?

Now look at this.  This is how the “good news” about the unemployment “NUMBER” was reported.  We’ve all seen and heard this “number released” countless times in our lives.  See if you can make any sense of it if you DON’T understand that it is all just a non-linear con job.

Businesses had been creating jobs at a monthly pace of 224,000, though wage growth remained modest and the drop in the headline rate had come in large part due to a decline in the labor force participation rate. Indeed, the participation rate continued to plummet, falling to a fresh 37-year low of 62.7 percent.

Job quality did not fare well either, with wages actually declining for the month by 5 cents an hour, pulling the annualized gain down to 1.7 percent. The average work week held steady at 34.6 hours. However, the amount of full-time workers surged by 427,000 while part-time positions dropped by 269,000.

The total number of employed Americans increased by 111,000, while the actual size of the labor force declined by 273,000.

Got it so far? lol.  And this is what was REPORTED officially.  The unemployment rate is dropping which is good news.  But the reason is because the total number of people in the labor market is dropping. ??  And how does this happen when the country’s population is growing?  It can’t unless more people are not working.  But they just said that unemployment went down? lol get it?

Oh and the quality of the job is declining. So how is that good news? more “worse paying jobs”?  So what does it all mean for “rates” from the fed?

I get this guy's newsletter it is chock full of good financial advice.

I get this guy’s newsletter, he’s on TV all the time commenting.  He’s a real pro, not sure why he always wears the 80’s style glasses.

The headline rate already had fallen below the central bank’s target before it would start raising rates, but the lack of wage pressures means the Fed can still operate on its own timetable. Most market participants expect a rate hike by midyear, though some believe that the Fed could justify an earlier move.

Gotcha, we’ve reached the goal, so they can start raising rates, but they still may not because the goal may not have been reached. So on track to raise by mid year, but maybe not. lol It can’t be made sense of, because it is designed to NOT make sense.  

Here is just one small sample of how just one of countless “experts” summed it up for you.

Today’s solid employment report caps off a strong year for the U.S. labor market, which achieved a number of important milestones in 2014,” Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said in a statement. “Total job growth last year was the strongest since 1999, while the unemployment rate fell at the fastest pace in three decades.”

Although nominal wages fell in December, inflation-adjusted wages have generally been rising, and job growth has picked up in sectors that traditionally provide good, middle-class jobs,” he added.

TThe guy from the The government guy said that I was welcome to see his proof.see his proof.

The government guy said that I was welcome to see their numbers.

So nominal wages fell and inflation adjusted wages rose. Do you see the constant confusion? It’s down, but it’s UP. lol And remember THEY GIVE YOU the inflation “numbers” to make the calculation with to “determine” what’s happeningThey give us everything.  We can never know what they have.  Next we have comments about how great the labor market is/was.  Does that make sense with what you observe? Was it a strong year for the U.S. labor market? He says it was the Strongest since 1999. And he’s the expert don’t you know? lol  It is total cognitive dissonance.  None of it makes ANY sense.  This is what the financial news is.  Lies and more lies.  Just nonsensical non-linear crap that pours out from all sides. Nothing more.

And this is just ONE REPORT from ONE DAY on ONE TOPIC.  Think of the volume they produce to confuse and confound any attempt to make sense of anything?  Utterly impossible.  So what is the result? People throw up their hands and “leave it to the experts” in the government etc. to control them and TELL them what is happening and WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.

The reality is not complicated.  The debt being accumulated to a set of private bankers through the federal reserve is hollowing out the actual earnings and savings of about 95% of most americans.  That is all.  During virtually all of my adult lifetime there has been no actual GROWTH in the economy.  It has been a grand illusion created by debt. Here’s the debt.

This is reality my friends.

This is reality my friends.  Individual people can “appear” to be doing great as well, right before they file for bankruptcy.  Get it?

Here is a chart of “GDP” with the debt stripped out.  And this doesn’t take into account that the population in 1980 was 225 million and today it is 320 million. About 45% HIGHER, so just to MAINTAIN we would have to be 45% higher. 

Take a close look.  This is reality.  NO GDP growth since around late 70's.

Take a close look. This is reality. NO GDP growth since around late 70’s.

It was unclear to me whether the chart was inflation adjusted. But even if it was, it would have used official inflation numbers. not the REAL inflation numbers which are way higher.  Remember the “government doesn’t count food or energy in inflation!  lol.  Absurd.

And now here is the way WHATEVER THERE EVEN IS, is being “distributed”.  Do you see a pattern? lol


And these three simple charts are the basic reason that all the financial information MUST be lies, because the reality would cause revolution if people understood.  As it is, for the most part the only people who actually understand these facts are BENEFITING from them.  They are financial people. The entire economy has been “financialized”.  And that is why the financial news is a charade. The ones “giving it to us” are doing so in more ways than one. The assets of the country and the people are all being slowly drained UP to them.  By using NON-LINEAR disinformation in conjunction with mis-educating the population, the people think financial news and politics are “boring” and “too complicated” and the “don’t care”.  So those doing the screwing are more than happy to keep giving it to you.

A quiet night at home for one of the Federal Reserve Presidents.

A touching shot of one of the Federal Reserve Presidents working at home.  They are fighting inflation you know.

The reality is that Real wages are stagnant and DECLINING and have been for decades.   That’s why more kids live at home.  That’s why it now takes two people to work to support a family instead of just one.  And this will continue.  Because if you take on debt you have to get something for it.  Something REAL.  And it has to be enough to offset the debt and the interest you have taken on.  We have not been doing that.  Blowing stuff up in perpetual war, and transferring the money to people in welfare, both corporate, think “Solyndra”  and other ways is not creating anything.  Got it?  A “service” economy where everyone works at the Apple store or at Applebee’s is not a real economy that is sustainable over time.

The only reason our entire system has not collapsed all around us like a banana republic is because we have a huge military that forces the world to stay on the US Dollar as a world reserve.  NOTHING ELSEHere is an interactive version of that same map of the world.  It shows where we are as best as we can.  Go check it out. 

Remember, it's about "our" safety. lol.  And that is true, it's just that YOU aren't part of the THEY that makes up the "YOUR". lol.

Remember, it’s about “our” safety. And that is true, it’s just that YOU aren’t part of the THEY that makes up the “OUR”. lol.  Always parse my friend.

We are the biggest bullies on the block and 95% of the people in this country have NO IDEA of the truth.  WE are the one’s who screw over everyone else using economic war to keep them impoverished by forcing them to accept the US Dollar system in order to continue to cling to our ever declining standard of living.  Those are the realities.   The harm we do to everyone around the world by propping up this system AT THEIR EXPENSE is much worse than all the supposed “terrorism” in the world.  But it is unseen by the people.  What we do with the “law” in this country to direct the money up the ladder to the cheaters we must use the MILITARY to do to foreign countries.  That is the game. 

My friend, it is always the same.  This is how they operate. Lies and confusion.  All designed to control the assets and the people who are also ASSETS.   It is no different with the law in this country.  It is not what it appears to be.  So they use non-linear disinformation to keep people in a state of constant confusion.  New regulations and interpretations and opinions and rulings and stories of enforcement and then no enforcement and then more regulation to fix the other regulation, and changing administrations to clear up the enforcement, and new rules to make regulations simpler but yet they aren’t and they are trying their best to be responsive, but they need a new internal investigation to know what to do and on and on.

Early training helps "Johnny grow up strong".

Early training helps “Johnny grow up strong”.

It will not change because IT IS NOT BROKEN.  It is working exactly as it is designed. 

So go and enjoy the great employment report since you probably can’t find a job and if you do it doesn’t pay jack sh*t.  Up is down, right is wrong, freedom is slavery.  1984 my friend. It is worth re-reading.  Uncannily accurate.

Now go wake someone up and tell them about the truth about the law and maybe we can save one other person from being sucked into the game of lies.

That’s all for now my brainwashed Brethren, take care and live in the light.

Legalman IS the law

Legalman IS the law




4 thoughts on “A real time lesson in Non-Linear disinformation: A Distraction in the news 1-9-15

  1. Tony butler

    This is probably the best exposure of the real Matrix world we live in – now we need to discover how to escape it?

  2. Crocodile

    We are simply conquered and our Masters are using all three techniques :

    Three Types of Conquest

    History reveals nations can be conquered by the use of one or more of three methods.

    1. The most common is conquest by war. In time, though, this method usually fails, because the captives hate the captors and rise up and drive them out if they can. Much force is needed to maintain control, making it expensive for the conqueror.

    2. Another method is by religion, where men are convinced they must give their captors part of their earnings as “obedience to God.” Such a captivity is vulnerable to philosophical exposure or by overthrow by armed force, since religion by its nature lacks military force to regain control, once its captives become disillusioned.

    3. The third method can be called economic conquest. It takes place when nations are placed under “tribute” without the use of visible force or coercion, so that the victims do not realize they have been conquered. “Tribute” is collected from them in the form of “legal” debts and taxes, and they believe they are paying it for their own good, for the good of others, or to protect all from some enemy. Their captors become their “benefactors” and “protectors”.
    Although this is the slowest to impose. It is often quite long lasting, as the captives do not see any military force arrayed against them, their religion is left more or less intact, they have freedom to speak and travel, and they participate in “elections” for their rulers. Without realizing it, they are conquered, and the instruments of their own society are used to transfer their wealth to their captors and make the conquest complete.

  3. Mindblower

    It’s all about confusion and illusion. Fiction.
    Money does not have value, that’s made up too.
    There is only energy, but you cannot own it. Property is fiction too. No property, no game.

    Life is energy. Everything is made of the same stuff. How can Life own parts of itself?
    It’s all a big joke.


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