Act II of the Ebola “Fearola” show has begun. Be very afraid.

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Since this whole Ebola thing is clearly not going away for a while, I guess I will wade in yet again.  A Czar is born!  Yes, we are now in Act II of the “Ebola Outbreak”.  Get some popcorn ready, I’ve heard it is a real thriller, great fun for the whole family. Here’s a great article on this “breaking news”.

All hail the "solution".  Yay.

All hail the “solution”. Yay.

Legal man is wading in again.  No choice.  This thing has so many constantly changing parts.  People, please, if you’re curious about what I think is happening go to my first audio post on this.   I saw it coming when Dallas “won the bid“, and nothing has changed my mind so far. This thing is a show people.  And sometimes people may actually have to “be sacrificed for the greater good”.  And of course the “good” means the “good of the QUO“.


Hear Lebalman now.


Legalman IS the law.

Legalman IS the law.


2 thoughts on “Act II of the Ebola “Fearola” show has begun. Be very afraid.

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      An experienced lawyer at that. It’s all about the rules. You have to obey the rules. Work within the rules. Wait for the QUO to give us the rules. Oh QUO what rules should we follow.


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