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Manifest Destiny or Land Scam? Let’s “get back to the constitution”!


Jeeves! why are they not paying their RENTS?? Didn't you tell them we bought all this and them too! lol, Only people are foolish enough to fall for the scam being run on them.

I don’t know what else to do. I’ve told them and told them, hell I even sent them a certified letter making it clear that I own this place now and they owe me rent. But still, they don’t pay?  don’t they know I filed my papers with the government? lol

All governments are founded on three pillars. 

  1. The purported monopoly on the “legal” use of force.
  2. The purported “right” to take whatever portion of the peoples’ work and production that they can extract under threat of punishment or death, i.e. “taxes”; and
  3. The purported “right” to own a portion of the earth in perpetuity.

Of course there are many other things that governments do that are also absurd, but these are the building blocks.  The people all over the world are all enslaved to one government or another which employs these 3 pillars because they have been brainwashed to believe they are legitimate.  The govts all work together while trying to expand their own area of control.

That is the REAL game. The people versus governments.  

At this point all of the land on the earth is now  “owned”. So you have two options in order to even live, pay the “owner” to lease it, or try and “buy it” and then pay tax to the government each year for the “right” to own it until such time as the government decides to take it. There is nowhere within the borders of the US that does not meet this description and thus a person must pay to simply exist on the earth.

So let me ask you, would the people so willingly accept the idea that they had to pay someone or some government for the right to access sunshine, or to breathe air? I doubt it. But the people have been so brainwashed all over the world that they accept the idea that everyone must PAY for a place to LIVE. THINK about that.

I loved the episode when Mr. Burns built the giant sun blocker and started charging the town for access to the sun. Greatness. Is that life imitating art or art imitating life?

Remember when Mr. Burns built a giant sun blocker and started charging the people in Springfield for access to the sun. Greatness. Is that life imitating art or art imitating life?

Today I am going to give you a lesson in the history of the US and the holy constitution and its founders as it pertains to the “ownership” of land.  Maybe you will finally see that we have not “lost” the country, it’s the same as it has always been.  It’s just that the People don’t understand what this country has ALWAYS BEEN.

This country is NOT now nor has it EVER BEEN the freedom machine you were told about in govt schools and that “conservatives” run around saying they want to “get back to”. That is a FANTASY. A fairy tale fit for children that is sold to the masses to conscript their complicity in continuing the long con run by those who benefit from Government.

Before I begin I feel compelled to say this because so many people trigger on the idea that the US is not a freedom machine.  I don’t “hate America”. That’s ridiculous. I am just always shocked at what the people actually believe and I enjoy setting the record straight. So let’s get started.

The US government is supposed to be a LIMITED government of EXPRESS powers. That means it MUST be able to point to where it has authority to act. It does not have general power to act like a state government.  Of course the Feds have been expanding by increments what is “acceptable” and “within their authority” from the beginning, but what  I want to show you, once again, is that when the govt wants to act, that the constitution DOES NOT stop it and NEVER HAS. The govt has ALWAYS acted outside the bounds of the constitution when it cared to do so.

I found this little known archival painting of George W. Few people seem to know that he actually originated the campaign. In between killing the pesky natives who seemed to want to keep it the way it was.

I found this rarely seen archival painting of G. Washington. Few people today know that he actually originated the campaign of Making America great again in order to try and get native support for his expansion plans to make him even “land” richer.

The holy Thomas Jefferson is quoted constantly by the brainwashed masses who believe this country “used to be” about limited government etc. And I agree he SAID a lot of great things. But I have already showed you how he CHEATED his way into the presidency. And today I am going to show you how he personally finagled and signed off on one of the greatest unconstitutional “oversteps” in US history.

Again, I don’t do this because I dislike Jefferson, because I do not dislike him. I have no idea who he really was. In fact NOBODY who is alive today KNOWS who he actually was. The point I make about him is designed to help the people to stop idealizing the holy founders or what this country is/was etc. “under the constitution” so they can start to SEE GOVERNMENT for what it ACTUALLY IS and always has been. A way for the few to control the many to get what they want.

We all learned about the Louisiana purchase in our govt skools. We learned about how it “opened the west” and doubled the country and how farsighted Jefferson was to do it etc. etc.  But let me ask you this. Do you remember learning about how BLATANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL it was? I doubt it.

Well, I hate to break it to you but it was laughably unconstitutional. And if you disagree, then please direct me to the section of the constitution that says the government can float bonds to “buy land” to then sell or give the land away to people it likes? It is RIDICULOUS. There is ZERO in the constitution that allows such a thing.

As to the “treaty power” they claimed “authorized it”. Pa-leeze, could they “sign a treaty” that said they can kill anyone they want without trial? No. But why not? It’s a treaty, the treaty power. It wouldn’t work because just calling it a “treaty” doesn’t create any NEW authority. It is just all bs by apologist historians and “legal experts” to reverse engineer excuses to justify conduct that cannot be legally justified under the actual terms of the document and to try and salvage Jefferson’s reputation.

The fact that the purchase was ludicrously Unconstitutional is so simple to prove that I won’t need much space to do so.  Here I am going to give you the “overview” of the Louisiana purchase from the “bill of rights institute”. Hardly a left wing site. Here is what they have to say about it.

Few people know that even as an infant poor Thomas Jefferson had been haunted by terrifying visions that the limited government he would help to create might overstep its authority, before he had a chance to capitalize on it.

Here’s young Thomas Jefferson. Few people know that even as an infant poor Thomas J. suffered with terrifying visions that the limited government he would later help to create might overstep its authority, BEFORE he had a chance to capitalize on it.

Thomas Jefferson had always feared the costs of loose construction of the powers delegated to the national government in the Constitution, and the Constitution was silent about acquiring lands from other countries. Jefferson urged bringing the issue to the people to approve with a constitutional amendment, but Congress disregarded his draft amendments. The Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase Treaty in October of 1803. While Jefferson did his best to follow what he believed was proper constitutional procedure, not enough of his contemporaries agreed with him and he eventually assented.

I love the way they start out preprogramming the reader to imagine something  was going on “in his mind”. Absurd. We have NO IDEA what was in his mind or what he actually feared. We have things he wrote and things he did. Nothing else.

But look at what it says. The Constitution is silent. That means the Feds DON’T have the power. Jefferson knew they needed an amendment. But nonetheless he ASSENTED.

Nothing else is needed to show you that it was unconstitutional, they knew it. What I’m telling you is not even controversial, you just weren’t taught it. There was nobody to stop them except themselves, which of course is how the whole constitutional govt scam was set up.  INTENTIONALLY.  They acted OUTSIDE any possible recourse because WHO is there to stop them but themselves? lol NObody. Government, ALL govt, is just FORCE. If there is no force to stop it, then it will act. Simple as that.

Jefferson himself wrote in 1803 “The General Government has no powers but such as the Constitution gives it… it has not given it power of holding foreign territory, and still less of incorporating it into the Union. An amendment of the Constitution seems necessary for this.”

Here's a pic of the after party that a few of the supporters of the Louisiana purchase through for the guys who made it happen. Just to celebrate the extra freedom and liberty they could now bring to the people.

Here’s one of the few surviving touched up lithographs of the Louisiana purchase after party that a few of the big supporters  put on for the guys who made it happen. Just a good clean celebration of the extra freedom and liberty they could now bring to the people. Wives not invited.  This was all business, they were going to be respecting the crap out of the constitution all night long baby. 

Got it? He KNEW.  But he went along anyway because he and EVERYONE ELSE in on the scam, called the US govt, were land speculators getting rich.

Here’s how the site sums up the deal.

Jefferson may have had to compromise his most sacredly-held principles for the Louisiana Purchase to go forward. But he later described the Purchase as a “great achievement.” He wrote in 1810, “It is incumbent on those who accept great charges to risk themselves on great occasions.”

Again with the mind reading nonsense to preprogram the reader and to try and keep Jefferson’s image intact.  But the bottom line just can’t be any clearer. The feds had NO RIGHT to indebt the people to “buy land” to then sell it to friends and cronies to create a bigger tax base etc. NONE. And mr. “limited-government-quote-machine” himself is justifying the means because of the ends.

Do you see now who Jefferson was in his ACTIONS as opposed to what he said?

Look if you just read what Hillary or Obummer says, lots of it sounds really good, same with ALL politicians. What they say sounds GREAT.  But it has NO RELATION to what they ACTUALLY DO. And that is the SAME for our holy founders et al.

I’m not going to spend any more space “proving” my point because I don’t need to, I quoted Jefferson himself and it is clear he KNEW. So I’m sorry if this triggers you and you are in need of a safe space to hug your glorious constitution, or your bobble head Jefferson, but this is reality.

They bind everyone with trickery. People agree to things without understanding the real impact it will have. Like a bad safe word.

The natives here were at a serious disadvantage dealing with us. They didn’t understand the way the game was being played.  When we said we agreed to do something in a treaty with them, we meant we didn’t agree and that we would kill them at the first chance we got. They were too “primitive” and “backwards” to grasp the complexities of our ways. 

What I want to do now is just flush out a few more things on the general concept of what this “land deal” really was as it relates to “freedom” and “liberty” and self determination etc, as opposed to what you were brainwashed to believe.

First of all, the territory was not empty! You do understand that right?

There were millions, 10’s of millions of people living in what we call the US BEFORE we arrived. Since it was already FULL of people, any talk about “buying some portion of it” from some other country across the ocean who had basically NO presence there is itself ABSURD.  Do you see that?

France no more legitimately “owned” that land than I do. They got it from Spain a couple of decades earlier as a debt payment after losing yet another government sponsored war. And Spain had no more “owned it” nor had any “right” to transfer any so called ownership of that portion of the earth full of people than I do. It is a transparent fraud of the highest and most ludicrous order to imagine otherwise. Dressing it up with fancy documents and meaningless ceremonies doesn’t make it LEGITIMATE.

Do you see that? Some guy, floats up on a ship. Steps onto the land, filled with 10’s of millions of people and says a few words, sticks a flag in the ground and now the land is “owned” by some king or country? How preposterous is this idea? Yet that is at the foundation to support our “purchase” as well. Think about that.  That is an idea that was put into your head by Government. It makes NO sense.

Hello... Can I have your attention. Attention please. I now own you and all of your stuff. Please disperse now in an orderly fashion, leaving your valuables. Thank you once again for your attention. lol, Is this any more absurd?

I thought I would try reenacting the majesty of the Louisiana purchase.  Hello… Can I have your attention. Attention please. I just bought you and all of your stuff from Steve at the front gate. Please disperse now in an orderly fashion, leaving your valuables. Thank you once again for your attention and have a nice day. 

Where is the CONSENT from the millions of people who lived there for 1000’s of years? Nowhere. Yet we are told that “we” somehow “bought” the land from France and now had a “right to it”? They tell us that our “country” stands for individual liberty and freedom and rests on the consent of the people etc. Where is the consent of those people? Where are their rights? What in the world “justifies” our just showing up by the millions to run them off, kill  them, drive them off their land and claim it? Just stop and really THINK about that for a minute.

THAT is what our country is FOUNDED on. It is THE basis of America. It really couldn’t be any further from liberty and individual rights.

When I tell people this I often hear people say, well, that’s just the way of the world. The world has Always been like that, etc. And that is fine, EXCEPT that is NOT what we are told our country STANDS for or was BUILT UPON. We are NOT told that our country’s authority rests on force, takes thing by force,  and subjects the people within its “bounds” to force etc. We are told its authority rests on the CONSENT of the people.  You CAN’T have it both ways.

Either the country is about imposing itself on people by force and not about consent and individual liberty, or it is not. Those two concepts are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. So don’t tell me about our freedom machine and then justify our country’s VERY EXISTENCE based upon the idea that killing people to take their land is “just the way of the world”.  That doesn’t fly.

The other HUGE problem with the “it’s always been this way” “retort” is that if THAT is a justification for behavior THEN, why is it NO LONGER a justification to take land?

Hold on! We got here first so we own it!! Oh, that doesn't start until you get here first? DAMN I hate it when that happens.

Hey, We got here first!!  I thought You said whoever gets here first owns it!! Oh, that doesn’t start until THEY get here first, write it down and “file it” with government.  DAMN I hate it when that happens. I told you running bear, but you never listen.

If “might makes right” etc. which is what the apologists always fall back to in order to “justify” the theft and murder while we “moved west” during our  glorious “manifest destiny” etc. and it is OKAY to do that, then ok, let’s keep the game going baby! Let’s see how long those who “claim to own it now” can hang onto what THEY HAVE against the masses who don’t have. I have my eye on a nice house that only has a little old lady living in it. I feel pretty sure I can take her.

Do you see what I mean. They use that concept to take it, claim it, register it with the “government” as a “deed” and then rely on government force to keep everyone else away with “law”. Then they change the rules once they have it all and say NOW you have to buy it. Now you can’t just come take it. No NOW it’s wrong. NOW that they’ve locked it all up, now YOU have to pay. Why? Because they got there first, killed everyone, and filed with government to protect them. Do you SEE yet?  

It is ALL a scam. This country was a land scam from the get go. Stop believing the silliness they teach you in govt skoools about freedom and liberty etc. It was about LAND and resources like fur and metal and timber and on and on.  The people living here were basically peaceful, poorly armed and not very materialistic.  They actually thought that white people had a mental disorder because they wanted to own everything, even what they couldn’t use. And they were right!

So we came by the millions, drove them off with force and took THEIR HOMELAND for free. That is what happened. I’m sorry if you trigger on the truth, but it is what it is.

People talk about American “exceptionalism” and point to the amazing wealth creation etc. that supposedly occurred so rapidly and they claim it is because of all of the freedomness we brought. I just laugh. What about the WEALTH DESTRUCTION that was IMPOSED ON THE PEOPLE ALREADY HERE. That is never thrown into the calculation of the “miracle” of freedom and “capitalism” that supposedly occurred.

Okay, so the plan is we take all of this money and put it in our account? I love it. It's genius. I'm sure it will work, but ONLY if we're really really super free.

Okay, so the plan is we take all of this money and put it in our account? I love it. It’s genius. I’m sure it will work, but ONLY if we’re really really super free.  Are you ready to be really really FREE??

Of course there is a huge wealth creation/transfer when you STEAL other peoples land and RESOURCES. It doesn’t take a genius to make money by stealing. Let me loose in a poorly guarded neighborhood and I can look like a “genius” capitalist as well. It is ABSURD.

The natives didn’t believe in owning the earth. Just like you don’t believe in owning the sunshine or the air. But you DO believe in owning the earth because you have been brainwashed.

You imagine it is a “way out” or a “way up”. But the reality is that it is a rigged game once again against the masses. Paying to live is an absurdity that you accept as a normalcy.

And I haven’t even gotten into how the rich now “buy up most of the land” with borrowed fiat currency created out of nothing. Then they sit on it, inflate the currency and put the land out of reach for the masses. Do you not understand what is going on?

The holy founding fathers were land speculators. This country was BUILT on land speculating. Land that was taken by force for free from the residents. There is nothing about that that has anything to do with liberty or consent or freedom, so stop running around pretending that the USA is some beacon. It isn’t.

The land scams morphed into railroad scams which were just modified land scams to give huge swaths of the territory the Gov soldiers cleared to the owners of the railroads. And when all the land had been “claimed” near the end of the mid 19th century, LOOK at how the way to make money changed as well. It went from land to industrial. How? Why? Because the “work force” no longer had the option to just go get land for free and live anymore. It was all OWNED now, just like it already HAD BEEN in Europe when the people left to come here.  So the people were forced onto owned land and poof the rest is clear.

I don’t have time to explain it all here, my point is made.

I love american history. I just love the freedom and liberty and the founders so much. I actually built a little tribute to them in my backyard so people can come and actually EXPERIENCE what it was like when the country was founded.

I love US history. I just love the freedom and liberty and the founders so much. I actually built a little tribute to them in my backyard so people can come and actually EXPERIENCE what it was like when the country was founded.  It’s really magical.  Everyone should experience it once.

The Louisiana purchase was unconstitutional. That was 1803.  How much further back do I need to go to show you that the government has Always been the same. It facilitates whatever the rich at the time need.  THAT is what government DOES.  It is a way for the few and wealthy to control the many who have nothing. It always has been.

There was no golden era of selfless founders trying to spread freedom to all men.  Those are just slogans and empty words to keep the masses on board.  Words no different than words like Obamacare will lower your premiums and you can keep your doctor. Slogans that have no connection to actions.

The game when this country was founded was land. And so that is what the government enabled.

So there you have it. Yet again the ultimate “limited gov” founder, Mr. Jefferson, is caught. Hoisted on his own petard as they say.

I bring this to your attention here in honor of the big 4th of July Independence charade people run around and celebrate each year.  I really just can’t take the idiotic and sycophantic adoration for our supposed founders and holy constitution that the masses run around “celebrating”. They are utterly clueless.

The country is what it is. Government. Force. Compulsion and theft. Not significantly better or worse than most other countries. Deluding yourself that it is anything else is your choice. But know that you have chosen to swim with the masses. And as Albert Nock says about the masses, they’re “ineducable” and as I like to add, mostly intolerable, lol.

I’m done for today. I’ve been spending time Twittering a bit. So if you care to there’s a link. Go over and check my stuff out and “follow” me.  You might learn something and I hope you get a few laughs.

Take care my brainwashed Brethen. We who can see need to stick together, just to stay sane. Move towards the light and tell someone the truth about the law.    

Here, for a bit of help in starting your own research is a bit of the “other side” of the story. I’d say, enjoy, but really it is just sad.


And the truth shall set you free.

And the truth shall set you free.